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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 19

Banute Contaminated Zone

19. Detection

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Late at night, in the StarNet Mecha Enthusiasts Technology Forum, a part-testing blogger opened a new thread. The OP was a senior testing blogger on the forum who enjoyed browsing the parts market and conducting evaluations on new products. His evaluation videos had a wide audience and were well-received on the forum.

[OP] I and Structural Engineering Cannot Live Under The Same Sky: “Hey, everyone, it seems like I’ve stumbled upon a treasure in my search for goods [Video]”

As soon as he posted, a dozen or so comments quickly appeared.

The video featured a test of a part, the A-GZ6666, a common A-Class part that used to be popular but was now considered ordinary.

“Why test A-GZ6666? Why not the newly released A-KZ? These parts are already obsolete.”

The night owls who commented thought the OP was testing new parts, but as they continued watching, the repeated appearance of the test results surprised them.

[“What’s with this accuracy!? Can’t be real, can it?”] [“I watched the video repeatedly, and it’s indeed true. I don’t remember the original manufacturer releasing any new products of this type.”] [“Didn’t someone test it before? The best conversion rate was only 50%!”]

The discussion ignited further, and the OP came forward to explain:

[OP] “I accidentally came across this item while browsing new stores the other day, and out of curiosity, I bought it to try. Unexpectedly, the test results were extraordinary. After getting the results, I immediately had it tested by a friend in the industry. You know what? In the [Testing Report] for mental power, he said that this part underwent a secondary modification using mental power, possibly breaking through its original limits.”

The concept of breaking through a part’s limits was mind-blowing. The founding company of the A-GZ series issued a test report two years ago, setting the upper limit for the material of the parts. The appearance of a part breaking through this limit meant it had possibly undergone a technological innovation, which had not been made public online yet.

Now, the tech enthusiasts on the forum couldn’t sit still and started to inquire about the source of this technology.

The OP, “I and Structural Engineering Cannot Live Under The Same Sky,” mentioned it was from a new store, but he couldn’t remember what was written in the store’s introduction. However, he vaguely remembered that the details of the part mentioned an owner with the ID “Yuan.”

Yuan?! It seemed like they hadn’t heard of this person in the industry.

While the discussion sparked a small-scale debate online, the KID team members were busy with their individual tasks.

The matter of decorating the online store was concluded that day. Worried about messing up something else, Ji Qingfeng promptly closed all business options and even the customer chat feature. He stayed online only to upload product information and logged off once done, avoiding any other interactions.

“Don’t mess up with anything else,” Lin Yao reminded, “Last time, you got a few things wrong, and they were bought by someone else.”

“I may have filled in the prices correctly this time, but after running the store for only half a day, we’ve already sold some items. I’ll talk to Tang Jie about raising the prices a bit. Every little bit counts,” Ji Qingfeng said.

Ying Chenlin didn’t pay much attention to the online store. He spent the last few days in the maintenance room, finishing the repairs on the A+ level mechas.

Luckily, KID only had four A+ level mechas, and the A3 warehouse provided limited space, making it more convenient for Ying Chenlin to reconfigure the repair plans for the mechas. Checking the parts and polishing them was just the beginning; the second step of the repair process was to integrate these parts with the mechas and conduct compatibility tests.

After working together with Shen Xingtang, they finally completed the repairs on Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao’s mechas, which took about four to five days. It was time for Ying Chenlin to meet up with Dr. Wu’s friend as they had arranged.

Shen Xingtang, Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao, were busy setting up the store today.

Upon hearing that Ying Chenlin was going to the medical station, Shen Xingtang specifically asked Jiang Simiao to accompany him.

Upon arrival, Ying Chenlin said, “The examination will take a long time. You don’t have to wait for me.”

Jiang Simiao replied, “If you need help, just call me on the light brain. You should have my contact saved.”

Ying Chenlin thanked him and waited until Jiang Simiao left before entering the medical station.

Dr. Wu’s friend was a doctor who appeared to be in his forties and seemed to specialize in prosthetic repair work. After understanding his situation, the doctor performed a simple surgery on Ying Chenlin’s hand. “I heard from Old Wu that your hand gets tired after excessive use. I originally thought there might be a problem with the mechanical nerves inside, but I found that the fusion level between your body and the mechanical prosthesis is very high.”

Ying Chenlin looked at him. “Is there a problem with that?”

“Generally, we call the coordination between a patient’s prosthesis and body the fusion level. As you know, mechanical nerves are modeled after human nerves, and some people may experience symptoms of rejection. I checked your medical history and found that you haven’t experienced any rejection since the surgery.”

The doctor continued, “But as you haven’t had any problems with rejection, and the mechanical nerves are intact, this fatigue response seems unusual… Unless there was some sudden stimulus that caused it to worsen.”

Ying Chenlin carefully considered the situation, but he couldn’t recall doing anything out of the ordinary.

The doctor asked, “How is your mental power level lately?”

Ying Chenlin hesitated for a moment, then replied, “It’s still the same.”

Since the surgery, his mental power had dropped to A-level and had been in a state of scarcity, unlike other A-level mental power users who could mobilize and release their mental power on a larger scale.

“It could also be related to your mental power and physique,” the doctor said. “You had a Double-S physique, and your physical condition before the surgery was excellent. It’s possible that your physique hasn’t caught up. A weak physique could also cause excessive fatigue issues. Genetic tests show no problems. I heard you are a mecha pilot? Pay more attention to rehabilitation in the near future.”

Not finding any significant issues, the doctor prescribed medication for Ying Chenlin, and he left the medical station.

“That’s strange,” the doctor puzzled, comparing Ying Chenlin’s report with previous ones, he suddenly noticed a tiny difference.

He looked at the pulse of the A-level mental power on the mental power graph, “This frequency of mental power pulse doesn’t quite match the A-level graph… It’s slower, but very stable.”

Such a stable graph, he had never seen it before.

The doctor pondered for a while, “Could it be related to the Double-S physique?”

After leaving the hospital, Ying Chenlin didn’t rush back to the base. Instead, he first contacted Xun Bao.

“If you want to test the anomalous crystals, this organization is quite reliable. Some of my bosses have connections with them, and they maintain high confidentiality.” Xun Bao called him on the communication device. “Why do you suddenly want to test this? You better not be wandering around Sirius’ Contaminated Zone. I’m telling you, as a patient, you should stay put. Do you believe me? I’ll fly to Sirius and bring you back right away!”

“I didn’t go,” Ying Chenlin lied. “A friend needs to test an anomalous crystal.”

Xun Bao sighed with relief, “That’s good.”

Ying Chenlin said, “Thank you.”

Xun Bao chuckled, “Why do you keep saying thank you? You haven’t said much since your surgery, but now you’re saying thank you a lot, unlike you. Don’t keep too much on your mind, and if something happens, don’t hide it from me.”

Ying Chenlin looked at the virtual screen of his light brain and responded after a moment of silence, “Okay.”

Xun Bao hung up the phone, and Ying Chenlin stared at Xun Bao’s contact details for a moment.

It wasn’t until a contact address was sent through the communication link that Ying Chenlin snapped back to reality. He hailed a ride and went directly to the destination.

After coming out of the Contaminated Zone last time, he had handled most of the other materials, keeping what he could and converting anything he couldn’t keep into Starcoins. There was only one thing he couldn’t be sure about, the red anomalous crystal that had dropped from the mutant rodent.

The testing location was a well-known research institute in Sirius called [Quest], renowned throughout the Star Alliance for providing anomalous crystal analysis services.

Xun Bao had already contacted acquaintances at the institute in advance. When Ying Chenlin arrived, someone quickly came to pick him up. They took the anomalous crystal from his hand, and he sat in the lobby outside the laboratory waiting for the results.

Not far behind him, a man stood against the wall. He was holding a testing report and had read about half of it. His gaze fell on the figure in the distance.

The young man stood tall and straight with a side profile that made him look quite youthful.

The man’s gaze lowered slightly and spotted the mechanical right arm on the other, which was moving freely. It seemed to have improved significantly from before when it hung limp and powerless.

The key around his neck jingled, and the resonating mental power engaged in a mental conversation, “Aiya, another A-grade anomalous crystal? Not even an A-grade variation? You Su, is the whole Contaminated Zone region around Sirius worthless?”

You Su withdrew his gaze and turned off the testing report with a flick of his finger. “You think S-grade anomalous crystals grow on trees?”

The electronic voice grumbled unhappily and then suddenly noticed a figure in the distance. “You Su! Isn’t that the mecha pilot you were constantly watching in the Contaminated Zone last time? What a coincidence; how did he end up here? Should we go say hello to him?”

You Su picked up the key and tucked it into his collar. “Let’s go.”

Ying Chenlin turned his head slightly and saw a figure in a coat leaving through a glass door.

He hesitated for a moment but quickly retracted his gaze. Was it his imagination, or did he just feel like someone was watching him from behind?

“Mr. Ying!”

At this moment, a researcher waved to him, gesturing for him to go to their office.

Ying Chenlin put his doubts aside and quickly entered the office, where a researcher was holding a data pad and waiting for him.

“Mr. Ying, the preliminary test indicates that this is an S-Grade anomalous crystal,” the researcher said.

Ying Chenlin was taken aback by the revelation. “Are you sure?”

The researcher opened the data pad, and all the test data appeared. “Yes. But what’s strange is that we couldn’t find any information in our existing S-grade anomaly crystal records that corresponds to the contamination source, so we can’t tell you the nature of its abilities.”

Ying Chenlin had initially suspected that this anomaly crystal was of a high grade, but when he heard it was an S-grade anomaly crystal, he briefly pondered the reason the Nine-Dragon Rattan had been so aggressively chasing the mutant rat that day.

For pollutants, anomaly crystals were excellent energy sources.

“Another thing, this anomaly crystal is a rare dual-attribute anomaly crystal,” the researcher pointed to specific data on the pad. “Although we don’t know the exact abilities it possesses, we can confirm that it has both fire and lightning attributes. Anomalous crystals with dual attributes are typically associated with offensive abilities.”

Offensive abilities…?

Ying Chenlin focused slightly and looked at the anomalous crystal with a sense of astonishment.

Had he just hit the jackpot?

You Su walked away from the area, but his thoughts were still occupied by the unexpected encounter. He couldn’t help but think back to the young mecha pilot he had seen. The memory of the pilot’s agile movements and the strong presence of the mechanical right arm stuck in his mind.

Meanwhile, back in the office, the researcher continued to explain their findings to Ying Chenlin. “As an S-Grade dual-attribute anomalous crystal, it holds great potential for attack-type abilities. However, without knowing the specific energy types, it’s challenging to predict the full extent of its capabilities. We can conduct further tests to determine its attributes and help you fully understand its potential.”

Ying Chenlin nodded, still somewhat lost in thought about the young mecha pilot he saw earlier. After getting the test results and some advice on handling the anomalous crystal, he left the research institute.

As he stepped out, he couldn’t help but wonder about the person who had been watching him. Was it just his imagination? Or was someone genuinely observing him?

While driving back to the base, Ying Chenlin decided to contact Xun Bao to discuss the mysterious S-Grade dual-attribute anomalous crystal he had found. The only problem was that he still couldn’t figure out the exact attributes of the crystal, which might significantly impact its value and usage.

“Xun Bao, I got the test results. It’s an S-Grade dual-attribute anomalous crystal,” Ying Chenlin said as he spoke with his friend through the communication device.

Xun Bao’s voice sounded excited on the other end of the line. “That’s amazing! S-Grade and dual-attribute? This is a rare find! Do you know what the attributes are?”

Ying Chenlin sighed, “Unfortunately, the research institute couldn’t determine the specific attributes. They suggested conducting further tests to fully understand its capabilities. But this crystal is definitely powerful, considering how the Nine-Dragon Rattan was chasing after the Sharp-Toothed Rat for it.”

Xun Bao thought for a moment. “Hmm, that’s a shame, but it’s still fantastic news! We can explore its potential once we find out its attributes. With an S-Grade dual-attribute anomalous crystal, your mecha’s performance will undoubtedly skyrocket!”

“I hope so,” Ying Chenlin replied, a mix of excitement and anticipation in his voice. “I’m planning to take it to the base and store it properly until we can run more tests. Let’s not let this information leak to avoid unnecessary trouble.”

“You’re right,” Xun Bao agreed. “I’ll keep this between us for now. Just be careful, and let me know if you need any help. This discovery might lead to some incredible breakthroughs!”

Ying Chenlin thanked his friend for the support and ended the call. He felt a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that he had obtained such a valuable anomalous crystal. The excitement made him forget about the strange feeling he had earlier about being watched.

Upon reaching the base, Ying Chenlin secured the anomalous crystal in a well-protected storage room. He decided to run some preliminary tests with his own equipment while waiting for a chance to get a more comprehensive analysis. His mind buzzed with possibilities as he considered how this rare S-Grade dual-attribute anomalous crystal could elevate his mecha’s capabilities to new heights.

As the day came to a close, he found himself restless and eager for the next steps. This remarkable discovery awakened his curiosity and determination to uncover the true potential hidden within the enigmatic anomalous crystal known as the S-Grade dual-attribute anomalous crystal.

Author’s note:

Here it is~ Congratulations to Xiao Ying for obtaining his first dual-attribute anomalous crystal.

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Hi Thank you for pointing it out. I've edited and updated the missing part. Sorry for that.

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There seems to be a part missing in the middle?
It looks like the MC and ML met briefly but that scene isn't there and is just mentioned after? He was talking on the phone then suddenly he's already heard the results from the research center.

11 months ago

Uuuu can't wait for the next chapter

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