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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 134

Dawn Galaxy (Warmongering)

134. Aegis

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Inside the maintenance room, there was a flurry of activity. When You Su arrived, he could see a young man standing at the repair table below. He was dressed in a maintenance suit, and his upright posture accentuated his excellent physique. Two mechanical tools hung from the belt around his waist.

The new maintenance suit already had a few spots of machine oil on it. The young man stood next to Grandpa Gu, his profile serious and meticulous when speaking.

Seemingly noticing the commotion from the upper-level procedure platform, the two talking individuals paused their conversation.

Ying Chenlin looked towards the high platform and said, “Here already?”

You Su took a few steps, crossed the procedure platform, and landed on the maintenance platform below. As he looked up, he saw Theo in front of him, along with the weapons not yet loaded next to Theo. As he approached, Theo’s incessant voice appeared in his mind.

“You’re too slow, You Su!” Theo’s tone was filled with anticipation and pride about the new weapons. “Ying Chenlin has already adjusted both weapons and has been waiting for you to come for the final debugging. Why are you so slow to come out now!”

After he finished speaking, Theo jumped to another topic, “The types are an Energy Cannon and a Sniper Cannon!”

You Su ignored Theo’s chattering. As he approached, Ying Chenlin had already handed him the data board.

Since returning to the base, Ying Chenlin had been busy with weapon design and casting. His requirements for weapons were higher than those of ordinary weapon designers. From materials to components, from components to structural parts, he scrutinized each layer. During this period, only Huo Yan’s weapon had been finalized, while the others were still in the process of adjustment. Occasionally, when You Su passed by the maintenance room, he could always see Ying Chenlin and the other KID mecha pilots exchanging ideas.

But as for discussions about his weapon, there were only discussions around the end of the Qiu Jin incident, when he had mentioned the problem when using the ‘Compressed Storm’ ability on Sniper Cannons.

Ying Chenlin had been working on this weapon all along, even before the start of the Qiu Jin mission.

It had been some time since the anomalous crystal obtained from the auction had been handed over to him. You Su had thought that this weapon had been finalized during their previous discussions, but unexpectedly, Ying Chenlin was still making adjustments.

Compressed Storm was the characteristic of the S-grade pollutant, the Wind Falcon. It could cause atmospheric changes in a short period, thereby causing devastating damage to the Contaminated Zone. S-grade Wind Falcons were not unique; in the intelligence information known to You Su, Mecha Alliances in other star domains had used the characteristics of the Wind Falcon to create powerful control weapons with a wide range of wind control.

Wind-based attacks are rare among the various attack-type energy crystals, and they are also difficult to control. In terms of power, they are not as strong as directly offensive attributes like fire or thunder, making them the most challenging weapons to forge among all the major attack attributes. Just like the Energy Cannon weapon that Theo had before, Ying Chenlin also used an A-grade energy crystal to replicate it. When it was initially designed and forged, a lot of effort was put into it on the Frontier Army’s side.

On the data board were detailed values of two weapons. You Su couldn’t understand the professional stuff, so he only focused on what mattered as a mecha pilot. However, when he saw the newly developed Sniper Cannon weapon with the Wind Falcon ability core installed, his gaze instantly froze.

Ying Chenlin walked over to him and pointed to the performance demonstration on the data board. “Take a look at this.”

Once opened, the simulated data began to move, turning into a dynamic demonstration.

The Sniper Cannon in the data began to charge up, solidifying and flowing wind spirals gathering in front of the barrel until the charge was complete and it fired, hitting the target. You Su’s gaze lingered at the moment of impact. The cannon fire not only had the effect of an energy blast but also created a small wind blade that unfolded around the impact point, affecting a certain area upon impact.

Ying Chenlin explained, “Compressed Storm is actually more suitable for control-type weapons, but it’s not impossible to use it for an offensive one. I found all the information about the Wind Falcon on StarNet, dissected and analyzed its abilities, and found that it mainly compresses the flowing wind, eventually causing explosions or large-scale impacts within a defined range.”

You Su’s attention was on the charging speed. “The charging speed has increased.”

“Yes, because for this weapon, I adopted an energy-saving setting. Its power mainly comes from wind energy, the mecha’s energy.” Ying Chenlin knew that the Wind Falcon’s Compressed Storm ability had the ability to capture the surrounding wind, and such compression shouldn’t be wasted. “You like high-charged Sniper Cannon shots. With abundant wind energy around, this weapon can save energy and reduce charging time, allowing you to fire more shots.”

Theo nodded when he heard this. “Exactly, You Su just loves to fire indiscriminately!”

You Su glanced briefly at Theo upon hearing this.

Theo said, “What’s wrong? I didn’t say anything wrong.”

You Su ignored Theo and looked down at the weapon.

This weapon could not only use wind as an energy source to achieve an energy-saving effect, but also upon impact, could spread out the compressed wind energy like blades around the mecha, delaying the opponent’s follow-up attacks.

Ying Chenlin explained, “The Wind Falcon uses compression before erupting. I added a delay mechanism, so it only erupts upon impact.”

After Ying Chenlin finished introducing the weapon, he glanced sideways at the man who remained silent.

This was the data he had adjusted. Originally, due to irregular parts, the charging speed of this weapon didn’t reach its utmost. He adjusted it based on You Su’s operational habits. The increase in charging speed might require some adjustment to his operating rhythm. Was he not accustomed to this type of weapon…?

The man’s expression was stern. Accustomed to his lazy demeanor, Ying Chenlin found it a bit unusual to see him so serious while examining the weapon’s details. However, upon closer observation, one would notice that You Su’s demeanor when silent resembled Lieutenant General Lin more.

He couldn’t help but glance a few more times.

After You Su finished reviewing all the data, he found that this weapon’s power was not as good as the scrapped one Theo had reported, but based on its basic attributes and functionality, this should be the Sniper Cannon with the highest charging speed in the current Dawn Galaxy Mecha League.

As he was about to flip to the next page, his peripheral vision suddenly caught sight of the man standing beside him.

Because they were discussing the data board, the two of them were standing very close to each other.

If You Su’s hand moved a few centimeters more, it would touch Ying Chenlin’s shoulder. Without shifting his gaze, he swept his eyes over the other’s gaze, and he inexplicably straightened up a bit. “It’s alright.”

Ying Chenlin looked somewhat hesitant and then asked, “Is there something you’re not satisfied with in the details?”

Upon hearing You Su’s response, Theo, dissatisfied, interjected, “Why just ‘alright’? You Su, you can’t speak like that. This weapon is much cooler than my original one! No need for further adjustments! You Su, let’s go with this one!”

“Chenlin, this is it!”

Ying Chenlin didn’t hear Theo’s words. He just looked at You Su, waiting for his answer.

There was no change in You Su’s expression. “No problems, no need to change.”

Ying Chenlin looked at him somewhat hesitantly. Then he saw You Su flip the data board back, revealing another weapon, a wind-based attack weapon, in front of them.

When You Su saw the weapon, his gaze suddenly stopped. The model in the data board was supposed to be an Energy Cannon, but despite being called an Energy Cannon, this Energy Cannon had a larger appearance than others, using a traditional barrel with streamlined designs added to the exterior, making the entire Energy Cannon look very heavy.

This was the largest Energy Cannon You Su had ever seen, but he couldn’t help but feel that this weapon was extraordinary.

“This one?” Ying Chenlin, seeing his attention drawn to the weapon, continued, “Its weapon core is from the Steelwing Bird’s anomalous crystal.”

The Steelwing Bird, the S-level pollutant they encountered in the Qiu Jin Contamination Zone that transformed into a wind cannon when attacking them. This pollutant had a fast attack speed. After this anomalous crystal was attributed to KID, Shen Xingtang left it to You Su.

But You Su felt that making this anomalous crystal into a cannon-type weapon was very difficult.

“What did you make it into?” You Su asked.

Seeing his interest, Ying Chenlin continued, “Don’t be fooled by its heavy barrel. This one is a multi-functional Energy Cannon.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Xiaotian, who was inspecting the robot from a distance, called out, “Lin Ge, we’ve got a situation over here.”

Upon hearing this, Ying Chenlin turned his head slightly, reaching out to help You Su flip the data board to the next function page. “Take a look at the functions first. I’ll go help over there.”

“This I know!” Theo, seeing You Su looking at the next weapon, continued incessantly, “Ying Chenlin has tested this weapon many times. He tested it several times for its functionality! Look at that feature—”

While listening to Theo’s chatter, You Su glanced to the side.

The figure of the man had already turned past a corner in the distance, standing there talking to Gu Xiaotian.

Grandpa Gu happened to come over and chuckled, “Ying Chenlin has put a lot of effort into this weapon. The approval process for cannon-type weapons in the League is very strict. In order to get this weapon approved, he fine-tuned all the data very meticulously.”

You Su came back to his senses and politely nodded towards Grandpa Gu, “This weapon is quite different.”

He had never seen an Energy Cannon like this before, or rather, it had exceeded the category of Energy Cannons. “Is it really possible to create such a weapon?”

“It is.” Grandpa Gu said, “The data review has already been completed, and we’re in the process of assembling it.”

“Is it being assembled over there?” You Su’s gaze fell on a distant place, seeing Ying Chenlin had already climbed onto a high platform.

Grandpa Gu said, “Oh, that’s not your weapon, it’s the weapon Ying Chenlin made for Zhao Lejie, the Tank mecha pilot from Gale.”

“Zhao Lejie?” You Su suddenly remembered that Ying Chenlin had indeed promised to repair the other party’s weapon. “He’s repairing his weapon?”

“It can’t be repaired. Zhao Lejie’s weapon core is in the same condition as Theo’s was originally, completely destroyed.” Grandpa Gu explained with his hands behind his back, “Gale seems quite confident in our weapon technology. They sent over Zhao Lejie’s original weapon data. They’re not short of money or anomalous crystals at their base. They knew we had to forge weapons again, and Captain Qi even specially sent over several anomalous crystal materials for us to choose from.”

“Qi Sicheng is a clever person.” You Su remarked.

“After all, it took some time. The design was already almost complete, just lacking actual installation.”

Grandpa Gu looked at the busy figures in the distance. “Your weapon will probably have to wait for a while.”

Theo, more anxious than You Su to know when he would get his new weapon installed, kept urging incessantly.

You Su had to speak up, “When will my weapon be installed?”

“I’ll check.” Grandpa Gu said.

You Su lowered his eyes slightly and then saw Grandpa Gu next to him take out a data board, which listed the order of weapons currently queued for installation for KID. 

“Ying Chenlin has sorted the order. Judging by the current situation…” Grandpa Gu looked at the order and said, “Huo Yan’s will be first, Lin Yao’s is almost ready, Ji Qingfeng’s weapon data is stable…”

Finally, reaching You Su’s Energy Cannon, he continued, “Your Energy Cannon will be a little later. It should be around the end of next month.”

Theo asked in confusion, “You Su, isn’t it just the beginning of the month now?”

You Su: “…”

KID’s maintenance room was very busy. All the weapons had been designed, and consultations had been made with each mecha pilot. However, due to KID’s financial and manpower constraints, the weapons could only be installed one by one, and even the installations had to be prioritized. During this time, the mecha pilots were more active in the maintenance room, and during daytime breaks, Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao took turns inspecting the weapons.

In the end, there were too many mecha pilots coming in and out, especially Ji Qingfeng, who would come to see his wife eight times a day. He was banned from entering the maintenance room by Shen Xingtang and was kicked out of the maintenance room.

Ji Qingfeng: “You can’t stop me from seeing my wife, can you? Not seeing her is like being 3 seasons apart!”

“That’s a long-distance relationship.” Shen Xingtang remained stern. “Stop making excuses. Spend more time training. We have a joint training session coming up in a few days. Don’t forget the elimination rounds are coming.”

After hearing this news, Ji Qingfeng returned to the training room and cried in Lin Yao’s arms, “Tang Jie is too harsh. She even revoked my access to the maintenance room.”

Lin Yao could only comfort him, “It’s just a few days without seeing each other. It’s okay. When I go to the training room, I’ll check on her for you.”

Ji Qingfeng: “You can’t go in either.”

Lin Yao: “?”

Ji Qingfeng: “She revoked the access of all mecha pilots.”

Lin Yao: “!”

In the training room, a meeting was underway, and Jiang Simiao ruthlessly interrupted Ji Qingfeng’s complaint, “Cry here when you have time. You’d better train more. I’ve already imported the data of several strong teams this year into the battlefield. You can train in the simulation room. The corresponding AI models have been trained.”

Jiang Simiao had already finished several glasses of water, and his gaze fell on You Su, who had been sitting there for an unusually long time today. Although the other party was still sitting lazily, focusing entirely on the light brain, he was probably looking at some auction somewhere again.

This made Jiang Simiao feel like his newly summarized experience was very valuable, and he spoke for another half an hour.

Ying Chenlin spent the whole day busy and energetic.

Originally, he used to play a few solo games in the morning, but for some reason during this period, You Su’s schedule seemed to have changed. Occasionally, when Ying Chenlin went to the training room, he could always see You Su in the virtual cabin.

Their duo queue time changed to three hours in the evening and one hour in the morning.

After that, they trained separately. Ying Chenlin was quite satisfied with this arrangement. Occasionally, Jiang Simiao would change the order, allowing him to duo with other people more often, but they had not done a five-man queue yet.

During this time, Ying Chenlin adjusted the data of the Medical mecha and finalized its weapon types.

However, he changed his virtual battlefield account too frequently. In the end, Jiang Simiao handed over the financial expenditure to Shen Xingtang, and the account change became buying a name change card.

“Hide your records if you can.” Jiang Simiao said earnestly, “There are many spies in the virtual battlefield, so let’s be careful.”

Ying Chenlin understood.

While KID was immersed in their busyness, the situation had changed dramatically on StarNet.

In the absence of news about the Mecha League, StarNet users who were interested in team battle leagues were indulging in watching battles in the virtual battlefield. Recently, the most lively topic was the Medical mecha circle. Originally, it was about the new type of mecha, and many mecha pilots tried to transition to test this type of mecha.

Medical mechas’ battle style, which originally focused on control and defense, had been established. However, since a certain special Medical mecha pilot became famous in the virtual battlefield some time ago, a large number of Medical mechas attempting an offensive style emerged.

There were all sorts of bizarre weapon combinations, throwing the previous order of the virtual battlefield into chaos.

Two of the most classic battles were the self-supplying Medical mecha in Chi Lizi’s live broadcast room and the assassin-type Medical mecha that initially gained fame by solo killing Stealth mechas.

The netizens found it lively, as for the coaching staff of various mecha bases who continued to act as scouts in the virtual battlefield, they had already begun studying this data.

The various bizarre weapon combinations made the heads of major mecha bases feel headache.

At this moment, in the Divine Shield mecha base in the Aries Galaxy of the First Star Domain.

The Aries Galaxy was the strongest galaxy in the First Star Domain’s Mecha League. It had consistently ranked first in the First Star Domain for several years.

Among them, Divine Shield was the best-performing team in the First Star Domain in the Star League. They had a good understanding of the strength of the mecha bases in the Aries Galaxy. Every year before the League started, they would analyze the data of other galaxies’ mecha bases.

“Have you been looking at Dawn’s data recently?” the coach of Divine Shield looked at the woman on the other side.

The woman had a calm appearance, but her eyes were very focused when looking at the data.

She was Wu Qingshuang, the captain of the Divine Shield team, and an excellent Tank mecha pilot.

“Dawn was suspended for a year, and their previous results were at the bottom… But I heard some rumors that the mission results were not very optimistic when GBK went to Coria last time,” Wu Qingshuang continued, “With a one-year suspension, the new season in the Dawn Galaxy might not be bad, especially for the bases ranked higher. They are likely to be strong opponents on our path to the Star League.”

The coach: “Aren’t you being too cautious? They’ve always been at the bottom before.”

“No, because we’re not the only ones paying attention. I guess the other strong teams in the Star League have probably already scrutinized the Dawn Galaxy.” Wu Qingshuang frowned slightly and opened another montage video of a Medical mecha, “And I guess the attack Medical mecha that caused such a stir on the StarNet before is probably from the Dawn Galaxy.”

There were too many people in the genre of attack Medical mechas, and they weren’t highly practical in actual combat.

During this time, the Divine Shield’s coaching staff had also been searching for information about the opponent on StarNet. In fact, there weren’t many images available for study, and what aroused the curiosity of their base’s coaching staff was only the self-supplying Medical mecha that had appeared with the Black Crow team’s Chi Lizi. After watching that video, Wu Qingshuang became even more vigilant against the Dawn Galaxy.

“This person isn’t from the Black Crow,” the coach said. “And with so many galaxies in the Five Star Domains, how can you be sure they’re from the Dawn Galaxy?”

“It’s intuition. That person’s combat strength isn’t low. Do you think someone with such combat strength would suddenly switch to become a Medical mecha pilot for no reason?” Wu Qingshuang said, “And he should have some understanding of Chi Lizi, because he acted decisively when coordinating with Chi Lizi. You know that the Dawn Galaxy is a trailing galaxy. The ones who understand Black Crow the most are the mecha pilots from one’s own galaxy.”

Chi Lizi didn’t recognize this person, indicating that he wasn’t familiar with him.

But this person had some familiarity with Chi Lizi, indicating that he was most likely a mecha pilot from the Dawn Galaxy, and had some interactions with Chi Lizi for analysis.

Wu Qingshuang said, “I guess that in the recent high-level battles with attack Medical mechas, the same person is probably present. They often change their accounts, which is a means used by professional mecha pilots to avoid exposure.”

The coach was curious, “But why are you so vigilant against him? Do you think offensive Medical mechas can compete in the Star League?”

“He’s not simple,” Wu Qingshuang said, watching some recordings of the match. The team only had three mechas left by the end but still managed to win against several professional mecha pilots. Their marksmanship wasn’t high, but they managed to survive until the end… Many people focused on the Medical mecha and Chi Lizi, but in reality, being able to bring a random teammate to the end and maintain such high output for good results was remarkable.

She had specifically visited Chi Lizi’s live broadcast room and searched for the replay since that day.

Even though Chi Lizi had deleted the records, she still managed to obtain some data from the viewers in the live broadcast room.

The commands during that match were given by the Medical mecha, precisely protecting a reckless teammate.

That mecha pilot’s ability to command was strong, but even more remarkable was his outstanding overall view, like a precise hunter.

Meanwhile, in Dawn Galaxy’s Gale base, Qi Sicheng sat in the conference room, also watching the battle videos of Medical mechas. His expression was solemn, his eyes focused on the movements of the mecha, analyzing frame by frame. After capturing several familiar operating habits, his brows furrowed tightly.

When Zhang Ge walked in, he saw Qi Sicheng looking very serious. “Why are you still watching these? Didn’t we say in the meeting the other day that attack-type Medical mechas are difficult to fit into a team? Although their endurance is strong, sacrificing better defense and control capabilities for output doesn’t greatly improve the team’s ability.”

“It depends on the person,” Qi Sicheng said.

Zhang Ge paused at his words, suddenly noticing the light brain on Qi Sicheng’s side playing a combat video of a lone soldier. He stared at it suddenly, “Are you suspecting…”

“KID didn’t sign with any other mecha pilots during the transfer period.”

Qi Sicheng said, “Don’t the others not know things that we, Gale, do?”

Zhang Ge said, “Are you saying that Medical mecha is…”

“I didn’t say that. It’s just that KID next season won’t be ordinary, but at least we have an advantage. Knowing oneself and the enemy, we may not necessarily lose,” Qi Sicheng stood up. “Be prepared. Perhaps the first League that offensive Medical mechas will enter is the Dawn League.”

Zhang Ge watched the solo pilot’s videos, already starting to think of countermeasures. He wondered whether there was still time to gather the coaching staff for a comprehensive analysis of KID.

Seeing his nervousness, Qi Sicheng asked, “What’s the matter?”

“KID sent over the weapon he made for Lejie,” Zhang Ge regained his senses. “Do you want to go take a look?”

Upon hearing this, Qi Sicheng immediately headed to Gale’s maintenance department.

As soon as he arrived, he saw several maintenance technicians gathered together. The chief weapon designer of their base was already examining the weapon’s data.

“This defense…”

“How did they achieve such high values?”

“It’s very intricate… When did KID have such a highly skilled weapon designer? Is it Yuan?”

“The parts, too. The precision of the parts is exceptionally high.”

Just as Zhang Ge was about to call for Qi Sicheng, he didn’t expect to come back and see a group of people crowded together discussing. “What’s wrong? Is there a problem with the weapon?”

“The weapon! The defense value of this one is 5% higher than Zhao Lejie’s original one!” The weapon designer looked at Zhang Ge. “This weapon fits Zhao Lejie very well. How did you convince KID to help make this weapon? How much did it cost?”

Zhang Ge was taken aback. “Is there really no problem with this weapon?”

“What problem could there be! KID wiped out all the backup data themselves. Now only we have the weapon’s data saved.” The weapon designer said, “How much money did you spend?”

“Not much…” Zhang Ge recalled carefully. “We provided them with anomalous crystals and materials.”

After hearing this, the weapon designer shook his head and said, “You’ve made a profit!”

Zhang Ge was surprised. “Really?”

Upon hearing about the new weapon, Zhao Lejie rushed over from the training room amidst the discussions in the room. Amidst the congratulations, he reacted, “What does this mean?”

“The defense capability of this shield, I dare say, is the highest in the entire First Star Domain now! It’s even higher than the parameters of Wu Qingshuang’s shield, the team leader of 

Divine Shield from the First Star Domain!”

Wu Qingshuang was the captain of Divine Shield’s team, the top Tank mecha in the First Star Domain.

Zhang Ge was a bit dazed, seemingly not expecting to make money from KID.

But just as he was rejoicing for a moment, he heard the junior next to him say, “Boss Shen sent a bill over, saying that originally she agreed to restore an exact copy, but now its effect is even better. They prioritized making it for us, considering the friendly relationship between the two teams, so she won’t charge us.”

Zhang Ge was a bit dazed. “Has Shen Xingtang encountered something good recently?” ^_^

Was she this good-hearted?

The junior said, “But we sent over extra materials, and except for the anomalous crystals being returned, KID deducted the materials from us.”

He asked again, “Did we make a profit?”

Qi Sicheng looked at Zhang Ge. “Profit?”

Zhang Ge: “…!”

“It’s not a loss.” Zhao Lejie looked at Zhang Ge and said, “I’ve advanced. I’m now the toughest man in the First Star Domain.”

Author’s Note:

New characters and base in this chapter ( Divine Shield Base, Aries Galaxy, First Star Domain, Captain Wu Qingshuang, Tank).

The elimination rounds are coming up.


Another badass lady in da house! This arc is whetting my appetite for seeing Chenlin in official competition!!!!

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