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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 47

Fiarge Contaminated Zone

47. Unusual

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

Seeing FDTX’s Control mecha hit by Ji Qingfeng’s attack, the audience in the livestream was left stunned.

This was in the middle of a forest, yet KID’s mecha pilot had such an incredible hit rate!

【What’s this…? Can the binding be that precise?】

【This weapon!? Isn’t it a bit overpowered!?】

FDTX’s Control mecha pilot, who had always been in control, had never experienced such a situation. He was used to controlling others, and this was his first time being toyed with by a Stealth mecha. That Binding Lock in the opponent’s hand seemed like a noose—whipping and looping—it was faster than when playing with matryoshka dolls.

FDTX’s commander wanted to provide support, but their team of three was pinned down by KID’s Tank and Guardian. There were also signs of activity from distant Control and Artillery mechas. They couldn’t move away at all. “Hang on a bit longer, we’ll take care of the one here and then come help you!”

FDTX’s Control mecha struggled to break free after being bound, but found it impossible to shake off that Binding Lock. By the time he managed to shake it off, Ji Qingfeng’s Binding Lock immediately came back for a second round, subjecting him to a double bind.

At this moment, FDTX’s Stealth mecha coming over to assist arrived, turning the battlefield into a 1v2 situation once again.

Ji Qingfeng: “Why are you still struggling?”

FDTX’s Control mecha pilot: “…”

Mind your own business!

Ji Qingfeng flicked his hand and bound the Control mecha again. “I’m different; I don’t shake people off.”

The weapon’s accuracy was astonishing. Besides Ji Qingfeng’s skill, the only possible reason could lie in the weapon’s core.

The commentator suddenly noticed something, “Wait, KID’s Stealth mecha used the Binding Lock without attaching… Can it delay control? Could it be a continuous control effect? But continuous control effects are mostly associated with cannon-type weapons, right?”

Like the Thunder-Magnetic Cannon, which could paralyze a mecha that got hit for a few seconds.

The commonly used weapon core for Binding Locks was typically an animal-type anomalous crystal, the stronger its strangulation ability, the more attention it received. According to the existing information, the weapon core for KID’s Stealth mecha’s Binding Lock was a type of A-Grade snake-like mutated anomalous crystal, possessing binding and killing abilities, along with a brief paralyzing effect upon attachment. However, it needed attachment—binding the mecha to control it.

However, now, KID’s Stealth mecha’s Binding Lock could control a mecha even without attaching to it.

Ke Lin noticed the issue, “Ji Qingfeng isn’t using the Binding Lock; the core is in the short scythe!”

Hu Luobu paused, “If the core is in the short scythe, then the attachment’s status effect is on the weapon’s scythe.”

In other words, this thing wasn’t really a Binding Lock anymore. It was applying control on the enemy with the short scythe on the weapon. Short-range weapons indeed also had mutated anomalous crystals with abnormal status effects, applying control through engagement. mecha pilots involved in the engagement could only avoid abnormal status effects by overlaying energy.

However, KID’s short scythe was a chain-like weapon. All the directions it attacked from were parts of the mecha that were difficult to notice. At the moment of binding, it was hard for the mecha pilot to determine which part the short scythe had struck.

“The venomous snake’s fang… The weapon core should apply a paralyzing venom. But normally, snake-type anomalous crystals with venomous fangs wouldn’t have such an effect. Ji Qingfeng’s hit rate is too high. Also, did you notice? The Control mecha that he bound is finding it hard to break free from his Binding Lock.” Ke Lin quickly assessed the capabilities of Ji Qingfeng’s weapon. “It’s as if the chain isn’t just binding; it’s wrapping around them.”

Hu Luobu paused, “Isn’t binding and wrapping similar in nature?”

Ke Lin: “There’s a significant difference. Shaking off a Binding Lock requires the mecha to fly in circles in the opposite direction to break the control effect. However, Ji Qingfeng can switch quickly after binding a target, meaning he hasn’t completely bound the opponent. But breaking free is harder for the opponent than before.”

Not tightly bound, yet difficult for the opponent to break free from.

Its hit rate has become extremely high, just brushing past it is enough to control someone.

Hu Luobu asked, “Is there an anomalous crystal with this kind of effect?”

“Yes,” Ke Lin said, “You’ve forgotten. During their time on Tianyu Star, KID killed a large number of A-Level Venomous Spiders. What were the characteristics of those spiders?”

Hu Luobu recalled, “Silk and venom.”

Ke Lin’s gaze darkened slightly. “The weapon isn’t using venomous snake fangs and binding as its two characteristics; it’s using spider venom and adhesive.”

However, KID hadn’t created a more accurate web-like weapon. Instead, they designed this special Binding Lock Scythe that could switch targets at any time, as if the weapon’s designer knew something, aligning it perfectly with Ji Qingfeng’s operational habits.

Hu Luobu commented, “KID’s design for this weapon is pretty impressive. What about their previous collaboration?”

“Many Stealth mechas within the Alliance use chain-type weapons, but few are like Ji Qingfeng.” Ke Lin’s gaze remained fixed on the virtual scene. “Don’t forget, Ji Qingfeng is left-handed.”

Hu Luobu paused at his words.

Ke Lin continued, “That weapon in his hand was custom-made.”

Outside the field, Shen Xingtang wasn’t surprised by this scene. When Ying Chenlin crafted this weapon, she had already anticipated that it would be a formidable enhancement for KID’s front line. Ying Chenlin had tested it extensively with a large number of Venomous Spider anomalous crystals. While she suggested creating a web-like weapon, he firmly decided on Ji Qingfeng’s Binding Lock Scythe, leading to the current result with rapid switching for dual control.

A Binding Lock Scythe, the locking part possesses the characteristics of spider silk, enabling quick entwining of the opponent. The short scythe is where the weapon’s core lies, embodying all the venom of the Venomous Spiders.

A-grade dual-characteristic anomalous crystals are hard to come by. Finding this anomalous crystal was due to the large number of spiders KID burned on Tianyu Star. In the pile of anomalous crystals, he found this unique A-Grade anomalous crystal. Due to its dual characteristics, the effects imposed by this weapon only last for a short three to four seconds, falling short of other long-lasting control weapons. However, it benefits from being a weapon effective in both close and mid-range combat.

The Binding Lock Scythe is essentially a single-target control weapon. Thanks to Ji Qingfeng’s extraordinarily high hit rate, achieving dual control is possible within a specific timeframe by achieving two hits. Once the opponent is controlled, he can switch to controlling the next target at any time. The maximum effect of continuous control can only be on two targets.

However, the front line of a team mecha didn’t exceed three in group battles. Achieving dual control essentially accomplished crowd control, and this control could be flexibly adjusted.

She glanced slightly to the side, viewing Ying Chenlin standing at the control station through the virtual image. His expression hadn’t changed, as if he had anticipated this situation.

【The match hasn’t been halted; there’s no issue with the weapon.】

【Is KID’s new weapon really this frightening? Damn, I’ve never seen a Binding Lock so agile in a forest before.】

Some of the spectators looked over at KID’s resting area. There sat the team owner, coach, and a virtual banner that read:

“[Mecha Arena, Fueling Every Dream – Jianheng Tech]”

【Jianheng Tech? Is that the one I know?】

【??? Jianheng Tech sponsored KID? How come there’s no news from their official account?】

In the rest area, DE’s boss furrowed his brow tightly. Seeing Shen Xingtang not reacting, he asked, “When did KID acquire these weapons? Didn’t you say their weapon cores hadn’t been changed?”

“I’m not sure about this… but the weapon designer who frequently collaborates with KID mentioned that they’re no longer working together.” Someone nearby added, “Could it be Jianheng Corporation? Didn’t they move into the same building as KID’s base? I’ve heard they’re also sponsoring them.”

DE’s boss was puzzled. Jianheng was in the mecha business, but it leaned more towards parts performance. The weapons industry was not their primary focus.

In the audience seats, the CEO of Jianheng Tech, who had received tickets from Shen Xingtang, was sitting with his secretary. Their eyes fell on the banner. “Did you come up with this slogan?”

“Sir, didn’t you say not to interfere with KID’s affairs?” The secretary pondered for a moment. Since most mecha bases were averse to sponsors meddling in the Mecha League, their CEO had specifically instructed them not to make too many demands from KID. Therefore, the colleague responsible for handling this matter basically hadn’t done anything other than provide financial support. “This banner was written by Ms. Shen. She even asked if we were satisfied. The font could be made larger; they have enough advertising space.”

The CEO of Jianheng Tech didn’t know how to respond. “It’s quite good. It’s a size bigger than the sponsors of other bases.”

The camera swept across, showing their Jianheng Tech logo everywhere.

Inside the arena, the match was still ongoing.

KID’s Stealth mecha continued to move swiftly. The paralyzing effect of his Binding Lock Scythe had taken effect the moment it touched FDTX’s Stealth mecha. However, all the Energy Blade attacks were aimed at the Control mecha.

FDTX’s Stealth mecha was designed for pure close combat. He was armed with a highly explosive Energy Blade and Poison Stingers. Yet, at this moment, he was being toyed with from a distance by Ji Qingfeng’s Binding Lock Scythe, making it impossible for him to launch a close-range attack.

He had to report, “Captain, we can’t break free here—he’s holding both of us back by himself!”

FDTX’s commander was at a loss. The current situation didn’t favor a head-on clash with KID. As he was thinking of leading the team to retreat, the sound of artillery suddenly erupted from behind him. He was taken aback, “What’s going on!?”

“Gunfire! KID’s Artillery is flanking us!”

However, KID’s Artillery was soaring upwards at this moment. The scattered energy shots instantly exploded in the surroundings, forcing the enemy’s Tank to lunge forward. At this moment, Lu Xi decisively fired a Water Flow Cannon shot from another direction, pinning the mecha in front of You Su.

The flying mecha fired two shots in succession, hitting the front line!

FDTX’s commander exclaimed, “When did they flank us!?”

He had only noticed KID’s Control mecha, Lu Xi, firing from the front, assuming that KID’s Artillery mecha was also there.

You Su didn’t waste this opportunity. He kept the Energy Cannon charged and unleashed a blast towards FDTX. With their Stealth and Control mechas under Ji Qingfeng’s constraint, positioned a kilometer away in a nearby forest, they couldn’t provide swift support. Without any interference, You Su’s field of vision was incredibly wide.

“Evade.” You Su instructed.

Huo Yan and Lin Yao in the front promptly retreated. The next second, artillery shots coming their way hit FDTX’s Tank mecha. Noticing they hadn’t pierced through, You Su furrowed his brows slightly, completed the charging, and fired another shot.

Huo Yan remarked, “Their shield is very thick, probably a resilience-type anomalous ability.”

FDTX’s commander, who piloted the Tank mecha, was struggling to endure the damage. As the successive artillery shells bombarded him, he couldn’t even remove his shield. “Does Trace’s charging speed really have to be this fast!?”

In the official livestream room, the commentators were drawn to another intense scene, “KID is taking action as well. They are engaging FDTX head-on!”

【What’s this? Why are they fighting on two fronts?】

【The distance between them is too far, isn’t it???】

【This Artillery… he’s firing without even aiming down the lens.】

The livestream room was having a hard time keeping up. Other conflict zones were nowhere near as lively as the one between KID and FDTX. It began with KID’s Stealth mecha pilot, Ji Qingfeng, holding off two opponents in the forest with his binding tactics. Then, KID’s two mechas directly clashed with FDTX’s three mechas, allowing their Artillery mecha to seize the opportunity to flank.

The situation suddenly took a turn for the worse. FDTX’s Tank, Guardian, and Artillery mechas found themselves surrounded by the four members of KID. A 3-vs-4 scenario was definitely unfavorable.

Everyone’s attention was fixed on KID’s Artillery mecha pilot, Trace. He smoothly fired shot after shot, swiftly dealing substantial damage in an environment where no one could intervene. The FDTX’s Tank mecha was repeatedly pushed back a considerable distance, and the two hiding behind the Tank’s protection dared not expose themselves to capture Trace.

FDTX’s Commander: “Can we lock onto the location of the Artillery mecha? He’s positioned too well for output!”

“Captain, we can’t lock on.” FDTX’s Guardian replied, “Their Control mecha is also there.”

The presence of Lu Xi’s Control mecha itself posed a threat to FDTX. Anyone who left the protection of the shield to capture Trace would be caught by Lu Xi, and without FDTX’s Control and Artillery mechas, they were in a passive situation.

Seeing this, FDTX’s commander was briefly stunned. They had initially advanced in a formation focused on teamwork, with the positions of each mecha properly arranged. But now, everything had descended into chaos. Their rhythm had been pulled into KID’s pace from the moment they tried to capture KID’s isolated Stealth mecha.

From the start, KID’s Artillery and Control mechas weren’t leaving the team to confront FDTX head-on. Instead, during the eruption of combat, they were cutting off their escape routes from behind. The disorganized positioning of the enemy was intentional—using Ji Qingfeng’s isolated situation to mislead them into scattering their mechas.

Hu Luobu observed, “FDTX is in trouble; they’re outnumbered.”

“It’s more than just being outnumbered; the battlefield has been divided.” Ke Lin frowned. KID used Ji Qingfeng alone to throw FDTX’s initial formation into chaos. Now, the rhythm was entirely within KID’s control. “But it’s not over yet. Don’t forget, there’s a third team on-site—DE has arrived.”

In the Fiarge Contaminated Zone, there were a total of eight teams. Within this forested area, three teams were present within a radius of ten kilometers.

KID and FDTX engaged in combat, while a certain team gradually closed the distance, noticing the distant artillery fire. It was the DE team, also hailing from Sirius.

In DE’s communication channel, Xu Yaojun picked up on the sounds of the battle in the distance. “Go and see which team is ahead.”

Quickly, the Stealth mecha from DE returned, reporting, “Based on the mechas, it should be KID and FDTX.”

Hearing the name “KID”, Xu Yaojun’s expression darkened slightly. “Is it really just a coincidence? We’ll flank them. The Stealth mecha will scout ahead, and the Control mecha will follow me.”

Before the match, their team owner had ordered them to trample KID underfoot. Initially, they had thought survival was the main concern, worrying that KID might scrape by. But upon entering the scene, it turned out to be the fast-paced [72-Hour Score Rush].

Thinking of KID, Xu Yaojun still remembered the pain when his right hand was blasted off in the Banute Contaminated Zone. After that incident, his mecha was sent for repairs, and many at DE’s base spoke behind his back. His debut with the team was accompanied by skepticism from all sides.

Now, once again, KID stood before him, including their Artillery mecha.

Xu Yaojun wouldn’t be swayed by old loyalties. He was determined to make KID roll out of the Fiarge Contaminated Zone in disgrace!

As KID and FDTX clashed, the forest resounded with echoes of artillery fire and smoke. Xu Yaojun wouldn’t take excessive risks; instead, he prudently directed his teammates to disperse. He positioned himself with the Control mecha just behind the artillery fire, noticing the lurking KID Artillery mecha pilot, Trace, within the forest.

Within the cacophony of artillery fire, Xu Yaojun aimed to approach KID cautiously. Upon seeing that Trace had separated from the team and remained alone in the forest, he couldn’t help but appreciate the opportunity. It was indeed difficult for Trace to coordinate with KID, and he wasn’t closely following Lu Xi in the forest environment. He was practically offering himself on a platter.

Quietly and unnoticed, Xu Yaojun aimed his Sniper Cannon, locked onto Trace’s position within the forest, and rapidly powered up before firing a shot.

A beam of light streaked through the forest’s shadows!

In the preparation area, Ying Chenlin was keeping an eye on the mechas’ conditions within the Contaminated Zone. KID’s mecha consumption was within his estimate, when he suddenly noticed a fleeting dark figure in the field of view behind You Su.

Someone had arrived.

Ying Chenlin thought calmly.

The next second, Trace’s Energy Cannon unexpectedly shifted its position and fired a shot towards the shadows. It collided head-on with an incoming sniper shot, generating a blast of energy that instantly flattened the trees around it and stirred up countless pollutants.

FDTX’s commander noticed Trace being attacked and urgently shouted, “Retreat!”

In the livestream room, seeing this scene, the commentators immediately exclaimed, “DE’s Artillery pilot Xu Yaojun ambushed Trace! He dodged it, and a large-scale smoke storm is providing FDTX an opportunity! KID’s Yan and Yao are a bit far away; FDTX can escape.”

【Why did Xu Yaojun fire that shot ah?】

【He doesn’t want KID to earn points. It’s a points-grab system; the more opponents eliminated, the higher the score!】

【The smoke has completely obscured Trace’s vision; FDTX needs to run!】

Xu Yaojun cursed under his breath. The smoke had also shielded You Su. He hadn’t expected the opponent to use an Energy Cannon shot to collide with his Sniper Cannon, resulting in this cloud of smoke.

“Xu Ge?” 

Xu Yaojun replied, “It’s fine. KID won’t get any points from FDTX.”

At this moment, FDTX seized the opportunity, and their three mechas suddenly burst out of the encirclement.

Huo Yan reminded, “Lu Xi!”

Lu Xi moved swiftly, “You Ge, fire towards my direction!”

Outside the battle zone, Ji Qingfeng exclaimed in astonishment, “What’s happening on your side? Are you attacking your own people?”

Lu Xi, the female mecha pilot, fired her Water Flow Cannon. You Su was blown backward by the explosion, but he managed to fire a shot towards Lu Xi’s direction before the smoke enveloped him. With one shot from each of them, FDTX’s Artillery was left behind.

FDTX had no choice but to abandon their Artillery mecha; they turned and leaped out of KID’s encirclement.

The gusts of wind and smoke around You Su affected his visibility, but he didn’t stop firing. When Lu Xi spoke he had already aimed his Sniper Cannon at the positions of his teammates on the radar map. Without hesitation, he pressed the attack button. After the first shot, he immediately started charging for the next one.

The sniper shot penetrated through the forest’s trees, hitting FDTX’s Artillery mecha right in the center of the trajectory towards Lu Xi.

Two consecutive shots, 60% charged, 100% accuracy!

[KID-Trace has eliminated FDTX-jialiu]

At this critical moment, the first eliminated mecha in the Fiarge Contaminated Zone’s 72-hour Score Rush appeared.

【Oh my god! How did Trace discover it!?】

【He was in the smoke, and that Artillery mecha was so far away. How did he hit it so accurately!?】

Outside the arena, Jiang Simiao’s heart almost skipped a beat, “This is too reckless!”

Shen Xingtang, however, chuckled, “Remember, don’t give You Su any hints.”

“Hinting at him is like giving a direct command. He won’t hesitate.”

At YDS’ base, Hu Luobu noticed the issue, “Damn, didn’t Trace fire in Lu Xi’s direction just now? He’s attacking his own teammate!”

“Attacking a teammate, but his teammate was within his field of view.” Ke Lin stared intently at the live feed. “Too composed. Trace didn’t hesitate when firing.”

Ke Lin didn’t know how KID’s internal command was organized, but based on these few actions, he could only say that Trace acted without any hesitation, not considering other possibilities. In the span of a moment, he made a decision and fired two consecutive charged shots, like a precise fighting machine.

The atmosphere in the stadium and on StarNet was ignited by this first kill.

Meanwhile, the intense battle within the arena continued. FDTX’s commander decisively abandoned their Artillery mecha and chose to retreat. Huo Yan immediately ordered, “Xiao Xi, go help Da Feng retreat. FDTX is passing through; don’t engage.”

Lu Xi turned around and left. Huo Yan kept his eyes on You Su’s direction and suddenly looked behind him.

In a more distant part of the forest, Xu Yaojun’s first shot had failed, allowing KID to secure the first kill. He changed his position and re-locked onto Trace’s position. Moreover, with his teammates’ assistance and the distance, it was impossible for Trace to discover his location. In the current chaotic situation, he had to use this opportunity to eliminate Trace.

“Xu Ge?” 

Xu Yaojun’s Sniper Cannon began to charge. At the same time, he pressed a specific button.

At the front end of the Sniper Cannon, energy rapidly compressed, and a terrifying fluctuation gathered in front of Xu Yaojun’s Sniper Cannon. He sneered, seeing KID’s Trace was cautiously hiding behind a certain tree. Xu Yaojun decisively pressed the attack button.

In the preparation area, Ying Chenlin’s pupils contracted when he noticed the high-energy warning that briefly flashed on the detection data board. His gaze swiftly locked onto Trace’s position. Something was off about that energy.

The concentrated energy surged out with overwhelming force, sweeping up the surroundings and cutting deep furrows into the ground.

You Su raised his cannon and fired a shot in Xu Yaojun’s direction. However, Xu Yaojun’s firepower was too fast; his counterattack was devoured by the high-energy cannon. The resulting explosion was closer than You Su had predicted.

Oh no, he can’t dodge it!

Right at that moment, a mecha swiftly appeared in front of him. Suddenly, a protective shield unfolded, completely blocking You Su’s path.

You Su’s eyes widened.

A vortex-like rotation appeared on the shield’s front, completely blocking the incoming sniper shot.

Huo Yan stood in front of You Su, directly bearing the brunt of this wave of damage. His mecha was pushed back several steps by the force of the energy storm, and Huo Yan struggled to stabilize himself. “That was close. Luckily, I made it in time.”

Inside Division D’s arena, Shen Xingtang’s brows furrowed. She looked toward DE’s resting area.

On the raised platform, Chairman Li Jingyan’s gaze froze. The staff of the competition area next to him explained, “The confrontation just now was between the Sirius teams…”

While Li Jingyan listened to the explanation, his attention remained on the forest that had been swept over by the sniper shot. Was the power of that shot at 100%…? It felt a bit odd.

In the livestream chat, the audience hadn’t fully grasped the situation.

【I can’t believe it! That shot just now was a 100% charged sniper shot!】

【Its power is immense! Trace was almost finished.】

【Wait a minute? Is KID’s Yan’s speed really that fast? What shield was that?! I just saw him absorb the energy!】

【Devouring Shield?!】

The virtual camera zoomed in, allowing the audience to see more clearly. KID’s Tank mecha held a shield that supported a protective barrier, distinct from the other sturdy defense shields. A swirling vortex inverted above the shield, absorbing the damage completely.

The Devouring Shield is a rare type of defensive weapon. Nowadays, shields and protective barriers mostly use high-defense resistance-type anomalous crystals to withstand various forms of damage. However, the essence of the Devouring Shield lies in absorbing energy-based damage, although it couldn’t nullify all damage. It was less effective against physical damage compared to high-resistance shields.

However, this kind of shield was valued for its rarity, as it requires specialized anomalous crystals that can absorb other anomalous abilities to sustain it. Even now, there were only a few Devouring Shields within the entire Star Alliance.

As long as the Tank mecha was operated properly, it can absorb the high-energy damage from long-range cannons.

Inside Gale’s base, Qi Sicheng observed this development. “No wonder KID uses dual protective barriers. Lin Yao should have a common high-resistance shield, while Huo Yan uses a Devouring Shield.”

Zhao Lejie, a Tank mecha pilot who usually held the front line, had a clear understanding of damage control. However, he furrowed his brow and said, “Why does it feel a bit strange? Huo Yan was pushed back just now. Boss, did you see Xu Yaojun just now?”

Qi Sicheng, who was focused on KID’s Artillery, hadn’t paid attention to Xu Yaojun. “What happened?”

Zhao Lejie said, “Let me take another look. The damage doesn’t seem right. Xu Yaojun’s charging speed is very fast. In such a short time… to push Huo Yan back a few steps, what kind of core does his weapon have?”

In the arena, the smoke gradually dispersed.

You Su took a few steps back and said to the person beside him, “Huo Yan, thanks.”

“Thanks to Chenlin’s shield. If it was my previous protective barrier, we couldn’t have emerged from that wave unscathed.” Huo Yan, using the smokescreen caused by the sniper shot, moved You Su to a safe distance. He looked in the direction of the sniper shot, saying, “This person used so much energy to attack you. That shot was probably 100% charged!”

You Su frowned slightly. “I’m afraid it’s more than that. My 60% energy shot was resisted.”


Huo Yan, “Damn!”

You Su, “?”

After Xu Yaojun fired the sniper shot, he didn’t receive any feedback from the enemy mecha. “Did it hit?”

A mecha pilot from DE’s side was observing the situation there. “It seems not. Huo Yan blocked it. He seems to be using a damage-absorbing protective barrier.”

“Blocked!?” Xu Yaojun’s face darkened. “Devouring…”

As he mentioned the Devouring anomalous crystal, he remembered the humiliation he suffered in the Banute Contaminated Zone. KID had taken that rare A-grade Devouring anomalous crystal so easily.

“It’s not over yet.” Xu Yaojun repositioned the cannon, waiting for the smoke ahead to dissipate.

In various parts of the preparation area, maintenance personnel closely monitored the statuses on the virtual screens, keeping a constant eye on the mecha pilots’ actions.

The detection stations for each team weren’t far apart. DE’s detection station was adjacent to KID’s, and DE’s maintenance personnel swiftly cleared the abnormal data that had popped up on their system. They cast a sidelong glance around, realizing other maintenance personnel hadn’t noticed their actions. This eased their mood.

Just as he was thinking this, he raised his head and looked at the adjacent position.

KID’s young mechanic was staring at him. They were wearing a hat that concealed their face, leaving only a pale half-face visible.

The next moment, the young mechanic smiled.

DE’s mechanic was taken aback, suddenly noticing something. He glanced sideways at the changes happening in the live feed on the virtual screen.

Amidst the expansive forest, smoke from the artillery bombardment curled around, and the rustling of the wind seemed to carry something. The signals on the mecha radars were flickering on and off.

Right at that moment, the trail of thrusters cut through the thick smoke as a swift-moving Guardian mecha broke through the defensive obstacles of the forest, entering DE’s mecha circle like a bolt of lightning.

DE’s Control mecha pilot urgently shouted, “Xu Ge!”

Xu Yaojun paused, about to withdraw his cannon and reposition.

A Guardian mecha suddenly appeared next to Xu Yaojun. Moving at high speed, it sliced through the smoke with its Long Blade and kicked Xu Yaojun away while he was aiming the cannon.

Lin Yao raised his Long Blade, “I’m taking this!!!”.


Mschw!! Losers will always be losers. Can’t believe they would use such underhanded means to win smh. Also imagine doing something shady only to look up and find some weirdo straight up eyeballing you and then they smile😭. So creepy!

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