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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 142

Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone(Galactic Knockout Competition)

142. Anti-Damage Shield and 25m Long Blade?

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

The building collapsed, and everyone outside the arena didn’t react immediately. It wasn’t until the dust settled and the smoke dispersed that they saw the situation.

The commentator was momentarily speechless, and then said, “The Old Commercial Center’s street has been split in half.”

【Is this demolition???】

【I knew something was off when I saw that charging!】

【Holy sh*t, KID is so daring! They couldn’t split them up, so they forced it!】

The audience in the live broadcast saw the street forcibly separated by the collapsed building and immediately noticed the distribution of KID and Fire Beacon’s mechas.

The angle and timing of the building’s collapse were too perfect. It’s hard to believe KID didn’t do it intentionally. The original 312 formation used by Fire Beacon’s team was now separated in this way, leaving the Fire Beacon Guardian and Stealth mechas on the other side of the building, while the other four mechas remained in the front.

“KID has used the terrain advantage to forcibly split them up. Now we can see the distribution of the KID and Fire Beacon mechas,” the commentator observed, then continued, “But this separation is too short. It’s difficult to prevent mechas from regrouping with just the few ruins of a building.”

In general, splitting the battlefield would utilize distance and terrain distribution to prevent separated mechas from providing rapid support.

But with just one building having collapsed, Fire Beacon’s mechas could seize the opportunity to cross over the ruins of the building—

Before the commentator could finish, he suddenly saw two of KID’s mechas appear on the weaker side, which had Fire Beacon’s Guardian and Stealth mechas. “Wait! Yan and Sink are here too!?”

In the KID rental lounge—

“I analyzed it with them before. In the Keze Floating Island competition area, disregarding other dark horse teams, Fire Beacon poses the biggest threat to us,” Jiang Simiao said, “When we analyzed it before, we said if Fire Beacon’s Medical mecha is a nanny-type Medical mecha, then we can’t engage them head-on.”

For the early-stage KID, engaging in group battles with Fire Beacon was a losing proposition.

KID was using an Assault Medical mecha. Assault Medical mechas consume a lot of energy. Engaging in a group battle with Fire Beacon would drag them into a rhythm of consumption. Fire Beacon’s Tank and Medical mechas both provide shielding, and their Control mecha excelled at hard control. These support conditions were too comprehensive, in addition to having three output positions.

A Heavy Impact Cannon charged faster than a Sniper Cannon, it had a shorter attack range, but had a wider area of effect and higher damage. Once this type of Artillery mecha was fully protected in all directions, coupled with Fire Beacon’s tenacious Guardian and Stealth mechas, it completely countered KID’s front-line mechas, rendering Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng useless.

So once the real battle started, the three output positions in Fire Beacon must be separated. Only then could KID rely on flexible formation deployment and have the ability to attack Fire Beacon head-on.

Shen Xingtang asked, “But can Huo Yan and Chenlin stop them?”

Guardian and Stealth mechas weren’t slow. If they used their thrusters to aggressively suppress them with firepower, they may not be able to stop them.

“If it were before, maybe they couldn’t stop them,” Jiang Simiao said seriously, “But this time, Huo Yan brought those two new weapons.”

On the battlefield, Fire Beacon’s Artillery, Control, Medical, and Tank were all on the other side.

Only their Guardian and Stealth remained on this side of the building. Both the Guardian and Stealth were faster-moving mechas, and they were facing KID’s Tank and Medical mechas. Even though everyone saw this allocation, they felt like KID’s Tank and Medical mechas couldn’t hold back Fire Beacon’s mechas.

【KID is indeed good at dividing the battlefield…】

【Their tactics may seem chaotic, but their battlefield division is indeed well-executed.】

【This division method is still too reckless. How can the Medical and Tank mechas coordinate!?】

On the battlefield, the Stealth said, “Their Medical mecha actually brought an Energy Cannon!? Is Sink using an Assault Medical mecha?”

Fire Beacon’s captain pondered for a moment and immediately said, “Find a way to get over here, don’t engage with KID in individual combat. The Tank and Medical mechas they left behind lack the ability to detain people. It doesn’t matter if he’s carrying an Energy Cannon. We’ll regroup later.”

On the right side of the collapsed building, upon hearing their captain’s command, Fire Beacon’s Guardian immediately locked onto the Tank mecha in front of them. According to their intelligence, Huo Yan from KID had always been the center of KID’s front line. His mecha wasn’t as agile as the others, and the weapons he usually carried were often a combination of a sword and a shield.

In the most recent data, the shield Huo Yan used last season was the Devouring Shield. While the Devouring Shield has a significant effect against long-range firearms, its defensive capabilities against melee attacks weren’t that high. Moreover, the Devouring Shield lacked high resistance, making it easier to control Huo Yan.

Sink’s cannon did pose a threat, but as long as he could get past Huo Yan’s interception, Sink’s personal combat ability alone couldn’t withstand two mechas. Fire Beacon’s Guardian looked at the collapsed building in front of him, which seemed like nothing but a height and obstacle. KID’s battlefield division was too childish.

“I’ll control Yan first and then come to help you. Sink’s cannon poses no threat to you at such close range.”

The two weapons used by Fire Beacon’s Guardian are a high-attack Metallic Control Blade and a high-attack thunder attribute Assault Cannon. With his abilities, dealing with a slow-moving meatshield Tank like KID’s was too easy.

After stabilizing his position, the Guardian locked onto Huo Yan’s Tank mecha on the left. Just as he was about to break through, the Tank mecha less than eight meters away from him suddenly moved. Fire Beacon’s Guardian instinctively raised his Assault Cannon towards the Tank’s position and fired. The moment his cannon fired, the Tank mecha suddenly lit up its shield.

The shield that instantly rose was quickly enveloped by energy. With the shield as its core, a blue light screen spread out in almost an instant. The huge bullet-shaped protective shield buzzed and unfolded, steadily blocking the thunder attribute Assault Cannon’s incoming attack.

In front of the collapsed building, the bulky Tank supported its shield with one hand. The blue light of the frontal attack shield changed from an azure color to navy blue in the instant it received the frontal attack. Especially at the core of the shield, when the deep blue light’s aura touched the explosion of the cannon, the resulting flames were wrapped up by the deep blue light’s aura. Huo Yan’s shield pushed forward, and in the next second, following the incoming cannon’s trajectory, the shell was sent back!

Fire Beacon’s Guardian, upon seeing this, said, “Did the shield let him open——”

Before he could finish his sentence, his pupils contracted.

The firelight surged like thunder, and directly crashed towards the original owner of the Thunderous Assault Cannon.


This unexpected explosion caught everyone off guard. Before they could understand what was happening, they saw Fire Beacon’s Guardian being struck back several steps by the backlash from the lightning.

【F*ck!? What the hell is going on!?】

【Did KID’s Tank bring a cannon!?】

Everyone in the live broadcast turned their attention to KID’s Tank, which didn’t have a cannon in hand, only a shield.

The fire produced by the collision flowed along the patterned light shield of the peculiar-looking shield, dispersing like water, gradually revealing the original appearance of the shield. People then realized that the shield carried by KID’s Tank wasn’t his usual Devouring Shield but a shield with a strange appearance.

【Sh*t, What the hell is this shield!?】

[Weird, look at the veined patterns on that shield!】

The shield was not designed like a traditional circular light shield; instead, the expanded light shield had a huge bullet-shaped design, leaning towards an oval shape, tightly protecting the frontal area of the Tank mecha. The blue light shield did not expand 360 degrees without dead angles; the coverage of the blue light shield was only in front of the Tank mecha.

Even stranger were the patterns on the blue light ring. Instead of a smooth and round surface, it had a water-like design, with flowing lines centered around the deep blue light’s aura at the core of the shield, appearing both peculiar and unusual.

On StarNet, the commentator paused when seeing this scene, “Wait! What kind of shield is Huo Yan carrying!?”

All eyes in the live broadcast room immediately focused on the protective shield of KID’s Tank. They had indeed seen Huo Yan’s shield during the bombing in the Old Commercial Center, but at that time, Huo Yan had shown it briefly, and they thought he was carrying his usual Devouring Shield.

But now, seeing this peculiar half-covered oval-shaped shield with fish-like patterns on the outer edge of the oval light ring, everyone was stunned. It seemed they hadn’t expected there to be a defense weapon with an appearance such as this.

[Hold on! If the Tank didn’t bring a cannon, where did the fire just come from?】

【…I think I saw it coming from the shield side.】

As everyone on StarNet looked at the shield that had a strange appearance, an attack from Fire Beacon’s Guardian was already rushing towards Huo Yan.

The moment when the Assault Cannon blasted over, the residual firelight dispersed along the shape of the flowing lines. The color of the blue light’s aura on Huo Yan’s shield suddenly deepened, and the light of the mighty explosion from the Assault Cannon that hit the center of the shield was buzzingly rebounded back by that aura.

Inside the arena, Fire Beacon’s Guardian hastily avoided the counterattack but looked at the shield in astonishment. “This isn’t Huo Yan’s Devouring Shield!”

The commentator exclaimed, “This shield can actually rebound…?! It’s an Anti-Damage Shield!”

Outside the arena, mecha base coaches who observed this scene directly locked onto the weapon. First, they were stunned by the weapon’s special design, and then they noticed the anti-damage ability.

“I’ve heard that KID obtained an anti-damage anomalous crystal, but I thought they would make a close-range combat weapon or a special rebounding cannon shield… But they actually used it for the main defensive weapon of the Tank mecha.”

“They used an anti-damage ability for a shield!? Is the shield tough enough or has enough hardness!?”

“No, the area of ​​the shield has decreased.” Gale’s weapon designer was stunned when he saw the shape of the shield, especially when he saw the streamlined design revealed when it unfolded. “KID’s designers have abandoned the shield’s surface and protection area, strengthening the shield’s functionality, with the flowing fish-like pattern… It’s too bold, daring to design it like this.”

The use of an anomalous crystal is irreversible, and an anti-damage ability is also a rarity among the Star Alliance’s anomalous crystals.

The most famous weapon in the Star Alliance that has an anti-damage effect was a greatsword, with the ability to counter the damage done to the blade’s surface, used by a Guardian mecha. With the ability to counter damage on the blade’s surface and the added effect of its attacks, it can maximize damage while defending, achieving the weapon’s maximum utility.

Few weapon designers in the Alliance could make Anti-Damage Shields. It’s not that an Anti-Damage Shield didn’t work, but the single anti-damage ability effect could only rebound damage. If the shield’s area was wide, and if the shield’s area wasn’t hard enough, it might not be able to achieve 100% anti-damage. It’s very likely that it will crack open after enduring high amounts of damage a few times.

Unexpectedly, KID actually used such a precious anti-damage anomalous crystal to take the risk of making an Anti-Damage Shield, and they even succeeded.

The live broadcast paused, and everyone looked at the shield.

“An Anti-Damage Shield!?”

*I’m starting to think this should probably be a Counter-Damage shield instead. Since it basically counters damage by rebounding it back(counterattacking). While anti-damage seems more like it would nullify the damage making the attack useless and not incurring any damage.

【Is there someone in KID who can design such a weapon?】

【Don’t forget about Yuan! The designer Yuan is with KID!】

Amidst the astonishment of the crowd, inside the arena, Huo Yan stood steadily in front of Fire Beacon’s Guardian mecha, relying on his Anti-Damage Shield. The peculiar defensive aura made him unafraid of the high-powered Assault Cannon of Fire Beacon’s Guardian.

Fire Beacon’s captain: “What does this mean!?”

“That shield can rebound damage!” Fire Beacon’s Guardian frowned. “Attacks will be bounced back, and I’m afraid control abilities won’t work on him either.”

This meant that his method of using suppression firepower was ineffective, and the idea of controlling Huo Yan was also unusable.

The effect of an Anti-Damage ability was to rebound all damage, and control effects were probably as ineffective on Huo Yan’s shield as they were on other sturdy shields. The most troublesome thing about dealing with Tanks was that sturdy shield Tanks weren’t afraid of being controlled.

Fire Beacon’s Guardian: “As long as he keeps the shield up, I won’t be able to force my way through.”

“I didn’t expect KID to give this kind of crystal to the Tank to use,” said Fire Beacon’s captain. “Don’t force your way through. If we can’t get through head-on, let’s take a detour.”

The Fire Beacon Guardian’s Metallic Control Blade’s paralysis effect and the Assault Cannon’s formidable firepower were basically ineffective against Huo Yan. Seeing this, the only way out for him was to rely on speed and charge through. A Guardian’s movement speed was faster than that of a Tank’s, so as long as he opened up his thrusters fully, Huo Yan might not be able to catch up with him.

Once the time dragged on, Huo Yan wouldn’t be able to hold him back.

This method wasted some time in shaking off the opponent. He had to go around from beside the ruins, but for now, this was the only way.

【This shield is f*cking awesome.】

Outside the arena, the commentator’s tone changed slightly: “Huo Yan’s shield does indeed have a counterattack effect, but a shield is just a shield. As long as Fire Beacon’s Guardian is more aware, he won’t be harmed by that shield’s counterattack. It seems like the counterattack trajectory is a round trip.”

【Being awesome is one thing, but Fire Beacon’s Guardian won’t get counterattacked if he doesn’t attack.】

【There’s no need to attack. Fire Beacon’s Guardian can take a detour.】

Just then, the positions of KID’s Tank and Medical mechas inside the arena remained unchanged.

Noticing Fire Beacon’s Guardian stepping back a few steps, Ying Chenlin suppressed the movement of the Stealth mecha with artillery fire, and his gaze shifted slightly to notice the Guardian’s movements. “Huo Ge, be careful, he’s accelerating to take a detour.”

“Don’t worry.” Huo Yan’s gaze fell on Fire Beacon’s Guardian mecha. “This time, I didn’t just bring one weapon; I also brought out the Void Shock Blade.”

Ying Chenlin’s peripheral vision caught sight of Huo Yan’s weapon. “Then I’ll trouble you, Huo Ge.”

Huo Yan smiled. “Don’t worry, Ge will keep his promise to you.”

Fire Beacon’s Guardian noticed KID’s Tank pause and immediately seized the opportunity. He activated his thrusters, rushing towards the upper-left.

Seeing this, the commentator immediately exclaimed, “Fire Beacon’s Guardian mecha chooses to take a detour. He’s giving up the front and breaking through from the left!”

When Fire Beacon’s Guardian activated his thrusters, it seemed like KID’s Tank had also anticipated this, as its thrusters suddenly activated as well.

Indeed, the collapsed building did create a certain obstacle, but obstacles were just obstacles. The height of the building was limited, and the surface environment was complex, while the environment at higher altitudes was much simpler. Fire Beacon’s Guardian had this idea in mind: it might not be feasible to cross the ruins head-on with a short distance, but there was a much wider space on the left and right sides. As long as he flew high and far enough, he could pull away and leap over the ruins.

The movement speed of Tank mechas was the slowest among all mechas, and Huo Yan couldn’t keep up with him.

Suddenly, everyone saw something.

【Wait! Look at Yan!】

【He’s retracting his shield.】

KID’s Tank mecha behind Fire Beacon’s Guardian didn’t use the shield to prevent the Guardian from turning back and counterattacking. Instead, as he chased after the Guardian mecha with full thrusters, he switched weapons. His strange shield was retracted, and immediately, it transformed into what seemed to be an ordinary Light Blade.

The commentator was puzzled, “KID’s Tank is changing weapons.”

【??? Why is he changing weapons?】

【Does he think changing weapons will stop the opponent?】

Seeing this, Fire Beacon’s Guardian said, “Changing weapons?”

Their captain asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Fire Beacon’s Guardian kept a watchful eye and switched his weapon to the Thunderous Cannon, intending to fire a shot at Huo Yan when he turned.

The seemingly ordinary Light Blade appeared heavy, and in the high-speed flight environment, the KID Tank’s lifting motion slowed down slightly. The disadvantage of their flight speeds caused the two mechas to have a sequence, and just as Fire Beacon’s Guardian was about to turn into the obstacles on the left, Huo Yan’s blade finally lifted up.

The blade was aimed directly at Fire Beacon’s Guardian rushing forward with full thrusters, locking onto his position as it was raised high. Huo Yan’s movement was unwavering in flight; without hesitation, he faced the frontal air pressure and fiercely slashed downwards.

With a buzzing sound—

There seemed to be something invisible vibrating in the air. The blade’s momentum was as heavy as a thousand catties, and the spreading shockwaves swept forward like a blade wind, slamming heavily onto Fire Beacon’s Guardian’s mecha. The flying Fire Beacon Guardian had not yet noticed the attack from behind when suddenly he was struck by an invisible force, causing his mecha to pause for two seconds.

As Fire Beacon’s Guardian stopped, he noticed the pause of his thrusters and realized, “I’m being controlled—”

A teammate: “Does their Medical mecha use control?”

“No.” The Fire Beacon Guardian’s gaze swept to Huo Yan’s blade. “…It’s the KID Tank.”

The vibrating effect had a certain repelling function, immediately pushing Fire Beacon’s Guardian mecha back two steps and suppressing its thrusters for two seconds.

Before the Fire Beacon’s Guardian could finish speaking, KID’s Huo Yan had already seized this two-second gap and appeared in front of him. With another swing, he pushed Fire Beacon’s Guardian mecha back several steps in the original direction!

【Did that blade just strike out of thin air?】

【I think I saw Fire Beacon’s Guardian being pushed back by that blade…】

【Pushed back?! Isn’t a blade a melee weapon? What is that thing?!】

The commentator was astonished: “That blade is a control blade! A remote control blade!”

“KID’s Huo Yan didn’t carry a melee blade.”

In Gale’s base, the coaching staff suddenly sat up, and the weapon designer stared closely at the blade.

The head coach said, “KID’s Huo Yan is carrying a control blade?! A Tank with a remote blade?!”

The assistant coach hurriedly flipped through the records, “In the registration data, there’s no record of Huo Yan carrying a remote control blade in previous matches. KID’s front line is strong under pressure, and Huo Yan’s blade is usually an enhanced one, or it’s a close-range control weapon.”

Huo Yan was the captain of KID, bearing the heavy responsibility of the frontline. The effectiveness of a Tank carrying control was not as good as that of a Guardian, because a Tank’s movements were relatively clumsy, and carrying close-range control weapons made it difficult to keep up with the rhythm. The lack of mobility and endurance meant that such mechas struggled to keep pace with fast-paced battles. Therefore, most mecha bases assigned the role of melee control to Guardian mechas, but KID’s Guardian mecha had drawbacks—Lin Yao didn’t use cannon-type weapons. In the past, KID’s frontline was only able to achieve rapid control through Ji Qingfeng alone.

KID’s frontline was known for its frontline’s strong resistance but lacked control skills.

This was also partly due to KID’s insufficient resources.

Last season, the KID Stealth’s Binding Lock Scythe relieved some of the pressure on the frontline control.

But they didn’t expect Huo Yan, who has always been steady, to choose to carry a remote control blade.

Inside the arena, Ying Chenlin intercepted the Stealth with a backhand, catching a glimpse of Huo Yan intercepting the Guardian mecha.

Huo Yan’s blade was the Void Shock Blade.

It was a mid-to-long-range control blade made using the Small Gorilla’s void shock ability. When swung, it would generate a linear vibrating effect, capable of repelling or stopping others. The blade didn’t have much attacking power, but its greatest feature was the long range of the shockwaves it caused. As long as the opponent was within 25 meters of Huo Yan in a straight line, they were within Huo Yan’s attack range.

Ying Chenlin designed this blade for Huo Yan to compensate for his movement speed. Even if he couldn’t catch up to others, as long as the blade’s control range was long enough, he could still compete in terms of speed.

The only drawback was its linear distance, making it easy for opponents to predict and avoid.

But on Huo Yan, this wasn’t a problem.

If there was anyone in KID who was the most steady and reliable, it would undoubtedly be Huo Yan.

In the air, Fire Beacon’s Guardian froze in motion, the thrusters slowed down from the vibration effect. When he was knocked back twice by Huo Yan, he suddenly realized that something was off with the blade. He quickly realized that the blade used shockwaves to achieve its control effect.

There was a flaw in remote control blades like this—they only worked effectively if the target was facing the wielder head-on.

Fire Beacon’s Guardian seized the moment again, dodging Huo Yan’s frontal attack and breaking away to the side, creating distance.

But just then, Huo Yan seemed to have already anticipated his escape route. As Fire Beacon’s Guardian turned in that direction, Huo Yan changed the direction of his blade and struck downward with force.

The blade’s wind was chilling, swift as thunder.

Once again, it struck Fire Beacon’s Guardian.

The heavy Tank mecha wasn’t sluggish at all at this moment. He knew his speed was slow, but he didn’t panic when Fire Beacon’s Guardian tried to flee. After striking the opponent once again, he closed the distance with Fire Beacon’s Guardian.

With the advantage of height, he used his shield to counter the Guardian’s counterattack, smashing it into the opponent’s face!

“Get down for me!”

Huo Yan pressed the shield against Fire Beacon’s Guardian mecha, directly pushing him down from above, and crashing onto the ground.

This press stunned both the spectators outside the arena and those inside.

Fire Beacon’s Guardian was pressed squarely by the shield, and the entire mecha crashed into the ground, creating a large dent.

Despite the pressure, he clenched his teeth and swung his Metallic Control Blade towards the opponent.

Just as his blade was about to strike and paralyze the Tank mecha, Huo Yan blocked his blade in the first moment, instantly neutralizing his control, sluggishly stopping mid-air.

The nearby Stealth mecha thought his teammate was about to charge forward, but was shocked when he was stopped by a shield from above. He raised his head abruptly and saw KID’s Tank hovering in mid-air, wielding a blade in one hand and a shield in the other, standing tall like an impenetrable fortress.

*(銅牆鐵壁) copper wall, iron bastion – Impenetrable defense

The live broadcast room fell silent—

【That Tank… is terrifying.】

【What kind of blade does he have?!】

【A 40-meter-Long Blade??】

Author’s Note:

Huo Yan: It’s a 25-meter Long Blade.


Huo Yan I can! Why are they(him and You Su) so domineering when they say, “Get down for me”! Huo Ge finally got his chance to shine and not literally with the RGB Shield move but as a Tank doing what a Tank does best! He protec, he attac, but most importantly, he’s a tanc who’s got his teammate’s bac! 

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