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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 157

Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone(Galactic Promotion Competition)

157. KID’s using their brains!

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

Using pollutants to navigate the maze!? When this was said, Zhao Lejie’s expression changed slightly, and he immediately noticed Ying Chenlin’s position.

He found that Ying Chenlin hadn’t moved since the beginning, as if he was the origin point for those coordinates. The pollutants that were initially attacking him but then lured away by Chi Lizi were his bait.

This bait gradually scattered as Chi Lizi retreated upwards, some following Chi Lizi’s path, and others being left behind halfway and then moving in other directions, spreading out like a canopy throughout the entirety of the underground maze.

The Medical mecha pilot was puzzled: “How is this possible? The environment inside is so complex; can energy tracking work?”

“Ordinary energy tracking won’t work, but he’s using an Energy Gun,” Qi Sicheng looked at the Medical mecha pilot. “You know that the bullets from an Energy Gun are specially made. The more complex the components, the larger the target in the energy detection system, and the more it can assist Sink in achieving his goals in the darkness.”

It was difficult to conduct geological scans inside Kemu Cave, with too many special materials and pollutants present. So the other three teams used their own methods to conduct blanket scans instead of relying solely on a mecha’s built-in pollutant scanning or material scanning instruments.

But Ying Chenlin’s method was different. He didn’t need to conduct complex geological scans at all; he only needed to track the direction the pollutants’ energy reactions moved in to quickly map out the paths the pollutants hit by his Energy Gun walked.

Since their first encounter on Tianyu Star, Qi Sicheng had been wary of this young mecha pilot. A young person who excelled in the fields of both mecha combat and maintenance equally wouldn’t just be a simple combat mecha pilot. “He’s a mecha pilot, but he’s also a mechanic.”

A mechanic’s most common task is to find an optimal solution within a complex mechanical environment.

Zhao Lejie was stunned: “How does this guy’s brain work? It hasn’t even been an hour since he encountered the pollutants and Chi Lizi.”

The others in the live broadcast saw that Sink didn’t stop using his Energy Gun until the surrounding pollutants slowed down their movements. After he stopped shooting the Energy Gun, he didn’t make any other moves and remained in the same position, with his mecha’s signal response barely noticeable.

【What’s the point of shooting the Energy Gun at pollutants?】

【I don’t quite understand his operation!】

【What’s the use of understanding such an operation? Have you noticed that Giant Bear’s team has already had three mechas regroup?】

You Su’s movement paused when Ying Chenlin’s mecha signal disappeared. He squinted slightly, not manipulating his mecha thrusters. After the surrounding sounds completely ceased, he heard faint movements hidden throughout the hive-like space.

Having spent a long time in Contaminated Zone environments, You Su was highly sensitive to his surroundings.

In such special underground spaces, even if they were spacious, movements and sounds caused by mechas, such large machinery, would spread outward. Initially, all the mecha pilots were dispersed outwards. But as time passed, the distance between the mecha pilots decreased, and the silence of the underground was disturbed, magnifying the originally faint sounds in such a space.

For example, vibrations and echoes.

You Su’s gaze paused on Ying Chenlin’s position. He switched to energy detection mode and found that there were suddenly a few special energy reactions in the surrounding environment. These energy reactions appeared weak amidst the underground mine, but they were indeed moving. “Huo Yan, stay in that position and don’t move.”

Huo Yan, who was walking, stopped his footsteps. He noticed the distribution of KID’s people, with Lin Yao and You Su near Ying Chenlin, and Lu Xi and Ji Qingfeng in two other directions. “How do we arrange ourselves?”

You Su gradually ruled out abnormal reactions in energy detection. “Ying Chenlin, are you using the Energy Gun?”

Ying Chenlin’s mecha hadn’t fully powered up. He had almost exhausted his mental power. Upon hearing You Su’s voice, he glanced at the green light in the voice system slightly. “The Energy Gun, it’s energy usage is 0.12%.”

Lu Xi paused when she heard this. As a Control mecha pilot, controlling the mecha wasn’t about firing powerful shots like Artillery mechas, but about precisely controlling the energy of control shots to manage one’s own energy reserves during continuous control. She didn’t expect Ying Chenlin to reduce the energy used by his mecha’s weapon to such a low level.

You Su changed the energy identification, immediately lowering the energy monitoring system to exclude certain abnormal energy sources, and finally locked onto the continuous Energy Gun reactions. Ying Chenlin’s move was too clever. As long as Ying Chenlin didn’t move, with him as the starting point for a height analysis, he could immediately determine how far he was from Ying Chenlin’s height.

Ji Qingfeng was about to speak when he suddenly noticed that You Su’s coordinates had changed. “Hey, You Ge, how did you move?”

The hive-like maze indeed presented a significant challenge. But with B-level pollutants like the Night Bats, aside from the interference they caused as pollutants, bats, as biological creatures, were natural radars. They could avoid collisions and find the only route. Pollutants that had survived in the darkness for a long time would be very familiar with the underground environment, and they would indeed follow certain routes.

When You Su moved, Ying Chenlin noticed that the direction of his movement overlapped with the route he was constructing. The paths that various energy points moved through converged before his eyes. Based on the path that resembled a tree root climbing upward, he quickly deduced and constructed a three-dimensional map.

Huo Yan: “The movement speed of the energy reactions has slowed down.”

Ji Qingfeng paused: “No, there’s a sound!”

As his stationary teammates and the moving You Su became specific coordinates on his three-dimensional route map, they helped him further refine the map comprehensively. Chi Lizi would surely shake off these pollutant bats. This method of mapping out the cave, with pollutants on the move while he was stationary, wouldn’t allow him to explore the entire maze. You Su’s gunfire within the maze played a certain role, causing the bats that had been shaken off to move again.

Ying Chenlin said, “You Ge, move upward.”

Upon hearing the command, You Su aimed his cannon upwards and fired.

Ying Chenlin shared the route map he was drawing in KID’s team channel. “Currently, we can’t display it in equidistance. I’ll try to make everyone’s coordinates match as much as possible.”

Huo Yan immediately understood the other party’s operation and revealed his bright blade: “I understand. Do you need us to create some vibrations from here?”

Lu Xi also looked at the energy route. This was a fixed-point energy tracking mapping. She was a bit surprised, “I can help here too!”

Ji Qingfeng, “The route hasn’t reached my side, so I’ll pass.”

Lin Yao looked puzzled, “Huh? What should I do?”

Ji Qingfeng emphasized, “You’re clueless Yao Bao. Chenlin is using those pollutants to find a path for us. Just wait there, and follow the new map when it’s ready.”

Just as the audience had finished watching Chi Lizi shake off the pursuit of pollutants, they witnessed KID’s provocative behavior. Trace’s Artillery Cannon was inherently highly offensive. Even if this wall didn’t collapse, the vibration caused by the explosion disturbed nearby pollutants, causing them to fly up.

“Damn, KID is being too cunning!” Zhao Lejie immediately understood their move, “Chi Lizi shook off the pollutants, and You Su fired to disturb these pollutants. KID wants the pollutants to keep moving!”

If they consider the consequences of letting these pollutants with Energy Gun signals continue to move, according to the characteristics of a Night Bat, these bats would avoid the forks in the road. This was equivalent to allowing KID to continue unhindered, which meant KID would completely dominate most of the area’s map.

Several Gale mecha pilots thought about this with deep fear. What kind of brains does Sink have?

Moreover, Trace actually responded so quickly to cooperate with him. Are these two planning to use these pollutants to thoroughly explore the maze?

【Huh? What’s KID doing?】

【Are they causing chaos? Waking up all the pollutants in the entire underground space?】

【Hey, did you guys notice? Trace’s moving so quickly.】

【I noticed it, Trace seems to know the route…】

Trace knew the route? The audience was puzzled. Even Black Crow would have to explore the map ahead, and the route Trace took wasn’t the one he had taken before. How could someone be so familiar with a route they hadn’t walked before?!

【I was just about to say, have you noticed that Trace seems to be following the same path Lizi just took? It’s like he’s following Lizi.】

【I was just thinking, it seems like he’s following the group of pollutants from earlier.】

【Damn, is KID using the pollutants to find the path?】

【I just remembered, wasn’t there an energy reaction? Are they using energy reactions to find the path?】

When someone mentioned the idea of pollutants finding the path in the barrage, some technical experts in the live broadcast immediately began to analyze it. Suddenly, they discovered that KID were indeed following the direction of the pollutants to find the path, and it was the Night Bats that had been hit by Sink’s Energy Gun that they were relying on. The audience suddenly remembered that since the start, KID seemed to have been using some kind of markings in the cave, combined with the current positions of their mecha pilots, some of the mecha pilots in the audience immediately reacted.

【KID is using energy markings to navigate the maze!】

【??? So advanced? Is this still the KID I know?】

In the audience watching the competition on StarNet, not only was the general audience watching but also a few mecha pilots.

With Trace’s movements, Sink’s operation quickly gained the support of the other person.

In the rest area, Jiang Simiao’s data board was half drawn on. He looked at the simplified route drawn on it, and then glanced at the Medical mecha still in the black water on the field. “Chenlin reacts too quickly, and You Su, how did he keep up with Chenlin’s train of thought?”

After being attacked by pollutants and then tested by Black Crow’s mecha pilots, he could still turn around and find such a brilliant move for KID.

Not to mention You Su following along, how fast were the two’s reflexes? Plus, they had an additional omniscient view to assist in analysis outside the field, while the mecha pilots inside were at a loss. Could Chenlin really draw a three-dimensional map of the maze based on the pollutants and the Energy Gun signals?

Shen Xingtang watched the actions of the other KID members and chuckled, “It’s not just Chenlin, everyone else is also helping.”

The audience was still immersed in Sink’s move to shut down and leave the pollutants to Chi Lizi, yet Sink had already moved on to the next step.

【I’m getting goosebumps. Is this the strength of a top-tier Individual Soldier?】

KID using the Energy Gun’s tracking for mapping made the audience who realized it feel numb. Seeing that Trace was about to complete a lateral traversal, the audience dared not imagine the extent of the map KID had drawn. If they really drew such a map, wouldn’t KID just casually navigate the maze from now on?

At the bottom of the maze, Ying Chenlin, looking at the evolving maze route map, suddenly noticed that the routes in a few areas were relatively dense. He paused slightly and turned towards one of the coordinates. “Lin Yao, someone might be getting close to you.”

In the darkness, Lin Yao was still squatting in place, staring blankly at the maze-like lines in front of him. Having been lost for a while now, he had long given up on treatment and hadn’t even turned on his searchlight.

When he heard Ying Chenlin’s voice, he came back to his senses slightly and looked ahead. In the darkness, he could vaguely see two points of light speeding towards him.

“Oh,” Lin Yao squinted his eyes and looked ahead. “I see them, they’re coming towards me.”

Hearing this, Ji Qingfeng paused. “You can still spot mechas from that crouched position?”

“Maybe it’s luck?” Lin Yao stood up and looked at the two approaching points of light. “They’re even two.”

The audience in the live broadcast immediately looked at KID’s perspective nervously. They saw the red-and-white mecha standing up, as if it had been squatting for too long and needed to stretch its muscles while standing.

Just as the audience was about to diss him, they suddenly noticed a few beams of light on the mecha.

After stretching his muscles, mecha pilot Yao’s mental power immediately spread throughout the mecha. He turned towards the direction of the two mechas from Giant Bear’s team, and his weapon compartment lit up briefly. Then, a silver-white weapon appeared before everyone, a weapon they had never seen before.

【Huh? Yao changed his weapon?】

【…A long weapon? Is this a staff??】

The silver-white weapon was adorned with several golden patterns as borders, and the tip of the long weapon was pointed at the ground.

This wasn’t the basic longsword that Lin Yao used the most often; it was an extremely rare staff-type of weapon.

Author’s Note:

Yao Bao who had been squatting for several episodes: Finally, is it my turn?

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Ooooh a new weapon?! 👀👀👀
I’m so excited for this! Also I love how Chenlin came up with the best way for KID to work smart without working hard and I love how everyone else is also contributing
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