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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 139

139. A Melee Scene 

*melee – chaotic warfare

Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone(Galactic Knockout Competition)

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

A swift and decisive elimination, leaving the audience watching the live stream bewildered. Just a moment ago, they were shocked to discover that Sink’s Medical mecha wielded both an Energy Cannon and Binding Lock. They questioned whether such a weapon combination could make it to the League stage. But in the next moment, Sink’s smooth operation showed everyone that this weapon combination was viable, and an Individual Soldier in the team battles could indeed take lives.

In the live room, there were not only fans of Sink’s previous Individual Soldier play but also other viewers that were skeptical of the transition of the strongest Individual Soldier in the Dawn League to team battles, and some were just there for entertainment. Yet, some of the doubts about the Medical mecha’s weapons still lingered. However, Sink, the mainstay of the team battle mecha base KID, decisively proved them wrong by claiming the first mecha kill in the Fourth Island area of Keze Floating Island.

[That’s it…?] [Too fast. I need to rewind and watch the replay. How did it suddenly end?] [Is this the strength of the strongest Individual Soldier??? I feel like his style when playing a Medic is different from others.]

Not just different! A normal Medical mecha can’t have such high damage output, let alone secure the first kill on the spot.

The basic attributes of a Medical mecha dictated that its defense would be superior to its offense. Normal mecha bases wouldn’t risk using an Assault Medical mecha. When considering how to maximize the effectiveness of a mecha’s six attribute ratios, using a Control mecha as a secondary attack output was stronger than using a Medical mecha.

But KID not only used it but also demonstrated right from the start what an Assault Medical mecha was capable of.

[How long has it been?…] [Wasn’t it said that in matches with a Medical mecha system, it would be difficult to eliminate mechas?] [He and Trace cooperated directly to bring the Dream team’s mecha to over 60% damage in just a few minutes.] [Is the pace of team battles this fast?] [No… We’ve never eliminated an opponent within the first 4 minutes of a team battle. This is the first time.]

Individual Soldier matches weren’t as fast paced as team matches. Individual Soldier matches were basically solo combat, and the pace of elimination was slower. To eliminate a mecha in 4 minutes like this, someone who didn’t know might think this was a virtual battlefield. It takes multiple accurate hits to wear down a mecha’s damage to the point where it couldn’t be repaired in a short amount of time.

But KID achieved it, with just one Artillery and Medical mecha.

In Gale’s base, while the coaching staff was monitoring their own performance on other race tracks, they were also keeping an eye on the situation of their opponents on other tracks. Gale’s coaching team saw the Assault Medical display shown in KID’s live broadcast Room 4122, and the head coach pinched his brow and sighed, “KID dares to use such tactics. Captain Qi really saw through them, he said the Assault Medic in the virtual battlefield might be related to KID. This Binding Lock and Energy Cannon, isn’t it exactly the same as the out-of-the-box combat footage of the initial solo kill?”

The assistant coach said, “Doesn’t it depend on his coordination with Trace? How did he manage to coordinate so well with Trace?”

Amateurs watch for the excitement, while professionals observe the strategic coordination.

Getting the first match point at the start wasn’t so easy. A Medical mecha also can’t output high damage in such a short time. This kill point was obtained through the joint efforts of Trace and Sink. The Artillery mecha in a higher position was the main output, while the Medical mecha in a close-up position was the auxiliary output. Trace was responsible for suppressing damage, while Sink was responsible for taking down the mecha completely.

If either one of these mechas were missing, this effect couldn’t be achieved.

“And their positions remind each other.” The head coach said, “Don’t forget, Trace is a mecha pilot who shows no mercy when blasting teammates. When he’s blasting other mechas, he doesn’t consider whether Sink can dodge or not.”

The assistant coach: “Is this tacit understanding?”

“I don’t know. The strength of Dream’s team is average. I can only say that Trace’s high-speed sniping is very strong, and his partner Sink’s combat ability is too strong.” The head coach looked at the mecha in the live broadcast room and said, “He’s a precise hunter. Once he locks onto his prey, he won’t let go.”

Everyone’s attention was focused on the red and white mecha in the live broadcast room. The Medical mecha still hadn’t stowed away its two weapons, holding weapons in both hands. The elongated chain-like weapon hovered, along with the low-pressure Energy Cannon. Who could have imagined that this was a Medical mecha, lying in ambush?

In the KID lounge, Jiang Simiao hummed twice, “It’s just the beginning.”

In the arena, after eliminating the mecha, the Medical mecha quickly distanced itself and coordinated with the Artillery mecha in the high position, quickly locking onto another target. The temptation of the exposed Artillery at the beginning of the match was too great for the surrounding teams. There were at least two teams lurking nearby, and all ranged mechas wanted to eliminate the Artillery mecha in the air first.

After the Dream team’s Control mecha was eliminated first, the vigilance of all long-range mechas increased.

But this still didn’t stop the cooperation of the two KID mechas. After eliminating Dream’s Control mecha, the pace of action of the two mechas accelerated. The Medical mecha sneaked forward in the Old City District, while the Artillery mecha evaded attacks in the sky and searched for targets.

Soon, they locked onto their second target.

The Dream team’s Medical mecha originally intended to rescue his Control teammate, but halfway through the journey, his teammate was eliminated. He was about to turn back, but he was locked onto by Sink who was lurking around him.

Sink’s use of the Binding Lock was extremely smooth, with a very high hit rate. Basically, the mecha facing him head-on had no chance of escape.

“Medical, hold your ground, we’re almost there.”

“Control him and shake him off, quickly run!”

Team Dream’s Medical mecha was a control-type Medical mecha. The moment Sink locked onto him, he immediately wanted to escape. The charging speed of the two mechas was similar, but when he aimed his firepower forward, the mecha in front seemed to have anticipated his move long ago, dodging his attack trajectory at close range and their Energy Cannon’s charge directly hitting his chest from the side.

“Captain… I can’t control him.” Dream’s Medical mecha was dumbfounded.

At this moment, Trace, the Artillery mecha in the high position, locked onto the Dream Medical mecha below, and his Sniper Cannon was aimed straight at the Dream Medical for a set of attacks. By the time the rest of Dream’s team rushed to rescue them, they only saw KID’s Medical finishing him off with an Energy Cannon from afar, and then leaving swiftly.

[KID-Sink has eliminated Dream-ASD1] [I’ve got goosebumps!] [The firepower is relentless, the defense of a Medical mecha is slightly stronger than that of the previous Control mecha, and they can still eliminate them!?] [Is this really a f*cking Medical mecha?! I feel like I’m seeing two Artillery mechas advancing.] [No way, even if his attack speed is fast, it shouldn’t be faster than the support speed of the other mechas from Dream, right!?]

Just then, another message popped up.

[KID-yao eliminates ZWQ-yuy] [Quick, look at the positions of KID’s other mechas.]

While everyone was focused on Sink and Trace, they overlooked the positions of KID’s other mechas. It wasn’t until the new elimination message popped up that they noticed KID’s several mechas were quietly dispersed in three directions centered on Sink and Trace, completely out of the immediate support range. 

However, these people didn’t even think about support; they were busy intercepting elsewhere.

Tank mecha Huo Yan attracted the attention of other mechas, Control mecha Lu Xi, with her support slowed down the speed of other Dream mechas from a distance, while Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng walked together. This completely decentralized method of operation was extremely bold but highly effective.

[KID has blocked off people in other directions.] [No wonder Trace is so confident in setting up his Artillery in the sky; he knows his teammates will block other mechas in different directions for him in a short time.] [This tactic is about dividing the battlefield, it’s KID’s old trick, they often use it.] [But I keep feeling like it’s different from before, their pace when dividing the battlefield, doesn’t it seem fast?]

The rhythm of the battle in the Old City District suddenly fell into the hands of KID, especially the Dream and ZWQ teams, who were closest to KID. They originally approached to ambush Trace in the sky but ended up falling right into KID’s trap.

Half an hour into the match, KID wiped out Dream’s team and drove away the ZWQ team.

In the KID communication channel, the six mecha pilots were completely unaware of the discussions happening outside regarding them; their attention was solely focused on the battlefield ahead.

Ji Qingfeng watched as the mechas of the ZWQ team, with their propulsion systems at full throttle, sped past him. “Why are they running? With five mechas, couldn’t they still stand their ground against us?”

“Maybe we’re just too tough? They don’t dare to engage,” Lin Yao said. “In this area of the Old City, it seems like it’s just the three of our teams. Should we consider moving somewhere else?”

The situation in the Old City was relatively complex, and this effect was only achievable with proximity at the start.

Ying Chenlin, after the battle ended, looked up at the surrounding environment. Although Jiang Simiao had simulated the situation of the Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone for them, the Contamination Zone might not look the same every year. Here, everywhere was marked with traces of battle, some roads blocked off, others completely open.

Huo Yan looked at Ying Chenlin. “This approach seems feasible. Shouldn’t we move to another location?”

Lu Xi said, “But won’t this consume too much energy?”

Assault Medical was great and all, but it was too energy-consuming, and they hadn’t even brought Energy Guns for resupply yet. Keze Floating Island was a 30-day battleground, and the League allocated only four energy tubes per mecha, which, over 30 days, could easily lead to energy shortages given the number of mechas in the arena and the long duration of battles.

“I’ll consider the energy issue, no need to worry,” Ying Chenlin said.

At this point, You Su proposed, “Let’s try to find an area with more mechas, as much as possible to save some travel time.”

The more complex the map, the greater the unnecessary energy consumption for them.

The mechas had already generated a map overview of the Fourth Island of Keze Floating Island. Ying Chenlin quickly brushed through several maps and listened to his teammates’ considerations in the channel. He soon noticed the Fourth Island’s Old Commercial Center, located two kilometers from the Old City area, separated skyscrapers, and complex intersections in the downtown area. “Shouldn’t we consider maximizing the benefits? It might be a bit risky, but I think it’s worth a try.”

The atmosphere in the live broadcast room was ignited when KID suddenly jumped to the top of the Keze Floating Island arena leaderboard by securing several mecha scores. Just when everyone thought KID would continue their winning streak with the same tactics, KID’s six mechas did not chase after the fleeing ZWQ team but instead moved towards the central area of the Fourth Island.

There was no omniscient view in the arena, but there was in the live broadcast. The audience, who had been paying attention to the Fourth Island battle zone, knew that the area with the most mecha teams in the Fourth Island was the Old Commercial Center of the abandoned city.

The Fourth Island, although not the largest in the Keze Floating Island Contamination Zone, had a complex terrain, and the Old Commercial Center was the most complex area in the entire abandoned city. Moreover, due to the distribution of the teleportation jump points, the Old Commercial Center was also the convergence point for many mechas’ straight-line advances. This also meant that currently, the number of mecha teams in the entire Old Commercial Center area had reached 73.

The audience familiar with team mecha battles knew that the more teams involved in a melee, the more opportunities there were for gains, but at the same time, the risk of being eliminated was also greater.

And for strategies like KIDs’, which involved dispersing and blocking, playing in the Old Commercial Center was playing with fire. One or two teams might still evade Trace, but with so many teams in the commercial center, if any of KID’s other mechas dared to leave Trace, the next moment, Trace could easily be surrounded by dozens of mechas.

Not to mention Sink; with him carrying two weapons, including the Binding Lock, it was nearly impossible to evade him once he locked onto a target.

Using a control weapon meant his means of survival were practically non-existent. If he encountered a situation where multiple mechas surrounded him, it’s very likely that he won’t be able to escape at all.

[??? How did they go to the Old Commercial Center?] [With their tactics, wouldn’t it be better to go somewhere else?] [I just discovered that Fire Beacon’s team is in the Old Commercial Center.]

The live broadcast room had many fans who often watched solo matches but rarely watched team matches, and this time, they were all here to watch Sink. They were just attracted by Sink’s Assault Medical mecha, and now seeing the discussions among other viewers in the broadcast room, they asked, “What is the Fire Beacon team?”

[Dream is just a small team, with a difference in strength compared to KID, so it’s normal for them to be eliminated. But when KID encounters Fire Beacon, it’s probably going to be a fierce battle.] [The Asura level in the Keze Floating Island area is also high among the 32 tracks. Three teams from the old format’s top 16 are here.]

Three top 16 teams could be said to be the three moving bosses in this elimination track.

Everyone wanted a higher ranking. Smart teams wouldn’t want to confront these three teams head-on. If two top 16 teams collided, mutual consumption was unavoidable, and it’s very likely that other teams would benefit in this area. This wasn’t a virtual battlefield for seeking excitement; in the long run, the more mecha scores you get, the better, so there’s no need to join in just for fun.

Originally, KID’s straight path didn’t lead to the Old Commercial Center, so how did they end up there!?

[Who is commanding KID?] [It seems to be Huo Yan, but I remember Huo Yan’s command being quite steady before.] [You’re talking about steadiness with KID!? I’ve seen several of their matches; where were they ever steady?] [Are they out of their minds?]

The livestream in Room 4122 had the highest viewership of those for the Keze Floating Island Contamination Zone. Many Mecha League professional commentators and business broadcast anchors were closely following the situation on KID’s side; Sink’s traffic code was here, and everyone wanted to see how this former solo king would perform in team battles. After seeing Sink consecutively eliminate several opponents with his Assault Medical mecha at the beginning, many commentators had to admire his strength, but not many people were optimistic.

[Sink is strong, but KID is just average.] [Assault Medical does indeed shine, but such a combination isn’t really effective in team battles.] [If Assault Medical were really that good, why don’t other mecha bases use this Assault Medical system?] [Don’t forget, they’re just a team that almost made it to the quarterfinals. Sink going to Gale or Black Crow is better than going to KID.]

When they first heard that Sink had signed with a team mecha base, saying they weren’t disdainful was false. With Sink’s skill, signing with a higher-level mecha base would surely not be a problem, so why would he sign with a team that barely made it to the top 16?

[Individual Soldier battles fans, open your eyes; this is a team battle, not a solo show.]

“Sink’s personal abilities are indeed strong, but this is a team battle League, not a solo competition.”

A commentator spoke up, “The rhythm of solo and team battles is completely different. He can indeed shine with his Assault Medical, but once he encounters a melee, his Assault Medical’s self-preservation ability is inadequate, and it’s good if he can save himself. Their command has made a mistake. With their tactics, they can only engage in small-scale battles. Participating in large-scale melees is just risking death.”

While there was much discussion outside the arena, KID charged towards the Old Commercial Center without hesitation.

Inside KID’s communication, there was a lively chatter.

Huo Yan: “Da Feng, report.”

Ji Qingfeng took advantage and said, “I’ve scanned around, good news, it seems like there aren’t many teams nearby.”

Lin Yao swept his surroundings and said, “But there don’t seem to be many covers around here.”

“No problem with covers,” Ying Chenlin confirmed that the surrounding buildings were similar to what he had seen on the map images before. “If there are no covers, let’s create some.”

Ji Qingfeng asked, “How do we create them?”

Ying Chenlin replied, “Open up your external speaker and invite others over.”

Meanwhile, a battle was erupting in the Old Commercial Center. In the city streets, on the traffic roads, and even between the skyscrapers, various mecha teams were bombarding each other indiscriminately. Everyone watched as KID rushed into the area of the Old Commercial Center. Immediately, the distribution of mecha positions changed drastically, with the six mechas entering the commercial area splitting into six different directions.

Now the audience couldn’t sit still. It was still possible to break apart and defeat their opponents in small-scale battles, but with such a large-scale engagement, where did KID get the confidence to split up upon entering?

The Old Commercial Center was divided into many areas. The place KID arrived at wasn’t the most intense battlefield, but it was still a challenging area for combat. This area had three skyscrapers, with ordinary commercial districts below. Although there were fluctuations in the floor levels, any mecha walking alone in this area would inevitably be attacked from all directions if discovered by other teams.

Walking alone meant death.

Outside the arena, the coaching staff of various mecha bases who were also following this match were puzzled.

How did KID dare to split up with this suicidal strategy at the start?

At this moment, Ji Qingfeng, who was at the forefront, took advantage of his superiority in radar detection and quickly infiltrated the commercial street area of the Old Commercial Center. He wasn’t discovered by other mechas, and after circling around the commercial street area, he opened his external speaker and shouted, “Anyone here?!!!”

The tense audience: “???”

Sure enough, as soon as Ji Qingfeng shouted, a barrage of gunfire immediately headed in his direction.

Ji Qingfeng ran for it, his panicked voice broadcasted through the external speaker, “Damn it!! There are so many people!”

The deafening horn sound mixed with the gunfire, immediately caught the attention of others. The audience was stunned. They had seen hidden mechas being discovered, but they had never seen a hidden mecha that hadn’t been discovered yet, daringly alerting everyone with a loud horn.

Ying Chenlin noticed Ji Qingfeng’s situation and said, “Now’s the time, spread out.”

Although Ji Qingfeng’s movement speed was indeed very fast, he was still a Stealth mecha, and being chased by so much gunfire while alone made him an easy target. The mecha pilots in the arena weren’t fools; seeing a Stealth mecha like Ji Qingfeng coming to them, they wouldn’t let go of such a cheap opportunity.

While KID’s Stealth mecha was fleeing amidst the gunfire, the other KID mechas had already quickly taken advantage of this opportunity to reach their target positions. Ying Chenlin flew up along the shadow of the skyscraper, catching a glimpse of Ji Qingfeng’s direction of  escape and the direction of the gunfire attacking him. One red coordinate after another appeared on his mecha radar.

Seven directions, seven long-range mechas.

From the convergence of the mechas, the positions of his teammates shouldn’t be too far away.

He roughly knew their positions. “Has You Ge arrived?”

“Here,” You Su stopped behind a skyscraper, the red billboards contrasting with his mecha’s color. On the middle and upper floors, with the skyscraper in front as cover, he could see three directions besides the skyscraper. “Where’s Lu Xi?”

Lu Xi was also in position. “I’m ready.”

She switched her Water Flow Cannon to the Energy-Enhanced Cannon.

Outside the arena, the people in the live broadcast room were completely baffled.

[What on earth are they doing!?] [Are they hiding and playing a fake match?] [No way, I’ve never seen such blatant cheating.]

The audience had no clue what was going on. Hiding with a bunch of people, while other mechas went to different locations on their own, this nonsensical way of fighting seemed like a joke.

Successive barrages of gunfire blasted towards the Stealth mecha, causing a thick cloud of black smoke.

Ji Qingfeng, being a Stealth mecha, had no defensive mecha protection. In such dense gunfire, two shots grazed him, reaching 10% damage. He ran in every direction, with the smoke and collapsed buildings along the way providing some cover.

Meanwhile, the mecha pilots battling in the Old Commercial Center didn’t expect someone to throw their lives away so quickly.

“What kind of trick could there be? Didn’t you see how fast that mecha was running, without any teammates coming to support him?”

“Don’t worry, it’s not just us shooting at him. Even if it’s a trap, with so many people here, trying to save him would only be suicide—”

“This mecha is a Stealth.” 

“F*ck, the smoke is too thick, I can’t even see his position.”

Before they could finish speaking, two mecha pilots suddenly noticed that the signal of the pursued mecha disappeared from their radar. Although the signal disappeared, the sound of gunfire around them continued. They didn’t dare to reveal their positions immediately but instead used their other teammates’ reports to try to lock onto Ji Qingfeng’s direction again.

Just then, they suddenly noticed that the sound of gunfire seemed to be getting closer and closer to their direction. Just as they were about to retreat, a sudden explosion swept through their position, far exceeding the killing power of a 100% Sniper Cannon at close range.

“What the hell is going on!? The Stealth’s teammate!?”

“No idea, just detected energy reactions from three directions moments ago. Three waves of people are bombarding us!”

“Are we exposed!?”

The two mecha pilots, never having encountered such destructive firepower before, were momentarily stunned. They hurriedly took cover under nearby structures. Already worn down from previous battles, these few shots escalated their damage to around 57%. Now, they dared not move and could only call for the Medical mecha to come to their aid.

With such damage, reaching 60% would be irreparable.

In the live broadcast room, the sudden explosion caught everyone’s attention. Amidst the intense gunfire, the energy signatures of a few shots were easily overlooked. Their attention was originally on Ji Qingfeng, but upon hearing the gunfire, they immediately looked upwards.

“Damn, something’s not right. Look at the positions of KID’s three long-range mechas!”

At this moment, everyone in the live broadcast room shifted their attention away from Ji Qingfeng and noticed that KID’s Medical, Artillery, and Control mechas were positioned in a triangular formation. The distances between them were significant, just within the supporting range of the gunfire. This positioning was extremely peculiar, subtly concealed amidst the skyscrapers and undulating buildings, making it difficult for surrounding mechas to detect them.

As they watched, the three mechas simultaneously raised their cannons.

[Wait! Didn’t KID’s Control mecha, Lu Xi, use some sort of Enhancement Cannon?] [What Enhancement Cannon?] [Wait, you mean that Enhancement Cannon that leveled the Qiu Jin Grand Canyon!?]

With the thick smoke and cover, it was difficult to pinpoint the direction of the mecha. At this moment, on the other side of the high ground, KID’s three mechas independently locked onto their position. While two of them indeed used cover to block their line of sight, they didn’t realize that there was another mecha behind them.

Ying Chenlin’s scope locked onto the slight movement of the mecha in the thick smoke. “Coordinates updated, left side cover of AC1 building platform.”

You Su’s Sniper Cannon blindly locked onto the direction mentioned by Ying Chenlin, while Lu Xi also adjusted her direction accordingly.

Lu Xi’s Enhancement Cannon had the ability to enhance the firepower of her teammates’ shots. As Ying Chenlin clarified the position, she immediately fired the next shot. The moment her Enhancement Cannon fired, two other shots, a Sniper Cannon and an Energy Cannon, were also fired in synchrony, locking onto the two mechas hiding behind cover.

Just as the two mechas thought they were safe, a sudden explosion swept through, engulfing the surrounding smoke and buildings, directly hitting the two mechas with fatal blows.

[KID-Sink has eliminated LUR-kj] [KID-Trace has eliminated LUR-lmn] [???!] [How did they get killed?!] [Holy sh*t!]

The two elimination messages flashed in front of all the viewers in the live broadcast room. While they were still in shock from the elimination of other mechas, KID’s three mechas simultaneously changed direction once again. The Medical mecha swiftly adjusted its position, once again targeting the gunfire closely following Ji Qingfeng’s position.

The dense gunfire provided natural cover. In the chaos of the melee, amidst gunfire from all directions, no one could distinguish whose gunfire was whose. Just as everyone was captivated by KID’s Stealth, KID’s three long-range mechas raised their cannons once again from this angle!

Ying Chenlin locked onto the next position. “Here, let’s continue.”

Ji Qingfeng halted his mecha and asked, “Which way should I go this time?”

“You don’t go anywhere.” Huo Yan took out his shield and flexed his muscles. “I’ll go.”

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