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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 31

Tianyu Star Contaminated Zone

31. Energy

    Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

    Ying Chenlin’s mechanical arm wasn’t deliberately concealed, and the mecha pilots around him all noticed.

    Several pairs of eyes glanced towards Ying Chenlin, and while none of them said anything, their gazes held a mixture of incomprehension and curiosity. A prosthetic arm was a rare sight for mecha pilots. Despite the advances in mecha simulation, it still couldn’t match the capabilities of a normal human limb. Moreover, they were mecha pilots, and a 0.01-second error in reaction time could be fatal in critical moments.

    Most mecha pilots with prosthetic limbs couldn’t endure for more than a year in their profession and ended up becoming mercenary mecha pilots instead.

    And now, right in front of them, there appeared another mecha pilot with a prosthetic arm, and this person looked very young.

    Zhao Lejie was astonished. “A prosthetic arm?”

    Ji Qingfeng cast a sidelong glance at him. “What, you discriminate against it?”

    Zhao Lejie denied, “No, that’s not what I mean, it’s just unfortunate.”

    A prosthetic arm was a potentially fatal weak point for a mecha pilot. Suddenly, he thought about the varying skill levels Ying Chenlin displayed, and it seemed like he had found the reason. In such a situation, prolonged mecha battles would be impossible.

    Unaware of the various glances behind him, Ying Chenlin entered the energy storage room and walked up to the energy device. He used the permissions granted by the Bureau to open the transport pipe accesses.

    Different pipes transported different types of energy. As a mechanic, understanding mecha energy was fundamental. Many of today’s mecha technologies were derived from the larger field of the Star Alliance’s mechanical engineering. At the end of the day, mechas were also large-scale intelligent machines. Therefore, in facilities like the defense zones, there would definitely be energy transport pipes designated for specific intelligent machines.

    His task was to use tools to clear out this pipeline, control the output threshold, and deliver the energy to the mechas lacking power.

    The energy storage room was a place that mecha pilots rarely visited.

    Other mecha pilots stood outside, perplexed, their attention focused on the lone busy figure inside.

    “Can this work? Redirecting energy from the energy storage room?”

    “His hand looks like it’s not easy to operate.”

    “Indeed, it’s difficult. A professional would be needed for this. But we don’t have any mechanics here.”

    In the crowd, Liu Ge stood on the side. He was one of the more experienced mecha pilots present and had some technical knowledge. He frowned as he watched the young person in the energy storage room, expressing concern, “The level of technical difficulty is quite high. Do you know how many types of energy support the entire defense zone? This place is a central energy converter with over a hundred energy pipes. Some carry a single energy, while others carry mixed energy… Trying to channel energy in this kind of storage room is extremely challenging. Regular technical workers would find it difficult, and it would require a mechanic very familiar with large-scale machinery, at least an advanced mechanic.”

    His words had just finished when the young person in the energy storage room did something at the console. The entire energy storage room’s lighting immediately dimmed.

    “Can this work?”

    “Don’t damage the other pipes in the defense zone. The contamination outside can reach levels of up to 6000.”

    Amidst the chatter, You Su remained outside the crowd.

    He stood with crossed arms, his gaze following the movements of the person around the energy storage room. Before long, the young man simply used one hand to grab onto the conversion device and nimbly ascended, smoothly landing at a higher point. He quickly retrieved tools from his backpack and switched tools with speed. He jumped from one pipe to another, even adjusting the hanging turntable switches at higher points.

    Theo asked, “Can he really requisition energy?”

    You Su appeared indifferent, responding mentally, “Probably.”

    Theo sounded helpless. “Are you planning to steal my energy?”

    “There’s no need for yours.” You Su’s gaze remained on the person. “For someone who can adjust the precision of parts so effortlessly, do you think several hundred pipes can stump him?”

    You Su might not understand repair knowledge, but he had seen engineering diagrams for parts. A mecha part the size of a fist contained thousands of engraved circuits. Most of KID’s recent parts were likely crafted by Ying Chenlin’s hands. Someone who could use mental power to modify part materials would find differentiating energy sources in a few hundred pipes easier than drinking water.

    Half an hour passed, and as Zhao Lejie listened to the analysis of those around him, his anxiety grew stronger.

    Could this person really generate energy for them?

    At that moment, Ying Chenlin, who had been up high, jumped down and headed towards the entrance. “Done.”

    “Done?” The onlooking mecha pilots were perplexed and exchanged puzzled glances.

    Ying Chenlin, carrying his technical bag, walked out. “I’ve connected the required energy to the processing room near the shutdown point. We can get the energy directly from there. We can’t charge with a key; we have to pull an energy line.”

    Ji Qingfeng chimed in, “I’ve got an energy line.”

    The group followed Ying Chenlin to the mecha’s shutdown point. The narrow square of the Secondary Defense Zone was now crowded with mechas. Ji Qingfeng extracted the energy line directly from the mecha’s energy storage and guided it towards the processing room. By the time they reached there, Ying Chenlin had already opened the energy socket under the processing room’s control console.

    “Oh, wait, shouldn’t we test it first?”

    “Yeah, what if it’s an energy source that’s incompatible with the mechas? Won’t it contaminate the remaining energy of the mechas?”

    Ji Qingfeng simply inserted the cable, saying, “Just charge it.”

    Each of the other mecha pilots added their opinions.

    “What’s there to test? We’re all out of energy anyway. Instead of waiting for support, it’s better to rely on ourselves!”

    “Can I charge too? My mecha only has 10% energy left.”

    Huo Yan looked at Ying Chenlin. “Will the remaining energy be enough?”

    Ying Chenlin nodded. “It’s sufficient. The energy in the Secondary Defense Zone is abundant.”

    Mecha pilots without energy didn’t hesitate either. They followed Ji Qingfeng’s lead and went to connect their mechas to the energy source. Zhao Lejie ran over to Ji Qingfeng’s mecha and noticed the glowing green light in the open cockpit that indicated charging. “Seems like it can work. The Competition-level mechas can be charged.”

    “It really seems like it!”

    “Brother, you’re awesome!”

    The mecha pilots in the processing room were almost all gone. As Ying Chenlin picked up the technical kit from the ground, he suddenly noticed a mecha pilot in his thirties standing beside him. He remembered this person; he had spoken to Huo Yan earlier. He seemed to be surnamed Liu.

    The other person hesitated and finally asked, “How did you do it? Even a slight mistake with the pipes could shut down the entire Secondary Defense Zone.”

    Ying Chenlin made a thoughtful sound and explained briefly, “I just used my access rights to examine the information about the energy pipes. This processing room used to be a material processing point for the Secondary Defense Zone, serving as a buffer zone.”

    With the entire defense system open, the processing room inside wasn’t operational. Being close to the shutdown point, Ying Chenlin adjusted the energy flow of the internal pipes, channeling all the energy meant for the mechas to this area.

    “With the defense system open, whether this buffer zone is operational or not doesn’t make much difference. Cutting off the energy won’t matter.” Ying Chenlin pointed to the control panel. “Rest assured, I’ve adjusted the energy output threshold. It can charge without damaging the mechas.”

    Liu Ge didn’t intend to doubt Ying Chenlin. Worried about being misunderstood, he hastened to explain, “I didn’t mean it that way.”

    “You’re very skilled. You’ve helped everyone.”

    With the technical kit slung over his back, Ying Chenlin smiled faintly. “Yes.”

    He then asked, “Aren’t you going to charge?”

    The mecha pilot, looking at the young man in front of him who was about ten years younger, blushed. “Thank you, little brother.”

    People without energy were all running to connect their mechas to the power sources, and the processing room was becoming crowded.

    “So, we had this amazing guy, Brother Ying!”

    “Why ‘brother’? It should be ‘Ge’, charging energy is like saving my dog life.”
    *the first is Xiongdi – younger brother and the second is ge – elder brother

    Ji Qingfeng accepted the praise. “Of course, our Chenlin is incredibly awesome!”

    A nearby mecha pilot chimed in, “No wonder you used up your energy so thoroughly. With Ying Ge here, it’s not a problem at all!”

    Zhao Lejie squeezed into the crowd while holding an energy line. “…”

    Was there a possibility that even without energy, KID would still exterminate the pollutants they had and wouldn’t miss a single piece of salvageable material?

    The processing room was lively, contrasting the somewhat deserted exterior.

    Ying Chenlin walked out of the processing room and didn’t rush to charge. Instead, he found a corner and took out a syringe from his bag.

    The tingling sensation in his tired arm brought a sense of fatigue. The time for the medication was delayed by a few hours compared to usual, fortunately without causing excessive strain.

    He skillfully injected the syringe into his vein and leaned into the shadow of a mecha, quietly.

    Suddenly, he heard footsteps and looked up to see You Su standing not far away.

    Ying Chenlin looked at the other person for a moment and then averted his gaze, putting the empty syringe back into the bag. “Aren’t you low on energy? Don’t you need to go do something?”

    “I don’t feel like squeezing in with others, and the evening event can wait,” You Su said, glancing at him from the corner of his eye, and then handing him something.

    Ying Chenlin was momentarily puzzled. “What’s this?”

    It was a small medical adhesive patch and a bottle of disinfectant.

    “This place isn’t completely contamination-proof. Be careful about infection when injecting in exposed environments,” You Su shielded the light from outside. “The isolation patch is new, and I’ve used the disinfectant twice, it’s clean.”

    Ying Chenlin looked at him and said, “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome,” You Su’s tone remained as casual as ever. “I brought you in here, so I at least need to ensure your safety.”

    He didn’t linger and quickly left after delivering the items.

    Ying Chenlin lowered his gaze slightly, looking at the disinfectant in his hand with a hint of curiosity. He didn’t think the other person would be someone who carried such things around.

    In the Secondary Defense Zone, including KID and others, there were a total of 14 mechas. They took turns charging in the processing room for quite a while, finally replenishing the energy of each mech. After recharging, the mecha pilots’ fighting spirit was rekindled. During Ying Chenlin’s break, he received several “goodwill cards” and some people even offered him mechanical soothing agents, telling him to ask if he needed any help.

    Ying Chenlin remembered these gestures of goodwill, but he didn’t take the soothing agents.

    Those agents didn’t have much effect on him.

    With the charging completed, the mecha pilots gathered in the control room to discuss their plan to resume testing Base Station C’s defenses.

    Everyone had something to say, and various plans to breach its defenses were put forward one by one.

    “The biggest problem now is the pollutants around us. There are too many pollutants near the base station tower.”

    “We’ve conducted tests and haven’t found any S-Level readings. Where is this high level of pollution coming from?”

    “Yeah, it’s too risky to charge directly at the tower without confirming the presence of any S-Level pollutants!”

    “The danger near the tower is too high.”

    When the Scorpions were mentioned, everyone in the room thought about the pollutants and materials that KID had just finished separating. Liu Ge cleared his throat and continued, “Apart from the Scorpions, there are other pollutants that pose a significant threat to us.”

    Thinking about KID who was as fierce as wolves, Zhao Lejie suggested cautiously, “Maybe we don’t need to worry too much about them?”

    “How could we not worry!” one of the mecha pilots spoke up. “These B-Level pollutants might not seem very threatening individually, but this place is so eerie. The pollutants move in groups, and even in large numbers, they are a threat to us. Deputy Captain Zhao, do you have any ideas?”


    Zhao Lejie suddenly looked toward the young man sitting farthest away. He was sitting back, lowering his head to relax his right arm. He hadn’t joined in any discussion or offered any opinions, just sitting quietly on the side.

    Ying Chenlin noticed the glances of the others. When he raised his head, he saw that the surrounding mecha pilots were all looking at him.

    Zhao Lejie cleared his throat. “Ying, do you have any ideas?”

    “Me?” Ying Chenlin asked.

    Zhao Lejie wanted to ask Ying Chenlin, after all, he had noticed that this person had an exceptionally clear perspective on things after spending some time with him. “Regarding breaking through the tower, do you have any ideas?”

    After a moment of recalling the various plans he had just heard, Ying Chenlin finally proposed, “How about keeping it simple?”

    Zhao Lejie didn’t know why, but he had a bad feeling. “Like what?”

    Ying Chenlin replied seriously, “Just charge straight in.”


    Ying Chenlin and KID have Zhao Lejie questioning every decision he’s ever made since they met😭.

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