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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 177

Agaman Sea Star Contaminated Zone (Galactic Ranking Competition)

177. Third Day

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

The sea surged, and a tsunami struck the central sea area where the mechas were stationed, catching them off guard. Mechas were submerged one after another, and they could only crawl up from the seabed.

Tsunamis were considered normal environmental factors within the Contaminated Zone, so the Alliance did not issue any warnings.

But such a massive tsunami so suddenly? It was truly unexpected!

Zhao Lejie found himself buried without reason and emerged from the seabed asking, “So what the hell is this situation!?”

From high above, Qi Sicheng’s peripheral vision caught the receding roar of the tsunami, and he said, “The direction from which this tsunami came is towards KID.”

Zhao Lejie: “…? Boss, don’t joke with me, this is a tsunami.”

Qi Sicheng: “Before we started our operation, this place was calm. Judging by the time and distance, the eruption of this tsunami coincides closely with KID occupying their flag point.”

Another mecha pilot from Gale’s team: “…”

Let’s rewind time to several minutes ago.

When a massive underwater explosion occurred at the coral reef, the two teams stationed at the core of the explosion were completely unprepared. Huo Yan’s Counter-Damage shield was activated first, but the underwater explosion’s currents swept over, washing away him and the several KID mechas behind him all at once.

Huo Yan managed to grab Lu Xi who was nearest to him in time and urgently said, “Grab onto something!”

Lin Yao deployed his Spatial Staff, partially mitigating the rushing force, but it was quickly overwhelmed. He hurriedly grabbed onto Huo Yan’s waist and turned around, saying, “You Ge and Chenlin are behind us!”

“Da Feng—” Huo Yan shouted.

Such an explosion was completely beyond their expectations.

A massive undercurrent swept through, obscuring their vision entirely. Ying Chenlin hadn’t steadied his mecha yet when he was swept away by the undercurrent, landing behind Huo Yan’s protective shield. Just then, You Su grabbed hold of him.

The two mechas collided against the exploded coral reef. The next moment, You Su grabbed onto a nearby rock, his voice cold: “Hold on tight.”

Ying Chenlin hesitated briefly, not letting go of You Su’s hand. Inside the cockpit, he couldn’t see ahead clearly in the powerful water flow. Encountering this situation was also beyond his anticipated range. He quickly accessed the environmental data inside the mecha, catching a glimpse of another exploding vortex in the distance.

Ying Chenlin promptly checked the damage status of Ji Qingfeng’s mecha. Seeing it was still within safety limits at 35% damage, he breathed a sigh of relief. Immediately, he commanded, “We can’t stay here, fly up quickly!”

Inside the live broadcast room, the audience watching the match didn’t react immediately. By the time they did, the images from the entire match system were already flickering with dark shadows. The commentators, stunned, switched to a distant camera system and saw the sweeping giant waves.

【What the f*ck?! What kind of weapon is this to have such immense power?】

【I only saw Trace at 100% power, and then I couldn’t see anything.】

【The foundation in that area’s destroyed?! The match system isn’t working!】

【Can a weapon like this be used in the match?! Such destructive power!】

【What is the Alliance going to say about this!?】

What will the Alliance do? At that moment, the Alliance chose to urgently repair the damaged systems in the coral reef area.

[Due to a partial submarine landslide in the Contaminated Zone, affecting the match system’s foundational equipment, emergency repairs are currently underway.]

Those inside the live broadcast room: “???”

A submarine landslide!? Are you kidding me? It caused a submarine landslide!

As a Contaminated Zone that had 99% sea coverage, all geological activities here were underwater, and tsunamis were considered a common marine phenomenon. However, compared to tsunamis caused by underwater earthquakes, the tsunami triggered by this submarine landslide was truly bewildering. Two teams fighting each other can cause a submarine landslide—isn’t that absurd? Extremely absurd!

All Management Bureau personnel were stunned upon receiving news of the submarine landslide. Once they reacted, they hurriedly retrieved information about the explosion-induced geological changes in that area. The Alliance’s Monitoring Team immediately rushed to the maintenance area, pulling up the weapon data of both KID and Empty Cicada’s teams, investigating the cause of the submarine landslide at the earliest opportunity.

“Did you bring prohibited weapons?” asked the Empty Cicada mechanic.

Shen Xingtang raised her eyes slightly. “No.”

Shen Xingtang and the Empty Cicada mechanic faced the Monitoring Team innocently. Both of their teams had their weapons carefully reviewed by the Alliance. The ability to cause such a large explosion was also beyond their expectations.

Everyone watching the match was stunned by the impact of this explosion.

“I told you Trace’s weapon couldn’t be simple,” said Gale’s head coach, looking at Zhang Ge. “There’s no intelligence suggesting that KID has obtained a wind elemental crystal of this sort with this effect.”

A Gale staff member added, “Coach, the footage cut off too suddenly. We couldn’t collect any weapon-related information.”

You Su’s weapon was undoubtedly a wind-attribute offensive weapon, with such explosive effects confirming its S-Grade wind attribute attack.

In the rest area, other teams looked towards KID’s direction. They knew about Empty Cicada’s weapon, but KID’s weapon was kept under wraps. It might be their Artillery’s weapon that caused such a result.

Dr. Eric said, “Everyone’s watching us.”

Gu Xiaotian sat back. “Seems like it…”

Jiang Simiao, sitting in the rest area, felt gazes from all directions.They weren’t just from the leaders on the rostrum but also from other mecha teams. Now he finally understood why Shen Xingtang had rushed to the maintenance area. If something went f*cking wrong, sitting here meant being surrounded by enemies on all sides.

Other teams may not be clear about it, but the people from KID knew too well about You Su’s weapon.

This was one of the two wind-attribute cannons Ying Chenlin designed for You Su, equipped with the S-Grade Wind Falcon’s ability [Compressed Windstorm]. The essence of Compressed Windstorm is to compress a large amount of wind energy into a specific point. When the shot explodes, it releases this wind energy all at once. This weapon is more suitable for combat on the open sea where winds are strong, maximizing the effect of Compressed Windstorm.

There’s no wind underwater, but significant wind energy fluctuations can affect underwater currents, although its energy consumption is far greater than that of water-attribute weapons.

The weapon’s ability was just one aspect; the most crucial factor was who controls the weapon. You Su’s mastery of cannon-type weapons has always been precise. For example, he used low-energy Sniper Cannon shots to alter the trajectory of Empty Cicada’s Quick Freeze rounds, and, with a 100% energy-charged Sniper Cannon, he would undoubtedly choose the optimal point of impact to achieve his goal.

“You Su’s weapon has a wide-area of effect with its attack,” Grandpa Gu observed the turbulent waves on the sea surface. “But such power shouldn’t be possible.”

Jiang Simiao leaned inward. “The power of the weapon is one thing, but the key is that we fired the shot.”

The leadership saw that we fired the shot!

In the Agaman Sea Star Contaminated Zone venue, the leaders of the Dawn Mecha League were all sitting silently on the rostrum. Several leaders quietly went to inquire from the Alliance’s investigation team. Li Jingyan listened to the murmurs around him and looked at the blackened screen, showing an unprecedentedly calm expression.

Or rather, many leaders of Dawn appeared quite calm. After all, the Management Bureaus’ complaints against KID had been piling up in the Alliance office’s complaint box since the start of the Galactic Tournament. But what could they say? All of this was within the permissible limits of the Alliance’s rules.

“Young mecha pilots have quite the drive.”

“This match, well, it certainly has been lively.”

“A tsunami even happened, which is quite rare.”

Li Jingyan looked at the people in the Agaman Contaminated Zone and asked, “How are the mecha pilots? Have the investigation results on the two teams’ weapons come out yet?”

“The mechas from both teams are fine, just pushed quite a distance away by the waves.” A staff member looked at the investigation results. “There are no issues with the weapons of either team…”

The Alliance’s investigation team worked quickly. Such an explosion, which even caused a landslide, had already spread across StarNet.

Upon investigation, it turned out that the explosion wasn’t caused by KID’s weapons. The trench near the coral reef had been unstable due to frequent geological activities. The core of KID’s Artillery mecha’s Sniper Cannon was [Compressed Windstorm], which sweeps out a large number of wind blades. This weapon, when charged to 100%, is indeed powerful, but not to the extent of causing such a mess.

“Previously, during battles in the coral reef area, a large number of Sniper Cannon shells and Enhancement Cannon shots were frozen by Empty Cicada’s Jiang Tianyi using Quick Freeze rounds,” the staff member explained, holding the investigation results. “The ice energy on the surface of these shells had already dissipated. Normally, once the internal energy fully dissipates, it’s over… But KID’s Compressed Windstorm caused a large-scale disturbance in the water flows underwater, triggering all these shells to explode…”

Wind-attribute weapons are somewhat weakened in underwater environments, but wind abilities of a certain level can still stir up underwater currents.

This shot wasn’t just from Trace’s Compressed Windstorm… Lucy’s Enhancement Cannon shots and Sink’s Energy Cannon shots were also there.

The combined power of these three shots was enough to flatten a hill in Qiu Jin. The explosion of these shells, combined with the accumulated Quick Freeze rounds, led to the massive impact.

The staff member didn’t dare continue, as the tsunami triggered by the submarine landslide had already swept towards the central sea area.

The director of the Management Bureau saw the repaired footage, with the coral reef already collapsed. The entire seabed looked completely different, with a large amount of pollutants disturbed by the explosion, and bodies drifting away with the currents.

“As for the flag point…” a staff member asked.

The director of the Management Bureau rubbed his forehead. “Whoever occupied it last, count the point for them.”

While the outside world was abuzz with the news of the submarine landslide, the powerful shockwaves from the explosion continued to sweep outward, sending every mecha scattering across the sea.

The live stream from the Agaman venue couldn’t capture the situation underwater. All they saw were mechas shooting up to the surface, with KID’s mechas emerging first.

Ji Qingfeng had never experienced such a desperate escape before. When he used his Hook Claw to displace out of the coral reef, he hadn’t expected to face one whirlpool explosion after another. The explosive force was akin to an underwater energy blast. There was no time to linger or think; he used his Hook Claw to make a narrow escape. As he took his first breath of surface air, he nearly cried, “Weren’t we just blowing up a coral reef? That almost buried me alive!”

As Ji Qingfeng surfaced, he saw his teammates emerging one after another. “Am I the last one out?”

His gaze swept over his teammates. Huo Yan was dragging two mechas, with You Su pulling Ying Chenlin behind him. Not a single one was left behind; all had escaped from the seabed, while he had fled alone.

Hearing Ji Qingfeng’s voice, the rest of KID felt relieved.

Huo Yan: “We didn’t expect such a big explosion either.”

Lu Xi: “…I only fired one shot.”

Everyone looked at You Su in unison, and he calmly said, “I did fire the cannon.”

The mechas fled towards the surface. Once they broke through, the mechas from both squads faced each other.

Empty Cicada was furious. Except for the three mechas on the outer edge, which were protected in time by Empty Cicada’s Tank, the rest left in the coral reef’s cave suffered heavy losses. The explosion had collapsed the entire reef, sweeping away large chunks of coral along with the pollutants and mechas inside. Three of Empty Cicada’s mechas, including their Stealth mecha, took direct damage and were swept even further away before they could react.

After struggling to the surface, they saw the culprits behind all this: KID.

Jiang Tianyi looked grim. He warily eyed the weapon of KID’s Artillery mecha in the distance. Even though the situation had escalated suddenly and he hadn’t seen the weapon clearly, its widespread destructive power was unmistakable.

The live audience saw KID and Empty Cicada’s mechas facing off, with both showing visible damage. Just when they thought a fight would break out, the next second, Empty Cicada’s captain, Jiang Tianyi, led his team and flew away without a word.

【They ran!?】

【KID captured the flag point.】

【Why fight now? Can’t you see how strong the sea breeze is?】

Besides, the area was a complete mess from the explosion. Who knew where the flag point was buried now? How could Empty Cicada even try to capture it?!

The sea breeze was fierce, making it difficult for the mechas to fly.

With Empty Cicada retreating, KID’s six mechas were left swaying on the surface.

“Why did they run?” Lin Yao, having finally reached the surface, was ready to charge. “Couldn’t they still fight us?”

“Half the time has already passed. It’s hard for them to capture this flag point.” Huo Yan looked down. The sea was still disturbed, and the radar showed the flag point’s location as fixed, it having not disappeared indicated it was buried under the destroyed coral reef. “So, does this mean we captured it?”

Ying Chenlin waited a while without any notification from the Alliance, indicating that the flag point was valid. “It should count.”

This battle hadn’t benefitted KID much either. All their mechas had sustained some damage from the final explosion, with Ji Qingfeng’s mecha suffering the most. Initially, his battle with Empty Cicada had caused 10% damage, but the explosion near the core increased his mecha’s damage to 35%.

“I’m so miserable; Empty Cicada must be worse off.” Ji Qingfeng said, “I saw Empty Cicada’s Stealth mecha chasing after me just before I escaped, so they must have been close.”

KID had to find a safe place to repair their mechas. The explosion-induced sea breeze was too strong, and with 99% of the area being sea, finding a place to rest was challenging. They had to find a spot with less wind to repair their mechas.

At this moment, they noticed something floating on the sea.

The explosion of the coral reef and the tsunami caused by the submarine landslide had brought many dead pollutants to the surface.

Lin Yao: “Wow, so many fish!”

“It’s getting dark soon. Let’s see if there’re any energy crystals to collect,” Ji Qingfeng said, his mecha under repair but his thoughts already on the sea. “Pick up as many as you can and choose ones that fit in the storage compartments.”

After all, the sea was vast, and they only had six storage compartments.

The live audience, seeing KID collecting the bodies of pollutants, couldn’t underestimate them anymore.

After all, not long ago, they had extracted ink sacs from Slinking Cuttlefish to use as tools for surprise attacks. Who knows what other uses they might find for other pollutants?

【In terms of familiarity with pollutants, none of the other eight teams can compare to KID.】

【I’m suddenly glad that Qingfeng brought the Hook Claw. If he had brought the Binding Lock, wouldn’t he have been able to ride the pollutants again?】

【…I thought they didn’t ride pollutants for other reasons, but it turns out it was because Qingfeng didn’t bring the Binding Lock?】

Ying Chenlin’s mental power scanned the interior of Ji Qingfeng’s mecha, reducing his 35% damage to 15%. Luckily, Ji Qingfeng’s damage was relatively simple to fix, allowing it to be reduced to 15%; otherwise, it could’ve only been reduced to 20%. “Try not to use the right side during combat. The outer shell on the right side is more damaged.”

Ji Qingfeng replied, “Got it, don’t worry.”

After finishing up with Ji Qingfeng’s mecha, Ying Chenlin focused on the distance, where You Su’s mecha floated on the sea surface. He wasn’t participating in the pollutant collection. Ying Chenlin noticed the damage on You Su’s mecha, particularly on its right hand, as You Su had shielded him from a lot of the coral reef debris during the explosion.

You Su sat in the cockpit, resting, with his eyes on the gradually setting light on the planet, casting a faint orange glow on the sea surface.

He was lost in thought when suddenly, his mecha’s right hand was lifted.

You Su snapped back to reality to find his mecha’s right hand being held by another mecha. Mental power surged into his right hand through the shared neural link. “Are the others repaired?”

“Not yet, I decided to fix you first.” Ying Chenlin’s mental power entered You Su’s mecha through the Medical mecha’s port, immediately influenced by You Su’s mental power. The interaction between their mental powers felt strange. “Disconnect the neural link in your right hand.”

You Su disconnected his mental power, glancing at the repair progress in the mecha program.

The internal repairs were still underway. His fingers moved slightly on the control panel, and the sensation of someone else’s mental power touching his fingertips to his arm lingered.

It felt a bit tingly.

The seabed foundation near the coral reef was finally restored after an hour of emergency repairs by the Alliance. As soon as it was restored, everyone in the live broadcast room could see the severely damaged coral reef, feeling a lingering sense of fear. The tsunamis that had spread out caused a significant impact, with many teams in the central sea area affected.

Even though mechas could withstand the destructive force of a tsunami, no mecha wanted to fight within the affected area.

The three major teams retreated from the central sea area, while other teams spent the last half of the first day competing for other flag points. By the end of the first day, the results for the seven flag points were clear. KID’s flag point was lost in the depths, making it hard to retrieve. The three major teams’ flag points were as stable as ever. The two flag points in the central sea area were taken by Scorpion King’s team and the late-arriving Empty Cicada team.

The only variable was another peripheral flag point. After withdrawing from the three-way battlefield, FQJ went there but lost to Magician in the ensuing battle, becoming the first team to be eliminated on the first day.

At the 24-hour mark, all flag point information was refreshed, not just the occupation statuses but also the locations of the flag points.

On the second day, the flag points were reduced to six locations, spreading out across a broader span of the sea, increasing the distance between each flag point.

As the flag points refreshed, all teams moved towards the nearest flag points under the cover of night. Once the second day began, the competition would intensify, and securing a flag point early on would provide a significant advantage.

Everyone expected the three major teams to be the first to secure a flag point on the second day, but the first flag point to light up belonged to KID.

KID’s chosen flag point was not in the central sea area. Crucially, their selected location was excellent: few pollutants and little difficulty for occupation. Once they secured the flag point, they stayed outside its perimeter. Their spot was so remote that, despite the central mechas fighting over points, no one bothered KID. Their sea area remained calm and peaceful.

KID passed the second day without incident, while the team eliminated on the second day was Scorpion King.

The expanded distance between flag points increased the travel time for the mechas, making it difficult to change directions once having chosen one. Teams could only engage with other mechas.

Scorpion King was eliminated while trying to secure a spot, counterattacked by Gale. They had chosen the wrong direction, with the two nearest flag points occupied by Gale and Black Crow, respectively. The locations were too close, and when Scorpion King tried to switch points, it was too late. They were eliminated during their journey.

【Why didn’t any team go after KID?】

【Damn it, other teams are fighting while they rush through the sea.】

【Enough talk, their storages must almost be full, right? They should calm down now.】

Since the tsunami occurred, the number of people in the surveillance team closely monitoring KID had doubled.

The external Management Bureau saw KID calmly holding onto a flag point without causing any trouble. Everyone was unsure whether to breathe a sigh of relief or remain cautious. However, knowing that they were culling the pollutants was a good thing, easing Agaman’s burden. As long as they don’t bomb the seabed, everything should be fine.

This calm persisted until the third day. Viewers watching KID’s live stream were close to falling asleep when suddenly, upon the refresh of the flag points, they woke up. This time, only five flag points had been refreshed, and KID was rushing in the direction of their previous flag point, along with two other teams.

【Damn, the distance is even wider this time!】

【There are two points in this direction, no wonder so many mechs are flying over.】

KID rested for a day, feeling refreshed. When they saw radar signals appearing, they were more excited than the viewers outside. However, before they could reach the flag point, one of the teams saw KID and immediately changed directions.

“Wait, why are they running?” Ji Qingfeng asked. “Which team is that?”

“They can run if they want, one less opponent is good,” Huo Yan replied.

Ying Chenlin noticed a red dot approaching on the radar, still a bit far to determine which team’s mecha it was. “Someone’s coming, they’re very close, and at their speed, they’ll probably reach the flag point before us.”

Ji Qingfeng hesitated slightly. “That’s not good. You Ge, fire! We can’t let them take it first!”

【??? Why did one run away?】

【Is KID’s reputation really that fierce? Other teams didn’t run when Gale appeared.】

【It’s Empty Cicada who ran…】

【Oh, no wonder.】

As soon as they heard it was Empty Cicada who ran, the live broadcast fell silent.

【Ah, it’s okay. Empty Cicada ran away, isn’t there still one more!】

【KID is about to clash with them! The point is so close, they should start fighting!】

【Who’s the other one?】

The official broadcast also cut to this perspective, and the commentator excitedly reported on the information about the mechas facing off: “We see two teams approaching near the heavily polluted G1 Zone, KID and YDS!”

【YDS isn’t easy to fight right?… They didn’t even fight with Black Crow on the first day.】

【They probably won’t fight. KID and YDS won’t waste time here. Why not go for another point? Isn’t there one nearby?】

Before the sentence was finished, everyone saw YDS’s mecha take the lead and dive towards the location of the flag point. At that moment, in the dimly lit seabed, a Sniper Cannon’s beam suddenly shot towards the flag point.

The commentator exclaimed, “KID is standing on business 1! They’ve actively fired towards YDS!”

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