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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 132

Dawn Galaxy (Warmongering)

132. Pairing Up

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

Ying Chenlin hesitated for a moment, suddenly realizing a problem.

He hadn’t exchanged contact numbers with You Su after all this time?

The KID base was a team, and with the base being so small and the two of them living opposite each other, they met almost every day. Ying Chenlin generally didn’t go out of his way to find others, and You Su occasionally went to the maintenance room to inquire about Theo’s situation. Over time, he hadn’t noticed that despite knowing each other for so long, they hadn’t exchanged contact numbers.

He stared at the contact number for a moment, as the dormitory door before him automatically opened, recognizing his biological information.

Hearing the door, Ying Chenlin snapped out of his thoughts. Finally, he added a note for You Su to the contact.

The night passed relatively quickly. After taking his medicine and finishing his nighttime routine, Ying Chenlin returned to the desk in his dormitory. He opened the data board he had brought back from the maintenance room, inside of which was all the data on his conversion of the Individual Soldier mecha into a Medical mecha.

He opened the artillery data column and recorded the compatibility of the weapons he tested tonight on the virtual battlefield. Inside the data column were various types of weapon combinations.

Currently, the Mecha League does not specifically require team mechas to carry certain weapons. Just like how Chi Lizi, from Black Crow, could operate a Stealth mecha like an Artillery mecha, or how Guardian mechas could also use control weapons. As for heavily armored Tank mechas, bringing defensive weapons would provide them with a significant boost, while highly offensive Artillery mechas could unleash their full power with offensive weapons. In fact, equipping weapons mainly depends on a mecha’s basic attributes.

Generally speaking, among the six major team mechas, Artillery mechas had the highest attack power, followed by Stealth and Guardian mechas, then Control mechas, and lastly Tanks.

When considering defense, Tanks were ranked the highest, Guardians second, Control mechas third, and Stealth tied last with Artillery.

Different types of mechas have different basic attributes.

Individual Soldier mechas are balanced in their development, they aren’t as defensive as Tanks, nor as offensive as Artillery… Ying Chenlin considered that his combat level would never be as excellent as when he was eighteen in his previous life. Compared to his outstanding self from back then, he only had a few more years of combat experience now. Apart from that, he didn’t have the robust physique he had at eighteen, his right hand was not as agile as before, and his mental power couldn’t sustain long battles.

At present, he couldn’t bear high-intensity solo combat.

But team battles were possible. With teammates, the pressure on a single individual would be greatly reduced. If he wanted to continue playing in the League, he had to find the mecha position that suited him best.

Ying Chenlin had considered this deeply after his rebirth, and he had been waiting for an opportunity to modify his mecha.

Starting from the basics of each type of mecha, Medical mechas were actually the most suitable for him. Although their basic attack and defense were average, their capacity for dual-endurance was the highest among all team mechas.

Endurance, in order for Medical mechas to use their medical system to repair other mechas in a short time, the basic characteristics of Medical mechas are almost all focused on endurance. This kind of endurance is not the same as a Control mecha’s rapid endurance (energy accumulation) to achieve control effects.

Its endurance is dual-sided, meaning it has all-around endurance.

This is equivalent to Medical mechas when carrying melee weapons having attack speeds second only to Stealth mechas, and when carrying long-range weapons, having charging speeds second only to Control mechas… Apart from the repair speed itself, Medical mechas were actually the ones that can adapt the most to all types of weapons.

Balanced freedom, very similar to an Individual Soldier mecha.

And even if his mental power isn’t enough to support him in long battles, now that the fatigue of the mechanical arm has been somewhat alleviated, it would be enough for him to try a few weapons with more taxing capabilities.

In the future, after Medical mechas entered the League stage, there were many Medical mecha pilots specializing in control and defense. Therefore, the two weapons chosen to be carried in a Medical mecha’s weapon slots are crucial for Ying Chenlin. He wanted to take advantage of the current period to quickly adjust all the combinations he wanted to try.

After Ying Chenlin recorded the day’s test results, he had already figured out what he wanted to test tomorrow.

His peripheral vision caught sight of the mecha key placed on the other side, and the latter seemed to sense his thoughts, emitting a faint light.

Ying Chenlin was slightly startled by this and smiled, saying, “Good night.”


In the KID base’s office, after Shen Xingtang returned from an external meeting, she first went to the maintenance room and then returned to the office when she didn’t see Ying Chenlin.

When Jiang Simiao came in, he noticed that there were battle videos of past battles playing on the virtual screen in front of Shen Xingtang, and these videos were not from team battles but from Individual Soldier battles.

Jiang Simiao paused slightly when he saw this. “Why are you watching these videos?”

The mecha pilot in the footage was Ying Chenlin… After Shen Xingtang finished watching this segment, she spoke to Jiang Simiao, “Sometimes I wonder, with Chenlin’s strong skills, is it really good for him to stay in our base as a Medical mecha pilot?”

This wasn’t the first day Shen Xingtang had been considering this question, she had started considering this before she noticed that Ying Chenlin was Sink. Back then, she had been thinking whether, since the kid liked mechas so much, even if he couldn’t fight as an Individual Soldier, when it came time for the Medical mecha reform, whether he would have a chance to pilot it.

When the team mecha battles were finally restructured, after she gave this spot to Ying Chenlin, she reconsidered another situation—

Would it be too much of a waste of his talent to let Ying Chenlin pilot a Medical mecha?

Jiang Simiao noticed a mecha pilot career application form lying on Shen Xingtang’s desk, and the author was Ying Chenlin. “Filling out a career application form?”

“It was handed to me after today’s meeting. I have no idea how long it’s been there,” Shen Xingtang sighed.

“It’s normal for you to have such considerations. At the beginning, I also had several doubts about why he chose to retire instead of continuing to fight,” Jiang Simiao comforted. “But I think Chenlin understands this better than you do. He knows his fighting time is limited.”

“What do you mean?” Shen Xingtang paused.

Ying Chenlin has periods of fatigue when battling. This was noticed by Shen Xingtang and Jiang Simiao at the beginning of the Tianyu Star incident. Whether it was genetic disease or the mechanical arm, it still took a toll on Ying Chenlin’s body. Even though he performed excellently in Qiu Jin and Coria, such excellence came at a heavy cost every time.

Exhaustion of mental power, lack of fighting time… Every time he came out of a Contaminated Zone, Ying Chenlin had to spend at least a month in the hospital.

But the Mecha League wasn’t a small competition in the virtual battlefield where a match could be resolved in an hour. League match times vary, ranging from as short as three days to as long as seven or even ten days. With Ying Chenlin’s current mental power and physical condition, even if he could endure, he cannot maintain high-intensity combat for the whole duration.

The Mecha League’s schedule doesn’t wait for anyone, and it won’t provide so much time for Ying Chenlin to rest and recover every time.

Jiang Simiao replaced the combat footage playing in front of Shen Xingtang with backstage footage retrieved from the training room. “I think you should take a look at the footage of Ying Chenlin and You Su duo queueing tonight.”

The office quieted down as all the footage of Ying Chenlin piloting the Medical mecha in battle played on the virtual screen.

Shen Xingtang opened his eyes slightly. “This is—”

“I mean, Chenlin thinks about this more than you do.”

Jiang Simiao pulled out a chair and sat down, accessing Ying Chenlin’s combat data from the light brain. This data was collected by Jiang Simiao over the past year, and since becoming familiar with Ying Chenlin, he has been compiling and analyzing data for him. “He didn’t intend to operate the Medical mecha as we literally understand medical operations.”

“He didn’t waste his talent; instead, he had his own ideas long ago.”

Jiang Simiao noticed Shen Xingtang’s focus on all of Ying Chenlin’s archived data, and then continued, “I think now is just the beginning.”

On StarNet, the battle clip between ylone123’s Medical mecha and the Stealth streamer had been shared from the live broadcast room and sparked widespread discussion in the virtual battlefield community. Since the new season of the Mecha League hasn’t started yet, many professional mecha pilots were practicing in the virtual battlefield during this time. There had been many impressive performances by Medical mecha pilots during this period, but ylone123 was the first to gain fame for killing a Stealth mecha.

The Stealth mecha is the strongest mecha in terms of its ability to solo-kill among all the team mechas, and some even call it the assassin of mechas. Killing a Stealth mecha with a Medical mecha, after Medical mechas had been available in the virtual battlefield for such a long time, has made countless attack-oriented Medical mechas stand out.

Moreover, the weapon configuration of this Medical mecha pilot was truly amazing—a Binding Lock and an Energy Cannon, one is a short-range control weapon, and the other is a long-range attack weapon. A combination of these two weapons is unexpectedly effective.

Binding someone and then bombarding their head?

Can a Medical mecha really play like this?

[It’s the 6000-point A-grade section, you can’t play like this in the S-grade section, right?] [The Stealth streamer who got killed is considered quite skilled in the virtual battlefield community. I watched it live in the broadcast room, and the speed of the Medical mecha on the scene was even faster.] [Can this really be played like this?] [If you want to be killed, you can play like this. Who plays medical and sends themselves in front of other mechas!?]

When the match recording was shared that night, many mecha pilots tried using a Binding Lock and an Energy Cannon in the virtual battlefield. As a result, many mecha pilots either got targeted and killed when using the Binding Lock, or their speed when switching to the Energy Cannon couldn’t keep up after binding someone.

Various Medical mecha gameplay footage has always been a focus of attention for major mecha bases. When ylone123’s battle footage gained attention, many mecha bases immediately focused on this Medical mecha pilot.

In the distant Second Star Domain, inside PJT’s base.

As the mecha pilots finished their training and walked side by side, a blonde man lowered his eyes slightly, noticing a mecha video that was generating quite a buzz on the Stealth mecha technology forum. He stopped to watch the combat style shown, making a slight sound of confusion.

“What are you looking at, Norbert?” asked his teammate beside him. “Are you checking KID’s Yuan’s updates again?”

The blonde man was none other than Norbert, the captain of the PJT mecha team’s Stealth mecha division, and the top-ranked Stealth mecha pilot in the Star Alliance.

Norbert replied, “This Medical mecha… is playing an attack-oriented healing style.”

“Using offensive weapons?” His teammate walked over to take a look, and upon seeing the flexible positioning and control of the Binding Lock for medical use, coupled with weapon switching during movements to charge the Energy Cannon, he remarked, “His reaction speed is indeed very fast, but using an Energy Cannon with a Medical mecha, their attack power is too weak. We tested the endurance of Medical mechas, and carrying control weapons is the best.”

Norbert moved the progress bar to the performance chart. “But his output is second in the entire field.”

His teammate paused slightly upon hearing this. Second in output… which means that this Medical mecha’s Energy Cannon hits the other mechas every time, achieving such a high output. “First in kills, his hit rate is very high.”

The high endurance of Medical mechas is well known, so many Medical mecha pilots choose to carry control weapons in addition to Energy Guns.

This formidable endurance allows Medical mechas to never be inferior to Control mechas in terms of rapid energy charging… This charging speed also means that Medical mechas carrying Energy Cannons can charge faster than Artillery mechas.

While the power of a single shot from an Artillery mecha may indeed be stronger than that of a Medical mecha, this Medical mecha unexpectedly achieved the second highest output using high-frequency Energy Cannon attacks. Moreover, the Artillery mecha in the same field was also very powerful. An Artillery mecha in a map like Black Forest’s could inflict such high damage, indicating that its strength was definitely not ordinary.

“The Artillery mecha with the highest output is very strong, but this Medical mecha’s output can reach half of the Artillery mecha’s.”

Norbert said in surprise, “The Medical mecha is highly aware while attacking, but I can’t figure out which team’s mecha pilot he is.”

This Medical mecha pilot was excellent, and the Artillery mecha was also formidable. These two professionals must be training on StarNet for some strong team.

“Is this Artillery mecha Ace?” his teammate asked.

Norbert replied, “But Ace doesn’t like to use Energy Cannons; he prefers Rapid-Fire Cannons.”

“I’ve never encountered this Artillery mecha pilot before, and this Medical mecha pilot is also quite interesting,” Norbert said thoughtfully.

His teammate hesitated, “What are you planning to do?”

Norbert noted down the opponent’s ID. “I want to look for this mecha pilot.”

Completely unaware of the discussions on StarNet, Ying Chenlin woke up feeling refreshed, all fatigue from yesterday swept away.

The doors of the other mecha pilots’ rooms in the dormitory area were tightly shut. He noticed that Grandpa Gu hadn’t gotten up yet. Instead of heading directly to the maintenance room, he changed his route and went to the training room.

It was dark in the training room. As he walked in, he noticed a virtual cockpit still illuminated in the distance.

Ying Chenlin paused slightly. The person in the virtual cockpit had already yawned and sat up.

Lin Yao rubbed his eyes. “Why are you still not asleep, Chenlin?”

“It’s six in the morning,” Ying Chenlin replied. “You trained all night?”

“No, I fell asleep watching videos,” Lin Yao said, lying back down to continue sleeping. “I’ll sleep a bit more.”

Ying Chenlin didn’t disturb Lin Yao’s sleep and walked to the virtual cockpit he used yesterday, logging into the virtual battlefield. Upon entering the virtual battlefield, he realized that the account he used for duo matches with You Su was deleted yesterday, and replaced by another Medical mecha account. It must have been set up by Jiang Simiao.

He entered the mecha parameter settings again, adjusting to his preferred parameters. However, when it came to selecting weapons from the arsenal, he didn’t choose the Binding Lock and Energy Cannon he used yesterday. Instead, he opted for a new combination: a Medical mecha’s Energy Gun and a Rapid-Fire Cannon, the fastest firing artillery type weapon.

The author has something to say:

There are differences between the virtual battlefield and the actual Mecha League.

You can think of the virtual battlefield as a default arena without fancy weapons, with a short timeframe and fast-paced matches.

In reality, the League, as seen before with fights in Fiarge and Qiu Jin, involves factors like anomalous crystal abilities and broader Contaminated Zone environments, with longer durations.

As for the differences between major mechas, you can refer to the detailed discussion in Chapter 46. Here, I’ll provide a simplified version of the formula for everyone.

Attack: Artillery > Stealth > Guardian > Control > Medical > Tank

Defense: Tank > Guardian > Medical > Control > Stealth > Artillery

Long-range Endurance (Energy Accumulation): Control > Medical > Artillery

Short-range Endurance (Aggregation/Close Combat/Attack Speed): Stealth > Medical > Guardian > Tank

Comprehensive Endurance (Energy accumulation/Aggregation): Medical > Others

As for weapons, all mechas can carry any weapon. However, defensive weapons are most effective on Tanks and have little effect on Artillery mechas (because guns have no defensive bonus). Similarly, Medical mechas can carry various weapons, but there is no clear preference for any specific profession.

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