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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 160

Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone(Galactic Promotion Competition)

160. Bear Hunting Operation

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee 

At such close range, no one expected Trace to emerge from this spot. The single, fierce shot of his Sniper Cannon hit the two completely unprepared Giant Bear mechas, blasting them away.

The mechas crashed into the ground, cracking the outer layer of rock and revealing the translucent minerals beneath.

When You Su saw the minerals, he frowned, but he didn’t stop charging his Sniper Cannon.


【KID has three mechas blocking the path of two Giant Bear mechas!】

【Lucy and Yan are catching up!】

The close-range shot hit both mechas directly, causing massive damage in an instant. Giant Bear’s Tank reacted swiftly, raising its shield at this critical moment. However, KID’s Control mecha, following closely behind, gave him no chance. As the Tank tried to shield his teammate, Lu Xi seized the opportunity, hitting Giant Bear’s Control mecha with two successive Water Flow Projectiles, pinning it down. “Huo Ge, now!”

“On it!” Huo Yan responded immediately, slamming Giant Bear’s Control mecha away with his Void Shock Blade.

Giant Bear’s Control: “!!!”

As Giant Bear’s Tank’s shield went up, his teammate was pushed aside by the coordinated attacks of the three KID mechas. “Captain, over here!”

Giant Bear’s Control mecha tried to move but was armed only with two control weapons. Having just escaped Lu Xi’s control, it immediately ran into Huo Yan’s Void Shock Blade.

This type of weapon was exceptionally effective in the cave. With a single sweep, it created a significant distance between the Tank and the Control mechas. Seeing this, Giant Bear’s Tank tried to expand his shield’s coverage to include the Control mecha. But amid the intense back-and-forth, Trace’s second sniper shot was already fully charged.

Trying to save them?

You Su didn’t target the unprotected Control mecha. Instead, he used the full power of his Sniper Cannon to blast the shielded Giant Bear Tank back several dozen meters, creating a gap between the two mechas.

“Beautiful!” The commentator exclaimed excitedly, “KID’s three mechas have separated the Giant Bear mechas! Giant Bear’s Control mecha has lost its protection, and the Tank is being driven back by Trace!”

“Damn, You Ge, how powerful was that shot?!” Ji Qingfeng, still on a lower level of the maze, felt the tremors in the cave. “I can feel it down here.”

Lin Yao, struggling to follow the maze map, responded, “I didn’t feel anything. Didn’t Chenlin bring an Energy Gun? We have enough energy ah!”

Ji Qingfeng was getting anxious. “Why are you getting farther away!”

Lin Yao was getting a headache. “Then I’ll loop back.”

“No need to loop back, just stay where you are.” Hearing this, You Su glanced at the radar where a Medical mecha was marked, continuing to charge his cannon. “Is there enough energy?”

Ying Chenlin happened to be hovering at a corner, observing the Night Bats and Lin Yao’s positions on the map. 

Upon hearing You Su’s question, it took him a moment to realize the question was directed at him. “There’s enough.”

The audience in the livestream had just recovered from the aftermath of the 100% charged sniper shot. The red and white Artillery mecha, pressing down its cannon, continued to charge even after pushing Giant Bear’s Tank back. Ignoring the shield Giant Bear’s Tank had raised high, the mecha kept firing shot after shot.


Giant Bear’s Tank had never encountered such a relentless Artillery before. The Artillery seemed to predict every direction he wanted to break through, with each shot varying in charge time. Despite there being only one mecha, its overwhelming firepower prevented him from advancing to support his teammate.

Meanwhile, Giant Bear’s Captain, piloting the Control mecha, was caught in Lucy and Yan’s encirclement. Even if he managed to control Lucy, Yan’s Counter-Damage Shield could resist the control, and as soon as he controlled Lucy, Yan’s Void Shock Blade would follow up.

Yan and Lucy’s positions were too well-coordinated. The Water Flow Cannon and Void Shock Blade practically chained their control.

Despite having two weapons, without a teammate’s cover, he couldn’t fully control the two mechas in front of him. Instead, he was the one being controlled by KID’s continuous attacks.

What’s going on…

KID’s familiarity with this area was astonishing.

Or perhaps they had been surrounded by KID from the moment they began their operation… Giant Bear’s Captain quickly pondered. They had swiftly moved to support the Medical mecha, crossing much of the maze, and dealing with complex terrain.

In such a complex maze, even if KID knew the area well, their movement speed shouldn’t be this fast.

It seemed KID not only knew the maze well but also understood their movement patterns.

Giant Bear’s Captain gritted his teeth, staring at the blocked path ahead. Earlier, they had been ambushed by KID’s Huo Yan and Lu Xi in an area with many branching paths. But now, they were in a straight path where KID’s Artillery had pinned down their Tank, while KID’s Tank and Control mechas teamed up to suppress him.

“Captain, what do we do now?!” Giant Bear’s Tank, unable to lift his head under You Su’s pressure, asked, “Do we retreat?”

The face of Giant Bear’s Captain darkened. Retreat was no longer an option. Their heavy artillery was gone, and their Stealth and Guardian mechas were nowhere near them. Their firepower was insufficient to break out of KID’s encirclement. Retreating would mean abandoning their Medical mecha that was trapped by KID’s Stealth mecha.

They had a chance in a 2v2, but with the Artillery as an additional variable, they couldn’t retreat nor win in a direct fight.

They had no choice but to go all-in and engage in a team battle with KID.

“We can only fight,” Giant Bear’s Captain said. “Guardian and Stealth, can you get here?”

The two other Giant Bear mechas were hurrying over. “We’ll get there as soon as possible. Try to hold out.”

【The other two Giant Bear mechas are on their way as well.】

【Are they really going to have a team fight?】

【If they don’t, Giant Bear can’t possibly break free, right?】

Inside the battlefield, You Su’s Sniper Cannon was relentlessly suppressing Giant Bear’s Tank mecha. As a defensive Tank, it was equipped with a shield and a close-combat enhanced Light Blade, a setup that would allow it to find an opportunity to breakthrough once it got close to Trace.

But in reality, with one sniper shot after another, there was no chance to break free from the suppression fire.

The key issue was that Trace consistently aimed at the same spot on the Tank’s shield. While the shield had extremely high defense capabilities, its protection was evenly distributed across the entire surface. If the Artillery mecha continuously targeted a fixed point, no matter how high its defense, the shield would eventually fail under such concentrated fire.

The continuous cannon fire’s vibrations echoed throughout the maze, alerting the mecha pilots of other teams.

“An earthquake?”

“No, it sounds like artillery fire.”

“Is there a battle going on?”

Black Crow’s team, having just lit up another observation point, quickly noticed a second one. Wen Yi, aware of the commotion within the maze, frowned deeply.

In the livestream, under everyone’s watchful eyes, Trace’s Sniper Cannon kept firing. Although the energy output seemed consistent, Giant Bear’s Tank’s shield visibly grew weaker.

Then, a fine crack appeared on Giant Bear’s Tank’s shield.

The commentator exclaimed, “Trace actually forcefully made a crack in Giant Bear’s Tank’s shield!”


【Did Trace break the shield by himself?】

【His cannon fire’s nearly blocked off Giant Bear’s Tank’s room for an offensive.】

【It’s over. With the shield broken, he’s going to get kited to death.】

No matter how strong the defense or how strong the resilience of its shield was, the Tank mecha couldn’t withstand continuous wear. No one had expected KID’s Artillery to forcibly break the shield. KID’s Artillery mecha’s attack speed didn’t let up. As cracks appeared in the shield, the Sniper Cannon’s movements became more fluid, and the successive shelling suppressed the Tank mecha, completely dominating the situation with an overwhelming advantage.

When the shield cracked, Giant Bear’s captain panicked, hurriedly checking on the status of his other teammates.

However, the Medical mecha had gone silent at some point, and the Guardian and Stealth mechas coming to support them were still nowhere to be seen.

“Are you guys not here yet?” Giant Bear’s team captain shouted urgently.

Giant Bear’s Stealth mecha halted its flight, and in the sweep of its searchlights, a red-and-white mecha appeared, holding a Rapid-Fire Cannon in its left hand, having somehow gotten in front of them.

“We’ve encountered a KID mecha…” said Giant Bear’s Stealth pilot.

Giant Bear’s captain was stunned. “Which mecha?”

How could KID’s command response be this fast?

“KID’s Medical mecha.”

【Why haven’t the other Giant Bear mechas arrived yet???】

The livestream audience quickly checked the positions of the other mechas, only to realize they had been too focused on the three KID mechas surrounding Giant Bear’s team, and hadn’t noticed that KID’s Medical mecha, originally at the bottom of the maze, had already moved up. The mecha stood entirely in the darkness, its searchlights cutting through the shadows.



Ying Chenlin lowered his gaze slightly. Seeing the Stealth and Guardian mechas in front of him, he suddenly engaged his thrusters, powering up the Rapid-Fire Cannon in his left hand fully. The next moment, a barrage of cannon fire swept towards the two Giant Bear mechas.

The Medical mecha’s Rapid-Fire Cannon wasn’t powerful, but its strength lay in the relentless pressure of its rapid barrages. The two Giant Bear mechas were met with a blinding array of cannon fire the moment they faced Sink. The fastest artillery weapon paired with the mecha with the most endurance created an overwhelming pressure, akin to a close-range Assault Cannon.

Both the Guardian and Stealth mechas were close-combat specialists, and faced with such long-range suppression, they had no choice but to retreat and reassess the situation.

Sink’s cannon fire was indeed oppressive, but not very powerful. Moreover, the maze was filled with complex terrain. This area, being at the entrance of a cave tunnel, allowed the Giant Bear mechas to use the cave walls to avoid Sink’s attacks as they charged towards his position, undeterred by the cannon fire.

【How can one mecha stop two mechas!?】

【He’s stalling, delaying Giant Bear’s reinforcements!】

Ying Chenlin hastily retreated several steps, flying backward while raising his cannon. The Rapid-Fire Cannon’s barrage created thick smoke within the cave, making the tunnel’s terrain even more unpredictable. Giant Bear’s Guardian and Stealth mechas tried to close the distance with Sink, but each time, they were obstructed by the smoke from the Rapid-Fire Cannon, nearly crashing into the cave walls multiple times.

“I can’t see the path.”

“It’s fine. We’re close to the Captain, the direction on the radar’s correct. Keep going to the Captain, that’s the priority.”

At that moment, Sink suddenly changed directions, closing the distance with the two mechas abruptly.

As Giant Bear’s Stealth mecha flew to a tunnel’s entrance, Sink’s Rapid-Fire Cannon was already aimed at its shoulder, blasting the mecha downward as he shouted, “Lin Yao, look up!”

【Whoa, Sink just charged in!】

【No, look at the positions of the tunnels below, Lin Yao is rushing upward!】

Lin Yao, directly below, suddenly looked up. Through the continuous roaring, he saw a flickering firelight in the high cave passage. Though the firelight was still some distance away, its flickering in the dark cave made it very visible.

The Guardian mecha’s thrusters flared to full power. He might not be good at navigating the map, but he wasn’t blind.

【What’s up with KID’s mechas!? Weren’t they spread out just now?】

【How’s Lin Yao there!?】

【He’s been here the whole time! It’s just that the Giant Bear mechas passed right above him.】

Giant Bear’s Stealth mecha was caught off guard by Sink’s maneuver, but in the next second, he threw his Control Dart at Sink’s mecha, excitedly saying, “Got Sink controlled, we can retreat—”

Before he finished speaking, two notifications popped up in the battlefield.

【KID-Trace has eliminated Giant Bear-Ghy1】

【KID-QingF has eliminated Giant Bear-Yol】

The other Giant Bear pilots were stunned; their Tank and Medical mechas had both been eliminated.

You Su put away his Sniper Cannon, turning to look at Giant Bear’s Control mecha, which was held by Huo Yan and Lu Xi, “The Tank has been dealt with.”

Further down the cave, Ji Qingfeng caught Giant Bear’s Medical’s attempt to support his team, exploiting a gap to use his Binding Lock for continuous control. In their 1v1, the outcome was decided, “Chenlin, I’m done here too.”

Ying Chenlin, still immobilized, saw the thruster light racing up from below. He took a few hits from Giant Bear’s Stealth, but as soon as the control was lifted, he fired his Rapid-Fire Cannon again—pushing the Stealth mecha into Lin Yao’s line of sight, “Lin Yao, take it!”

Giant Bear’s Guardian was stunned by the situation. As the Stealth was knocked down into the cave, the focused Rapid-Fire Cannon appeared before him.

Sink had his sight on him.

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