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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 135

Dawn Galaxy (Warmongering)

135. Application

    Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

    After sending Zhao Lejie’s weapon to Gale, Ying Chenlin almost used up all the anomalous crystals internally available at KID, initiating a weapons innovation for everyone there. Apart from Huo Yan and Lin Yao’s original weapons, Ji Qingfeng’s new set of weapons, Lu Xi’s special control weapon, and the two cannon-type weapons for You Su had all entered the testing phase.

    In addition to this, there was the modified A-class Medical mecha for competition use by Ying Chenlin, as well as specially made Medical mecha weapons, which also entered the implementation phase.

    As Ying Chenlin concluded the design of the new weapons, every weapon’s implementation was handed over to Grandpa Gu and Gu Xiaotian for testing. Finally being able to stay in the training room for a long time, KID’s internal training entered a new phase — the joint training phase.

    During the joint training phase, in order for everyone to quickly adapt to the variability of the medical system, Jiang Simiao had everyone train in the virtual battlefield, and all the data obtained was gathered by him, including all the weapon data sent from the maintenance room.

    After more than a month of model training, Jiang Simiao pushed open the door of the conference room with his data and pulled all the KID mecha pilots in for a short meeting.

    “The implementation of the weapons can catch up with the end-of-year elimination matches, but we can’t use all the weapons during the elimination matches.”

    For the Mecha League, revealing the mechas’ weapon lineup too early would expose the tactics used by the team. Especially during the elimination stage, which is the most likely to attract attention from all directions. Therefore, after obtaining KID’s weapon data, Jiang Simiao’s first task was to design core tactics based on the weapons.

    Seeing Ying Chenlin’s confusion, Jiang Simiao spoke up, “I don’t recommend that we use the main weapons during the elimination matches. Not only do I have this idea, but I believe other strong teams in the Dawn Galaxy have the same idea. The difficulty of this year’s elimination matches is very high, and it is also an advantageous opportunity for all parties to test the teams’ lineups.”

    The new season’s matches are very different, with the difficulty rising to a new level.

    Dawn Galaxy’s League had been suspended for a long time. Not only KID, but many other mecha bases were undergoing rigorous training. In addition, after the appearance of a large number of S-level pollutants following the Black Hole incident, many mecha pilots have had the opportunity to update their mecha equipment.

    According to the data Jiang Simiao has, most of the original top eight teams in the Dawn Galaxy have basically changed their weapons. The top four teams, Gale, Black Crow, YDS, and BZZL1, have even replaced all their weapon cores, reportedly all upgraded to S-class weapon cores.

    “Has it already come to this?” Huo Yan said in surprise.

    Jiang Simiao said, “Do you think our base is the only one that has so many S-grade anomalous crystals? The recent Black Hole incident has fed a lot of mecha pilots, and Dawn Galaxy’s overall strength is probably going to rise to a new level. Plus, with the addition of Medical mechas as a variable, this year’s elimination matches are very dangerous.”

    In the past, they didn’t need to participate in the elimination matches and could still securely hold their spot.

    In this year’s elimination matches, the previous battle data became ineffective after the addition of Medical mechas. Jiang Simiao and Shen Xingtang even recently began to analyze what anomalous crystals each of the other mecha bases had acquired, based on which they could formulate strategies.

    All bases were calculating against each other. Recently, the Mecha League transfer window opened, and many mecha bases were reorganizing their teams.

    Gale and Black Crow still showed the demeanor of veterans and didn’t change their lineup, but YDS had a powerful new Control mecha pilot, further enhancing the team’s overall strength.

    In this situation, the strong teams in the Dawn Galaxy would certainly keep their trump cards hidden, at least during the elimination matches.

    Lin Yao said, “But Zhao Lejie still asked us to help him with his weapon.”

    Ji Qingfeng explained, “You’re being naive. Zhao Lejie is a Tank mecha pilot, and the main function of shield-type weapons is defense. He doesn’t need to worry about the issue of exposure at all. Knowing one shield won’t reveal their core technology. What he asked us to make isn’t a functional shield-type weapon, so we don’t need to worry about that.”

    Shen Xingtang glanced at Lin Yao and said, “All bases are very shrewd. Don’t underestimate Gale. After all, they are the dominant base in Dawn Galaxy. They haven’t been at the top for thousands of years for nothing.”

    Ying Chenlin understood Jiang Simiao’s concerns. Recently, he even had Shen Xingtang repair all the weapons KID had used before. However, Huo Yan’s Devouring Shield and Ji Qingfeng’s Binding Lock Scythe were too severely damaged. While Ji Qingfeng’s Binding Lock Scythe could be manufactured as a substitute, Huo Yan’s weapon core was damaged, and a Devouring anomalous crystal was rare. They couldn’t replicate Huo Yan’s Devouring Shield.

    In Ying Chenlin’s design, weapons for Ji Qingfeng and Huo Yan had already been planned. Combined with the weapons of other KID members, their entire weapon lineup was very flexible. Now, according to Jiang Simiao’s suggestion, they couldn’t reveal their cards during the elimination matches.

    Ying Chenlin asked, “How do you plan to get them? Our base doesn’t have many backup weapons.”

    Shen Xingtang said, “If we need A-class weapons, Jianheng is willing to provide some to us. We don’t need to worry about backup weapons.”

    Their sponsor, Jianheng, is a mecha company. They can’t provide S-class weapons, but they can provide A-class weapons for KID’s matches.

    Huo Yan asked, “Can we freely change weapons?”

    Shen Xingtang replied, “No, we have one or two spare weapons. If we change them too freely, we won’t have any left.”

    The KID members sighed with regret.

    Shen Xingtang continued, “This year’s elimination matches will be tougher than before. We can’t use them all, but we can use some.”

    Jiang Simiao held the data board, looking proud as he glanced at the other members of KID. “Then why did I call you here for joint training?”

    Upon hearing this, every KID mecha pilot frowned and followed Jiang Simiao’s command, entering the virtual cabin.

    Once inside, Ying Chenlin saw the internal program of the virtual cabin. He remembered this type of program. In his past life, after winning the Individual Soldier Championship in the Star Alliance competition, he signed with a famous Individual Soldier mecha base in the Dawn Galaxy. Despite usually training alone, he had also undergone brief system training after entering the base.

    However, the training system now before KID was different from the Individual Soldier system he had encountered before. As far as he knew, this type of system was trained by the base coaching team using a large amount of mecha pilot data. Different coaches had different habits, resulting in different intelligent systems being trained.

    Ying Chenlin had visited KID’s training room many times during his time there, but this was the first time he had noticed the system trained by Jiang Simiao.

    Jiang Simiao had always been the internal data analyst of KID and had also served as a coach for a long time after the KID management team left. You Su and others’ daily training was supervised solely by Jiang Simiao.

    In Ying Chenlin’s impression, Jiang Simiao had continued to serve as KID’s coach for a long time. His comprehensive abilities were strong. Although not a mecha pilot, he understood mecha pilot data better than anyone else. During this time, Ying Chenlin had obtained a lot of mecha pilot data from Jiang Simiao’s hands, which had greatly helped him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to complete so many weapon designs in such a short time.

    After everyone logged into KID’s internal training system, a large screen popped up in the dark internal training hall.

    On the large screen, Ying Chenlin saw the data of the latest weapons he designed for KID, as well as the data of other backup weapons in the KID maintenance room’s warehouse. The data was arranged in the form of physical equipment in the common weapon arsenal.

    “Now that we’ve seen the medical system, let’s do collective training,” Jiang Simiao said. “Huo Yan will take the Anti-Damage Shield and the Void Shock Blade, Qingfeng will take the Binding Lock Scythe and the Rapid Strike Short Blade, Lin Yao will take the regular offensive Long Blade and the Resilience Shield, Lu Xi will take the Energy-Enhancement Cannon and the Water Flow Cannon… You Su will take the Sniper Cannon and the Wind-Enhanced Energy Cannon.”

    “Chenlin will take the Binding Lock and the Energy Cannon.”

    Upon hearing Jiang Simiao’s arrangement, Ying Chenlin suddenly realized.

    Among all their new weapons, he had only let Huo Yan take two new weapons.

    Then, the data of all their mechas appeared, and the map in front of Ying Chenlin refreshed to the first map, which he was very familiar with.

    The first map, Black Forest, was where he and You Su had their first duo match. He used the same weapons, faced the same map, and followed the same rules.

    Jiang Simiao only gave everyone 5 minutes of preparation time, and then appointed Huo Yan as the temporary commander.

    After training so many times in the virtual battlefield, Ying Chenlin was already very familiar with this map. This type of map was unfavorable for long-range mechas, so Huo Yan adopted a three-three split formation at the beginning of the match, with three close combat mechas leading the way and the long-range ones, including the Medical mecha, advancing from behind.

    When enemy Stealth mechas emerged from the forest for reconnaissance, Huo Yan, at the forefront, was the first to spot them. Ji Qingfeng moved to flank them from behind, instantly forming a blockade on the map. Huo Yan stood in a blind spot, providing Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao with a safe space for their encirclement. The coordination among the three in front was highly effective. While Ying Chenlin was still considering the terrain, Huo Yan and his team had already successfully eliminated the opponents.

    This was different from Ying Chenlin’s experience in the virtual battlefield on StarNet and also different from the KID team he had encountered in Contaminated Zones before.

    Having observed his teammates from the sidelines for a long time, Ying Chenlin noticed that their performance in simulated battles was different from what he had observed on the virtual screen outside the battlefield.

    Normally, he would observe everything and then inform his teammates of what he knew. But on the battlefield, his teammates were also observing, and their observations were meticulous, especially on the frontline. When Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao changed positions, Huo Yan immediately took up a defensive position, constantly on guard against attacks from other directions.

    After a brief hesitation, Ying Chenlin quickly caught up with his teammates. Meanwhile, outside the battlefield, Jiang Simiao quickly recorded the data after observing this.

    Seeing this, Shen Xingtang remarked, “Is Chenlin lagging behind?”

    “Not lagging. Chenlin is a solo pilot, and the mindset of a solo pilot is different from that used in a team battle,” Jiang Simiao explained. “In the process of adaptation training, he must first get used to the rhythm of team battles and understand the cooperative rhythm of his teammates on the battlefield. This is not an environment where he only needs to execute Contamination Zone missions. The battlefield is the battlefield, and he needs to reconstruct a new rhythm first.”

    The situation on the battlefield is constantly changing, and while Ying Chenlin’s overall view is indeed strong, there is a difference between an omniscient perspective and the perspective from the battlefield.

    A solo pilot is used to solving everything by themselves, but in the faster and more intense rhythm of team battles, Ying Chenlin must get used to accepting everything from his teammates and completely trusting his pathfinding teammates.

    Huo Yan, Ji Qingfeng, and Lin Yao were the frontline, this was a solid frontline that existed even before You Su joined.

    Their rhythm best represents KID’s rhythm, so initially, it was necessary for Huo Yan to take command and lead Ying Chenlin into the rhythm of team battles.

    Inside the battlefield, as KID’s front row acted to eliminate the enemy, Ying Chenlin had already caught up with the rhythm of his teammates.

    He moved between the front and back rows, a very advantageous support position. Just as he was gradually getting used to the rhythm of his teammates, Ying Chenlin encountered another team in another part of the forest. The strength of this opposing team was very apparent. Almost instantly, they found themselves facing multiple mechas on a narrow path. At that moment, he quickly stepped back and provided support for his teammates by setting up his Energy Cannon.

    “The opponent’s strength has changed,” Ji Qingfeng exclaimed. “Sanshui, what data did you import?”

    “During this time, I’ve extracted the data of all the top three teams you’ve encountered in the virtual battlefield, selected nearly 50 sets of team data, undergone special AI training, and increased the difficulty of the model data by 30%!” Jiang Simiao, watching from outside, explained. “Don’t worry, I’ve simulated the opponent’s strength. It’s definitely enough for your training.”

    Opponent’s strength increased by 30% in the virtual battlefield!? That’s the level of basic professional mecha pilots.

    “The warm-up is over. Let me talk about tactical arrangements,” Jiang Simiao said as he drew on the data board. “As you have noticed in this match, I had you carry melee weapons. This is to deal with the narrow forest terrain in the Contamination Zone battlefield. In this type of battlefield, melee weapons are more effective than long-range ones, so we need to adopt an aggressive strategy.”

    “There are no suitable sniper positions in the forest, and projectiles are easily blocked by trees. Therefore, we need faster-moving melee units to seize the initiative.”

    “Front row: Huo Yan and Lin Yao. Main assault: Ying Chenlin and Da Feng. Support: You Su and Lu Xi,” Jiang Simiao continued.

    Upon hearing this, Ying Chenlin scanned the map and found that Huo Yan and Lin Yao in the front row had already found their positions on the radar map. Their positions were cleverly chosen, providing Ying Chenlin with directional cover. This meant that when he ambushed his opponents, Huo Yan and Lin Yao’s direction would be absolutely safe, and they had teammates supporting the attack from behind, providing him and Ji Qingfeng with an excellent attack route.

    Noticing the information on the radar, Ying Chenlin instantly understood Jiang Simiao’s tactical plan. He didn’t consider himself a support medic; instead, based on his combat data on StarNet, he flexibly adjusted his position to a suitable combat position.

    For example, now, he wasn’t just a medic but rather an assassin-medic similar to Ji Qingfeng’s role.

    Without much thought, Ying Chenlin immediately locked onto the mecha diagonally ahead, swiftly approached, used the Binding Lock to restrain the opponent, and then used the displacement along the lock’s length to fire the Energy Cannon. Utilizing the Water Flow Cannon from Lu Xi in the distance for auxiliary control, he efficiently eliminated one mecha.

    Meanwhile, in the distance, You Su also seized the opportunity to clear out opponents behind Ying Chenlin.

    [Medical 01 eliminated CS914] [Artillery 05 eliminated CS921]

    Outside the arena, Jiang Simiao became even more convinced of the viability of his strategy upon seeing Ying Chenlin complete the kills. Ying Chenlin’s Medical mecha skills were incredibly versatile, and his exceptional talent as a solo pilot was fully displayed, as if he had unlimited potential. Although he appeared calm on the surface, he was actually excitedly recording data on his data board.

    After witnessing Ji Qingfeng and Ying Chenlin eliminate two more mechas inside the arena, he eagerly added a few more sets of data.

    Inside the arena, as Ying Chenlin eliminated the seventh mecha, he immediately noticed the weapon of the mecha diagonally ahead. “That’s Ke Lin, the YDS Guardian mecha pilot’s weapon!”

    Ke Lin’s *Transmission Chain Ball, a chain-type weapon with densely distributed electromagnetic balls that can detach from the chain and disperse/aggregate to attack enemies, is the bane of all melee mechas. Ying Chenlin decisively avoided Ke Lin’s simulated mecha’s attack, but still got grazed by Ke Lin’s Chain Ball. The response speed of this mecha data model had a very fast response speed, as if Ke Lin himself was piloting the mecha in front of him, making him raise his guard.

    *previously Conduction Hammer. Broke down the words individually and this name made more sense.

    You Su: “Retreat.”

    Ying Chenlin didn’t linger in the battle and directly withdrew from the scene.

    However, the pace of the battle inside the arena was very fast. After Ke Lin appeared, other YDS mechas also appeared successively. Ji Qingfeng was ambushed by a mecha modeled after Hu Luobo in the distance, and they were directly surrounded.

    “All YDS models are here!” Ji Qingfeng exclaimed in surprise.

    “I didn’t inform you the opponents on the field in advance, but I can tell you now. It’s not just YDS, I’ve also recorded data from other teams,” Jiang Simiao said. “Previously, you couldn’t finish the fight with YDS in Qiu Jin. Ke Lin poses too big of a threat to our strategy, so you need to adapt in advance.”

    Shen Xingtang watched from the side and saw Ying Chenlin quickly integrating into the rhythm of his teammates. She then looked at Jiang Simiao, whose hairline seemed to have shifted back a bit, seemingly understanding the origin of this wealth of data.

    Inside the arena, KID and the others were already adapting to the opponent’s rhythm and engaging in a new round of tough battles with YDS, but they didn’t collapse immediately.

    Jiang Simiao recorded data and made notes, saying, “It seems like this strategy works, and we can hold up against YDS.”

    “Are you planning to let him use assault weapons? And the combination of these weapons…” Shen Xingtang looked at Jiang Simiao.

    Jiang Simiao looked up at Shen Xingtang and said, “You see, the core of this match is the dual shields providing protection upfront, and the dual cannons providing support from behind, which allows Ying Chenlin and Da Feng to have the best environment for output. The dual Binding Locks, which control both movement and actions, are perfect for ambushes in a forest map…”

    The elimination round is coming soon, Jiang Simiao looked at the data he had recorded during this period, as well as the increasingly stable performance of KID’s mecha pilots in the arena. Mecha pilots trained every day, and Shen Xingtang arranged base matters every day. The maintenance room had been working tirelessly for months to produce weapons. KID didn’t have as much money to hire staff and maintenance personnel, but everyone was working hard. In the next season, KID would definitely go further.

    Without the luxury of a mecha arena, he used data to build models and trained them through simulated battles.

    He couldn’t command on-site, but what he could do was arrange the best possible combinations for them based on the technical possibilities.

    Jiang Simiao flipped through the data board, which was densely packed with tactical possibilities he had tested. “It’s not over yet.”


    Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was November.

    Inside the headquarters of the Dawn Galaxy Mecha League, staff members were coming and going in the office area.

    The announcement of the new season of the Mecha League was about to be made. Li Jingyan ended the discussion of the tournament format in the busy atmosphere. The data board in his hand was heavy, containing the requirements for the Medical mecha system issued by the Galactic Union headquarters for the galaxy tournaments held within the five major star domains, as well as the rules, the selection of Contaminated Zones… All the usual challenges were about to come again.

    The introduction of the medical system was a new opportunity for the Dawn Mecha League and could potentially turn the tables for the Dawn Galaxy.

    Li Jingyan had limited training time for the Dawn Galaxy, and he had been anxiously anticipating the level the mecha pilots had reached during this period.

    A secretary entered the office with a report and saw Li Jingyan dealing with official business at his desk. “A lot of mecha data has been submitted to the League for review during this period. Almost all major mecha bases have had some innovations. Recently, the review of Medical mechas has been the most common.”

    “Good.” Li Jingyan nodded. “The review of mechas and weapons must be thorough, and we must prevent cheating like the DE incident.”

    The new season was about to begin, and mecha reviews were the most common.

    Especially with the addition of Medical mechas this year, controlling the weapons carried by Medical mechas was a top priority for the League’s work.

    “The registration process for new Medical mecha pilots is also underway. There are many new Medical mecha pilots this year.” The secretary placed the data board in front of Li Jingyan. “Here’s an application, a re-registration application from a retired mecha pilot.”

    Li Jingyan paused. “The registration application should be handled by the Mecha Pilot Management Department.”

    The secretary said seriously, “After this application was submitted, the director insisted on you reviewing it.”

    Li Jingyan saw the data catalog on the data board, and when he scrolled down, he saw a familiar mecha base—Sirius, Mecha Base KID.

    He paused for a moment, suddenly thinking of a possibility. His fingers moved faster across the data board until he saw the applicant at the bottom.

    [Retirement Transfer and Change Application] [Registration Application for Medical mecha Pilot]

    —Applicant: Ying Chenlin.


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