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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 130

Dawn Galaxy (Warmongering)

130. Accumulate Wealth

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

The news of the new products on KID’s online store can be considered the month’s only good news for customers who often visit the store. After changing the store’s shopkeeper, KID’s stable rate of new releases in the past attracted a large number of customers. Therefore, during the half month of KID’s store being idle, the backlog of new product reminder emails in the virtual space of the store reached the maximum limit.

During this time, the market was buzzing with the parts reform led by Jianheng Technology. Many manufacturers have already introduced high-precision parts, with several parts having precision only slightly lower than that of KID’s online store. For mecha pilots in urgent need of these types of parts, they had given up on waiting for KID’s online store.

【With KID in such an idle state, isn’t it strange that the customer flow hasn’t decreased?】 

【Didn’t KID join the clean-up effort after the Black Hole incident before? While other mecha bases are busy training and collecting materials to prepare for the new League, how come KID has the leisure to go on a trip?】

【They’re at least better than last year, right? I heard that KID has recruited new personnel.】

【Recruiting new personnel to open an online store? But do they have materials to sell? The Contaminated Zone has been suspended for so long…】

Just as the news of KID’s return from their travels caused a stir on StarNet, KID’s online store also opened its doors in this wave of excitement, without any publicity or advance notice.

Only a symbolic sign was hung at the entrance of the online store—

[Special discounts, large quantity material sales, bulk discounts, up to 95% off]

Netizens: “???”

Since its opening, except for their initial discount promotion, KID’s store has been tightly closed most of the time.

Now they could see KID hosting an event with large quantity discounts!?

Can KID, with its low rate of new releases, withstand the rush of netizens coming in to buy!?

Netizens thought they were just symbolically opening the store to regain some customer flow, but when they entered the store and saw a large number of materials and parts, everyone was stunned—

The display shelves in the store were expanded, and the inventory of various materials was fully sufficient.

Compared to KID’s previous style of sales, this amount of materials was simply a large-scale clearance sale. Moreover, upon entering the store, it was discovered that the number of materials on display had increased, and crucially, these materials were rare pollutant materials, including some special ores. The variety of pollutant materials made it overwhelming for netizens to comprehend.

【Were they really just traveling?! With so many pollutant materials, did they go there to restock?!】

【Not to mention, I’ve never seen that ore material they have… It seems like it’s not available on the market either.】

【I’ve seen several material suppliers coming in. F*ck, they’re all coming to KID to restock!】

As soon as they saw the material suppliers rushing in, netizens, unwilling to be left behind, also rushed in to grab materials. Just as everyone was busy taking advantage of KID’s offerings, KID’s online store issued a new announcement, stating that they would be auctioning off multiple S-Class weapon parts in the near future. Now, it wasn’t just ordinary netizens who were interested; the auction of multiple S-Class parts, coupled with their high precision, made them more valuable than S-Class parts on the market or in many auction houses.

Now, some mecha bases couldn’t sit still. Some who had connections with Shen Xingtang came to inquire about the parts auction, while others without much connection took this opportunity to get closer to KID. But KID didn’t care about any of this; their main focus was on how to use the materials to enter into a frenzy of accumulating wealth.

In order to earn enough money to make S-Class weapons, KID’s mecha pilots became even more meticulous in handling materials.

Indeed, KID did go to the Coria Contaminated Zone to restock. Rare pollutant materials and special ores, most of which were dug out by Ji Qingfeng and others underground, were kept by KID as spare mecha materials. The remaining scraps of ore were all thrown onto the shelves of their online store. Materials like these, which could only be found deep underground in the Coria Contaminated Zone, were far more valuable on the market than ordinary materials.

“If only I had dug a little more back then.” Ji Qingfeng looked at the first empty shelf of ore, wishing he could fly back to the Coria Restricted Zone now to dig up more materials before returning.

Jiang Simiao said, “Indeed, discounts still work wonders. Some customers are even buying our scraps just to meet the discount threshold.”

All the leftover scraps from the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone, as well as all the harvest from Coria, were put on shelves in the online store during this time. Jiang Simiao looked satisfied and glanced at Gu Xiaotian, who had come up with the idea. “Thanks to Xiaotian’s suggestion to sell in bundles, we were able to clear our inventory so quickly.”

During this time, Gu Xiaotian also learned a lot about business management. “I learned a lot from Xiao Zhang Ge before. Did Xiao Zhang Ge really not come to work in our store?”

“He did. He just came to see me yesterday.” When Shen Xingtang talked to Xiao Zhang, she originally wanted to try to keep him, especially since talents like Xiao Zhang were hard to come by. But KID had limited expenses recently, and she had to pay the salaries of everyone inside KID and prepare for the next season’s mecha expenses. There wasn’t much advance salary she could offer.

She had already prepared herself to not be able to keep him and was planning to find another store manager. Who knew Xiao Zhang would enthusiastically come back to her yesterday, finally relieving her urgent need. After all, Gu Xiaotian was young and lacked the experience of someone like Xiao Zhang when it came to managing the store.

“After this period of time, let’s give Xiao Zhang some project bonuses by the end of the year.” Shen Xingtang was very busy during this time, especially with the upcoming online auction of S-Class parts. More and more people came to inquire about it, and even the Canopus Auction House came knocking, saying they could auction them off, and the handling fee was negotiable.

Shen Xingtang naturally didn’t want to miss this opportunity. She wanted to do online auctions and offline auctions. What she wanted was to use the existing resources in the base to earn enough weapon funds for the impending battle in a short period of time. She also wanted to use the Canopus Auction House to expand their material channels and provide the most abundant supply channels for KID’s maintenance room.

But when she saw the S-Class parts provided by the maintenance room, she stopped abruptly. “So many!?”

You Su glanced over slightly and saw the several storage devices brought by Grandpa Gu. In just over a month, so many parts had been polished.

“After all, he started polishing them from the material stage, and his requirements for parts are very high. If the precision is slightly off, they’re all rejected by him,” Grandpa Gu said as he looked at the parts. “His work efficiency has been very high recently.”

Only those who had contact with Ying Chenlin knew his speed in handling parts. They originally thought that S-Class parts would slow him down, but who knew he was so skilled in handling these S-Class materials? He had already planned how to use them when he got them. Many parts that Grandpa Gu thought could still be used were still considered defective in Ying Chenlin’s eyes.

Shen Xingtang felt complicated when she received these parts. Even ordinary bases couldn’t afford a money-making god like Ying Chenlin.

His ability to make money was strong, and his ability to spend money was not weak either. The money that had just been earned, which hadn’t even had time to heat up, had now become a steady stream of materials pouring into the maintenance room of the base.

Jiang Simiao said, “Look at it in a better light, at least these parts won’t go to waste, and we can still make a profit.”

KID had never publicly auctioned S-Class parts on StarNet, especially weapon parts.

On the first day of the KID online store’s return, Zhang Ge was given priority access to KID’s auction list. When he saw the items, he unashamedly informed the maintenance department of his own base, allocating a large sum of money to ensure they could snatch up these parts as soon as the auction channel opened.

Zhang Ge, with dark circles under his eyes, sipped his tea. “I don’t care about anything else. For these parts, I’m willing to spend however much it takes.”

Upon hearing this situation, Qi Sicheng’s first thought was how KID could actually produce so many S-Class part listings, all of which came from KID’s mysterious part designer, Yuan. He looked at Zhao Lejie and asked, “Is your weapon’s matter over at KID confirmed?”

“It’s confirmed. I asked Ji Qingfeng, and he said it’ll take at least until next month to get it done.” Zhao Lejie looked at Qi Sicheng. “You can rest assured. It’s just weapon data. They said once the weapon is made, they will destroy the data backup…”

Qi Sicheng thought about his own speculation. “Nothing. Your luck might still hold up.”

Ordinary weapon repairs could be handled by mechanics, but Zhao Lejie’s situation was something ordinary mechanics couldn’t solve. The person who had vouched for Zhao Lejie at the time was Ying Chenlin. In such a situation, a person who dared to vouch so confidently must have had a great deal of confidence in the weapon’s original design.

On the day KID’s online auction started, a total of 15 S-Class parts were offered. Many mecha bases that came for the highly anticipated weapon parts immediately felt it was worth it when they saw the precision of these parts. The average precision of these parts was around 85%! Since the parts technology reform by Jianheng Technology, the precision of A-Class parts had already improved. However, in the S-Class parts market, they were difficult to use and had a low tolerance rate, the highest precision rate was only around 81%. These parts were rare and expensive.

There were many people rushing to grab the parts, and even more people were watching.

【Damn it, even the top four bases from Dawn are here!】

【Gale, Black Crow, YDS… Not only them, but other bases are here too.】

【It’s not just from Dawn, did you see? The few standing over there aren’t from our galaxy, and even other galaxies have come.】

Yuan’s reputation had spread long ago, and with the expansion of the Jianheng parts market, foreign galaxies’ attention to Dawn Galaxy had also increased. The advantage of online auctions over offline auctions was that many items could be auctioned through StarNet. For other galaxies in the Star Alliance, it only took a matter of minutes to cross from the StarNet of another galaxy to the Dawn Galaxy. As a result, almost all the mecha bases that received the news had come.

People with connections had known early on that Yuan had auctioned off an 85% S-Class part at the Sirius Auction House last year, fetching a high price of 12 million, which was taken by a mysterious individual. With such news circulating, it was equivalent to indicating that the price of this batch of parts brought out by KID for auction wouldn’t be lower than 8 million. Moreover, these were new parts released this year, and given Yuan’s expertise in refining parts… These parts were bound to be stronger than the 12 million part from last year.

【It’s the preparatory period for the Alliance… with the introduction of Medical mechas, many teams are going to change their combat systems.】

【It’s hard to imagine that KID, a small temple, has attracted so many big shots from other bases.】

【Is it just me, or does KID seem short of money lately? Their delivery speed wasn’t this fast before…】

When the online auction began and the first S-Class part was bid up to 9 million, all netizens realized it wasn’t ordinary. Large mecha bases never skimped when it came to bidding for parts or anomalous crystals, and suitable parts were even more important to them. If these parts were just any other mecha parts, they wouldn’t bid high for an S-Class part. But the key was that these parts were all highly compatible weapon parts.

At this time, most mecha bases were preparing weapons for the next season. Changing weapon parts could improve the precision of a weapon. For mecha pilots, changes in precision could affect the performance of a weapon. So, bidding for any of these parts would definitely enhance the overall performance of their weapons.

Among the crowd, a virtual figure with golden hair stood in a slightly spacious position, looking at the auction platform in the middle of the KID store. “Still haven’t found any information on Yuan?”

“No, we started from Jianheng, but we only found an old man surnamed Gu in the KID base. Jianheng has been cooperating with him during this time.” Someone else said, “We’ve had the engineering department analyze it, and the new parts from Jianheng are slightly different from the ones we previously bought from Yuan. That Gu person shouldn’t be Yuan.”

The man with golden hair pondered slightly, not participating in the auction.

Qi Sicheng also arrived at the scene. With just a glance, he could see many unfamiliar heads of mecha bases, interspersed with a few familiar faces. “People from the Second Star Domain, Third Star Domain… even the Fifth Star Domain are here.”

With just a glance, he saw GBK in the crowd.

In addition to GBK, there was another team’s personnel.

Qi Sicheng paused slightly when he saw that team, “… Those are PJT’s people. I’ve seen their ID before.”

The Second Star Domain’s mecha base, PJT, was currently ranked second in the Star Alliance tournament. In previous years, this team even held first place in the Star Alliance tournament. Compared to GBK, which Bai Xuyan was from, PJT is the top-ranked mecha base in the Second Star Domain. The team captain, Norbert, was even voted the top Stealth mecha pilot in the Star Alliance public vote.

The Black Crow’s stealth system was derived from PJT’s stealth system. This base’s strength surpassed that of GBK and was an opponent that Gale had never encountered.

Zhao Lejie paused. “Is PJT also interested in the parts?”

Qi Sicheng replied, “For bases like theirs, the use of parts is confidential and they only cooperate with familiar research institutes or manufacturers. They rarely purchase parts externally, firstly, out of concern for exposing weapon details, and secondly, mistrust in external part designers.”

“PJT is here to dig someone up,” Qi Sicheng continued. “They’re interested in Yuan.”

*steal him from KID not literally but to recruit him from under KID’s nose.

Zhao Lejie sighed in relief. “Dig? That Yuan is really strange. He can even stay in such a poor place like KID. Obviously, he regards money as worthless. It’s strange that PJT would try to recruit him.”

Qi Sicheng said coolly, “Do you know what’s most important when digging someone up?”

“What?” Zhao Lejie asked.

Qi Sicheng uttered two words calmly, “Sincerity.”

The next moment, the golden-haired man from PJT entered a price, directly bidding up to 14 million!

With the golden-haired man’s action, the atmosphere of the KID online auction reached its peak. Many of the surrounding people looked at the man, but none stopped bidding until the price of the S-Class parts reached 17 million, prompting others to withdraw their bids.

The onlooking netizens were stunned. Seeing the consecutive high bids for the S-Class parts, many of KID’s old customers began discussing this scene. Participants in the auction included mecha bases, private mecha pilots, some part collectors, and even technology giants within the Star Alliance. Some prices were even more astonishing. When all the parts were finally auctioned off, some netizens hadn’t even fully processed what had happened.

“Oh my, it seems like there are several tycoons competing!”

“I’m starting to wonder if I’m poor or if KID is poor!”

“With KID’s speed of accumulating wealth, why is their base still underground!? Do they still need to rent the building!?”

Gale knew the auction order beforehand and successfully bid for several items at satisfactory prices, avoiding getting involved in bidding wars with other bases. After the auction ended, the golden-haired man walked to the KID auction counter to settle the amount. He left a contact method for the customer service manager, saying he wanted to have a conversation with the part designer.

Zhang Ge impartially posted a new announcement, “You can’t see our designer, and there’s no back door. Come back tomorrow.”

Want to use the back door!? Is KID’s back door so easy to use?

KID’s online store also had no other response and updated tomorrow’s announcement under everyone’s attention.

[New materials tomorrow, will update the S-Class parts auction list in five days, stay tuned!]

The blond man: “?”

Netizens: “???”

…You’re still auctioning after this! Are your S-Class parts mass-produced?

While there was heated discussion about S-Class parts on StarNet, the others from KID had no time to deal with messages from all directions. Their base had too few staff, and the restocking was done by robots. They even borrowed a few more robots from Jianheng upstairs because there weren’t enough. Even so, they were all extremely busy.

They had entered a rapid accumulation and spending mode.

Ying Chenlin didn’t have time to pay attention to what was happening on StarNet. In order to adjust the parameters of the weapons, he had been dealing with parts and testing during this time. There were a large number of design drafts on the program platform, and Huo Yan and Lin Yao‘s weapons were basically finalized, but adjustments still needed to be made for the weapons of the other three… Among them, You Su’s weapons were the most difficult to handle.

He extracted data from Theo, knowing that You Su was good at wind attribute attack weapons or dual-cannon weapons.

For artillery-type weapons, the most important thing for Energy Cannons and Sniper Cannons was power. He now had only two crystal cores suitable for You Su’s wind-based weapons. One was the Windstorm one bought by You Su for 80 million, and the other was Qiu Jin’s Steel Wing Bird.

Theo’s weapons that he had previously replicated were clearly focused on power.

You Su never used control weapons, so his ability to displace relied entirely on his own operation. Ying Chenlin didn’t want these two crystal cores to be used solely as offensive weapons; he wanted to use You Su’s expertise in wind attribute attacks to provide him with displacement capabilities.

…Wind is a very suitable attribute for displacement.

In addition, there was also the Medical mecha. Ying Chenlin had already turned an Individual Soldier mecha into a prototype for a Medical mecha. However, while modifying the basic attributes was one thing, the main thing was what weapons this Medical mecha should carry.

He had to adjust two suitable weapons according to the situation of KID’s mechas.

Time passed quickly in the repair room, and in the blink of an eye, it was already September. When Ying Chenlin finished designing the basic models of all the weapons and began assembling them for production, Shen Xingtang called all the mecha pilots for a meeting.

Ying Chenlin came back to his senses from his busy work. It turns out that news of the Mecha Alliance’s new season had already come down.

The start of the elimination round was in December. Due to the issues with the new season, all previous rankings were abolished. This meant that all teams had to compete to advance from the elimination round. In other words, all members of KID would enter the competition phase in December, one month earlier than originally planned.

Shen Xingtang had not looked for other mecha pilots. The quota for the Medical mecha had already been determined as Ying Chenlin. While the base was catching up on mecha equipment, Jiang Simiao emerged from his accumulation mode and realized a more serious problem.

The mecha pilots from other bases had been focusing on training with the medical system since the suspension of the Dawn League, but the KID team’s training in the medical system was almost nonexistent. Originally, during their time in Coria, bases like Gale and YDS had brought Medical mechas for system cooperation training. However, KID’s team only knew how to charge straight ahead. Upon careful consideration, it could be said that they had hardly gained any combat experience with Medical mechas.

“Without enough combat experience, we can only make up for it through battles,” Jiang Simiao tapped on the virtual screen. “Money matters are not something we need to consider during this time. Xiaotian and Xiao Zhang can handle it well, so from now on, all of you will train in the virtual battlefield!”

To help KID’s mecha pilots get accustomed to the changes with the Medical mecha system in real combat more quickly, the Star Alliance League launched the Medical mecha system on StarNet several months ago. The virtual battlefield’s format had also been replaced with that of the new season. Now, there was already a lot of rich Medical mecha combat data on StarNet’s virtual battlefield, which was exactly what the KID team lacked.

Lin Yao asked, “Do we need to be in teams?”

Ying Chenlin also looked at Jiang Simiao when he heard this. His weapons hadn’t been completed yet. If they needed to be in teams, he had to adjust the schedule in advance.

“Team training is one thing, but team training for us is considered late-stage adjustment training,” Jiang Simiao took out several data boards. In order to provide the most comprehensive assistance to KID’s mecha pilots in a short period of time, he had already designed the training mode for the next three months. “Team training mainly comes later. In the first phase, we will mainly pair up to try tactical strategies, which will also allow us to gain more experience by encountering more teams. In the first month, I want you all to try to play matches with different teams as much as possible.”

The meeting was very quick. Jiang Simiao never wasted words where they were unnecessary. He rushed all the mecha pilots into the training room, leaving only Ying Chenlin behind. Ever since he knew that Ying Chenlin was Sink, Jiang Simiao never doubted the other party’s mecha operating skills. Ying Chenlin had gone on several missions with KID, but after all, they were single-to-group battles. The difference between the competition arena and missions was too great. It was indeed a compromise for Ying Chenlin, an Individual Soldier mecha pilot, to transform into a Medical mecha pilot.

But there was no other way. This was how the Team Battle Mecha League was regulated. There were a total of six mechas in the team competition, and they had to belong to different types of mechas.

Jiang Simiao knew that Shen Xingtang had had a detailed discussion with Ying Chenlin about this matter, but Ying Chenlin had no objections to operating a Medical mecha, and he had long prepared all the matters related to Medical mechas in advance.

“Don’t worry about training in advance. I heard Grandpa Gu say that your Medical mecha is almost ready?” Jiang Simiao asked.

Ying Chenlin replied, “The basic mecha for participation is ready, but adjustments still need to be made.”

Jiang Simiao said, “I heard that you have been busy with the maintenance room recently. Adjust your training time yourself, and rest is a priority. I will talk to Dr Eric about the situation.”

After giving instructions, he added, “Once you’ve decided on the training time, let me know, and I’ll arrange it.”

The base fell into a new busy routine. After Ji Qingfeng and the others were rushed to the training room, the maintenance room also became quieter.

After returning to the maintenance room, Ying Chenlin adjusted his work schedule, delegated some tasks to Grandpa Gu and Shen Xingtang, and then adjusted his training time. During this time, his right arm’s rehabilitation was progressing well, and he had basically regained his original work rhythm. Additionally, his mental state had gradually stabilized.

Since discovering his spectrum of mental power, he could already activate Yuan when his mental power was sufficient. However, activating Yuan required a large amount of mental power. In the end, he chose to only maintain Yuan’s intelligence’s activation, releasing it only when needed for maintenance. This situation was much better than before, and occasionally, he could even have a conversation with Yuan. With this intermittent use of mental power, it didn’t pose too much burden on him.

Ying Chenlin sent the adjusted training schedule to Jiang Simiao and then immersed himself in his work.

It wasn’t until eight o’clock in the evening that he entered the training room. As he glanced around, he saw everyone in the virtual chamber. He was about to find a place to sit down when the virtual chamber’s door in front of him opened.

Ying Chenlin paused slightly and nodded towards You Su.

You Su’s gaze fell on Ying Chenlin’s face. There was still a black stain on the boy’s face that hadn’t been wiped off completely, obviously from rushing over from the maintenance room. “Have you had dinner?”

“I had a nutritional supplement,” Ying Chenlin replied, looking at You Su. Seeing that the others hadn’t come out of the virtual chamber yet, he asked, “Were you just playing solo?”

“Yeah,” You Su took a sip of water. “Wait for me.”

Ying Chenlin hesitated for a moment but chose to wait for You Su. After You Su returned from a trip, he asked again, “Did Jiang Ge not assign you to a team?”

“He’s afraid I’ll make the others screw up,” You Su raised his eyes. “Wanna team up?”

Ying Chenlin needed to integrate into KID’s combat rhythm. Upon hearing You Su’s request, he didn’t refuse.

Both the virtual chamber and the training room were ready. When Ying Chenlin entered, he chose a template with a Medical mecha already prepared, presumably arranged by Jiang Simiao in advance.

It had been a long time since he had used the virtual chamber. As soon as he logged into the virtual world, he first adjusted the parameters of the Medical mecha. After adjusting the mecha to the appropriate parameters, You Su’s team invitation had already been sent.

You Su asked, “Done adjusting?”

“Not yet,” Ying Chenlin replied. “I’m checking the weapons.”

In the virtual battlefield, there were no anomalous crystals equipped, and the arsenal consisted of common weapon types. Ying Chenlin clicked into the weapon list belonging to the Medical mecha and unsurprisingly saw a large number of “nanny-level” weapon types on the list.

To accommodate the internal medical repair system, their various specs were quite average. Their only similarity to a Control mecha was their faster charging speed. This was also set to its basic performance to achieve quick repair effects in a short time. Therefore, its basic configuration was similar to that of an ordinary Control mecha in team battles.

In the original team battle system, some Control mechas were typical nanny-type mechas, escorting Artillery mechas and often carrying protective cannons. With the introduction of Medical mechas, this nanny role was shifted to Medical mechas. Therefore, the weapons carried by Medical mechas were mainly shield-type weapons, control-type weapons, etc., focusing on protecting teammates as their primary duty.

The default weapons on the virtual battlefield’s list were mostly nanny-type weapons, along with Energy Cannons, which served as mobile energy reserves for teammates. In the recommended commonly used combinations at the bottom, the combination of an Energy Cannon and a support shield was typical.

Ying Chenlin didn’t linger in the Medical mecha’s weapon arsenal. After reviewing the entire arsenal, he exited and directly clicked into the weapon arsenal of other team battle mechas.

“Finished looking?” You Su asked as he entered the preparation area.

Ying Chenlin nodded. “Let’s give it a try.”

Just as their teammates were all settling into their positions, one of the Stealth mecha pilots suddenly asked You Su, “Can you replace one of your cannons, either the Energy Cannon or the Sniper Cannon?”

“Dual cannons, no changes,” You Su responded indifferently.

The Stealth mecha pilot had encountered Artillery mecha pilots who insisted on using dual attack cannons before. These mecha pilots were generally lacking in self-defense abilities. If skilled, they were formidable opponents, but if not, they would perish prematurely. He had no other option but to turn to the Medical mecha and ask, “Medical, could you bring a shield to protect him… Wait, what’s wrong with your weapon, Medical?”

For mecha pilots accustomed to teaming up with strangers, understanding the weapons their teammates carry during the preparation stage was to adjust their combat style more conveniently according to their teammates’ situations. After the Stealth mecha pilot spoke up, the other mecha pilots noticed the weapons Ying Chenlin carried.

They were surprised to find that Ying Chenlin’s carried weapons were an Energy Cannon and a Binding Lock, with no basic Energy Guns.

Not bringing an Energy Gun was one thing, but carrying a control weapon like the Binding Lock, which required high accuracy and had a short range, was impractical for a Medical mecha that often stayed behind to protect teammates. This weapon was virtually useless for him.

Moreover, the other weapon was an Energy Cannon, which was the most commonly used weapon for Artillery mechas. If the Medical mecha could unleash more than half of its power with this weapon, it would be considered good. This mismatched weapon equipment completely wasted two weapon slots.

“Wasting two slots.”

“Don’t bring weapons with a gaming mindset, okay? A Medical mecha isn’t a nanny in a game.”

“How did you climb up to this rank? It’d be better to switch to long-range control weapons than to carry these two weapons.”

After the Stealth mecha pilot spoke up, several other mecha pilots also chimed in, asking Ying Chenlin to change his two weapons.

Ying Chenlin was about to explain when You Su spoke up first beside him, “He’s not changing either.”

Now the other teammates understood. This Artillery mecha and Medical mecha were duoing together.

Seeing this combination, the Control mecha pilot in the team, who hadn’t brought a shield either, spoke unpleasantly, “This Artillery is so confident? Don’t overturn the car while carrying a little sister. We have a streamer team here. I kindly remind you to change your weapons and if you don’t, bad luck.”

Ying Chenlin asked You Su in the team channel, “Is there a misunderstanding?”

“Don’t understand. Don’t bother about him,” You Su replied disinterestedly.

[Loading into the Contaminated Zone [Black Forest], preparing to enter the basic requirement [6000]] [The match is rated A, mode [Team Battle · Limited Survival 90 minutes], using Open Card mode.]

The Open Card mode had simple rules with few restrictions, and even the difficulty in judgment for mechas would be reduced.

Black Forest was a large Contaminated Zone where it was basically night all the time, coupled with it being a forest map.

It was an excellent combat map for melee mecha pilots, but for long-range mecha pilots, this type of map was essentially a hindrance.

Especially for Artillery mechas, it severely impacted their shooting range.

After loading into the map, the Stealth mecha pilot in the team channel sneered a few more times, while the other mecha pilots remained silent.

Ying Chenlin didn’t pay him any mind. The first thing he did upon entering the map was to confirm his teammates’ positions. Then he swiftly advanced towards You Su’s direction. In this forest map, Artillery mechas were at a relative disadvantage.

As he roamed forward, he suddenly noticed the sound of gunfire in the distance.

Ying Chenlin paused, surrounded by artillery fire from all directions. It was obvious they had been spawned in a very unfavorable position. He said to You Su, “Wait for me over there. I’m surrounded.”

The others in the team also noticed the issue. The Stealth mecha pilot, upon hearing the artillery fire, immediately looked at the red dots exposed on the radar and the blue dots representing their team. With a glance, he saw that their Medical and Artillery mechas were positioned with one inside the encirclement and one outside.

This match was rated A, meaning the mecha pilots in the match didn’t have low skill levels. Plus, there was a streamer team on the opposite side that he was familiar with. Facing such a situation, starting off at a disadvantage was akin to suicide, especially when it involved a Medical mecha and an Artillery mecha. This was a headache for anyone!

In the Black Forest map, three teams were suddenly respawned in the same location. Almost immediately upon encountering each other, artillery fire erupted. With environmental obstacles everywhere on the map, there were places for mecha pilots to take cover, but it was difficult to create distance in a short time.

On StarNet, the streamer [Xiao Xingxing] who happened to be in this match noticed the situation, “A battle’s breaking out in the forest.”

[That’s how it is with this map, always grouping people together at the start.] [They should withdraw, right? The streamer can flank with their teammates.]

Just as other mecha pilots were adjusting to the situation, the sound of artillery fire intensified in the middle of the forest, and the light of energy cannons flashed by. At this moment, a message popped up on the screens of all mechas pilots.

[ylone123 has eliminated lq123] [??? Someone’s eliminated in just 4 minutes!] [Probably one of the teams. Streamer, take a look quickly and don’t run into them.]

Just four minutes into the match, news of elimination had already spread on the field, causing mecha pilots scattered throughout the Black Forest to become more alert.

Xiao Xingxing immediately pulled up the battle records. Since this match was only rated A and generally didn’t have additional restrictions due to its low difficulty, in Open Card mode, just by checking the battle records, one could know the team information corresponding to each ID.

However, when he opened the battle records, what caught his attention first wasn’t the team where ylone123 belonged but the emblem next to ylone123’s ID.

Xiao Xingxing: “Wait a minute!?! This is a Medical mecha!”

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2 months ago

This was such a long chapter! Or maybe it’s just me. 🤔 Thanks for the update, as always ❤️

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