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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 17

Banute Contaminated Zone

17. Life Force

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

“What kind of business?” Ying Chenlin looked at Shen Xingtang.

“A business that turns trash into treasure,” Shen Xingtang replied.

Mecha technology was constantly evolving, especially for basic materials like parts. New models were released almost every year, and for those with high precision rates, it was normal to have two or three new models each year. Typically, mecha teams in the Mecha Alliance would frequently replace parts to maintain their mechas’ hardware levels.

Among the parts in Warehouse A3, some were already destined to be phased out. Once new parts were added to the inventory, the old ones could only be sold at a discounted price to recover some funds.

However, things are different now. The parts that Ying Chenlin had re-polished had precision rates almost equivalent to the highly-priced parts in the market. In such a case, why would they go and buy those parts at a higher cost…?

“Chenlin, you may think that using mental power for polishing is a small matter,” Shen Xingtang presented the so-called scrap parts and explained, “These parts with such performance levels are priced at around 100,000 to 150,000 credits in the market.”

Ying Chenlin had foreseen it, but hearing Shen Xingtang say it out loud, he was surprised. “Higher than I expected.”

“Yes, but that’s not the main point,” Shen Xingtang said with a grin, “For example, this A-GZ1456. Its current market price is around 30,000 credits each, and you alone have increased its profit margin by almost 100,000 credits. As for those so-called scrap parts of yours, you can sell them within the Alliance for at least 130,000 credits each.”

“That Mr. Xu, who called just now, wanted to sell us parts with 3% lower precision than your scrap parts, and he dared to ask for 100,000 credits. He even intended to increase the price. Moreover, these are A-Class parts, not Competition-grade parts. There are many non-professional A-Class mecha mechanics in the Star Alliance, and they also need these types of parts.”

Shen Xingtang didn’t intend to keep anything from Ying Chenlin and explained all the pros and cons. “So, do you still think mental power polishing is a small matter? Your skills are not possessed by many mechanics in the Alliance.”

Jiang Simiao had been worried about the KID supplier issue before, but now, after hearing Shen Xingtang’s explanation, he also understood, “So you turned down Mr. Xu.”

The warehouse fell silent for a moment. After a while, Ying Chenlin spoke, “Do you plan to sell these scrap parts?”

“Jie won’t hide anything from you. I’m a businesswoman, so I want to propose a collaboration with you,” Shen Xingtang laid out the advantages and disadvantages. She wasn’t sure about Ying Chenlin’s background, but honesty was the foundation of any collaboration. She said directly, “Since it’s a collaboration, these won’t be part of the KID mechanic contract. I can sign a profit-sharing agreement with you. Everything can be discussed.”

Looking at Shen Xingtang’s earnest expression, Ying Chenlin considered that in his previous life, he had dealt with part polishing in a relatively mature technological era. Later, as the technology for mecha parts improved, the difference in commission for polishing was almost negligible. Moreover, he had spent a long time in the base, where materials were provided by KID, so he didn’t really know much about the ten-year transformation of the parts market.

Polishing parts was just a habit he had before repairing mechas.

“Can I make a request?” Ying Chenlin asked.

Shen Xingtang’s eyes lit up, “Tell me.”

“I can forgo the profit-sharing, but I need materials,” Ying Chenlin spoke up. “I hope you can provide me with a source for A+ class variant materials… I might need a lot of materials in the future.”

Shen Xingtang was taken aback, “Is that your only request?”

Ying Chenlin nodded, “I need a lot of high-class materials, and you have multiple channels.”

Shen Xingtang was astonished. Clearly, she didn’t expect Ying Chenlin’s request to be so modest, “You can tell me anytime if you need materials. I can inform you about any source. Moreover, you are a mechanic in our base, and it’s my duty as the boss to provide you with materials.”

“Then it’s settled,” Ying Chenlin readily agreed.

Settled?! Shen Xingtang couldn’t tell if Ying Chenlin was shrewd or genuinely unaware. While she was contemplating how to discuss the advantages and disadvantages with him, Ying Chenlin walked towards another row of shelves.

“What’s going on?” Shen Xingtang asked.

Ying Chenlin reached the shelf. These shelves had been checked by him not long ago. He casually picked up two parts, “These two parts are different models, but you can tell that they were processed by two different factories.”

Shen Xingtang knew as she was the one who stocked these parts, and she was familiar with which parts came from which factory.

“The scrap parts you have in your hands are from this factory,” Ying Chenlin picked one up, then pointed to the other side of the parts shelf, “while the ones with high precision rates are from this factory.”

Different precision rates?!

“How do you judge if the standards of these parts pass through mental power polishing? Is it the raw material of the parts?” Shen Xingtang picked up a few parts and asked.

“It mainly depends on two factors,” Ying Chenlin briefly thought about the question, “One is the raw material, and the other is the physical shaping process of the original parts. Good raw materials have a higher upper limit. For example, A-Class materials can achieve a precision of over 60%, while B-Class materials can only reach up to 50%, and C-Class ones are even lower. On top of that, the parts’ processing during the physical shaping step is quite crucial. If something inside the parts is damaged during the physical shaping process, then its upper limit will be set.”

In simple terms, the better the material and the more delicate the physical shaping process, the better the potential of the parts. For example, the parts in Shen Xingtang’s warehouse were of average quality, but the craftsmanship of the processing factory was good, which allowed the secondary processing to reach such a level.

Ying Chenlin suggested tactfully, “If we can find factories with good and inexpensive processing techniques, we can save more money.”

Shen Xingtang immediately understood the key point here. After thinking for a moment, she said, “I want to ask you something.”

Ying Chenlin looked at her curiously.

Shen Xingtang asked seriously, “Have we met before?”

As their eyes met, before Ying Chenlin could speak, Shen Xingtang continued, patting his shoulder, “I feel like I’ve seen your face before. You look so much like my long-lost brother.”

“Come on, let me take you to see the factories. Whatever materials you need, I’ll get them for you.”

As the two walked deeper into the warehouse, they pushed away the cart carrying the scrap parts.

Jiang Simiao didn’t know why, but he felt that their discussion about making money might not be a small matter. He sighed and was about to follow them to see what was going on when his light brain beeped.

He stopped and suddenly remembered something, “Wait, Xingtang! The matter about the new Guardian mecha…”

Elsewhere on Sirius, the disgruntled Mr. Xu, whose call had been hung up, was fuming with anger. He never expected Shen Xingtang to hang up on him. It was clear that KID was in need of parts, and he was only using DE as an excuse to raise the price. With the current market conditions and the closure of the Banute Contaminated Zone, what difference would a price increase make?

“Is Boss Shen trying to ignore us?” his assistant asked.

Mr. Xu sneered, “Ignore us? Does Shen Xingtang think that KID has that much of a reputation? It’s only because she managed to get two mutant crystals from the Contaminated Zone. If she weren’t under pressure, she wouldn’t have sold the Mecha Arena and rented out the building.”

His assistant nodded, “I heard from the StarNet that Xu Yaojun has gone to DE. Won’t KID struggle to gather enough people for the next season?”

Mr. Xu was surprised, “Is that so?”

“Yes, DE just made an official announcement today.” His assistant showed him the information on his light brain.

Mr. Xu glanced at it and said, “No wonder she tried so hard to lower the price. Now they lack a mecha pilot, and they’ll have to spend money to sign one to complete the roster.”

He felt relieved, thinking, “Just wait, Shen Xingtang will come back begging me.”

On StarNet, KID has been in the limelight recently in the Dawn Galaxy.

After winning with fewer forces in the Banute Contaminated Zone and obtaining two anomalous crystals, a minor controversy arose online due to the battle videos. On the other side, the DE base, which was at the center of the storm, had to announce Xu Yaojun early, sparking widespread discussions among the netizens.

Xu Yaojun transferred to DE, KID’s sworn enemy.

Everyone expected a showdown between the two teams, but unexpectedly, days passed without any commotion.

[KID is so quiet.] [DE hasn’t released much news either, but their team seems well-prepared. Money does wonders.] [Why isn’t KID making any effort? That day I saw the Guardian mecha in Banute; it was impressive, not to mention the Artillery mecha.] [KID won’t sign the Guardian, they already have Guardian mecha. Signing another one would be redundant; they don’t even have a mechanic.]

Seeing that there was no exciting news to watch, they turned their attention to the announcements and transfer periods of other teams. After searching for a while, they couldn’t find any news of KID signing a mecha pilot. As the transfer period was about to end and fans were getting impatient, they went to the KID team’s forum to urge for updates, but there was still no news.

At the same time, in the First Star Domain, in Dawn Galaxy’s Gale Base.

“Have you seen what happened in Banute?” Zhao Lejie got off the mecha, and his wet clothes outlined his strong physique. “KID’s Xu Yaojun left, and you used to think he was pretty good last season. Why didn’t you go and sign him?”

On the other side of the training room, a man in a suit and leather shoes glanced at him. “I previously tried, but didn’t succeed. I’m not interested in Xu Yaojun.”

“I know you’re interested in their front-line.” Zhao Lejie wiped off the sweat. He remembered the match last season when they faced KID, and their front-line almost collapsed.

KID’s front-line consisted of three mecha pilots – Huo Yan’s Tank mecha, Lin Yao’s Guardian mecha, and Ji Qingfeng’s Stealth mecha. After KID’s incident, their base even planned to sign the three-man front-line to the second team, but it didn’t work out.

“KID’s front-line may seem chaotic, but it’s rare to have both offensive and defensive capabilities. It’s just a shame they had a useless Artillery mecha. Xu Yaojun leaving is a good thing.” Zhao Lejie said, “If they replace it with the Artillery mecha in that video, I feel they’ll have potential next season.”

The man in the suit, Qi Sicheng, who was the captain of the Gale team, looked at the video playing on his light brain and said, “The Artillery is indeed powerful, but I feel that there’s something odd about his tactics.”

Curious, Zhao Lejie asked, “What’s odd?”

Qi Sicheng pointed to a part of the video. “Instead of cooperating to suppress the enemy with the Guardian mecha, it looks like the Guardian mecha is constantly evading the sniper shots from the Artillery mecha.”

“Evading?” Zhao Lejie was surprised.

Qi Sicheng explained, “Yes, he’s evading. He’s not cooperating with others but treating his teammates as enemies. He’s avoiding both the enemies and his teammates.”

“His overall situational awareness is excellent, but his approach is unique. Watching this video, I can’t find any flaws. Clearly, it’s a team battle, but he’s playing like a solo player.”

In another location on Sirius, You Su sat in a café, and his light brain was also looping a certain video from the Banute Contaminated Zone. After finishing one segment and trying to cut another, he found that the video had been cleared.

“They’re hiding quite well,” You Su calmly commented.

At this moment, the mecha key around his neck flickered, and a playful electronic voice chimed in, “Of course, this is a freak who can evade 100% of your sniper shots. The last person who was so confident about cooperating with you got half of their mecha blown away by us.”

You Su drank half a cup of coffee, his tone indifferent. “You have so much to say over a meal?”

“I haven’t had a full meal yet!” The electronic voice continued, “You Su, I’ve found the next Contaminated Zone near Sirius. This time, we’ll definitely find the materials we want!”

“Forget it, your disability is none of my concern.” You Su had just finished speaking when he suddenly saw a message from Shen Xingtang popping up on his light brain.

He opened the message interface and was about to decline Shen Xingtang’s invitation when he noticed that she had sent a short video.

In the video, a labeled component was tested multiple times by an inspection machine.

When he saw the performance display, a hint of doubt appeared in You Su’s eyes. He watched carefully for a while and was about to look away when he caught a glimpse of someone at the edge of the video.

Although the person’s face wasn’t captured, he could see the person’s right hand hanging down, emitting a cold mechanical light.

[Oops, sent the wrong one, this is the correct one.]

Soon, the video was retracted, and Shen Xingtang sent another one.

The video was a preview of the upcoming season of the Dawn Galaxy League, featuring the rewards for the season champions.

[Inside information for you: the championship reward for the next season is an S-Grade anomalous crystal. How about it? Are you interested in joining the League this time?]

Author’s Note:
Best wishes for KID’s successful business, and Boss Shen, give everyone a little red envelope~
See you tomorrow~

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