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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 164

Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone(Galactic Promotion Competition)

164. The Last Exploration Point

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee 

The sudden small-scale collapse in the cave caught everyone by surprise. The competition’s Management Bureau was stunned. Although the Contaminated Zones, used as a competition area, naturally suffered damage, the League did not restrict mecha teams from using the terrain to their advantage. However, what Kemu Cave’s Management Bureau hadn’t anticipated was that, despite Kemu Cave’s numerous uses as a Competition Contaminated Zone and having never collapsed even when hot-blooded young soldiers had bombarded it relentlessly in the past, a small collapse would now be caused by a single Green Armor Beast.

Seeing the leader frozen in place, a staff member hesitated before speaking up, “Should we remind KID?”

Mentioning giving out a reminder made the leader’s face change again, “Remind them? Remind them so they can keep digging? If they dig any further, this cave will really collapse. Do you think a warning will work?”

According to regulations, resources in the Contaminated Zones were free for mecha pilots to obtain. Apart from actions like mecha modifications or pre-competition energy carrying, which violated the fairness of the competition, the League did not restrict mecha pilots from damaging the Contaminated Zones. This was partly because large-scale destruction was inevitable during mecha battles, and partly because the competition within the Contaminated Zones was meant to be free and unrestricted. As long as the League’s rules weren’t violated, tactical use of the terrain was allowed.

Every year, mecha pilots caused destruction to the Contaminated Zones, but KID’s destructiveness was extraordinarily powerful.

Even in a unique cave environment like the Brorite caverns, KID could stir up trouble.

Compared to other teams that competed by the book, KID was like a landslide in the League!

It’s said that ever since they destroyed Qiu Jin Canyon, many teams in the League began to emulate their terrain-utilizing combat tactics. This year, out of the 32 tracks in the elimination rounds, countless teams had adopted terrain destroying tactics, making the competition more intense than in previous years. While the diversity in tactics flourished, it caused major headaches for the various competition Management Bureaus, with repair costs for the competition areas skyrocketing.

A staff member tried to comfort the leader, “But, sir, ever since they started using the Green Armor Beast to mine, KID’s live broadcast viewership has increased by two points… isn’t that a good thing?”

The leader: “…”

He had a love-hate relationship with KID.

While the Management Bureau was dealing with the stress caused by KID, the competition had already entered a new phase.

The KID mining trio continued their efforts, but BZZL1 and Black Crow were faster in finding exploration points. During the mining process, the two teams discovered three more exploration points, bringing the total exploration points of both Black Crow and BZZL1 to reach an equal number of four.

“BZZL1’s Medical mecha is equipped with a special Electromagnetic Interference Cannon. Using the Interference Cannon to find exploration points is incredibly flexible,” the live commentary continued. “Black Crow didn’t bring such a special weapon. Their ability to locate so many exploration points purely through tactical arrangements is also very impressive.”

While speaking, Black Crow found the ninth exploration point!

【Sh*t, these three teams are neck and neck.】

【KID 6 points, Black Crow 5 points, and BZZL1 4 points.】

【Once all the exploration points are found, Black Crow and BZZL1 will definitely have to fight; otherwise, the scores won’t hold.】

The atmosphere on the field heated up as Black Crow found the ninth exploration point. It’s crucial to note that this match had two early termination rules: one is if only one team remains on the battlefield, and the other is if all exploration points are found and a team exits the maze.

“Wen Yi won’t light up the last exploration point, and BZZL1 probably won’t either,” Qi Sicheng commented. “The scores are too close. Lighting up the last exploration point will put the two trailing teams at a disadvantage. It’s fine if Black Crow gets it, but if BZZL1 gets it, the match will be tied with a 5-5 exploration point split, and the game will reach a stalemate.”

If this exploration point is lit, the situation will become particularly special. KID only needs to run out of the maze to end the match early.

Zhao Lejie said, “Lighting the exploration point takes time. They probably want to control the point first and seize the initiative.”

At this point, Zhang Ge looked at the other team in the live broadcast. KID, who had split into two teams, was falling behind. There was nothing they could do. They didn’t have the upper-level maze map. Their exploration progress wasn’t as good as the other two teams. Often, by the time they found an exploration point, it had already been lit by another team.

KID gained an advantage from their battle with Giant Bear, but they currently had no advantage in finding exploration points.

“Captain Qi, it looks like the position of the three KID members is skewed towards Black Crow,” observed one of the Gale mecha pilots watching the match.

Qi Sicheng looked at the livestream and saw that Huo Yan, You Su and Lu Xi’s mechas had somehow deviated from their original positions, and were moving higher. “KID is moving upwards.”

While the other two teams were actively competing, the audience who had been enjoying watching KID mine started to get anxious as KID’s 6-point lead gradually evened out with the discovery of more exploration points.

Huo Yan’s trio didn’t rush. After confirming that two exploration points had been found, they assessed their disadvantage in information.

“It seems like all the exploration points have been found. Should we keep looking?” Lu Xi asked.

Huo Yan replied, “This is tricky. There’s only one left.”

Ying Chenlin also checked the upper levels, but his map didn’t cover the higher areas. Currently, he could only adjust the new map route based on the paths taken by Huo Yan’s group. This wasn’t as effective as the other two strong teams. “They’ll probably stalemate at the last point. Their attrition can be both advantageous and disadvantageous to us.”

Lin Yao asked, “Why is a stalemate bad? Doesn’t it benefit us if they wear each other out?”

“A stalemate is bad for us, Yao Bao,” Ji Qingfeng interjected. “If they don’t light up the exploration point and earn mecha points instead, we’ll be at a disadvantage in the long run.”

While the attrition would weaken the strong teams, it also meant losing mecha points, nullifying KID’s advantage.

Thus, knowing the chaos above, they had to get involved.

Ying Chenlin said, “We need to light up this last exploration point.”

The problem was that Black Crow and BZZL1 wouldn’t light it up easily, as the strategic impact was too significant.

Ying Chenlin pondered their strategy. They still needed time to reach the upper levels, but how could they secure their advantage within this timeframe?

You Su chuckled lightly. “Then we’ll just light it up.”

Ying Chenlin hesitated, “Do you have a plan?”

“Yes.” You Su maximized the sensitivity of the auditory system. The sounds of the Green Armored Beast mining below were evident, but there were also subtle noises above.

He leaned against the cave, listening intently, and said thoughtfully, “Follow me.”

On the field, BZZL1 and Black Crow were both moving towards the unexplored area where the last exploration point was located. The tense atmosphere in the livestreams was palpable, especially for Black Crow and BZZL1 fans, who were on the edge of their seats.

Wen Yi remained calm. After finding the other exploration points, he had a good sense of their coverage. Rather than engaging BZZL1 head-on, he was more concerned about KID’s prolonged absence and the eerie, continuous vibrations throughout the cave.

KID had made a big scene eliminating Giant Bear. How could they just lie low and not appear at this time?

Did they have another plan, or were they simply trapped in the maze?

Just as Wen Yi was contemplating KID’s movements, they spotted the final exploration point and simultaneously saw Black Crow rounding the corner from the other path. With the competition reaching the final exploration point, both teams had gathered, and encountering each other at the exploration point meant there was no avoiding a fight.

Before the commentators could cut to the battle, the Tanks from both teams raised their shields, and Wen Yi straightforwardly set up his Heavy Strike Cannon. As soon as the firefight began, intense explosions lit up the narrow passageway.

【The strong are clashing.】

【Oh my god, Captain Wen’s Heavy Strike Cannon is brutal.】

【They’re fighting right in the passage!?】

The livestream was immediately captivated by the battle, and all the mecha bases outside locked onto the weapon reserves of the two strong teams. After the Black Hole incident, the strong teams had even richer weapon reserves, and now was the time to gather intel.

Almost as soon as the battle began, Shen Xingtang and Jiang Simiao focused their attention on the two teams.

There was no need to elaborate on BZZL1; KID had faced them once during Qiu Jin. At that time, they had become familiar with their basic weapon cores. BZZL1’s core was their Control and Stealth, excelling in using the Control mecha to dominate the field while the Stealth mecha used its Invisible Magnetic Force Field to flank and attack.

Now, seeing their mode of combat again, Jiang Simiao noticed that BZZL1 had changed half of their mecha weapons.

The most noteworthy part was still their core system, the Control and Stealth mechas. The Stealth mecha’s standard weapon loadout hadn’t changed much from last season, still carrying the Invisible Magnetic Force Field. The only difference was its offensive weapon, now an S-Class highly offensive weapon, making it more efficient in cutting down enemies.

The most significant change was in BZZL1’s Control mecha pilot. This Control mecha no longer carried dual control cannons but two weapons instead: a powerful Hydro-Magnetic Cannon, which could scatter numerous Water Magnetic Bubbles in the passageway with almost 100% control… and another weapon that wasn’t a Hook Lock Cannon but an assault type Rapid-Fire Cannon.

“They’re using an offensive Control mecha?” Shen Xingtang was a bit surprised. “A Control mecha with a Rapid-Fire Cannon, they’re going for firepower suppression.”

Jiang Simiao was also surprised. BZZL1 had changed their strategy this year, with the Control mecha now carrying offensive weapons. This configuration meant they had dual long-range firepower suppression. “Strategies among the strong teams are changing.”

In contrast, Black Crow’s team, known for their long-range combat, had their core in Captain Wen Yi and the Stealth expert Chi Lizi.

Chi Lizi’s weaponry included a Grappling Hook and a Sniper Cannon. The Grappling Hook had an anti-control displacement effect, and the Sniper Cannon was a highly-offensive weapon, compensating for a long-range Stealth’s deficiencies in attack.

As for Black Crow’s Captain Wen Yi, his weapons were far from ordinary. His first weapon was the Heavy Strike Cannon, a special ice attribute cannon that, while inflicting high damage, would instantly cause condensation to create ice spikes, restricting a mecha’s movements. His second weapon was the Thunder Magnetic Landmine, a trap-type weapon. When placed on the ground, it would become invisible. Once the enemy detonated the landmine, they would be trapped in a continuous thunder magnetic field, especially effective against close-combat mechas.

“Black Crow has calculated the cave terrain,” Shen Xingtang said. “BZZL1 uses the Hydro-Magnetic Cannon, while Black Crow employs the Thunder Magnetic Landmine. Both teams’ core mechas carried weapons that had significant control effects in the cave.”

Both BZZL1 and Black Crow weren’t lacking in weapons; their mecha arsenals had been almost fully upgraded.

A-Class weapons had been exchanged for S-Class weapons, and special attack and control weapons were brought out in succession. Apart from the core weapons of both teams, the weapons of the other mecha pilots on both sides had also been upgraded, with similar functional effects. Even the Medical mechas on both sides were semi-shield and semi-control type mechas, with neither carrying an Energy Gun for supply.

【Oh my god, these two teams are mutually controlling and attacking each other!】

【Black Crow barely counts as having a Medical with four ranged, and BZZL1 is also using dual-range.】

“Are these two teams devising strategies against each other? They seem to have figured out that close-combat mechas are easy targets there, so they’re focusing firepower on long-range attacks.”

Jiang Simiao became increasingly envious. “The wealthy teams are different.”

The ranking matches hadn’t even started… they brought out luxurious weapon lineups for a promotion match. As for their KID, they had to carefully consider their weapons. Seeing these two teams aggressively targeting close-combat mechas with long-range tactics, he thought it was fortunate that Lin Yao brought the Spatial Staff and Huo Yan the Counter-Damage Shield. Otherwise, in this situation, KID would be hard-pressed by these two teams.

Most of the audience’s attention was focused on the battle between Black Crow and BZZL1, with only Gu Xiaotian still staying in KID’s livestream room. He noticed the exploration team’s leading mecha change from Huo Yan to You Su and exclaimed, “Huh?”

As the battle erupted in the cave, the two teams suppressed each other, preventing anyone from approaching the exploration point. During the confrontation of frontal firepower, the close-combat mechas of both teams also began to act. BZZL1’s Stealth and Guard flanked, while Black Crow’s Guardian stayed directly behind. After several rounds, Black Crow proved to be more agile than BZZL1, with quicker changes in firepower, preventing BZZL1’s close-combat mechas from advancing.

【This is an amazing fight! In such a confined space, they can go back and forth multiple times.】

【Speaking of KID, are they still mining? The others are fighting so fiercely.】

While everyone else was engrossed in the battle, the viewers in KID’s livestream room nearly fell asleep. Mining might be fun, but watching nearly two hours of it had become tiresome. KID enjoyed it, but their viewers were getting bored.

【I’m getting sleepy.】

【KID, you’re something else.】

【Am I the only one feeling sorry for the Green Armor Beast? Even its digging speed has slowed down.】

The commentator, passionately reporting on the battle between Black Crow and BZZL1, noticed the issue with KID. “Now that both sides have entered a melee, attrition is inevitable. Once the scores of these two teams exceed 6 points due to mutual wear, KID’s ranking as first-place will be in danger.”

Mention KID, and most of the audience lights up. Who doesn’t know that KID is still mining underground?

“But evidently, KID hasn’t realized the seriousness of the situation with Black Crow and BZZL1 starting a fight.” The commentator cut into KID’s livestream, “Let’s now look at the movements of KID’s upper-level squad, led by Yan—”

Mid-sentence, he suddenly noticed something familiar about the KID trio’s position. “Wait a minute? Where’s KID positioned?”

The livestream perspective immediately switched to the maze route map, and the next moment, it showed that the KID trio’s coordinates were extremely close to the two teams currently in battle. The audience, caught off guard, didn’t react at first, then saw KID’s three mechas moving very quickly, sneaking behind BZZL1.

The commentator, stunned, exclaimed, “Wait a minute! They only have three mechas!”

In the dark corridors, gunfire was rampant, and the not-so-spacious cave echoed with the sounds of mecha thrusters. In the chaotic moment as gunfire intersected, KID’s red Artillery mecha, Trace, circled to BZZL1’s rear, catching their backline off guard with a fully charged sniper shot.

【??? KID】

【They’re bringing three mechas into the combat zone, aren’t they afraid of being surrounded?】

【If I were BZZL1, I’d immediately choose to counterattack KID!】

【We know KID has three mechas, but do the other teams know…?】

This sudden attack exposed Trace’s radar signal in direct view of both teams. BZZL1’s Tank crucially intercepted this shot, and the entire team went on guard upon seeing KID’s sudden move.

At this stage, all that remained were strong teams, and guarding against attacks from behind was paramount. When Trace’s radar signal was exposed, the captains of both teams immediately locked onto it, while simultaneously beginning to investigate KID’s other coordinates. This unexpected attack was too strange; there was only one coordinate visible in their entire field of vision, like a glaring bait.

“KID’s here.”

“They couldn’t sit still, could they?”

BZZL1’s current position was somewhat awkward. They had Black Crow attacking in front of them, and the sudden appearance of KID’s Trace behind them. This unique position made BZZL1’s commander furrow their brows; being in this position essentially meant their team was taking damage from both sides.

“This won’t do,” BZZL1’s commander said, “Hydro-Magnetic Cannon, keep him in place and flush out his teammates.”

BZZL1’s Control fired a projectile but missed, “No way, he’s using a Sniper Cannon at its maximum range. The Hydro-Magnetic Cannon doesn’t reach that far.”

The Sniper Cannon has the longest range, equivalent to a safety distance.

BZZL1’s commander didn’t know how Trace, this freak, was attacking from the farthest possible distance in a cave, but if they wanted to pursue Trace, they had to shorten the distance between them and Trace.

Seeing BZZL1’s Control mecha moving outward, Trace calmly charged the Sniper Cannon, simultaneously listening to his teammates’ reports. Huo Yan and Lu Xi, hiding in other cave points, were reporting both teams’ weapon information.

As BZZL1’s Control moved outward, the position of KID’s Trace also shifted backward.

The positions of KID’s two other mechas were somewhat delicate, directly above the cave tunnel, not far from the position of the exploration point.

【Yan and Lucy are hiding and gathering weapon information.】

【What’s KID’s Trace doing?】

【Is he trying to bait the Control into a 1v1?】

【How is that possible? BZZL1 isn’t stupid. In such a tunnel, haven’t you seen both teams sticking together?】

The tunnel had a distinction between its front and back, with impervious Brorite above and below. As long as they stuck together, they could achieve maximum defense.

“Weird, BZZL1 didn’t directly engage with KID, and it seems like there’s only one mecha on Trace’s side,” Chi Lizi, relying on the Sniper Cannon, observed a slight movement in his long-range view. “Currently, other KID mechas haven’t been discovered. Is Trace using this method to exploit our mutual attrition with BZZL1?”

However, Wen Yi noticed something was amiss. KID’s advantage could be fully utilized by entering the fray after both sides had been worn down a certain amount. Even if they’d tired out BZZL1, they could’ve waited till both sides’ firepower was almost equal, Trace could then gain a greater advantage by intervening. But Trace wasn’t doing that. He didn’t even bring other mechas to assist him, calmly placing himself in a dangerous situation.

If BZZL1 hadn’t cautiously considered the possibility of other mechas lying in ambush, the entire team charging up at this moment would greatly increase the likelihood of Trace being ambushed.

Another mecha pilot from Black Crow asked, “Is KID really nearby? Why does it feel strange to me?”

Chi Lizi said, “They must be nearby. Could they be gathering information on our weapons?”

【I don’t understand KID’s strategy.】

【Their distribution is too scattered. Three mechas are very risky.】

“KID seems to be buying time,” Wen Yi said.

Chi Lizi was puzzled, “They haven’t assembled? But wait, if they’re buying time, they could wait until everyone is ready to come out. Is there a need to come out and take risks prematurely? If BZZL1 knows that KID’s people haven’t assembled, Trace’s baiting strategy would fail.”

Wen Yi also found it strange, wondering where the problem lay.

Suddenly, he noticed that the Heavy Impact Cannon’s firing range had increased. “BZZL1 is retreating?”

Black Crow’s Tank said, “Yes, it seems like they’re all retreating towards Trace to attack.”


Outside the field, Qi Sicheng realized this, “Trace is tempting BZZL1 to move backward as a whole.”

“What’s the benefit of them moving backward?” Zhang Ge asked in confusion.

Qi Sicheng looked at Trace’s position, then at Huo Yan and Lu Xi’s positions. Suddenly, he said, “How far have they dug on the mining side?”

The other Gale staff, who were closely monitoring the mining team, reacted quickly and looked at the perspective of the mining team, “They’re still digging up. They’ve progressed till—”

Before he could finish his sentence, he noticed the pale magnetic field on QingF’s body, “Wait a minute? Ji Qingfeng activated the Stealth’s force field!?”

“Stealth?” Qi Sicheng was stunned, suddenly realizing that KID had adjusted their digging position.

Now they were directly below, precisely at the final exploration point.

In the dark cave, amidst the sound of gunfire from both sides, there was a distinct vibration.

Wen Yi suddenly realized something was wrong and looked in the direction of the last exploration point. Just at that moment, he noticed the vibrations on the surface as if something was rapidly approaching.

【Wait a minute? Did you notice the ground shaking?】

【Huh? I thought it was caused by the gunfire.】

【Sh*t! Quickly switch to KID’s mining team’s perspective. They’re rushing up.】

With the shout in the broadcast room, some of the audience immediately switched to KID’s perspective. At that moment, there was a sudden and tremendous change in the arena.

After BZZL1 retreated, the entrance to the high cave suddenly opened up. Huo Yan then jumped down the passage with his shield, and immediately rushed towards the exploration point with Lu Xi. At the same time, the entire passage suddenly erupted with intense vibrations. Cracks in the cave floor suddenly burst open, and a giant claw violently emerged amidst the gunfire, causing the entire ground to collapse.

The huge Green Armor Beast suddenly blocked the view of the passage. Behind it, QingF’s Stealth’s force field hadn’t been turned off yet, and Sink and Yao entered in a high-profile manner.

Surprisingly, amidst the exchange of fire between the two sides, KID cut straight to the exploration point’s position from underground, and the mining trio rushed up.

At that moment, Lin Yao’s Spatial Staff and Huo Yan’s Counter-Damage shield were positioned above the exploration point, while Sink turned to operate the exploration point covering the wall.

The live broadcast room: “?”

The leader of Black Crow couldn’t contain his anger and cursed, “F*ck it, KID is snatching the point!”

Author’s note:

KID: If they don’t light it, we will.


No KID is insane🤣.

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1 month ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣 This played out even better that I expected! And they even made Wen Yi, who has been so calm and collected, curse, they really are very talented 😌
Thank you for the update!

1 month ago

that was wild, I cant wait to see the conclusion of this arc

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