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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 42

Fiarge Contaminated Zone

42. Rhythm

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Hu Luobu’s sudden elimination caught everyone off guard, including Hu Luobu himself. Before being eliminated, he had already noticed the position of another mecha. However, he never expected yet another mecha was silently lurking in the shadows. Just as he aimed at someone else through his scope, he was struck down with a single shot.

And that shot was fired from an Artillery mecha’s 60% charged Sniper Cannon.

In the arena, the more energy an Artillery mecha’s Sniper Cannon uses, the greater the energy consumption. Especially in the later stages of a match, where providing support to teammates is crucial, every Artillery mecha pilot must master the energy consumption of each shot. When using 60% energy for a shot, if it doesn’t hit the target, it means wasting energy equivalent to two shots. Normal Artillery mecha pilots wouldn’t take such a risk.

Yet this individual not only took the risk but also successfully eliminated Hu Luobu as if they were certain the shot would hit.

Many people gathered to watch Chi Lizi’s livestream, including some from the mecha bases out to collect information. Seeing this, they relayed the information back to their respective bases, prompting many professional mecha pilots to rush to the livestream.

Ke Lin from YDS observed the situation and immediately went to the training room, instructing someone to access Hu Luobu’s perspective.

Hu Luobu had already been eliminated, so he could only spectate through Chi Lizi’s view. “This Artillery is quite fearsome. I didn’t notice his presence at all.”

This wasn’t a Stealth mecha; any movement by an Artillery mecha would leave traces due to its thrusters. Either it would expose itself on the radar or its audible cues would be detected. However, this Artillery mecha hadn’t made an appearance throughout the chaotic battle, as if its every move was calculated perfectly.

Upon understanding the situation, Ke Lin frowned and said, “You’ve fallen into a trap. When you entered the chaotic battle, you had already fallen into their rhythm. Chi Lizi’s initial speculation was correct. This person is indeed part of a five-person team. He can move so smoothly right under your nose. I’m afraid all of his teammates are his eyes.”

The Team Battle Mecha League was about to begin, and every mecha pilot was on the research lists of various mecha bases. Outstanding Artillery mecha pilots naturally wouldn’t be overlooked. YDS’ base had already held meetings to study excellent Artillery mecha pilots from the Dawn Galaxy. However, they had never encountered this Artillery mecha’s style before, along with such teamwork.

Using the entire team as eyes for an Artillery mecha was a combat approach centered around the Artillery mecha, but this team was peculiar. They didn’t protect their core mecha, which had the center role in such a strategy. All their actions bore an eerie lack of coordination.

Moreover, he who’s been competing in the Dawn Galaxy Mecha League for two years had never encountered a team with this style of combat. It’s highly likely that they’re from another galaxy.

“Is Chi Lizi livestreaming?” Ke Lin asked.

Hu Luobu replied, “Yeah, I ran into him while solo queuing, a full team.”

Ke Lin responded, “It’s not just me who’s noticed. This Artillery mecha has strong individual skills, and might even surpass Ace.”

Across StarNet, everyone’s attention was fixed on Chi Lizi’s perspective. A regular virtual battlefield match suddenly became the center of everyone’s attention.

[Darn, this kind of Artillery mecha gives me goosebumps!] [It’s trouble, Hu Luobu got taken down. Could this person be a bigshot from another galaxy using a smurf account!?”

[An S-Grade rating. That must be the game’s AI detecting a professional mecha pilot.]

Hu Luobu couldn’t speak after dying. He couldn’t use the backstage IP like his teammates to chat while observing. He immediately rushed to Chi Lizi’s livestream.

[YDS-luobo: You punk, hang in there, don’t get knocked out!]

The pressure on Chi Lizi intensified after Hu Luobu’s death. Whoever could eliminate Hu Luobu in an instant was definitely above his level. Moreover, the opponent might be from another galaxy’s team. “I’m certain this guy started solo. There was absolutely no one around him for support. This team doesn’t have coordination; they’re just messing around—”

Before he could finish speaking, a kill notification suddenly came from a corner they couldn’t see.

[Player qpdik03 has eliminated player lina123]

[03??? Is that player 01’s teammate?] [Damn, they got Ace’s Control teammate!] [Wait, if 01 is using an Artillery mech, what’s 03??? A Stealth mecha? Guardian??]

Upon seeing this, Chi Lizi suddenly felt as if an unknown predator was watching him in a real Contaminated Zone battlefield. “… They are coordinating.”

“Lina?” Ace looked towards his teammate’s position in surprise, but she couldn’t respond anymore. He quickly located Lina’s position before she got eliminated and noticed a certain mecha. “Damn, when did it appear there?”

He was certain that a close-range attack on Lina was impossible. Control mechas were the least afraid of close combat, and Lina carried two control weapons on her. She could always escape when approached… She must’ve been eliminated by a long-range mecha.

If 01, the Artillery mecha, didn’t escape, then 03 could only be a Control mecha.

A Control mecha that could solo kill opponents…?

Behind a building, the female mecha pilot, Lu Xi, operated her mecha to stay stationary. She hadn’t wasted a single shot in the three rounds she fired. Two shots with her Water Flow Projectiles immobilized the enemy mech, she then used a shot that left a continuous burn to gradually eliminate lina123.

In her field of view, her radar screen was incredibly clear, yet she hadn’t left this area from start to finish.

During the times she previously coordinated with You Su, she was always aware of her struggle. You Su’s combat sense was vastly different from her previous partner, Xu Yaojun’s. Xu Yaojun was too slow, while You Su was too fast, and she wasn’t referring to their physical speed. For instance, other Artillery mecha pilots would pause to make judgements when raising their scopes to lock on and fire, but You Su didn’t. He hit the target almost as soon as he aimed.

This wasn’t something that could be resolved through teamwork or coordination. A gap in thought processes was a formidable obstacle.

Originally, Control mechas were meant to assist teammates in achieving their kills. If she couldn’t keep up with You Su’s thinking, she would become detached from him and the rest of the team, rendering her support ineffective. She had no problems with any other members of KID, but she couldn’t keep up with You Su. For the first time, she felt challenged. Later, their coach, Jiang Simiao, found a way to slow down You Su’s pace, allowing them to cooperate with each other. However, she found herself uncomfortable with this approach.

You Su’s gunplay should have been relentless, rather than weakened due to their team’s adjustments.

However, today, for the first time, she found a rhythm that could keep up with You Su.

She didn’t need to protect her teammates. Her field of vision suddenly expanded, and she didn’t have to be constantly ready to use Water Flow Projectiles to support her teammates or attack and evade. This gave her ample time to observe the area. She only needed to protect herself and serve as an alternative pair of eyes for her teammates.

Having a habit of assisting her teammates for a long time, her attention to certain parts of the environment was exceptionally clear. While her teammates always focused on their enemies, she kept an eye on both her teammates and the surroundings.

So, when there was a change in the environment around You Su, she was like a sparrow perched at the back, observing what was happening outside of the main scene. She noticed the Control mecha, lina123, which had always been providing cover and assistance.

A maneuvering Control mecha was susceptible to stray bullets, so this mecha pilot should be fairly strong to have survived the recent barrage. Seeing that the mecha evaded and waited as if having received orders, she didn’t want to let this opportunity slip. Since this mecha was in You Su’s path, she decided to open fire.

After eliminating lina123, Lu Xi quickly found herself in the crosshairs of a Sniper Cannon. She evaded the attack in a fluster. “Sorry, I exposed myself.”

However, You Su spoke up, “No, you did well.”

He looked at a certain corner of his field of view. Lu Xi had found a breakthrough point for them.

At that moment, You Su, who had been in flight, smoothly transitioned to aiming while flying. He swiftly located the position of an Artillery mecha, using precision aim and firing!

The Sniper Cannon bullet shot out and hit the Artillery mecha.

Chi Lizi witnessed this spectacle from his position. The flying Artillery mecha fired while moving at high speed and scored a hit. “This person’s strength… is terrifying!”

[Honestly… I’ve only seen this kind of playstyle from the solo combatants next door.] [He dared to aim while flying at high speeds in a team battle, the enemy’s teammates would turn him into swiss cheese!!] [But he actually did it! His teammate, 03, even took down the enemy’s teammate!] [F*ck! Lizi, you can’t be eliminated. Keep a close watch on them for me!]

In an instant, Chi Lizi received concern from netizens and fellow mecha pilots from the Dawn Galaxy. “F*ck, am I a camera? Can I keep up with him?! He’s someone who dares to aim while flying at high speeds!”

[What’s wrong with being a camera?!] [YDS-luobo: Why do you feel wronged being a camera? How about you lie down with me.] [Gale-zhao: Lizi, stay strong, I’ve come over with Gale to watch! My leader says your skills can definitely hold up.] [Qi Sicheng said you can handle it. If you can’t, you’d embarrass Black Crow (dog emoji).] [Aiya, don’t worry, guys. Lizi is a Stealth mech after all, hiding shouldn’t be a problem!]

Chi Lizi: “???”

On the other side, the Artillery mecha that was hit by You Su had quickly retreated. KID’s mechas returned to their designated positions. Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao were positioned on the outskirts, just at the entrance. Ji Qingfeng remarked, “There are more mechas getting eliminated, and some of the outer mechas are coming this way.”

Lin Yao got interested, “Is it our turn? Don’t worry, we’ll definitely play good goalkeepers.”

You Su glanced at the Control mecha that had been following him at a certain distance and said to Lu Xi, “You did well. We probably need another shot. Keep an eye on it for me.”

Lu Xi moved to a safer position and immediately responded, “Got it.”

Ying Chenlin noticed the mecha disappearing from You Su’s field of view and suggested, “Change your position, circle around to the area with the mechanical chimneys.”

You Su was about to fly in the opposite direction and asked in response, “Why?”

“I’m familiar with this map. It’s about 80% similar to the Abandoned Bio-Factory in the singles-combat zone. While you were evading, I studied the map.” Ying Chenlin had an intuition. The instinct he developed during battles as a solo pilot seemed to be triggered while coordinating KID’s actions with You Su from the same perspective. “If you trust my words, go there.”

You Su questioned, “Are you so sure?”

Ying Chenlin answered, “I’m guessing.”

For some reason, You Su sensed something peculiar in Ying Chenlin’s calm tone.

It wasn’t the confident and composed tone he usually heard, but rather a different kind – one of confident decisiveness.

Ying Chenlin continued, “I’m guessing, but he will definitely go there.”


Aren’t they basically cheating by having Chenlin direct them like this? Or maybe it’s allowed in this game setting. I guess we will find out later in official battles.

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