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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 163

Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone(Galactic Promotion Competition)

163. KID’s Objective – Excavate to break even(get one’s money’s worth)

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

【This can also be fished?】

【F*ck, QingF’s Binding Lock is godlike ah.】

【??? What are they doing trapping the pollutant?】

The scene of the Green Armor Beast being bound around the neck was too horrifying, yet KID’s Stealth, QingF, showed no intention of letting go.

Not only that, KID did not join forces to kill the pollutant when it was trapped. Instead, when Ji Qingfeng trapped the pollutant, KID’s Medical and Guardian units reduced their energy outputs in sync, falling right behind the Green Armor Beast.

By the time the audience in the live broadcast realized, KID’s Stealth mecha had already dragged the Green Armor Beast towards the nearby cave with shattered ore all over the ground. The mecha’s skillful and effortless control while riding the Green Armor Beast resembled that of a professional beast tamer with ten years of experience.

【Wait, what the hell is KID trying to do?】

People turned their attention to KID’s other two mechas, especially to Sink, who was under intense scrutiny. At this moment, Sink’s Rapid-Fire Cannon was not aimed at the Green Armor Beast, and he even holstered his weapons, with both hands empty behind the Stealth mecha.

Just as everyone was wondering what they were up to, Sink and Yao leisurely walked behind the Green Armor Beast, picking up the special Brorite scattered on the ground that it hadn’t yet had a chance to eat.

【??? Is that what I think it is?】

【KID??? Did they haul the pollutant to mine?】

【Sh*t, sh*t.】

The observing mecha bases: “???”

F*cking hell! What are they doing? How is this even possible!?”

“I’m impressed by KID.”

“F*ck I should have realized they were up to something when they charged at the pollutant.”

“Ji Qingfeng, this youngster is f*cking awesome! It’s such a waste of talent for him to just be a mecha pilot.”

【Letting the pollutant mine??? KID, what else do you have up your sleeve that I don’t know?】

【I’m impressed, KID is amazing!】

【It was my vision that was too narrow and shallow. I thought they were going to kill the pollutant, but turns out they’re riding it.】

The leader of the Management Bureau looked pale: “This is a Green Armor Beast…”

The staff of the Management Bureau had nothing to say when they saw this. Green Armor Beasts were indeed a troublesome pollutant in the Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone, especially when it mistakenly entered the vicinity of the bureau’s foundation facilities. Each time, they would damage some facilities, and the bureau had to repair them afterwards.

To deal with the Green Armor Beast problem, the bureau even sprayed some pheromones disliked by the beast near its habitat.

But now, seeing KID easily subduing this troublesome pollutant with just a Binding Lock and using it to mine within Kemu Cave, this incomprehensible operation made it difficult for the bureau to accept. Brown-indium ore was expensive on the market, mainly because it was difficult to collect. In a place like Kemu Cave, where even a 100% Sniper Cannon couldn’t break through the rock walls containing brown-indium ore, KID managed to excavate it.

Furthermore, the Green Armor Beast had a huge appetite for consumption. KID’s successive actions of reaching out and grabbing ore from the beast not only left it unsatisfied but also made it more agitated due to its unfulfilled appetite. In other words, it dug even more fiercely.

The leader of the Management Bureau shuddered, suddenly having a bad feeling.

The live broadcast was filled with question marks, and all viewers were stunned by the situation on the field.

The leader of Black Crow swallowed hard, returning to the temporary rest room in the Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone with the coaches of the other two teams. They witnessed KID’s unorthodox tactics. Although they had seen such tactics during missions in the Contaminated Zones, seeing it in a League match was more horrifying than anything they had experienced before.

Does this look familiar? Familiar memories attacked him.

The leader of Black Crow looked at KID’s rest area beside him, meeting eyes with Shen Xingtang.

Shen Xingtang nodded to him.

The leader of Black Crow: “…”

Should we say KID’s affinity with pollutants is as amazing as ever? Or should we say KID’s Stealth mecha has innate beast-taming skills? Or is it that KID’s Binding Lock had been upgraded? It could even control the hard-hitting Green Armor Beast.

The coach of Black Crow: “Leader? They wouldn’t be trying to mess with us like they did with GBK, would they?”

The leader of Black Crow remained silent for a moment. “No, they’re just mining.”

Inside the arena, the Green Armor Beast was still struggling desperately, but no matter how hard it struggled, it couldn’t match the skill and experience of a certain expert riding on its back. Ji Qingfeng stepped on the beast’s scales with one foot, holding the Binding Lock with both hands, and even used his other foot to control the force of the beast.

If he could tame even a giant creature like the Female Mantis, would he fear a mere cave-sized Green Armor Beast?

Thinking of his daughter, Ji Qingfeng remembered the days in Coria. They hadn’t even had a chance to bid farewell properly. Ji Qingfeng sighed, “Son, your strength can’t match your sister’s. But then again, she’s at least an S-Level, while you’re only A-Level.”

The Green Armor Beast twitched in defiance.

“Oh, oh, getting more spirited?” Ji Qingfeng held on tight. “This kid is too rebellious. If you have the ability, dig more. What’s the use of just lying around?”

Lin Yao asked, “How do you know it’s your son?”

Huo Yan, far away, was concerned, “Is the Green Armor Beast a male?”

Ji Qingfeng: “It just looks like a son to me.”

Ying Chenlin, seeing this, remarked, “From its appearance, it seems gender cannot be determined for the Green Armor Beast.”

You Su added, “For scaly pollutants of this kind, if they’re male, they usually have a slightly larger build than females.”

Ying Chenlin, curious, asked, “Really?”

“Mmh,” You Su replied casually, “And generally, males have a bigger appetite and greater strength.”

After hearing this, Ying Chenlin looked at the Green Armor Beast with a thoughtful gaze.

Lu Xi: “Then Da Fang has both sons and daughters, doesn’t he?”

Ji Qingfeng said, “…Don’t mention it, having both sons and daughters does feel good indeed.”

He looked at the Green Armor Beast and the scattered ore on the ground. “They say to bring up children for the purpose of being looked after in old age; there is some truth to it.”

In the live broadcast room, while viewers were aware of KID’s numerous eccentric actions, such as opportunistically taking advantage during matches or engaging in unrelated activities, they never imagined they would one day witness the horrifying scene of humans taming pollutants, let alone mining with them.

【Are they miners? They really dare to dig and pick up anything.】

【What am I watching? I thought I was watching a League match.】

【Wait a minute? Can we buy this kind of ore in online stores? This is ore that even Trace can’t blast through ah!】

【…Don’t mention it, I’m actually a bit tempted.】

After a moment of silence in Gale’s base, the mecha pilots watched the live broadcast of the mining with surprise. One of them couldn’t help but say, “How long do they plan to mine?”

“What do you think? Their storage cabins are empty, they have to fill them up first,” Zhang Ge said to Zhao Lejie. “They once dug a hundred-meter-long passage in Coria. Your Deputy Captain is even more clear on this point.”

Zhao Lejie replied, “…Thanks, but I don’t need the memories.”

While the other three members of KID were still searching for exploration points on the upper levels of the maze, the KID mining trio had already begun contemplating how to fill up their storage bins. The main reason being, considering the current situation, this damned place, the Kemu Cave, was too barren. All they could find were relatively worthless B-Level pollutants. Even if they leave the Contaminated Zone, they won’t even make enough to cover the costs for the energy consumed. 

With just one swipe from the Green Armor Beast, so much ore falls. It would be a waste to leave behind such special ore.

Ying Chenlin had originally worried about not being able to take the ore from Kemu Cave, but with the Green Armor Beast, everything became much simpler. Moreover, the Green Armor Beast wasn’t slow when digging. Judging by its aggressive behavior, it had likely just awakened from hibernation.

A Green Armor Beast that had just woken from hibernation was highly valuable, which meant its energy was abundant and it could efficiently dig for a long period.

Ying Chenlin looked towards the upper part of the cave. The path from the maze’s lower levels to the upper levels was still some distance away. Since they were going to dig, they needed to plan the direction well. He pondered for a moment, “Qingfeng, can you direct it upwards?”

“It’s not easy,” Ji Qingfeng replied, “This guy is too rebellious. Controlling it forwards and backwards is fine, but digging upwards is a bit challenging.”

Ying Chenlin said, “Then just direct it properly.”

Ji Qingfeng managed to lift the Green Armor Beast’s head up slightly.

At that moment, Ying Chenlin switched to an Energy Gun. After compressing the projectile, he aimed at a higher spot. When the energy shot hit the ore, it scattered instantly. After a few shots, the aura of the energy close to the Green Armor Beast immediately attracted it.

The energy projectile contained special energy that was diluted, but Ying Chenlin had aimed very close, less than two meters from the Green Armor Beast. The beast, sensing the subtle energy in the ore, immediately reached out its claws and struck at the higher point, tearing open the rock wall.

Lin Yao was shocked, “This works too!”

“The data says that the Green Armor Beast feeds on ore and often digs for high-energy ore,” Ying Chenlin explained, aiming the Energy Gun at another spot, “So I guess they either have an innate sensing system or they are very sensitive to energy.”

He continued, “We aren’t very familiar with the upper maze, so we can use it to clear a path.”

Lin Yao was delighted, “Got it. Digging upwards, right? No need to navigate the maze.”

Ji Qingfeng added, “Good boy, eat more. We’re counting on you.”

Meanwhile, the officials at Kemu Cave’s Management Bureau hesitated to remind KID to participate actively in the match. They feared that the more KID dug, the more enthusiastic they would become. The leaders, recovering from their initial shock, thought KID’s three mechas could only fill three storage bins. Once they had enough, it would end.

However, just as their mental expectations were set, KID’s mechas suddenly changed their actions. The Stealth mecha was still guiding the Green Armor Beast, but at some point, the Medical mecha behind the beast had taken out an Energy Gun, and the following unbelievable scene occurred.

The Green Armor Beast, unsatisfied with its hunger and tempted by the energy shots, started digging more fiercely. Its clawing speed increased, quickly hollowing out a section of the rock wall and directly connecting the upper and lower mazes’s caves.

The live broadcast, “…?”

Can they still do this!?

The leader of Kemu Cave exclaimed, “What are they doing? We didn’t stop them from digging, but why are they digging all over the place!?”

The staff suddenly had a bad premonition.

Everyone in the live broadcast saw KID enter money-grubbing mode. The Green Armor Beast dug up ore, and KID collected it all. Right before everyone’s eyes, another new path was carved out in Kemu Cave’s maze.

But it didn’t end there. After the path was dug through, Sink fired the Energy Gun again, with the energy shot landing at an upward angle.

The seemingly indestructible cave wall was like tissue paper under the Green Armor Beast’s claws. It clawed through, and the ore shattered all over the place. As it dug and ate its way up, KID’s Medical and Guardian mechas skillfully picked up the scattered ore, quickly filling their storage compartments.

【Wait a minute? Are they going to dig all the way up?】

【They only have three storage compartments. If they reach their teammates, that’s six compartments.】

【Damn, you really get KID.】

Their coordinated operations were extremely skilled, digging through two caves in less than ten minutes, with a clear trend of continuing upwards.

The audience in the live broadcast finally realized what was happening after KID dug through three paths.

【Are they planning to take this pollutant beast all the way up???】

【Honestly, if they can dig all the way up, it would save a lot of detours.】

Black Crow’s coach saw this and glanced at the positions of KID, Black Crow and BZZL1 at the top. “Leader, are you sure they won’t?”

Black Crow’s leader: “……”

If they keep digging up, they’ll end up right in Black Crow’s position, won’t they?

KID’s mining journey continued. After digging through one cave, they kept going up.

The Green Armor Beast’s actions were a bit reckless. As it dug, its scales scraped against the surrounding rock walls. Combined with the rough movements of the Stealth mecha pulling the Binding Lock, each hole was not only dug wide but also caused a lot of debris to fall. The surfaces of other ores cracked in multiple places.

The staff received real-time geological reports from the Contaminated Zone. Seeing some subtle numbers, one of them nervously swallowed and cautiously said, “Leader, this isn’t good. The effects of the energy from the vibrations near the Green Armor Beast are causing strong seismic waves that have already covered over a kilometer. Given the unique structure of the maze, if the geological layer of the brown ore is damaged…”

The leader: “What would happen?”

Just then, a weakly dug-through cave opening had its ore crack.

In front of over a billion viewers in the live broadcast, it completely collapsed.

The staff member paused, awkwardly pursed his lips, and dared not speak.

The leader’s hand trembled, spilling tea everywhere: “……”

No need to say more, he saw it himself.


I was too naive. And so was the Kemu Cave Management. Really thought they would have to play by the rules this time! My bad. I was wrong🫥. 

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1 month ago

I can’t wait for the next chapter~ this novel is too funny! Thank you for the translation!

1 month ago

I should have known they would still find a way to destroy the Contaminated Zone 😅

Glad to see my prediction that they would use the pollutant to carve a new path through the maze was correct 🤣

Also, I have no idea how this is going to go but I almost feel sorry for Black Crow already

Wouldn’t it be funny if they managed to win without finding any of the exploration points? Like, they really have a talent for not doing what they’re supposed to during matches 😂

Looking forward to the next chapter! Thank you for the update!!!

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