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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 27

Tianyu Star Contaminated Zone

27. Rapture

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

The blue mecha followed the command and landed on the debris pile closest to the Centennial Orchid. The activated energy shield maintained an output of 60, and it stood completely still in its place. The energy shield, which should have safeguarded teammates, was glowing, but within Zhao Lejie’s shield, there was no one, making him appear especially foolish.

And then what?! He just has to stand there and take hits!?

Zhao Lejie couldn’t comprehend it. As the primary Tank for Gale, he always stood at the forefront, taking on the responsibility of protecting allied mechas.

This responsibility involved shielding teammates, not standing in the sand like a sandbag.

Dealing with the Centennial Orchid was most challenging due to the quicksand around it and the potential for sudden gusts of wind.

The Centennial Orchid thrived in sandy terrain, and only a few ruins remained around it that could serve as footholds. These ruins were sufficient for a single mecha to stand on. Consequently, difficulty in mecha operation fell upon the mecha pilots. To effectively combat the Centennial Orchid, mecha pilots needed to rely on flight and levitation, executing aerial maneuvers. However, this increased the likelihood of being blown away by wind or the Centennial Orchid’s leaves.

As Zhao Lejie stood on the debris, he had already analyzed the current situation in his mind.

As the deputy captain of Gale, he had assisted Qi Sicheng in commanding during matches. Given the present circumstances, if he continued to endure these attacks, he might indeed hold out for 20 minutes. However, KID’s lineup wouldn’t yield a reasonable return for him.

“The way you’re playing won’t work.” Zhao Lejie didn’t understand why he found himself standing here taking hits while upholding his good quality of trusting teammates. Alone on the sandy debris, he continued, “Melee mechas can’t approach due to a lack of footholds, the Centennial Orchid’s defense is incredibly high, and the output of the ranged Artillery mecha is insufficient—”

Before he could finish speaking, the mechas from KID, who were originally maneuvering around him, took flight.

Zhao Lejie was momentarily stunned, then he saw two of KID’s melee mechas fly over him and directly reach a position behind the Centennial Orchid.

Applying rapid adjustments, Ying Chenlin used his Thunder-Magnetic Cannon to provide cover for the two melee mechas of KID, allowing them to approach the Centennial Orchid. “Ji Qingfeng, Lin Yao, stay in your current positions, hug the edge of the energy shield, and keep your energy outputs below 40.”

Zhao Lejie exclaimed in shock, “Wait a minute? I’ve already set my energy to 60?? You’re already trying to save resources, so why are you saving energy as well?”

What were these guys doing? He might not even last 20 minutes, so why were they conserving energy?

Lin Yao decisively halted the charge of his mecha and swung his Long Blade at the Centennial Orchid. He had initially prepared for a counterattack, but the Centennial Orchid didn’t retaliate against him. Instead, it intensified its assault on Zhao Lejie at the front.

At the back of the formation, You Su observed the entire scene keenly, seeing every detail. He turned his gaze toward the nearby Guardian mecha. Unlike the previous times, Ying Chenlin didn’t follow KID’s two mechas into the Centennial Orchid’s close-combat attack range. He remained in a medium to long-range position, which, though positioned towards the rear, the Centennial Orchid was always within the attack range of the Guardian mecha’s Thunder-Magnetic Cannon.

Just a moment later, Zhao Lejie felt a subtle sense of something being amiss. The Centennial Orchid’s attack strategy was off!

The next second, Ji Qingfeng, who was hiding behind Lin Yao, voiced Zhao Lejie’s doubt, “Why isn’t the Centennial Orchid attacking Yao Bao?!”

An S-Level pollutant possessed a certain degree of cognitive ability; it couldn’t be indifferent when facing its prey.

Zhao Lejie was baffled. Lin Yao was clearly closer to the S-Level pollutant, yet the attacks weren’t directed at him. Instead, the Centennial Orchid’s assaults on Zhao Lejie became more intense.

With another shot from the Thunder-Magnetic Cannon, Ying Chenlin explained, “Because of the shield.”

The shield?! Mechas didn’t possess taunting functions like in games; an S-Level pollutant wouldn’t just keep striking a single stationary target.

Ying Chenlin’s Thunder-Magnetic Cannon struck the Centennial Orchid’s front. “The Centennial Orchid can track our positions and target us for attack.”

Zhao Lejie naturally noticed this point. “S-Level pollutants are highly sensitive; it’s not strange for them to lock onto us.”

Ying Chenlin cut to the chase, “Then how does it lock onto us?”

“Of course, it sees… no, not sees.” Zhao Lejie paused suddenly in his explanation. Apart from the sandy terrain near the Centennial Orchid, there were also some ruins serving as obstacles. Mechas were already fast runners. If the Centennial Orchid merely watched them before attacking, it couldn’t predict their attack movements… Instead of saying it saw them, it was more accurate to say the Centennial Orchid could anticipate their actions. It initiated an attack on them before they attacked.

That’s how it could accurately hit their positions.

Lin Yao didn’t quite understand this. “It doesn’t see, is it blind?”

Ji Qingfeng glanced at Lin Yao. “How could it be blind? Can a blind entity control quicksand to drag people in? Perhaps the Centennial Orchid’s eyes aren’t actually…”

As he spoke, several individuals in the communication channel suddenly caught on.

Perhaps it wasn’t about seeing, but there must be a way it predicted their actions.

“According to the data, the Centennial Orchid’s root system is exceptionally developed, extending over a range of no less than 5 kilometers.”

Even Ying Chenlin wasn’t initially certain about the Centennial Orchid’s fundamental characteristics until he came across the features mentioned in the data. If quicksand was indeed the Centennial Orchid’s special ability, then the only method it could control the quicksand was through its roots, utilizing its roots for hunting; its roots were its eyes.

Its ability to react before their attacks was because it relied on energy recognition.

During an attack, mechas might not exhibit clear movements, but there would undoubtedly be fluctuations in energy.

Once it noticed an energy reaction at a certain location, the Centennial Orchid would undoubtedly prioritize attacking there.

The communication channel was tinged with the sound of disrupted signals, but Ying Chenlin’s voice still came through clearly to the other mecha pilots present.

Cautiously, Zhao Lejie inquired, “But why the shield?”

Ying Chenlin replied, “The energy distribution of the shield is even, and its target area is substantial.”

Zhao Lejie immediately understood. So that’s why the Centennial Orchid attacked him instead of going after Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao.

From the Centennial Orchid’s control over the quicksand, it was evident that its way of tracking prey involved sensing the energy and mental power emitted by the mechas through its roots. Once a Tank mecha initiated the close-range activation of a 60% energy shield, it became the primary target.

To protect teammates, the shield’s protective area was distributed evenly. In this situation, almost the entire area covered by the shield had an equal distribution of energy. Since Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao controlled their energy output and were within the edges of Zhao Lejie’s shield, the Centennial Orchid would consider the shielded area as a single target.

How did this person become so familiar with the energy performance of Tank mechas?!

Ying Chenlin explained, “As long as the output frequency of the two melee mechas is lower than yours, they generally won’t be locked onto.”

Lin Yao, “What do you mean? I didn’t understand.”

Ji Qingfeng, “Are you clueless? Have you never played a game? It’s like using a strong move to aggro. He uses his strong move, we stay at the edge of it and attack. He takes the aggro and gets hit, while we maintain a stable output.”

Zhao Lejie, “So you knew about this from the start? Is that why you had me stand in this spot?”

Despite working together to combat the pollutant, why did he end up feeling like a tool in the end?

“At first, I wasn’t sure,” Ying Chenlin explained. “So we had to try directly, but now it’s confirmed.”

Zhao Lejie’s thoughts churned. Was he being used as a test subject or what?

Ying Chenlin earnestly praised, “It’s because you’re meaty enough that this works.”

Zhao Lejie was about to retort, but another sniper shot passed over him and hit the Centennial Orchid directly.

The Centennial Orchid went berserk, its leaves’ lashes becoming even more frenzied against Zhao Lejie.

Zhao Lejie exclaimed, “I can understand that melee mechas are affected by energy and can’t properly differentiate, but why are both of your outputs exceeding 60, yet it’s still targeting me?”

Ying Chenlin looked at him perplexedly, seemingly unsure why Zhao Lejie couldn’t grasp this concept. He had to explain further, “It’s because of orientation. We’re both behind you. Unlike other plant-based pollutants, the Centennial Orchid’s leaves can’t elongate and regenerate. Since you’re blocking its path to attack us and you’re standing in its way, it needs to eliminate you first before it can reach us.”

Unhindered, Ji Qingfeng emerged from behind Lin Yao to attack. He added, “You’re a Tank mecha, isn’t enduring damage part of your role?”

Zhao Lejie retorted, “Then why don’t you leave from the edge of my shield if you’re so capable?”

Ji Qingfeng playfully rubbed against the edge of the shield. “I’d be dumb to leave.”

KID’s four mechas were positioned at both ends. Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao were behind the Centennial Orchid, while the other two A-Class mechas were positioned behind Zhao Lejie.

The formation of a second and third energy cluster caused the Centennial Orchid’s attack direction to disperse. The shield indirectly concealed Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao’s energy fluctuations. The other two A-Class mechas scattered their energy everywhere, anonymously drawing its attention.

However, this arrangement only temporarily concentrated the Centennial Orchid’s attacks and removed the threat of its leaves.

Yet, avoiding the quicksand and the wind in their surroundings was inevitable. In an environment without solid ground, controlling mechas became extremely demanding. Zhao Lejie had initially thought that KID’s group would falter due to environmental factors, but the four of them didn’t collapse.

Both Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao were flying in the air behind the Centennial Orchid. The two mechas behind him were utilizing precise footwork to skillfully evade damage. Each shot landed precisely on the Centennial Orchid, demonstrating a level of piloting skill that could only be described as professional.

Zhao Lejie looked at the mechas around him with a complex expression. He understood that Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao were professionals, but the two A-Class mechas from KID behind him were merely A-Class. However, they were using their mechas’ abilities and the limited foothold in this challenging environment to maintain stability.

Perfect energy charging, perfect hits.

The Thunder-Magnetic Cannon hit to paralyze, and the Sniper Cannon locked onto core positions for bombardment.

Although they were a combination of a Guardian-type and an Artillery mecha, their hit rate gave Zhao Lejie an uncanny feeling, as if there were two Artillery mechas behind him instead.

Zhao Lejie couldn’t take his eyes off the scene. The precision of these two mechas… it was almost frightening.

Although he wasn’t an Artillery or Guardian-type pilot, he knew that the key to ‘cannon’ weapons was accuracy. Sniper Cannons needed a stable environment to achieve precise hits, while the Thunder-Magnetic Cannon was a close-range weapon with higher accuracy at shorter ranges, which was harder to maintain at longer ranges.

Their team captain, Qi Sicheng, had said that KID’s front-line wasn’t weak; it was cooperation and support that they were lacking.

But the bold Artillery mecha pilot behind him was carrying both a Sniper Cannon and an Energy Cannon, while the Guardian-type pilot was using a Thunder-Magnetic Cannon like a ranged weapon, all without any survival control mechanisms. Their technical prowess in this harsh environment was a bit frightening.

Two KID mechas—one Artillery expert with precise accuracy in hazardous flight conditions and the other adeptly using close-combat weapons as if they were ranged weapons.

If there were mecha pilots like this, certain bases in the alliance would be clamoring to recruit them.

These seemingly unknown mecha pilots, one excelling in ranged weaponry with strategic vision and the other with impeccable close-combat maneuvers—where did KID find such mecha pilots? They certainly weren’t active-duty mecha pilots within the Alliance!

At this moment, the Centennial Orchid, an S-Level pollutant, was becoming even more agitated as it struggled against multiple attacks. The once-calm sands around it gradually turned peculiar, forming vortexes and spiraling upward, creating sand tornadoes.

Seeing this, Zhao Lejie hesitated and was pushed back a step by the Centennial Orchid’s oncoming leaf whips.

Ji Qingfeng was taken aback and hastily moved closer to him. “Are you okay? Why did you get pushed back?”

Zhao Lejie felt wronged. “If you can do better, then you try!”

In the end, everyone was showing off, and he was the only one taking a beating.

In the sniper scope, You Su noticed the anomaly. Swiftly, he took aim and fired a shot. His voice was stern and cold. “Step back!”

Without any hesitation, Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao retreated. Sand tornadoes emerged around the Centennial Orchid, launching successive attacks that prevented anyone from approaching. Zhao Lejie cursed and was struck by a sand tornado head-on. If he hadn’t pinned himself to the ground, he might have been lifted off the ground.

“It’s no use!” Zhao Lejie exclaimed. “With those tornadoes, we can’t get close.”

Ying Chenlin, however, said, “We can get closer.”

Ying Chenlin turned to look at the position of the Artillery mecha, noticing that the energy charge had reached a threshold. The flying mecha fired a shot that dispersed the formed sand tornado.

Lin Yao exclaimed, “Holy cow! What a badass!”

Zhao Lejie was taken aback. This Artillery mecha had directly dispersed the sand tornado formed by the pollutant’s condensation.

The Artillery mecha’s focused Energy Cannon already possessed tremendous firepower. In competitions, there were often instances of Artillery mechas fully unleashing their power to shatter the shields of Guardian mechas. Now, this focused Energy Cannon shot directly struck the sand tornado, blasting open the obscured field of view caused by the tornado and providing Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao with a clearer sight.

Ji Qingfeng noticed the Energy Cannon shot flying over his head and a cold sweat broke out on his back. “Ge, your cannon shot just grazed past my head.”

You Su’s tone was indifferent. “Is that so? Then make sure you stand firm.”

Ji Qingfeng began to feel uneasy, as if he had already anticipated being blasted away by the Energy Cannon due to unstable positioning.

Ying Chenlin’s gaze swept left and right, and a new attack path gradually became clear in his mind. “Can you maintain accuracy?”

You Su recharged the weapon. “I can continue.”

“Modify the shield to 70, and adjust the energy of the Light Blade to 50,” Ying Chenlin’s tone was swift, continuing, “the Artillery mecha will provide cover for us.”

Zhao Lejie immediately raised the energy output and asked, “Energy output raised!”

But what could raising the energy output achieve? His mecha’s energy couldn’t sustain such consumption. The Energy Cannon of the Artillery mecha, which was originally their main source of output, was now only being used to disperse the sand tornado and open up their field of view, resulting in reduced overall firepower.

Zhao Lejie was in the midst of his thoughts when he suddenly saw something —

You Su’s gaze deepened, and the Sniper Cannon fired. At that moment, a figure flashed through the sniper scope used for aiming. The mecha flying at high speed found a gap in the adverse wind conditions, almost sticking right next to the trajectory of the Sniper Cannon.

As the Sniper Cannon collided with the sand tornado, the Guardian mecha took advantage of the impact. The energy-infused blade of the mecha horizontally sliced through the sand tornado. The previously standing Guardian mecha had joined the battle.

Ying Chenlin was wedged between the Tank mecha and the sand tornado. His Light Blade cleanly parted the Centennial Orchid’s leaves. “Keep going, don’t worry about me.”

Inside the cockpit, the calculating mecha, Theo, stopped as he witnessed this scene. In less than a second, he passed through the trajectory of the high-speed Sniper Cannon shot.

You Su quickly adjusted the energy buildup of the Sniper Cannon and briefly stated, “He calculated the timing of my energy buildup.”

Knowing his charging time, calculating it precisely down to the second ensured that even with overlapping trajectories, the Sniper Cannon would not hit.

Theo said, “But what if he miscalculated, and your shot hit him just now?”

You Su remained silent and used the brief displacement time to reach a new sniping position.

To defeat the Centennial Orchid, they had to do so before Zhao Lejie’s mecha’s shield ran out of energy.

In an instant change, all the mecha pilots were fully focused.

You Su positioned himself at the far edge of the energy shield, wedged exactly on the edge of Zhao Lejie’s mecha. Calculated in advance, his Sniper Cannon grazed through the gap created by the sand tornado, directly blasting away the sand tornado on the attack path.

Ying Chenlin’s gaze swiftly scanned the coordinate map, quickly reconfirming You Su’s position. When the other adjusted his position, he did the same.

He naturally didn’t let go of this excellent opportunity for close proximity. The harsh environment posed a higher challenge for mecha pilots. He switched the weapons in his left and right hands, moving the original Thunder-Magnetic Cannon to his right hand, while the Light Blade was now in his left.

The performance of A-Class mechas couldn’t compare to that of Competition-level mechas. If Ying Chenlin wanted to shorten the time, he could only increase the frequency of his attacks.

Ying Chenlin let out a sigh and concentrated his mental power in his left hand. The depletion of his mental power caused a tingling sensation in his left hand.

However, that sensation vanished in an instant.

In its place was the black and red necklace hidden under his collar. The faint glow of the necklace resonated with something intangible, causing a crack to appear on the surface of the storage device containing the S-Grade anomalous crystal.

Ji Qingfeng suddenly turned his head, catching sight of Ying Chenlin’s mecha’s movements. He was about to speak up to stop his risky action.

The Guardian mecha was swift, agile, and adept at close-ranged combat. While Ying Chenlin’s initial group of actions involved supporting from the rear, this maneuver, akin to the cutting edge of a blade, wasn’t something an ordinary mechanic could achieve.

The fluid motion of the Light Sword’s precise strikes flawlessly connected with the Magnetic Cannon in his right hand. Ying Chenlin single-handedly plunged into an extreme output position. He faced the threats of the Artillery mecha’s firepower head-on. His movements flowed seamlessly, and in Ji Qingfeng’s memory, they overlapped with a certain figure from the past.

“Oh my God!” A sense of familiarity immediately clicked in Ji Qingfeng’s mind.

This uncanny familiarity! This Light Sword, this Magnetic Cannon! The rhythm of these actions was exactly the same as that B-Class mecha pilot in the Banute Contaminated Zone back then!

Lin Yao exclaimed, “What’s going on?”

Ji Qingfeng was astonished. “The world is way too small!”

Zhao Lejie angrily said, “Do you have time to chat??? Can you please focus on fighting! If you get any more distracted, you’ll end up in a sandpile!”

Ji Qingfeng had no choice but to redirect his attention back to the Centennial Orchid. However, as he acted, his gaze kept unintentionally shifting towards Ying Chenlin’s direction. The more he paid attention, the more he could memorize the details of those actions.

“???” Were mechanics this skillful now? How could they pilot mechas even more impressively than professionals?

The dynamics on the battlefield underwent new changes. Zhao Lejie continued to steadfastly endure the Centennial Orchid’s attacks. Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng were positioned diagonally to his front left. The other two A-Class mechas were stationed in front of the energy shield, one in front of the other.

The Artillery mecha was responsible for dispersing the sand tornado, while the other three melee mechas were focused on severing the Centennial Orchid’s highly offensive leaves.

The attacks from the previous ten minutes had already inflicted considerable damage on the Centennial Orchid. To mobilize the sand tornado, it seemed to have invested most of its strength into the sand, causing its overall defenses to weaken.

One leaf, two leaves…

Under the relentless assault of the three melee mechas, the leaves of the Centennial Orchid kept falling.

Without the ability to regenerate, it couldn’t withstand this high-intensity attack. Bereft of the shelter provided by its leaves, its power gradually drained as it manipulated the sand and sand tornadoes. Eventually, its sand tornados could no longer withstand the bombardment of the Energy Cannon, taking a direct hit on its body.


As the rain of sand fell, it made a soft pattering sound against the mechas.

The surrounding sand disappeared, leaving only the howling wind.

“Is it dead for sure?” Ji Qingfeng asked.

Lin Yao took a look, “Seems like it.”

Several people turned their gaze toward the spot where the Centennial Orchid had perished. Its leaves were in a state of decay, and the pollution level around it was gradually decreasing.

The Centennial Orchid, which had been rooted in the Tianyu Star Contaminated Zone for a long time, was devoid of vitality. Ying Chenlin floated above the sand and used his blade to peel back the Centennial Orchid’s leaves, revealing a pale yellow anomalous crystal.

An S-Grade anomalous crystal, likely carrying the anomalous ability of the Centennial Orchid’s [Flowing Sand].

You Su’s gaze lingered on the crystal for a moment. Theo couldn’t help but excitedly chant in his mind, “Wow! An S-Grade anomalous crystal! We haven’t seen one in so long!”

Indeed, S-Grade anomalous crystals were extremely rare, and encountering S-Level pollutants was even rarer.

However, this was the Tianyu Star Contaminated Zone, so the appearance of such pollutants wasn’t surprising.

“It might not be useful for us,” You Su adjusted the energy reserves within his mecha. His A-Class mecha was easy to handle, with a significant difference from S-Class models. “The Centennial Orchid’s anomaly is sand, and the anomalous crystal likely shares the same effect. This kind of functional anomalous crystal isn’t beneficial for us.”

Theo’s weapons were damaged, and the ones that were most compatible with it were offensive-type anomalous crystals.

Anomalous crystals could be categorized into four types based on their characteristics: offensive, defensive, utility, and auxiliary. The Centennial Orchid’s sand-based anomaly leaned toward soft control and lacked strong offensive capabilities. If used to equip a mecha’s weapons, it would only hinder Theo’s offensive performance.

Meanwhile, in the communication channel, a group of people were overjoyed by the appearance of the S-Grade anomalous crystal.

“Is this really an S-Grade anomalous crystal this time?” Lin Yao flew over to Ying Chenlin’s side, staring at the crystal. “It looks quite ordinary.”

Ji Qingfeng: “With such a high pollution level, we definitely won’t make the same mistake as with the Nine Dragon Rattan back then, right?”

Zhao Lejie: “We’ll need to send it for testing to know the specifics, but based on the current situation, it’s very likely.”

Finally, Zhao Lejie deactivated his gleaming energy shield. He glanced around at the sand-covered area. The quicksand had disappeared, leaving behind a completely stable sandy terrain. He could confidently step on it without worry. “The quicksand’s gone. We can finally head to Base Station C.”

Through the internal channel, Lin Yao commented, “Ying Chenlin, that maneuver you just pulled off was really cool!”

Amidst the chaos, everyone was focused on self-preservation. Lin Yao had initially intended to protect Ying Chenlin, but as it turned out, Chenlin didn’t need their protection and was even adapting well to the situation.

Ji Qingfeng: “…”

How could it not be cool? That maneuver was exactly like the tactics used by skilled mecha pilots of the past!

Ying Chenlin had initially been covering from the rear. They hadn’t observed closely, but upon reflection, the timing of his coordination with the Magnetic Cannon had been impeccable, as if it was executed by a seasoned professional mecha pilot.

Recalling the precise maneuvering Chenlin had used at the end, Ji Qingfeng mused that even with his highly agile Stealth mecha, he wouldn’t have dared to take such a risk. Yet, Chenlin not only did it, but did it splendidly. With this thought, the voice of that cooperative brother from the past seemed to become clearer, sounding almost identical to Chenlin’s voice.

He switched to the internal channel and subtly inquired, “Ahem, Ying Chenlin, have you piloted a B-Class mecha before?”

Ying Chenlin, who was still stationary, didn’t continue hiding and briefly responded, “Yes.”

Ji Qingfeng thought, just as I suspected. “I knew it! I absolutely wouldn’t mistake that kind of maneuver!”

Lin Yao: “Huh?”

Ji Qingfeng continued, “You’re clueless! I’m talking about the one from the Banute Contaminated Zone last time! Our B-Class brother!”

Lin Yao suddenly realized and followed up with, “Huh? Ying Chenlin is that mecha pilot?”

Ying Chenlin didn’t reply. His attention was focused on his surroundings. As time passed, his brow furrowed tightly.

While Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng were engaged in an animated discussion on the internal channel, silence suddenly fell over the public communication channel.

Zhao Lejie noticed the quietness in the communication channel. “Why isn’t anyone talking?”

You Su had just managed to tune out Theo’s incessant chatter in his mind and turned his head slightly to see Ying Chenlin still stationary. He furrowed his brow slightly. “What’s wrong?”

“Something’s off.” Ying Chenlin stared at the unchanging communication signals and pollution levels in his field of view. “According to the usual pattern, after eliminating the pollution source, some functions should have been restored or alleviated in parts of the mechas’ programs… but until now, not a single program has recovered to normal.”

As soon as these words were spoken, all those present immediately turned their attention to their mecha systems.

If the cause of the magnetic field anomaly in this vicinity was indeed the Centennial Orchid, then after dealing with it, even if they couldn’t establish contact with the outside world, the systems within the region should have seen some relief.

The surroundings grew increasingly eerie. After the quicksand had completely vanished, the entirety of the sandy ruins fell into a strange atmosphere.

Gradually, they began to hear the howling of the fierce wind.

Ji Qingfeng exclaimed, “Holy crap! Look ahead!”

With sand filling the sky, the howling wind carried sand particles, surging towards them like a sand tsunami.

Without a second thought, Zhao Lejie rushed to the forefront. The energy shield he rapidly activated absorbed the powerful impact, showing faint cracks. Ying Chenlin furrowed his brow slightly. His gaze swiftly swept through all the reports within the mecha system, quickly assessing the current situation.

Ji Qingfeng breathed a sigh of relief. “Zhao Ge, we owe you one!”

Zhao Lejie ruthlessly interrupted, “Save your thanks for later.”

You Su looked at the pollution levels before him and stated, “The pollution level has halted at 5500. It’s not decreasing further. That’s good news, but this place probably harbors more than one high-level pollution source.”

Zhao Lejie fell into silence for a moment before saying, “You from KID consider this good news!?”

Lin Yao’s eyes lit up. “5500? That’s at least an A+ level mutation.”

Ji Qingfeng exclaimed, “Oh, so this means more money in our pockets, right? Where’s that thing?”

Zhao Lejie sighed.

“But do you want to hear some bad news?”

Zhao Lejie, with a deadpan expression, remarked, “My mecha’s energy is down to 30.”

Lin Yao: “?”

Ji Qingfeng: “???”

Ying Chenlin lifted his head to assess the energy shield’s condition and stated matter-of-factly, “With 30 energy points left, you can’t sustain a shield output of 70.”

Ji Qingfeng’s brain hadn’t fully caught up. “What do you mean?”

Ying Chenlin clarified, “It means this shield is about to break.”

No sooner had he finished speaking when the energy shield cracked with a snap, followed by popping sounds. In front of them, the entire shield shattered into points of light.

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Inner Child
10 months ago

It was also supposed to be You Su not Chenlin. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

10 months ago

In the sniper scope, Ying Chenlin noticed the anomaly. Swiftly, she took aim and fired a shot. Her voice was stern and cold.

Wrong pronouns here, should be He and His

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