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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 166

Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone(Galactic Promotion Competition)

166. Sink’s Energy Gun

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee 

The audience in the livestream stared at the unmoving Green Armor Beast, seemingly not yet grasping the sudden change.

This highly noticeable mining machine went on strike?


【What’s with the mining machine???】

【Maybe it’s entering hibernation…? I heard Green Armor Beasts sleep when they’re full.】

【But there’s no reason for it to sleep standing up, right? Green Armor Beasts usually dig a hole to sleep in, right?】

The Management Bureau’s staff blinked at the geological situation, and the leader who couldn’t bear to look directly also opened their eyes.

This is…!?

A staff member swallowed nervously, “Leader, it seems like it won’t collapse anymore.”

With this move by the Green Armor Beast, the entire Kemu Cave was filled with smoke and dust. The collapsed rocks and minerals all poured down onto the BZZL1 and KID mechas. The topography of the entire cave underwent a significant change, and the collapsed space became even wider.

After emerging from the ruins, Ying Chenlin didn’t relax. He looked at the signals of the BZZL1 mechas distributed around on the radar and quickly asked, “Is its pollution reaction obvious?”

Huo Yan replied, “Its pollution level is decreasing. Looks like it’s over.”

When the Green Armor Beast occupied the exploration point just now, it endured all the attacks from Black Crow, acting as a shield for KID. Even with the formidable abilities of an A-Level pollutant, it wouldn’t be able to withstand such a prolonged assault from a strong team like Black Crow for much longer.

Ji Qingfeng fell silent.

You Su said indifferently, “My condolences.”

Ji Qingfeng asked his teammate in a heavy tone, “Old Huo, do you have space in your storage?”

Huo Yan responded, “I do. What do you intend to do?”

Ji Qingfeng mercilessly switched to his Short Blade, “Give my son a proper burial.”

In the dark cave, the mines and debris continued to fall, and amidst all this, the Green Armor Beast, the instigator of it all, lay down like a tired donkey. Everyone in the livestream, including the staff and leader of Kemu Cave’s Management Bureau, stared at the Green Armor Beast for a long time. When they were sure it wouldn’t get up and frolic again, everyone inexplicably breathed a sigh of relief.

【It seems like it won’t be getting up again.】

【Doesn’t that mean KID can’t dig anymore!? (I’m kind of sorry about that)】

【What? Wait, what’s KID doing?】

After confirming that the Green Armor Beast wouldn’t get up again, QingF, the Stealth mecha of KID, untied the Binding Lock on his son, who he had been together with for less than half a day. As he put away the Binding Lock, he switched to the Short Blade. Facing the motionless Green Armor Beast, he ruthlessly attacked, swiftly extracting its crystal core, and without pausing, he then slashed at its tough scales with his Short Blade.

In full view of the livestream, he collected the corpse of the Green Armor Beast and stored it in the storage compartment of KID’s Tank, Huo Yan.


【KID is ruthless, isn’t it? Using it and then killing it.】

【Isn’t this a bit too exploitative even for capitalists!?】

The news that the Green Armor Beast couldn’t dig holes was observed by Chi Lizi, who had been conducting stealth reconnaissance, and was synchronized into Black Crow’s information channel. Instead of just observing the situation upon learning the news, Wen Yi led Black Crow in a counterattack towards Lin Yao and Lu Xi’s direction.

If KID couldn’t leave the maze in a short time, Black Crow would have to stabilize and eliminate KID’s mechas to score more points. Taking advantage of the current situation where BZZL1 was affected by the collapsed cave, they had to take action.

Wen Yi said, “Directly flank them.”

He led his team to pursue from the front, and instructed the Guardian and Control in the team to flank KID’s people through other passages.

Lu Xi reminded Lin Yao as soon as Black Crow’s attack rhythm changed, “Lin Yao, retreat, Black Crow is coming for real!”

Lin Yao used his Spatial Staff to relieve the pressure from the front, then immediately ran with Lu Xi. “Wait for me, I don’t know the way!”

【Damn, can a space be used to block people?】

【The area here is small. Once the space is opened up, Black Crow will have to break through it if they want to pursue them directly.】

The Spatial Staff generated a space that blocked most of the passages. However, Black Crow’s firepower was very strong. Wen Yi, the main output as the Artillery mecha, consecutively fired several shots, breaking through Lin Yao’s space, almost every 30 seconds, Lin Yao opened up the space to buffer the pursuit from behind, rushing upward with Lu Xi in confusion.

Listening to the voices in the communication channel, Ying Chenlin knew that the current situation might evolve into KID becoming the target of both Black Crow and BZZL1’s attacks. They couldn’t just sit there and wait to be surrounded by the other two teams. Now they had to change their strategy and take the initiative.

All the exploration points in Kemu Cave were distributed on the upper level, and the coverage of the upper-level rock and mineral structure wasn’t as complex as the middle and lower levels. Ying Chenlin had observed on the way here that the higher they went, the simpler the maze became. This was likely because the upper-level maze was closer to Kemu Cave’s underground base station.

According to the information in the Contaminated Zone data, Kemu Cave was used as a testing ground by many organizations. The entrance and exit of the maze weren’t in the middle and lower levels, so they must be on the upper level. If the structure of the upper level was simpler, all they had to do to escape the maze was to charge upward as much as possible.

Ying Chenlin thought of a plan and immediately shouted towards Huo Yan, “Huo Ge, you and Da Feng don’t need to worry about us, just go straight up. We’ll have a 4-protect-2 formation and exit the maze directly.”

Huo Yan acted immediately upon hearing this, “Got it, I’ll make sure Da Feng gets away.”

Ji Qingfeng took on the responsibility without hesitation and pushed his thrusters to the maximum, “Is this passing on the family business?”

After entrusting the task of exiting the maze to Huo Yan and Ji Qingfeng, You Su saw that BZZL1’s mechas were already emerging one by one from the ruins in his field of vision. He used his Energy Cannon to drive back BZZL1’s Tank that tried to follow.

The situation had become visibly serious, but You Su’s tone wasn’t very serious; instead, it carried a naturally relaxed tone, “What’s your plan now?”

“Four-protect-one is about stalling,” Ying Chenlin fired his Rapid-Fire Cannon at the distant BZZL1 mechas, “We definitely can’t win head-on. Since we’re stalling, let’s drag Black Crow down with us.”

You Su asked, “Aren’t you afraid of Black Crow teaming up with BZZL1?”

“Not really, the likelihood of those two teams teaming up is low,” Ying Chenlin glanced at the scores on the leaderboard and the now mostly collapsed passages, “They’ll just fight among themselves; the initiative is in our hands.”

After saying this, he looked at Lu Xi’s position on the radar, “Lu Xi, lead Black Crow towards us.”

As soon as the command came through the KID channel, several mecha pilots immediately took action. Lu Xi ran while bringing Lin Yao along, avoiding Black Crow’s pursuit as much as possible after locking onto Ying Chenlin’s position, “Lin Yao, over here!”

Lin Yao quickly braked and followed Lu Xi’s change of direction, even remembering to create a space in their place, “Here I come.”

KID’s Control mecha Lucy changed directions, a move that caught the eyes of Black Crow, who were chasing from behind.

A Black Crow mecha pilot reported, “Captain, Lucy changed direction, they might be heading towards Sink.”

“This Control mecha pilot is too agile, coupled with Yao’s weird space ability, we’re wasting too much time chasing them.”

“Find a way to stop them, they’re trying to stir up trouble.” The captain of Black Crow’s team, Wen Yi, frowned slightly. KID’s Control mecha Lucy’s actions were very cautious; she was a mecha pilot with a broad view of the situation. Even in such an encirclement, she managed to evade their ambushes multiple times with a stumbling close-combat mecha. Coupled with Yao’s strange Spatial Staff, after observing, he almost knew the weapon’s cooldown time. However, such a Spatial Staff in the cave passages was a large obstacle.

He initially thought KID would put their main weapon on Ji Qingfeng because invisibility could have a surprising effect in this kind of space. Now it seemed like KID wanted to utilize Yao’s weapon, which can both create obstacles to separate mechas and pull off 1v1 battles.

Now they had changed directions again, obviously KID’s commander wanted to drag them down.

In terms of score, KID had 7 points, and Black Crow was actually leaning towards neutrality. They could protect KID, or they could take KID’s head. But once they enter a melee, Black Crow must be cautious about eliminating KID. They needed to ensure that they take their own mecha points in the melee instead of handing them over to BZZL1.

Chi Lizi noticed the movements in the distance and said, “Captain, KID’s Tank and Stealth are gone. They’re running with the stealth field activated, and their radar signals have completely disappeared. Should we follow them?”

Wen Yi quickly analyzed the situation in front of him and realized that KID’s commander was extremely sinister.

“KID wants to delay us and create opportunities for their teammates,” Wen Yi said, “You follow them and find a way to deal with Yan. Yan has just suffered so much damage, his damage rate should be close to 50%. Find a way to take away his mecha points.”

In Gale’s base, the coaching staff couldn’t help but praise KID’s commander for their precision.

“Having two mechas search for the way out serves three purposes, one is to buy time, two is to put pressure on the other two teams, and three is to seize the initiative,” the head coach pondered, “No wonder they wanted the exploration point; a 7-point advantage is too significant.”

Letting two mechas leave to find a way out, either the Tank or the Stealth mecha. Following KID’s original pattern, it’s very difficult to find their Stealth mecha with its stealth field activated, which will greatly increase the cost of time for other mechas to find these two mechas.

Moreover, with KID losing two mechas, once they enter a big melee, KID’s mecha points will only be 4.

For BZZL1 and Black Crow, whether it’s the urgency of the other KID mechas finding a way out or the slight gap between them, with KID’s mecha points being insufficient to meet the conditions of pressing KID’s 7 points, once they engage in melee, cooperation is absolutely impossible.

Qi Sicheng said, “KID’s plan is well thought out. Once they enter a melee, they can fish in troubled waters and score points.”

He continued, “Furthermore, they seized the initiative. In fact, they can already manipulate the scores inside the field.”

Zhao Lejie asked, “What do you mean?”

“To protect themselves, they need to continuously magnify BZZL1’s disadvantage. If the situation becomes uncontrollable, they can directly feed damaged mechas to Black Crow to increase Black Crow’s score, forcing BZZL1 to fight against Black Crow.”

Qi Sicheng continued, “With KID’s strength, they are eager for a melee. The more chaotic the situation, the more advantageous it is for them.”

This looks like it’s about helping teammates find a way out, but in reality, no matter what, KID already firmly held the initiative.

Once they find the way out, they’ll win immediately.

If their teammates don’t find a way out, they rely on melee to try to get kills and further widen the score gap.

Qi Sicheng looked at the Medical mecha on the field and thought that KID played this game too well from the outside. “To win against Black Crow and BZZL1 like this, KID only needs to fan the flames and provoke them from the sidelines while protecting themselves.”

At the same time, BZZL1 on the field also noticed KID’s movements.

Due to the cave’s collapse, they missed the opportunity to chase Yan and QingF in the first place. BZZL1’s commander immediately dispatched their fast-moving Stealth and Guardian mechas to chase them, while the remaining four mechas targeted KID in the distance.

Upon seeing BZZL1’s mechas giving chase, they couldn’t stop too many mechas, so they prioritized targeting BZZL1’s Control from a distance. This team had two cores, and one of the cores, the Stealth mecha, was gone, leaving only the Control core.

Upon seeing Sink rushing over, BZZL1’s Control immediately chose to retreat and increase the distance. However, now it wasn’t a narrow corridor anymore. After the corridor collapsed, his Hydro-Magnetic Cannon no longer had 100% control. When the control cannon fired, Sink dodged even faster.

While flying, Ying Chenlin switched to a Rapid-Fire Cannon, and a barrage of gunfire swept towards BZZL1’s Control, suppressing him.

BZZL1’s Medical mecha immediately moved up to assist his teammates in controlling Sink.

In the live broadcast room, the audience’s attention was captured.

【F*ck, Sink is too strong, right?】

【True, I find that to deal with Sink, smaller spaces are more advantageous.】

【Isn’t that obvious? Individual soldiers fly higher in larger spaces; they’re too free-spirited.】

【Have you guys not seen the other side? Sh*t, Trace and BZZL1’s Artillery are exchanging fire.】

In the field, KID’s two mechas almost back-to-back opened up the distance, dividing BZZL1’s four mechas into two battlefields. Despite BZZL1’s Tank protecting its Artillery, the Artillery mecha Trace dared to exchange fire with BZZL1’s Artillery. Both sides clearly had Sniper Cannons, but in the exchange of fire, Trace’s Sniper Cannon was always faster and more fierce.

You Su’s operation was extremely calm. Faced with the enemy’s guarded Artillery mecha, his actions were precise down to the second. His speed when switching to the Sniper Cannon’s charging didn’t lag at all. He controlled the rhythm of the enemy Artillery’s attacks, pressing them with maximum firepower in every shot.

BZZL1’s Tank was getting impatient: “I’m holding up the shield for you, why can’t you suppress him?”

BZZL1’s Artillery replied, “Have you ever seen a mecha pilot fire and then run at the last second? How am I supposed to predict that?!”

【I’ve been watching the matches so far, and it seems like the Artillery’s exchange of fire has never beaten Trace.】

【Who are the two strongest Artillery in Dawn?】

【YDS’s Hu Luobu and Black Crow’s Wen Yi.】

Suddenly, the pilots on that side of the collapsed passage noticed the adjacent cave passage. They saw two Black Crow mechas shoot out directly from above. BZZL1’s radar systems immediately lit up with signals belonging to the Black Crow mechas. BZZL1’s Control gritted his teeth, “KID’s commander is too sinister; they just want to start a melee.”

“Black Crow is still some distance away.”

“Isn’t it even harder to deal with them when Black Crow arrives?”

“First deal with Trace; we need to eliminate Trace before Black Crow arrives.”

“Trace can’t hold on for too long.” BZZL1’s Control mecha said, “He doesn’t have much energy left in his mecha, and now he’s relying entirely on Sink’s Energy Gun support. Separate the two of them and cut off Trace’s backup.”

Upon hearing this, BZZL1’s mechas immediately changed their orientations. The Tank swiftly cut in between Sink and Trace, cutting off Sink’s chance to turn back and assist Trace.

Seeing that the positions of the two mechas were completely separated, BZZL1’s Control quickly said, “Keep wearing down Trace and close the distance.”

【Trace’s energy shot has issued a warning.】

【His bombardments consume too much energy. The shots Sink gave him won’t be able to sustain this continuous drain.】

【BZZL1 seems to have realized the problem. They’ve separated the two KID mechas.】

In Gale’s base, Qi Sicheng frowned sharply as he observed the scene. From the outside, he could see Trace’s energy storage levels. Seeing You Su not getting closer to Ying Chenlin, he didn’t fully understand this approach. “He’s running out of energy fast.”

“They’re not suited to being separated, especially with the disadvantage of an Assault Medical mecha,” said Gale’s Artillery. “Sink wants to use firepower instead of control to suppress BZZL1’s core, giving Trace better output freedom. If Trace had full energy, it might work, but if the support is cut off now, Trace’s cannon will empty and he’ll be done for.”

In the rest area, Jiang Simiao watched the distance between Ying Chenlin and You Su grow, beginning to feel nervous. “This doesn’t look good.”

Shen Xingtang, however, focused on Ying Chenlin’s weapons. “Not necessarily. They haven’t exceeded the Medical mecha’s range yet.”

In the cockpit, a man’s eyes gleamed with a hint of coldness as he calmly observed BZZL1’s tactical rearrangement, completely splitting himself and Ying Chenlin up into two battlefields. The aiming reticle on his interface locked onto a core point on BZZL1’s Tank’s shield, with the program interface flashing a red warning for excessive energy consumption.

You Su silenced the warning. “Ying Chenlin.”

“Do you trust me?” Ying Chenlin said seriously. “Turn your back to me in 15 seconds, don’t move more than 10 meters in displacement, and focus your Energy Cannon horizontally.”

Ying Chenlin glanced at You Su’s remaining energy, and his Rapid-Fire Cannon once again bombarded the Control mecha in the distance, pushing it closer to a certain angle. The searchlights of various mechas fired wildly in the dark space, making the entire space appear dimly visible. After three more shots from the Rapid-Fire Cannon, Ying Chenlin switched to the Energy Gun in a timely manner, and his mecha’s thrusters propelled the entire mecha backward in an instant.

On the weapon interface’s panel, its default calibration was locked in. Ying Chenlin’s pupils followed the constantly moving calibration radar, while the blue signals representing teammates on the side radar system approached and receded.

Ying Chenlin adjusted the energy bar, maximizing the caliber of the Energy Gun.

The targeting reticle on the Energy Gun displayed Trace’s mecha’s silhouette. Ying Chenlin turned his body slightly, raising the mecha’s right arm holding the Energy Gun toward Trace. The optimal trajectory had already been calculated.

BZZL1’s Control noticed Sink’s movement and rushed forward using their thrusters.

【WTF WTF, look at Sink! He’s raising the Energy Gun!】

【??? The Energy Gun】

【F*ck, is he serious?】

【Holy sh*t, I’m getting goosebumps.】

The commentator was stunned, “Raising the Energy Gun at this distance?! That’s insane! How can he hit from this distance?!”

“At such a distance!?” Shen Xingtang stood up, her eyes fixed on the Medical mecha in the arena, asking, “Does he have data for hitting at such a long range?”

Jiang Simiao’s expression was serious, hesitating, “He has it for other weapons, but I’ve never recorded such a long-distance shot with the Energy Gun.”

Outside, in the other mecha teams’ bases, people frowned deeply, seemingly very puzzled by his actions.

Inside Gale’s base, their Medical mecha pilot was incredulous. “Using a long-range Energy Gun shot in this environment?! Is Sink serious? How much energy does he need to charge this shot? If he misses, it’s wasted!”

The energy bullets in a Medical mecha’s Energy Gun had to be fired into the energy conduit corresponding to a mecha’s energy storage to be converted into the mecha’s energy storage. The energy conduit was located on the mecha’s side rear, and the size of the conduit opening was limited.

Long-range charging required the bullets to hit that opening.

At medium range, Medical mechas with high hit rates could indeed provide long-range support, but Sink’s current distance had exceeded medium range. Even though it hadn’t exceeded the farthest range of the Energy Gun’s consumption, this wasn’t a stable environment; it was a cave with limited visibility!

The next second, the distant Artillery mecha suddenly turned around, exposing its entire body to BZZL1’s Artillery’s sights. It charged its Energy Cannon, the charging light particularly prominent in the dim view.

“Trace has turned his back to us!” BZZL1’s Artillery rejoiced, naturally not missing this opportunity, immediately charging its Sniper Cannon.

But just then, the commentator in the live broadcast exclaimed, “He’s firing!”

The Energy Gun of the red and white Medical mecha locked onto the light gathering at the distant Artillery mecha’s Energy Cannon. At that moment, the energy bullet blasted out directly, passing over the top of BZZL1’s Tank.

In front of everyone inside and outside the arena, the massive blue energy bullet struck Trace’s energy storage interface from the side, and a large amount of energy poured into Trace’s energy storage!

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