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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 141

Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone(Galactic Knockout Competition)

141. This path is closed.

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

When the red-and-white Stealth mecha appeared in the Fire Beacon team’s field of view, Fire Beacon’s captain immediately fired a shot towards the position of the Stealth mecha, even before he clearly heard what the mecha on the other side said through the loudspeaker “A red-and-white mecha, KID uses this color scheme for their mechas, everyone, be prepared.”

The mecha pilots from Fire Beacon were unaware of the situation outside, all they could see were the battle records within the arena and the mechas waiting for rescue all around them. Anyone with eyes could tell that a fierce battle had occurred here, and mechas that could survive such a battle were definitely extraordinary.

KID was prominently displayed on the leaderboard, and Fire Beacon had also researched KID, so they naturally recognized the mecha in front of them.

[What do you mean ‘run fast’?] [It’s too late.]

In the smoke-filled Old Commercial Center, Ji Qingfeng stood firm and shouted a couple of times, but a shot came directly from the other side without any greetings being exchanged. Ji Qingfeng wasn’t interested in standing still and getting hit; he pushed his thrusters and smoothly dodged Fire Beacon’s attack, “No, brothers ah, why didn’t you say hi before shooting?!”

Fire Beacon’s captain was focused on firing his cannon; he only asked after shooting, “What did he say just now?”

The Guardian in the team replied, “It seems like he was asking why we didn’t say hi.”

The others in Fire Beacon: “…”

Was this mecha pilot out of his mind? He wants to exchange greetings before fighting!?

Fire Beacon’s captain frowned, “Why say hi? Don’t let him escape, keep him here.”

Without friendly greetings, the six mechas from Fire Beacon chose to encircle Ji Qingfeng as soon as they saw him. Seeing the situation, Ji Qingfeng ran away immediately, activating his thrusters and rushing towards the Old Commercial Center.

At the same time, in another part of the Old Commercial Center, the other members of KID were idle, shutting down the internal functions of their mechas. They observed the rescue team from the Mecha Alliance coming over in a battleship to tow away the mechas. At 80% damage, mechas were protected by the system during the match, and each mecha had a blue light indicating battle damage, activating all remaining internal energy supplies to protect the mecha until rescue arrived.

Lin Yao said, “I always feel itchy if we don’t do anything.”

Lu Xi said, “Mecha pilots come to Keze Floating Island every year, and there are very few pollutants in this Contaminated Zone.”

KID’s several members watched as the rescue team towed away the mechas.

The mecha pilots being towed away noticed KID’s gazes and felt like they had ill intentions.

【KID’s just standing there, what are they looking at?】

【I keep feeling like their gazes towards the damaged mechas aren’t friendly.】

【Friendly???? Look around at these ruins and then talk about friendly.】

【If it weren’t for the rule that during the match you can’t touch mechas damaged beyond 80%, I feel like they might have made a move.】

【Hahaha, really? These are mechas, not pollutants.】

The League’s rescue personnel were only responsible for rescue operations and had no communication with other mecha pilots during the match. The key was that there were too many mechas here, and that the rescue team had never rescued so many mechas at once before. They even specifically brought the rescue team’s largest mobile battleship to lift the mechas.

The abundance of mechas was one thing, but this time their workload inexplicably increased. Originally, they only needed to rescue the mechas, but now they had an additional step of digging mechas out from under the rubble.

The captain of the rescue team looked at the KID mechas on the nearby ruins, then turned to look at the surrounding rubble… KID was really something.

Within KID, the discussion continued.

Lin Yao asked, “Huh? So, are there pollutants to kill on this floating island or what?”

As Huo Yan spoke, he flipped through the map list and said, “There are pollutants, not many on the Fourth Island, but more over there on the Fifth Island.”

Listening to Huo Yan speak, Ying Chenlin skillfully accessed the pollutant data of Keze Floating Island. The registered pollutant information was all recorded in the database, and with a simple search, he could find out what was over on the Fifth Island.

“It’s been a while since Da Feng went out,” Lu Xi worriedly looked outside.

Just then, Ji Qingfeng’s voice popped up on the communication channel.

Ji Qingfeng: “They’re here, I’ve lured big fat sheep over!”

Ying Chenlin swept his gaze towards the direction where Ji Qingfeng had just gone to scout, and sure enough, someone was coming.

While the rescue team continued their work, the KID mechas, who had originally been standing by watching the excitement, suddenly moved a few times. All their mechas’ thrusters instantly maxed out, and they flew towards the east.

A team member asked, “Captain?”

“Wait a bit after this wave of rescue is done,” the captain of the rescue team looked in the direction KID flew away, “I feel like there’ll be another wave soon.”


Fire Beacon’s team followed Ji Qingfeng into the Old Commercial Center and found that the streets and blocks had completely changed, completely different from what they had seen on the map just a few hours ago.

In the distance, two of the three skyscrapers had collapsed, with traces of destruction evident everywhere. For better or worse, Fire Beacon was a top 16 team. Noticing these subtle inconsistencies and the unusual behavior of the KID Stealth mecha, Fire Beacon’s captain immediately adjusted their strategy.

The gunsmoke from the entire city hadn’t completely dissipated yet, and as the group followed Ji Qingfeng into the streets, they immediately noticed a problem in their field of vision.

“The smoke is too thick.”

“Isn’t Ji Qingfeng KID’s Stealth? He still hasn’t had any teammates come to support him.”

Having studied KID, Fire Beacon knew that the team’s favorite tactic was to divide the battlefield, and their most common method of division was to use a mecha as bait, allowing the Artillery mecha Trace to hide in high places for an ambush. After considering KID’s potential strategies, Fire Beacon’s captain said, “Tank, Control, follow me. Guardian, hide and look out for ambushes, Medical, stay mobile.”

The core of KID’s battlefield division laid with their mecha pilot Trace, meaning wherever Trace was, their core was basically there. The best way was to confirm Trace’s position and then determine the positions of the other KID mechas.

As a few Fire Beacon mechas followed Ji Qingfeng into the streets, they had only traveled a short distance when several shells suddenly fell from above. Seeing this, Fire Beacon’s Guardian mecha immediately locked onto higher ground and saw a mecha flash through the smoke produced by the explosion. “The Artillery is at a high place.”

In the KID channel, Ji Qingfeng heard the gunfire from above and immediately changed directions, reporting, “Six mechas should be coming, they look like the Fire Beacon team that Sanshui showed us, but I didn’t hear their voices, so I’m not sure if it’s Fire Beacon themselves.”

“It should be Fire Beacon, just now, You Su sent a barrage over, and their formation hasn’t dispersed.”

Huo Yan observed from the top of a building somewhere, “Fire Beacon is going to be tough to deal with.”

Fire Beacon was one of the top 16 teams in the Dawn League, and their strength was comparable to the previous KID from a literal perspective.

Their mecha pilots strength ranged from average to above average, and their teamwork was considered good in the League. Currently ranked third on the leaderboard, their gap with the second-place team wasn’t significant. According to the initial data, their most formidable mechas were their Artillery mecha and Guardian mecha.

Their Artillery mecha had the ability to operate independently and excelled in group bombardment. He was the captain of Fire Beacon’s team, unlike You Su who carried two cannon weapons, his preferred weapon type was a Heavy Impact Cannon, paired with a rapid movement type of weapon, ensuring his attack capabilities while also possessing self-protection capabilities.

Their Guardian’s combat ability was extremely strong, often equipped with a control Light Blade and an Assault Cannon, rarely encountering opponents in close combat. Fire Beacon’s team was renowned in the Dawn League for their combination of a frontline Guardian and rear Artillery.

Before coming, KID had seen data on Fire Beacon’s team, but this data was from the previous season. They knew the types of weapons they commonly used but were unaware of the special effects of the others’s weapons.

“To deal with Fire Beacon, we need to separate their Guardian from their Artillery,” Huo Yan said. “Now, there aren’t as many mechas around us. Using the same old tactics won’t work; Fire Beacon must have studied us.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fire Beacon’s Medical mecha took out a weapon, and his weapon instantly sucked in all the smoke generated around him, causing the smoke effect created by KID to fail instantly.

“Sh*t!” Ji Qingfeng turned his head and glanced. “Their Medical brought a Smoke Dispeller!”

Lu Xi stepped back a few steps. “It’s not an ordinary Smoke Dispeller; it should be an anomalous crystal’s effect, very fast.”

A Smoke Dispeller was a protective weapon used to dispel fog. There were too many strange control weapons on the field, so this type of protective weapon could quickly dispel all foggy smoke effects, including poisonous fog, or large-area smoke that obscures vision. As soon as KID saw this, they immediately knew that the opponent had brought a nanny-type Medical mecha, and now their smoke warfare was completely ineffective, as the weapon restrained all smoke.

Seeing the situation, Ying Chenlin said, “It seems like dividing them won’t be so simple.”

You Su began to charge his Sniper Cannon. “Since temptation doesn’t work, let’s be tough.”

Lin Yao, “I understand this. It’s “Xiang Yu (Hegemon-King) attaches the bowstring”!”

As soon as Ji Qingfeng heard Lin Yao’s words, he almost slipped and fell. “God f*cking damn it, “*Xiang Yu (Hegemon-King) attaches the bowstring”!”

*霸王硬上弓(bàwáng yìng shàng gōng) – Literally: “Xiang Yu (the overlord) attaches the bowstring”. (figurative) to do something by force (euphemistic) to force oneself upon; to r*pe

Lin Yao exclaimed, “Isn’t that being tough?”

Ying Chenlin glanced at his position. “Huo Ge, can you handle Fire Beacon’s Guardian?”

Huo Yan readily replied, “Fire Beacon’s Guardian? Don’t worry, even if I can’t, I can still hold them back.”

“Then let’s be tough,” Ying Chenlin said. “Qingfeng, turn left and head to the skyscraper!”

【Fire Beacon seems a bit strong.】

【Smoke Dispeller, hahaha, now KID can’t fish in troubled waters anymore.】

“Fire Beacon and KID are neck to neck in the old League rankings. In terms of cooperation during combat, Fire Beacon should have a slight edge over KID,” the commentator observed the situation. “KID’s firepower may be stronger than Fire Beacon’s, but Fire Beacon’s ability to self-protect is very strong, so they may not fear KID’s firepower.”

On the field, Fire Beacon formed a 312 formation and moved forward, with a Guardian in the front and Artillery in the rear. This formation maintained a certain distance, not giving KID any chance to exploit it.

【Will Fire Beacon engage in group combat with KID?】

【Probably. KID’s divide-and-conquer tactics may not be very effective against them.】

【KID’s Stealth just acted so arrogantly outside. This might not be a case of a lamb entering a tiger’s den, but rather leading the wolves into the house!】

Upon seeing this, everyone in the livestream immediately felt that KID was going to suffer. If they were to engage in group combat, KID’s control and self-protection capabilities were insufficient, while Fire Beacon had firepower, control, and even a babysitter. Coming head-on would definitely put KID at a disadvantage.

Just when everyone thought KID was going to be forced to engage in group combat with Fire Beacon, KID’s Stealth mecha suddenly changed directions. With extremely rapid movements, it swiftly maneuvered around the debris, avoiding the fire from Fire Beacon’s cannons, and abruptly changed direction towards the left.

Fire Beacon’s captain saw this and said, “Don’t break formation, continue the pursuit.”

【Wait a minute! Is Trace charging up?】

The Sniper Cannon in the hands of the Artillery mecha flying at high altitude began to charge up. He was completely fearless of being targeted while charging up in the air. The Sniper Cannon’s energy solidified at the muzzle. Seeing this, the Guardian mecha at Fire Beacon’s rear immediately sounded the alarm within the team. The frontline Fire Beacon Tank was already prepared to intercept the attack from Trace.

【What the hell!?】

【Still charging up? He’s going for a 100% charge!】

【Huh? Fire Beacon’s Tank is already prepared for him.】

Everyone thought that Trace would fire the Sniper Cannon before Fire Beacon’s Tank completely defended against it, but no, by the time Fire Beacon’s Tank completed their defensive deployment, the Sniper Cannon in Trace’s hands was still charging up.

Gale’s coaching staff also didn’t quite understand this, and the head coach was even more puzzled, “What is Trace planning to do?”

Just as everyone was alert to the charging Sniper Cannon in Trace’s hands, the moment the Sniper Cannon was fired from the high-altitude Artillery mecha, it suddenly swung downward. The entire direction of the Sniper Cannon shot changed, not aiming at Fire Beacon’s Tank mecha, but instead aimed at the side of a high-rise building at a critical moment.

Fire Beacon’s captain reacted, “No! They’re not targeting us!”

But it was too late. The moment the Sniper Cannon was fired, KID’s Control mecha, hidden in the shadows, also fired a shot. The Sniper Cannon and Enhanced Cannon shots collided when they hit the last skyscraper in the Old Commercial District. The enhanced firepower engulfed the building, directly causing the tottering skyscraper to collapse!

【What the heck!? They can still pull this off like that!?】

Debris and buildings fell from above, forcing the Fire Beacon mechas below into a passive defense.

The collapsed skyscraper, along with other surrounding buildings, mixed together and fell right in the middle of the Fire Beacon team, splitting their formation into two halves. Violently utilizing the advantage of the skyscraper, the battlefield was divided into two parts, front and back.

Seeing this, Fire Beacon’s captain shouted, “Fly over from above the collapsed building!”

The Medical mecha opened the Smoke Dispeller in the chaos, sucking away all the thick smoke from the collapsed building. Seeing this, Fire Beacon’s Guardian and Stealth mechas, obstructed by the fallen building, activated their thrusters and attempted to fly upward. Just before the smoke cleared, a mecha suddenly emerged from the smoke. Its Light Blade slashed forward violently, knocking Fire Beacon’s Guardian mecha back.

Fire Beacon’s Guardian shouted, “Can’t get through!”

KID’s Tank mecha was like a roadblock, standing in front of Fire Beacon’s Guardian.

“Deputy Captain!” shouted Fire Beacon’s Stealth.

And at that moment, an Energy Cannon shot suddenly blasted down from above him, interrupting his upward flight. He looked abruptly in the direction of the cannon fire, only to see a red and white mecha holding an Energy Cannon on the ruins.

Fire Beacon’s Stealth was stunned, recognizing the shape of the mecha as a Medical mecha.

It’s clearly a Medical mecha, yet it acted like an unyielding Guardian, blocking his path.

Ying Chenlin hovered in front of the collapsed building, blocking the path of Fire Beacon’s Stealth mecha, with the barrel of his cannon towering over him.

The muzzle of the Energy Cannon left no room for refusal, glaringly informing the opponent— “This path is closed.”

Author’s Note:

You Su: Going in strong?

Lin Yao: Xiang Yu attaches the bowstring?

Xiao Ying: Then let’s blast a building first.

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