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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 2

2. Retirement

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

The examination lasted for two days, and Ying Chenlin was admitted to the hospital.

After repeated examinations, it was confirmed that Ying Chenlin’s right arm was affected by a genetic mutation.

Following Ying Chenlin through the two-day examination, Xun Bao had to accept the result, saying, “The affected area is not large, and we don’t necessarily have to go through with the amputation suggested by the doctors… I checked during these days, and there were also some previous mecha pilots who had genetic diseases.”

“The mutation’s rate of deterioration can’t be estimated, and the mecha’s neural resonance will also be affected,” Ying Chenlin looked at his legs. When the genetic mutation was discovered, the doctors were worried that his legs might also be affected, but after careful examination, no problems were found. They could only attribute the cause to the side effects of a mecha pilot’s neural connections.

He knew that the loss of his ability to walk was not due to the neural connections. In his previous life, he had been disabled for so many years that his memory of walking had become unfamiliar. Now, with healthy legs given to him, it would take some time for him to regain the ability to walk.

Xun Bao scratched his head and said, “But amputation… what about your career? You finally reached adulthood, and now you encountered something like this. How about trying medication first?”

Currently, the main medium for mecha pilots to control their mechas is through mental resonance. Replacing the mechanical prosthesis would affect the operation of their mental power, indirectly hindering mecha piloting… Furthermore, undergoing genetic disease surgery would most likely affect their mental power and physique.

“If we suppress it with medication, how long can it be suppressed? Besides, I can’t pilot a mecha in my current state,” Ying Chenlin’s gaze remained calm, and he said earnestly, “Xun Bao, I don’t want to be disabled.”

Seeing that Ying Chenlin had made up his mind, Xun Bao’s eyes turned slightly red, “Then we’ll go for treatment. I need to go talk to the doctors about their plan. Who will be the lead surgeon? No, no, I have to find you a better doctor.”

As Xun Bao left to find the doctor, Ying Chenlin suddenly recalled that it was the same in his previous life.

When he was seriously injured and diagnosed with a genetic issue, Ying Chenlin was just as busy and occupied as before. At that time, he was facing a substantial breach of contract penalty due to business agreements and needed to bear subsequent medical expenses. His later life was mostly ruined, and he didn’t want to burden his friends, so he ended up going to Sirius alone.

Now, in this second life, he still had to trouble his friends.

The atmosphere in the hospital room became somewhat quiet. The diligent AI robot on the side skillfully and conscientiously peeled an apple for Ying Chenlin. The window was slightly ajar, letting the hot summer breeze blow in.

Ying Chenlin’s gaze fell on the scenery outside the window, looking beyond the horizon.

Over the next few days, the doctors came for the follow-up examinations.

In preparation for the surgery, Ying Chenlin needed to undergo phased physical adjustments, and the rehabilitation of his legs also became part of the process.

As Ying Chenlin rested in the recovery room after a session of rehabilitation, sweat dripped from his forehead. In his hand, a holographic screen was playing something.

The singles mecha competition was currently in its off-season, but the team mecha competition was still ongoing.

Ying Chenlin wasn’t watching the current intense battles of the Star League; instead, he was reviewing the replays of the top 16 matches in the Galactic Tournament between the KID team and the YDS team.

“Are you interested in KID, or YDS?” Xun Bao, still holding a medical tablet, sat casually beside Ying Chenlin and continued, “Our individual soldier mechas’ performance in the alliance is alright, but when it comes to team battles, we’re like trash. Not to mention our galaxy; the Dawn Galaxy has never produced a good team mecha squad.”

The First Star Domain Mecha League results were quite poor, and it was even worse for the Dawn Galaxy. They were considered the bottom-feeders in the First Star Domain. In the past two years, a new powerhouse, SK, emerged in the individual soldier mecha battles, but as for the team battles, well, the best result the Dawn Galaxy achieved in the Star League was ninth place.

Ying Chenlin remained silent, gazing at the unfamiliar IDs of the players from the KID team, momentarily lost in thought.

“YDS has been in great shape lately, but KID’s performance has declined, and they have dropped out of the top 8 this season. It’s all because of their team’s mismanagement; the team is almost falling apart. The management even gave up their spot in the top 8, leading to a split. Recently, it seems they had a scandal too.”

Ying Chenlin asked, “Who is the current owner of the team?”

“Just recently, there was a change. Now it’s Shen Xingtang,” Xun Bao casually replied, “But changing owners won’t help. Last year, the management had problems, and some players were taken away during the split. Now, there are hardly any players left in KID. People are saying they might not even make it to the top 16 next season.”

As Ying Chenlin listened to Xun Bao’s rambling, memories from his past life and his current one blended together. Even if his genetic condition hadn’t been diagnosed at this stage, his current physical condition wouldn’t allow him to participate in mecha competitions.

For the League, the singles mecha competition had just ended, and there were two months of rest. But for Ying Chenlin, it had been ten years since his genetic mutation and disability at the age of 20. He hadn’t piloted a mecha for a whole decade. While his muscle memory from the age of 18 might still be there, his conscious understanding was blank for the past ten years.

Without training, without practice, his mecha skills were probably only a third of what they were at their peak. Moreover, he had spent ten years without walking, so now he needed to catch up with all the information.

Xun Bao asked again, “You seem interested in KID?”

“Yeah,” Ying Chenlin shifted his gaze away from the hologram, “Where’s the report?”

Xun Bao suddenly remembered and handed over the medical tab, “The reports and data you asked me to gather are all in here.”

He asked again, “Are you really sure about this decision?”


Ying Chenlin closed the hologram page and opened a blank document. He imported the medical reports from the medical tab and started to draft…

…a retirement application.

As the singles mecha season ended in less than two months, the Star Alliance League entered its team mecha battle season.

On the StarNet of the First Star Domain, countless mecha fans were venting their frustration at the abysmal performance of the mecha battle teams.

[F*ck! Stop complaining about the mecha battle teams, something big happened on the solo mecha pilots’ side!] [What’s the big thing!?] [SK retired!]

Silently, a social media account that had been silent for over a month suddenly posted a new message.

It was a retirement statement, posted by SK.

At the central office of the First Star Domain’s Dawn Galaxy Mecha League, communication requests from external sources were overwhelming the response machines. The staff were hurriedly dealing with public opinion, as messages from the media, teams, and fans kept pouring in.

Inside the conference room of the Mecha Alliance, the chairman of the Dawn Galaxy System, Li Jingyan, had just finished a call. He sat with his back to the door, and on the large virtual screen in his office, a video was playing.

In the narrow terrain, a black and red mecha executed a reverse thrust, swiftly flying close to the dangerous terrain while using a momentary glimpse to launch a decisive counterattack.

In the bustling virtual StarNet, the spectators excitedly raised their support cards.

Countless media cameras focused on the victorious mecha in the center. The black and red mecha emitted a faintly cold light, gliding under the searchlight, and displaying a stunning brilliance. However, in all the video footage, only this black and red mecha was visible, and the mecha pilot was nowhere to be seen.

On the virtual screen, [SK], a Dawn Galaxy Alliance player from the First Star Domain, was displaying his skills in the previous Singles Mecha Championship. It was this particular move that allowed him to shoot down the Second Star Domain’s seeded player’s mecha at the critical moment, bringing the first Singles Mecha Championship trophy to the First Star Domain, and setting the first undefeated record in the history of the Mecha League.

The video was very captivating, but the title sent people’s blood pressure soaring.

– [SK’s Retirement Throwback].

“Chairman, I know there is a lot of talk outside now, but you’ve already replayed this video five times,” the assistant said.

Half an hour ago, the news of SK’s retirement exploded on the StarNet, triggering extensive discussions and topping several hot searches.

SK, a member of the Dawn Galaxy Alliance in the First Star Domain, was of Chinese descent, with an SS-rated evaluation for both his physique and mental power. At the age of 17, he first participated in the Singles Mecha Championship and stood out in the most fierce and brutal competition, eventually becoming the highly anticipated S-class mecha player of the First Star Domain.

Young, with excellent physical attributes, and participating in mecha battles for just over a year, SK broke numerous records in the Singles Mecha Championship, achieving an unprecedented undefeated streak and making history as the first Grand Slam winner in the history of mecha battles. He became the new overlord of the Singles Mecha Championship, bringing the first championship trophy to the First Star Domain in five years and achieving the first Singles Grand Slam title.

With an array of impressive titles adorning SK, countless mecha fans were looking forward to his glorious future domination of the Singles Mecha Championship.

However, now there was a retirement declaration.

A genius mecha talent retired, and his era of greatness came to an end.

“We finally had a genius in our league.” Chairman Li Jingyan seemed to age ten years as he watched the almost perfect maneuvers in the video, sighing heavily. “Our genius is gone, can’t I reminisce a bit longer?”

Reminiscing was not an issue, but now all the pressure fell on them. SK was a mecha pilot from the Dawn Galaxy Alliance in the First Star Domain. His retirement application was approved by their higher authority, the Dawn Galaxy Alliance Mecha League, and his retirement declaration bore the official stamp of their headquarters.

The assistant said, “Everyone outside is asking why we approved the application. Even the First Star Domain Alliance’s headquarters contacted us, inquiring about our reasons for approving his retirement. Should we disclose the reasons?”

“I’ve already submitted the documents to the Star Domain’s headquarters,” Chairman Li Jingyan said wearily. “Let the news be suppressed for a while. If anyone asks, say that SK’s retirement process complies with regulations, and the applicant is SK himself. We won’t disclose any other reasons to protect the player’s privacy.”

One by one, the people in the meeting room left, leaving the ‘retrospective’ video playing for the sixth time.

“This child…” Li Jingyan’s gaze fell on the desk where SK’s profile documents were laid out. On top was the recently approved retirement application form, and he flipped it over, catching a glimpse of a certain ‘medical report’ beneath it. But in the end, he didn’t open it.

Despite having such extraordinary talent, why did he have to face this illness?

After a while, the meeting room’s door suddenly opened again.

Li Jingyan looked toward the back.

A staff member politely knocked on the door, “Apologies, Chairman, for interrupting your reminiscing.”

He handed over a document, “Regarding the incident of the KID mecha mechanic violating regulations in the team battle, new evidence has been submitted.”


The news about SK’s retirement spread widely on StarNet, and mecha enthusiasts were eagerly asking for the reason behind his decision.

In the Dawn Galaxy Alliance Mecha League, there was a clear regulation that allowed the registration of professional mecha pilots at the age of 17, but the Star Alliance law protected minors under the age of 18. SK was an anomaly; he broke the Mecha League’s historical records at an astonishing speed, becoming the first underage professional player in the history of the Mecha League. Due to the Star Alliance’s protection law, he has never appeared in any competitions so far, making him a mysterious figure in the eyes of mecha enthusiasts. Now, his sudden retirement has caused a huge stir.

However, the Dawn Galaxy Alliance Mecha League did not offer any further explanations about SK’s situation beyond the necessary procedural information.

Netizens have been discussing SK’s retirement for a long time, with some speculating that he retired to maintain his glorious reputation, while others suggested injuries as the reason. There were various opinions, but SK himself seemed to vanish from the public eye completely, leaving no trace.

Another month passed quickly, and StarNet had new topics of discussion.

In the present era, the entire world was divided into peaceful and contaminated regions, with the mecha competition being a highly popular new sport in the Star Alliance. The popularity of the mecha competitions has been increasing year by year. The Singles Mecha Championship and the Team Mecha Battle Championship were held at different times, with the Singles Mecha Championship just beginning in various star domains while the team mecha season had recently concluded.

Topics like transfer periods, major changes in teams, and powerful mecha pilots forming alliances have always been hot topics in team mecha competitions.

In the midst of these discussions, it was the League’s punishment list that garnered much attention. It listed the violations and corresponding penalties for various teams, including the names of those who violated the rules. This list sparked widespread debates.

Among the players’ punishments, there was also a penalty for a mechanic. The punished individual was the mecha mechanic of the Sirius KID Battle Team.

In the League, active mechanics, serving as the team’s medical personnel in team mecha competitions, must adhere to the rules of the Mecha League.

The mechanic of the KID Battle Team was reported for colluding with an investor and leaking data on the team’s combat mechas before the match. The severity of the violation was significant, leading to punishment by the League and potential legal consequences.

Leaking data in a competition was equivalent to exposing all of KID’s mechas’ secrets. In the mecha arena, even a slight mistake can be a matter of life and death.

Such malicious incidents were rare in the Dawn Galaxy Alliance Mecha League.

Many people felt sorry for KID, while others found humor in this situation.

With disastrous season results, team divisions, personnel leaving and now with the incident involving the mechanic, the entire network was waiting for KID to announce the dissolution of the team.

Amidst this whirlwind of public opinion, KID’s official account, which had been silent for a long time, posted a message:

[The KID Mecha Battle Team:

Rubbing the heat, recruiting a mechanic[smile][image]]

The StarNet *peanut gallery quickly rushed to check it out.

*onlookers who are interested in the spectacle but have nothing knowledgeable to say about it(sp. In online forums)

— A basic salary of 8000 credits. Project share and competition bonuses to be negotiated separately. Inclusive of meals and accommodation.

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