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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 143

Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone(Galactic Knockout Competition)

143. KID’s Tank and Medical’s Double System.

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

The commentator, in a daze, spoke up, “That blade seems to have a linear attack.”

Everyone looked at Huo Yan’s blade. It looked so ordinary, like a regular A-class mecha Light Blade. Those who understood immediately analyzed it upon seeing Huo Yan’s weapon. It was evident that the blade was for linear attacks. Just like the wind produced when swinging a blade, except its speed was faster. In almost the same moment as the swing, the vibration would fiercely slash along a straight line.

【No way, 40 meters?!】

【I noticed just now that the distance between the two mechas shouldn’t have exceeded 20 meters!】

“A Guardian mecha’s movement speed is indeed faster than a Tank’s, but speed requires a certain distance to gain an advantage. In the initial stage, both sides couldn’t create any distance. The Tank is using this weapon to keep the opponent close.” The Gale weapons designer paused after speaking. “But to use this type of vibration-based ability for a blade… like an air vibration? Wouldn’t it be better to make it into a cannon-type weapon?”

Melee weapons being made for remote control are rare in the League, but not unheard of.

For example, melee control weapons like swords pursue achieving a speed control effect in a short period of time. For instance, the Metallic Control Blade of Fire Beacon’s Guardian can paralyze an unshielded mecha upon contact, causing its actions to pause for 3-5 seconds. Because of its short distances and fast speed, its control effect is very significant. Even if they were to carry remote control weapons, they would choose mid-range cannon-type weapons with both lethality and control.

Making blades and swords into remote control weapons is a bit extreme.

How far can blades and swords reach?! Not as far as cannon-type control weapons, and they’re not as fast as short-range control.

In the KID’s lounge, as they watched the barrage of comments in the live broadcast room, Gu Xiaotian looked puzzled at Jiang Simiao beside him. “How did Lin-ge come up with the idea for this blade?”

Jiang Simiao replied, “He didn’t tell me the train of thought for making this weapon.”

“Using the void shock crystal to make a cannon-type control weapon would indeed be good. One shot hitting would achieve long-range repelling control. But he said that designing it like that would be too simple.” Shen Xingtang had been to the maintenance room and heard the discussion between Ying Chenlin and Grandpa Gu. “The hit rate of cannon-type weapons is definitely higher than that of linear advancing blade winds, but cannon-type control weapons require charging time, and a Tank has the slowest charging time of all mechas.”

The uniqueness of this void shock ability belongs to its special wind attribute crystal.

If you compress the charging time, it will slow down the control time of the void shock ability.

But a Tank’s gathering speed for melee weapons is faster than using long-range cannon-type weapons, so he made this weapon into the Void Shock Blade. The weapon model used is the Light Blade that Huo Yan excels with. It’s designed to maximize the functionality of the void shock ability with its linear attack effect.

“And this blade isn’t just a simple long-range blade.”

Shen Xingtang looked at the two mechas in the live broadcast room and chuckled, “The maximum attack distance is 25 meters, and the range of the linear vibrations is about 10 meters. The linear attack doesn’t differentiate between near and far; it can repel at close range and halt at a distance. It’s a blade with linear functionality.”

Fire Beacon’s Guardian was knocked down near the ruins by the shield. The road ahead and the high ground were blocked by the Tank, and behind him was only a pile of rubble.

But he didn’t plan to stay put. Blade-type weapons from a distance are easier to predict than cannonballs. As long as he sees the position of the opponent’s blade, he can determine the direction of the attack.

The blade looked heavy, and even if his swings were fast, they shouldn’t be as fast as a cannonball.

As long as he could avoid it—

Seizing the moment, Fire Beacon’s Guardian, leveraging the Guardian mecha’s characteristic of having a fast movement speed, once again broke through from the opponent’s diagonal front the moment Huo Yan raised his blade. This time, firmly locking the direction of the opponent’s weapon, he decisively changed directions the moment Huo Yan raised his blade.

Everyone in the live broadcast room thought that Fire Beacon’s Guardian would finally break through this time, but they saw the blade of the Tank mecha suddenly swing horizontally. The blade that had originally swung vertically instantly turned horizontal, and the vibration produced by the blade swept out horizontally, hitting the mecha that was trying to escape again!

【A horizontal swing?!】


【I didn’t even notice that vibration range when he swung vertically just now.】

【Horizontal swing, vertical swing… does that mean it can also swing diagonally???】

“This is a long-range sweeping blade wind!” The commentator exclaimed in surprise, “The weapon carried by the KID Tank should be a vibration-type ability crystal, and its wide range is normal… Many melee weapons use linear attacks, but Huo Yan’s predictions are too accurate.”

Many people in the live broadcast room had watched team battles before, and in the past, they felt like KID’s matches were just chaotic.

But now they suddenly realized that the chaotic mecha pilots of KID had their own confidence in their chaos.

【I suddenly remembered, in the previous KID matches, Yan always protected the other KID mecha pilots very well.】

【Yeah, I remember in that match where the opposing team almost cheated, when Trace was almost hit, Yan rushed to his front to block the attack.】

Even if it’s just a normal linear attack, no matter how far or wide the range was, it must be within the range allowed by the League’s weapon forging standards. But even with such a normal linear attack, Huo Yan could accurately predict the direction in which Fire Beacon’s Guardian mecha would escape every time.

Once again, everyone in the live broadcast room looked at the Tank mecha. Clearly this was the least threatening Tank, he didn’t have outstanding attack capabilities, nor did he have super high mobility, nor did he make a surprise of taking down one person with one shot. But even such a mecha, just standing in its place, could bring a great sense of oppression to others.

A Tank mecha intercepting a control-equipped Guardian mecha?! Who could have imagined such a situation?

But KID did it.

Inside the Contaminated Zone, Fire Beacon’s Guardian realized that the Tank in front of him wasn’t simple. The range of the Light Blade’s linear vibrations wasn’t terrifying, but what was terrifying was this man’s precise predictions. Even if he could predict the direction of Huo Yan’s blade, he couldn’t predict where Huo Yan’s blade would actually end up.

If it were long-range, he could completely evade Huo Yan’s control. But the crucial point was that it was short-range, with debris blocking the surroundings. No matter how fast his movement speed was, he couldn’t escape Huo Yan’s control range before Huo Yan swung his blade.

On the other side of the divided battlefield, KID’s other four mechas faced off against the four mechas from Fire Beacon.

The lineup of the four Fire Beacon mechas against KID wasn’t advantageous at all. With two control-equipped mechas, a defensive Tank, and only one output position, Fire Beacon’s Artillery captain. On the other hand, KID had Lin Yao, a semi-Tank Guardian, expert harasser Stealth Ji Qingfeng, You Su, an Artillery with high-intensity output, and Lu Xi, a functional Control mecha.

KID’s firepower was formidable; Fire Beacon’s four mechas couldn’t support their teammates on the other side nor escape the encirclement of the four mechas here.

Fire Beacon’s captain said, “We overlooked Huo Yan a bit. I didn’t expect his ability to keep opponents in place to be so strong, so let’s not engage him in personal combat. You coordinate with Stealth, and either Yan or Sink will be our breakthrough. He can control one person, but I don’t believe he can control two.”

Both Fire Beacon’s Guardian and Stealth were high-attack mechas. In a sense, they shouldn’t be at a disadvantage against KID’s Tank and Medical. Huo Yan’s two weapons indeed countered melee attack mechas like the Guardian and Stealth, but it was different for the Medical.

While KID’s Medical, Sink, was legendary, the weapons he carried were Energy Cannons.

Even though Energy Cannons could suppress Fire Beacon’s Stealth mecha, the weapons required charging. If two mechas attacked simultaneously, there was a better chance of a breakthrough on the Medical’s side than on the Tank’s.

Fire Beacon’s Guardian and Stealth immediately stepped back a few steps, targeting the two mechas directly in front of them.

People in the live broadcast room noticed the subtle changes on the battlefield, especially the movements of the Fire Beacon team’s Guardian and Stealth retreating. They immediately realized that these two mechas were about to cooperate.

【They’re planning something with this change in direction, aren’t they?】

【Are they trying to break through on Sink’s side…?】

【Wait a minute? Did you notice? Sink hasn’t used his Binding Lock yet.】

The audience in the live broadcast room suddenly became aware; they had been focusing solely on Huo Yan and had completely ignored Sink.

Sink seemed to have been using a rapid-charging Energy Cannon to bombard Fire Beacon’s Stealth mecha from the start, but he hadn’t brought out the close-range Binding Lock with its control effects.

【I have a bad feeling about this.】

Outside the ruins, the streets were unrecognizable.

In the chaotic and obstructed streets, KID and the Fire Beacon’s four mechas weren’t far apart.

Just then, Fire Beacon’s Guardian and Stealth simultaneously activated their thrusters and rushed in the direction of the KID Tank. The two mechas had swift attack speeds, almost instantly closing the distance between them. But just as Huo Yan raised his blade, Fire Beacon’s two mechas suddenly changed directions, charging towards the elevated Medical mecha.

Huo Yan shouted, “It’s a feint!”

Fire Beacon’s two mechas changed their attack direction extremely quickly. As Huo Yan swung his blade, Fire Beacon’s Guardian immediately locked onto KID’s Medical, Sink. Before being struck by Huo Yan’s Void Shock Blade, Fire Beacon’s Guardian had already fired his Assault Cannon at the Medical mecha. The Assault Cannon was known for its ferocious firepower, covering the sky and earth with its barrage. Fire Beacon’s Stealth mecha seized the opportunity brought by the cover fire and also threw out the three dart-like projectiles from his hand.

Fire Beacon’s Stealth carried Flying Darts and a Short Blade, and his darts were coated with poison bee venom, causing deceleration upon impact. Taking advantage of his teammates’ cover, he seized the opportunity; the direction of the darts was Sink’s left hand holding the cannon.

The commentator exclaimed, “Fire Beacon’s Stealth is trying to escape!”

As the sky was covered with firepower and the poison darts flew, everyone held their breath, looking at the elevated Medical mecha. At this critical moment, Sink’s thrusters suddenly propelled him forward. Almost simultaneously with the war-like barrage, his right-hand’s weapon case suddenly lit up, and a chain-like Binding Lock appeared in his right hand.

In less than a second, his execution speed was as fast as that of Fire Beacon’s Stealth.

He seemed to have anticipated such an attack, and the entire mecha shifted to the right as the poison darts approached. Unfazed, he faced the Fire Beacon Guardian’s Assault Cannon, throwing out the Binding Lock from his right hand, which caught the Stealth mecha that had just moved away from him.

Ying Chenlin lowered his gaze slightly, then exerted force with his right hand, pulling the Stealth mecha, that was about to escape from his upper left, down.

“Damn it!” Fire Beacon’s Stealth cursed, “Sink brought a Binding Lock.”

These actions happened almost instantaneously, regardless of whether it was the Fire Beacon Guardian’s artillery fire or the Stealth’s poison darts.

Yet, despite all this, the Medical mecha remained unscathed, standing guard nearby.

Fire Beacon’s Guardian stopped in his tracks. “An Offensive Medical?! With a Binding Lock and an Energy Cannon!?”

Melee control weapons paired with long-range attack weapons… What an odd combination of equipment!

After capturing Fire Beacon’s Stealth, Ying Chenlin didn’t stop. With the Stealth in his grasp, he switched control to the Energy Cannon before the weapon control effect expired. The Medical mecha’s unique efficient charging caught up with the control time, aiming the cannon at the Stealth mecha. With a close-range blast, the Energy Cannon directly knocked the Stealth mecha back to the ground.

Ying Chenlin said, “Huo Ge, lend me a hand.”

Huo Yan asked, “What do you want to do?”

Ying Chenlin locked onto the mecha in front of him. “Keep an eye on the Guardian for me.”

As soon as Huo Yan heard this, he immediately responded, “Don’t worry, even if he runs 20 meters away, I can still shoot him down.”

The audience in the live broadcast room was shocked by Sink’s Binding Lock. They had seen Sink single-handedly take down other mechas before, but they hadn’t realized Sink’s speed until now. It wasn’t until they saw him daringly control another mecha amid the barrage of the Assault Cannon that they noticed how fast Sink’s hands were.

And it wasn’t over yet. After Fire Beacon’s two mechas broke through towards the Medical, the battle in the arena suddenly accelerated. KID’s Tank and Medical were no longer passively defending. While the Fire Beacon mechas were in action, the two KID mechas also moved simultaneously.

When the Fire Beacon Guardian’s Assault Cannon fired at Sink again, it was intercepted by Yan rushing in, and the fired shells were sent back in the opposite direction. Fire Beacon’s two mechas had to passively change direction once again.

The Stealth mecha hadn’t even thrown out its poison darts when it suddenly saw the cannon fire on the side being deflected back, and it was about to evade that attack.

In an instant, the Medical mecha, protected by Huo Yan, sprung into action. The stealthy Medical almost aligned its movement with the direction of the rebounded cannon fire. It lurked beneath the artillery shells, using the propulsion force of its thrusters to swiftly flip over, seizing a momentary gap in time. The Binding Lock in its hand accurately predicted the Stealth mecha’s escape path and ensnared it the moment it tried to flee.

Fire Beacon Stealth’s attempt to escape was thwarted by the Medical’s Binding Lock, forcing it to endure the onslaught of cannon fire rebounded by its teammate. They had previously fought elsewhere, and the Stealth mecha’s defense was already fragile. The initial 15% damage it had sustained had gradually increased due to the successive harassing attacks from KID’s Medical mecha. Now, taking a direct hit from its teammate’s rebounded damage, the mecha’s damage level suddenly rose to 25%!

After the Assault Cannon shell rebounded, KID’s Medical mecha quickly closed the distance with Fire Beacon’s Stealth using the Binding Lock’s speed. Stepping on the Stealth mecha’s shoulder, it kicked the mecha downward, switching the Binding Lock to the Energy Cannon as the mecha flipped over. With a buzzing charge, the Energy Cannon precisely hit the Stealth mecha.

Seeing the situation, Fire Beacon’s Guardian wanted to intervene. He tried to separate himself and the Stealth mecha from the oncoming shockwave from the side.

He suddenly froze as he saw Huo Yan had moved around him without him noticing.

Outside the arena, everyone saw KID’s Tank and Medical actually coordinating. Their movements were swift, with the Tank’s Void Shock Blade becoming a weapon that separated the two Fire Beacon mechas. While its movement speed wasn’t fast, its support speed was remarkable. Several times, when Fire Beacon’s Guardian mecha was about to get close to the Stealth mecha, its auxiliary attacks had already swung past.

The Void Shock Blade didn’t do much damage, but its effect of repelling and stopping was deadly in this fast-paced battle.

Fire Beacon’s Guardian urgently shouted, “Stay away from that Medical, don’t get caught!”

Fire Beacon’s Stealth didn’t want to be caught, but he found that it wasn’t something he could do solely based on his subjective intention. The Medical mecha’s speed wasn’t as fast as his, but for some reason, the Medical’s prediction speed was astonishingly quick. Sink almost always had the Binding Lock in hand. Every time the Stealth tried to distance himself using speed, the next moment, the Binding Lock always seemed to catch him at the limit of its range, pulling him back firmly.

One pull after another, before he could escape, he was already pulled back.

The Stealth looked at the Medical mecha in the distance. He had fought against other Stealth mechas before and had seen many types of them. He was confident that he could gain the upper hand in battles against other Stealths. However, now he was firmly bound by a Medical mecha wielding the common Binding Lock weapon for Stealths. The enemy’s hit rate was terrifyingly high. While a Stealth vs. Medical matchup was supposed to be advantageous for the Stealth, he now realized that he couldn’t see any victory against that mecha.

This Medical mecha’s individual combat ability is too strong!

Seeing this situation, Fire Beacon’s Guardian suddenly realized a problem. Even if Sink was originally an Individual Soldier turned team player, even if he switched to a position not suited for offense like Medical, his individual combat ability as a mecha pilot itself was at the pinnacle of the Star Alliance. The tournament format and the mecha were his limiting factors. He was indeed a Medical, but not entirely just a Medical.

“Come towards me!” shouted Fire Beacon’s Guardian.

But Huo Yan noticed his trajectory change and intercepted him.

Under Huo Yan’s cover, Ying Chenlin had a very free combat space. The Stealth mecha in front of him seemed to be disoriented, with even the speed of its poisoned darts slowed by a second.

Ying Chenlin calmly observed him, the two weapons in his hands moving flexibly. The Stealth mecha was a close combat mecha, which meant that the attack direction of this type of mecha was primarily frontal. The direction of the dart throws and the attacks of Short Blade were determined by human habits. As long as the direction was grasped, the direction of this mecha’s counterattack could be predicted in advance.

After observing this Stealth mecha for a long time, he probably knew what this person’s habitual attack direction was.

Everyone in the live broadcast saw KID’s Tank intercepting Fire Beacon’s Guardian, and KID free Medical had increased its attack rhythm. The Medical mecha dodged the Stealth mecha’s dart attacks with agility, and the Binding Lock in its hand almost constantly controlled the Stealth mecha. The lock head was firmly attached to the Stealth mecha, and by using the flexibility of the Binding Lock, he avoided the Stealth mecha’s attacks every time, evading the Short Blade and dodging the poison darts, moving around the Stealth mecha like a flexible serpent.

Suddenly up, suddenly down, its rhythm of operation was completely unpredictable.

In this fast-paced attack, he used the gap in time to control the weapon in his other hand. The Energy Cannon didn’t undergo long charging; each charging time didn’t exceed two seconds. The damage inflicted on the Stealth mecha wasn’t high.

Each shot probably only caused a decrease of about 2% in damage, but the terrifying aspect was the accuracy of this mecha.

He almost always launched attacks with the Energy Cannon at close range, whether direct or scattered, like a flexible and free close-range assassin.

The audience in the live broadcast was stunned. They saw the coordination between KID’s two mechas, the Tank’s obstructing support making it impossible for Fire Beacon’s Guardian to rescue their teammate, the Void Shock Blade breaking the deadlock, and the Anti-Damage Shield blocking the attacks, each support being just right. Meanwhile, the Medical mecha on the other side had an increasingly smooth attack rhythm. All they saw was him constantly switching weapons, gradually gaining the upper hand in the close combat struggle against the Stealth mecha.

By the time the Stealth mecha threw out poison darts later on, his anticipation completely surpassed the opponent’s.

Shot after shot, everyone watched as the Fire Beacon Stealth’s damage level gradually increased.

Fire Beacon’s Guardian: “Can the Medical come over and help?”

Fire Beacon’s Medic was being harassed up close by Ji Qingfeng on the other side. Not to mention coming over, they couldn’t even move. “Can’t go.”

Indeed, the Medical mecha’s attacks weren’t strong, but no one could withstand such a high-frequency barrage at close range. Seeing the Stealth’s damage level soaring from 25%, by the time everyone reacted, it had reached 58%.

Next shot, 60%!

As the Stealth mecha’s damage reached 60%, KID’s Sink continued his actions. He seemed to have caught onto the Stealth’s panic, acting even more composedly, exploiting the openings revealed by the opponent’s panic. He calmly seized the gap, extending the charging time of his energy cannon. Each shot from the cannon inflicted higher damage than the last.

Everyone in the live broadcast froze, watching the moment the Stealth was grabbed. Some familiar scenes and actions surfaced, as if they had seen similar movements a long time ago.

These smooth close combat movements, the increasingly rapid firing speed, the bold maneuver of treating long-range weapons as close-range ones—

【Do you all remember? It’s the Medical that solo killed the Stealth on the virtual battlefield.】

【It does seem like that… And back then, that Medical also engaged in close combat.】

【Sh*t, seriously!? That mecha is Sink???】

【…I had a hunch it was him from the moment he entered the arena!】

The Offensive Medical trend that first gained popularity in the virtual battlefield was sparked by a Medical mecha that solo killed a Stealth. The weapons carried by that mecha were a Binding Lock and an Energy Cannon.

At this moment, inside the arena, Sink pressed down on the Stealth mecha’s head with one hand. His entire mecha completed an extreme inverted maneuver, and with a forceful press of his right hand, the Binding Lock in his left hand switched to the Energy Cannon. With just one hand pressing the opponent, the Energy Cannon completed its final charge.

As the Stealth mecha reacted to counterattack, Sink flipped and landed behind the Stealth mecha. The Energy Cannon was pressed against the Stealth mecha’s back, and with a resounding boom!

【KID-Sink had eliminated Fire Beacon-Ynh】

KID’s Tank-Medic combo, overwhelmingly suppressed Fire Beacon’s Guardian-Stealth, and forcibly eliminated Fire Beacon’s Stealth!

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