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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 131

Dawn Galaxy (Warmongering)

131. Double Row

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

A Medical mecha!? When the streamer Xiao Xingxing uttered these words, the audience in the live stream followed his gaze to the leaderboard, where they saw the mecha ranked first. In Open Card mode, all team information was visible, so almost as soon as they looked at the leaderboard, they could see who was on which team and what type of mechas they were piloting.

[A Medical mecha’s stealing kills!?] [Wait… Isn’t ylone123’s output also ranked first?]

Being ranked first in output, it wasn’t surprising that he got the kill.

Given the intensity of the artillery fire in the forest just now, Xiao Xingxing had thought that the dominant force in that battle would at least be an Artillery mecha, but the key force was a Medical mecha. The basic configuration of a Medical mecha wasn’t suited for dealing damage; its core output capability was average at best. It was not as good as a Control mecha, let alone an Artillery mecha. The damage a normal Artillery mecha could deal with one shot was what a Medical mecha would need three consecutive shots to match.

But this ylone123 not only dealt damage but also got a kill. What kind of weapons was he using!? Artillery-type output weapons!?

The Stealth mecha’s pilot in Xiao Xingxing’s team said, “I’ll go check it out.”

Amidst the bright flashes of artillery fire, mechas thrusters’ traces in the dark forest became particularly prominent. After eliminating one mecha, Ying Chenlin quickly sneaked towards the edge of the forest. However, firing his cannon exposed his position, attracting more artillery fire. Without any panic, he systematically dodged the surrounding attacks. Then, using the compressed Energy Cannon, he fired towards the direction of the enemy in hiding. The light from the Energy Cannon illuminated the surroundings, allowing him to immediately spot a Stealth mecha.

Stealth mechas didn’t have radar reactions. They were highly stealthy, fast, and had extremely strong close combat capabilities. Once they launched a surprise attack at close range, it was easy to fall into their rhythm. Ying Chenlin immediately locked onto the enemy. Although the Medical mecha’s attack power wasn’t high, its endurance was only slightly inferior to that of a Control mecha due to the installed medical system. High endurance also meant that its charging speed would be a bit faster than an Artillery mecha.

Just as the Stealth mecha was trying to sneak away, Ying Chenlin’s Energy Cannon was fully charged and immediately fired towards the enemy’s direction.

Xiao Xingxing: “What’s the situation?”

Stealth mecha: “There’s an Artillery in the forest firing Energy Cannon shots at me!”

Stealth mechas had high stealth capabilities and could approach while hiding radar information during flight. However, as it approached the middle position, a shot from an Energy Cannon suddenly flew out of the forest and grazed it, almost hitting the mecha.

He immediately became cautious. Who would have thought that after that Energy Cannon shot, another Energy Cannon shot would follow, chasing after his position.

[Their reaction speed is fast! Such a quick charging speed doesn’t seem like it’s from an Artillery mecha.] [Is there a Control mecha carrying an Energy Cannon?!] [Could it be the Medical mecha that got the kill!?]

Xiao Xingxing said, “The output of the Medical mecha on the leaderboard has increased again. It’s very likely it’s him.”

The Stealth mecha in the streamer team said, “The damage isn’t high. The shot that grazed me only caused 5% wear and tear.”

But before he could finish speaking, a barrage of Energy Cannon shots suddenly appeared in front of him. After hurriedly dodging several shots, he suddenly saw the barrage of gunfire coming from a mecha in the distance following him.

In his field of vision, the Artillery mecha that had attacked him in the forest was skillfully maneuvering through the surrounding trees. It swiftly turned around with its Energy Cannon and aimed towards his position. The Energy Cannon scattered instantly, bursting into flames and forcing the surrounding mechas to slow down. The mecha was extremely agile and wholly fearless of the threat the other mechas posed. After using its Energy Cannon, it quickly charged towards the Stealth mecha from the streamer team.

Seeing this, the Stealth mecha in the streamer team immediately adjusted its position. Due to its high offensive capabilities, it was entirely unafraid of fighting other mechas pilots one-on-one. Seeing its opponent approaching, the Stealth mecha prepared its weapons. It carried a highly offensive Short Blade for close combat and close-range flashbang grenades to blind its opponents.

[It’s obvious that the Medical mecha doesn’t have any teammates. It’s been fighting for so long without any support.] [His attacks don’t hurt much. It would take several shots to kill a member of the streamer team. The threat he poses is even less than that of a Control mecha.] [Once it closes in, it’ll clearly be within the Stealth mecha’s attack range. That kill is his for the taking.]

The flashbang grenade had a short-term blinding effect on a targeted area, causing mecha pilots to lose their vision for a few seconds. It was a close-range offensive weapon commonly used by Stealth mechas. As soon as the opponent entered his range, he could use a flashbang grenade to blind them, allowing him to take the opponent’s head first.

The Medical mecha would need to fire at least a dozen shots to eliminate him, while he only needed to catch the Medical mecha and inflict damage once to consume half of its wear and tear.

Just then, the Medical mecha entered the Stealth mecha’s close-up attack range. The Stealth mecha immediately locked onto the Medical mecha, just as he was about to throw a flashbang grenade, a faster Binding Lock shot through the obstacles and directly bound him.

The Stealth pilot: “???”

The netizens who witnessed this scene, “??”

[The Medical mecha’s carrying both an Energy Cannon and a Binding Lock!??] [Isn’t this loadout toxic? He didn’t bring an Energy Gun or a shield, but he is carrying these two things!?]

The moment the Binding Lock restrained the Stealth mecha, the Medical mecha instantly moved in front of the Stealth mecha following the direction of the Binding Lock. The Energy Cannon in its other hand was already fully charged and immediately fired a close-range shot at the Stealth mecha’s head.

At such a close range, the Energy Cannon’s power wasn’t dispersed at all, blasting off 7% of the Stealth streamer’s wear and tear.

The Stealth streamer, who had a high ranking, quickly reacted to the situation. The moment the Binding Lock was released, he immediately threw a flashbang grenade towards the Medical mecha.

[A direct hit!] [Streamer, counterattack quickly!]

The Stealth streamer felt relieved and was about to circle around to the back of behind the Medical mecha to deal damage. However, at that moment, as he moved, the Medical mecha, which had lost its vision due to the flashbang grenade, swung its Binding Lock again, capturing him once more.

[F*ck, he threw the Binding Lock blind.]

More than just blindly throwing the Binding Lock, the Medical mecha grasped the direction of the Stealth mecha when the Binding Lock restrained him. He approached the Stealth mecha following the Binding Lock, not a bit worried about being attacked at a close range by the Stealth mecha’s Short Blade. Stepping on the Stealth mecha’s shoulder, he landed behind him before the Stealth mecha could make a move, and the Energy Cannon pressed against the rear of the Stealth mecha’s cockpit, immediately firing a shot.

The Stealth mecha’s wear and tear dropped a few more points.

The Binding Lock seemed to be the Medical mecha’s displacement tool. Even in the absence of vision, his movements were swift and precise. He even used the Binding Lock to adjust his direction, evading the Stealth mecha’s attacks in a short period.

The Medical mecha pilot’s reaction speed was too fast. His actions flowed seamlessly, almost predicting the Stealth mecha’s movements. He dared to confront a Stealth mecha with high attack power in such close proximity, even with a ranged weapon.

[???] [So close??] [Is the opponent really a Medical mecha? Why is his reaction speed so fast!?] [F*ck, he’s so strong, why would he play as a medic!?]

The Stealth streamer suffered a heavy blow. The opponent’s movements were too fast, and even though it was an Energy Cannon that required charging, he couldn’t gain a single advantage from this distance. Just as the control time of the Binding Lock reached its end once again, the Stealth streamer seized the opportunity. He exploited the gap that appeared when the Medical mecha switched weapons, and his Short Blade immediately closed in, landing a perfect strike.

[Wait!?] [Streamer, run! Enemies incoming!]

The Stealth streamer suddenly noticed mecha signals approaching on his radar. Their location had been discovered, and others were coming to surround them. The surrounding dark forest was suddenly illuminated by propulsion lights and filled with the sounds of engines, adding to the sense of oppression he felt. The Stealth mecha immediately wanted to retreat.

However, at this moment, the Medical mecha in front of him didn’t dodge. With a swipe, the Binding Lock directly restrained the Stealth mecha.

The netizens in the livestream chat: “??”

More enemies are here? Why isn’t this mecha running away???


Taking advantage of the Binding Lock, Ying Chenlin maneuvered behind the Stealth mecha once again, thinking ‘I’ve offended him’.

The Medical mecha’s movements were extremely swift. While restraining the Stealth mecha, it shifted backward and stepped on the Stealth mecha’s head, rotating to the back. The Binding Lock tightened after making a turn, and before the Stealth streamer could react, he mercilessly dragged the opponent in another direction, using the Stealth mecha as a shield.

With no way to escape, the Stealth mecha faced the incoming barrage: “!!! Damn it!”

The thunderous sound of gunfire erupted, all of it hitting the Stealth mecha. Ying Chenlin stood unscathed behind it. Seeing the distant gunfire cease as they reloaded, he immediately charged his Energy Cannon to 100%, then aimed at the Stealth mecha, fired a shot, and swiftly left the range of the distant mechas’ attacks.

[???] [This Medical mecha’s too ruthless!] [He used the streamer as a shield, then fired a shot before leaving.]

The Stealth streamer had just taken almost all the damage from the gunfire, and his wear and tear climbed to 55%!

“??? I’m screwed!” he urgently exclaimed.

Xiao Xingxing reassured him, saying, “It’s okay, our people have entered the area to cover you. The medic is coming to save you!”

The Medical mecha quickly said, “Ge, don’t worry, I can still save you!”

The medic from the streamer’s team immediately flew to the Stealth mecha’s side and pulled it toward the other side of the forest. After finding cover, the Medical mecha’s repair port aimed at the rear cockpit of the Stealth mecha. With the repair program’s high-speed operation, guided by the medic’s mental power, it automatically started troubleshooting and repairing the Stealth mecha’s internal systems.

Equipped with the most advanced medical system, this mecha’s medical system was designed for mechas and could be easily operated by mecha pilots without repair experience. Following the guidance of the medical system, they could easily troubleshoot and repair faults, reducing the wear and tear of other mechas and increasing their combat time.

Routine maintenance typically restores damage to mechas by 5%-10% or more, with a maximum damage repair of 20%. However, once a mecha’s wear and tear exceeds 60%, this kind of damage becomes irreversible. This type of maintenance only addresses the symptoms rather than the root cause; the damage to parts and the mecha’s body is irreversible. Internal mecha faults still exist, but they are adjusted and restored through maintenance. Once there is too much wear and tear to the internal parts of a mecha, even a Medical mecha will find it difficult to repair and restore.

In other words, the lighter the damage, the easier it is to repair. As long as the mecha’s wear and tear does not exceed 60%, a Medical mecha can basically repair it.

However, a mecha can only be repaired a few times, and each time, the amount of wear and tear the Medical mecha can repair decreases. Once the damage to the mecha’s components is high, even a Medical mecha can’t save it.

Streamer Xiao Xingxing, supported by his teammates in a timely manner, found the battles inside the forest to be too intense. Seeing the Stealth mecha being taken away for repairs by the Medical mecha, he quickly said, “Let’s retreat first. This place isn’t suitable for fighting—”

But before he could finish speaking, an elimination notification suddenly popped up on the screen.

[ylone123 has eliminated One Stab One Person]

The Stealth mecha that suddenly collapsed: “?”

The Medical mecha halfway through saving the Stealth mecha: “?”

Xiao Xingxing: “?”

[WTF?! Wait a minute, the Stealth mecha’s wear and tear was at 55%, how did the Medical mecha kill it with one shot?] [It wasn’t just one shot… that Medical mecha has a teammate! He has an Artillery teammate!]

The Stealth streamer and the Medical mecha were originally well hidden. The Medical mecha had already reduced his wear and tear to 52% and was continuing to decrease it, who knew that before they could finish the repairs, a long-range Artillery mecha suddenly appeared from nowhere and increased his wear and tear to 73% with one shot, finally taking the Stealth mecha’s head.

Not far away, Ying Chenlin put away his Energy Cannon, and You Su had already entered his close-up radar range. He reminded him, “Don’t let the Medical mecha escape.”

A figure appeared in You Su’s scope. “Don’t worry, it can’t escape.”

Seeing the Stealth mecha collapse, the Medical mecha from the streamer team didn’t dare to stay in place and quickly evacuated.

But as soon as he flew a distance away, a sniper shot directly hit his shoulder.

The Medical mecha urgently shouted, “Xingxing, help!”

Xiao Xingxing turned around, “Wait, where are you?!”

The Medical mecha from the streamer’s team was being targeted by the Artillery mecha. With gunfire coming from both sides and no cover to be found, he couldn’t find a direction to evade. The successive Energy Cannon and Sniper Cannon shots kept hitting him, giving him no time to perform self-repairs.

When he noticed the long-range Artillery mecha switched to an Energy Cannon, the Medical mecha was shocked, “Dual cannons! That Artillery mecha has two cannons!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the gunfire from the Medical mecha on the left had already reached him. Just as he dodged the attack, the gunfire from the right hit his head. Overwhelmed by the barrage from both sides, he couldn’t evade at all. Amidst the thunderous gunfire, by the time he could react, he had already been chased down and killed by those two mechas.

While Xiao Xingxing was still on his way to provide support, halfway through, a message popped up before him:

[qpsix1234 has eliminated Medical mecha No. 7]

Their medical support was eliminated.

Xiao Xingxing turned and ran.

On the other side, as the Medical mecha and the Artillery mecha picked up the pace, their four teammates from the same squad were stunned.

Ever since that Medical mecha, which didn’t play by the rules, scored the first kill four minutes into the game, they realized this Medical mecha was extraordinary.

Nowadays, with the format no longer the previous five-mecha setup and with the addition of Medical mechas, it had become harder to secure kills. Previously, it was common to score a kill within the first four minutes, but now, with Medical mecha rescues, it usually took until the 10-minute mark for the first blood.

Yet this Medical mecha not only got a kill but also teamed up with the Artillery mecha to set the rhythm.

The team channel fell silent. The Stealth mecha who initially mocked them in the early game was now silent. The Medical mecha didn’t kill just anyone; it was the streamer team that he had initially feared. In the end, it was the Control mecha that took the lead, following the Tank mecha towards the frontline to assist their two teammates who were setting the pace.

The Control mecha: “Boss, let’s help out.”

The Tank mecha: “Come to the east; we’re all here.”

Ying Chenlin didn’t disappoint his teammates’ goodwill. He moved closer to his teammates’ positions, but his attacks didn’t stop. “More people are moving this way.”

“The energy consumption is too high; it’s better not to delay.”

You Su suggested, “Cut in from the east.”

Both of them understood that when Ying Chenlin chose these two weapons, they were destined not to be able to drag out the fight like other mechas. Compared to other Medical mechas equipped with Energy Guns for replenishment and shields for protecting their teammates, the longer this went on, the harder it would become for them to fight.

After the randomly matched teammates joined, Ying Chenlin and You Su retreated to the back row, continuing to provide output with the Tank teammate, covering them.

In the live broadcast room, the streamer team was a well-known group of streamers on StarNet’s platform. They had always been ambushing other mechas, but less than 15 minutes into this match, both their Stealth mecha and Medical mecha were already eliminated. The heat in the streamers’ chat rooms exploded. As soon as they heard about a Medical mecha with a Binding Lock and an Energy Cannon and an Artillery mecha with an Energy Cannon and Sniper Cannon, everyone rushed over to watch the excitement.

[I heard the Medical mecha killed the Stealth mecha?] [What kind of Medical mecha is that? Can someone really turn a Medical mecha into a DPS?] [A lot of people have tried DPS Medical mechas, but they gave up after a few days.]

As a newly added mecha in the competition format, Medical mechas were actually quite popular among mecha pilots. Plus, many mecha bases were actively recruiting Medical mecha pilots, so many mecha pilots who were previously limited in their options were transitioning to try out Medical mechas, resulting in a variety of Medical mecha configurations.

Other people also had opinions about the Medical mecha. When the Medical mecha format was first introduced, some people tried using artillery-type weapons like Energy Cannons. However, the damage brought by this type of weapon was simply too low. The Medical mecha itself wasn’t a type of mecha that had high-attack capabilities. Losing in a DPS battle wasn’t as satisfying as using an Artillery mecha, and its body wasn’t as sturdy as a Tank mecha. Normally, which mecha pilot who wanted to set the pace would bother with a Medical mecha?

With low damage output, being unable to set the pace, and without assistance, it was easy to drag down teammates.

However, in this match, even though this Medical mecha’s output capability was average, the pilot’s accuracy was too high. If something couldn’t be resolved with one shot, they’d solve it with three shots, completely overturning the audience’s perception of a Medical mecha’s output.

[I’ve seen DPS Medical mechas before, but none of them were as fierce as him!]

“Their level has to be at least that of a professional mecha pilot, right?” Xiao Xingxing became increasingly alarmed as he watched. “To survive being surrounded by so many people, you must have rich combat experience!”

[It’s easy to rank above 6000 points and encounter professional mecha pilots.] [Aren’t the lists of Medical mecha pilots from many mecha teams still unannounced? Are there any teams researching the routine of a DPS Medical mecha?] [How can you figure that out? How many professional mecha pilots are there in the entire Star Alliance?]

Streamer Xiao Xingxing noticed the rising heat in the live broadcast room. Knowing what the audience loved to see, he didn’t risk joining the battle but instead led his teammates to observe from the periphery. While observing, all they saw was the gradually increasing rankings table, with ylone123 and qpsix1234 hanging on the rankings board like before. As time went on, these two eliminated more and more mechas.

Just when Xiao Xingxing wanted to get closer to observe, a sniper shot from afar hit him directly, reducing his wear and tear by 19%! And it wasn’t over yet; after the Artillery mecha spotted him, no matter how he tried to escape, he was always within the sniping range of that Artillery mecha.

Before he could enter the protection range of his Tank teammate, he was directly sniped to death by the Artillery mecha.

Xiao Xingxing: “… What’s up with that Artillery mecha!? I didn’t even notice him, and he killed me??? “

After Xiao Xingxing’s death, the rhythm of the Artillery and Medical mecha duo sped up.

By the time the match reached 40 minutes, all other mechas on the field were eliminated. The Artillery mecha ranked first in output, while the Medical mecha ranked first in kills, with one in the lead and the other following closely behind on the rankings board.

[This is too fierce… This is the first time I’ve seen an Artillery mecha with such a high single-match output.] [A Medical mecha can secure kills like this?!] [The output of that Medical mecha is not low…] [It’s too fierce. What weapons is that Medical mecha carrying?!]

The discussion about the Medical mecha that went on a killing spree in the live stream room was getting more intense, with some even going to replay footage of the close-quarters combat between the Medical mecha and the Stealth streamer. Seeing the smooth operation skills of that mecha, they eagerly posted discussions on other sections of StarNet.

The two people causing a small-scale discussion were unaware of what was happening on StarNet. After finishing the match, they returned to the preparation hall. The pace of virtual mecha battles on StarNet was much faster than those in the Mecha League, and eliminating mechas was easier than in reality. After one match ended, they could quickly start another.

After Ying Chenlin and You Su withdrew from the battlefield, they received a team invitation from their teammates in the same match.

You Su directly declined and asked, “Continue?”

“Yeah.” Ying Chenlin weighed the two weapons he had just used, “The Medical mecha’s attack power isn’t high, and I’m not good at controlling the output.”

He could calculate the damage of Artillery and Individual Soldier mechas accurately, but the damage done by a Medical mecha fluctuated much more than he expected. Moreover, the opponent he just faced was average. From the situation in the battle, the gap in strength was apparent, and winning didn’t mean much to them.

If they encountered professional mecha pilots, considering the Energy Cannon’s fluctuating damage, it was highly likely he wouldn’t have killed the opponent in time, and the opponent would have already flanked him with their teammates.

“Change weapons and try again?” You Su asked.

Ying Chenlin shook his head, “Let’s get familiar with these two weapons first.”

Upon hearing this, You Su looked at him, “Do you have other weapon combinations you want to try?”

“I do.” Ying Chenlin already had a new plan in mind, “Let’s try more, only then can we find the right combination.”

The virtual battlefield had a high fault tolerance rate and was also a place to quickly accumulate weapon combination experience. Ying Chenlin didn’t want to waste this opportunity. Although the virtual battlefield was significantly different from real League matches, this finely-tuned fast-paced combat style was very useful for him at this stage.

His teammates were also improving, and he couldn’t stay stagnant with his previous Individual Soldier mecha strategies.

Medical mechas were the most unique among the team battle mechas. He had to explore more possibilities to come up with a Medical mecha more suitable for KID before the December elimination match.

In the next few matches, Ying Chenlin and You Su continued to try out the combination of the Energy Cannon and Binding Lock.

With limited time, they had only played three matches by the time it was past ten o’clock.

You Su: “Let’s call it a day, it’s time.”

Ying Chenlin left the virtual chamber with a sense of unfulfilled anticipation. When he came out, Huo Yan and the others had already finished their match and were on the other side eating snacks while watching battle recordings. As he came out of the virtual chamber, he habitually walked to the nearby mental stability tester to check his mental stability.

“Have you two finished your matches?” Huo Yan’s attention shifted from the battle footage. “Do you want some snacks? Xiaotian bought some.”

Ying Chenlin approached, noticing them watching the battle footage. “What’s going on?”

Huo Yan replied, “Da Feng just encountered a very skilled Medical mecha, seems like a pro League player.”

“That Medical mecha is too strong. I killed his teammate three times, and he helped him up each time,” said Ji Qingfeng, pointing to a spot in the footage. “Yao Bao and I are figuring out how to deal with Medical mechas. In future matches, Medical mechas will definitely be the hardest to deal with.”

Ying Chenlin stood and watched for a while, noticing the timing of that Medical mecha’s entries. “He’s very experienced in combat, and his overall view is good. He should be a seasoned player.”

Huo Yan nodded after listening and looked at Ying Chenlin. “How did your matches go just now? I saw you were playing seriously, so I didn’t come to watch and disturb you.”

“It was okay. We didn’t encounter any strong teams,” Ying Chenlin said and then glanced at You Su.

You Su’s gaze shifted slightly in his direction, his tone indifferent. “Not resting? It’s already past ten.”

Ying Chenlin lowered his head. The alarm on his light brain had gone off ten minutes ago. He bid farewell to Huo Yan and the others, then turned and left the training room.

Huo Yan and Ji Qingfeng were still discussing. Thinking up a strategy, they wanted to discuss it with You Su. But when they turned around, they didn’t see You Su’s figure. “Hey, where’s You Su?”

Lu Xi, sitting on the side with snacks, heard Huo Yan’s question and pointed to the training room door that hadn’t been closed properly. “He just went out.”

After leaving the training room, Ying Chenlin first went back to the maintenance room to retrieve his forgotten data board.

When he returned to the dormitory, he saw You Su standing at the door.

Their dormitories were opposite each other, so Ying Chenlin slowed down his pace.

You Su had already glanced over. “You went to the maintenance room?”

“I forgot something,” Ying Chenlin said, holding the data board. He was about to ask You Su how he ended up here.

The man who was originally standing at the door took a few steps towards him and stopped in front of him. Ying Chenlin noticed his height for the first time.

“Give me your light brain,” You Su said.

Ying Chenlin hesitated slightly, not quite understanding what he meant, but still took out his light brain. “What do you need the light brain for?”

“Contact number,” You Su said, lowering his eyes. While Ying Chenlin held out the light brain, he opened the contacts list on the light brain and directly approved a recently added contact request at the top of the list. His eyes glanced downwards, and his fingers moved slightly to adjust the settings. “Okay, from now on, I’ll give you my contact number for training.”

“Okay, got it,” Ying Chenlin replied.

You Su said, “I’m off to the training room.”

Ying Chenlin nodded, watching as You Su walked away. He then lowered his head to look at his own light brain.

As he scrolled through the contact list, he suddenly noticed a small light arrow behind one of the contact numbers.

The contact number had been pinned to the top.

He hesitated for a moment when opening the door, and glanced back at the empty corridor. “Was it a mistake?”

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