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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 133

Dawn Galaxy (Warmongering)

133. Supply

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

After adjusting the parameters of the Medical mecha, Ying Chenlin returned to the lobby to solo queue.

The matchmaking confirmation soon popped up, Ying Chenlin confirmed it, and was immediately transported to the preparation lobby. One by one, various mecha pilots’ virtual avatars loaded into the lobby, representing different types of mechas. Ying Chenlin also spotted a few of his randomly matched teammates.

His teammates seemed to be a premade squad of four, and weren’t very talkative. They probably had their own team communication channel. Upon entering the game, they simply reported their positions and weapons, without saying much else. Ying Chenlin also reported his position and weapons, but when he mentioned the Rapid-Fire Cannon, one of the Artillery mechas in the team glanced at him, seemingly puzzled by his choice of weapon.

Among all the teammates, only the Stealth mecha was more talkative than the others, seemingly giving explanations like an instructor.

One of the Artillery mechas in the team directly asked, “Is the Stealth mecha Chi Lizi, the big shot?”

The Stealth mecha replied, “I’m streaming, hope you don’t mind?”

With that statement, the Stealth mecha indirectly admitted his identity.

“No problem, big shot, are you still commanding?” the Artillery mecha asked.

Chi Lizi wasn’t good at commanding. “You guys lead this time, I’ll follow along.”

Ying Chenlin glanced sideways, noticing the weapons the Stealth mecha was carrying. He was no longer in a state of confusion like when he first encountered team battle mecha pilots. During his time with Jiang Simiao, he had also seen a lot of information about mecha pilots within the League’s database. Chi Lizi was a particularly special mecha pilot among them. He piloted a long-range Stealth mecha, giving up the advantage of highly offensive close-range capabilities in favor of picking up long-range weapons. He often disappeared on the battlefield, using a Sniper Cannon to take out targets from afar.

He had met Chi Lizi once before, but it was during the Coria period when KID was on the main planet, while Chi Lizi’s Black Crow visited another planet, so their interactions were limited.

But the fact that he was matched with Chi Lizi… did that mean this account had a high potential rating?

As expected, shortly after all the mecha pilots loaded into the preparation lobby, their IDs appeared on the screen along with the details of the upcoming match.

[Loading into the Contaminated Zone [Qiu Jin Grand Canyon], meeting the basic requirement [6000]] [The match is rated S, mode [Team Battle · Limited Survival 60 minutes], with an additional last-place elimination system (15 minutes)]

Ying Chenlin was stunned when he saw this. Qiu Jin Grand Canyon was a Contaminated Zone he was very familiar with, and this match format even included a last-place elimination system. He immediately clicked into the detailed rules and instantly confirmed it. This map and this match format completely replicated the rules of the match KID experienced in Qiu Jin Grand Canyon previously. At the time, the rule was to eliminate the team in last place each day, but in the virtual battlefield, it became eliminating the team placing last every 15 minutes.

The match was rated S, with additional special rules, and he matched with Chi Lizi.

Seeing this, Ying Chenlin already knew that there were probably many experts in this match, and the professional mecha pilots would definitely not be few.

At the same time, in Chi Lizi’s livestream room, the morning livestream didn’t lose any of its heat.

Fans and viewers from all over crowded into the livestream room, discussing the IDs in the preparation lobby.

[Sure enough, Lizi’s livestream always attracts professional mecha pilots every day.] [Laughing to death, the virtual battlefield isn’t so friendly to professional mecha pilots. Do you think StarNet’s intelligent matchmaking is straightforward?] [Let me take a look ah. I recognize at least five professional IDs in this match. Lizi might have a hard time winning.]

The virtual battlefield’s matchmaking mechanism adjusts the difficulty level according to the mecha pilot’s win rate and real-life identity. Once entering the high-level section of 6000 points or above, the game matches’ difficulty level is raised to S-rank when multiple professional mecha pilots are present in the arena, making the pressure and environment much tougher compared to an ordinary A-rank match.

It’s not impossible for there to be multiple professional mecha pilots in other teams, but Chi Lizi was solo queuing. His four teammates looked ordinary and there weren’t any familiar IDs among them, so it wasn’t surprising that they might be underestimated.

Chi Lizi still brought his favorite Grappling Hook and Sniper Cannon. “There are many people in this match, and there are several familiar professional players in the other teams. With the special rules of this S-rank match, I bet there are others using alternate accounts in this match. There should be more than just five professional mecha pilots here.”

[But that’s not your concern. Your teammates are just random players. If you were duo queuing, you might have a chance to win.] [With the last-place elimination system, even if you get a lot of kills, if your team’s output can’t keep up, you’ll still be eliminated.] [No worries, I see Lizi’s medical teammate brought an Energy Gun, right? If things get tough, let the Medical mecha stick with Lizi for supplies, and they can boost the team’s output.] [Wait a minute? Why does his teammate’s other weapon look so familiar?]

“An Energy Gun and a Rapid-Fire Cannon,” Chi Lizi paused as he noticed.

[Really? Another one playing an offensive medical?] [Ever since that video of the Medical mecha using the Binding Lock-Energy Cannon combo in combat went viral yesterday, there have been a ton of players trying offensive medical builds from last night till now.]

Chi Lizi didn’t resist the idea that much. A Stealth mecha was used to being a lone wolf, and the Medical mecha might not be able to keep up with him. At least their Medical mecha brought an Energy Gun for support.

The Energy Gun is a commonly used weapon for Medical mecha pilots, and this type of Energy Gun is a new weapon introduced after the new tournament format. Also known as a supply gun, it carries special energy supply rounds inside, which can replenish the mecha’s energy through ports on the mecha’s sides. As long as the Medical mecha aims the muzzle at the energy port on the side of a teammate’s mecha, it can supply them with energy.

Each Energy Gun carries a total amount of energy storage close to two containers of energy fuel. With the Medical mecha carrying an Energy Gun, it meant that the team didn’t have to worry about energy consumption at all. Even if their energy runs out, the Medical mecha can replenish their energy at the first opportunity.

After selecting their weapons, the preparation time ended.

All mecha pilots were refreshed into Qiu Jin Grand Canyon.

[Every time I see Qiu Jin, it feels a bit strange.] [Treasure the present, there aren’t so many canyons in the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone of the current League.]

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon is a canyon map, famous for its numerous canyons, and the narrow gaps between the two cliffs make it easy for ambushes.

Ying Chenlin immediately chose a position upon entering, not rushing forward. His teammates were refreshed nearby. With only 60 minutes and the threat of last-place elimination, battles could easily erupt at the start.

Sure enough, two minutes after entering, intense fighting broke out on the left side of the canyon.

The Artillery in the team, named Tarl, had already taken on a command role. “Guardian, scout behind. Chi Lizi and I will provide long-range output. Tank and Control mechas, protect us. Medical, stay behind us and watch out for ambushes.”

Ying Chenlin hesitated upon hearing this, but before he could speak, he saw Tarl, along with his other teammates, charging forward.

He cautiously glanced at Chi Lizi in the distance. Instead of following in their direction, he chose to observe the terrain from behind.

[Hey, isn’t the Medical coming up?] [The medic’s position is a bit far!]

Chi Lizi, when solo queuing, was basically a lone wolf. His Stealth mecha typically operated outside the team. After walking with his four teammates for a while, he spoke up, “Don’t go too far ahead. Watch out for ambushes.”

When there are many professional mecha pilots, the battle becomes extremely fast-paced. From the start of the battle to the 4-minute mark, numerous records had already been refreshed on the scoreboard. There were plenty of red mecha signals nearby on the radar, indicating that all mechas were converging in this direction. No one wanted to be eliminated in the first 15 minutes.

As his Artillery teammate took action, Chi Lizi decisively followed suit. He always hovered behind the Artillery, accustomed to providing output in support of their Artillery. The Control mecha also stayed close, while the Tank and Guardians charged forward.

After finding a stable output environment, he immediately switched to the Sniper Cannon and targeted the crowd in the distance.

The rhythm of the battle in the virtual battlefield was fast. As long as the Artillery mecha’s Sniper Cannon charged enough and had high energy output, it could quickly eliminate targets in the intense combat zone. Just as Chi Lizi locked onto a distant mecha, an alarm sounded within his team.

It turned out that their Guardian mecha had exposed its position while scouting ahead, and incoming shells ambushed the Guardian mecha from afar.

Not only that, but due to positioning errors, the Tank mecha and Control mecha’s positions were also exposed.

Chi Lizi frowned slightly, “This is bad.”

The Artillery mecha Tarl, shocked to see his teammates ambushed one after another, exclaimed, “Is the firepower this intense?”

[Oh man, Lizi, retreat!!] [I’m not afraid of anything else, I’m only afraid of meeting incompetent teammates.] [The Guardian just handed everyone over.]

The gunfire from afar came from all directions. In a match with 10 teams, there were at least four teams in this area. Currently, everyone was hiding in concealed spots ready to ambush. Tarl and his four-man squad chose a poor forward position. The exposure of the Guardian mecha directly revealed the entire team’s position, making them the primary targets within this encirclement.

Tarl hadn’t expected the situation to turn out like this. For someone who frequently played in the virtual battlefield, he knew well what S-rank represented. Luckily, there was a big shot like Chi Lizi in the team. He had thought this match would be easier.

However, upon entering the ambush zone, Tarl felt overwhelmed. His Guardian teammate was ambushed three minutes into their patrol, and was completely taken down by mechas that were completely out of sight. Losing the Guardian’s patrol report, they were now lost in the canyon, unable to see the enemies hiding in the dark. Then came the onslaught of artillery fire.

Even with a slow reaction, Tarl knew they had walked into the enemy’s encirclement. Losing the Guardian teammate at the start, and then being ambushed by two enemy teams, was like a script for cannon fodder. His Tank teammate, positioned at the front to block the firepower, was quickly taken down by crossfire from the enemy, consecutively turning the green lights representing his teammates into red ones.

Chi Lizi instinctively stepped back, his position relatively safe, but the several mechas in front of him were finding it difficult to return.

The Tank mecha barely managed to retreat using its protective shield, while their Guardian mecha was too reckless, taking on several direct hits and appearing to be on the verge of becoming cannon fodder.

I can’t save them, Chi Lizi thought.

[Lizi, this match is a disaster. Your teammates are being taken down one by one.] [Your Guardian is too strong, they’ve just handed you over to the encirclement of four teams.]

At that moment, a mecha suddenly flashed past from behind Chi Lizi. He immediately looked back vigilantly, only to see a blue dot representing a teammate swiftly pass by his side, leaping through the canyon and directly entering the bustling encirclement ahead.

[The medic charged in!?!]

Oh no!

Tarl closed his eyes, about to give up struggling, when suddenly a tremendous force came from behind. Someone grabbed his mecha and flew backward at high speed. Shots were hitting him, as well as the nearby mountain wall. Amidst the intense artillery fire and alarm sounds, the next moment, he was pulled behind the side of the mountain.

Watching from behind, Chi Lizi witnessed the whole scene. Before the medic charged in, he had thought they were about to witness the complete annihilation of their team, but unexpectedly, the medic actually pulled the Artillery mecha over.

[F*ck, Lizi, your medic is quite daring.] [Can they really rescue someone from amidst the gunfire?!] [Did they just perform repairs on the spot?!]

“He’s not daring, he calculated the position.” Chi Lizi noticed the position of the Medical mecha. It was perfectly positioned behind the Artillery mecha, in a blind spot, shielded from the final ambush. Moreover, with four teams nearby, no one wanted to expose their position to actively attack them, so their current position turned out to be an excellent safe spot.

The medic knows what they’re doing, Chi Lizi thought.

With a red warning due to increasing damage appearing in the cockpit’s field of view, Tarl’s mecha halted at 55% damage, with only 30% left until elimination. Tarl, still trembling with fear, looked at the mecha behind him. Just as he was about to move, another voice suddenly stopped him.

“Don’t stick your head out.”

A calm male voice echoed in the team channel. Tarl hurriedly looked over and saw a faint green light in the red of his teammate’s lights, indicating his medic teammate, yl458. The next second, the Medical mecha’s repair line connected to Tarl’s mecha. The Medical mecha’s mental power flowed along the repair line, and his mecha entered repair mode. The repair speed was fast, and Tarl saw the damage to his mecha decreasing.

“Thank you,” Tar said.

Only an Artillery mecha was saved, the other mechas were beyond salvation and had been eliminated.

“There are two teams ahead, one is behind the mountain rocks at 9 o’clock, and the other is on the side of the valley at 2 o’clock,” Ying Chenlin said as he checked Tarl’s mecha for repairs, he then looked towards Chi Lizi. “There are still 7 minutes until elimination.”

Chi Lizi immediately adjusted his view upon hearing the other’s voice, spotting a black mecha on the side at 2 o’clock. They seemed to be watching the direction where their medic and Artillery had evaded, as if as soon as they popped out, all firepower would converge on them. He promptly adjusted his Sniper Cannon and fired several shots at the distant black mecha’s position.

The advantage of a long-range Stealth mecha was this; even if he caused a commotion, as long as the opponent couldn’t see him, they couldn’t lock onto his position through the radar.

“How much energy do you have left?” Ying Chenlin asked.

Tarl immediately reported, “95%.”

Ying Chenlin was momentarily surprised, then said, “That’s quite a lot left.”

Tarl: “…”

As soon as they popped out, they were bombarded by a barrage, and they didn’t even have time to fire their Energy Cannons.

There were four teams in this area, and they belonged to the cannon fodder team that had just delivered themselves to the others. In the recent exchange of fire, Tarl’s team lost three mechas, while the other teams were unscathed.

“But this is a good thing,” Ying Chenlin said.

“Brother, we only have three people left.”

What kind of good thing is this!!?

“It doesn’t matter, both long-range mechas are still here, the Artillery mecha’s energy is at 95%, and we have plenty of ammunition on this side,” Ying Chenlin released the hand holding the Artillery mecha. He disconnected the repair line connected to the Artillery mecha and brought its damage level back to 40%. He maneuvered the mecha to take a few steps back, hiding in the narrow gap of the valley. “Wait here, we can handle this wave.”

“How can…” Tarl’s words were cut off as the Medical mecha that was originally behind him suddenly accelerated forward.

The white mecha’s thrusters left behind a trail, and the seemingly ordinary Medical mecha was surrounded by a layer of residual light. The moment he dashed out, Energy Cannons from 9 o’clock and 2 o’clock fired almost simultaneously, creating a wave of white spray in the valley.

The next second, the Medical mecha swiftly broke free from the circle of firepower, leaving behind a white air wave. His posture while flying was exceptionally agile, utilizing various concealed spots in the surrounding canyon, swiftly traversing under the barrage of Energy Cannon fire, avoiding each lethal shot.

Tarl was stunned, his heartbeat accelerating with his teammate’s acceleration.

Through Chi Lizi’s perspective in the live broadcast room, the netizens were also stunned.

[F*ck me, is your medic playing as a Guardian?] [A medic’s defense is second only to a Guardian, but not many dare to play like this!] [No, look at his Rapid-Fire Cannon!] [Is a Rapid-Fire Cannon this fast!? It’s almost as fast as a Guardian mecha’s Energy Cannon!]

This wasn’t over yet. As the Medical mecha flew, its Rapid-Fire Cannon deployed, and with the unique endurance boost of a Medical mecha, the Rapid-Fire Cannon became very fast, like a rapid charge, successive shots pounded the sides of the canyon, instantly raising clouds of dust and debris.

These clouds of dust partially obscured the traces of his forward propulsion, and with his Rapid-Fire Cannon’s high accuracy, he seemed to have preemptively locked onto the positions of the other mechas. Each shot was aimed towards the direction of the lurking mechas, single-handedly disrupting the entire battlefield.

The enemy’s firepower from both sides fiercely bombarded the airborne Medical mecha, and scattered shrapnel clashed mid-air during the bombardment. The teams at 9 o’clock and 2 o’clock were also drawn into the crossfire under the disruption caused by the white mecha. Other mecha teams at the scene spotted each other, and the artillery fire immediately became chaotic.

Mechas appeared one after another on the radar. Except for Chi Lizi on Tarl’s side, the other mechas lurking in the background were exposed in the exchange of fire, breaking the delicate balance that was once present.

“Have you identified all the mechas’ positions?”

Amidst the sound of artillery fire, a male voice sounded on the channel.

When Chi Lizi heard this voice, his Sniper Cannon had already fired, aimed at the exposed mechas in the distance. He opened his voice channel, “Medic, impressive.”

Tarl stared at all the red enemy dots appearing within his field of view, completely stunned.

In mecha battles, almost all mechas were equipped with simple anti-reconnaissance systems, which was why mechas were needed to scout the positions of enemy mechas. After a teammate’s reconnaissance, the radar systems within the team share timely radar information with each other.

And just now, amidst the exchange of artillery fire, their Medical mecha, risking being hit by artillery fire, transmitted real-time radar information to him.

Tarl nervously watched the radar system as the positions of the above mechas were still being updated. He looked up and saw the Medical mecha on a distant peak of the canyon, as if standing above the battlefield, serving as their eyes in real-time.

[Crap…] [Incredible.] [This medic is so skilled with the Rapid-Fire Cannon. If he used an *assault cannon, wouldn’t he be even more ferocious and faster!?]

*another mtl gave this as submachine gun. I’m not sure which one is correct though and I couldn’t find an English translation on Google.

[Yeah, why isn’t he using an assault cannon?]

Soon enough, they understood why the Medical mecha was using a Rapid-Fire Cannon instead of a close-combat assault cannon.

The medic on high-ground quickly retreated to a hidden spot in a canyon after disrupting the situation. He seemed very familiar with the surrounding canyon’s positions. Immediately after acquiring the radar positions, he adjusted the position of the Rapid-Fire Cannon and also locked onto distant mechas.

Although the Medical’s attack output wasn’t high, it increased significantly after sustained fire. His Rapid-Fire Cannon rapidly fired shots with extremely high accuracy, forming a diagonal line with Chi Lizi and completely entering a state of output.

Initially, other viewers in the live stream were worried that their team would be eliminated. However, when the first 15-minute round ended, their team’s output unexpectedly ranked third in the entire field, avoiding the danger of elimination.

Moreover, the Medical mecha’s output ranked second in the team, just below Chi Lizi, far exceeding the Artillery mecha Tarl.

Other mecha pilots on the field also noticed the battle records. Although an S-rank match didn’t reveal the mecha lineup, they only recognized Chi Lizi as a familiar face. However, they were puzzled to see another mecha in Chi Lizi’s team with high output.

“What’s going on with Chi Lizi’s team!?”

“The top three outputs, did his other teammates get eliminated?”

“Something’s not right, is yl458 an Artillery mecha?”

15 minutes had passed, and the match was only a quarter of the way over.

In the back of the canyon, Ying Chenlin was preparing his Rapid-Fire Cannon. He said to another mecha in the team, “The ideal sniping point is in the forest behind the mountain rocks. I’ll send you the coordinates.”

Tarl quickly realized what the situation was and didn’t waste any time. He hurriedly moved to the position indicated by Ying Chenlin.

Chi Lizi continued, “Switch to the scope, lock onto point A at 8 o’clock.”

Tarl, being a high-ranking Artillery mecha pilot, knew what to do next with Ying Chenlin’s command. He charged his Energy Cannon, switched to the scope, and as soon as the new radar information updated, he fired a shot directly at the opposing mecha.

From the start, without wasting any of his 95% energy, he exerted his full power at this moment, firing his Energy Cannon without restraint.

Seeing their Artillery mecha in action and with Chi Lizi on the other side, Ying Chenlin said, “Stealth, let’s flank them. The ones on the opposite hill are tough to deal with.”

Ying Chenlin immediately lurked to a more forward position. In this situation, the Stealth mecha proved its worth. He used the Sniper Cannon to clear a path for Ying Chenlin, “You attack from the left.”

There wasn’t much communication between the two, both being experienced mecha pilots. When Chi Lizi moved, Ying Chenlin had already moved to another position, aiming left and right at the mechas on the opposite hill. The mechas on the opposite hill were likely professional mecha pilots too. Seeing Chi Lizi flanking, they wanted to retreat, but it was difficult to predict the position of the Stealth mecha.

As a teammate, Ying Chenlin could see Chi Lizi’s coordinates. He immediately locked onto the mecha and mercilessly fired Rapid-Fire Cannon shots in rapid succession.

[yl458 eliminates zylr123]

“Next, move to the position behind the slant,” said Ying Chenlin.

Chi Lizi immediately moved, following Ying Chenlin’s instructions.

[Wait a minute!? Is Lizi assisting the medic?] [It seems like it… the medic is locking onto other mechas based on Lizi’s position.]

The two cooperated very quickly. After setting up the Artillery mecha to play in the distance, they immediately took action, coordinating their movements from left and right. Chi Lizi and Black Crow’s Control and Artillery mechas both moved in pairs, coordinating their advance from both sides, which was a common strategy, but it was the first time he played like this with a Medical mecha.

“I don’t know why, but it feels so secure,” said Chi Lizi.

The netizens: “…”

You’re giving others support and yet you’re concerned about feeling secure!?

However, as their damage and kill count continued to rise, most of the attention in the live stream was focused on the Medical mecha. Seeing the mecha moving freely between the canyons and continuously firing the Rapid-Fire Cannon to eliminate their enemies.

[Huh? Can a medic be this strong?] [Damn, this medic’s output is so high!] [I remember only hits count as output, right? How high is his hit rate!?] [If his attack speed is fast, wouldn’t his energy consumption be high too?! With such high output, does he have enough energy left?]

The Medical mecha compensated for damage with attack speed, but it also consumed a lot of energy. To achieve such a high damage output, his energy consumption must definitely be much higher than Chi Lizi’s.

Chi Lizi also realized the issue: “Medic, do you have enough energy?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the Medical mecha in his field of view shrink behind the canyon, switching to the Energy Gun and aiming at the energy port on the mecha, providing a wave of energy.

Chi Lizi: “…”

Ying Chenlin, puzzled: “What’s wrong? You don’t have enough?”

Chi Lizi: “…”

This medic didn’t intend to provide support to others; all the supplies were for himself. No wonder he was using a Rapid-Fire Cannon so freely, he brought his own supplies and energy, more than enough for a Rapid-Fire Cannon!

[Supplying themselves?!] [I was too kind. I thought he was providing some support with the Energy Gun.]

Ying Chenlin glanced at the remaining energy in the Energy Gun and said concisely, “I don’t have energy to spare for you. If it’s not enough, you’ll have to be frugal.”

Chi Lizi: “…”

Tarl, their teammate who hadn’t been eliminated yet: “…”

No wonder he asked if his energy was enough at the beginning!

Once again, the attention of the live stream’s viewers was drawn to the Medical mecha. They had seen skilled mecha pilots, but watching a Medical mecha control the pace of the battle on the virtual screen was a different experience. It was usually the Artillery mechas that dictated the pace of the game, but for the first time, a Medical mecha took the lead, and their pace was getting faster and faster.

By the time 45 minutes had passed, most mechas had suffered some degree of damage, and as the attacks intensified, the speed of other teams’ Medical mechas support also gradually slowed down. Once this pace was controlled, the outcome of the game was basically determined.

[tal666 eliminated 7456jj] [lizi eliminated kk567] [yl458 eliminated emo] [yl458 eliminated kkkk]

The elimination information of the Medical mecha yl458 flashed on the virtual screen.

By the late stages of the game, Tarl had forgotten to retreat. He used the remaining energy in his mecha to bombard the red dots exposed on the radar interface, and when the message of victory popped up on the screen, he hadn’t even realized it yet. The scene in front of him had already turned into the pre-battle lobby!

They won?!

At this moment, as the match performance was announced, the others in the lobby preparing for battle saw the refreshed leaderboard. At first glance, they saw yl458, who ranked first in eliminations, and also noticed the information on the weapons he carried: a Rapid-Fire Cannon and an Energy Gun, a Medical mecha, and he had the most kills!?!?

[Wow, Chi Lizi, immediately form a team with the medic teammate.] [This type of medic is too strong, I still want to see him play!] [This medic must be a professional, Chi Lizi won’t lose out by forming a team with him!]

Chi Lizi didn’t expect to have so much fun in this S-rank match. He noticed the Medical mecha in the distance and thought that with such strength, they couldn’t just be an ordinary player. He approached, wanting to greet and team up with the Medical mecha, but his team requests were repeatedly rejected.

Chi Lizi persisted and sent several more requests.

The Medical mecha up ahead didn’t leave the lobby and replied, “I’m not playing anymore.”

Chi Lizi: “Huh? You’re not playing already?”

Ying Chenlin replied, “Yeah, I have to go to work.”

The netizens in the live stream: “…?”

Going to work!?

Ying Chenlin didn’t respond further to Chi Lizi’s messages. After quickly finishing a game, he logged out and when he left the virtual cabin, Lin Yao had already gotten up. He tidied up the virtual cabin and saw that it had been just over an hour. “Lin Yao, do you want breakfast?”

Lin Yao, feeling groggy, just mumbled a response, unsure if he wanted it or not.

Ying Chenlin also ordered a meal for him and brought one for Grandpa Gu. Then, he quickly headed to the maintenance room.

It was close to eleven o’clock when more people started to gather in the training room.

When Lin Yao returned to the training room, he was eating takeout on the side.

Jiang Simiao had a serious expression as he dealt with Ying Chenlin’s virtual cabin.

You Su noticed and asked, “What’s wrong with his virtual cabin?”

Lin Yao replied while eating, “Oh, Sanshui is changing accounts.”

“Wasn’t it just changed last night?” You Su remembered that before he rested last night, Jiang Simiao helped Ying Chenlin change his Medical mecha account.

Jiang Simiao said, “It’s because he played in the morning.”

“Early this morning, Lin Di played an S-rank match with Chi Lizi. Now StarNet is all about the footage, so Sanshui has no choice but to change Chenlin’s account again.” Lin Yao, with a meal in front of him, handed the recorded live broadcast video to You Su, “They had a blast playing in a duo queue. Do you want to watch?”

Chi Lizi was the most popular professional mecha pilot in the Dawn Galaxy, and his live broadcast room’s popularity was incredibly high.

The video Lin Yao was watching was a replay cut by fans from the live broadcast room, focusing on the good cooperation between the two. “Sure enough, those who can shoot from afar are different. This cooperation is really good, and the opponents who are also professionals, were defeated by just them. Sanshui even suggested letting Da Feng try long-range?”

You Su commented, “His accuracy isn’t good.”

Lin Yao: “Huh? Isn’t he doing well?”

You Su picked up his light brain and quietly scanned his updated contacts, not responding to Lin Yao.

At this point, Jiang Simiao came out after changing the account and saw the two standing there. “Lin Yao, why didn’t you help me order breakfast?”

Lin Yao didn’t look at You Su and looked at Jiang Simiao, “Oh, Chenlin bought it for me.”

After speaking, Lin Yao noticed You Su’s gaze on him.

At this moment, You Su paused as he saw a message pop up on his communicator.

— [Rebellious Kid: Are you awake? Come to the maintenance room, your weapon is ready.]

Jiang Simiao saw You Su walking out and said, “Hey, where are you going?”

You Su: “Maintenance room.”

Author’s Note:

These two chapters lay a simple foundation for the Medical mecha at work and its role in the tournament. (Reducing damage, Energy Gun supplying)

Just some daily life scenes, introducing weapons, and now it’s time for the end-of-year elimination matches!

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