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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 138

Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone(Galactic Knockout Competition)

138. Opening

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

When the team captain of the team in red and white team uniform announced the name “KID”, the other surrounding mecha pilots were stunned, trying to recall who these familiar faces were. The Sirius mecha vase, KID, one of the top 16 teams in the old competition format, was among the favorites to win in the Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone this time… But that wasn’t the point. The point was the announcement made by KID just last month— KID’s Medical position.

“Oh, really? Doesn’t that mean Sink is there too!?”

“Who’s Sink!?”

The gazes of the mecha pilots turned to the group of KID mecha pilots who were registering. After scanning each familiar face, their attention settled on the second to last person. He looked slightly taller than Lin Yao in front of him. Most of his figure was blocked by the tall man in the back, but that didn’t affect the observation of his distinct features, including his face, his team uniform, and that prominent mechanical arm.

As the staff helped Lin Yao complete his registration, they looked up and saw the young man in front of them. They suppressed their surprise and hastily said, “Please, show your mecha pilot license.”

Ying Chenlin retrieved his Medical mecha pilot certificate, which had been stamped just two months ago, and presented it to the staff along with his senior mecha pilot certificate number.

The staff quickly scanned the information with a scanner, and the information of the license holder appeared brightly on the virtual screen: no underage protection, openly displaying—Ying Chenlin (ID: Sink).

Ying Chenlin asked, “Do you need anything else?”

The staff regained their composure and stuttered, “N-n-no, registration will be done shortly.”

As soon as he finished registering, the staff immediately granted Ying Chenlin permission for advancement to “Jump Zone HG-1475.”

Ying Chenlin said thank you and quickly caught up with Lin Yao up ahead.

Lin Yao said, “Why did it take so long for him to process yours?”

“Maybe because it’s my first time here, so the information verification is a bit slower.” Ying Chenlin glanced up and happened to see Grandpa Gu among the group of mechanics in the preparation area. “I wonder if Grandpa Gu can handle it.”

“He should be able to, right? Grandpa Gu himself said there’s no problem, so you don’t have to worry.” Lin Yao patted Ying Chenlin’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s get ready for the jump.”

With that, he quickly caught up with Huo Yan and the others who had already walked quite a few steps ahead.

Ying Chenlin turned back, his eyes meeting Yu Su’s, who just finished his registration. “Did you drop something?”

“No, just waiting for you,” Ying Chenlin said. “They’ve gone to the Jump Zone.”

After the KID team finished registering and moved forward, the surrounding mecha pilots who hadn’t registered what happened yet looked up at the completed registration information above. The information of all 4122 KID members was displayed above, with the Medical’s registration order second to last, prominently displaying the ID ‘Sink’.

“Is that person Sink!?”

“He looks so small…”

“Is that what you’re focusing on!? What’s with his hand!? A mechanical arm!?”

“I’ve never heard of Sink having a mechanical arm before!”

There was hardly any information about Sink. Most of the images of him on StarNet were of his Individual Soldier mecha [Yuan], with only a few glimpses of Sink’s back in some data. Even though they were team battle mecha pilots, they might have heard about Sink and him winning the Individual Soldier championship in the Star Alliance Tournament two years ago. In the data from two years ago, there was no mention of Sink having a mechanical arm!

As people around discussed fervently, a mecha pilot spoke up, “I’ve seen Qiu Jin’s data, I’ve seen this person before.”

“Have you forgotten? When the Black Hole first appeared, KID’s mechanic went to support them with an armed mecha!” The mecha pilot’s memories became clearer as he spoke, “Their right arm was a mechanical arm, short, thin, that’s him! The KID mechanic in the previous season!”

Other mecha pilots began to recall as well.

It was so familiar, the mechanical arm. There was already a person with a mechanical arm in KID’s base!

At this moment, just as news about the Jump Zone was about to spread, the other KID members who had already booked a lounge outside the Keze Floating Island venue gathered in their room. Considering the heavy public opinion on StarNet, Shen Xingtang agreed to the old man’s request to accompany the team as a mechanic. She happened to have some free time to handle the upcoming tasks.

The temporary official blogger, Gu Xiaotian, repeatedly confirmed the text and images of the message. “Tang Jie, can we really use this image?”

Shen Xingtang leaned against the wall, quickly swiping through the discussions on StarNet. “It should be fine. Remember to contact Xiao Zhang. We need to fill up the shelves in the online store when the traffic picks up. We didn’t profit from the last wave of traffic; we can’t afford to lose out on this one.”

Gu Xiaotian had no choice but to send out the edited message.

After sending it out, he impatiently refreshed the comments section on his light brain, but it turned blank after catching a few of the latest messages.

Shen Xingtang asked, “How is it?”

Gu Xiaotian whispered, “Tang Jie, it seems our official blog has crashed, I can’t get in.”

On StarNet, as soon as KID’s perspective live broadcast room showed the old grandpa mechanic, countless netizens immediately rushed to the official website of the competition committee in the Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone. After repeatedly confirming with the staff, they affirmed that KID was indeed the 4122nd live broadcast room. Just as they returned to the live broadcast room, they received an update from the KID official blog.

【@KID Mecha Base: Keze Floating Island! A new journey! [Heart] [Photo]】

Half an hour before the elimination match began, KID finally released their official announcement photo.

In the somewhat cramped space, the shorter members of KID stood in front, while the taller ones stood behind. Lin Yao’s shoulders were pressed down by Ji Qingfeng from behind, making his already short stature appear even shorter, while Ji Qingfeng had a triumphant smile. The quiet sister Lu Xi stood in the middle, raising both hands in a ‘yeah’ gesture. Behind her, KID’s captain Huo Yan stood next to someone with a hearty and warm smile, unmistakably the big brother figure in the team.

The man being hugged by Huo Yan looked lazy, one hand in his pocket, and the other casually placed on the head of the guy in front, fingertips slightly bent, as if patting his head or trying to find another pose. In front of him, the boy’s bangs were slightly disheveled, and the mechanical right hand emitted a faint light under the spotlight, clearly showing his mechanical joints when making the ‘yeah’ gesture.

The mechanical arm extended all the way up to the boy’s wrist, covered by the red and white team uniform jacket. The only constant features were the boy’s clear and clean eyes and his serious and obedient look when facing the camera.

Netizens who came across this photo paused for a few seconds when they saw the boy, and then a fierce discussion erupted in the comments section.

【??? Is this Sink???】

【Oh my god, he looks too innocent!】

【What’s up with his hand!!!】

【@KID, explain this clearly!!!】

StarNet users had never seen what Sink looked like, and when they saw this photo, they were initially shocked by the young boy’s face. It was hard to imagine that the dominant figure in Individual Soldier combat had such an innocent appearance in reality. But beyond his appearance, what shocked everyone even more was Sink’s right hand. The mechanical arm couldn’t be mistaken, and there was no attempt to conceal it in the photo.


【This guy is Sink, don’t lie to me!!!】

Now Sink’s original fans couldn’t sit still at all. If they were initially just looking forward to seeing what Sink would look like as an adult, now their attention was entirely focused on something else—what happened to Sink’s right hand!

On the other hand, KID’s fans were also looking forward to Sink, but when they saw the person in the photo—


【Triplets? KID, don’t use fake photos to fool me!】

【Damn, that skinny chicken mechanic that can lift a giant Feiya tree!?】

【Isn’t this KID’s mechanic!? I specifically compared it with the image from Qiu Jin, this is indeed KID’s mechanic!】

【I’m the mechanic’s diehard fan, and this is him! I never forget a handsome face!】

As the explosion of reactions to the official announcement photo swept through StarNet, the participating mecha pilots in the competition could no longer focus on StarNet news. Meanwhile, the coaches and the heads of various mecha bases had been keeping an eye on KID’s official blog ever since Sink was announced. They were seeing the photo for the first time. Among them, the most shocked were the heads of Black Crow and YDS. The person in this photo was Ying Chenlin, and they were extremely familiar with him. He was KID’s exceptionally talented mechanic!

What the hell! The mechanic is a mecha pilot, and the mecha pilot is even rumored to be the retired Sink!?

YDS’ Boss: “We’ve analyzed it before, Ying Chenlin is indeed formidable.”

“But the data we have shows that he’s good at Artillery and Guardian positions.” YDS’ coach said, “Now you’re telling me he’s an Individual Soldier combatant. Do you know what that means? And he’s in the Medical position… No, I need to have someone keep an eye on KID’s live broadcast room.”

At the same time, in the Alliance Bureau for Dawn Galaxy, questioning messages and inquiries flooded the Mecha League’s reception office.

When the secretary delivered the messages to the Alliance Chairman’s office, Li Jingyan stood by the window holding a teacup. The virtual screen in the office was playing an overview of the maintenance area of the Keze Floating Island League match, with festive maintenance masters holding thermos cups and drinking tea, strangely resembling Li Jingyan at the moment.

Seeing this scene, the secretary said, “Are you squatting too?”

Li Jingyan glanced at the secretary, “I remember all my work arrangements have been taken care of.”

“Yes, there are no other arrangements. You can continue watching.” The secretary glanced at the time, “The game starts in half an hour.”

Li Jingyan took a sip of tea, “No need to suppress the news on StarNet. Since Shen Xingtang has let it out, let it be.”

After a pause, he added, “Please close the door.”

All the mecha pilots in the Keze Floating Island Jump Zone were ready. More and more mecha pilots jumped into their designated coordinates for the Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone. The 4159 teams were randomly distributed into the seven floating island zones of Keze Floating Island. In the vast Contaminated Zone, tens of thousands of mechas gathered.

Corresponding live rooms lit up one by one, switching from the perspective of the maintenance area to the preparation area inside Keze Floating Island. Mechas appeared before the crowd.

The KID live room grew increasingly crowded, and even the official management had to add several virtual lines to it. But even so, more and more people poured in. #Sink is KID’s mechanic# #What’s up with Sink’s mechanical arm?# #The real reason behind Sink’s retirement?#… More and more questions popped up, as if only KID’s live room could provide answers. 

【I’m in a hurry now!】

【Why hasn’t the game started yet!?】

【It’s on!】

Finally, among the gradually lit up live rooms, KID’s live room finally switched to the situation inside the Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone. Their jump location was the fourth island among the seven major islands. This island was mainly a deserted city. Before Keze Floating Island fell into the Contaminated Zone, this used to be a populated area. The fourth island was filled with buildings, spacious city roads, towering skyscrapers…

In the abandoned city blocks, there were tall buildings suitable for sniping, residential areas suitable for sneaking ahead, and collapsed buildings everywhere, creating obstacles for flying, as well as abandoned traffic control in the air. In short, among the seven major islands, the fourth island was the most comprehensive and one of the most challenging areas.

【KID ended up here…】

【It seems that Keze has more than just KID as a top 16 team.】

【KID barely made it to the top 8 last season, right? What’s there to fear about the top 16 teams?】

【Considering the intensity of the competition, it’s already fortunate not to be in the top four here. In terms of the level of competition, Keze Floating Island probably ranks sixth… The scariest are still the top four Competition Zones.】

In the Old City District, several mechas from KID had already found their starting positions.

【It’s not the mecha Yuan…】

【Are you stupid? Individual Soldier mechas have different requirements from Medical ones. How could the League allow an Individual Soldier mecha into a team battle?】

【It seems like the other teams’ mecha weapons haven’t been deployed either. Being sent here, it’s a big advantage for Trace, right?】

【The premise is that the Artillery can occupy the high points.】

Among the six mechas, the Medical mecha stood on the streets of the old city. This was an A-class Medical mecha, not Sink’s original Individual Soldier mecha [Yuan]. The Medical mecha hadn’t deployed the weapons from its weapon compartment, and the audience in the live room was also unclear about what weapons the Medical mecha carried.

Outside the arena, in the temporary lounge rented by KID, Jiang Simiao had already prepared to record data: “The fourth island is not bad for us. Did they give you the keys?”

“You can’t bring anything irrelevant into the match.” Shen Xingtang sat in her proper position, and on the table in front of her were Ying Chenlin and You Su’s mecha keys, and she picked up Theo’s key. “It kept flashing in my pocket, but it stopped when I took it out.”

“I also want to watch the game! It’s stuffy in the pocket!” Theo, satisfied with his excellent central viewing position, muttered, “See, I fought for this position specially, you should thank me!”

The mecha key placed beside him flickered slightly, as if responding to his words.

Shen Xingtang lowered her eyes to the two mecha keys, chuckled lightly, and looked away. “It’s starting.”

“Welcome, you’re watching the 16th Dawn Galaxy Mecha League’s Keze Floating Island Elimination Competition Zone competition. Now, let’s proceed with the explanation of the unified competition rules.”

The voice of the electronic host appeared in major live rooms, “This competition is divided into a total of 7 floating island zones. Different zones have varying numbers of team mechas deployed based on the terrain difficulty. The competition lasts for one month, with matches held every 5 days. During the intervals, the defense systems will open up between islands, and the islands within the zones will undergo fusion. By the 15th day of the competition, the fusion of the seven major floating islands will be completed, forming a unified zone.”

“As the competition progresses to the 16th day, Keze Floating Island will gradually close off each island, until the last island is closed. At that time, mechas staying or hiding in closed islands will be directly eliminated.” The electronic host continued, “If by the 30th day of the competition, the final winner has not been determined, we will make a comprehensive evaluation based on the performance table, and the team ranked first will automatically advance as the ruler of the Keze Floating Island race track.”

The host’s voice was also transmitted to the communication systems of the KID mecha pilots. At the same time, the race-time systems installed in their mechas were also activated.

[Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone [Race Zone 25], the competition mode for this match is [Special Elimination (30 days)], and the rulebook has been shared with all mecha mission lists] [Loading complete, welcome to Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone!] [Please note: The core purpose of this competition is survival. The records of teams eliminated in full will be cleared and not preserved.]

In simple terms, the battle begins with outbreaks on various islands, consuming participating mechas through high-intensity battles in small areas. The first five days are a period with a significant reduction in numbers and the best time to improve rankings. Over time, once the intervals between islands disappear, mecha pilots can freely enter and exit other fused islands. It will then become difficult to improve rankings.

Not only do they need to accumulate scores in the initial smaller areas with many teams, but they also need to maintain these scores until the end.

Each floating island has zones with low contamination areas, where mecha pilots can also exit from the mecha cockpit. The 30-day time limit is a great challenge for the mecha pilots of major mecha teams. Besides fighting, they also have to arrange rest during their spare time in battle.

Lin Yao eagerly rubbed his hands and said, “Starting off like this feels great! It’s been a long time since we’ve played in the elimination rounds. I used to love playing in the elimination rounds the most.”

Lu Xi observed the surrounding environment, “There are more teams than Sanshui expected. Our jump point here isn’t very good, and we’re a bit far from the tall buildings.”

“It’s okay, Sanshui has simulated the environment of this Contaminated Zone for us.” Ji Qingfeng said, “So should we start according to the old strategy?”

“No, with this refresh point—” Huo Yan looked at Ying Chenlin, “shouldn’t we use a different approach? When starting off is the best time to improve our score.”

[Battle Team KID [6/6] Location [Fourth Island], Number of teams in the area 485/485, Mecha pilots 2910/2910]

“The competition begins! Wishing everyone satisfactory results!”

When the voice of the electronic host fell, all mechas in the abandoned city lit up their thrusters. The moment the protective barrier covering the jump point disappeared, every mecha rushed out of the jump point at the same time, accompanied by the sound of battle from all directions!

In the live room, everyone was focused on KID’s perspective, witnessing KID’s six mechas completely separating in the first moment.

Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao directly advanced through the abandoned streets, while Tank mecha Huo Yan went alone in one direction, Control mecha Lu Xi went in another direction, and the most watched KID primary output Artillery mecha and Medical mecha flew straight up.

Upon seeing this, the audience was momentarily stunned. When Sink switched to the Medical position, many people on StarNet had discussed what type of Medical mecha Sink would be. According to Sink’s previous fighting style, he was a steady Individual Soldier, but his speed in eliminating mechas in single combat was very fast, excelling in close-range weapons, but his best skill was long-range sniping.

So the most common speculation was that Sink might take the path of long-range control flow Medical.

But now seeing the Medical following the Artillery—

[Trace is a very aggressive Artillery mecha pilot… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with Trace before in the last season.] [What’s up with Sink’s right arm!? Did he switch to the Medical position because he got injured?] [I’m so anxious!] [Medical and Artillery mechas… in this situation, it’s most likely a nanny-type Medical.] [A Nanny type? Isn’t that just carrying a Shield and Energy Gun!?]

As discussions about nanny-type Medicals were ongoing in the live room, intense battles were already erupting elsewhere on the field. When the Artillery and Medical mechas controlled by KID arrived at the Old City District’s upper level, they immediately attracted the attention of other mechas from nearby teams. With 485 teams deployed on the floating island, or in an area like the abandoned city, it meant that the distance between mechas would be very short!

In the instant the other teams’ mechas noticed them, control shells from afar were already aimed at the position of KID’s Artillery and Medical mechas.

Just when everyone thought the Medical mecha would activate its shield to protect the Artillery, Trace suddenly dashed backwards several steps, instantly pulling away from the Medical mecha’s position. Separating the Artillery and Medical mechas was critical on the battlefield. With the other KID mechas already away, in the current situation, if the Medical mecha didn’t protect the Artillery, then the Artillery would soon face attacks from all directions!

The next second, as the two mechas distanced themselves, attacks from three directions swept toward Trace on the high ground!

“Don’t worry about the Medic!”

“Kill the Artillery first and then attack the Medic!”

The gunfire roared fiercely, and the Artillery mecha’s thrusters were immediately pushed to the limit.

At the same time, You Su also observed the direction in which the artillery barrage came from, and immediately raised his Sniper Cannon. In the relatively spacious Old City District, with fewer twists and turns, and with the enemy opening fire, he locked onto the long-range Control mecha hidden behind obstacles in the Old City District. “There are two mechas in Zone C of the Old City District.”

Just as the words were spoken, You Su’s Sniper Cannon immediately aimed in that direction and blasted away. The Sniper Cannon was fast, and it immediately blasted into the Old City District!

The audience in the live room were stunned. It seemed they hadn’t expected Trace to effortlessly raise his Sniper Cannon in the midst of being besieged by three mechas and actually hit someone.

[KID’s Artillery is quite something ah…] [He can’t catch up to them. He’s attacking the mecha in Zone C, that mecha isn’t without teammates, and they’ll immediately counterattack!] [No matter how accurate the Artillery is, he can only shoot in one direction. Attacks from other directions are still coming.]

However, Trace was already surrounded by mechas from other directions, and could only raise his cannon while evading attacks. This made the other viewers in the live room anxious, all looking towards the Medical mecha on the other side of their perspective, separated from the Artillery. They thought the Medical mecha would immediately rush to help, but unexpectedly, the Medical mecha moved in the opposite direction, disappearing into the shadow of the commercial building in an instant.

Immediately, his weapon case lit up, and a cannon-shaped weapon appeared in his right hand.

[Huh!? A cannon!?] [What kind of cannon? A control cannon!?]

At the moment he took out the cannon, Sink aimed at the Control mecha attacking Trace in the distance, and his weapon began to charge up.

[It’s charging?!] [Sh*t, it’s an Energy Cannon ah!] [??? Sink with an Energy Cannon?! A Medical with an Energy Cannon!?]

The enemy team’s Control, hit by You Su’s attack, didn’t panic but chose to retreat immediately. In chaotic battles, as long as they retreated and changed direction, the Artillery mecha trapped in mid-air wouldn’t have time to find their new position. So as long as he changed positions quickly, he could continue to suppress the Artillery mecha in the sky!

He accurately calculated the time the artillery was charging and was about to move to the other side when another attack came!

The enemy Control immediately shifted positions, but just as he aimed his cannon again at Trace in the air, a blast from an Energy Cannon from an unknown direction suddenly hit him. He suddenly paused, turned his head and looked behind him, “There’s an ambush! Another Artillery mecha is here!”

Before he could finish his words, another Sniper Cannon shot down from above.

He had to start running. After being hit by two shots from Trace’s Sniper Cannon, his damage instantly soared to 45%! With such high damage, it meant Trace’s charging was very high, wasn’t that abnormal!? In such a dangerous environment, he could still charge up so effortlessly!?

The Control mecha hurriedly fled, but just from this direction, the mysterious Energy Cannon suddenly appeared around him.

The mecha behind the mysterious Energy Cannon and Trace on the high ground cooperated with each other, instantly locking onto his direction.

“Wait! How is this mecha locking onto me!” The enemy Control finally saw the other mecha’s direction, and he locked onto the shadow of a certain high-rise building not far away, shouting to his teammates, “The commercial building over there, go see who it is!”

In the live room, the audience saw the Medical mecha shift positions from behind the commercial building after firing the Energy Cannon.

A Medical mecha with an Energy Cannon!? Is this a joke!? How much damage can a Medical mecha’s Energy Cannon do!?

[Sink with an Energy Cannon?! Is he going to play an Assault Medic!?] [Seriously?! Aren’t Assault Medics just for fooling around on the virtual battlefield?]

In the Old City District, Sink’s moved very quickly. He almost immediately locked onto the position of the mecha fleeing in the distance after turning right from the commercial building.

[This distance!? He won’t catch up!] [The Control mecha will counter-control him—]

Just then, a Binding Lock appeared in Sink’s left hand, and in an instant he closed the distance, he immediately bound the Control mecha. The Control mecha didn’t react immediately upon seeing the Binding Lock, as if he hadn’t expected a long-range mecha to carry such close-range weapons, and was directly caught off guard. 

[??? A Binding Lock?!] [Am I seeing things?! This is the League! How can someone carry weapons like this!?] [Binding Lock and Energy Cannon???]

And the people in the live room erupted with confusion, countless question marks filling the comments section.

A Medical mecha? Carrying both an Energy Cannon and Binding Lock?!

From the high ground, Trace’s Sniper Cannon struck again, and the damage level of the Control mecha rose to 57%!

The Control mecha pilot panicked, hastily calling for assistance from his Medical teammate.

But Sink, who had bound him with the Binding Lock, didn’t give him any time. Immediately after, he saw Sink’s Binding Lock loosen, and the Energy Cannon on his right hand locked onto him.

With the Energy Cannon charging up, as it closed in, it fired at close range, hitting him directly, and his damage level rose to 62%!

And that wasn’t all. The high charging power of the Medical mecha came into play at this moment. Just as the Control mecha was charging up, so was the Medical mecha. Dodging the Control at close range, it fired the Energy Cannon again at the Control mecha!

The Control mecha: “?!?”

Can’t control even at such close range!?

At this moment, the support from the high ground struck again, and Sink retreated to create distance.

Trace’s Sniper Cannon hit the Control mecha again, and their damage level skyrocketed to 72%!

The Control mecha barely withstood the hit, but he seized the moment to fire a control shot in Sink’s direction, then immediately fled.

But the moment he tried to escape, Sink’s Binding Lock ensnared him again. In the next second, the mecha shifted positions, using the flexible Binding Lock to evade the frontal attack from the Control mecha.

The Medical mecha skillfully completed the reversal, hanging upside down above the Control mecha. At that moment, the Energy Cannon, charging up rapidly, aimed directly at the mecha’s head.

Boom—direct hit!

[KID-Sink has eliminated Dream-AA1]

Trace and Sink completed their perfect coordination in just a few minutes, eliminating the first mecha!

The live room: “?”


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