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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 136

Dawn Galaxy (Warmongering)

136. Dream

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

In the office, several trophies were still displayed prominently. When Ying Chenlin retired, he didn’t take back the glory that belonged to him. These trophies had been sitting in the Dawn Alliance, as if waiting for something.

Li Jingyan had considered many things. When he learnt that Ying Chenlin’s genetic disease had been well treated, he had also fantasized that the other party would return to this arena. It was just a fantasy; he had no intention of forcing anyone. But when he saw this application, he felt as if he had returned to more than a year ago when he personally signed Ying Chenlin’s retirement application.

The secretary noticed Li Jingyan’s silence. “Chairman?”

Li Jingyan looked at the application for a long time until the secretary reminded him again, and then he signed his name at the end. “It’s nothing, just a little happy.”

After leaving Li Jingyan’s office, the secretary returned the application to the Mecha Pilot Management Department.

The director of the management department looked at the application with mixed feelings. This news was a big deal. It wasn’t just a simple retirement and change of profession application; this person was Sink, a focus of the Dawn Alliance, and there were people from higher departments in the First Star Domain also paying attention.

“Director, should we update the registration list on our official website?” a staff member asked.

The director hesitated. “Let’s see what KID plans first. At least, we should wait for them to make an official announcement.”

However, while waiting, it became January, and there was still no news from KID. The entire base seemed to have disappeared, and even communication by phone was difficult.

After the approval of the application for their Medical mecha pilot, Shen Xingtang was busy. It wasn’t until the end of November that she remembered the official announcement in a roundabout way from the Mecha League. They had been so focused on training that they had completely forgotten about the announcement.

After enduring devilish training, all the mecha pilots finally emerged from the training room. As soon as the official announcement was mentioned, it inevitably led to a reshoot of the promotional photos.

The team uniforms sponsored by Jianheng Corporation had been delivered to each team member.

The combat uniforms were still the usual KID red and white, but this time, the maintenance suits were pressed beneath the combat suits. The close-fitting combat suits were placed on top. Ying Chenlin only noticed this when he received the new clothes. After putting on the clothes, they fit perfectly. Perhaps because the situation was different, wearing this combat suit again felt different from when he went on missions.

You Su watched from beside him as Ying Chenlin carefully put on the jacket.

Shen Xingtang said, “He’s grown a bit taller, luckily I had them resize it.”

You Su leaned against the wall and echoed, “Nineteen years old, still growing.”

After everyone changed into their combat suits and put on their jackets, they were rushed out of the training room like ducks to Shen Xingtang’s office, which had been set up as a temporary shooting location.

Last time they took photos before the match, Ying Chenlin stood at the door watching. But now he was being pulled by Huo Yan and Ji Qingfeng, squeezed into the middle of the crowd, facing Jiang Simiao, who was also acting as the photographer.

Jiang Simiao: “Is everyone ready?”

Ji Qingfeng took a deep breath. “Yao Bao, you stepped on my foot!”

Huo Yan was about to start. “Wouldn’t this pose make us look more united?”

Lin Yao: “I don’t want to stand in the middle; I can’t see in front of me.”

“The shorter ones should stand in front!” Shen Xingtang couldn’t stand it anymore from the side.

Soon, the poses for the photo were adjusted. Lu Xi stood in the middle of everyone, with Huo Yan behind her and Ying Chenlin and Lin Yao on her left and right sides, respectively. Ying Chenlin stood straight, looking directly at Jiang Simiao in front of him. He treated taking photos the same as training, cautious and careful.

You Su’s eyes lowered slightly, and he noticed the small child’s head in front of him, it seemed like his hair had grown a bit longer.

The reason why the six tall people were all standing at the back was because Shen Xingtang’s office was not spacious enough. Jiang Simiao saw that all six people were in position, so he took several photos in succession.

Shen Xingtang looked at the well-behaved child in the crowd and said again, “Didn’t Old Huo say he wanted to take a few spirited shots? Just take it easy?”

As soon as she said to take it easy, the narrow office became chaotic again.

Jiang Simiao looked at the crowd, which was all jumbled up for the photo. Finally, he shouted from the side, “Are you taking a photo or fighting? Can’t you get closer to each other?”

Ying Chenlin, who was originally standing aside, was also pulled into the crowd by Lin Yao. In the lively crowd, Ji Qingfeng insisted on squeezing with the shorter ones, while You Su and Huo Yan ended up at the back. Jiang Simiao was just about to take a couple of casual shots to get by, but suddenly his left shoulder was grabbed by Huo Yan, and he was pulled closer.

Huo Yan put his arm around You Su’s shoulder. “Don’t just stand there, wanna join me in making a ‘yeah’ sign?”

You Su glanced over and saw Huo Yan’s other hand making a silly gesture.

Looking ahead, everyone was doing something.

Shen Xingtang: “You Su, are you ready? We’re waiting for you.”

Ying Chenlin squatted halfway in the crowd, listening to Huo Yan’s instructions and making a ‘yeah’ sign. When he heard Shen Xingtang’s words, he was about to turn around and check the situation behind him when suddenly there was a bit of weight on his head.

You Su: “Ready.”

Ying Chenlin’s movements paused; someone had put their hand on his head.

“Alright, alright ah, don’t move!” Jiang Simiao quickly took a few shots.

Ying Chenlin didn’t move. He listened to the distant voice of Jiang Simiao. You Su’s hand was large, covering his head as if enveloping it entirely. The other party didn’t move either, nor did they exert much force. Yet Ying Chenlin’s attention was unconsciously focused entirely on his own head.

Outside the office, Shen Xingtang stood with Gu Xiaotian.

It was Gu Xiaotian’s first time handling the official blog duties. He said, “I see that other bases on StarNet are paying a lot of attention to the order of publicity. We’ve missed the first wave of the publicity period. Should we just directly put up the photos and the list?”

“No photos,” Shen Xingtang’s mind was filled with the photos Jiang Simiao had taken. Her gaze lingered on You Su’s hand, then she said, “It’s okay to make do with the list. Before this, Chenlin has never shown his face again in the League. Although the League no longer has the obligation to provide him with underage protection, I still want to delay his matters.”

Gu Xiaotian: “?”

“The League also hasn’t specified when the official photos should be released. It’s okay to release them before the elimination matches.” Shen Xingtang saved several photos. “They’re decent.”

Shen Xingtang: “Let’s announce the list first.”

On StarNet, by the end of November, most of the mecha bases had already announced the lineup for the new League.

The format of the new League was special. Compared to last year’s League, adding Medical mechas had brought more excitement to the audience and netizens. Many people had been digging into the lineups of various bases since October. For example, one base had signed a high-priced XX mecha pilot, and another base had a mecha pilot who had transitioned to a medical role.

The most anticipated were the teams that had consistently been in the top four of the Dawn League. The lineups for Gale and Black Crow’s teams remained unchanged, with both announcing a Medical mecha pilot who had previously been relatively unknown. It looked as if they were nurturing Medical rookies who had already been trained within the mecha bases specifically for the new season. Unexpectedly, YDS had their Control mecha pilot transition to a medical role and had also signed a Control mecha pilot from another team in the League, raising the overall strength of the team by a level.

With so many changes in the top-ranking teams, the other teams were even more unpredictable. This had led to all the onlookers eagerly anticipating the elimination matches in December. However, among the top sixteen teams from the previous league, only one team, KID, had yet to announce their lineup.

KID’s reputation now was vastly different from last year. Previously, they had faced the risk of dissolution due to the management’s escape, but they had announced Trace, performed excellently in the League, and the entire team had performed exceptionally well in the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone. Previous fans who had left, came back, and new fans also gradually joined. However, their official blog had only been updated once two months ago, reposting a message about an online store auction, without revealing any other news.

While other teams were hyping up for the new League, KID diligently sold mecha parts and materials.

While other teams announced new Medical mecha pilots, KID had no news about their Medical mecha pilot, and there was no news in the transfer window either.

[It seems like I’ve seen this situation before.] [Just get used to it. They didn’t sign anyone during the transfer window. Last time, they brought back retired Trace.] [Stop talking. There are several bases among the top 16 that have signed mecha pilots from other galaxies. Do you think KID will also sign people from outside?] [Does KID have money?] [KID doesn’t have money.]

Because of this, those who were following KID became even more curious. Especially some mecha bases that considered KID as an opponent, they sent people to inquire one after another in the Dawn League, but to no avail, there was really no news. Just when other fans were preparing to search for the list of retired mecha pilots, KID finally released the news.

[@KID Mecha Base: Participating List for the 16th Mecha League in the Dawn Galaxy

Tank: KID-Yan

Guardian: KID-Yao

Control: KID-Lucy

Stealth: KID-QingF

Artillery: KID-Trace

Medical: KID-Sink]

When they saw the list, the KID fans who had been waiting eagerly rushed in. They quickly glanced over the known information and headed straight for the promotion item of KID’s Medical mecha pilot. At a glance, they saw four letters following the KID prefix.


They read it again, Sink!!!

[Wait a minute? I know all the previous names, but when I got to the last one I suddenly went blind.] [I also know all the letters, but suddenly I can’t recognize the last one.] [I remember the League rules… You can’t use the ID of a retired mecha pilot, right?] [The League also has a rule that retired mecha pilots can’t change their ID within a year after re-registering.] [WTF, WTF, WTF, is it the person I’m thinking of?]

They even left the KID official blog and came back again, reading the announcement from the KID mecha base from beginning to end several times, and scrutinizing the ‘Sink’ ID thoroughly.

When they tried to come and go again, KID’s official blog exploded, receiving messages from all walks of life, and people flooded in, directly squeezing the entrance of KID’s official blog.

Within less than 3 minutes of KID’s official announcement, the entire space under KID’s official blog was packed with netizens, and the comment section was filled with question marks.

“Who is Sink? An 18-year-old retired solo genius.”

The only young overlord in the history of the Dawn Galaxy to have won the Solo Galaxy Championship Trophy, he completed the triple crown of the Dawn Galaxy League, the First Domain League, and the Galactic League during his tenure, achieving legendary status by winning all major solo competitions. He achieved the highest honor at the most spirited age, but quietly retired when everyone thought he was going to establish his dominance in the Dawn Galaxy as a solo pilot.

After retirement, rumors related to him spread for over two months, with more rumors than facts.

And he himself, besides briefly appearing in the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone at that time, there was no news about him at all.

But now, this ID had reappeared, not in any appreciation list in a Contaminated Zone, but in the official roster of a base that spends all day fundraising in the top 16 (almost top 8) of a team competition, not as a solo pilot, but as a Medical mecha pilot!?

They have seen some absurd rumors about Sink, but never anything as absurd as this, especially not on a team’s official announcement list.

[Is KID trying to ride on the hype???] [Medical mecha??? Sink playing Medical? Is KID out of their minds???] [I’m more inclined to believe Sink retired and inherited a fortune.] [Did the League mess up?] [What’s wrong? If they can mess up Sink’s ID, do you believe Li Jingyan wouldn’t just fire someone on the spot?]

A group of people frantically @ the Dawn Mecha League for an explanation.

Soon after, the Dawn Mecha League’s routine announcement of newly registered mecha pilots separately issued a notice, attaching [Retired Solo Mecha Pilot Sink’s Transfer Application Approved], with a bright red special League seal, just like the one on the retirement application two years ago, blatantly slapped in the faces of netizens.

[Dawn Galaxy Mecha League: Announcement Regarding Medical Mecha Pilot (ID: Sink) [Registration Application Approved] [Transfer Application Approved]]

The entire Dawn League was in an uproar.

Team battle fans were full of question marks, and even more so the solo pilot fans who rushed over. This explosion wasn’t just limited to the Team Battle Mecha League; the neighboring solo pilot League that had just finished their Galaxy League exploded as well.

The netizen: “???”

In the KID base, when the official announcement was made, everyone else was crowded in the training room reading comments from netizens on StarNet.

“Wow, with this much hype, can our official blog space handle such a large influx of people?” asked Ji Qingfeng.

“It’s okay, StarNet is sensible. If there’s traffic, they’ll definitely expand,” said Huo Yan.

Jiang Simiao flipped through his light brain. Although they had anticipated that the ID on the official announcement list would cause a reaction, they didn’t expect such a huge response. Looking at the densely packed replies below the official blog, he understood that Shen Xingtang’s initial concerns were valid; it was really a waste to have such a genius play in team battles as a medic.

Shen Xingtang looked at Ying Chenlin, who was sitting cross-legged in the virtual cabin, also reading other people’s messages. “There’s a lot of information online, read less, it’s easy to affect your mindset.”

Perhaps having experienced even greater regrets before, Ying Chenlin’s mood wasn’t affected by the discussions of these netizens. In his previous life, after being seriously injured in the Contaminated Zone and having the news break out, countless people pitied and sympathized with his plight, and he had heard even more regretful voices.

But Ying Chenlin knew that everything he had now didn’t come easy.

He knew that his body condition couldn’t handle high-intensity solo matches anymore. Even if he switched to team battles and applied for other positions in other bases, those bases might not let him take on the main output position, nor would they bear all the risks caused by his mistakes alone… Not to mention a base like KID that considered his physical condition, willing to try more combinations and strategies, with everyone willing to bear the risks associated with him.

Ying Chenlin knew that even without him, KID could still go further in the future.

All of this was like when he was pulled up by Shen Xingtang in his previous life, his luck had changed.

Having a second chance at life, being able to step back onto the League field again, was his greatest fortune.

“So let’s set a goal,” Ji Qingfeng said. “We also want to achieve the Grand Slam in team battles.”

Jiang Simiao almost stumbled. “Is the Team Battle Grand Slam that easy to achieve? You’re setting goals already?!”

Shen Xingtang looked at the excited team, and her mood inexplicably relaxed. “Setting goals is setting goals. If one year doesn’t work, then two. Having goals and dreams is a good thing. The Dawn Galaxy is still too small; we should go out and explore, earn more money, and expand the base.”

Huo Yan chuckled. “Haha, even ten years is fine. I can still play until I’m 40.”

Lin Yao said, “Then Chenlin is awesome! He’ll be a double Grand Slam winner by then!”

You Su looked at the child next to him, who seemed unaffected by the comments on StarNet, just quietly watching the comments. “Do you feel regretful?”

Ying Chenlin had witnessed the peak of solo battles, but he had never seen what the peak of team battles was like.

Just like the summit that KID hadn’t touched yet, the highest event in the Mecha League — the Team Battle Galactic League.

“There’s nothing to regret,” Ying Chenlin turned off his light brain and smiled. “When I was 17, I made it all the way to the finals of the elimination matches.”

He had already been to the deepest abyss; there was nothing to fear, and nothing to regret.

It was just a matter of walking his dream path again after two lifetimes.

Being able to start over was truly fortunate. 


End of arc~ Next chapter the elimination battles officially begin! Will netizens lose their minds even further when they realize who Sink actually is? It might seem like a waste of his potential being a medic but considering his knowledge on mecha and weapons, this is the best position for him.

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