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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 178

Agaman Sea Star Contaminated Zone (Galactic Ranking Competition)

178. KID vs YDS

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

KID’s Sniper Cannon fired too quickly. In the live broadcast, people were still analyzing whether KID and YDS would engage in combat. Trace’s Sniper Cannon had already rushed ahead, targeting YDS, who had moved forward to capture the flag point.

As the shot was fired, Ji Qingfeng immediately recognized the mecha up ahead and shouted, “Ge!!! It’s YDS!”

You Su glanced upwards slightly, “Too late.”

The two teams met in the narrow underwater passage, and KID fired the first shot at the opposing team.

The Sniper Cannon shot pierced through the calm underwater currents at full force. YDS’s Artillery mecha pilot, Hu Luobu, reacted swiftly. As Trace’s Sniper Cannon shell approached, Hu Luobu countered with an Energy Cannon shot.

“F*ck!” Hu Luobu of YDS exclaimed, “It’s KID again! Do they always start with a bang every time they meet someone?!”

Ke Lin’s pupils contracted as he noticed the undercurrents stirred up by the cannon’s shot. “No, stabilize the mecha!”

As the two cannon shots collided, Trace’s Sniper Cannon’s Compressed Windstorm exploded underwater, weakened yet still churning the nearby currents, pushing several YDS mechas back.

Ying Chenlin couldn’t stop it in time. Seeing the situation, he immediately said, “Qingfeng, go for the point.”

With the cannons having fired, but the point not yet seized, whoever arrives first claims it.

Before Ji Qingfeng could respond, Lin Yao kicked him in the direction of the flag point. “Da Feng! Go!”

The battle erupted too suddenly. Without even the most basic back-and-forth probing, they went straight into the brawl, firing shots right away. The live broadcast was clearly presented with the power of Trace’s weapon this time, witnessing how the Sniper Cannon’s shells could even explode and burst into delayed wind blades.

Outside the arena, mecha bases observed the weapon’s capabilities. Zhang Ge exclaimed in surprise, “A delayed burst of wind blades?! Such a wide range—what kind of anomalous crystal is that!?”

Gale’s head coach watched the visuals from inside, his gaze shifting back and forth between KID and YDS. “This one’s got some moves.”

“Trace’s weapon is a wind-attribute Sniper Cannon. After the shot exploded, it triggered water currents that pushed back YDS’ mechas!” the commentator quickly explained. “Qingfeng has gone in; using the Hook Claw’s displacement, he navigated through the explosive undercurrents and headed straight for the flag point!”

The moment the Sniper Cannon exploded, KID seized the opportunity. Ji Qingfeng stealthily moved past with the Hook Claw. The underwater currents affected the mecha’s propulsion systems, but the high-dimensional Hook Claw virtually ignored the water’s influence, swiftly maneuvering through the currents.

Ke Lin immediately spotted the mecha moving through the water. He released the weapon in his hand into the water, expanding the range of the thunder Conduction Chain Spheres of the lightning system, which in the next moment comprehensively locked onto Ji Qingfeng, paralyzing him with a widespread lightning strike.

Not only that, as Ke Lin’s Conduction Chain Spheres were released, Hu Luobu’s Tracking Cannon instantly locked onto Ji Qingfeng and unhesitantly fired a shot.

【Captain Ke Lin’s Conduction Chain Spheres immobilized Qingfeng, and Luobo is on it!】

【KID is too reckless; that’s YDS they’re up against!】

Halfway through his maneuver, Ji Qingfeng was hit dead-on by Ke Lin’s Conduction Chain Spheres and pinned in place. Just as he was about to use the Hook Claw to break free, he looked up to see a Tracking Cannon shot coming straight at him. When Hu Luobu’s Tracking Cannon shell neared, it split into two projectiles, attacking him from both the front and the back. Ji Qingfeng almost cursed aloud. In the next second, he narrowly escaped the twin blasts with a swift evasion. “Yao Bao! You almost got me killed! Ke Lin’s got lightning! And Hu Luobo’s 1 weapon splits into two!”

Lin Yao responded, “You’re scouting for us; we’ve got a clear view now.”

While Ji Qingfeng was under siege, You Su and Lu Xi didn’t remain idle. You Su launched another Sniper Cannon shot towards YDS’s main force. At that moment, YDS’s Medical mecha moved forward, deploying a spherical weapon. In the next second, all YDS mechas within its range were stabilized and unaffected by the turbulent water currents.

You Su remarked, “Their Medical’s weapon stabilizes mechas.”

“Hu Luobu’s Tracking Cannon splits into two shots, probably an anomalous ability and Ke Lin’s carrying the Conduction Chain Spheres. Their ranges are too broad for close combat,” Ying Chenlin quickly assessed their opponent’s weapons. “Huo Yan, cover Lin Yao’s advance. Long-range mechas, provide support.”

YDS mecha team, ranked third in the Dawn Alliance, was a formidable team.

Their strength was comparable to Black Crow and Gale, with Ke Lin as the team’s commander, specializing in control strategies.

Ying Chenlin recalled information on YDS. In that brief encounter, the entirety of YDS’s team hadn’t used their weapons from the elimination and qualifying rounds. Apart from Ke Lin’s Conduction Chain Spheres, a close-combat lightning control weapon they had seen before in Qiu Jin, the other mechas carried weapons they hadn’t encountered yet.

First, YDS’ frontline consisted of their Tank equipped with a protective shield and an Enhanced Blade, and their Stealth mecha carrying a Thunder Magnetic Cannon and a Quick Attack Blade.

These two mechas maintained the front line’s offensive capabilities. The Tank paired with the Stealth mecha’s strong anti-ambush abilities, combined with YDS’s captain, Ke Lin’s, Conduction Chain Spheres, made YDS’s front line both defensively and offensively robust, rendering it difficult to break through.

Initially, Ying Chenlin planned for You Su to use the Sniper Cannon to disrupt YDS’s formation, but it was clear that their Medical mecha was prepared for this. They carried a spherical weapon capable of controlling the water currents, stabilizing their mechas amidst chaotic flows.

This meant an unbreakable and undisrupted front line, showing that YDS had thoroughly prepared to deal with the Agaman Sea Star Contaminated Zone.

Huo Yan said, “It’s YDS’s usual style. They’re best at this kind of close-range-long-range coordination.”

Both teams were testing each other in the first round of engagement, but the audience’s attention in the live broadcast was entirely on the sudden battle between the two teams. The commentator continued, “Qingfeng’s entry wasn’t interrupted. His Hook Claw allows for flash displacement and immunity to control effects. However, Captain Ke Lin’s Conduction Chain Spheres cover a very wide area, and their paralysis effect is even more pronounced underwater.”

KID inside the arena might not be aware, but everyone outside was already familiar with YDS’s weapons.

When the three major teams were fighting in the central sea area, YDS’s weapons had already been tested by the other two teams.

YDS wasn’t particularly known for excelling in any particular type of weaponry, but their front-to-back coordination was impressive. For the ranking competition, they updated their arsenal to include more water-attribute or thunder-attribute weapons for underwater combat. The four front-line mechas were as solid as a fortress, and the two mechas at the rear were equally formidable.

“KID is having a tough time against YDS. In this underwater environment, KID’s lack of control becomes more apparent,” the commentator continued. “Based on current data, the only ones in KID’s front line with control capabilities are Yao and Yan.”

Huo Yan’s Void Shock Blade could create vibrations underwater, thereby disrupting the opponent’s formation.

Lin Yao’s Spatial Staff could open a space that either traps the enemy or protects his teammates within its range.

These two control weapons, when faced with YDS’s Conduction Chain Spheres and the Stabilizing Sphere, are effectively neutralized, rendering their control abilities ineffective.

【KID’s too reckless, starting with a direct shot.】

【They’re too impulsive, they haven’t fought YDS before and aren’t sure about YDS’s weapon reserves.】

【The Stabilizing Sphere that YDS’s Medical mecha has basically made YDS’s main force immune to water-attribute control effects.】

The water-attribute’s influence is critical for KID. KID’s Control mecha Lucy’s Enhancement Cannon can only amplify the effect of cannon shots or create underwater whirlpools. Similarly, Trace’s Sniper Cannon’s Compressed Windstorm-induced underwater currents are ineffective against the Stabilizing Sphere.

If KID had brought thunder-attribute weapons, it would have been better. Thunder-attribute weapons have stronger conductive control abilities in water, and the Stabilizing Sphere would have been less effective. But based on the weapons KID had revealed so far, they didn’t bring any thunder-attribute control weapons, which was a disadvantage in their battle readiness.

In the competition zone, the fight between KID and YDS continued. Ji Qingfeng weaved through Ke Lin’s Conduction Chain Spheres several times, barely escaping the range of the spheres. Seeing this, Ke Lin immediately followed up, “Stealth and Tank, entangle KID’s Yan and Yao. Qingfeng is mine. Xiao Hu, keep an eye on Trace.”

Upon hearing the commands, all YDS members quickly divided into three opposing battlefields.

This division placed the Tank and Stealth at the front with the Medical’s support in the middle alongside Guardian mecha Ke Lin’s Conduction Chain Spheres restricting Ji Qingfeng’s movements and blocking any opportunities for close combat.

The underwater flag point was located at a depth of 300 meters, right below the two teams. In the audience’s omniscient perspective, the flag point wasn’t obstructed by a coral reef or underwater rocks. The number of pollutants in the area was moderate, so whichever team dived down would quickly capture the flag point.

But crucially, neither team was yielding. Their front lines mutually restrained one another, and YDS used their Artillery and Control mechas in the rear to hold back KID’s three long-range mechas. Hu Luobu’s weapon was a special dividing Tracking Cannon, which, after locking onto a target, would split its shells into multiple projectiles with the same tracking ability, equivalent to firing multiple tracking rounds simultaneously.

For KID, dealing with a Tracking Cannon usually meant blocking a single projectile, but now, they needed to block multiple projectiles simultaneously, significantly increasing the difficulty.

Moreover, Hu Luobu’s other weapon was a water-attribute Sniper Cannon high in offense. He could easily switch to the Sniper Cannon for attacks after blocking his opponent’s path with the Tracking Cannon. The coordination between his weapons by far exceeded that of Trace, who used wind-attribute weapons.

“It’s a bit tough,” Lu Xi, who had been assisting You Su, observed. She noticed the Control mecha closely following Hu Luobu. YDS’s Control mecha had two weapons: one aiding Hu Luobu in underwater movement, and the other a long-range water-attribute immobilizing weapon. When it hits a mecha, it forms a water film, hindering the mecha’s thrusters and essentially freezing it in place.

One mecha controlled the opponent while the other bombarded them with Tracking Cannon shots, turning the battlefield into a fixed-target shooting range.

Seeing this, You Su turned to Ying Chenlin. “It’s hard to beat them underwater; we’re too restricted.”

Lin Yao added, “Mainly because they’re all clustered together. The range of their Medical mecha’s Stabilizing Sphere seems quite large, so we can’t scatter all of them at once.”

“No,” Ying Chenlin’s eyes narrowed. “If we can’t fight them underwater, we’ll force them to the surface. Lu Xi, can you do it? We’ll buy you time, and Ji Qingfeng will assist you.”

Ji Qingfeng paused upon hearing this. “Are you talking about the other weapon Xi Mei has? Can this work?”

“We first need to push them down a bit,” Ying Chenlin observed the environment underwater. “It’s currently early morning. For our plan to succeed, we need to create chaos underwater first.”

Lu Xi suddenly understood Ying Chenlin’s plan. “I got it.”

In the livestream, every viewer grew tense seeing KID constantly being restricted. Especially KID’s fans, who, although excited by KID’s bold moves, could see that their lineup was clearly being countered. Shouldn’t KID consider retreating?

But no, neither side retreated; instead, the battle intensified.

YDS was also a bit surprised by the situation. Hu Luobu had an uneasy feeling. “It’s only the third day, why is KID so determined to fight us for this point when their weapons clearly can’t beat ours?”

“Not necessarily. An obvious trait of KID is that they never let themselves suffer.”

Ke Lin’s gaze never left Ying Chenlin. Or rather, he was watching Ying Chenlin’s weapon. It seemed no different from the Energy Cannon Ying Chenlin had previously carried, but he had a nagging feeling that something was off about it. Moreover, it wasn’t just Ying Chenlin; the three KID mechas had been using only one of their weapons so far. They hadn’t revealed their full hand yet. “Their commander thinks they can outmaneuver us; that’s why they’re engaging us.”

Hu Luobu said, “You mean Sink’s weapon?”

“I think that weapon isn’t simple, but I’ve been watching every shot he’s fired, and it’s no different from an ordinary Energy Cannon,” Ke Lin’s voice was slightly heavy. “It’s just a slightly more powerful weapon.”

Another YDS mecha pilot suggested, “Captain Ke, could it be that they’ve deliberately changed the weapon’s appearance to trick us into thinking they have something new?”

Hu Luobu: “…”

Actually, that scenario seemed quite possible.

While YDS was speculating on KID’s strategy, the three long-range KID mechas suddenly moved. Their movements were very distinct. Initially, KID had been attacking from one direction, but now, the three long-range mechas started moving in different directions. Particularly Trace and Sink, their flight speeds had increased.

Their increased flight speeds were a significant threat to YDS. Ke Lin immediately ordered his teammates to step back a few paces. Sure enough, they saw the two long-range mechas ascend, with Trace’s Sniper Cannon blasting downward. The wind blades from the Sniper Cannon shots stirred up undercurrents.

YDS’s Medical activated the Stabilizing Sphere to steady their teammates. At that moment, Sink’s Energy Cannon was aimed at them. Noticing that most of their mechas were within the Medical’s Stabilizing Sphere’s range, Sink fired a barrage of scatter shots at the group of mechas.

Their tempo had sped up! Ke Lin realized, “They might be going for a quick attack, targeting our Medical.”

From their research on KID, Trace and Sink’s quick attacks were notably fast. Especially when Sink targeted Medicals, their combined quick attacks could eliminate a mecha in a short period. They countered Trace because of their Tank and Medical, but if their Medical, their linchpin, had issues, Trace’s weapon would truly be unleashed.

Hu Luobu: “I’ll handle Trace. Control, keep an eye on Sink, and watch out for Lucy as well.”

Ying Chenlin noticed the change in YDS’s formation and focused on the radar. “You Ge, we need to pick up the pace.”

It was now early morning on the third day, and the light at the bottom of the sea was very dim. As the battle intensified, the light from the mechas’s thrusters and searchlights flickered in the dark waters. The bubbles generated by the combat greatly obstructed the mecha pilots’ visibility. However, both sides were made of experienced fighters, relying on their radars and lights to track their opponents.

Hu Luobu’s Tracking Cannon relentlessly targeted Trace. The split tracking shots were quickly taken out by the two supporting mechas, Trace and Sink. Despite the chaos, Trace and Sink, being seasoned mecha pilots, rarely got hit by the tracking and immobilizing shots, and even if they did, they quickly neutralized them.

But Hu Luobu didn’t mind. No matter how well they evaded and fought back, such high-efficiency and rapid movements would significantly deplete their stamina. Sink didn’t have strong stamina, and he couldn’t maintain such a high level of exertion for long. As long as they continuously hindered the two mechas from attacking their Medical, they were on the right track.

At this moment, YDS Control mecha noticed Lucy switching weapons. “Captain Ke, Lucy has changed her weapon.”

Ke Lin: “To what weapon?”

YDS Control mecha: “It looks like the Water Flow Cannon she’s used before.”

Ke Lin: “It might not be the Water Flow Cannon. Watch her movements carefully and be ready for her to fire.”

On the KID side, the fast-paced battle continued.

Ji Qingfeng was almost paralyzed by Ke Lin’s constant harassment. Ke Lin’s Conduction Chain Spheres already had wide coverage, and underwater, every time Ji Qingfeng displaced, he got shocked for a moment. He tried to approach Ke Lin using his flash assault, but Ke Lin’s strategic vision and predictive abilities were superior. “F*ck it, no wonder he’s YDS’s commander. I can’t get close to him with his predictive skills.”

Huo Yan explained, “He’s very skilled. Fighting against a tactician is always tough.”

Ji Qingfeng: “Are you done yet? Xi Mei?”

Lu Xi was still moving, her vision fixed on the radar, monitoring her teammates’ positions and the enemy’s movements. Silently, she navigated the outer edges irregularly, with the ‘Water Flow Cannon’ continuously glowing.

“At the moment, KID is at a disadvantage,” explained Commentator A in the live broadcast, observing the match. “KID clearly aims to use a quick attack strategy to suppress YDS, trying to find a way to pressure their Medical and create opportunities for their own Control. However, YDS’s Medical was originally their Control mecha pilot, who has excellent coordination with Ke Lin and a strong strategic sense. With him controlling the Stabilizing Sphere, it’s tough for KID to break through.”

Commentator B added, “Exactly. If KID were facing a different team, they might have succeeded with their fast attack strategy. But YDS is renowned for its stable front-to-back coordination. Ke Lin and YDS’s Medical have three years of League experience together, and it’s been the two of them maintaining YDS’s front and back lines. For KID to eliminate their Medical, they first need to dismantle YDS’s coordination.”

YDS’s front-to-back coordination was their hallmark.

In the old format, YDS’s Guardian and Control mechas had excellent coordination. In the new format, this had evolved into a three-layer coordination between the Guardian, Control, and Medical mechas. Breaking through with a quick attack is extremely challenging.

【If only KID had brought thunder-attribute weapons. YDS has fully countered water-attribute control, but thunder-attribute control might still break through.】

【How could thunder-attribute weapons break through? Didn’t you see how YDS has two shields?】

【Both their Tank and their Medical have shields, and their Control mecha has a speed-boosting device. YDS’s strategy is well-founded, their weapons countering two types of control.】

【But KID hasn’t revealed all their weapons yet, right?】

【Even thunder-attribute weapons won’t help. The Stabilizing Sphere counters water, but the shields completely block thunder.】

Ke Lin continuously controlled Ji Qingfeng, who was trying to steal the point, using the Conduction Chain Spheres. He had a good understanding of Ji Qingfeng’s Hook Claw, which was similar to Chi Lizi’s, but dealing with him required more predictive steps. Watching the radar signals, Ke Lin noticed Lucy’s position, “Is Lucy’s weapon the Water Flow Cannon?”

YDS’ Control replied, “It should be. The battlefield is too chaotic, but she seems to have fired it.”

Ke Lin frowned slightly, “What do you mean ‘seems’? Be precise.”

YDS’ Control had been focusing on Lucy and Sink. Sink’s movements were overwhelming, making him difficult to pin down, while Lucy had become relatively quiet. Her weapon had been charging, pointing at them several times but causing no substantial damage. “Her cannon has been in a charged state, but it hasn’t caused us any harm. The chaotic water currents caused by Trace and Sink are too numerous. If she fired, it was probably the Water Flow Cannon.”

Chaotic water currents…?

Ke Lin suddenly realized something was off, “Something’s wrong!”

At that moment, Ying Chenlin noticed Ke Lin’s movements. His cool gaze fell on another energy signal on the radar inside the cockpit, which was set to capture a specific type of energy material. The captured signals formed concentric circles on the energy radar, resembling a giant spider web.

At the end of this web, all blue signals were still moving.

Ying Chenlin said, “Lu Xi!”

Lu Xi immediately halted her mecha, the Water Flow Cannon still glowing in her hand. She replied promptly, “I’m ready!”

Upon hearing Lu Xi’s response, Ying Chenlin glanced sideways at YDS’ mechas gathered on the radar and took a few steps back. “Everyone else, retreat. Qingfeng, move in.”

In the live broadcast, observers were completely puzzled by this situation. The commentator said, “KID is retreating, but it’s unclear why. Are they giving up competing against YDS?”

【Retreating is the right move; they’ve been worn down too much.】

【Maybe they changed tactics; KID’s current setup is really struggling against YDS.】

【Wait! Look at Qingfeng and Lucy; it seems they haven’t retreated yet.】

Inside the arena, KID began to retreat, which YDS immediately noticed.

“Captain Ke, KID is retreating!” 

Ji Qingfeng had been waiting for this moment. Upon hearing Ying Chenlin’s command, he immediately changed directions and launched a surprise attack, suddenly appearing near the bulk of YDS’ forces. Seeing this, Ke Lin didn’t hesitate and fully dispersed the Conduction Chain Spheres, blocking Ji Qingfeng’s path.

Just then, at a distance, Lu Xi aimed her cannon at her own teammate. The moment the charging was released, a faint thread shot out from her cannon, directly hitting Ji Qingfeng, who was far away.

Ji Qingfeng, struck by the shot, immediately crashed into the scattered Conduction Chain Spheres around him. “Here it comes! Let them taste what it’s like to be shocked by their own teammate!”

In the instant he collided with the Conduction Chain Spheres, the electromagnetic effect on the spheres seemed to transmit along invisible threads, rapidly spreading throughout the entire sea area. At this moment, YDS’s front line, maintaining their formation, suddenly seemed to be under attack, causing all their mechas to freeze in their tracks.


Oh that one symbiotic spider from Coria! It’s always interesting seeing what kind of weapons Chenlin comes up with from these pollutants’ attributes.

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Translator Notes
  1. In case anyone forgot, Qingfeng refers to Huo Luobu as Hu Luobo[Carrot][]
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