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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 158

Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone(Galactic Promotion Competition)

158. KID’s Guardian’s Violent Aesthetic

Proofread by An Zhee and Cloud Chip Cake

Zhao Lejie paused slightly when he saw Lin Yao’s weapon. “I remember Lin Yao is proficient with polearm type weapons, right? This time, instead of a sword, he’s using a staff? Did Yuan design a new weapon for KID?”

Ever since Huo Yan used the Counter-Damage Shield and Void Shock Blade in the elimination round, Gale had been paying extra attention to KID’s weapon arsenal. In such special terrain, having the right weapon can make combat much more efficient. If Huo Yan were facing the two mechas, he might hold out until his teammates arrived for support. But with Lin Yao there instead, Gale’s mecha pilots couldn’t immediately determine his advantage.

“A staff, even if it’s a control-type weapon, is still for close range, right?” Zhao Lejie continued. “But look, the two mechas he’s facing are both long-range mechas. Even if Lin Yao manages to get close to the Artillery mecha, the opposing Medical with control abilities could just push him back. He wouldn’t be able to advance or retreat and would end up taking hits head-on.”

The Kemu Cave maze’s underground cave network was extensive. Even though the caves were wide and high enough to accommodate mecha combat, facing two mechas blocking him head-on was a tough situation for KID’s Guardian. The path ahead was blocked, and there was no retreating, making direct confrontation inevitable.

Qi Sicheng’s gaze fixed on Lin Yao. As the two Giant Bear mechas got closer, if KID had already mapped out the three-dimensional maze, it might be possible to support Lin Yao from both the front and back at this stage. “The closest to Yao is Sink, and Sink hasn’t moved.”

In the live broadcast, the audience also noticed the actions of the other KID members. While Lin Yao was in a crisis, the others were still busy with their tasks.

【Isn’t KID going to support him? This is a 2-on-1 situation!]

【Yao has a new weapon; maybe he can handle it?】

【Is this about a new weapon? Look at Yao’s front—Giant Bear’s two mechas are an Artillery and Medical.】

In the omniscient view of the live broadcast, everyone saw the two Giant Bear mechas converging and advancing towards Lin Yao. The two mechas were Giant Bear’s Artillery mecha and Medical mecha. Seeing this combination made the audience worried. If it were just Giant Bear’s Artillery mecha against KID’s Guardian mecha, the outcome would still be uncertain. But with the Artillery supported by a Medical, the situation changed significantly.

Giant Bear’s team was one of the top 16 teams in the old competition system. The team’s mecha pilots had pretty average strengths, but their overall ability to coordinate wasn’t weak.

Teams that make it to the top 16 have their own strengths and foundations, and the Giant Bear team was a typical balanced team with both offense and defense. This time around, they adopted a 2-2-2 team split strategy, allocating the team’s resources effectively. One particularly threatening combination was their Medical and Artillery.

Their Artillery mecha pilot was a classic traditional Artillery mecha. From previous battles, the audience already knew about the two weapons this Artillery mecha pilot carried. One was a long-range Sniper Cannon, which inflicted increasing burn damage on the targeted mecha, and the other was a control-immune magnetic field for escaping. When the control-immune magnetic field is activated, it can nullify all enemy mecha control-type weapons within its area.

This kind of Artillery mecha, which can both attack and defend, was very hard to catch, especially since it was accompanied by a Medical mecha.

Giant Bear’s Medical mecha was a half-defense, half-control type. It didn’t carry a replenishment weapon like an Energy Gun, but instead, had a protective shield and Whirlwind Bullets. The shield could protect teammates, and the Whirlwind Bullets could provide a short-term control effect, ensuring the team’s safety.

With their numerical advantage in mechas, the opposing mechas were versatile and self-sustaining, moreover one was a Medical mecha capable of repairing damage.

【Giant Bear clearly made preparations. Their Artillery mecha didn’t bring a second offensive weapon but a control-immune magnetic field, making it a stationary turret. 1

【It’s more than just a stationary turret; look at their Medical. It can protect the Artillery and control opponents. The Medical controls the mecha, while the Artillery suppresses it with firepower. In such a map, the advantage is obvious!】

“So what if it’s a staff? They haven’t seen Lin Yao wield a staff.” Jiang Simiao, seeing this, couldn’t help but sound a bit proud, “I’ll let Giant Bear know that bringing an Artillery and a Medical against KID’s Guardian is a path to self-destruction!”

The distance between the two teams’ mechas rapidly narrowed. Ying Chenlin’s map was still being drawn. His gaze was fixed on Lin Yao’s position while his hands kept providing real-time map updates for KID. He quickly said, “Lin Yao, if you need help, just say so.”

You Su subconsciously accelerated his flight speed, with the disturbed pollutants flying around him. “At most half an hour, hang in there.”

Ji Qingfeng said, “Don’t worry, my family’s Yao Bao may be road crazy, but he can definitely fight.”

“Chenlin, don’t worry about me. Finish the map first.” Lin Yao already had a clear view of the enemy mechas on his screen. He looked up at the surrounding cave, and judged the height and distance, the thrusters on his mecha’s back starting to spew hot air.

Giant Bear’s mecha pilots also noticed Lin Yao in the distance. The Artillery mecha quickly said, “A KID mecha, just one.”

For Giant Bear, there was no way they would pass up the opportunity to ambush a lone mecha. The Artillery and Medical briefly discussed their strategy and were about to ambush the lone mecha, when suddenly, the sound of thrusters hissing came from afar. KID’s mecha took the initiative to attack them first.

The audience in the live broadcast room paused, and the commentator, in an excited tone, exclaimed, “Yao has initiated an assault on Giant Bear. He’s going in!”

The thrusters cut through the darkness, leaving behind a streak of rapid light. The Guardian mecha’s high-speed advantage was fully demonstrated in the frontal assault. The red-and-white mecha didn’t hesitate and retreat. Even before Giant Bear launched an attack, it had already closed the distance between the mechas.

Giant Bear’s Artillery immediately erected its cannon defense. The Sniper Cannon, which had quickly charged, was fired down the cave passage just before Lin Yao approached. The bright Sniper Cannon shot flashed through the dark passage. Just as it was about to hit the red-and-white mecha, Lin Yao lowered his body and narrowly whisked by the Sniper Cannon shot as it flew past his high-speed flight.

The commentator exclaimed in astonishment, “Yao dodged Giant Bear’s Sniper Cannon!”

“Create distance, fall back,” Giant Bear’s Medical positioned himself in front of his teammate. His Whirlwind Bullets, which had quickly charged, continuously launched in the darkness. “The Sniper Cannon, push him back!”

Giant Bear’s Artillery stepped back a few paces to widen the gap. “Shift left, block him.”

【F*ck, Giant Bear’s Medical’s support is fast!】

【He’s blocking his teammate’s front directly.】

【It’s over, the Whirlwind Bullets have control!】

“I remember Yao’s Guardian has a shield, right? With a shield, he isn’t afraid of control!”

The caverns beneath Kemu were spacious enough to support mechas fighting freely, but despite the freedom, the limited height and width of the space posed a challenge. Giant Bear’s Medical deployed its Whirlwind Bullets with great skill, utilizing the Medical mecha’s high endurance. He fired the Whirlwind Bullets from multiple directions, nearly blocking Lin Yao’s path forward.

At this critical moment, everyone thought Lin Yao would raise his shield to resist the control of the Whirlwind Bullets. However, the rapidly moving mecha suddenly hit the brakes at this moment. His Long Staff swiftly shifted to the front. Before anyone could see how he changed his weapon’s positioning, they saw the silver-gold patterned staff under Yao’s control suddenly swing horizontally, performing a staff flourish.

The Long Staff extended in front of the mecha, the change in hands causing the entire weapon to resemble a rotating fan. The rapid rotation formed a circular barrier, deflecting the barrage of Whirlwind Bullets from all directions. The resulting gusts of wind pushed Lin Yao back several steps, and with the rotation of the staff, surrounding sand and dark water were stirred up, momentarily blurring the view.

【Damn, what kind of staff is that!?】

【Can a staff be used like this!?】

【He’s using the staff to detonate all the Whirlwind Bullets at the same time!?】

“That staff is strange,” Qi Sicheng furrowed his brow slightly. “It’s not a control-type weapon.”

Zhao Lejie quickly remarked, “An enhancement-type weapon!?”

Qi Sicheng observed, “Very strange, this weapon is quite agile. Metal-enhanced weapons shouldn’t be this agile.”

Lin Yao performed an extremely elegant staff flourish, suppressing the control of multiple Whirlwind Bullets into explosive bursts. Amidst the strong winds, he inserted the staff into the cave wall, quickly crossing the upwind area and accelerating with his thrusters in the next moment.

The two Giant Bear mechas were surprised that KID’s Guardian could evade the Whirlwind Bullets’ blockade. The Artillery mecha didn’t have time to lock onto Lin Yao’s position, firing its Sniper Cannon preemptively. Dodging at close range was limited in this space; Lin Yao brushed past the Sniper Cannon. The resulting blast pushed him back a distance, but his movements didn’t stop. After enduring half the cannon’s damage, he pushed forward with the staff, bypassing Giant Bear’s Medical mecha and landing squarely in the middle of the two Giant Bear mechas’ encirclement.

“Yao has taken damage from the Sniper Cannon shot and has now entered the center between the two Giant Bear mechas, within the range of Giant Bear’s Medical mecha,” the commentator’s voice rapidly conveyed, the pace of the battle inside the arena faster than what the audience saw.

Giant Bear’s Medical was uncertain about the function of Lin Yao’s weapon, but upon seeing that it could detonate all the Whirlwind Bullets simultaneously, he could confirm that the Long Staff should be a metal-enhanced attack-type weapon. Such melee attack weapons had immense lethality; he couldn’t allow Lin Yao to approach the Artillery mecha. Seeing the opponent enter his range, he immediately fired a barrage of Whirlwind Bullets at Lin Yao.

Lin Yao noticed the incoming projectiles from behind. He spun the staff to his back, directly colliding the staff with the Whirlwind Bullets.

At the moment of the explosion, Lin Yao controlled his direction. While being pushed back by the whirlwind, he also leaped towards the Artillery mecha.

Everyone was shocked to see this. Zhao Lejie exclaimed, “Wait, he used the staff to deflect the Whirlwind Bullets? Using them to propel himself forward!?”

【Can a staff deflect artillery fire!?】

【It’s possible… there are instances of using a sword to intercept artillery fire, but it’s still dangerous.】

【One weapon can’t handle it all. F*ck, this staff must be an enhanced-type weapon, and it’s very durable!】

The situation in the arena changed rapidly. The commentator saw the speed at which the red-and-white mecha was advancing and shouted, “Yao has cut into the Artillery’s position in the back row!”

Without hesitation, Giant Bear’s Artillery mecha stepped back several paces. However, the range of the Long Staff was longer than a typical Light Blade’s. While it was retreating, Lin Yao had already grasped the tail end of the staff. With a twist, he utilized the additional rotational force to heavily strike the front half of the staff onto the Artillery mecha!

Upon being struck by the staff, Giant Bear’s Artillery felt the pressure weighing down. “Damn, this staff is heavy!”

Giant Bear’s Medical reassured, “Don’t panic. His weapon is an enhanced-type, with no control effects.”

He quickly closed the distance. “Let’s sandwich him from the front and back.”

As Lin Yao approached Giant Bear’s Artillery mecha, everyone in the live broadcast room was stunned. They hadn’t expected Lin Yao to jump into the middle of the two mechas’ encirclement amidst Giant Bear’s Medical’s control ambush. However, entering the middle also meant facing the danger of being attacked from both the front and back in such terrain. Lin Yao couldn’t possibly defend against attacks from both directions.

【Yao doesn’t have eyes on his back. He can win against the Artillery mecha in a 1v1, but there’s a Medical there!】

【It’s over, the Medical is targeting him.】

In the underground, Ying Chenlin narrowed his eyes slightly as he noticed Lin Yao’s change in position. Lin Yao’s weapon utilized the Sand Lizard’s anomalous crystal as its core, and the Sand Lizard’s crystal was a rare dual-attribute crystal, possessing both enhancement and spatial properties.

Enhancement was a wind-attribute, and as a wind enhancement-type, it was more suitable for making other types of weapons.

For melee weapons like staffs, the most suitable material was sturdy and sharp metal, and using an attribute like wind for melee weapons was indeed somewhat wasteful.

But Ying Chenlin didn’t think it was a waste. From the moment he used the regenerative crystal to make Lin Yao’s basic attack speed Long Blade, he knew how proficient Lin Yao was with long weapons. It seemed as if he was born to use this type of weapon, he lacked the talent for using artillery weapons, yet he could wield long weapons with finesse.

Before forging the weapon, Ying Chenlin had consulted Shen Xingtang about Lin Yao’s situation, knowing that Lin Yao had been learning these cold weapons since childhood, even the most obscure long weapons. Once in his hands, any weapon, no matter how unconventional, would be skillfully wielded with graceful maneuvers.

Ying Chenlin had seen Lin Yao wield the staff, the rotating staff stirred up the surrounding wind, exuding immense intimidation.

If a wind-attribute staff was used solely as an enhancement weapon, it would be just a slightly more agile weapon for the average mecha pilot.

But as for Lin Yao, he could utilize the staff’s rotation to maximize the wind-enhanced attribute, making even the lightest weapon as heavy as a thousand catties in his hands.

Ying Chenlin’s map was almost finished; he redirected his gaze back to Lin Yao’s coordinates.

Noticing Lin Yao’s decreased movement speed, he confirmed one thing: Lin Yao was approaching the target mecha.

As a weapon designer, what Ying Chenlin most wanted to see when designing a weapon was the user’s ability to fully utilize it, allowing the weapon’s functionality to be fully displayed.

That weapon could only reach its maximum potential when Lin Yao was completely in close quarters.

In the communication channel, Huo Yan, who had been monitoring Lin Yao’s situation, also noticed, “Is Yao Bao getting closer?”

“Getting closer?” Ji Qingfeng, with a moment to spare, interjected, “Isn’t that shutting the door and beating the dog 2?”

Just then, the battle between Lin Yao and the two Giant Bear mechas reached a fever pitch. The Whirlwind Bullets from Giant Bear’s Medical mecha hit Lin Yao from behind, immediately controlling him on the spot. Seizing this opportunity, Giant Bear’s Artillery mecha quickly moved back, pulling away from Lin Yao while he was under control.

【Damn! The Artillery is retreating!】

【I knew 2v1 couldn’t be won.】

“This is impossible to win. Both Giant Bear mecha pilots are quite aware,” Zhao Lejie frowned upon seeing the situation, “Lin Yao relies on an enhanced staff to deal high damage only in close combat. With Giant Bear controlling and firing, they can easily kite 3him to death.”

Qi Sicheng looked at Lin Yao’s weapon. “It’s not that simple.”

“Yao is now trapped in Giant Bear’s encirclement. Giant Bear’s Medical is highly aware and is ready to engage Yao together with the Artillery,” the commentator’s voice quickly relayed, “We see Yao briefly breaking free from control. He activated his thrusters; he’s about to attack! He—”

Mid-sentence, the commentator’s voice suddenly stopped. “He threw his weapon!”

In the live broadcast room, everyone thought Lin Yao was about to fall into a dilemma, being sandwiched between the two Giant Bear mechas, but then, the moment Lin Yao broke free from the control of the Whirlwind Bullets, he pushed his thrusters to the max. At the same time, he gripped the middle of the staff and abruptly hurled it out!

Inside Gale’s base, Zhang Ge sprayed water from his mouth. “Why did he throw away his weapon!”

The entire broadcast room was astonished. Even Qi Sicheng, who was still observing Lin Yao’s weapon, paused, seemingly not expecting such a move to happen on the battlefield.


【??? He threw the staff!】

【Don’t go to the doctor indiscriminately just because you’re seriously ill 4 ah! Can this thrown weapon still hit someone?】

A staff wasn’t a cannonball. Giant Bear’s Artillery swiftly dodged the attack, only to see the Long Staff crash beside its feet, breaking the ground and revealing a shiny ore beneath. Giant Bear’s Artillery was speechless. “No way, even if KID is reckless, he wouldn’t do something like throwing away his weapon, right? His weapon isn’t a throwing dart, can it still hit me?”

Giant Bear’s Medical was also dumbfounded.

In the live broadcast room, they watched Giant Bear’s Artillery dodge the attack and saw the Long Staff standing upright beside the Artillery’s feet.

【Don’t mention it, the thrown staff can stick into the ground. I thought it was a javelin.】

【Pretty accurate aim, delivering the weapon to the enemy’s feet.】

【…Yao, why not just use the previous Long Blade! Fifty stabs, truly a real man!】

And that wasn’t the end of it. While the Long Staff stood in the ground, Lin Yao’s thrusters approached the vicinity of Giant Bear’s Artillery.

Giant Bear’s Artillery, seeing Lin Yao unarmed, relaxed its vigilance a bit, immediately raising its Sniper Cannon and aiming it at Lin Yao. But at that moment, from the position where the Long Staff’s core was, a yellowish light suddenly spread out, gradually forming a circular array on the ground.

The moment the yellow light expanded, Giant Bear’s Artillery froze. “What is this?”

The speed at which the yellow light spread was very fast. When Lin Yao rolled into the range of the yellow light, the yellow light rose from the ground out of nowhere, directly erecting a yellow barrier in front of everyone’s eyes. This barrier trapped Lin Yao and Giant Bear’s Artillery mecha inside, creating a unique space inside the cave.

Lin Yao turned off his thrusters, confidently saying, “The door is closed.”

He drew his feet off the ground and instantly rushed forward.

【WTF! WTF! What the hell is this!?】

【Space? Is that staff capable of a spatial anomaly!?】

Giant Bear’s Medical, seeing this, was puzzled as the Whirlwind Bullets hitting the peculiar yellow light space were neutralized. “What’s going on?! A special space?”

Outside the arena, Jiang Simiao confidently lifted his tea and took a sip. “Of course, it’s the space created by the Sand Lizard’s anomalous crystal, you must have sufficient and formidable power to break through this space.”

Lin Yao’s staff had two functions: A wind-attribute enhancement and an earth-attribute space.

Their weapon designer didn’t combine these two features to create a space-wind field farm or a spatial enhancement domain weapon, but instead separated the two attributes and attached them to Lin Yao’s weapon. As a close-range offensive weapon, the wind attribute enhancement allowed Lin Yao to use the weapon more flexibly, achieving high attack power with the staff. But once this weapon was inserted into the ground, it would expand a space to completely block it off.

The space would exist for a duration of 30 seconds. Within these 30 seconds, unless the space was forcibly broken, any mecha within that space would become Lin Yao’s prey.

An excellent 1v1 arena with a 30-second time limit.

Qi Sicheng’s mysterious and subtle feelings were explained when he saw the yellow light shining. He thought to himself, “Lin Yao’s weapon is a spatial weapon, and this closed space… I’m afraid it’s the anomalous crystal of that Sand Lizard from Tianyu Star.”

At the mention of the Sand Lizard’s anomalous crystal, Zhang Ge suddenly remembered, “Wait?! It’s the same dual-attribute spatial enhancement anomalous crystal that KID got! How did that anomalous crystal get attached to the staff!? Isn’t this too outrageous!?”

“This is actually the effect of a spatial domain-type weapon,” the commentator said in astonishment. “So, that staff is actually dual attributed!?”

【Sh*t, this is the first time I’ve seen a spatial anomaly attached to a staff!??】

【You can still play like this? Who could have guessed that there would be a spatial anomalous crystal on a staff!?】

【How long is KID’s weapons designer’s brain 5? Weapons can be designed like this!?】

The yellow space trapped KID’s Guardian and Giant Bear’s Artillery. The inside of this space where there was no escape, was an excellent hunting ground for KID’s Guardian.

Giant Bear’s Artillery reacted immediately when it was trapped, immediately attacking the space with its cannons. The charged Sniper Cannon had a slight effect on the space, and they immediately realized, “It’s a special space, powerful force can break it!”

As the Artillery struggled to escape from the space, Lin Yao had already rushed to the staff’s side, pulled it out, and smashed it onto Giant Bear’s Artillery. With each swing, the staff smashed into the Artillery like a giant hammer. In Lin Yao’s hands, the Long Staff was almost used to its fullest extent. Everyone in the live broadcast room saw that with every swing he made, the next moment the staff would fall heavily on the Artillery.

The agility of the wind attribute couldn’t achieve the same effect as Lin Yao’s usual regeneration basic attack Long Blade, but in this enclosed space where the opponent couldn’t escape, he could slow down and start a continuous attack.

One swing was followed by another, the melee advantage completely overwhelmed the Artillery mecha that needed to charge up.

With Giant Bear’s Artillery pinned at the edge of the space, before their cannon could even fire, it was broken by Lin Yao’s staff.

Giant Bear’s Artillery said, “What are you standing around for? Break the space, I can’t get out.”

Giant Bear’s Medical saw the challenge this posed. He was a Medical mecha, and the Whirlwind Bullets only had control effects, not attack power. “I can’t break it… You hold on for a while, this kind of spatial anomaly surely has a time limit. Wait until the time is up—”

Everyone in the live broadcast room was stunned. The scene became KID’s Guardian’s show. Lin Yao held the staff like a heavy hammer, hitting the trapped Artillery mecha relentlessly. The Artillery mecha even activated its control-immune magnetic field, but Lin Yao’s staff had no control effect, so this control-immune magnetic field was useless against him. He relied entirely on brute force, using the staff to unleash an unstoppable and terrifying momentum.

Giant Bear’s Medical watched on in horror. In his Medical system, the wear and tear of the Artillery mecha was rapidly increasing under the staff’s barrage. And KID’s mecha didn’t stop for a moment. His movements were continuous, even if the staff’s speed wasn’t as continuous as the basic attack Long Blade, he could still deal terrifying damage with each consecutive strike.

【Who designed this weapon?! A staff with spatial capabilities? I’ve never seen anything like this in a match.】

【Oh my… Did Yao get stronger???】

【Was he this fierce before?】

【I remember he used to only have seven strikes in a combo, and switching to the basic attack blade made it a bit better. But now, even without the basic attack blade, he can still pull off combo attacks.】

【There’s limited space, but Yao’s movements are so fluid!】

As Giant Bear’s Medical’s countdown continued, when he reached the 30-second mark, he noticed the space’s yellow light weakening.

And just then, while Lin Yao was in the midst of attacking, he suddenly stopped, his staff slamming straight down into the ground, and with this motion, the closing space unexpectedly reopened!

“Sh*t, he can control the magnitude of the space!” Giant Bear’s Medical had intended to charge in, but before he could, he was blocked by the reopening space. “Don’t let him insert the staff, we won’t stand a chance if he does!”

“His weapon is too fast!” Giant Bear’s Artillery mecha didn’t want Lin Yao to insert the staff, but crucially, he couldn’t control it. The staff was too agile; even if he anticipated the direction, the next moment, the staff could switch from the left hand to the right, inserting in a different direction.

The Artillery mecha knew it wouldn’t be difficult to break the space; every time he aimed his cannon at the space, Lin Yao could use the staff to press down on his barrel, causing all his charged shots to land on the ground! And with the special ore that filled the entire underground cave, trying to blast open a path through the ground wasn’t feasible; he could only watch himself being suppressed and attacked.

Giant Bear’s Medical attempted several times to blast the space with whirlwind bullets, but its attack power was too little to make more than a crack open a bit. “Can’t we escape?”

If it were any other mecha in their team, this space would have been broken already!

The Guardian mecha’s movements were extremely fluid; in close combat, no one could rival it.

With one combo after another, the smooth staff techniques played out a variety of patterns in his hands. Giant Bear’s Artillery mecha couldn’t predict Lin Yao’s attack directions at all, until he was completely trapped in the corner of the space, with no way out.

【This staff is so cool!】

【My god, this is the first time I’ve seen a staff weapon; can a staff hit this hard?】

【The staff seems to be one of the ancient Chinese long weapons, somewhat obscure.】

【I used to think Yao was good with blades, but I didn’t expect his staff skills to be so impressive.】

【F*ck, this is the first time I’ve felt like a Guardian mecha’s so terrifying. Its lethality is too scary; just watching it hurts.】

The staff was a rare weapon in the mecha arena, lacking the sharpness of swords and blades, and difficult to control due to its length.

But now, in Lin Yao’s hands, this staff was transforming with each move, one combo after another, delivering violent damage in front of Giant Bear’s Medical mecha. His strikes with the staff were brutal, hitting with relentless force.

“He’s still chaining combos…” The commentator, eyes glued to the action, exclaimed in astonishment, “Yao is using staff combos, what kind of staff technique is he using!?”

As time passed by, within the yellow space, there emerged a kind of violent aesthetic that overwhelmed the Artillery.

Guardian vs. Artillery?

Unable to fire its cannon and unable to escape the onslaught, the Artillery was doomed to be defeated.

By the time Lin Yao’s combos had depleted Giant Bear’s Artillery mecha’s durability to 60%, the Medical mecha could no longer provide repairs for its teammates.

Under everyone’s scrutiny, Lin Yao delivered the final strike. As the last blow landed, Giant Bear’s Artillery mecha also reached 80% durability!

[KID-Yao has eliminated Giant Bear-Mbgt]

A sense of oppression emanated from KID’s Guardian, it was a violent elimination!

Lin Yao retracted his staff and stood tall, casting a glance at Giant Bear’s Medical mecha behind him from the corner of his eye. With a proud snort, he said, “My family’s inherited staff techniques, never seen it before right!”

Author’s Note:

Later on, with the assistance of a certain designer from KID–

Countless spectators witnessed the Lin family’s expertise in swordsmanship, staff techniques, swordplay, and spear techniques…

Lin Yao–a seemingly mediocre ordinary dwarf, had mastered 18 types of long weapon techniques.

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Translator Notes
  1. A turret is a structure with a rotating gun or cannon mounted on it, designed for defensive or offensive purposes[]
  2. 關門打狗 – Seal the enemies avenue for retreat and then strike hard[]
  3. A term in video gaming and elsewhere to describe when a ranged fighter skirmishes with a hand-to-hand fighter by running and shooting. This can have 2 purposes: a) to damage the enemy while staying outside of hand-to-hand range, or b) to make the enemy follow you so you can lead them to a specific location/ Take down enemy melee heroes without them having a chance to land an attack on you []
  4. Make rational decisions no matter how dire the situation is[]
  5. Wondering how someone could think of or come up with something not considered normal[]
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OH MY GOD???? THAT WAS SO COOL!!!! I was wondering how Chenlin would use the Sand Lizard’s dual attribute crystal but this is so much cooler than I even thought possible! I’m glad Lin Yao got a chance to fully shine without cheating artillery unfairly interrupting his rhythm. Also if Lin Yao has master 18 types of long weapons then will we get to see more??? 👀👀👀
It would be cool if Chenlin could design a Transforming type of weapon 🤔

Man, KID are kind of scary aren’t they 😂

Thank you for the update!

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