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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 146

Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone(Galactic Knockout Competition)

146. Bandit Behavior! Influencing Competition Atmosphere!

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

Upon hearing about the payment, the subsequent mechas from KID simultaneously stopped their movements and watched as the Tank mecha ran away without looking back.

Below them, Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng stood together, with an energy tube lying in front of them.

After the person and the mecha flew far away, Ji Qingfeng picked up the energy tube and then gestured towards the camera of the Mecha Alliance, “Ahem, this was dropped by him on his own, we just picked it up, it wasn’t brought in illegally!”

With that said, they openly pocketed the energy tube in front of everyone in the live broadcast room.

【It seems so, this tube was dropped by the Tank mecha just now.】

【The Tank dropped it, they picked it up, seems like there’s no problem.】

The live broadcast room: “…”

The Alliance supervision team staff: “…”

F*cking hell, he dropped it himself. If you don’t threaten to forcefully eliminate the opponent, would the person just drop the energy tube on the ground himself?!

Later, the members of KID paused slightly when they saw this situation, seemingly not expecting this course of action.

Seeing Ji Qingfeng openly picking up the energy tube in front of the Alliance Supervision team’s camera, Ying Chenlin was somewhat surprised and looked at the camera, but seeing no reaction from the Alliance, he realized that picking up an energy tube from the ground seemed to be within the allowed rules.

KID’s group seemed to understand something. Huo Yan asked, “Was he the only one who paid?”

Ji Qingfeng replied, “He’s the only one who dropped the energy tube.”

At this point, the others in KID immediately grasped the situation.

You Su said, “So that means the others didn’t drop theirs.”


【Do they know they’re talking in front of surveillance? Ji Qingfeng didn’t even turn off his external speakers!】

【They wouldn’t be thinking of banditry, would they?】

Watching this scene from the sidelines, other mecha teams fell silent, seemingly not expecting KID to do such a thing.

Shen Xingtang looked at Jiang Simiao. “Are there any such rules in the League?”

Jiang Simiao hesitated. “Well… it seems like there’s no such thing.”

The members of the Alliance’s supervision team had never seen a team like this before, one that could block and rob others during the knock-out competitiones. The Alliance restricted the quantity of mecha energy, weapon energy, etc., that each mecha could carry, and these were rigorously reviewed before entering the competition arena. If illegal smuggling was found inside the arena, it was considered a violation.

However, among all the rules, there were no restrictions on mecha pilots conducting energy tube transactions among themselves.

The Contaminated Zone was a relatively free battlefield, and with the competition system monitoring the entire process, team battles differed from Individual Soldiers’ battles. The Alliance allowed mecha teams to internally adjust their energy allocation. In other battles, there would be cases where a mecha’s damage is on the verge of elimination, and their energy tubes handed over to their teammates for use.

When the incident was reported to the Keze Floating Island Race Committee, several directors of the committee were directly stunned. They had overseen many editions of the competition, but it was the first time someone had committed robbery within the arena.

“Has this kind of situation ever happened before?” the committee director asked. “Are there no restrictions in the League rules?”

“In previous knock-out competitiones, the teams had similar strength, and there was no overwhelming coercion like this. Even if there were transactions with energy tubes, they were rare and not expressly prohibited. Now, with the new format, all top 16 teams have come down…”

Generally, teams had their dignity. In the Dawn Galaxy qualifiers or ranking matches, the mecha pilots of each team had similar strengths. Energy tubes were not something that could be openly displayed, and changes in the quantity of energy tubes were voluntary transactions.

Moreover, energy tubes were stored in a mecha’s storage warehouse. As long as the mecha pilot was unwilling, it was impossible for other teams to forcibly snatch them.

In a showdown between strong teams, who would pay attention to the situation of the energy tubes, let alone give up mecha scores because of them?

For example, bases like Gale and YDS, even if they had the ability to do so, who would sacrifice their base’s reputation to do such a thing?

Competition Committee Director: “…”

The League competition wasn’t just about mecha operation; strategy and tactics were also part of the competition content.

War reserves and mecha resources were supplied by various bases, and the League couldn’t restrict them. The Mecha League itself restricted the amount of energy each mecha could carry to ensure fairness, and there were no excessive restrictions on internal energy trading in the Contaminated Zone at the time. This was to give mecha pilots more freedom when operating.

The competition committee director: “This situation is too much, it has exceeded the League’s intended freedom of operation. Excessive energy tubes will ultimately affect the fairness of the competition… Just because this hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean such rules aren’t feasible. We need to report to the League for revision and handling.”

The staff asked, “So, what now?”

The committee director inquired, “How many did they snatch?”

The staff replied, “…they didn’t snatch any, the mecha pilot voluntarily handed them over, it’s just three or four tubes, I suppose.”

The Alliance’s supervision team urgently reported and issued a reminder before KID’s bandit-like behavior escalated—

[Cross-team trading of energy tubes affects the fairness of the competition. All teams are urged to abide by the League’s rules and maintain a good competitive environment together.]

The League’s emergency reminder caused all teams in the Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone to pause for a moment, sparking discussions.

To be directly warned by the League is not ordinary treatment.

“The League regulates cross-team trading?! Which team did such a thing?”

“I know energy tubes can be traded, but cross-team trading??? Who’s behind this?”

“Small transactions usually don’t trigger League warnings. What did this team do to directly affect the fairness of the League??”

Teams from other areas were unaware, but KID, currently engaged in the robbery, and the mecha pilots being targeted, understood the implications of this reminder.

Ying Chenlin knew that the league was different from a Contaminated Zone’s environment. While the League provided freedom for mecha pilots to operate, it didn’t mean they could do anything they wanted. Energy tubes were potentially hazardous; they were fine for energy usage but posed risks when used for other purposes.

He remarked, “It should be a notice issued after the supervision team reported to their higher ups.”

With the supervision team’s warning, further actions would constitute a violation.

Ji Qingfeng looked at the mecha pilot in front of him apologetically. “Sorry, the League doesn’t allow energy tubes to be dropped casually.”

The mecha pilot, “….”

“It’s really a loss to let you go.” Lin Yao remarked from the side. “We chased after you from so far away… This is being born under an unlucky star ah!”

【??? Is “born under an unlucky star” used like this?】

【This mecha pilot is really miserable.】

【If only a second earlier, he could have paid and left.】

Several KID mechas surrounded the mecha pilot, who now had to put the energy tubes back away. Seeing his chance of escape slipping away, he asked, “Do I have no chance?”

When KID’s people saw this, they felt it was a little unbearable.

But letting him go would be unfair to the energy expended in untold hardship while chasing him.

“We can’t trade energy tubes, then hand over something else.”

You Su raised his eyes slightly. “Energy tubes affect the fairness of the League, but pollutant materials don’t, right?”

Ying Chenlin, upon hearing this, hesitated for a moment before replying, “They don’t.”

Ji Qingfeng looked at the mecha pilot. “Brother, things have come to this point.”

The mecha pilot immediately understood. Pollutant materials on Keze Floating Island were scarce but not non-existent. Coincidentally, before they arrived at the Signal Tower, they had killed a group of B-grade Yellow Rats and collected quite a few anomalous crystals. He quickly produced a few anomalous crystals and materials from the Yellow Rats, asking, “Can B-grade Yellow Rat materials be used? This is all I have.”

Those in the live broadcast: “?”

The Alliance’s supervision team: “?”

Ji Qingfeng looked at the mecha pilot in front of him. “That’s all.”

The mecha pilot, feeling helpless, said, “That’s all I got from killing in the Contaminated Zone. If you eliminate me, there won’t be any more.”

Who would waste energy killing pollutants for no reason? These Yellow Rats had come their way, and they had no choice but to eliminate them.

【This brother is in trouble. At least the others handed over energy tubes.】

【What’s the use of these Yellow Rat materials… Can they bribe KID?】

Other members of KID looked at their universal encyclopedia, Ying Chenlin.

Upon seeing this, Ying Chenlin swept his eyes, made a calculation and said, “It’s not a loss. The market value of these items is around 40,000 to 50,000.”

Just when the audience thought this brother was done for, KID accepted the Yellow Rat materials and let the mecha pilot go.

【This works???】

【Is KID the devil?】


【@supervision team】

The Alliance’s supervision team remained silent.

But considering the impact of KID’s actions, they still reported this matter to the supervision director. Just as the supervision director had quickly submitted the proposal to revise the competition rules to the Dawn Mecha League and came out of the office, he saw the urgent arrival of a supervision team staff member to report.

Seeing the anxious staff, the director said, “Didn’t I tell you before? If there’s another violation like stealing energy, issue a warning. If they don’t listen after two warnings, then they’ll be directly penalized.”

The staff member dumbfoundedly asked, “So, do we issue a warning for trading pollutant materials?”

Director: “?”

Could they even manage that? They couldn’t.

While trading energy tubes affects the fairness of the competition, pollutant materials didn’t have such considerations. These resources were within the Contaminated Zone and were managed by the mecha pilots themselves. These materials were all obtained by the mecha pilots, so they could trade them however they liked. This was beyond the scope of the League’s jurisdiction.

Inside the Contaminated Zone, KID’s numbers were already enough, and they had no intention of continuing the fight. They had originally planned to take advantage of this area around the Signal Tower for some easy pickings and then rest. Little did they know that the Signal Tower area was not as peaceful as they thought. Just as one group of mechas escaped, another group barged in.

With the meat delivered to their doorstep, it would be impolite for KID not to act, but they weren’t in a rush to eliminate the mechas they caught either.

If energy tubes couldn’t be traded, how about pollutant materials?

When the director of the Keze Floating Island Race Committee’s supervision team arrived at Room 4122, what he saw was the chaotic scene around the Signal Tower. The bandit group KID stood at the entrance of the Signal Tower, with several resting side by side. Two red mechas were chasing after others in the sky, and in the distance, the Alliance’s rescue team’s warships were hovering.

The mechas resting in a row weren’t idle either. They were keeping an eye on the situation in the distance while processing materials with their weapons.

“These mecha pilots really don’t know how to handle materials. They’ve ruined perfectly good shells.”

“And there’s one who even took A-grade materials and those who don’t take anomalous crystals, aren’t they wasting resources?”

The supervision team’s members turned to the director.

The director remained silent. “…It affects the competition atmosphere. Remind them to participate actively!”

A Supervision Team staff member: “We’ve tactfully reminded them once.”

Director: “?”

The Supervision Team’s staff member hesitated, then said, “And then they committed robbery.”

“…They’re even more active now.”


KID be giving every Contaminated Zone Management Bureau sleepless nights and hair loss

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1 month ago

I knew they would start extorting mecha pilots!! But this turned out even better than I expected 🤣🤣🤣

They’re going to force the Mecha Alliance to officially change the rules just like Trace did with damage, aren’t they?

Thank you for the new chapter!! 🙏

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