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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 41

Fiarge Contaminated Zone

41. Fattening

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

[Who is this qpdik01!? I haven’t seen this ID before!] [Searched. The match record timestamps are off, most likely an experienced player’s alternate account.]

When the two elimination messages appeared, the other mecha pilots inside the virtual battlefield swiftly raised their level of alertness, quickly seeking appropriate cover. Mecha pilots who frequently engaged in virtual battles were familiar with certain IDs. For example, the Artillery mecha pilot Ace789 from CEF4 was well-known. When they spotted professional mecha pilot IDs in the mecha pilot lobby, they typically opted to avoid their area of fire. However, there was another kind of danger—unknown threats.

A mecha pilot who could eliminate two opponents at the start of an S-Level 6000 section match wasn’t relying on luck.

As the two elimination notifications flashed by, KID’s team was in full retreat. Lin Yao took a quick glance back and then braked behind a building, asking, “You Ge, weren’t you supposed to cover us with artillery fire?”

You Su swiftly changed positions. “Providing cover doesn’t conflict with getting kills.”

When the five mechas had just respawned, they were in the same area, but their unfortunate luck placed them in an area dense with buildings. They had to evacuate from the respawn point first. In this sort of environment, the cannon fire of an Artillery mecha was most conspicuous.

However, You Su’s focus wavered.

In the distance, this scene was captured from the viewpoint entered by Ying Chenlin. He was still using You Su’s perspective. With the opponent’s swift movements, he observed that the other KID mechas had already spread out.

You Su possessed strong individual skills. In this relatively confined movement space, he didn’t choose to retreat due to the presence of many enemies lurking around him but decisively chose to take the initiative from the very beginning.

Ying Chenlin’s line of sight followed the perspective that constantly shifted with You Su’s movements, capturing the hidden dangers around him. To apply the strategy used for solo mechas, the first step was to split up the KID mechas. The Abandoned Bio-factory Contaminated Zone was clearly a scene with many potential ambush points. They couldn’t become the targets of an ambush.

During You Su’s swift movements, using You Su’s mecha’s field of view, he had already noticed several mechas lurking around. When playing as a solo mech, any variable could change the course of the match. He reminded them, “There are many mechas around here.”

Lin Yao spoke on the channel, “Wow, that’s exciting!”

“Having many mechas around definitely means there are Artillery units lurking in the back. The most annoying thing is to encounter cannons in this kind of map, especially Sniper Cannons—each shot is on target.”

Ji Qingfeng added, “I’ve spotted a mecha lurking around here.”

Huo Yan asked, “Should we retreat or directly engage?”

Lin Yao: “Can we directly engage?”

The area where You Su was currently located happened to be a part of the Abandoned Bio-factory with denser buildings. This type of terrain was very suitable for ambushing Artillery mechas, and generally, where Artillery mechas were, their teammates would be nearby as well.

“We can.” Ying Chenlin pondered for a moment before saying, “But first, we need to lure out the mecha from the Third Star Domain that you mentioned.”

Ji Qingfeng was puzzled, “Lure out? They were sixth in the Star Alliance tournament, is it that easy to lure them out?”

Huo Yan thought for a moment, “It’s a bit difficult to preemptively lure them out. In the virtual battlefield, we have to judge the mechas’ IDs ourselves.”

Ying Chenlin said, “I have a way to capture them.”

Ji Qingfeng’s eyes lit up, “If we can capture them, then it’s simple! Find his location, and I’ll go assassinate him immediately.”

“This method won’t work for team fights, and there won’t be any backup,” Ying Chenlin paused slightly, “And first, we need to create chaos here.”

You Su listened to the calm and steady voice of the young man in his ears.

“Create chaos?” He responded lazily, “That’s easy.”

Near the buildings surrounding the Abandoned Bio-factory, mechas that remained in the vicinity were listening for sounds and positioning themselves, constantly vigilant of their surroundings. However, once they moved, it was easy to enter the firing range of another. Mecha pilots with ample combat experience chose to find suitable cover and wait for the right moment.

“It’s a Sniper Cannon. He’s an Artillery pilot with a Sniper Cannon.” Chi Lizi happened to be near qpdik01 and witnessed his elimination of another mech. He observed the airborne mecha moving to another location, reported the information, and quickly withdrew. “This mecha pilot plays aggressively. He dares to be so conspicuous from the start. They’re most likely a five-person squad.”

A five-person squad? Hu Luobu was alerted by this information, “There should be cover around the Artillery pilot. Be cautious and don’t get caught in their encirclement.”

[I just noticed this too. There’s a string of IDs in the mecha pilot lobby that seem to be connected, probably a five-person squad.] [This Artillery pilot seems quite reckless. Turns out he has teammates supporting him from behind.] [Lizi reacts quickly, locking onto the ID from the start!]

When encountering a well-equipped five-person squad with a competent core Artillery mecha, such teams usually have excellent coordination. Even if the Artillery mecha exposes its position, there will be teammates quickly returning to provide support. As long as someone fires, there’s a high chance of being counter-ambushed by the opposition.

“We can counter-ambush them, first deal with qpdik01’s teammates.”

Other mecha pilots also noticed qpdik01. There were quite a few mechas hidden in the area, and their obvious presence from the beginning made it easy for others to notice them. Just at this moment, one mecha pilot couldn’t resist firing a shot towards qpdik01’s position.

Upon hearing the gunfire, Hu Luobu immediately switched his view to the vicinity, intending to lock onto qpdik01’s teammates during this opportunity. However, as he scanned the distance, there wasn’t a single mecha going to support the Artillery.

What’s going on!?

No one is supporting qpdik01?!

qpdik01 appeared at a higher location. He controlled his mecha to fly backward, seemingly noticing the position of the mecha pilot who fired the shot. The Sniper Cannon in his hands aimed again, and in the process of flight, he quickly fired two shots at his opponent’s position!

Hu Luobu quickly aimed and took a shot with a Tracking Cannon during this opportunity, intending to lock onto qpdik01’s position.

He carried both an Energy Cannon and a Tracking Cannon. The Tracking Cannon had a locking feature, so at this moment, firing meant the opponent likely wouldn’t be able to dodge. At this point, qpdik01 in his field of vision quickly reacted. He flew backward to evade Hu Luobu’s Sniper Cannon, aimed his Sniper Cannon in the direction of the Tracking Cannon, and fired a shot. The resulting explosion and smoke cloud covered everyone’s vision.

He completely disappeared.

Hu Luobu was surprised, “Didn’t you say they were in a team?”

Chi Lizi was equally puzzled, “Why isn’t anyone protecting him!?”

The viewers in the live stream room were also shocked by this situation. Team fights rely on cooperation, especially for Artillery mechas that are vulnerable to being surrounded. Even if there wasn’t a Control mecha to babysit them, there should at least be teammates ready to provide support.

[??? It’s the wrong mecha?] [No, that mecha is qpdik01, is he soloing???] [Solo my foot, are the four strings of IDs that look the same as his in the mecha pilot lobby fake?]

Not only did Chi Lizi notice this from his side, but the other two members of the Third Star Domain’s CEF4 team also noticed the issue.

The Artillery pilot Ace frowned, “Lina, did you find him?”

The Control mecha pilot Lina replied, “Your direction, 6 o’clock.”

Ace shifted his view to 6 o’clock, intending to locate the target, and immediately noticed several mechas approaching.

Before they could capture qpdik01’s position, the collision between the Tracking Cannon and the Sniper Cannon caused a battle to immediately break out in the area. Almost all the mecha pilots lurking in the vicinity spotted each other, and artillery fire and impacts erupted one after another, revealing the mechas hidden in the area amidst the successive artillery barrage.

qpdik01 wasn’t hit or damaged. Instead, this area became a hotspot for artillery fire.

Ace used the chaos to search for a new sniping position, but the current situation caused him to frown uncomfortably. “It’s too chaotic.”

Yes, it was truly chaotic.

As soon as the first shot was fired, within the narrow cluster of buildings, a single careless move could lead to a direct collision, making many mecha pilots uncomfortable.

The explosions and smoke caused by the artillery fire obscured parts of the field of view. Hu Luobu retreated while locking onto other mechas during the confusion. “Damn, this is too chaotic!”

In the virtual battlefield, friendly fire was possible. In the midst of continuous artillery fire, many mechas were forced to defend themselves due to their exposed positions. It was as if that Artillery mecha had calculated its flight path precisely and launched a cannonball into the serene lake.

It wasn’t just chaos; it was accelerating the emergence of conflicts among everyone involved.

All the mecha pilots here had high rankings, and each had their own judgment of the situation. There was more than one mecha pilot like Hu Luobu, who attacked while moving. Due to this, the artillery fire hadn’t ceased since it was ignited by qpdik01.

Just when it seemed like it might stop, another round of gunfire would reignite it.

Hu Luobu noticed something and exclaimed, “Damn, qpdik01 is doing it on purpose. He’s provoking a dispute! Don’t let him use us as pawns.”

Chi Lizi used the Grappling Hook to halt at a certain spot, locking onto a distant mecha. “Someone’s watching.”

In the distance, the various KID mechas weren’t in the same area, but they were all watching the show happening on the intense battlefield.

The other members of KID didn’t intend to support You Su’s tactics. The basic principle of a solo mecha pilot was to treat everyone except themselves as an enemy. Support wasn’t necessary; the goal was to quickly enter the battlefield without revealing their own mechas.

“This is getting really intense!”

“How many mechas are even involved in this fight? There are at least 15 mechas hiding there.”

“That area is every Artillery mecha’s favorite hiding spot. It’s easy to find targets!”

At that moment, Lin Yao suddenly shifted rapidly to a new position, dodging a sniper shot that had been aimed at him. Then, he voiced a question, “There’s an Artillery mecha targeting me. It’s strange; I just passed by that area, and no one was there.”

Flight comes with the sound of thrusters. Lin Yao’s hearing was excellent, and he was certain that no one had passed by while he was over in that direction.

“A long-range Stealth mecha?! Hold on, could Chi Lizi be here too?” Ji Qingfeng was taken aback.

Huo Yan nodded, “I think I saw his ID just now, but he changed his nickname quickly. I’m not sure if I mistook him for someone else.”

Ji Qingfeng said, “Who else could it be? Who else plays as a long-range Stealth sniper and streams every day, he’s the only one!”

Lu Xi added, “And Hu Luobu, he’s here too.”

You Su asked, “A long-range Stealth mech?”

Ji Qingfeng had some knowledge about Artillery mechas, “Chi Lizi, the Stealth mecha pilot of Black Crow, usually carries a Sniper Cannon and a Grappling Hook.”

Dealing with the combination of the Third Star Domain’s Artillery and Control was already tough, and now a few professional mecha pilots were mixed in as well, and they were all long-range mechas. This was like rubbing salt in the wound for KID, whose long-range offensive capabilities were weak. When it came to long-range confrontation, they definitely couldn’t compete. They could only engage in close combat, but getting close to these experienced combat mecha pilots was likely a challenging task.

Lin Yao courteously inquired, “Should we catch all of them?”

Ji Qingfeng sighed, “Chi Lizi must have brought his Control mecha teammate along, and Hu Luobu might have a teammate too. Trying to capture them isn’t as easy as how an eagle catches chickens.”

Lu Xi corrected, “Catching chickens like an eagle is actually quite difficult…”

Huo Yan stood next to a mechanical chimney tower in an Abandoned Bio-Factory. He used the angles of light and shadow to conceal his mecha and looked up at their current distribution. After Ying Chenlin suggested using a solo approach, they all scattered.

The commotion provided the greatest cover; amidst the sound of artillery from all around, the sound of mecha thrusters during movement became minimal. Among all of KID’s mechas, only You Su and Lu Xi were currently equipped with long-range weapons. You Su lacked control weaponry, while Lu Xi didn’t have core-offensive weapons. In this scenario where they only have a single Artillery as their core, the targeted area-based support plan initially suggested by Jiang Simiao wasn’t quite suitable; it could easily be traced back to them.

Especially in this kind of setting, with three close combat mechas among KID’s ranks, except for Ji Qingfeng’s Stealth mecha that holds an inherent advantage, Huo Yan and Lin Yao were the easiest targets for gunfire to lock onto.

Huo Yan roughly understood Ying Chenlin’s idea. Providing no support for teammates was viable if the teammates had the ability to extricate themselves from danger on their own, which happened to be the case with You Su.

Huo Yan said, “If Hu Luobu and Chi Lizi are here, they’ll probably be vigilant against Ace from the Third Star Domain and won’t show themselves easily.”

Ying Chenlin responded, “Ace is an Artillery mecha, and Hu Luobu is also an Artillery. According to your analysis, Chi Lizi is also half a long-range Artillery mecha. As long as we stay out of their firing range, the likelihood of being eliminated prematurely is low.”

“Team matches in the virtual battlefield’s matchmaking system are based on mecha roles. In a single match, there would only be around ten Artillery mechas. Adding Control mechas, there would be at least twenty long-range mechas. Our goal is to lock onto the long-range mechas, and at this stage, the three of them are unlikely to leave this area.”

This is a virtual battlefield, not actual combat. In actual combat, strategies like retreating for the sake of the team’s victory are possible.

However, in ordinary virtual battles, many professional mecha pilots aim to train, so they generally wouldn’t retreat in such a situation—especially considering the three people they’re concerned about belong to teams with high professional rankings, which adds to their confidence in their own abilities.

You Su chuckled, “What, are we going to take down all the Artillery mechas in one go?”

“But we can’t do it openly; if they catch onto our intentions, they won’t stick around this location.”

Ying Chenlin opened the records list and said, “Then let’s keep it simple and fatten them up first.”

“Fatten them up?” This concept had never been heard of in team battles.

Lin Yao scratched his head, “What do you mean by ‘fatten them up’?”

Ji Qingfeng looked utterly bewildered, “I’ve heard of fattening up pigs for slaughter, but fattening up and slaughtering mechas?”

Lu Xi pondered for a moment and asked, “Do you mean providing them targets? On a battlefield, isn’t it harder to kill fattened targets?”

The virtual battlefield doesn’t work like a game where killing more opponents grants more buffs. It’s more about the state of the mecha pilots, especially experienced ones in major competitions. Once they get into their groove, the difficulty of eliminating them only increases.

Ying Chenlin agreed with a nod, “But they’re intelligent; we might have to stage a little act.”

“An act?” Huo Yan smiled, “This is simple; leave it to me.”

Ying Chenlin looked at Huo Yan with confusion.

Huo Yan explained simply, “Back when I was in the Frontier Army, I participated in some literature and arts joint performances.”

Ji Qingfeng was shocked as if hearing this for the first time, “Old Huo, you’ve had such cultured times? What did you perform?”

Huo Yan smiled, “It wasn’t too bad, I played the lead role in a stage play.”


Chi Lizi watched as the mecha that had evaded his sniper shot quickly disappeared from view. He commented, “That mecha fled. It seems they’re not planning to meddle here further.”

“Running away won’t lead to victory. Let’s ignore them,” Hu Luobu remained cautious of his surroundings. “Ace’s kill count is increasing. Looks like he’s also keeping an eye on this spot.”

[That mecha just now ran away so quickly! It’s rare for a mecha to escape Lizi’s hands.] [Luck, maybe? That person ran away and hasn’t returned.]

The news of Chi Lizi, Hu Luobu, and the Third Star Domain Artillery mecha pilot Ace colliding during the livestream quickly spread as the room’s popularity surged. Curious online viewers flooded in, greeted by images of the Abandoned Bio-Factory and the silent environment of the battle.

[Did Chi Lizi and Ace clash?] [And what about Hu Luobu! Betting the honor of being the Dawn Galaxy’s Third Artillery mecha pilot, he can’t lose to Ace!]

More and more people started paying attention to this match. Twenty minutes had passed since the match began, and with no changes in the map, the Abandoned Bio-Factory remained the place with the most hidden mechas. Everyone followed Chi Lizi’s perspective and noticed that Ace from the Third Star Domain was still lingering in the same location. In virtual battlefields, the survival-based victory criterion is to stay alive until the end. If multiple teams have mechas surviving until the end, the team with the better record takes precedence.

Ace’s goal was simple: he wanted to rack up a higher score in this area.

This made the spectators of the match a bit anxious because continuing like this would put them at a disadvantage. In a match with only so many mechas, the situation will only become tougher as it drags on.

[Why doesn’t Chi Lizi just go in and directly take Ace out?] [Ace uses the most basic mecha appearance every time he enters a match. Do you think he’s easy to find?] [A long-range Stealth mecha going up against a long-range Artillery mecha is already at a disadvantage. I feel like this round is hanging by a thread.]

The sound of gunfire gradually ceased. After mutually wearing each other down, the other mechas didn’t act recklessly; instead, they chose to avoid direct conflict.

However, the previous sequence of events had resulted in the elimination of several mechas, and the elimination notifications kept appearing.

[Seems like others have noticed too.] [After all that chaos and a bunch of people being eliminated, qpdik01 is still alive and kicking.] [qpdik01 is a troublemaker. Now that no one can find him, he probably ran away.]

As the smoke cleared, every mecha pilot’s gaze nervously fixated on the radar map, remaining vigilant of the others.

Chi Lizi quickly hooked onto a high point of the Abandoned Bio-Factory using his Grappling Hook, silently switching to take cover behind it by retracting the extended Grappling Hook. However, as soon as he initiated this movement, he noticed a Tank mecha exposed in plain sight.

The Contaminated Zone map of the Abandoned Bio-Factory was inherently small, and the surrounding area included an adjacent industrial park for reference. Apart from the undulating structures within the factory, the rest of the surroundings consisted of broad open spaces.

Amidst this vigilant atmosphere, when the Tank mecha appeared, all mecha pilots who noticed its position hesitated for a moment, refraining from immediately targeting it.

Hu Luobu looked at the Tank mecha in his field of view as if the word “decoy” was written on it. “Are we really going to fall for such an obvious decoy?”

[Is this Tank part of a high-level scheme?] [They just got played by qpdik01 recently, now everyone’s being cautious.] [Yeah, who’s foolish enough to shoot first.]

Seeing this, Huo Yan took a few steps towards a more conspicuous location. He believed he had exposed himself enough, but why wasn’t anyone shooting in his direction? He puzzledly asked, “Is my movement okay?”

“As expected from someone who has played the male lead in cultural performances, I think it’s fine,” Ji Qingfeng remarked upon seeing the situation, “but it seems they aren’t taking the bait.”

“Ah? They’re not falling for it? Can we still use our ‘fattening up’ strategy?” Lin Yao wondered.

Ying Chenlin noticed the caution among the surrounding mecha pilots and said, “No worries, we just need to add a bit more fuel to the fire.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xi hesitated for a moment, then in the next second, she saw You Su, who had been hiding in the shadows in her field of view, launch a shot toward Huo Yan who was running below.

Huo Yan, with years of combat experience, reacted swiftly when he noticed the attack. He rolled in a rather ungraceful manner and left a black trail on the ground with his thrusters!

Ji Qingfeng, with a puzzled expression, looked at the crater created by You Su next to Huo Yan, “Brother, how much energy did you just use?”

Lu Xi replied, “I’d estimate around 40%.”

You Su added, “I thought we were supposed to add fuel to the fire? If we’re acting, let’s make it a bit more convincing.”

Lu Xi asked in confusion, “Do I also have to attack Huo Ge?”

Ying Chenlin explained, “Just use an incendiary shell; don’t actually restrain him.”

Seeing You Su and Lu Xi in action, Lin Yao became eager, “Should we join in too?”

Ji Qingfeng retorted, “…Join my foot! You want to join in and act like the ‘Three Little Swans’ with Huo Ge?”

The sudden eruption of gunfire shattered the previous silence. Huo Yan was ‘genuinely’ forced into evasive movements by You Su’s Sniper Cannon. In a crucial moment, he even executed an extreme flip using his shield, spinning around like a graceful dancing swan. This drew the attention of other mecha pilots who were observing!

Following the appearance of a Sniper Cannon from one direction, a Control mecha’s incendiary shell emerged from another direction.

Chi Lizi first performed a wide-range search around the Tank mecha for areas that could be hiding support, furrowing his brows, “There are no mechas around him… He seems to be alone.”

Other cautious mecha pilots made their assessments, and the Tank mecha below appeared to realize that its positioning was exposed. It swiftly maneuvered itself as if preparing to retreat. Seeing this, the mecha pilots lurking in the vicinity immediately realized the issue: this was a lone Tank mecha, and it was about to run!

[This operation is 666 ah!] [Looks like the Tank messed up its positioning. The Sniper Cannon just narrowly missed hitting it.]]

Almost all the Artillery mecha pilots who noticed him raised their gun-based weapons. Chi Lizi’s reaction speed was incredibly fast. He immediately completed the charging and aiming process. The instant his Sniper Cannon fired, the Tank mecha below seemed to have predicted it and activated its protective shield.

Boom! Every sniper shot hit the shield. The Tank mecha’s shield even emitted a friendly shimmer as it quickly retreated.

Chi Lizi: “???”

Seeing the flickering shield, a bad premonition suddenly surged in Hu Luobu’s heart. “Wait, Chi Lizi!”

In the next second, a sniper shot from the opposing side whizzed past and hit Chi Lizi’s left side. He awkwardly used the Grappling Hook to escape. “Damn it! The Tank’s just acting!”

In the distance, Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao were watching from a safe location.

Ji Qingfeng: “Looks like they’re getting into a fight!”

Lin Yao: “Huo Ge truly lives up to his dance background. His little swan dance is impressive.”

Ji Qingfeng: “Wasn’t he in stage plays?”

Lin Yao: “Huh? Weren’t you talking about the little swan?”

The battle that had previously calmed down erupted once again. An Artillery’s shot from afar swiftly pounded the mechas that had locked onto the Tank mecha. Hu Luobu quickly switched his target to support Chi Lizi. After hitting one of the mechas, he swiftly retreated while running, saying, “The Artillery’s shots are coming from another direction, probably Ace. He’s using the Tank mecha to lock onto the positions of other mechas. That Tank mecha is likely a random teammate of Ace!”

Chi Lizi immediately changed his position. “Don’t attack that Tank mecha. Lock onto the others. I’ll assist you and boost our record.”

After the appearance of the Tank mecha, the previously stabilized battlefield was ignited once again.

The battle was extremely fast-paced. Many mechas were consecutively eliminated due to being locked down in their positions. About five minutes passed, and less than half an hour from the start of the match, only 20 participants remained on the virtual battlefield.

Ace, an Artillery mecha pilot, hiding behind a certain building, frowned. He kept an eye on the Tank mecha below. It was positioned at a tricky angle, making it impossible for him to directly hit it from his position. “There should still be another team on the opposite side working with the Tank.”

Their opponents were skilled. They had already eliminated his three random teammates over on this side. The number of remaining mechas in the area was dwindling.

Ace had a strange feeling. Despite seemingly dictating the pace, he felt like he was being led around. He had surveyed the area, and there were hardly any organized teams around. At most, two or three individuals formed a group. The most significant threat should be the combination of a long-range Stealth mecha with an Artillery. However, they had already taken out the Control mecha that was also part of that combination.

Lina spoke up, “Ace, no one is firing anymore.”

Ace realized it wasn’t that no one was firing; it was that the number of long-range mechas in the area recklessly locking onto the decoy Tank had decreased.

As the gunfire gradually subsided, Hu Luobu, who had been swept into the chaotic brawl earlier and had been focused on clearing the surrounding mechas, suddenly came to a realization during a brief moment of respite. “Wait, have all the members of the initially suspected five-person team been eliminated?”

Chi Lizi paused and quickly switched to the battle records list for the virtual battlefield. At the end of the list, he saw a few mechas with an elimination count of zero. “They’re still here.”

Hu Luobu was taken aback, they’re all still here?

An uneasy feeling crept over him, “Chi Lizi, something’s off. The number of long-range mechas on our side has decreased. Compared to just a while back, the frequency of gunfire has dropped.”

[??? What do you mean? None of these guys were eliminated in that chaotic battle?] [But we clearly eliminated a bunch of mechas just now!]

Are they not here? Running away won’t do them any good; they’ll still lose without any records.] [Do you all remember qpdik01? Is there a chance he hasn’t run away?]

At this moment, a certain Artillery mecha that had been moving along with the sound of gunfire came to a halt behind a building to the side. In its field of view, a mecha was aiming its cannon, locking onto their position.

Ying Chenlin watched the mecha in his field of view and commanded, “Take action.”

Almost as soon as he finished speaking, You Su’s Artillery mech, charged to 60%, fired its shot with a resounding boom!

Hu Luobu was about to say something when his field of view suddenly turned black and white!

Chi Lizi noticed his teammate getting hit and swiftly used his Grappling Hook to retreat, “Hu Luobu!”

[Your teammate luobo145 has been eliminated!] [Player qpdik01 has eliminated player luobo145.] [???] [What the heck! Hu Luobu got sniped with just one shot?] [How’s that possible? His mecha’s damage level wasn’t even close to the limit; he should’ve been able to withstand at least two shots!] [A single shot with the power of two shots?? How much energy did qpdik01 unleash?]

Within the team, Lin Yao remarked, “Hey? Did You Ge get the wrong person? Why did you eliminate Luobo?”

As You Su withdrew, Ying Chenlin closely monitored the changing situation in his field of view. He quickly checked the virtual battlefield records and advised, “We fattened up quite a few just now; let’s go catch them in one fell swoop.”


Huo Ge the Little Swan is the real MVP here! Well our power couple too for being the brains and muscle behind the plan. Doesn’t Hu Luobu feel a psychological shadow from this play? I mean who else would pull such a wild chaotic tactic apart from a bunch of kids high on sugar or adrenaline?!

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