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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 167

Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone(Galactic Promotion Competition)

167. The Competition’s Conclusion

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee 

In the cockpit, the man squinted slightly, “Good accuracy.”

“What the hell?!” The BZZL1 Artillery’s gaze wavered momentarily when he saw the blue energy bullet. Without hesitation, he fired his charged Sniper Cannon.

At that moment, the distant Artillery mecha that received sufficient energy unleashed its Energy Cannon, swinging it backward without hesitation. The speeding light bullet collided head-on with BZZL1’s Sniper Cannon shot, and the resulting explosion instantly swept through the area.

The red-and-white Artillery mecha stabilized itself in the blast, quickly switching from the Energy Cannon to the Sniper Cannon. As the explosion continued, the Sniper Cannon rapidly charged and fired a 30% power shot toward the position of BZZL1’s Artillery.

BZZL1’s Artillery scrambled to hide behind his shield: “F*ck?! An energy resupply from this far away?! Sink is a devil!”

The BZZL1 Medical was equally stunned: “An Energy Gun at this distance? How did he do it?!”

The livestream audience was even more shocked, with the commentator’s voice nearly breaking: “It hit! Long-range support! Sink is too strong!”

【Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!】

【I’m dumbfounded.】

【This is insane, this accuracy—how did Sink control it? Even aiming corrections might not be able to fix this, right?】

【Seems like Trace cooperated, but this distance is just unbelievable. Isn’t he afraid of wasting energy?!】

In the dim environment, the Medical mecha provided long-range support, surpassing its medium range. Among all the Medical mechas in Dawn known for wielding Energy Guns, none could achieve this level of support. The pressure when providing such long-range support was immense. Previously, everyone only saw Sink as an Assault Medical, but now, when he acted as a true support, his wielding of the Energy Gun brought as much surprise as his offensive role.

“This wouldn’t be possible without Trace’s cooperation. He specifically had Trace charge the Energy Cannon to calibrate his aim based on its light’s convergence and radar position,” said the Medical mecha pilot at Gale’s base, standing up. “Energy conduit placement, distance reduction relative to the mecha’s scale, Trace’s horizontal cannon elevation, time lag… There are so many detailed operations to calculate. Most importantly, this requires deep familiarity with a mecha’s structure and his teammate’s habits to judge accurately.”

Zhao Lejie chimed in, “How can’t he be familiar with them? KID’s mechas were all personally repaired by him… the rest is just cooperating with Trace.”

At this thought, Zhao Lejie shivered. “F*ck, two heavy hitters—Trace is going on a rampage.”

The Medical mecha pilot added, “Sink is too strong. He’s raised the bar for Medical mechas. No other Medical in Dawn would dare such risky operations. KID is already low on energy. If he wasted such a big energy bullet…”

Qi Sicheng said, “With this accuracy, KID won’t be short on energy anymore.”

Neither Medical mechas in Black Crow nor BZZL1’s teams carried Energy Guns. From the perspective of stalling for time, Sink’s Energy Gun, as long as it supported teammates, was entirely sufficient to sustain their energy consumption in the short term. If he were the commander of Black Crow and BZZL1, their top priority would be to eliminate Sink.

In the Contaminated Zone, after BZZL1’s failed attempt to ambush Trace, Trace once again brought out his high-energy consumption Sniper Cannon. Seeing Trace switch to the Sniper Cannon, BZZL1’s Tank mecha felt his scalp tingling. Everyone said Sink’s accuracy was high, but this man’s accuracy was terrifyingly high as well, right?

He had been a Tank mecha pilot for so long and had never seen an Artillery mecha hit the same spot on his shield so precisely. Every time he changed positions, Trace’s Sniper Cannon would follow, as if as long as he continued to protect his own Artillery mecha, Trace’s bombardment of his shield would not stop.

Within BZZL1’s internal communications, everyone was getting a headache from KID’s two mechas, even the commander couldn’t help but curse. Two people alone, from such a distance, could still support each other.

BZZL1’s Control immediately made a decision, “Forget about Trace, just take down Sink.”

Sink was too much of a threat. As long as he was around, Trace was like a perpetual motion machine.

When BZZL1 shifted their focus to him, Yin Chenlin instantly realized his actions had attracted a lot of hatred. Seeing BZZL1’s two mechas closing in on him, he immediately veered upwards without hesitation.

You Su asked, “Need help?”

“No,” Yin Chenlin glanced at his position, “You focus on depleting the Tank’s shield.”

BZZL1’s Control used this opportunity to close the distance. Sink was relying on distance and his reflexes to evade their weapon’s control. With three mechas surrounding him, the shorter the distance, the harder it would be for Sink to predict their positions.

If two mechas couldn’t block him, couldn’t three? The passage had broadened and enlarged due to collapses, but ultimately the space was limited. As long as they seized the opportunity—

【Sh*t, Sink is under siege.】

【This distance doesn’t look good. Why isn’t Trace going to help?】

【Trace is still blasting the shield. Is he trying to break BZZL1’s shield?】

【F*ck, if BZZL1’s shield breaks, won’t they lose their frontline defense?】

【These two are insanely strong. If these were any other mechas, they’d have been taken down by BZZL1 long ago.】

In the darkness, KID’s two mechas fought separately. BZZL1’s Tank was responsible for holding off Trace, but the cost of this was being constantly bombarded by a long-range mecha, with each attack hitting the same spot on his shield. On the other side, three mechas were surrounding Sink, getting closer and closer. The Medical mecha, evading the Hydro-Magnetic Cannon bubbles thrown by BZZL1’s Control, locked onto BZZL1’s approaching Artillery with its Rapid-Fire Cannon.

“They’re wearing them down,” Jiang Simiao said. “Chenlin and You Su are exhausting BZZL1’s mechas.”

Shen Xingtang was watching the battle closely, finding this risky maneuver very daring. “The distance is too close; there’s no way to avoid it.”

BZZL1’s Artillery, under the pressure of Ying Chenlin’s Rapid-Fire Cannon, pushed forward. BZZL1’s Control seized the opportunity to launch another Hydro-Magnetic Cannon wave, successfully immobilizing Sink this time.

Seeing that Sink was controlled, BZZL1’s Control said, “I’ve got him. Fire at will.”

BZZL1’s Artillery immediately set up his Sniper Cannon, starting to charge it to 100%.

Just two seconds before the charge was complete, two mechas suddenly jumped out from an upper passage. The first, a Control mecha, immediately fired two Water Flow Cannon shots, while the second landed in front of Ying Chenlin, deploying a Spatial Staff that created a protective barrier.

【Yao and Lucy are here!】

【Damn, Sink was running towards the passage because he knew his teammates were coming!】

When BZZL1’s Artillery fired, the shot hit the barrier of the space in front of Sink, shattering it. However, the few seconds it acted as an obstruction allowed KID’s mechas to regroup quickly. As the smoke cleared, KID’s Guardian and Control mechas had arrived. BZZL1’s mechas took a step back, only to see Sink’s Rapid-Fire Cannon and Lucy’s Enhanced Cannon working in unison, unleashing a powerful explosion.

Seeing Yao and Lucy’s swift support, the commentator in the live broadcast immediately announced, “4v4! KID’s reinforcements have arrived! Sink was stalling for time, waiting for his teammates to regroup—”

Before the commentator could finish, everyone saw five more mechas emerge from the upper passage. The black mechas were almost invisible in the dark environment, but their powerful thrusters lit up parts of the field. As soon as the thrusters sounded, all mechas from KID and BZZL1 instinctively stepped back.

In the next moment, a Heavy Cannon fired from the darkness, with its icy shards instantly freezing KID’s Guardian mecha, Yao, in place.

Black Crow’s Artillery forcefully entered the battlefield, with a single shot triggering the fight.

“Damn it!” Lin Yao, unable to use his Spatial Staff, was rooted to the spot and took two control shots from the distant Black Crow. “I’m controlled and can’t move!”

Seeing this, Ying Chenlin immediately distanced himself, locking onto Lin Yao’s position to sweep Black Crow’s location.

Black Crow was incredibly fast. As soon as they entered the area, they quickly dispersed: the Artillery and Control together, while the Guardian and Tank advanced on the flanks, with the Medical always in a supporting position. Their formation was extremely organized, and this arrangement directly encircled the immobilized Lin Yao.

Ying Chenlin, wary of the nearby BZZL1, was trying to figure out a way to rescue Lin Yao when he suddenly noticed something and shouted urgently, “Lin Yao, duck!”

Lin Yao, unable to move, immediately dove forward upon hearing the command.

At that moment, a long-range cannon shell flew over Ying Chenlin and the others, the Sniper Cannon shot forcefully colliding with Black Crow’s Artillery mecha pilot, Wen Yi. The explosion erupted right in front of Lin Yao, and the blast wave pushed Lin Yao’s mecha back a significant distance.

Those in the livestream realized that Trace had somehow managed to push BZZL1’s Tank all the way over here.

Lin Yao: “You’re a lifesaver!”

You Su, holding his Sniper Cannon, locked eyes with Wen Yi’s Heavy Cannon through his scope. In the next second, both cannon shells fired simultaneously, creating another mid-air explosion.

Wen Yi frowned slightly and raised his Heavy Cannon’s aim. Twice now, his shots had been intercepted by the other party. “This is troublesome.”

【Holy crap, a long-distance duel!?】

【My god, it’s the first time I’ve seen Wen’s Heavy Cannon get intercepted.】

Black Crow’s Wen, one of the most renowned Artillery mecha pilots in the Dawn galaxy, was both the captain and commander of the Black Crow team.

KID’s Trace, a man who single-handedly forced the Mecha Alliance to change its rules, currently had his best performance in the top 16.

The two exceptional Artillery mecha pilots were locked in a direct duel. After one cannon shot, another followed immediately. Their speed in charging and switching positions was faster than what viewers could react to. As one explosion dissipated, another quickly followed. In just a few minutes of exchange, no other mechas dared to approach, let alone get caught in the crossfire.

Wen Yi’s expression tightened: “I’ll handle Trace. Control and Medical, Guardian and Tank, prioritize splitting their mechas. For BZZL1, watch out for their Control mecha. For KID, keep an eye on their Medical and don’t get pulled into their rhythm.”

The other four Black Crow mechas quickly dispersed. Seeing the situation, Ying Chenlin immediately moved to Lin Yao’s side, using his Rapid-Fire Cannon to push back the BZZL1 mechas eyeing them.

He glanced at You Su’s position. “You Ge.”

Before Ying Chenlin could finish, another Sniper Cannon shot passed over him, clashing with Black Crow’s Artillery mecha.

“I know.” You Su’s expression remained unchanged. As he locked onto Wen Yi, he was also locking onto his target. “I’ll handle Black Crow’s Artillery. I won’t let him join the battle.”

“What? You Ge is dueling Wen Yi?”

Ji Qingfeng, who was somewhere nearby, heard the conversation and immediately chimed in, “Ge, didn’t you bombard Hu Luobu, if you manage to outgun Wen Yi today, you’ll be Dawn’s Number 1 Cannon King!”

Lin Yao: “That title sounds awesome! You Ge, charge!”

Hearing the voices of the two clowns, You Su’s brow twitched slightly. “So idle, have you found the exit yet?”

“We’re on it. The paths above are straightforward, but there are too many layers.” Ji Qingfeng said as he ran, “Chi Lizi is with us, and Huo Ge is watching him from behind.”

Huo Yan also felt how difficult dealing with Chi Lizi was. Every time he tried to control the opponent, Chi Lizi could always use his Grappling Hook to evade. “Chi Lizi’s obviously trying to wear me down. I might not hold out for too long. Priority is to protect Qingfeng.”

While speaking, the group at the maze exit had already come under attack. Seeing this, Huo Yan had no choice but to cover Ji Qingfeng’s escape first, staying behind alone. Ji Qingfeng also had no time for jokes. Seeing the situation was dire, Huo Yan told him to run, and he immediately did so.

Chi Lizi was intercepted by Huo Yan, and seeing him lose sight of Ji Qingfeng’s direction, he frowned. “Captain, I can’t leave this side. QingF’s position is lost—” Before he could finish his sentence, he saw two BZZL1 mechas suddenly emerge from another passage. “BZZL1 is here too.”

Wen Yi said, “Yan’s mecha point must not fall into BZZL1’s hands.”

[It seems the situation at the exit isn’t going smoothly.】

【QingF and Yan have split up. Yan probably won’t last long.】

【Yan is facing three mechas over there! It’s intense. His energy depletion is at 48%!】

Both battlefields were extremely intense. The collapsed passage had already erupted into a three-way melee. When You Su said he’d hold off Wen Yi, he really did so, using his cannons to keep the opponent occupied, leaving them no time to think about the other battlefields. The two powerful Artillery mechas were in a 1v1 duel, and the others dared not enter their battlefield. Even BZZL1’s Artillery tried to use its gunfire to break in several times, only to be attacked by both sides’ cannons the next moment.

BZZL1 wisely chose to withdraw, planning to wait for the outcome there before engaging.

The remaining four Black Crow mechas and BZZL1 locked onto the three remaining KID mechas. The people in the live broadcast were also paying attention to KID’s situation. It must be said that KID’s current resource reserves were the worst among all the teams.

Trace’s mecha’s energy storage was already alarming, not to mention Yao’s Spatial Staff, which consumed a lot of energy. Just now, a lot of its energy had already been used in the tug-of-war with Black Crow on the way there. Lucy’s energy control was decent, and Sink’s energy reserves were healthy… but compared to the other two teams, they were like cornered chicks. Ultimately, it was a matter of which team would be the first to kill them.

【Can KID win this melee?】

【Hard to say… will Black Crow and BZZL1 team up?】

Black Crow and BZZL1 wouldn’t team up, but they did have a common target they wanted to kill, and that was Sink.

The threat Sink posed was self-evident, especially since he was currently the energy reservoir for KID.

Pressure from all sides followed them closely, but KID’s mechas remained composed. When the mechas from the other two teams pressed forward, Sink quickly found a breakthrough, targeting the distant BZZL1 Tank. As his Rapid-Fire Cannon shot forward, Lucy’s Enhanced Cannon followed closely beside.

BZZL1’s Tank hadn’t expected to be targeted by the mechas on the battlefield, but he soon stopped smiling because he realized Sink was targeting the same spot Trace had been pounding earlier. “Damn!? Are all of KID’s long-range mechas like this? Once Trace finishes, then Sink comes in! Did they plan this?”

Not only did they take turns, but Sink was a Medical mecha, and Lucy was a Control mecha. These two types of mechas charged much faster than an Artillery mecha. Before BZZL1’s Artillery had finished charging, the two KID mechas had already coordinated and fired two shots in succession. While KID’s Artillery had indeed been redirected, the combination of KID’s Medical and Control mechas was essentially another Artillery, and their attack rhythm was even faster.

Seeing this, BZZL1’s Control wanted to control one of the mechas, but Yao by his side wasn’t one to be trifled with. Seeing the Control mecha approach, Yao immediately wielded his Spatial Staff. A space opened up from the side, instantly blocking the control shots from both Black Crow and BZZL1. Lin Yao’s positioning was precise, and the space opened immediately served as a barrier against the control shots.

Ying Chenlin said, “Just pressure BZZL1’s Artillery and Tank, take turns, and don’t let them break through the space.”

As the space opened up, combined with the threat of Sink and Lucy’s joint cannon fire, both teams only used their firepower to break through it. While Black Crow’s Artillery was held up by Trace, and BZZL1’s Artillery was under attack, it took about ten seconds to break through the space. But even after the space was broken, it wasn’t over. The three mechas dispersed again, making it difficult for them to control the three simultaneously, especially since Sink was an extremely agile mecha pilot.

【Why do they keep targeting Sink!】

【They want to focus on Sink, but Yao and Lucy are also tough opponents!】

Whenever they managed to control Sink, Lucy would switch to the Water Flow Cannon to counter their attacks. With this delay, Yao’s Spatial Staff once again propped up its space.

【Isn’t Yao’s Spatial Staff almost out of energy? How many times has he used it?】

【No… look at Sink.】

In the arena, KID’s Medical mecha constantly switched between two weapons. In the duration the Spatial Staff was effective, he seized the opportunity to switch to the Energy Gun. In his hands, the Energy Gun was like a Tracking Cannon with 100% accuracy. Each energy bullet he condensed could accurately enter the energy reservoir of his teammate’s Guardian mecha. Not only that, he was also supporting Trace in the distance.

Although Sink and Trace were clearly separated by a distance, every time his Energy Gun locked onto Trace, who was currently engaged with Wen Yi, Trace always found the opportunity to enter his firing range. With a Medical mecha providing 100% support, how could KID’s two mechas lack energy!?

【Terrifying… how does he switch weapons so quickly?】

And in just a dozen or so exchanges like this, while the damage levels of KID’s mechas kept rising, they hadn’t been eliminated by the two teams. On the contrary, at this critical moment, Sink completely shattered the shield of BZZL1’s Tank.

The moment the shield was shattered, BZZL1’s Tank became equivalent to a naked mecha, and BZZL1’s only defensive weapon on site was their Medical mecha’s fragile shield. Black Crow immediately seized on this sudden change. Their Medical mecha, having remote control capabilities, immediately took control of BZZL1’s Tank. In a melee, there was no room for mercy; whoever exposes their weakness first will be pulled into the other’s rhythm.

“KID did it on purpose!” exclaimed the leader of BZZL1 from the sidelines. “Breaking the shield was meant to divide their fighting power.”

【Damn, I can’t keep up!】

【Holy sh*t, the pace of this battle between the three teams is too fast.】

【I can’t even tell who’s fighting who anymore.】

【KID is too strong, they can hold out in this!】

On the sidelines, major mecha teams observed this standoff. It seemed chaotic, but the coordination and combos inside it made it overwhelming.

The strong teams, Black Crow and BZZL1, needed no further introduction. They were among the top four teams from the previous season. But KID’s performance was truly surprising.

“KID is too strong. These are two of the top four strong teams from last season.”

“To hold out in this melee, it’s not just luck.”

In the current season of the Dawn League, there hadn’t been such a small-scale three-team melee outbreak before, especially with no environmental cover, there was smoke from gunfire everywhere. Despite this, the combat skills of the three teams held extremely strong. After nearly an hour of fighting, not a single mecha had been knocked out.

Just at this moment, the latest elimination news popped up on the elimination screen:

[Black Crow-lizi has eliminated KID-yan]

At the top of the maze, facing a 1v3 situation, Huo Yan couldn’t withstand the attacks of multiple mechas in the end. At the critical moment, he withdrew his Counter-Damage Shield, and the mecha point fell into the hands of Black Crow. Chi Lizi didn’t linger at the scene. After securing Yan’s mecha point, he immediately used his Grappling Hook to escape BZZL1’s encirclement.

Lin Yao: “Huo Ge is out?! Da Feng!”

Lu Xi: “To hold out until now is already commendable.”

When Huo Yan was eliminated, Ying Chenlin looked at his position. “Cover me.”

【So intense.】

【BZZL1 had a good match!】

【F*ck! What the hell is Sink doing!?】

In the corridor, BZZL1 missed another point, the tense situation affecting their combat’s rhythm. The Tank mecha, which had been continuously attacked, hesitated in its movements, once again being controlled by Black Crow. Ying Chenlin caught onto something crucial at the critical moment in the dark corridor, quickly shouting, “You Ge!”

Inside the dark corridor, Lin Yao’s Spatial Staff plunged into the ground again. You Su noticed something and his gaze lingered on the changes in positions on the radar system. As Ying Chenlin spoke, he immediately made a decision. Before the calibration in his scope could finish, Wen Yi’s Heavy Cannon locked onto him again from a distance. At that moment, he narrowly avoided Wen Yi’s attack and swung his 100% charged Sniper Cannon, facing one side while throwing it backward.

BZZL1’s Tank: “…???”

Wen Yi was startled, looking in the distance. He saw Sink and Lucy on the other side using their teammate’s space to dodge an attack once again. Their Rapid-Fire Cannon and Enhancement Cannons fired in unison. Trace’s Sniper Cannon shot leaped over to Sink’s direction, intersecting with Lucy’s Enhancement Cannon shot along with the floating ballistic projectiles, hitting BZZL1’s Tank before Black Crow could react.

Black Crow’s mecha pilots didn’t get the chance to rejoice: “F*ck, didn’t we just get one point from KID’s Tank?! This is holding a grudge!”

[KID-Trace has eliminated BZZL1-Ntyl]

At the same time, a new announcement popped up on the system for the entire Contaminated Zone:

[KID-QingF has left the maze, the match is over]

Black Crow’s mecha pilot who hadn’t finished speaking: “……???”

BZZL1, about to counterattack: “……F******ccckkk!!”


I can feel the other teams’ frustration with KID haha.

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