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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 159

Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone(Galactic Promotion Competition)

159. Outflanking Giant Bear

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

Off the field, after witnessing KID’s Lin Yao efficiently corner and eliminate his opponents, the expressions of several mecha base leaders weren’t very pleasant.

In the rest area, Black Crow and those from the BZZL1’s base focused their attention on the distant KID rest area, especially Black Crow. They had conducted a comprehensive investigation and archival of KID’s mecha pilots during the pre-match preparations.

In the elimination round down to the top 32, KID’s strategy had been very similar to Black Crow’s, primarily facing multiple long-range collaborative operations. Black Crow’s main strategic focus had been on KID’s three long-range strategies. They had been far more wary of Ji Qingfeng, the stealthy front-liner, than Lin Yao, not expecting KID to use such a weapon.

“Handing the spatial ability over to the Guardian, and such a use of its completely enclosed space, KID is too confident in their Guardian’s combat ability,” Black Crow’s coach couldn’t help but frown. A completely enclosed space wasn’t an advantageous approach.

That unique spatial staff, besides sealing off space, had no other control effects.

Creating a 1v1 combat space—if it sealed off an opponent stronger than Lin Yao, it would be a thankless effort, possibly even resulting in a counterattack.

However, not only did KID design such an unimaginable weapon, but they also entrusted it to their Guardian, indicating a very high level of trust. Black Crow’s combat system leaned towards flexibility and freedom, but no matter how flexible, if their long-range mechas were sealed off by Lin Yao’s space, they would easily fall into a passive situation.

The key point was, besides Giant Bear’s team, the other two teams in the Contaminated Zone had no idea that KID’s Guardian had such a weapon.

In the Contaminated Zone, Giant Bear’s Medical didn’t linger. Upon confirming that their teammate was beyond rescue, he had already predicted the route of his retreat and immediately withdrew, contacting Giant Bear’s commander while retreating.

This was simply outrageous. KID equipped a Guardian with such a rare spatial anomalous crystal, and not only that, they put the crystal on a staff. Who could have predicted this staff would have spatial attributes? If he had known, he wouldn’t have rushed over with his teammate to kill KID’s Guardian.

“Why are you running!” Lin Yao had just put away his staff when he saw Giant Bear’s Medical fleeing in another direction.

【Giant Bear’s Medical’s running away.】

【Can you blame him? His teammate is down, and knowing there’s no saving him, he has to run.】

【Should he stay and wait to get beaten up? KID’s Guardian is simply a monster. As long as it’s a 1v1, I don’t think anyone can take him down in that space.】

Everyone in the live stream witnessed KID’s Guardian violently eliminating Giant Bear’s Artillery. Now, looking at the Guardian’s mecha, everyone felt uneasy. Previously, they only knew of KID’s Guardian as having a low presence, known for his “real man” nickname, but they never expected such a brutal and decisive performance in a 1v1.

【Damn, Yao is too strong.】

【He’s practically unstoppable. Two people tried to block him, and he wasn’t scared at all.】

“KID’s little dwarf is too strong.” Gale’s Artillery mecha, having just seen the crushing performance, felt a chill, “If I were trapped in that space without assistance, I’d probably be combo-ed to death too. Even with control immunity, this kind of space can’t be considered a control weapon.”

“This is a custom-made weapon…” Zhao Lejie thought about his own shield, “Previously, we didn’t know that Lin Yao could handle a staff more skillfully than a sword. Plus he was clearly using staff techniques just now, wasn’t he? That level of precision isn’t random; being able to chain attacks like that is impressive.”

Qi Sicheng added, “Lin Yao has an S-level physique. You can’t underestimate his stamina.”

Moreover, it wasn’t entirely a Yuan-designed weapon. He knew that the anomalous crystal from the Sand Lizard was a dual-attribute crystal with wind and earth attributes. This meant the enhanced spatial attribute leaned towards wind, lacking the sturdiness and sharpness of a metallic melee weapon.

In Qi Sicheng’s understanding, only You Su in KID could fully exploit a wind-attribute attack weapon.

Now there was another, KID’s Guardian mecha, proficient with wind attributes, relying entirely on brute force and staff techniques to maximize the weapon’s potential.

As Giant Bear’s Medical fled in the opposite direction, Lin Yao immediately gave chase.

The entire livestream was abuzz with excitement, watching him aggressively pursue Giant Bear’s Medical. But when they saw the Medical turn off his spotlight and scramble upward through the cave—

“Giant Bear’s Medical is running upwards, but the Guardian’s movement speed is fast. As long as Yao catches up, he can—” The commentator stopped mid-sentence, watching in confusion as Yao followed the Medical in circles twice before heading in the opposite direction.

“KID’s Guardian seems to have taken a wrong turn.”

【??? The Medical is in the cave just above him!】

【He went the wrong way!】

KID’s Guardian didn’t seem to realize he was going the wrong way. He flew around the cave for a long time, eventually returning to his original position. Meanwhile, Giant Bear’s Medical had taken the opportunity to flee, disappearing without a trace.

【I suddenly remembered that Yao hasn’t moved much since the beginning…】

【I’ve observed it too. He seems to be a bit directionally challenged…?】

The livestream chat was filled with question marks.

Gu Xiaotian, watching the stream, curiously asked, “Jiang Ge, has Lin Yao always been directionally challenged?”

Shen Xingtang responded bluntly, “Not sure, but he never got lost while following a navigation system.”

Jiang Simiao: “…”

If he had known earlier that Lin Yao had a poor sense of direction, he would have given him a crash course before the match.

The audience’s excitement was quickly dampened. The commentator awkwardly remarked, “It seems KID’s Guardian missed his opportunity. Giant Bear’s Medical has now escaped the danger zone and is moving towards the other Giant Bear mechas.”

Even Giant Bear’s Medical hadn’t expected to escape KID’s Guardian so easily. He immediately regrouped with his team’s other mechas.

In KID’s internal communications, Lin Yao, unable to locate the Medical after circling around several times, anxiously said, “I lost track of the Medical mecha!”

“No worries! I’ll come help you!” Ji Qingfeng jumped down from a cave and headed in a specific direction without hesitation.

As Ji Qingfeng changed course, the directions of the other KID mechas also shifted simultaneously, all converging towards Lin Yao’s position, each taking a different path.

You Su, who was the farthest from Lin Yao, asked, “Is the map ready?”

Ying Chenlin replied, “It’s ready. I’ve marked the paths for you. You can block him now.”

In KID’s internal communications, a detailed 3D map of the lower part of the maze had been created. Most of the complex maze layout was now clearly marked.

Lin Yao, holding his staff, looked around in confusion, “This map is too complicated. Can we get a simpler, flat map? Which path should I take?”

“A flat map in a 3D maze??” Ji Qingfeng responded, “Just stay where you are.”

While Lin Yao was fighting Giant Bear’s Artillery, the rest of KID used the time to help Ying Chenlin complete the map of the maze. The Night Bats’ flight range was limited, so the entire maze couldn’t be mapped out, but most of the paths in KID’s area were now mapped out using the pollutants.

Ying Chenlin locked onto the coordinates of KID’s other mechas. Using their positions relative to Lin Yao, he marked the correct paths in green, indicating the Medical mechas’ several possible escape routes.

The two Giant Bear mechas had ambushed KID, but retreating wouldn’t be so easy now.

Ying Chenlin observed the areas on the map where energy signals moved frequently and, after overlapping the data, identified several paths, “Huo Ge, go along path A. Qingfeng, stick to your current route. Lu Xi, switch to the third line. You Ge, take path B.”

After confirming the positions, he began to move, “Giant Bear’s Medical is likely trying to find his teammates. We won’t let him get away.”

Huo Yan added, “The other Giant Bear mechas are probably on alert. They’ll protect their Medical.”

Upon hearing Ying Chenlin, You Su changed directions and lowered the frequency of his thruster’s output, “Then let’s block them all and take them down one by one.”

In the darkness, every mecha from the various teams was on the move.

The livestream viewers initially thought Giant Bear’s Medical had escaped. But soon, they noticed that the other KID mechas were moving in the Medical’s direction. This included Sink, he who had been at the bottom of the maze, was now also on the move.

【Wait? Wasn’t Sink mapping the route using energy signals?】

【Are they planning to block the Medical based on the maze layout?】

【It’s hard to block; there are many paths in a maze. With only five mechas, they can’t cover all directions and block Giant Bear’s mecha.】

To track someone in a maze, you need to determine the moving target’s position first and then choose the shortest path based on positional changes. This requires two things: the maze layout and the Medical’s coordinates.

The teams knew KID might have figured out the maze’s layout, but how would they determine the Medical’s coordinates!?

All mecha bases were also paying attention to this match. How would KID block the escapee?

While the livestream viewers analyzed the situation, KID’s actions were faster than their theories.

They saw the coordinates of Giant Bear’s Medical overlapping with Ji Qingfeng’s coordinates.

【Can they block him?】

【It looks like they can?】

【Sh*t, how did QingF get there!?】

In the darkness, sound and light sources were more easily amplified.

Giant Bear’s Medical, having narrowly escaped, was heading towards his teammates’ position but soon found himself surrounded by KID.

He quickly spotted Ji Qingfeng.

Giant Bear’s Medical immediately changed directions, “Damn, I’ve run into another KID mecha.”

“Just one mecha?” Giant Bear’s team commander frowned slightly and said calmly, “You’re in a maze. Change directions and maneuver around him. We’ll come to support you right away.”

Seeing his target trying to escape, Ji Qingfeng couldn’t let him go so easily. He immediately pushed his thrusters to the maximum, “Buddy, you’re already here. Why are you running?”

Giant Bear’s Medical shuddered at the sound of the loudspeaker behind him, seemingly not expecting anyone to use a loudspeaker in the maze.

“The one following me should be KID’s Stealth,” Giant Bear’s Medical assessed the situation while running and reported the information to his team, “He’s moving very fast. It looks like it’s just him right now.”

Stealths had the highest solo PK win rate among mechas. The Medical, lacking offensive capabilities, could easily fall into a Stealth’s rhythm during a chase.

The maze was complex, with multiple forks at every junction. As long as the Medical took enough winding paths, he could shake off KID’s Guardian just like he did before.

Giant Bear’s Medical thought this plan could work, but the Stealth mecha behind him clung to him like glue. The Stealth mecha had its searchlight on, making sure the whole world knew it was chasing someone, while it held onto a Binding Lock, sticking close to it with clear intent.

The Medical took a circular route, and the Stealth followed right along. 

The Medical pilot’s forehead was drenched in sweat. It felt like the Stealth had a tracking radar on him, following his every move. “Captain, I can’t shake him off.”

Giant Bear’s commander said, “Hold on, we’re almost there.”

Is this a matter of holding on?! Giant Bear’s Medical had already pushed his thrusters to the limit. Just as he was about to enter the next fork, KID’s Stealth mecha suddenly disappeared from behind him. He hesitated slightly, “He seems to be gone—”

【This scene feels familiar.】

【F*ck, QingF’s Binding Lock… it really catches people accurately.】

“Giant Bear’s Medical is being chased by KID—” The commentator’s voice was excited, but then paused in confusion as Ji Qingfeng disappeared, “The Medical entered the fork, and the Stealth mecha vanished!?”

Before he could finish, a blinding light appeared on the screen, and amidst the glaring searchlight, KID’s Stealth mecha’s Binding Lock pierced through the white light, capturing Giant Bear’s Medical and pulling him right in front of the Stealth.

Everyone in the livestream froze. They thought Giant Bear’s Medical was going to escape, but KID’s Stealth had looped around and ambushed the Medical from the front!

“Why bother running, buddy? This cave isn’t that big. Wherever you go, you’ll end up with me,” Ji Qingfeng chuckled like a simple fisherman casting his net, pulling the captured Giant Bear Medical closer, “Told you not to run.”

Giant Bear’s Medical: “…”

The livestream audience: “…”

【Wait??? Didn’t they say someone say they didn’t have the Medical’s coordinates?】

【I don’t get it! How did QingF get in front of the Medical?】

Off the field, Gale’s team paused at what they saw.

If it was a coincidence that KID’s Stealth ran into Giant Bear’s Medical, then circling around to capture him must mean they had to know the Medical’s coordinates, right? At most, KID had the maze routes. How did they predict the direction the Medical would run!?

Qi Sicheng observed the map constructed by the coaching team beside him. “KID doesn’t have the coordinates for Giant Bear’s Medical’s mecha, they deduced the direction of his movements.”

“The direction of his movements!?” Zhao Lejie was puzzled. “Can they deduce that!?”

“They can. Sink is still using the Night Bats.” Qi Sicheng looked at the positions of the other KID mechas, saying in admiration, “KID isn’t just targeting Giant Bear’s Medical. They’re using him as bait to lure out the other Giant Bear mechas.”

The Night Bats had another use besides mapping routes. The Energy Gun’s energy reactions on the bats could last for several hours. These bats, now scattered, each carried an energy reaction.

Night Bats use echolocation to identify the position of prey and obstacles. For them, the cave obstacles had no attraction, but mecha movements would trigger some reaction.

Combining Lin Yao’s position and the possible escape routes of Giant Bear’s Medical, the paths with the highest concentration of energy reactions from the Night Bats likely indicated traces of mecha searchlights or thruster marks.

Based on the areas the Night Bats coveraged, it was possible to roughly determine where there were mecha traces.

While they couldn’t pinpoint the exact coordinates, they could deduce the direction the Medical was moving. For KID, who had mastered the maze’s routes, knowing the direction of the Medical’s escape and blocking him with multiple mechas made the Medical’s escape attempts more obvious in their view.

The more Qi Sicheng watched, the more shocked he was. Looking at the moving Medical mecha in the livestream, his expression grew more cautious.

Giant Bear’s team would undoubtedly come to rescue their Medical mecha. Once they did, they’d fall right into KID’s trap.

In the livestream, everyone saw Giant Bear’s Medical being pulled into a corner by Ji Qingfeng’s snare.

In the interval between Ji Qingfeng’s snare attempts, the Medical activated its protective shield, granting it immunity to control effects. With the shield up, it could resist Ji Qingfeng’s snare.

【Giant Bear’s Medical is impressive!】

【Great reactions, but he can’t escape!】

The Medical immediately called out, “Captain, I’m barely holding off KID’s Stealth.”

Giant Bear’s team commander replied, “Hold on, we’re coming to rescue you.”

Ji Qingfeng’s snare paused for a moment due to the resistance, but he had already blocked the Medical’s path, trapping him in the corner. “It’s alright, buddy. I can’t control you, but with your shield up, you can’t get past me.”

“But you can’t do anything to me either.” The Medical, pulled close by the Stealth mecha, faced the Binding Lock control and the close-range high-damage Short Blade. Even with his shield and resistance to Ji Qingfeng’s control, he couldn’t run.

Ji Qingfeng chuckled, “I never intended to eliminate you. If I did, how would your teammates come to save you?”

Noticing the Medical’s silence, he continued, “You didn’t think I was the only one blocking you, did you?”

The Medical was stunned, “What do you mean!?”

【What the hell does he mean!?】

【F*ck, look at the positions of the other KID mechas.】

At that moment, the KID mechas flying through the dark cave suddenly changed directions, following the path Giant Bear’s Medical had taken. They quickly locked onto other movements in the darkness. Ying Chenlin, navigating around the area, gave clear instructions, “Huo Ge, go down!”

Giant Bear’s Control and Tank mechas were moving towards their Medical’s location. Just as they were about to enter a fork, they were suddenly hit from the front. KID’s Tank mecha had appeared before them, slamming down with its Void Shock Blade.

Giant Bear’s Control mecha was sent flying by Huo Yan’s attack, while Giant Bear’s Tank mecha quickly reacted, raising its shield to protect its teammate. “What the f*ck?!”

How did KID’s mecha end up here!?

Giant Bear’s team captain, who was piloting the Control mecha, calmly said, “There’s only one Tank. We don’t have time to waste here, let’s go rescue our teammate.”

Seeing the Tank raise its shield, Huo Yan also raised his shield in front of him, clearly indicating that ‘this path was blocked’.

Giant Bear’s captain looked on without panic. He immediately led his teammate to retreat, and in the next moment, a Control mecha flew out from behind the fork in the road. The Water Flow Cannon in KID’s Control mecha pilot, Lu Xi’s hands, fired a few shots at the shield of Giant Bear’s Tank. She didn’t control the Giant Bear mechas, but she blocked their path to rescue their Medical mecha.

A 2v2, and one with both sides having Control and Tank mechas. Such a confrontation would wear down both sides too much.

“KID’s Tank and Control.”

Giant Bear’s captain had to give up this route and said, “Retreat first! Let’s take another path.”

Ying Chenlin was still flying, freely navigating the cave. He noticed the coordinates where Huo Yan and Lu Xi were staying, locked onto the positions of the two Giant Bear mechas, and calmly said, “Lu Xi, find a way to force them towards the upper-left corner’s fork.”

Lu Xi replied, “Understood.”

In the livestream, just a moment ago, they saw KID’s Stealth blocking Giant Bear’s Medical, and in the next moment, they saw two KID mechas meeting the Giant Bear’s rescue mechas head-on. While other teams hadn’t even started fighting yet, with Black Crow having already found a reconnaissance point, the battle between KID and Giant Bear was about to begin.

Lu Xi saw which direction they retreated in and said, “They’ve gone to the upper-left corner.”

Ying Chenlin said, “Continue to drive them back.”

【Oh my god, KID is blocking Giant Bear’s mechas!】

【F*ck, are they planning to wipe out all three Giant Bear mechas at once?!】

Giant Bear’s team naturally wasn’t afraid of being besieged by two KID mechas. The maze was full of cave paths, and while KID’s two mechas could block two positions, they couldn’t block other intersections. Seeing KID’s Control mecha approaching with its control Water Flow Cannon, they immediately chose another path and retreated towards the safe upper-back area.

Everyone in the livestream watched as KID and the Giant Bear mechas chased each other inside the cave. And at this moment, they suddenly noticed that a coordinate that had always been the farthest from the battlefield suddenly appeared.

【Wait a minute!】


On the chaotic virtual screen, the special three-dimensional map marked the directions of his teammates, indicating that Lu Xi and Huo Yan’s coordinates were approaching a certain pathway. They both moved forward rapidly in the spacious and straight cave passage, Ying Chenlin’s gaze was locked onto the coordinates at the other end of the straight passage. He said, “The target has been delivered to you.”

Ying Chenlin: “You-ge?”

The man responded with a grunt, “Got it.”

The red and white Artillery mecha entered the clear passage in the darkness of the cave. His Sniper Cannon quickly powered up as he moved forward, and the distant light drew closer and closer. Just as a certain spotlight swept by, his Sniper Cannon aimed at Giant Bear’s Control mecha.

Giant Bear’s team captain had just escaped to the clear passage, and seeing that Lu Xi hadn’t followed, he deactivated his shield, “Don’t let KID’s people hold us back.”

However, just as the two mechas thought they had escaped from KID’s encirclement, they looked up and met the Sniper Cannon right in front of them. The red and white mecha was directly above them, and its Sniper Cannon, charged with immense energy, was aimed at them.

Thinking of escaping? Since you’re here, don’t even think about leaving.

Giant Bear’s captain was startled, “Activate the shields!”

Inside the cockpit, You Su had an expressionless face as he fired the Sniper Cannon.

The close-range bombardment lit up the cave with explosions, knocking down both Giant Bear mechas.

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1 month ago

This is so good!!! Ngl I feel a little sorry for Giant Bear’s Medical, he thought he escaped only to get caught and then he thought he was being rescued only to be used as bait 😔
Man KID really excels at striking fear in the hearts of their opponents, it’s glorious
Thank you for the update!!

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