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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 171

Kemu Cave Contaminated Zone(Galactic Promotion Competition)

171. Functional Anomalous Crystals?

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee 

This sense of familiarity was strange. Ying Chenlin was sure he had never seen that anomalous crystal before, but it felt very similar to the one he obtained from Banute. He lowered his gaze slightly, trying to take a closer look, when suddenly, Yuan’s voice echoed in his mind.

“An A-Grade anomalous crystal,” Yuan’s voice was calm and steady. “It feels very similar.”

Ying Chenlin didn’t fully trust his own intuition, but if Yuan said so, he was more inclined to believe him.

A long time ago, he became very interested in the energy absorption between S-Class mechas and S-Grade anomalous crystals. He had also studied the compatibility between You Su’s mecha Theo and its anomalous crystal, knowing that S-Class mechas equipped with weapon cores powered by anomalous crystals would have special reactions to crystals of the same origin. They could even extract corresponding energy from the crystals as a core supply.

There were few fire-attribute anomalous crystals at the base, so he hadn’t been able to do much testing back then.

But he had tested You Su’s mental power with Theo, using S-Level mental power to stimulate higher-Level anomalous crystals, increasing the resonance between the S-Class mecha and the crystal. An anomalous crystal that felt familiar to Yuan, even if not of the same origin, was unlikely to be simple.

With this in mind, Ying Chenlin’s gaze fell on the other crystals in the display case. He noticed that the blond man named Norbert had taken out several crystals, and he observed the man’s mental power flowing out, immediately recognizing it. “An S-Level mental power user.”

When the high-Level mental power was released, several nearby mecha pilots had already stepped back a few paces.

High-Level mental power would subtly affect lower-Level mental power. You Su, also an S-Level mental power user, released a bit of his own mental power and said, “The stone gambling area doesn’t restrict buyers from using mental power, but it usually doesn’t help. Mental power can only distinguish the grade of the crystal.”

From a gambler’s perspective, most people believed that the higher the grade of the anomalous crystal, the better its ability would be.

Take this Norbert, for example. From the start, he had only been buying S-Grade crystal embryos.

Mental power could be used to probe…

Ying Chenlin’s gaze briefly fell on the price tags in the distance: A-Grade anomalous crystal 80,000 credits each, A-Grade mutated anomalous crystal 120,000 credits each, S-Grade anomalous crystal 1.5 million credits each.

“Do you know how much it costs to identify an anomalous crystal at the Hydra Association?” Ying Chenlin asked.

“Between 3 to 8 million credits, the higher the grade, the more expensive,” You Su replied. Hearing Ying Chenlin’s question, he asked, “What, are you interested?”

Ying Chenlin replied, “I have three anomalous crystals I want to identify.”

Having those three anomalous crystals sitting unused was a problem. If he could send them to the Hydra Association for identification, it might alleviate the current pressure on KID’s weapons.

But the cost of identifying these S-Grade anomalous crystals was high, and the risk was significant. It could result in useless abilities or dead crystals with no anomalies. Ordinary S-Grade anomalous crystals were worth about 10 million credits, and a useless crystal wouldn’t even cover the identification fee…

After some thought, Ying Chenlin decided to go forward and take a look.

You Su noticed Ying Chenlin moving forward and didn’t stop him but watched from where he stood.

Theo asked curiously, “Chenlin is interested in these?”

“Yes,” You Su’s gaze remained on Ying Chenlin. He didn’t think this little money-grubber would do something uncertain. “Let’s see.”

A crowd had gathered, but their interest had waned after seeing the blond man repeatedly purchase crystals without finding a good anomalous crystal.

Now, seeing a young man step forward, a few merchants who had intended to leave stopped and turned their attention to Ying Chenlin.

“Can I try?” Ying Chenlin asked.

The manager of the stone gambling area smiled kindly and made way for him to approach the display case.

Ying Chenlin thanked him and, as he walked up, the entire display case opened up before him, filled with various luminous anomalous crystals. He didn’t look at the contamination values marked on the crystals but focused on their quality and luster.

The colors were varied, and it was impossible to discern the properties of these anomalous crystals from their appearance alone.

The crowd’s attention was on this young man, unable to identify his status from his attire until someone noticed his hand. His fingers were mechanical and black.

Norbert stopped rummaging through the crystals and looked at Ying Chenlin’s hand, “Oh?”

Ying Chenlin released a bit of his mental power, causing the anomalous crystal to float in his palm. After a moment, it dropped with a thud onto his mechanical hand.

Experienced merchants in the crowd glanced away slightly, noting that his exposed mental power only indicated an A-Level. How did he plan to test S-Grade anomalous crystals?

Ying Chenlin took his time examining the anomalous crystals, picking some up and putting them back down, and then picking up others again.

Mental power could probe the energy content of the anomalous crystals. Ying Chenlin aimed to select those with higher energy content.

People around him began whispering.

“He’s young, trying to use mental power to gauge energy levels.”

“High energy might still result in a dud crystal. Ordinary anomalous crystals can’t even cover the identification fee.”

The manager of the stone gambling area assumed another mecha pilot was playing around. Seeing Ying Chenlin pick several crystals from the display, his smile didn’t change. Watching Ying Chenlin choose several S-Grade crystals and then move to look at A-Grade ones, he enthusiastically stood by, offering introductions.

Using his mental power, Ying Chenlin tested the energy content of the anomalous crystals. After picking several with high energy content, he picked up two anomalous crystals and noticed something peculiar. The mental power feedback indicated that these two crystals had rich energy, but there was always an inexplicable sense of blockage whenever his mental power reached halfway through them.

He squeezed the anomalous crystals, finally setting the two aside as backups.

Those around who saw his choices couldn’t help but frown.

As regulars of the stone gambling area, they could tell that the anomalous crystal he picked had a mottled appearance, likely contaminated by other substances during the collection process. Even if it wasn’t a dead crystal, it was probably a crystal with weaker anomalies.

Theo watched curiously and asked, “What is Chenlin doing? Yuan, do you know?”

Yuan answered simply, “He’s looking for materials.”

You Su watched the young man walking back and forth by the display case. Soon, other customers came to look at the crystals, and the shopkeeper turned to serve them. The young man remained by the case, still sifting through the crystals.

This scene was familiar to him. In the KID maintenance room, Ying Chenlin treated the contaminated materials with the same attitude and scrutiny. It showed that the crystals in the stone gambling area were interesting enough to capture Ying Chenlin’s attention.

At that moment, Ying Chenlin suddenly walked to the A-Grade anomalous crystal shopkeeper. This time, he didn’t test much but picked several crystals from the pile. Norbert, who had been watching, frowned slightly when he saw Ying Chenlin pick up the dimly glowing red crystal. He spoke up, “That one’s not good.”

Norbert enthusiastically explained, “Its light is too dim and its energy is low, it might not yield any ability.”

Ying Chenlin paused, turning to see the blond man, and his gaze fell on the mecha key swinging around his neck. “I think its color looks pretty good. Thank you.”

He placed the familiar red crystal with the other chosen ones and then selected a few high-energy reaction A-Grade anomalous crystals, putting them together.

Norbert didn’t go far. Ying Chenlin saw him holding two anomalous crystals, hesitating, and noticed that one of them had a particularly nice color.

“I’m undecided on which to choose, Sink, help me pick one,” Norbert said, noticing Ying Chenlin’s gaze and flashing a bright smile.

When Ying Chenlin heard “Sink,” he noticed the blond man’s look. “How do you know it’s me?”

“I watched KID’s matches. I remember your hands. I’m quite interested in your base,” Norbert said, blinking as he raised his hand, the two crystals glimmering. “I’m Norbert.”

Ying Chenlin looked at the one in his left hand. “This one looks prettier.”

Norbert chose the one Ying Chenlin suggested, his gaze briefly flicking to the red string around Ying Chenlin’s neck. Just as he was about to say more, someone walked over.

You Su approached Ying Chenlin and asked, “Have you chosen?”

Ying Chenlin nodded. “I’ve chosen.”

The shopkeeper came over to settle the bill. Ying Chenlin had picked a total of 7 S-Grade anomalous crystals and 4 A-Grade anomalous crystals. Glancing at the crystals, he noticed several were heavily contaminated. He said, “These will be 10 million for you.”

You Su was about to pay, but Ying Chenlin had already taken out his terminal to transfer the money.

The shopkeeper received the payment. “Do you need identification services?”

Ying Chenlin replied, “Yes.”

At the back of the stone gambling area, there was a passage leading directly to the Hydra Association’s identification facility. With the shopkeeper’s guidance, they quickly reached the identification room. Huo Yan happened to walk over at this time. Hearing that Ying Chenlin had bought anomalous crystals for gambling, he followed to see what was happening. “How do you buy anomalous crystals? These things are easy to lose money on.”

You Su’s tone was indifferent: “The kid has the money to play around.”

In the identification room, there were both Hydra Association staff and corresponding staff from the stone gambling area.

Only after arriving did Ying Chenlin realize that the stone gambling area had a cooperation with the identification room. Customers from the arena could choose between on-site identification or confidential identification. On-site identification would publicly reveal the results, but the cost would be lower.

The identification room was spacious, and besides the front desk, there were quite a few customers standing in the hall.

Ying Chenlin recognized a few familiar faces from the display cases in the stone gambling area.

The front desk staff, learning that Ying Chenlin was there for identification, introduced in a gentle voice: “The starting price for A-Grade identification is 800,000, and for S-Grade anomalous crystals, it’s 3 million. The price varies based on the degree of contamination and contamination value of the anomalous crystal. Which anomalous crystals would you like to identify?”

Ying Chenlin didn’t choose to identify all of them. Instead, he selected three S-Grade anomalous crystals and the A-Grade fire-attribute anomalous crystal he found peculiar. “Just these four.”

You Su paused slightly at this. “Not identifying the others?”

“No,” Ying Chenlin put away the other anomalous crystals. “I didn’t buy these for identification.”

Some around them were curious about the identification results and spoke up—

“Young man, you bought so many, and you’re only identifying a few?”

“They offer discounts for more identifications. Keeping those anomalous crystals won’t do you any good.”

Ying Chenlin remained unmoved.

He hadn’t bought the other high-energy anomalous crystals for identification.

The identification staff quickly took the anomalous crystals away, and Ying Chenlin waited with You Su and Huo Yan in the hall.

You Su asked, “Aren’t you going to identify the other anomalous crystals? There won’t be another institution like the Hydra Association next time.”

“No, it would increase the cost too much.” Ying Chenlin shook his head. “I bought those to use as repair materials.”

During this time, KID had also acquired many anomalous crystals. Ying Chenlin often dealt with anomalous crystals and, after testing with You Su’s mental power and Theo, he discovered some subtle differences in the crystals.

S-Class mechas could absorb the core of S-Grade anomalous crystals as energy supplements, which helped in repairing damaged weapons.

Conversely, even if it wasn’t an S-Class mecha, using S-Level mental power could help S-Grade anomalous crystals repair weapon cores that weren’t fully depleted. This was a conclusion Ying Chenlin had drawn from repeated tests. Some anomalous crystals were very suitable as repair materials for weapon cores.

For Huo Yan and Lin Yao, whose weapon cores used S-Grade anomalous crystals, repairing them usually required purchasing expensive repair materials, significantly increasing the repair costs.

Typically, using S-Grade anomalous crystals as repair materials would be too extravagant. However, in the stone gambling area, even the worst anomalous crystal embryos were cheap and could be used as repair materials, making them much more economical than those at market prices.

While waiting for the results, Ji Qingfeng and the others, who were negotiating prices, also returned. They managed to get the Green Dandelion and Sea Serpent anomalous crystals for 78 million, cutting 5 million off the original price.

Lu Xi whispered, “I told them that 5 million off was enough, but they kept arguing with the boss.”

Ying Chenlin thought Ji Qingfeng was impressive, but Ji Qingfeng wasn’t happy with the result.

Ji Qingfeng said, “I’ve never had a failure in haggling before, and this isn’t even a 10% discount!”

During their conversation, Ji Qingfeng suddenly noticed the diverse crowd in the identification room, especially a blond man who had just entered. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “Isn’t that Norbert!?”

Ying Chenlin found the blond man familiar. “You know him?”

Ji Qingfeng replied, “He’s a mecha pilot from PJT in the Second Star Domain! You know PJT, right? The second-ranked team in the Star Alliance’s team battles, and Norbert is their captain.”

Ying Chenlin’s gaze fell on the blond man who was there for identification. “Is that so?”

“There are many mecha pilots here,” Huo Yan said as he glanced around the identification room, not recognizing any familiar faces, but it was easy to distinguish mecha pilots from ordinary people by their demeanor. “There are quite a few people here for identification.”

Moreover, the mecha pilots who could enter this place mostly had significant status.

Hearing this, Ying Chenlin began to observe the surrounding mecha pilots. His familiarity with mecha pilots was limited to data, and he rarely remembered faces. Instead of focusing on faces, he was more familiar with their mechas. Upon observation, he realized there were many mecha pilots present. One in particular who stood out was a female mecha pilot in the corner.

“That’s Wu Qingshuang, the captain of Divine Shield from the Aries Galaxy in the First Star Domain,” Huo Yan explained. “A Tank mecha pilot, even more difficult to deal with than Zhao Lejie.”

At that moment, several mecha pilots entered from outside, heading straight to the confidential identification area.

As they walked, Wu Qingshuang and Norbert immediately turned their attention to them. Ying Chenlin noticed this and was about to take a closer look when those individuals had already disappeared.

Not only that, but many others in the identification room also focused on them, indicating that these newcomers had a high status.

Lin Yao asked softly, “Who just went in? They seem pretty important.”

Ji Qingfeng squinted in that direction. “Couldn’t see their faces clearly.”

A merchant sitting behind them, overhearing their conversation, commented, “You recognize Norbert but not them?”

Ji Qingfeng, ever sociable, asked, “Brother, we really don’t know. Can you tell us?”

“Who else could it be? The overlords of the Star Alliance, the E.M. base from the Fifth Star Domain’s Silver Moon Galaxy,” the merchant continued. “The number one team battle champions in the Star Alliance.”

The E.M. mecha base had won the team battle championship in the Star Alliance for several consecutive years, based in the Silver Moon Galaxy of the Fifth Star Domain.

As the merchant explained, the KID team suddenly realized the significance here. They hadn’t expected so many notable mecha pilots to be gathered in the Hydra Association’s small identification room, including those from Divine Shield, PJT, and even E.M.

“Even E.M. showed up,” Ji Qingfeng remarked. “I really didn’t recognize them.”

The merchant shook his head and hurried over to see what was happening when he heard someone at the front desk had identified a good anomalous crystal.

Lin Yao, sitting cross-legged, commented, “It’s just the team battle champions. We also have an Individual Soldier champion here.”

Ji Qingfeng added, “If our Chenlin had been famous when he was underage, he would have been renowned throughout the Star Alliance by now.”

Ying Chenlin paused slightly. “I’m not famous.”

The group looked towards the high virtual screen and saw that Norbert had identified a golden anomalous crystal, which seemed to be a wood-attribute attack ability, drawing a lot of attention.

At that moment, Ying Chenlin’s light brain received a notification that his identification results were ready. “It seems my results are out.”

“No worries, Chenlin. If we didn’t find any treasures, we can just check out other places,” Lin Yao said.

As Ying Chenlin went to the front desk to receive his identification results, several mecha pilots in the room, including Wu Qingshuang and others, turned their attention towards him.

“You were interested in that person from their base as well.”

Wu Qingshuang responded indifferently, her gaze lingering on Ying Chenlin.

At the front desk, Norbert greeted Ying Chenlin warmly as he approached, “Thank you. Your good luck brought it to me.”

The on-site identification results were publicly announced, and in the hall, several merchants had low expectations for Ying Chenlin. They knew he picked anomalous crystals based on their high energy levels, likely to end up disappointed. However, at that moment, a result suddenly popped up on the virtual public screen in the hall, marked with a golden symbol, indicating that the anomalous crystal identified had a high anomalous level.

Ying Chenlin also paused. The first identification result was for the crystal he felt had mental power blockages. The entire identification report did not specify its species, but it clearly indicated its anomalous effects.

S-Grade Anomalous Crystal [Ice][Water], Abilities [Zero Degrees][Deepwater Sphere]. The ability, Zero Degrees, can rapidly induce condensation, creating a widespread freezing effect. The ability, Deepwater Sphere, can condense a huge water sphere, murky and possessing a potent restraining effect.

A dual attribute anomalous crystal!? And it’s even a dual control functional anomalous crystal!?

Ji Qingfeng exclaimed, “How much would such a crystal cost?”

Lin Yao began counting on his fingers.

Lu Xi said, “Functional anomalous crystals are as expensive as attack-types. A dual attribute one would probably cost over a hundred million…”

Ji Qingfeng added, “Damn!”

Huo Yan, looking at the result in shock, said, “I can’t believe this came out.”

Yu Su raised an eyebrow slightly, “That’s quite something he’s opened.”

Ying Chenlin hadn’t expected this result at all. He was just curious about that blocked feeling. “Seems like luck was on my side.”

Many people around focused their gaze on the identification result. Despite its high contamination level, the fact that it could open a dual attribute crystal was simply unbelievable. The merchants who had watched Ying Chenlin pick the anomalous crystal earlier had slight changes in expressions, not realizing this young man could open such a stone.

“Dual attribute?! How long has it been since the stone gambling area opened a dual attribute anomalous crystal?”

“This thing is rare!”

“Could it be that the embryos in the stone gambling area this year are all exceptional?”

“To open something like this with such contamination… This kid has incredible luck!”

The murmurs grew louder.

However, Ying Chenlin quickly scrolled down. The other two S-Grade anomalous crystals both turned out to be duds. The second one, also blocked like the first, was identified as a scrap crystal with no special anomalous reaction.

Among the three S-Grade anomalous crystals, an anomalous crystal with special properties, a rare dual attribute anomalous crystal, was identified. This caused many merchants to become restless, approaching one after another to inquire about its price. Even the manager from the Hydra Association came over, offering auction services.

Are S-Grade dual attribute anomalous crystals so easy to find? They were extremely rare and each one commanded a high price.

Ying Chenlin replied, “Sorry, I’m not in a hurry to sell.”

“Young man, sell me the anomalous crystals you just bought.”

“Yeah, instead of wasting on identification, selling them after re-identification is fine. I can offer 3 million to buy your embryos.”

Ying Chenlin wouldn’t sell the other anomalous crystals. They were carefully selected as repair materials to bring back. In the stone gambling area, it’s hard to find anything with higher energy levels than those.

The discussions continued non-stop. Ying Chenlin set aside the other two anomalous crystals that didn’t reveal any special properties and focused on the fire attribute anomalous crystal he had been particularly interested in. Flipping to the back, he noticed a small golden mark on the identification report for that fire attribute anomalous crystal.

Upon opening the report, he saw the specific details of the crystal.

A-Grade Mutated Anomalous Crystal [Fire], Ability [Azure Fire]. Stimulated to exhibit azure flames, these flames seemingly accompany special pollutants, lacking in high-energy destructive power. The micro-energy azure fire can incinerate large amounts of toxins, smoke, water vapor, etc., through evaporation while burning. The area where Azure Fire resides can isolate anomalous reactions.

Ying Chenlin’s expression changed slightly upon seeing this. The ability to isolate anomalous reactions was equivalent to creating a control-free weapon like a Tank mecha’s shield. Though it lacked high-energy destructive power, its incineration effect could assist teammates in dispersing control effects imposed by other mechas. It was a rare functional type fire attribute anomalous crystal.

Just as ice and wind elements are rarely seen in attack-type anomalous crystals, special functional types are also rare in fire attribute anomalous crystals, known for their high attack capabilities.

The effect of this fire attribute anomalous crystal was no less than an S-Grade anomalous crystal.

“A functional fire attribute anomalous crystal is A-Grade???”

“This young man’s luck is incredible.”

“A functional fire attribute with an incineration reduction effect. No wonder its energy gloss is so low.”

“Four crystals and two gold identifications. This luck is unbelievable.”

Next to him, Norbert looked at Ying Chenlin in amazement, “You’re really lucky.”

Ying Chenlin knew this anomalous crystal’s result was extraordinary. Even if it was an A-Grade, a functional fire attribute anomalous crystal like this would fetch at least tens of millions on the market.

More and more onlookers gathered around, many hearing about the dual attribute anomalous crystal and A-Grade functional fire attribute that had been opened, coming over to see what was happening.

Many merchants nearby were already bidding. Ying Chenlin rejected their offers. With this crystal’s result confirmed, he was certain of something else, “Hello, I need confidential identification services.”

He still had three special anomalous crystals left, one with dual lightning and fire attributes, and two special crystals left by his father.

These three anomalous crystals were his primary reason for coming for identification.

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