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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 168

Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone(Galactic Promotion Competition)

168. Did we make a profit or a loss?

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee 

When the message announcing the end of the match popped up in the match system, the audience who were watching the match hadn’t reacted yet. It wasn’t until the broadcast’s perspective switched to KID’s mecha pilot, QingF, that everyone realized this mecha pilot had actually found the exit of the maze amidst the chaos and chose to end the match.

【It’s over!?】

【This is too sudden!】

【QingF made it to the maze exit.】

Ji Qingfeng had been tirelessly searching for the exit all the way there. Fortunately, his son’s mining had already dug a path to the upper level. When he was surrounded by Black Crow and BZZL1 during the battle, Huo Yan helped him hold off the pursuers from behind. Using a Stealth mecha’s characteristic of hiding from the radar, he wandered around the upper-level maze and finally found the exit in a corner at the highest point.

In the rules of the match, after lighting up all the exploration points, the second condition for ending the match was activated. The mecha team that left the maze first had the special privilege to choose to end the maze. Obviously, KID chose to end the match.

The audience, who were immersed in the excitement of the battle, only just snapped out of it.

At the same time, the corresponding scoreboard also popped up in the arena. KID ranked first with an 8-point lead, Black Crow second with 6 points, BZZL1 third with 4 points, and Giant Bear eliminated early on in fourth with 0 points.

Before the match started, no one expected such a result.

The seemingly most chaotic team, KID, unexpectedly took first place!?

【BZZL1 must be feeling so frustrated.】

【Who could have predicted this outcome? The key was that Black Crow and BZZL1 lit up nine of the exploration points.】

【Let’s calculate what KID did. Wiping out Giant Bear earned them 6 points, stealing an exploration point earned 1 point, and snatching a head earned 1 point… If I were Black Crow or BZZL1, I’d be furious.】

The moment the match was announced to have ended, all mecha pilots stopped their actions.

BZZL1’s communication channel was filled with curses, while Black Crow’s channel was entangled with regret over the last head being snatched.

Wen Yi retracted his Heavy Cannon and saw the Artillery mecha with its Sniper Cannon standing in the distance amidst the smoke of gunfire. At the critical moment, his Heavy Cannon didn’t deviate from locking onto Trace, while Trace managed to assist his teammates with sniper support while dodging his attack.

Chi Lizi stopped halfway. “Then do I need to go back?”

The capability of a sniper Artillery mech pilot could be discerned from their actions. He had anticipated Trace’s moves, but Trace had anticipated a few steps ahead of him.

When selecting their original strategy, they chose to prioritize finding exploration points to prevent the exploration point scores from becoming the decisive factor on the battlefield. However, the match changed when KID wiped out Giant Bear, indicating they had underestimated KID’s strength.

Hearing the regrets of the other mecha pilots in the Black Crow’s channel, Wen Yi spoke up, “Losing is losing. It’s a matter of skill.”

Inside Gale’s base, Qi Sicheng stood up. “After the qualifying matches, the ranking matches will be a fierce battle.”

To outsiders, the entire match seemed like KID had lucked out to surpass two strong teams and advance. But in reality, from the score snatching to KID’s calmness amidst the chaos, it was obvious that their tactics and command were gradually maturing. Moreover, this was still a KID that hadn’t revealed all its secrets.

How many S-Grade crystals had KID obtained? The weapons exposed now were only those of Huo Yan and Lin Yao.

Their main output, their Artillery mecha’s weapons hadn’t been exposed whatsoever. Ji Qingfeng and Lu Xi were also uncertain factors. It could only be said that the next KID would be stronger than the current formidable one.

Zhang Ge was still watching the match in the meeting room, while the other mecha pilots of Gale had already gone to the training room.

The head coach said, “It seems like we need to come up with a plan for the ranking matches.”

Zhang Ge looked at KID and said, “Sink is like a bug. Give Black Crow a little more time, and maybe they can change the situation.”

“Neither Black Crow nor BZZL1 have revealed all their weapon reserves. But who knows, maybe KID will become the biggest dark horse in Group A,” the head coach said. “Captain Qi probably has some ideas. We absolutely cannot let Sink and Trace roam freely in the ranking matches. Among these two mechas, no matter what, one of them must be eliminated first.”

The people of Kemu Cave’s Management Bureau looked at the messed up Contaminated Zone, the collapsed mine tunnels filled with debris. They could only dispatch their post-disaster team to enter the Contaminated Zone for cleanup.

After the match ended, the leap points in various passages provided the mecha pilots with a way out. KID’s tattered mechas walked at the forefront, each mecha bearing high levels of damage. They were the most dilapidated mechas on the field, yet they had the highest score. After the match, all mecha pilots leaped away from the Contaminated Zone scene and arrived at the Bureau’s Jump Zone.

When they disembarked from their mechas, they passed by the Bureau’s post-disaster team mecha pilots. The mecha pilots all had mournful expressions on their faces.

But KID didn’t pay attention to their gazes. When they came out, their storage compartments were full, but there were still many scattered ores on the ground that no one had picked up.

Lin Yao looked at the ores in the Contaminated Zone regretfully. “Such a pity!”

Ji Qingfeng, still in his mecha, was reminiscing with his teammates about the hardships of finding the exit. Upon hearing this, he said, “That cheap Management Bureau, they’ll definitely take these ores.”

Huo Yan’s damaged mecha was sent to the maintenance area.

When KID’s group arrived on the scene, Grandpa Gu had just rescued Huo Yan from his cockpit. The latter was in high spirits. Originally lying on a stretcher, he waved to his teammates and the League medical team, saying he was fine, then got off the stretcher and walked towards his teammates.

The medical team: “…”

Grandpa Gu: “He’s strong and healthy, those impacts are no problem.”

The medical team: “Still, we need to do a health report for him, and for the other mecha pilots too.”

Lu Xi listened to her teammates talking and glanced sideways as the BZZL1 mecha pilots approached from afar. Each mecha pilot seemed like they had ‘want to brawl’ on their faces. She instinctively leaned behind Huo Yan slightly, avoiding their fierce gazes.

Huo Yan noticed Lu Xi’s movements and turned to see the captain of BZZL1 approaching.

The BZZL1 team was feeling extremely frustrated, but there was nothing they could do. Losing was losing. The captain extended his hand to Huo Yan. “We won’t lose again next season.”

Huo Yan shook hands with him and replied cheerfully, “Good, we’ll have another fight next season.”

The captain of BZZL1 glanced at Ying Chenlin standing nearby, who stood obediently with his hands in the pockets of his jacket, his face showing a bit of weariness. Ying Chenlin stood between You Su and Huo Yan. His small stature didn’t seem threatening, but it was him who used the Energy Gun on the field to support KID’s Artillery and close-combat units.

Ying Chenlin seemed to notice the other’s gaze. Just as he lifted his eyes, he saw the captain of BZZL1 nodding at him before quickly leaving.

After they left, KID began to discuss animatedly.

Lin Yao: “Chenlin, he nodded at you just now.”

Ji Qingfeng: “In my opinion, that nod meant they’re reminding you to be careful next season. They’ll definitely watch and beat you up.”

Ying Chenlin blinked. “Is that what it means?”

As they were speaking, Black Crow’s group of mecha pilots passed by the maintenance area. When they passed by KID, a refined-looking man in Black Crow’s team looked in You Su and Ying Chenlin’s direction. He nodded gently and quickly walked away.

Lu Xi said, “Black Crow nodded at us too.”

Ji Qingfeng: “We’re finished, Captain Wen nodded. They’re going to beat us in the ranking competition.”

Huo Yan laughed heartily. “Don’t think of them so badly.”

“Can we not?” Ji Qingfeng said, “Old Huo, BZZL1’s captain’s grip strength when he shook your hand just now, I saw his veins bulging!”

Huo Yan said, “Really? I thought it was just a normal handshake.”

Ji Qingfeng felt deeply concerned about their team’s crisis. Suddenly, he thought of something and looked at You Su. “Ge, did you and Wen Yi compete for the highest score? Who ended up being the No. 1 Artillery king?”

Lin Yao: “That’s definitely You Ge!”

Ying Chenlin also nodded in agreement, highly appreciative of You Su’s Artillery skills.

You Su: “…”

After the game ended, the fixed post-match interview was about to begin. KID followed the officials to the interview room. Ying Chenlin lagged behind the team, his face showing exhaustion. He had rested for a while during the mining after the battle with the Giant Bear, but he hadn’t rested much during the subsequent battles. Now, he felt tired and a little sleepy.

After he finished talking with Huo Yan, You Su glanced at the boy walking with his head down. When the boy was about to bump into the corner of the wall, You Su reached out and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him towards himself. “Watch out for the wall.”

Ying Chenlin responded with a muffled “oh” and buried his face further into his collar.

You Su noticed something was off. “Tired?”

“A bit,” Ying Chenlin replied.

Seeing their teammate’s condition, the others covered for Ying Chenlin during the upcoming interview. Huo Yan answered most of the questions, diverting the topic away from Ying Chenlin. Only when the host specifically asked him did Ying Chenlin speak a few words.

The barrage in the live chat was going crazy, first mocking the match’s quick end, then many tech enthusiasts started analyzing the advantages brought by KID’s accumulated score in this match. Their initial encirclement of Giant Bear was particularly praised, from Sink using the Energy Gun to map out the terrain to KID systematically dismantling Giant Bear one by one. No matter how you looked at it, the details of that encirclement were impressive.

In the final three-team melee, KID resisted attacks from two teams for nearly half an hour. Their strategic move to focus fire on the BZZL1’s Tank was especially clever. If someone said this wasn’t a command style born out of meticulous planning, no one would believe it.

【From an overall perspective, controlling the score, manipulating people and sneaking points away from the others is definitely a command style.】

【In that wave against Giant Bear, Sink was definitely the most familiar with the map.】

【Sink, definitely Sink!】

【…??? No way, he just transitioned from an Individual Soldier to team play, and would KID let Sink be the commander!?】

【Other teams wouldn’t, but KID might. It always feels like they can pull off anything.】

KID indeed seemed capable of anything; they even had an Assault Medical. Having an Individual Soldier as a commander doesn’t seem too unusual for them.

But the idea of an Individual Soldier as a commander left netizens in disbelief. Everyone knew Sink’s individual abilities and intelligence were outstanding, but being a commander was another matter. Can someone really adapt to such an important command role within two short years of transitioning to team battles?

The possibility of Sink being KID’s commander became increasingly plausible, and some fans dug up details from previous matches. Everything pointed to Sink, especially since he performed exceptionally well in this match, from mapping to supporting his teammates. He was like KID’s eyes in the maze.

Viewers focused on Sink, who was sitting next to Trace, looking drowsy. He only raised his eyes when the host asked him questions, seemingly uninterested in his surroundings.

【Sink looks tired.】

【High-intensity battles are exhausting. Look, Lucy hasn’t spoken much either.】

【They all demonstrated high-intensity combat levels in that final battle.】

The host’s interview included questions about KID’s commander, but KID wasn’t obliged to reveal this information, as it would make the commander a target for other teams. Huo Yan deflected the question skillfully.

【It must be Sink! Otherwise, Captain Huo wouldn’t even bother making up a story.】

【I’m dying to know, can Sink really command?】

As soon as the interview ended, KID eagerly headed out.

All damage reports for KID’s mechas were submitted by Grandpa Gu. Huo Yan’s mecha had 80% damage, while the others ranged from 40% to 60%. Every mecha had varying degrees of damage, from their cores to the weapons. Repairing them back at the base would require significant time and money.

When Ying Chenlin left the interview room, he saw Grandpa Gu’s damage reports in the group chat. He couldn’t move when he saw them. Despite his exhaustion, his mind was racing, thinking about how to repair the mechas efficiently and economically. Even as the Jianheng Company’s spaceship landed outside Kemu Cave’s Contaminated Zone, Ying Chenlin was still engrossed in the reports.

“Holy sh*t, a spaceship!” Ji Qingfeng perked up. “Does this mean we don’t have to cram into a flight?”

“We were supposed to,” Shen Xingtang had already secured discounted return flight tickets. But then, Jianheng’s Boss Zhou called and said they had prepared a return spaceship for them. “Jianheng has a testing base near Kemu Cave, and they offered to take us back directly.”

Once on the spaceship, KID’s mecha pilots crowded into a single room for KID’s traditional accounting session.

They had brought back a considerable amount of ore from Kemu Cave, with Ji Qingfeng’s son the Green Armor Beast contributing materials for KID’s repairs, and the energy crystals were allocated to Ying Chenlin for future weapon designs. The remaining ore filled five storage compartments; originally, only three were full. At the end of the match, KID stubbornly stored a bit more, barely making it five full compartments.

Lin Yao anxiously asked, “So, did we make a profit or a loss?”

KID’s chief financial expert, Jiang Simiao, calculated, “Brorite is considered rare in the market, with prices ranging from tens of thousands to a hundred thousand, depending on the quality. But whether it’s easy to sell is uncertain; we’ll have to post it online and see how the market responds.”

Ji Qingfeng remarked, “We didn’t check the quality while mining.”

Lin Yao exclaimed, “So, we’re going to lose money?”

“How can you not lose money in a match?” Shen Xingtang looked at the two money grubbers, assisting Jiang Simiao with the calculations. “Mecha damage during a match is normal. Even if we lose money, the base can grit its teeth and support you through the ranking matches.”

Lin Yao only heard the key point: “So, we still lose money.”

Shen Xingtang: “…”

Forget it, she didn’t want to talk.

KID’s mecha pilots continued calculating, unwilling to accept a loss, but halfway through, their fatigue got the better of them, and their eyelids began to droop.

Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao ended up sleeping in a messy heap, Lu Xi curled up in a blanket by the window, Huo Yan yawned and found a random spot to lie down, and no one returned to their own room. It seemed they were all waiting to wake up and hear the financial outcome.

The cabin room in the spaceship wasn’t spacious, crowded with people, even the beds were used as chairs.

Ying Chenlin, wrapped in a blanket, leaned against the wall and fell asleep, holding his light brain, his head gradually nodding off.

Sitting next to him, You Su reached out and took the light brain from his hand. The densely packed mecha data pages had already gone dark. As he took it away, Ying Chenlin didn’t wake up; in fact, the motion made him slump towards You Su.

You Su, holding the light brain in one hand, quickly supported Ying Chenlin with the other.

Ying Chenlin seemed utterly exhausted. He briefly opened his eyes to check his surroundings, and once assured he was safe, his eyelids drooped, and he fell asleep, barely moving.

You Su frowned, “Ying Chenlin?”

“His mental power must be highly exhausted. Eric told me that while his physical condition has improved, it doesn’t mean his mental power level is stable.”

Shen Xingtang lowered her voice and said, “The last match was beautifully played, but maintaining high precision shooting in such an environment increases mental power consumption. Didn’t you see the others? They’ve all collapsed.”

Gu Xiaotian carefully navigated through the crowd, pulling two blankets over Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao, who were lying casually in the aisle. “Shouldn’t we move them to their rooms to rest?”

Grandpa Gu said, “Let them sleep. They’ll be fine after a nap. Just keep it down so you don’t wake them.”

He adjusted his reading glasses. “It’s not easy for any of them.”

Jiang Simiao glanced at You Su. With five mecha pilots down, You Su showed no signs of fatigue. Was this man’s physical condition really that good?

“What’s up?” You Su asked.

Jiang Simiao replied, “Aren’t you tired?”

You Su: “I’m alright.”

Jiang Simiao: “…” Scary.

Theo, hanging around You Su’s neck, proudly boasted after hearing Jiang Simiao’s question, “Our You Su can go for two months without rest in a Contaminated Zone! Right, You Su?”

You Su ignored Theo.

He placed Ying Chenlin’s light brain to the side and used his other hand to support the sleeping Ying Chenlin. Both were sitting on the inner part of the bed, which was mostly covered with data boards. Jiang Simiao and Shen Xingtang were seated on the outer edge, blocking the way. You Su slowly lowered Ying Chenlin, only to find that there wasn’t enough space on the bed for him to lie flat.

You Su’s eyes fell on the two people lying across the aisle and Huo Yan occupying the outer area, making it difficult to move.

Jiang Simiao was about to hand over a pillow but, seeing the situation, pulled it back. “The pillow won’t fit. Maybe he can use your thigh as a pillow?”

You Su: “…”

You Su’s hand supported Ying Chenlin’s neck, his fingers brushing against the other’s warm skin. Realizing how small Ying Chenlin was, even his face seemed tiny. As Ying Chenlin tried to turn over, You Su had to lower his hand, allowing him to rest on his crossed legs.

Just after Ying Chenlin settled down, he turned over, facing inward, his forehead pressed against You Su’s side.

Both were now in casual wear, and You Su could clearly feel the warm breath on his side, making his back slightly stiff.

The others were still engrossed in their accounting, while You Su remained motionless.

Gu Xiaotian was about to ask if You Su’s legs weren’t going numb.

Seeing that the space was already too tight for anyone else, even the long legs of the person beside him had no place to rest.

Ying Chenlin slept through the entire night. When he woke up, the scent of someone else’s clothes lingered around his nose. He looked up slightly and saw You Su leaning against the wall, eyes closed, resting. It was then that he realized he had been sleeping on You Su’s lap all night.

As he sat up a bit, You Su’s eyes opened.

You Su’s morning voice was a bit hoarse: “Awake?”

Ying Chenlin’s face had half an imprint on it. He nodded: “Awake.”

Seeing him awake, You Su supported himself against the wall and stood up. “I’m going to wash my face. Wake them up. The ship is about to dock.”

Ying Chenlin nodded sleepily, noticing You Su’s right leg wasn’t quite natural, but the latter soon disappeared from his view. He then realized that everyone from KID was crowded in this area, sleeping — by the table, in the aisle, on the bed… people were everywhere.

Mr. Zhou had opened so many rooms for them to rest, which seemed like a waste… He paused for a moment, checked the time, and quickly shook the person next to him: “Huo Ge, wake up, we’re about to dock!”

This wasn’t just docking; the ship had already entered Sirius’s orbit.

At his shout, everyone in the room instantly woke up, hurriedly getting up to pack their things.

The ship had already entered Sirius’s orbit and was about to reach the Sirius area.

“Did we make a profit or a loss!?” Lin Yao was still struggling with this question even in his dream.

Jiang Simiao: “Stop asking. If you ask, we lost!”

As they were about to dock, Ying Chenlin’s mind was still groggy. He followed the group outside, pulling his suitcase with one hand and flipping through his light brain with the other. He first replied to Xun Bao’s congratulatory message, and as he scrolled down, he suddenly saw a message from Old Qiu of the Frontier Army.

Ying Chenlin suddenly said, “Old Qiu says the Frontier Army is coming over. He says Lieutenant Colonel Lu is waiting for us at the spaceport.”

Hearing this, You Su frowned, “What’s he doing here?”

KID had achieved first place in the 16-8 Group A matches, which meant KID had entered the top eight, regaining their previous League ranking.

Moreover, this achievement was secured by defeating both Black Crow and BZZL1 in succession, taking the group lead by an 8-point advantage.

When this news reached Sirius, the local media sprang into action, gathering information on KID’s flight. The media’s precise arrangements were already in place at each of KID’s arrival spaceports, all to catch KID as soon as they arrived and capture a promotional photo of the top eight team returning home in glory.

“Remember to grab the first-hand report later. Do you know how many media outlets are waiting at Sirius?”

“Editor-in-chief, we’ve never rushed to take pictures of KID like this before!”

“That was then, this is now. Can that KID be compared now?”

“After taking the photos, just use the draft we wrote directly. Got it?”

As the ship carrying KID docked, the group of people had just walked out of the exit when they were met with the flashes of the media.

Various mobile cameras flew around, capturing the glorious image of KID.

Jiang Simiao, with dark circles under his eyes, was caught off guard: “What’s going on?! Why are there so many people taking pictures?”

Shen Xingtang also froze: “I didn’t receive any notifications. Wait, let me ask.”

Ji Qingfeng couldn’t hold back his idol baggage and quickly covered his face: “I haven’t shaved.”

The media hurriedly crowded forward, only to see KID’s group of mecha pilots walking out with messy hair. As they walked, they squeezed together. Ji Qingfeng and Huo Yan were particularly conspicuous with their unshaven faces, looking nothing like they were returning home triumphantly, but rather like they had just come back from a disaster.

In the distance, Lieutenant Colonel Lu, who had been waiting at the spaceport for two hours, watched the chaos around him with a cold face and commanded the soldiers, “Help clear a path for them to exit smoothly.”

Just then, about ten Frontier Army soldiers in uniform suddenly crossed over the media and walked solemnly to KID’s front. With a few movements, they cleared the surrounding media away from KID.

The media, eager to grab the headlines, were stunned, and the chief editors of various major media outlets, who were busy editing the photos, were also stunned. 

Did KID… break the law???

Next to them, the media editor, who was on their first assignment, exclaimed excitedly, “F*ck, editor-in-chief, headline story!”

“The mecha team returning triumphantly is intercepted by soldiers, suspected of wrongdoing and arrested!”


Da Feng, I think your idol image collapsed ages ago~ Also don’t mind me I’m just about to hop on the Huo Ge x Xi Mei ship~ That little move of hiding behind Huo Yan was too adorable💘. The comments on JJWXC were full of yellow waste regarding You Su’s ability to last two months💀. Also walking weird because of his numb legs is quite cute and funny, not used to seeing a non-perfect side of him.

PR: +1 For the Huo Ge x Xi Mei ship

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That was a fun arc and that nice moment with You Su at the end concluded it so well. I can’t wait for more

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