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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 148

Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone(Galactic Knockout Competition)

148. Wandering KID

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

When the competition in the Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone entered its middle stages, discussions about KID reached a new peak on StarNet. KID, known for their endless tactics, had already shown signs of this in the previous season, and many longtime fans of KID had become accustomed to their maneuvers.

However, this new season was different; this year, the attention towards KID was higher than ever before. Even before the Keze Floating Island competition began, discussions about KID had already begun to dominate the elimination round’s discussion section on StarNet, with many topics revolving around Sink. Sink’s achievements as an Individual Soldier and the high expectations of fans who had followed him from solo play to team matches were widely discussed as more and more people focused on the competition.

Topics like #Individual to Attack Medical#, #Virtual Battlefield Medicals Standing Out#, and #Sink Catching Fish# emerged one after another on StarNet, reflecting the growing expectations for him. However, the issue of his mechanical right arm remained a source of concern for many.

Photos from KID’s official account had been reposted by numerous media outlets, and there were even several professional Individual Soldiers from Dawn present at the scene of the knock-out competitions.

While Room 4122 continued its live broadcast, discussions on StarNet continued to intensify.

More fans on StarNet began to dissect KID’s performance from the previous season, combing through fragmented live footage to find keywords related to Sink’s new mechanic role. Some even managed to uncover footage from the Qiu Jin Contamination Zone, piecing together Sink’s involvement there. Even before the League, discussions about the mechanical armed mechanic within KID had sparked some debate online.

Sink’s mecha skills were unquestionable, but his newly revealed abilities as a mechanic surprised many netizens. An Individual Soldier champion mecha pilot with the ability to urgently repair mechas on-site added another layer of mystery to Sink’s persona.

【Is Sink’s right mechanical arm causing him trouble, making him unable to handle solo play and forcing him to transition to team battles?】

【If that’s the case, I’ve noticed Sink’s low level of activity in the League.】

【Surely the mechanical arm must have some impact? Any deviation in the mecha could lead to major problems.】

【You’re still discussing this here? Go watch the knock-out competition! KID is in danger! The team in second place is being surrounded by other teams!】

At the scene of the Keze Contamination Zone, the media cameras sweeping past could easily discern how many professional Individual Soldiers were present.

The knock-out competition had now been going on for 22 days, yet the number of Individual Soldier mecha pilots on-site remained unchanged. While other strong teams in various major tracks were locking in their spots for advancement, commentators and broadcasters on various StarNet platforms had shifted their focus to the Keze Floating Island Contamination Zone after KID dropped to second place. The battles within Keze Floating Island had quietly escalated to a fever pitch.

The deep forests were connected with flatlands, with undulating terrain covered by trees and grass. In the central area of the Second Island, there was an expansive lake. The lush vegetation within the Second Island concealed the mechas’ bulky forms effectively.

In such terrain, for all mechas, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack unless they were detected by radar systems.

The united group was composed of less than five teams, and over the course of 22 days of battle, several mechas had fallen behind, leaving only 23 mechas operational. The united command was led by the captain of the Ocean Team, which ranked highest in performance among the five teams. One of their mechas had a cloaking force field as a weapon, allowing it to stealthily track other teams within this special force field and accurately identify marked mechas.

“When we previously had a confrontation, I identified their Tank mecha,” the cloaked mecha said. “From the current situation, they aren’t far from our position.”

“KID probably didn’t anticipate that we still have pinpoint tracking weapons.”

“I’ve inquired with other teams, and it seems unlikely that Ghost will come to this area in the short term.”

“We still need to be careful of KID, especially their Control mecha,” one of the mecha teams, a victim of the Signal Tower battle on the Fourth Island, warned. “We can’t let their Control mecha and Artillery come together; the damage would be too great. The best way is to control Lucy first.”

Upon receiving all the intel on KID’s six mechas from the other mecha pilots, the Ocean team immediately made a decision. “Let’s center our strategy around the Tank mecha. Our five teams will approach KID’s position from five different directions. Don’t reveal yourselves. Wait for my command; we’ll encircle them together.”

As the audience in the live broadcast room saw the Ocean team and its allied teams move closer to KID’s position, they couldn’t help but feel tense.

【This is getting a bit tricky.】

【Ocean has a weapon that can pinpoint check mechas, which means KID’s position is completely exposed.】

【Previously, those teams couldn’t handle KID when they weren’t united. Now that they’re united, KID is already at a disadvantage before the battle even starts.】

Everyone looked towards KID’s location and noticed that the six mechas hadn’t moved from their original positions.

The spot where KID was located happened to be halfway up a mountain, providing a slightly broader view when looking out, while the size of the mechas allowed them to hide among the trees. When Ying Chenlin mentioned that everyone should stick to the original plan, several mechas immediately targeted a specific direction.

“Did you really see any mechas following us?” Ji Qingfeng asked Huo Yan.

“I didn’t see anyone, most likely a Stealth mecha,” Huo Yan said. “Don’t worry, I can judge this. They’ve been following us for a while.”

There wasn’t much wind in the Contamination Zone, and their current position was just right, with mountains behind them and forests ahead.

Ying Chenlin’s gaze slightly focused on the trees below, and through the magnifying scope, there were slight movements of the shadows. He captured the subtle changes in the swaying trees through the magnifying scope. “There’s activity in the southeast. Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng, head east along the third route to the south.”

As soon as Ying Chenlin spoke, Ji Qingfeng immediately activated the stealth field exclusive to the Stealth mecha, taking Lin Yao and flying along the green route marked on the map.

You Su also raised his scope. “There are people coming from the southwest. They’re vigilant and probably know our location.”

The forest environment had its advantages and disadvantages. The mechas generally had large sizes, making them difficult to spot among the trees. However, being in the mountains meant that even a slight movement could be observed through a magnifying scope from a high vantage point. Even if the opponents were cautious, they could still detect the subtle traces left by the mechas as they passed through the trees.

Ying Chenlin judged and said, “It could be considered a coincidence if it was just one direction, but when multiple directions converge, it means there’s more than one mecha on the other side.”

“So, the mecha that initially tracked me was here to scout our position, right?” Huo Yan confirmed upon hearing this. “With multiple mechas surrounding us, if we judge based on this, there must be several teams heading in our direction.”

Lu Xi added, “If that’s the case, the opponent not only knows our position but also our information. They came prepared.”

Ji Qingfeng commented, “They’re coming from multiple directions? These guys are pretty smart; they even know how to encircle us.”

“Doesn’t that mean our actions will easily be exposed?” Lin Yao asked. “We don’t even know who they are.”

Ying Chenlin scanned the front, his peripheral vision catching the marked routes on the map. “Judging by the terrain, they should be split into four or five routes. Be careful.”

Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao had flown quite a distance away when they suddenly paused upon hearing this. “What do you mean?” Ji Qingfeng asked.

Ying Chenlin replied, “Bad luck. You might be facing a 2v5 situation.”

“2 against 5?” This caught them off guard. They hadn’t planned on facing a 2v5 situation, and they still didn’t know the enemy’s lineup.

You Su noticed the hesitation in Ji Qingfeng’s tone. “Can’t handle it?” he asked.

Everyone turned to look at Ji Qingfeng’s position.

Lin Yao immediately responded, “We can handle it! I can even take on 1v5!”

“You haven’t even fought yet, and you’re already saying you can take on 1v5 by yourself?” Ji Qingfeng exclaimed.

Ying Chenlin pulled up the battle records, which listed the current surviving teams on Keze Floating Island. Scrolling down, apart from them and Ghost, there were several top-ranking teams, although their scores were lower than the top two. It was clear there was a gap in strength. He closed the record and said, “It’s okay; if we can’t win, we can always retreat.”

“But retreating is too shameful,” Lin Yao protested.

“A real man can bend and stretch…” Ji Qingfeng was interrupted when he saw the nearby Guardian rushing forward a short distance. “F*ck, Yao Bao!!!”

Huo Yan solemnly instructed, “Qingfeng, if you’re going to lie down, remember to lie down near Chenlin.”

Ji Qingfeng: “?”

Are they already discussing the posture for lying down before even starting the fight?!

Lin Yao asked in confusion, “Why should we lie down near Chenlin?”

Ji Qingfeng replied, “…to make it easier for them to collect our corpses.”

Lin Yao countered, “But isn’t corpse retrieval the job of the Alliance’s rescue team?”

Ji Qingfeng remained silent.

Damn it, he wanted to go back.

The other KID mechas, located halfway up the mountain, saw their teammates’ signals disappear from the radar. Ying Chenlin glanced at several other directions and designated a few. “Huo Ge, how long can you hold out?”

Huo Yan responded, “If five mechas come up, probably no more than half an hour.”

Upon hearing this, Ying Chenlin paused briefly. “Then, Huo Ge, stay where you are.”

In the live broadcast, viewers noticed KID’s movements. When they learned that the Ocean team, along with others, had begun to encircle them, they thought KID would choose to stick together and move out. But when they looked back at KID’s position, they found that everyone had dispersed. They all knew that the Ocean team’s Stealth mecha had already marked Huo Yan’s position. Seeing Huo Yan alone, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

“KID has dispersed,” the commentator hesitated upon seeing this scene. “Yan has been left alone. Did KID realize that Yan has been marked?”

【Does KID not know that Ocean is encircling them with multiple teams?】

【This isn’t like the Signal Tower! Do they really think their six mechas can encircle 23 mechas?】

【It’s over, Huo Yan is in trouble.】

At this stage of the elimination round, the surviving teams must have at least a moderate level of combat awareness. With KID surrounded by 23 mechas in multiple directions, everyone doubted that KID could gain an advantage in such a situation. Now, seeing KID fully dispersing, everyone was even more puzzled. They knew that KID liked to disperse, but even if they wanted to disperse in such a situation, wouldn’t it be more sensible to divide into groups of three or four?

The viewers in the live broadcast had high expectations for KID, but now seeing this distribution, they couldn’t help but feel KID was a bit overconfident.

The most resilient Tank was left halfway up the mountain, while the Stealth and Guardian mechas went alone in one direction, and the remaining Control, Artillery, and Medical mechas roamed in other directions. On the Ocean team’s side, they were divided into five directions for encirclement. With their current division, the Tank, Huo Yan, was bound to be the first to suffer elimination.

In the arena, the five mecha pilots of the Joint team were already advancing along different routes. The Ocean team happened to be moving head-on. The commander, observing the position reported by the Stealth, noticed that there was no obvious change in KID’s Tank’s position. This made him cautious. KID’s tactics on the Fourth Island left a deep impression on him. He didn’t think the opponent had reached this point recklessly. If the Tank’s position hadn’t changed, there must be a problem. “They may have noticed the Tank being marked. Everyone, pay attention to the surrounding directions—”

“Commander! Team A has spotted mechas! It’s KID’s Stealth and Guardian!”

At that moment, Team A from the Joint Team met KID’s Stealth and Guardian on a narrow path.

It was already difficult to spot each other in the mountain forest, and the Stealth mecha had its stealth field as cover. Team A didn’t notice the enemy until the two mechas stealthily approached them.

Team A consisted of four members: A Tank, Artillery, Control, and Guardian.

As soon as they met, KID’s Guardian immediately charged forward and targeted Team A’s Artillery, who was the most vulnerable at the moment. The adjacent Control didn’t hesitate and aimed its control towards Lin Yao. But who knew that the Guardian mecha from KID was equipped with a protective shield that was immune to control. The shield blocked the control the moment it was activated, and then the Guardian mecha swiftly approached Team A’s Artillery mecha.

“Yao Bao, be careful not to be controlled!” Ji Qingfeng didn’t miss a beat. While Lin Yao was entangled with the two mechas, his Binding Lock ensnared the more threatening Guardian mecha. “Brother, it’s 1v2 over there, don’t run away.”

Lin Yao’s close combat ability was excellent, especially with a regeneration-based melee weapon. As long as he could get close to the mecha, his combo attacks would continue.

After blocking the control, he immediately closed the distance, using the Artillery mecha’s body to avoid the Control mecha’s control shots.

Both control shots from the Control mecha missed their mark. “Is this the strength of the top 16? And they can withstand this…”

The Artillery almost got hit by his own team’s control shot, he exclaimed, “Can’t you think of a solution!?”

There were too many trees in the forest, which meant long-range mechas didn’t have much of an advantage. The abundance of obstacles affected the accuracy of projectile weapons.

Upon learning that Team A and two of KID’s mechas had clashed, Ocean’s commander remained calm. They had the numerical advantage, and even if KID sent two mechas to engage their four, it was expected. The difference in strength was clear. For them, having four against two was a favorable outcome. “No need to assist, we stay in our original positions. Immediately head to KID Yan’s position.”

The Ocean Team’s commander was well aware of KID’s lineup and weapon information.

The only uncertainty was KID’s command tactics.

“Maintain our original strategy. Team A holds off KID’s two mechas. Team B focuses on scouting the positions of KID’s other mechas. Teams C and D head directly to Yan’s position. Team E remains mobile and prepares for support. No change in directions. Our goal is to eliminate all of KID’s mechas. Only then can we pull them down from the leaderboard.”

Ocean’s commander urgently wanted to know the positions of KID’s other mechas. Since KID’s two mechas were scattered, it wasn’t certain that Huo Yan’s position necessarily had four mechas. It’s very likely that they adopted a strategy with three teams, so they needed to be on guard against the positions of KID’s other mechas. “Be careful, they might flank us.”

Gale, upon receiving the message from Qi Sicheng, prepared themselves vigilantly. Everyone watched the situation of the battle inside the arena. “Ocean’s command is very stable. They are still maintaining a stable formation and are mobilizing their mobile teams.”

“What are the other three KID mechas doing?”

“They’ve also entered the forest.”

In the forest, Ying Chenlin, while roaming around, paid attention to the information reported by Ji Qingfeng. He quickly marked Ji Qingfeng’s reported location and erased several routes from the various intersecting marked routes, finally highlighting two specific routes in red.

The enemy had a greater number of mechas, so the strength of the team’s command that has lasted until now shouldn’t be too weak.

With numerical superiority, they wouldn’t easily change their original plan… They must be certain about a stable and fast route forward if they want to completely trap them in this forest.

“Huo Ge, fly to the position behind the northeast mountain, preferably into the forest.” Ying Chenlin confirmed something. “Follow the route I gave you.”

Huo Yan was originally waiting for instructions halfway up the mountain. Now, upon hearing Ying Chenlin’s words, he immediately headed in the direction Ying Chenlin marked.

On the other side, Ocean’s Stealth immediately shouted, “Captain, Yan’s position has changed. He’s now moving towards Team C.”

Ocean’s commander immediately said, “Team D, flank around and surround Yan immediately.”

After speaking, he continued to stare at the radar interface, leading Team E to hover in the air.

Seeing the direction in which Huo Yan was moving, Ying Chenlin slightly lowered his gaze to look at the remaining rendezvous points, piloting his mecha to leave You Su and Lu Xi’s side, disappearing into the forest in an instant. “The three of us will proceed according to the plan.”

The other side doesn’t seem to like being flanked, do they? If they don’t reciprocate, it would be too impolite.

You Su: “Do you need support?”

Ying Chenlin paused for a moment at his words, saying, “I’ll keep within the edge of your sniping range.”

The Joint Team’s Team C and Team D headed out to pursue KID’s Huo Yan, while Team A engaged in mutual attrition with KID’s Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao.

The commentator was paying attention to the situation in the arena when they suddenly exclaimed, “KID’s Medical has left.”

When the positions of the three mechas from KID, who were moving as a group, changed, everyone outside the arena immediately noticed KID’s movements. The live broadcast room completely failed to understand this division and subdivision of their actions. After all, the Joint Team had five teams guarding various directions. Even though two teams had already gone to pursue Huo Yan, there were still two teams remaining in the dense forest on standby. Wasn’t this strategy just handing the advantage to the opponent?

【What’s happening?! It’s getting stranger the more they fight?】

【They split two mechas first, then the three mechas split again, with their medical support leaving, and the Tank’s getting farther away from them.】

【When trouble comes, they each fly their own way?】

【At least others fly away, but they seem to be flying right into the opponent’s gunfire.】

The situation with KID’s command was becoming increasingly bizarre, causing anxiety among both new and old fans in the live broadcast room.

“KID seems to be losing their control a bit. I wonder who their commander is. If I were Sink’s fan, I’d be panicking right now,” a friend said, looking at Jiang Yu, who remained silent beside them. “Aren’t you worried?”

Jiang Yu sat upright, his gaze fixed on the Medical mecha moving alone in the arena. “Worried about what?”

“What if KID doesn’t advance?” The friend looked curiously at Jiang Yu. “The hype on StarNet is so high right now. If Sink gets eliminated here, some unscrupulous media might write some nasty articles.”

Jiang Yu remained silent, quietly watching KID in the arena. “Do you know how many opponents an Individual Soldier encounters on their way from the knockout competition to the Star League?”

“An Individual Soldier is the most fearless when facing a *magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.”

*impressive display of manpower

In the mountains and forests, after the three KID mechas separated, everyone’s pace suddenly quickened. They seemed very familiar with the forest environment. The two remote Artillery and Control mechas in the forest environment showed no signs of slowing down, nor did they carefully observe their surroundings.

The viewers in the live broadcast room focused on the direction of the two mechas. Suddenly, they realized a problem.

【Wait a minute? Has the distance between the KID mechas shortened?】

Gale’s coach was stunned when he saw this scene. “Trace and Lucy’s direction, they’re going to support the Stealth and Guardian!”

Just at this moment, Sink’s Medical mecha, which was moving alone, had already shortened the distance with the Joint Team, almost coming face to face with Team B of the Joint Team in an instant. Both sides’ radars exposed their positions, and in Team B’s moment of astonishment, Sink had already switched the Energy Cannon in his hand to its scatter mode, locking onto the direction of everyone in Team B from afar, unleashing a barrage.

As artillery fire erupted in the dense forest, the hovering commander of Ocean’s team immediately locked onto the distant direction. “What’s going on?!” 

“We’ve encountered KID’s mechas!” Team B quickly reported.

Ocean’s commander asked, “How many mechas have you encountered?”

No one had expected Sink, with just one mecha, would dare to provoke the four mechas of Team B.

【1 against 4? Even if its an Assault Medical unit, this is too fierce!】

Almost all members of Team B were blinded by the smoke from Sink’s Medical mecha’s scatter. Several quickly evaded the confrontation, and they scanned in the direction of the radar, only to see the signal of Sink’s single mecha. “Currently, there’s only one mecha, and their Energy Cannon is scattering. We can’t determine if it’s Sink or Trace!”

Ocean’s commander was taken aback. “A single mecha???”

The attention in the live broadcast room immediately focused on Sink. Meanwhile, in the forest, Trace, flying rapidly with the Control mecha, raised his Sniper Cannon during the high-speed flight, with swiftly passing forest shadows reflected in the scope.

【Shit! What’s Trace doing?】

【This direction, isn’t his Sniper Cannon useless?】

As You Su scanned the closely stacked tree shadows in the forest, as his teammates were about to surpass his farthest sniping range according to both the direction and radar, he suddenly reduced the caliber of the Sniper Cannon to the minimum and fiercely fired it in an instant.

As the members of Team B moved away from the smoke, they caught sight of the mecha darting through the forest and immediately said, “Yes… seems to be only one.”

Before the spotter could finish speaking, they suddenly felt another artillery barrage from the side, “No! It’s a long-range sniper attack, there’s another one!”

The trajectory of KID’s Artillery’s compressed shot pierced through a group of trees, either grazing or penetrating them, exploding in a position next to Team B of the Joint Team. The explosion was at a distance from the Joint Team, and Team B immediately detected the enemy’s reaction from another direction, becoming alert to their surroundings. “There should be two long-range ones, possibly Sink and Trace!”

Upon hearing Team B’s report, Ocean’s commander immediately confirmed that KID was using a 222 split formation. He glanced at the distances on the map. “Team B, hold them off. Team E, follow me. Let’s head to Team B’s position.”

Since they were split into pairs, with the Artillery and Medical together, they could be distinguished by their level of threat.

Naturally, eliminating the Artillery and Medical units first would be the most appropriate.

But before Ocean’s commander could finish speaking, a new emergency request popped up on the communication channel.

On the other side, Team C and Team D had finally caught up with KID’s Tank mecha, Yan. They saw the Tank mecha flying close to the forest, but there were no other mechas around it. One of them immediately shouted, “Commander, there’s only one mecha on Yan’s side. We haven’t spotted KID’s Control mecha!”

Ocean’s commander was taken aback. “Only one mecha? Are you sure you’re not mistaken? Lucy should be with Yan. Don’t just rely on radar information. She could very well be waiting on the side for you to pass by without using her thrusters!”

Ying Chenlin caught a glimpse of the movements of several mechas from Team B in his peripheral vision, quickly assessing the types of enemy mechas and their weapon capabilities. When he noticed their vigilance towards You Su’s direction, he lowered his gaze slightly and immediately switched to the artillery, targeting several of the mechas and firing.

Too late.

In another part of the forest, Team A of the Joint Team had just adapted to the battle of attrition with the two mechas from KID. After a chaotic skirmish, many trees around them had fallen, creating a wider combat space. Team A’s Control mecha had found Lin Yao’s attack rhythm and was about to control it when Lin Yao suddenly stepped back. This sudden retreat immediately broke Team A’s control over the mechas and their artillery. The two mechas didn’t react in time.

The Control mecha reacted first, seeing Lin Yao pulling away to a long distance, immediately firing a shot that hit Lin Yao accurately, immobilizing him.

He exclaimed in surprise, “Got him! Artillery, follow up!”

The Artillery mecha naturally wouldn’t miss this rare opportunity. It immediately powered up in place. “You control him, I’ll charge up!”

【Lin Yao’s been controlled!】

【Whoa, whoa, look at Trace and Lucy!】

【At this distance!? How did they get there!】

At the same time, Lu Xi abruptly halted her mecha at the side of Team A, quickly switching to the Enhancement Cannon in her hand. “You Ge.”

You Su had been waiting. “I’m ready.”

The Artillery mecha flying rapidly in the forest locked onto another teammate’s direction on the radar. This time, the distance was closer, and the charging speed of the Sniper Cannon in his hand was faster. The moment Lin Yao was controlled by the opponent, his charging reached its critical point.

Ji Qingfeng started to run, hastily saying, “Yao Bao! Take care of yourself! I’m going first!”

The Guardian mecha, originally controlled by Ji Qingfeng, was stunned. Why did he run away???

Lin Yao didn’t have time to consider the two mechas in front of him. He immediately switched from his Long Blade to a shield.

Team A’s Control mecha continued to control Lin Yao. “He actually switched to a shield during the gap, not using the Long Blade?”

“Who cares what weapon he’s using?” the Artillery said. “We have 3 seconds.”

The moment when You Su pressed the fire button, in a distant place Lu Xi’s Enhancement Cannon fired half a second later.

Two shells pierced through the forest simultaneously, one from far and one from nearby.

In the two-second gap, when the next control shot was fired from the Control mecha, KID’s Guardian mecha raised its shield high, using the core of his shield to block his head in everyone’s view.

“Is this guy an idiot? Blocking his head with a shield—” Team A’s Control hadn’t finished speaking when suddenly, he saw behind Lin Yao, a violent burst of flames shooting over Lin Yao’s head, rushing towards them.

Team A’s Artillery immediately fired, confident. “I hit him!”

Team A’s Control: “No, wait!!!”

The flames from the collision of the Sniper Cannon and Enhancement Cannon shots erupted instantly, sweeping away along with the Sniper Cannon shot fired by Team A, engulfing the most critical area.

The audience in the live broadcast didn’t know what was happening until suddenly everything turned fiery red.

[KID-Trace has eliminated JGG-QOQ]

Author’s Note:

In the post-match analysis of KID’s tactics by major mecha forums —

JGG firing and eliminating oneself, delivering a punishing attack to teammates, is classified as a typical case.

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Ooooh this is so interesting! I can’t wait to see how the rest of this encounter plays out. Also, I wonder when/if Ying Chenlin is going to be revealed as the command 🤔

I love how fanboy Jiang Yu isn’t at all worried about Sink ending up in a 1v4.

Thank you for the new chapter! I look forward to the next one!

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