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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 39

Fiarge Contaminated Zone

39. Sponsor

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Nowadays, there were many mechas, and there were also quite a few S-Level mental users. However, actual S-Class mechas were rare.

In the hierarchy of mechas from A to S, A-Class mechas equipped with S-Grade anomalous crystals were referred to as “pre-S-Class,” but only mechas that have developed true mecha intelligence could be classified as S-Class mechas. Many A-Class mecha pilots attempt to use S-Grade anomalous crystals as weapon cores, hoping that the mecha itself could resonate more powerfully with their mental power, thereby generating mecha intelligence.

However, this kind of intelligence was difficult to achieve. Rather than calling it intelligence, it was more like an additional level of spiritual manifestation that arose from the profound resonance between the mecha pilot’s mental power and the mecha’s energy source. It originated from the combined mental power of the pilot and the mecha’s energy, and whether it could be activated depended entirely on the pilot’s level of mental power.

Therefore, to activate an S-Class mecha, three factors were required: an S-Class mecha embryo, a pilot with an S-Level mental power, and a high degree of resonance between the two.

In his previous life, Ying Chenlin had been certain that he couldn’t recover his S-Level mental power, so he focused on researching different types of mechas. He had attempted to transfer the strong resonance he shared with his previous mecha, Yuan, to a slightly lower-class mecha. However, this research was not completed even before he was reborn.

Currently, he doesn’t possess S-Level mental power, so theoretically, he shouldn’t be able to operate an S-Class mecha. However, this certain convention has broken now.

In the world, there were no such coincidences. The only option left was to investigate other reasons after ruling out conventional factors… such as this anomalous crystal. S-Grade dual-attribute anomalous crystals were inherently rare and unique. Previously, he hadn’t speculated too much about other reasons, but his recent conversation with Shen Xingtang made him recall a detail.

S-Class mechas were special; generating intelligence endowed them with unique abilities.

In general, the core energy source of a weapon needs to be regularly replenished with energy of the same type by a mechanic. However, S-Class mechas could self-recharge.

In his past life, he had come across a report in the field of mecha research. The report mentioned the possibility of resonance with anomalous crystals in S-Class mechas that generated intelligence. The research on resonance was aimed at allowing S-Class mechas to absorb a portion of energy from an anomalous crystal of the same attribute to restore core weapon functions. Although A-Grade anomalous crystals had been used at the time due to the rarity of S-Grade crystals, the final analysis was on the absorption done by mediums of higher S-level positions, similar to how pollutants absorbed lower-tier pollutants to reach satiation.

Thinking up to this point, Ying Chenlin took out the anomalous crystal. To avoid causing any trouble, he had brought the items into a special room within the maintenance room. This room was designed for testing weapon cores by mechanics and had a function that suppressed anomalous crystal fluctuations.

He activated the function and then reconnected with his mental power.

His mental power was originally meager. He had tried this before but was hindered by the precondition that A-Level mental power couldn’t activate an S-Grade anomalous crystal. At that time, he had tested it for only a few minutes before giving up. This time, however, he didn’t stop.

With his mental power enveloping the S-Grade anomalous crystal, he gently raised it, hovering it in his palm.

As seconds ticked by, just as Ying Chenlin began to think his conjecture was wrong, the interior of the S-Grade anomalous crystal unexpectedly emitted a faint lightning-like glow. This radiance persisted, causing the adjacent mecha key to emit a faint glow as well under its continued influence.

Ying Chenlin was taken aback by the sight. His concentration wavered, and the hovering anomalous crystal suddenly sank, falling into his palm. The mecha key’s illumination also faded away.

“It’s possible to pilot a mecha beyond your current level, but this requires a substantial amount of mental power to sustain,” the voice of the Frontier Army doctor rang out as if from beside Ying Chenlin. He clenched the anomalous crystal as if he had realized something.

The maintenance room was quiet. When You Su entered through the door, he didn’t spot Ying Chenlin at first. Instead, he saw repair robots scurrying around the room. His eyes scanned around the room, eventually resting on a distant illuminated display screen, indicating someone was inside.

There was still a rough sketch from a weapon draft on the programming table, suggesting someone had been designing a weapon here not too long ago.

Theo asked, “Shen Xingtang said she’d give us that spatial-enhancement anomalous crystal. Why didn’t you agree?”

“That anomalous crystal has both spatial and enhancement attributes. The spatial attribute creates a closed-off space centered around it, and the enhancement is confined within that space,” You Su flipped through the draft sketches on the programming table, speaking in a detached tone, “Where do you think it would be useful if you installed it on your weapon?”

This spatial-enhancement anomalous crystal, after examination, was found to inherit the main anomalous ability of the S-Level Sand Lizard. The spatial attribute created a closed-off space centered around it, while the enhancement attribute was limited to within that created space.

If installed on a weapon, the spatial range wouldn’t be as extensive as what the sand lizard summoned. For long-range Artillery mechas, the spatial attribute would be practically useless. To benefit from the enhancement attribute, they would have to be confined within the created space.

The lack of flexibility posed a potentially fatal risk if the opponent acted faster.

The spatial attribute of other anomalous crystals, even if similar to domain attributes, could still be of use. However, when it came to closed-off spaces, it was of no use to You Su, who favored cannon-type weapons.

Theo analyzed, “But it’s such a waste!”

It’s not really a waste… S-Grade anomalous crystals are indeed rare, but You Su had already come across two since he joined KID.

You Su closed the draft on the table, “You got one thing wrong earlier.”

Theo asked, “What?”

You Su stated, “The feng shui of Sirius is quite good. At least KID’s luck is better than ours.”

Theo inquired, “But is there enough time for the competition? Your mechas are all broken, aren’t they?”

When Ying Chenlin pushed the door open, he saw a figure on the high programming platform. He paused briefly, then noticed the person’s gaze sweeping toward him, and their eyes met.

Before Ying Chenlin could speak, You Su spoke first, “Are you done with your tasks?”

“Yeah,” Ying Chenlin returned to the programming platform with a repair kit in hand. When he saw You Su not moving, his gaze suddenly stopped on the necklace around You Su’s neck. It was a deep black mecha necklace, faintly emitting light around its edges, indicating ample energy and the activation of its intelligence.

This mecha pilot before him possessed an S-Class intelligent mecha and was also an S-Level mental user.

Noticing Ying Chenlin’s gaze, You Su took off his own necklace and handed it to him.

Ying Chenlin blinked in surprise, “For me?”

“Aren’t you one of the mechanics at the base?” You Su asked, “Can you repair an S-Class mecha?”

The remark You Su made in the Contaminated Zone wasn’t a joke. He intended to hand Theo over to Ying Chenlin for repairs.

“Hold on a moment.” Ying Chenlin suddenly thought of something, swiftly turned around, hopped down from the programming platform, and dashed towards the laboratory he had just left.

Theo, being held by You Su, questioned in puzzlement, “You Su, did you get rejected?”

“You have quite a lot to say,” You Su didn’t look at him, gaze trained on the direction Ying Chenlin had left.

After a while, Ying Chenlin emerged from the laboratory, carrying the Sand Lizard’s S-Grade dual-attribute anomalous crystal. It was a spatial-enhancement anomalous crystal, with a spatial ability corresponding to the earth attribute and an enhancement ability corresponding to the wind attribute. After testing, Shen Xingtang left this anomalous crystal in the base’s laboratory.

“Try infusing your mental power into it,” Ying Chenlin said.

You Su gave him a slightly inquisitive look but still began infusing his mental power into the S-Grade dual-attribute anomalous crystal. As his mental power seeped into it, the peripheral area of Theo’s mecha key in his other hand began to glow gradually.

Theo sounded puzzled, “Huh, I can perceive the energy leaking from this S-Grade anomalous crystal.”

Moreover, it wasn’t active reception but passive reception under the influence of You Su’s mental power.

They had both roamed Contaminated Zones for many years, absorbing many useless anomalous crystals as snacks. This kind of absorption was situational. For example, if the anomalous crystal on Theo’s body was of the wind attribute, only wind attribute anomalous crystals would be useful to him. This aspect of absorbing anomalous crystals of similar types was something they discovered in a Contaminated Zone. Eventually, these anomalous crystals of similar types became materials for charging his weapon core.

But in this case, the preliminary assessment of the S-Grade dual-attribute anomalous crystal indicated it was a combination of the wind and earth attributes. The mixed energy wasn’t suitable for Theo, yet Theo still sensed its energy.

Upon seeing this, Ying Chenlin confirmed something, “S-Grade anomalous crystals, just like S-Class mechas, are unique.”

If there was something unusual about his mental power after the operation, then Yuan’s appearance wasn’t coincidental. Perhaps he needed to revise his original plans and reconsider S-Class mecha research.

You Su asked, “Can you repair it?”

“I can,” Ying Chenlin looked at You Su, “But can I propose a condition?”

You Su replied, “Go ahead.”

Ying Chenlin looked at him seriously, “I want to borrow your mental power.”

You Su hesitated at his words, and footsteps approached from behind.

When Shen Xingtang pushed the door open, she saw You Su standing in front of Ying Chenlin, seemingly blocking him from the programming platform. She frowned slightly, “What are you two doing?”

You Su snapped back to reality, “What else? I was looking for the mechanic to fix the mecha.”

Shen Xingtang looked at him skeptically but then recalled something else, “I’ll disturb you for a moment. Chenlin, come here, there’s something I must tell you.”

As Ying Chenlin left the room, You Su tossed Theo’s mecha key towards him, and he caught it without looking.

You Su waved his hand and straightforwardly said, “Just let me know if you need help.”

Ying Chenlin caught the key and nodded, “I’ll be back shortly.”

The two of them left the maintenance room. Shen Xingtang asked with a puzzled expression, “Did he bully you?”

“No,” Ying Chenlin replied, “What’s up?”

Shen Xingtang said, “That’s good then.”

Ying Chenlin thought of something else, “You Su was a Frontier mecha pilot before?”

When he had asked about Huo Yan before, You Su mentioned having encountered him once or twice. However, from Huo Yan’s reaction, it seemed he didn’t recognize You Su.

“Did he tell you that?” Shen Xingtang remembered their initial encounter. They didn’t meet for the first time when You Su was active in the Star Alliance; it was a long time ago. She hadn’t retired from the battlefield yet and was still a field mechanic. You Su was the youngest mecha pilot in a mission at that time.

She had a deep impression of that, as the Alliance’s military rarely had underage mecha pilots. However, she had heard that mecha pilots with exceptional talents would be admitted into the military, cultivated from a young age. Nevertheless, she had heard from colleagues that You Su’s identity was shrouded in mystery and hard to inquire about.

During that mission, You Su had gotten injured, and his mecha at that time was Theo, who hadn’t awakened his intelligence yet.

Their next meeting was backstage at a mecha competition, where You Su became FEI’s mecha pilot.

“I can’t reveal this, but since he mentioned it, you can just ask him directly.” Shen Xingtang smiled and added, “He used to be quite rebellious, so don’t be bullied by him, even though he seems easy-going now.”

Ying Chenlin lowered his head slightly, seemingly lost in thought.

“By the way, I came to find you about the parts earlier.” Shen Xingtang pushed open her office door and handed him a tablet. “Do you remember the person who scavenged parts from our online store?”

Shen Xingtang wasn’t visiting for any other reason but rather because Zhou, the CEO of Jianheng Technology, had come to discuss collaboration. He was interested in Ying Chenlin’s parts technology. The company wanted to advance A-Class mecha upgrades to alter the current A-Class mecha market, and the most challenging aspect of it was finding suitable material parts for mecha manufacturing.

After purchasing Ying Chenlin’s parts, their research institute found mental secondary shaping technology within them. They had tried to replicate the mental power pathways internally but failed. They came to KID for collaboration to acquire everything before KID released the parts to the market.

The company’s approach was quite straightforward; they offered a price even higher than what Shen Xingtang’s online store listed.

It must be said that Jianheng Technology was well-funded. They were prepared for a prolonged battle and had even rented the entire KID headquarters building.

“They can’t replicate it?” Ying Chenlin was a bit surprised.

Shen Xingtang explained, “Yeah, they tried. However, they can’t maintain a continuous shaping process. Usually, the mental power dissipates midway.”

This was also a reason Shen Xingtang wasn’t concerned about the technology leaking after selling the parts. She had tried using Ying Chenlin’s method of mental shaping herself, but success was extremely rare, and even when it did succeed, the conversion rate was nowhere near Ying Chenlin’s.

It wasn’t that his method was unfeasible; given a few more years of practice, Shen Xingtang might be able to reach Ying Chenlin’s level.

It could only be said that this young man’s talent was exceptionally strong, and at such a young age, he seemed to excel in everything.

“We can’t fulfill their requirements.” Ying Chenlin understood that the company’s objective was to acquire the parts. “I assume they’re not here just for that?”

“Yes, I turned down their offer,” Shen Xingtang said, showing indifference. Even though the price they proposed was tempting, she couldn’t ignore Ying Chenlin’s interests. “Then they came up with another suggestion. They want to hire you as their consultant at a high salary.”

Jianheng Corporation showed a lot of sincerity, and Shen Xingtang conveyed their intentions. “I’m just informing you about this. You can reject them whenever you want—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Ying Chenlin suddenly asked, “Do I need to physically work at their company as a consultant?”

“That’s not necessary. Providing remote guidance to their engineers would be enough.” Shen Xingtang paused, “Have you agreed—”

By now, Jianheng Corporation had become one of the top enterprises in the Galaxy, and their influence had expanded to other Galaxies.

“There’s no need to hesitate. Besides, this isn’t exactly my technology,” Ying Chenlin knew that the future parts market would develop rapidly. Technological iterations could change within a year. When he first used his honing skills to repair parts for KID, he didn’t anticipate the wide-reaching impact it would have. Such technology didn’t need to be hidden. It was better to establish a good relationship with Jianheng Corporation, as they might even buy parts from him in the future.

“My available time is limited,” Ying Chenlin informed Shen Xingtang directly. “You can let them know that. However, we need to discuss the conditions. The technical collaboration remains just that—technical. They can’t interfere with KID’s online store operations. Oh, and they probably have many material sources, right…?”

Shen Xingtang couldn’t help but wryly smile, “How much do you lack materials? Aren’t the orders on your list enough?”

Ying Chenlin shook his head, “Not enough.”

Initially, it was sufficient. However, if he now had to involve Theo’s mecha and all the preparations he made for Yuan, his goals would have to be grander. He wasn’t just looking for A+ materials; he also wanted S-Class materials.

This KID member really wore his material shortage on his face.

Shen Xingtang had initially intended to decline, but now she had to continue negotiations with Jianheng Corporation to secure better terms for Ying Chenlin. “Then there’s no other matter. Your materials should arrive the day after tomorrow. Go back and rest, don’t exhaust yourself.”

Ying Chenlin responded, “I’m not tired. I’ll head back to the maintenance room first.”

Shen Xingtang was about to call him back, but in that instant, the polite young man turned and closed her office door. The long chain of a mecha key by his side swayed with his movement.

“This You Su…” Shen Xingtang furrowed her brow in thought.

Outside the KID building, the Jianheng Corporation’s agents who had been on stakeout for several days finally got a break. Who knew how long they had been waiting here, anticipating the return of the KID base personnel who had gone on a mission to Tianyu Star.

After leaving the KID base, CEO Zhou returned to his hovercar. His secretary handed him some work files and spoke in confusion, “Boss, we’ve gone to great lengths to negotiate cooperation with KID and even rented their building. Shen Xingtang seems cautious. Will she agree to collaborate with us?”

“Regardless of whether she agrees or not, we need to show our utmost sincerity.”

The hovercar gradually moved away, and CEO Zhou looked back at the KID building as it slowly disappeared from view. He continued, “We were planning to expand business in Sirius anyway. This KID building is convenient—close by. Even if things don’t work out later, it will still be convenient for purchasing parts.”

The secretary remained silent, following closely behind the CEO.

CEO Zhou, however, felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted. There must be an engineer within KID skilled in part design. Leaving aside the engineer’s relationship with KID, Jianheng Corporation aimed to collaborate with them to acquire technical information. The best way was through KID. As long as they could bring new opportunities to Jianheng’s mecha market, these investments would be a small price to pay.

Upon reaching the spaceport, the secretary had already summarized CEO Zhou’s investment intentions and reminded him, “From our preliminary investigation, KID’s development in recent years hasn’t been remarkable. If we need to continue investing in KID in the future, wouldn’t the risk be too high?”

CEO Zhou chuckled, “Is that so? I think KID is doing well.”

“Not too many people, not too many complicated relationships—simpler is better.”

Just as he finished speaking, he received a message from Shen Xingtang, inviting him for a detailed discussion tomorrow at noon.

The secretary glanced to the side and noticed that the interstellar flight to Jianheng’s headquarters was ready for boarding. Seeing that his boss hadn’t responded, he reminded him, “Boss, it’s time to board.”

“We won’t return to headquarters for now.”

Under the secretary’s puzzled gaze, CEO Zhou continued, “Temporarily transfer all other work here. Convert all meetings to virtual ones. For the next week, I’ll stay on Sirius Star.”

Time passed quickly, with just a short month left until the League.

The significant influx of materials obtained from the Tianyu Star Contaminated Zone had injected a considerable sum into KID’s modest treasury. This influx allowed them to double the funds allocated for mecha repairs. Moreover, while inspecting several high-tier competition mechas, Shen Xingtang found that they now had three extra energy reserves each. She suddenly understood why these individuals had been so confident when they were detonating the Sand Lizard with energy fuel.

Shen Xingtang: “So you guys pulled these from the Defense Zone?”

“Everyone was using them,” Ji Qingfeng said, “Zhao Lejie even brought a few tubes himself.”

Huo Yan also chimed in, “I took Qi Sicheng there to refill as well.”

Shen Xingtang recalled the resentful look in the eyes of the head of the Tianyu Star Management Bureau during a communication call a while back. It was as if she had found the source of everything.

To catch up with the League, they didn’t take any tasks from other Contaminated Zones during this period.

Everyone carried a heavy burden. As the boss, besides managing the maintenance room, Shen Xingtang had to handle the Alliance’s registration application for You Su and the League details. She worked tirelessly, leaving early and arriving late, often disappearing from sight.

All the mecha pilots had plunged into their training routines. With You Su’s recent addition to the team, many lineups required refinement.

Jiang Simiao, as KID’s overall manager, shuttled back and forth between the office and the training rooms every day. Occasionally, he would also come to the maintenance room. However, every time Ying Chenlin saw him, he noticed a troubled expression on Jiang Simiao’s face, and he would clutch his chest when coming out of the mecha pilots’ training room.

Not knowing how many times Jiang Simiao had stood at the quiet entrance of the maintenance room, sipping coffee and brooding, Ying Chenlin curiously accessed the video records of the training room. As he watched the Artillery mecha fire on his whims, the Guardian mecha that fought alone, the Stealth mecha that died early, and the Tank mecha that was forever supporting their teammates on the way, he kindly sent Jiang Simiao a package of revitalizing tea from Xun Bao.

Shen Xingtang returned from outside and saw this scene. She comforted, “It’s alright, let them practice more.”

Jiang Simiao contemplated with furrowed brows. His gaze fell on the training room, and suddenly he came up with a new idea, “If it doesn’t work out, we’ll have to send them to the virtual battlefield.”

“Do we have enough time?” Shen Xingtang asked.

Jiang Simiao checked the schedule, “We do. Luckily, last season they didn’t drop us out of the top 16.”

KID’s training and adjustment continued somewhat hastily, while Ying Chenlin spent his days immersed in the maintenance room.

On the other hand, negotiations with Jianheng Technology proceeded very smoothly. CEO Zhou was quite satisfied with the outcome. He was aware of KID’s current situation. The terms he proposed were simple – he only required Ying Chenlin to spend some time each week overseeing the progress of their parts technology. For this purpose, he even relocated a few research rooms to KID’s headquarters, claiming it was to facilitate communication.

In addition, CEO Zhou seems to be well-informed about KID’s recent situation. He’s expressed willingness to become a sponsor for KID. If KID needs any parts or materials, they can use Jianheng Technology’s channels to purchase them at prices lower than the market rate.

Such terms laid out were extremely enticing. The KID team, who had been in poverty for so long, was stunned upon hearing this news.

Ji Qingfeng: “Is the owner of Jianheng Technology also here to offer charity to the poor?”

Lin Yao sighed, “We’re so fortunate. Lately, we’ve encountered a lot of godsend benefactors.”

Ji Qingfeng corrected him, “What godsend benefactors? They’re called the God of Wealth.”

Shen Xingtang was extremely speechless hearing their banter. She turned her head to look at the quiet Ying Chenlin beside her… God of Wealth? The real God of Wealth should be the person beside her.

Lu Xi asked cautiously, “They wouldn’t want us to sign some kind of indentured servitude contract, right?”

“No way,” Huo Yan laughed, “Look, other bases also have sponsors. Gale has several sponsors, and if it weren’t for our previous sponsor running off, we would’ve had sponsors too.”

Ying Chenlin listened to his teammates cracking jokes one after another. The lively atmosphere filled the cramped training room, and he quite liked this vibe.

Amid the joyful voices of his teammates, his pen didn’t stop. Stroke by stroke, he outlined the core details of the new weapon in the program of his light brain.

In Gale’s base, within a spacious training room, Qi Sicheng emerged from the virtual chamber and headed straight to the adjacent training meeting room. As soon as he entered, he saw Zhang Ge, one of the people in charge of the Gale base, standing in front of a virtual screen. The screen displayed information about the upcoming season’s strongest teams. It was clear they were well-prepared for the League.

Qi Sicheng had also been putting in his full effort these days. Gale, currently the top base in the Dawn Galaxy, had entered a state of preparation after returning from the Tianyu Star Contaminated Zone. The bases trailing behind them in strength were not to be underestimated, especially Black Crow ranked second and YDS ranked third. They clearly had some hidden cards.

Moreover, apart from these, Gale needed to be vigilant about some teams outside the top 8 as well.

Seeing Qi Sicheng approach, Zhang Ge said, “Notify them to attend the meeting tonight. The delay caused by entering the Tianyu Star Contaminated Zone has been too long. We need to make new adjustments to our predictions for the next season, focusing on the Competition-level Contaminated Zones.”

Qi Sicheng asked in confusion, “Is Tianyu Star confirmed not to be categorized as a Competition-level Contaminated Zone?”

Zhang Ge nodded. Speaking of this matter, quite a few people in the League had been approaching him to gather information recently.

The situation on Tianyu Star caused quite a stir, but the official information released was very limited. Among the 28 mecha pilots who participated in the mission, besides the main three bases, there was also a portion from other bases. The news about the anomalous crystals falling into KID’s hands quickly leaked out. However, some people were skeptical about this result and doubted that Gale and YDS would release the anomalous crystals. With more rumors circulating, various claims started to spread.

However, KID’s base couldn’t be reached at all, so those seeking information turned to their side instead.

Zhang Ge: “Oh, by the way, you’ve been busy lately, and I forgot to tell you. Regarding the two mecha pilots you asked me to investigate—according to your request to search among retired mecha pilots—I did manage to find them. But I only found the Artillery one.”

Qi Sicheng was puzzled, “You didn’t find the Guardian pilot?”

“No, I couldn’t find them. There’s too little information available. I only had the name ‘Ying Chenlin’. Do you know how many retired and active mecha pilots there are in the entire Star Alliance? And among them, how many have never revealed their true names? It’s not easy to find.” Zhang Ge brought up the data. “But as for the Artillery mecha pilot, he used to be a member of the Dawn Alliance as well. He retired five years ago?”

Five years ago?

Qi Sicheng hadn’t even joined Gale back then. “Is he quite old?”

“Not really. He’s only 24 years old this year. He retired at 19. Speaking of his records, they’re quite peculiar. Many things are untraceable.” Zhang Ge waved his hand, and the virtual screen displayed the individual’s information. “His name is You Su.”

Qi Sicheng frowned, “You Su?”

Zhang Ge said, “His name might not ring a bell, but how about Trace? This name is familiar, right?”

Qi Sicheng’s gaze paused, and he saw the data on the virtual screen. His brows furrowed tightly, “It’s him?”

“Yes.” Zhang Ge sighed, “Shen Xingtang truly found an extraordinary Artillery mecha pilot.”

As the start of the Team Battle Mecha League drew closer, one of the most highly anticipated Mecha Leagues every year, people started to pay attention to the lineup of each mecha base. Unlike solo mecha battles, team mecha battles involve five mecha pilots competing together. Whenever various bases officially announced their lineups, it would attract the attention of countless online users.

Some of them also mentioned KID.

When it came to KID, netizens didn’t know how to evaluate them. Since the incident in the Tianyu Star Contaminated Zone had concluded, KID seemed to have disappeared completely. Some of the StarNet users who were keeping tabs on their official online store were even expecting new products to be released. However, not only did the online store not update, but their official account also remained silent. The anticipation online for the Team Battle Mecha League had nothing to do with them whatsoever.

[Is it true? Is KID really withdrawing from the 15th league?] [I don’t think so. I just checked on the Dawn Alliance, and KID is on the roster!] [What’s going on with that base? Are they not doing business or participating in the matches?] [Has news about their Artillery mecha still not come out?] [Wasn’t there a recent livestream from Gale that said KID had all their members gathered?]

As other bases gradually released their lineups, KID’s official account, which had been quiet for a long time, finally made an appearance.

[@KID Mecha Base: Participating Roster for the 15th Mecha League in the First Star Domain, Dawn Galaxy:

Tank: KID-Yan

Guardian: KID-Yao

Control: KID-Luxi

Stealth: KID-QgF

Artillery: KID-Trace]

Seeing this roster, netizens were taken aback.

Trace…? Who’s that?

Wait a minute??? Trace!!!???

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