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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 150

Keze Floating Island Contaminated Zone(Galactic Knockout Competition)

150. KID’s Group Fight

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

The live-stream viewers had been glued to the match since the five-team alliance, led by Ocean’s team, began their siege against KID. They watched as KID employed a seemingly reckless and brave dispersal strategy. It was only now, seeing the current situation, that they started to realize what was happening.

【Why do the Joint Team’s mechas keep dwindling?】

【Their support’s speed can’t match KID’s. The team was completely scattered while running. Ocean’s initial advantage, having more mechas, is gone.】

【But there was nothing wrong with Ocean’s encirclement strategy! How did it turn out this way?】

Teams C and D, tasked with chasing Huo Yan, had been lured away from their positions by him and couldn’t return to support the other teams in time. Team A had been completely wiped out, and Team B had lost one mecha with several others damaged. The only mechas in good condition were the six from Team E.

Even though the Dawn Galaxy was ranked among the lowest in the entire Star Alliance, any team that ranked within the top 16 among thousands of mecha bases in the Dawn Galaxy had to be strong.

Was a 9v5 situation an advantage? Ocean’s commander had no confidence seeing this. Even with a 23-to-6 advantage, he had to cautiously use an encirclement strategy to deal with KID. Now, with their numbers reduced to nine, there was even less certainty.

But what could they do? They had to fight!

In the forest encounter, KID’s five mechas didn’t retreat in the face of reinforcements from Team B. Instead, the moment the six mechas from Ocean joined the battle, Lucy took the initiative. She fired the Water Flow Cannon at the incoming mechas, hitting them and then immediately changing positions.

KID’s frontline only had Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao. With Lin Yao’s damage level at 40%, he gave up on attacking and prepared for defense, raising his shield. Without Huo Yan to act as an absolute frontline, Lin Yao took on his role, using his shield to block the attacks from Ocean’s Control mecha, then charging forward with Ji Qingfeng.

“Which one do we hit first?” Lin Yao asked, braving the barrage of bullets.

Ji Qingfeng quickly locked onto a target. “No need to ask, just pick the easiest one to hit first!”

Seeing the situation, the commander of Ocean’s team ordered, “Frontline, block their Guardian. Find a way to control Lucy! She’s the core of KID’s firepower!”

KID’s Medical mecha wasn’t highly destructive, but their Artillery was too powerful. The key point was Lucy, the Control mecha. This seemingly inconspicuous Control mecha pilot was the linchpin amplifying the threat from Sink and Trace. Her Enhancement Cannon was incredibly formidable.

The mechas from the Joint Team immediately targeted Lucy’s location, but they found that she was cleverly positioned behind the frontline. She didn’t move flexibly alongside the Artillery and Medical mechas but stayed right behind the Guardian, using their shield to block some of the incoming control shots.

Seeing this, Ocean’s commander ordered, “This isn’t working! Find a way to get behind and control her!”

Hearing the command, the other mecha pilots had no choice but to spread out from their original positions and try to approach Lucy.

The live-stream viewers tensed up seeing this, and the commentator quickly added, “It seems Ocean has realized the threat Lucy poses. They’ve dispatched three mechas to control her!”

【Lucy’s Enhancement Cannon is too much of a threat.】

【That cannon doesn’t discriminate between friend and foe, does it? With her around, Ocean’s Artillery has to be cautious about firing.】

The battle suddenly intensified, with all the spectators focusing intently on the situation.

In the audience, a few of the mecha pilots’ expressions subtly changed when they saw Ocean’s team diverting forces to deal with Lucy.

The friend remarked, “Ocean’s commander isn’t bad; he knows to target Lucy first.”

“No…” Jiang Yu locked onto two other mechas on the field. “For a regular team, taking out Lucy would be like cutting off their lifeline. But their team is spread out. KID is using Lucy as bait.”

The friend paused, hearing Jiang Yu’s analysis, and looked back at the battle.

They suddenly noticed that out of the nine mechas in Ocean’s team, three were blocking KID’s frontline and three were prioritizing Lucy, leaving only three mechas.

On KID’s side, two powerful threats were left unchecked—

“Lucy is a significant threat,” Jiang Yu said gravely, “but those two mechas are even more dangerous.”

Lucy’s Enhancement Cannon had left a deep impression on everyone, but they forgot that before having this weapon, KID’s Trace and Sink could already coordinate to kill mechas from the start.

The moment the commander of Ocean’s team sent the other mechas away, the red-and-white Medical mecha on the side shot out a Binding Lock. Instead of rescuing Lucy, Sink used the Binding Lock’s retractable feature to quickly close the distance with another mecha.

Team B already had two damaged mechas. Hiding behind the Ocean team, they were caught off guard when Sink’s lock hit them. They called out for help, but KID’s Trace had somehow maneuvered behind Sink. The fully charged Sniper Cannon was aimed at the damaged Team B mecha.

Sink released the lock, switching weapons, and Trace’s shot hit right on time!

A volley of cannon fire eliminated the damaged mecha hiding at the back.

[KID-Trace has eliminated CFJ-L11]

The commentator exclaimed, “Oh no! No one’s controlling Sink and Trace!”

After assisting You Su in taking down a mecha, Ying Chenlin quickly retreated. Another Team B mecha saw this and hurriedly tried to retreat towards their teammates. Noticing this, Ying Chenlin called out, “Lu Xi, the coordinates of the left flank.”

Seeing this, Ocean’s commander immediately redirected, “Control mecha, return and control Trace!”

Ocean’s Control mecha followed the order, abandoning their pursuit of Lucy and heading towards the elevated Trace. Meanwhile, Lu Xi, who had been chased, suddenly turned her head despite the risk of being controlled by the other two mechas.

“3 seconds!” The young and quiet girl looked through her scope towards the friendly Medical mecha, her Enhancement Cannon locked onto its left flank.

At the same time, Ying Chenlin suddenly turned left. Seeing Lu Xi’s Enhancement Cannon aiming in his direction, the Energy Cannon in his hand also aimed at the Control mecha heading towards You Su. His movement caused Lu Xi’s cannon to shift direction.

As the countdown reached three seconds in her mind, Ying Chenlin and Lu Xi fired simultaneously.

The two streams of fire quickly intersected. Lucy was momentarily controlled by the mecha pursuing her, and Ocean’s Control mecha happened to walk into Ying Chenlin’s predicted range.

Halfway through his control, Ocean’s Control mecha heard the gunfire and was instantly caught in the crossfire. “F*ck!”

As the fire erupted, You Su suddenly lowered his head from above. The Sniper Cannon targeted the mecha, seizing it at the moment of impact.

As soon as it was hit, the Sniper Cannon’s attack followed suit.

This wave of coordinated attacks from three sides directly thwarted Ocean’s Control mecha’s chance to ambush Trace.

Moreover, it directly entered Sink and Trace’s overlapping firepower range. What did it feel like to be targeted by two cannons? Despite Ocean’s Control mecha having outstanding abilities, he had no confidence in avoiding two projectiles at once. He could only retreat in the direction of the less powerful Medical’s Energy Cannon, gritting his teeth and enduring Ying Chenlin’s attack.

But at that moment, Ying Chenlin’s Binding Lock was already nearing the Control mecha in flight.

After the Energy Cannon ended its fire, his Binding Lock ensnared the Control mecha.

Ocean’s Control mecha had to activate its anti-control weapon. But at the same time, as he fought against Sink’s Binding Lock, the Sniper Cannon from above descended once again!


【When Sink controls someone, Trace is already aiming at him.】

【Trace and Sink are too amazing. Do these two have linked brain circuits?】

Activating its anti-control weapon, the Control mecha endured another hit, raising its damage level to 50%. “…”

He shouldn’t have listened to the command to come back!

Trace and Sink were hard to stop, but they couldn’t be left unchecked either.

Seeing the situation, the Ocean team’s commander immediately went to assist the Control mecha. However, due to the gap in strength and the negative effects of fatigue, although he commanded nine mechas, his flexibility in combat was wholly inferior to KID. When he led his mechas to support the Control mecha, as their suppression became less intense, KID’s frontline immediately united with Lucy and broke through their defenses.

Lin Yao covered Ji Qingfeng, and with Lu Xi’s Water Flow Cannon support from the side, they leaped over the defense and forcibly eliminated the heavily damaged mecha from Team B that was hiding. His damage level soared to 48%, but he showed no signs of stopping his combat’s rhythm.

[KID-QingF has eliminated CFJ-K21.]

Clearly, even with nine mechas suppressing them in the battle, through their several previous engagements, the nine mechas were instantly reduced to seven.

The situation quickly spiraled out of control. A 7-on-5 situation was no longer manageable for Ocean’s command. Previously, they could rely on the number of mechas to offset their inferiority in strength, but now that advantage was gone. Their mechas were dwindling, while KID’s mechas became more independent.

The audience in the livestream witnessed a series of successive skirmishes, watching as the mechas led by Ocean’s team rapidly diminished.

The commentator realized, “With such a fast-paced combat rhythm, it’s impossible to manage without proper commanding.”

【My mind is blown. Is this KID? Can KID coordinate like this?】

【KID’s rhythm is too fast. There must be someone commanding!】

【But their commander, Huo Yan, isn’t there!】

If the commander wasn’t there, what else could it be?

There was more than one commander in KID. There was another person who commanded the mechas in this forest counter-flank operation.

“Who’s the commander?”

The faces of the coaching staff of various mecha bases outside the arena changed as they observed. Their gazes towards KID were no longer the same.

KID rarely cooperated, or rather, their cooperation wasn’t cooperation, but rather the result of their individual excellence and acting with reckless abandon.

This is one of the reasons why many teams didn’t take KID seriously despite their strength. KID’s foundation as a team is just too poor. Their management is chaotic, their mecha pilots haven’t participated much in the League, and their Artillery mecha pilot is a League problem child… When Sink joined KID this time around, the mecha bases that came to watch the game were worried about Sink’s strength but also felt lucky, thinking that a powerful Individual Soldier joining such an odd team might not be able to exert their original strength.

Many people were watching, and even when KID bombarded weak teams to snatch points at the beginning, they were surprised but didn’t take the knockout rounds, where the strength gap was obvious, seriously.

Their initial understanding of KID was that of a team with powerful weapon systems, outstanding stand-alone mecha pilots, and reckless tactical adventures. Such a team might be able to play eye-catching dominating operations in the knockout rounds, but once they encountered the top eight teams in the later stages of the qualifying matches, their reckless tactics would be broken by the top eight teams.

The individual skills of the mecha pilots far outweighed their teamwork in their team matches, and there was no point in watching strong teams crush weak teams.

But now the situation was different… KID had actually turned a disadvantageous situation into an excellent advantage.

The leader of Black Crow furrowed his brows slightly. “Their coordination is different from last season’s. Their mechas are very flexible, and their actions are too decisive.”

“KID’s command isn’t simple,” said the person in charge of YDS. “They have considered everything.”

Inside the arena, KID quickly regained the advantage.

Ocean’s commander realized that something was wrong and wanted to retreat with the other mechas, regrouping with Teams C and D before engaging with KID. However, while their plans were well laid out and they ran fast, KID’s people moved even faster.

As they evacuated along the shortest route, KID’s mechas had already traversed mountains and crossed ridges, intercepting them up ahead.

Blocking them in such a complex environment like the Second Island??? Ocean’s commander looked at the complex map and radar signals, and beads of sweat dripped down their forehead. Why? They had clearly chosen the optimal route and evacuated in time, but they couldn’t escape KID’s encirclement.

How did KID know this area so well!?

It’s as if they had eyes in this forest. No matter where they went, KID always managed to encircle them first.

In the live broadcast room, viewers witnessed the confident Ocean team crowd going from confidently encircling KID to being chased by them.

As the chase gradually closed the distance over time, Ocean’s mechas were eliminated one by one.

【So many mechas, and they can only eliminate Yan in the end?】

【No… Yan doesn’t seem to have been eliminated yet.】

【Sh*t, look at Yan, he’s circled back and clashed with KID!】

【Huh? Isn’t the distance between him and KID quite far?】

The captain responsible for chasing Huo Yan in Team D suddenly said, “Commander, we’ve just arrived nearby. Do you need support?”

Ocean’s commander had no time to consider these. He exclaimed urgently, “No need for support. You have an advantage in distance now. After eliminating Yan, immediately withdraw—”

Team D interrupted, “But we’re already near you.”

Ocean’s commander suddenly noticed the signals appearing on the radar.

While they were engaged in a chase with KID, for some reason, the distance between them and Teams C and D had shortened.

His pupils suddenly contracted. Before he could issue the next command, Sink and Trace behind him seized the opportunity. The Energy Cannon and Sniper Cannon shots hit him one after another.

[KID-Trace has eliminated Ocean-ZHG]

Everyone was focused on the confrontation between KID and Ocean, but they didn’t expect Huo Yan, who was leading a group of people, to persist until now without being eliminated. He faced a 60% irreversibly high damage level and, under everyone’s gazes, crossed over the mountains and reunited with KID once again.

The commentator exclaimed in shock, “How did Yan come back!? Bring up the map route!”

When the route KID’s Tank mecha took was displayed, the audience in the livestream room finally realized that Yan had been leading the two teams’ mechas on winding paths. He flew close to the mountains and forests, diving into the terrain whenever he was about to be caught, using the complex obstacles of the terrain to buy himself time. Everyone only saw him pulling the mechas farther and farther away, but in reality, he had been circling outside the radar signal’s range the whole time.

It looked far, but the linear distance wasn’t far.

As the Ocean team retreated and fled, he was also closing the distance.

【How well does KID know this area’s routes!?】

【I suddenly remember, when they were collecting pollutants on the Second Island, they seemed to have been circling around this forest for a long time.】

【They’re done for… If Yan brings the mechas back here, wouldn’t that mean…】

When the joint forces of Teams C and D were about to catch up to Huo Yan, they suddenly noticed red signal points popping up on the radars. At the moment when all members of the Ocean team were eliminated by KID, the mechas of Teams C and D also presented themselves, entering KID’s radar ranges.

“After holding on for 15 minutes, the mechas are back for you.”

Huo Yan dragged a group of mechas through the air in a grand manner, and several cracks had already appeared on the Counter Damage Shield.

Ji Qingfeng looked at the mechas as if he had seen meat, swinging the Binding Lock in his hand and rushing forward. “Here comes Old Huo, fly towards me!”

【…It’s over, these two teams also have 9 mechas.】

【But now KID is completely full.】

【Isn’t this walking into the lion’s den!!!】

In the live broadcast room, everyone saw the battles reenacted in the forest. KID skillfully caught up with the other mechas who wanted to retreat. However, these mechas had followed Huo Yan here, and flying in the air made them easy targets for KID’s snipers. Their flight speed in the complex mountainous terrain was far slower than KID’s familiarity with the forest. Their previous advantage in distance inexplicably shrank rapidly, and before they could completely escape, KID had caught up with them.

Both teams were unaware of the original battle’s situation, and Ocean’s commander had already been eliminated.

The pressure of consecutive team members dropping out weighed on them heavily, with two mechas even running directly into Trace and Lucy’s range for an ambush.

Would KID let such an opportunity slip by? No way!

KID’s rhythm was too good; they showed no signs of fatigue in their fighting. They seized the opponent’s weaknesses while biting back fiercely.

During the intense confrontation, Gale sent the situation of the battle inside Keze Floating Island to Qi Sicheng.

“Ocean can’t hold them back anymore.” When Qi Sicheng finished the interview and came out, he was still holding the data tablet. “The gap in the strengths of the mecha pilots, the high number of damaged mechas, and the mecha pilots’ fatigue… In the beginning, Ocean should have immediately mobilized Teams A, B and E to encircle Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao.”

This nearly 30-day elimination match was actually a collaboration between teams, deciding when to score more, when to enter the field, and when to conserve energy. This wasn’t simply a game of overwhelming the opponent with numbers or resources. Winning against a stronger opponent wasn’t impossible, but the commander of the Joint Team wasn’t comprehensive enough.

Qi Sicheng said, “This year’s KID won’t lose to YDS.”

Ying Chenlin had budgeted for the multiple teams in the joint operation intending to split up to encircle them separately, and used Huo Yan as bait to turn a mass encirclement’s battle into a crucial point for picking off their opponents one by one.

His understanding of the map and their opponent’s intentions was too clear.

When KID flawlessly executed the forest counterattack, the battle on Keze Floating Island instantly peaked. Just when everyone thought KID was slacking off in the later stages, they turned the tide completely with a perfect forest team battle, winning a flawless counterattack.

“Are we going to fight Ghost’s team next?” Lin Yao asked.

This style of play had its drawbacks. While Lin Yao could recover some of his damage level, Huo Yan couldn’t. Having lost two shields completely, they were at a disadvantage against Ghost, who had many control weapons.

Ying Chenlin shook his head. “We have enough energy, but there’s a high risk for mistakes. We won’t fight them.”

Ji Qingfeng asked, “So what do we do?”

Ying Chenlin glanced at the map and the time. “We widen the score gap.”

The forest counterattack was just the beginning. Over the next eight days, KID’s entire battle rhythm picked up. They knew they had a disadvantage against Ghost in terms of scores, so they avoided direct confrontations with them. Instead, they systematically cleared the remaining mechas across the merged islands. By the 28th day of the competition, they had widened the score gap with Ghost’s team.

Seeing this, Ghost became anxious. With the score gap widening and the mecha numbers decreasing, they had only one way to win in the remaining two days: they had to eliminate KID to reclaim first place.

KID, on the other hand, was no longer in a rush, lying in wait for their victory.

But Ghost was desperate because they couldn’t find KID.

“Have you found KID yet?”

“No, even though we’re on the same island, we can’t find any trace of them.”

“How can they be nowhere to be found?!”

“Captain, we even searched underwater, but there’s no sign of them.”

Ghost’s captain was incredulous. The island was only so big. Six KID mechas could hide, but it was impossible for all six mechas to leave no trace.

Ghost’s fans, growing increasingly anxious, flocked to the live broadcast on Channel 4122.

Upon entering the channel, they saw their team flying over KID’s heads. KID was hidden in a large pit in the forest on the Second Island. Several mechas were covered with leaves and fallen trees. The Tank and Guardian mechas took turns maintaining their shields, while the Stealth mecha activated their anti-stealth field, hiding right under Ghost’s noses.

Ghost’s team had flown over this spot countless times in the past two days, but KID remained motionless like a mountain.

If they had just checked the pit, they would have seen the two heavily damaged KID frontline mechas.

Ghost’s fans were speechless: “…”

F*ck, are these guys ninjas?!

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1 month ago

Oh man I really enjoyed how this played out 🤣🤣🤣
Also it’s so in character for KID to win by racking up points and then hiding instead of actually fighting the other team, I mean, why waste energy and risk elimination?

Thank you for the new chapter! I look forward to the next one!!!

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