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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 48

Fiarge Contaminated Zone

48. Long Blade

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

“Oh my goodness! KID’s Guardian mecha ‘Yao’ flanked from the rear!” In the livestream, the commentator’s voice rapidly provided real-time updates. “He has infiltrated DE’s inner circle. Now, all of DE’s mechas are moving towards him!”

Not long ago, KID’s Artillery and Tank mechas were struck by a surprise attack from DE, diverting everyone’s attention. Little did they know that KID’s Guardian mecha was so fast. In that brief span of time, it immediately locked onto Xu Yaojun’s position. The sound of battle echoed from a distance, prompting You Su to swiftly adjust his cannon’s direction to that area. While locking onto the DE mechas, he also saw the unstoppable advance of the Guardian mecha.

Huo Yan chuckled, “When I arrived, Xiao Yao had already gone around to the rear.”

“Yao Bao has coordinated with Xu Yaojun before and knows about his foolish habits. He loves hiding in certain locations within forest maps,” Ji Qingfeng explained as he and Lu Xi had successfully shaken off FDTX and were moving towards the battleground between DE and KID. “In this type of forest terrain, Xu Yaojun, that fool, prefers lurking in the rear corners. Besides, a sniper’s effective range usually doesn’t exceed a kilometer.”

You Su spoke up, “Pay attention to his cannon. Something’s off about its core.”

Through the communication channel, Lin Yao firmly stated, “I’ll make sure he can’t fire it! Da Feng, have you arrived? Help me deal with that Control mecha; it’s so annoying!”

Ji Qingfeng was running at full speed, “Doesn’t accelerating require time? I’m on my way!”

Lin Yao infiltrated DE’s encirclement. Xu Yaojun only had one Control mecha protecting him, as the rest of his team had been dispatched to check the surroundings, preventing them from arriving in time.

Xu Yaojun angrily cursed, “Didn’t I tell you to keep an eye on the surroundings? How did Lin Yao manage to get in?”

DE’s Control mecha pilot had no words to say. He had clearly warned Xu Yaojun, but Xu Yaojun’s withdrawal and escape were slower than expected. Could he really be blamed?

Another DE team member explained, “He approached through the smoke. Just a moment ago, Xu Ge’s sniper shot caused unusual environmental changes around him. Our radar couldn’t immediately catch his position.”

Xu Yaojun inwardly cursed. Lin Yao was already charging at him with a Long Blade.

DE’s Control mecha had to assist Xu Yaojun in retreating. He fired his control projectiles, with the first shot missing and the second barely managing to control Lin Yao. But to his surprise, Lin Yao activated his shield the next moment, effectively blocking the third control projectile and disrupting the continuous control attempt.

Xu Yaojun wouldn’t give Lin Yao a chance. With his teammate’s assistance, he immediately aimed his cannon in place. A close-range sniper shot was almost instantaneously fired, hitting Lin Yao’s shield head-on and forcing him to take several steps back.

Lin Yao noticed the damage absorbed by his shield. After all, he wasn’t piloting a Tank mecha, and his damage absorption had certain limitations. With the earlier shot, his shield had almost reached its limit. “Damn it, Xu Yaojun’s shots, their damage is way too high, isn’t it!?”

You Su warned, “Stay vigilant. There’s something odd about his Sniper Cannon.”

In the preparation area, the DE mechanic took a step back, resting their hand on the control panel. They looked displeasedly toward Ying Chenlin’s position. As a mechanic, their task in the observation backstage was to record various abnormal data from their team’s mechas during the match. This helped notify the tournament organizers in case of any anomalies during the match, which happened frequently. The mechanic’s role was to judge the severity of these anomalies based on the data.

Their gazes met. Ying Chenlin didn’t turn his head to observe the battlefield in the Contaminated Zone, nor did he make any other movements.

DE’s mechanic began to relax as they thought about this. They were almost startled by a newcomer. How could someone like that possibly detect an issue with the weapon?

The core of their weapon was well-concealed. Even the Mecha Alliance’s review of mecha data couldn’t uncover it, let alone a mere mechanic like Ying Chenlin from KID.

“Why are you looking at me?” DE’s mechanic frowned. “You’re still a rookie, yet you have the time to not pay attention to your own mechas and instead look around.”

DE’s mechanic’s voice wasn’t soft, and the other mechanics around heard it. Some of them glanced over at Ying Chenlin.

This KID mechanic was really young, and looked like an inexperienced kid. He seemed to lack experience. The situation on the battlefield changed rapidly, yet he didn’t focus on the data and instead had time to watch another. Their two teams were about to engage in a battle within the Contaminated Zone!

At this moment, Ying Chenlin spoke, “Aren’t you going to press it?”

“Press what?” DE’s mechanic hadn’t finished speaking when an abnormal alert popped up on the adjacent virtual screen the next second. His eyes widened in surprise, and he was about to quickly dismiss the abnormal alert. However, as he raised his hand, he noticed a gaze from behind and froze in place.

Ying Chenlin spoke again, “Still not pressing it?”

The DE mechanic’s back was drenched in cold sweat. He pretended to remain calm as he looked at Ying Chenlin. “Naturally, I’ll press it. It’s just a minor issue.”

He dismissed the abnormal report. However, the very next moment, the abnormal report popped up again. Just as he was about to dismiss it once more, he heard a voice from behind.

Ying Chenlin’s voice sounded, “Is that so? I recall that for continuous abnormal reports, they need to be reported to the officials, right?”

The DE mechanic’s hand froze, and he couldn’t press the button.

At this point, the continuous alarm alerts drew the attention of the surrounding mechanics. The mechanic next to DE’s repair station spoke up, “The alarm’s going off on your end. What’s happening?”

DE’s mechanic hurriedly said, “It’s nothing, just a minor issue.”

He quickly dismissed the report. When he looked at Ying Chenlin again, the dismissive attitude he previously held towards him was nowhere to be found. Could this rookie mechanic have noticed something wrong? But if he did notice a problem, why hadn’t he reported it to the organizing committee!?

The other mechanics refocused their attention on their own observation screens. Meanwhile, DE’s mechanic continued to stare at Ying Chenlin.

DE’s mechanic had to lower their voice, “What are you trying to do?”

“There’s surveillance in the preparation area, and they’re currently pinpointing our location,” Ying Chenlin gestured upwards, “You’re receiving continuous alerts. There seems to be an issue with the energy storage of your Artillery mechas’ weapons. Each time he charges, it triggers an overclocked energy fluctuation.”

DE’s mechanic was taken aback, their palms sweaty, “What are you trying to say? This is a normal energy fluctuation. Our Artillery mecha is simply charging to 100%, causing system warnings, which is normal.”

“Charging energy weapons has a time limitation. The higher the energy charge, the longer the time required. According to the data, Xu Yaojun frequently uses offensive weaponry. For this type of high-powered attack, achieving 100% energy output requires at least 7 seconds of charging time. Some mecha pilots might require even more time considering aiming and targeting adjustments,” Ying Chenlin calmly continued, “However, Xu Yaojun didn’t execute it well. But he fired the sniper shot after only 4 seconds.”

DE’s mechanic protested, “What nonsense are you talking about? He’s just a rookie. The real situation on the field isn’t as simple as in theory.”

“Is that so? Your alert just went off again.”

Ying Chenlin said, “Aren’t you going to turn it off? If you’re too slow, the monitoring cameras will catch you engaging in unauthorized actions.”

The DE mechanic’s back was drenched in cold sweat. Despite being a rookie, he felt like his every move was being seen through.

He didn’t dare turn off the alert. “What do you want to do!?”

“My teammates want to beat someone up,” Ying Chenlin looked at him with a flat tone, “I have to give them some time to do so.”

After FDTX left the arena, the battle between KID and DE was about to erupt. Ji Qingfeng’s initial position wasn’t far from there. He immediately provided support to Lin Yao. A few minutes after Lin Yao was engaged in combat, he located the position of DE’s Artillery mecha. Without hesitation, he used his Binding Lock Scythe to immobilize it.

Lu Xi utilized Water Flow projectiles to obstruct the advance of the other DE members. “Da Feng, control them and drag them away.”

Ji Qingfeng skillfully dragged DE’s core Control mecha away, confidently stating, “Don’t worry, dragging people away is my specialty!”

In the livestream chat, the audience was astonished by the intense action—wave after wave of battle. KID had pushed back one team and was now engaged with DE. Both teams were from Sirius, and due to historical disputes over resource allocation, there had been a lot of gossip circulating about them. Now, seeing them clash was even more thrilling!

【Damn, they’re really fighting! It’s a civil war on Sirius!】

【KID’s Stealth mecha engaged with two members of FDTX not far from here. There’s still time for him to come provide support】

【KID’s Tank and Artillery are rushing over this way, but can their Guardian mecha hold on?】

The chaotic battle began. Ji Qingfeng successfully immobilized DE’s Control mecha, while Lu Xi blocked the advance of DE’s Guardian mecha and Tank. Only their Stealth mecha was yet to be found. She worriedly looked at Lin Yao’s position. Not long after, a supporting sniper shot from You Su’s direction resounded, immediately dividing the battlefield between the two sides.

You Su said, “Huo Yan, go help Lu Xi. I’ll keep an eye on Lin Yao.”

Lin Yao quipped, “You Ge. Just give me a heads up before you blast my head off.”

You Su didn’t intend to fire, his attention focused on the surroundings, ready to catch DE’s Stealth mecha.

On Lin Yao’s side, with his teammates’ assistance, only Xu Yaojun’s mecha remained in front of him.

Seeing the situation, Xu Yaojun thought to himself that his useless teammates still hadn’t played a significant role, and they even let KID’s members rush over.

In a melee between a Guardian mecha and an Artillery mecha, the Guardian mecha’s comprehensive suppression was once guaranteed. However, that was in the past. Now, with this core weapon, Xu Yaojun wasn’t concerned about the Guardian mecha getting close to him…

This was a rare A-Grade mutated dual-attribute anomalous crystal that DE purchased from a mercenary mecha pilot. It originated from a unique Varicolored Giant Rodent. This Varicolored rodent not only possessed the ability to disguise its presence but also had a mutated pouch that can store a large amount of food. After obtaining this anomalous crystal, DE modified it to become the weapon core for their Artillery.

This weapon core perfectly inherited the two traits of the Varicolored rodent: concealed presence and immense storage capacity.

Under the concealment of these two traits, his weapon could store a large amount of energy in violation of regulations, and its usage remains undetected… When DE submitted the mecha data, they substituted the core data of the Varicolored rodent with a similar type of rodent anomalous crystal, claiming it to be an amplification type. This successful switch managed to bypass the Alliance’s review.

As long as this weapon was in his possession, a single second of charging allowed him to fire a sniper shot with the power equivalent to 40% of a fully charged shot. With this weapon, a single sniper shot’s power was doubled compared to before. Lin Yao could hide behind a broken shield all he wanted; he won’t be able to approach Xu Yaojun.

Xu Yaojun made a ruthless decision. If Lin Yao wanted to challenge him, he wouldn’t hesitate.

He raised his Sniper Cannon, preparing to charge once more, only for Lin Yao to charge straight at him.

Lin Yao’s Guardian mecha carried two weapons: one was a highly resistant Energy Shield, and the other was his frequently used Long Blade.

This Long Blade was quite special, as it deviated from the norm of shorter blades for energy-based weaponry. Instead, Lin Yao used a distinctive Long Blade with a handle slightly longer than the blade itself, leaning towards a long-handled design. He didn’t employ aiming-based weaponry, yet this long-range melee weapon had always been his specialty.

In the arena, pitting a blade against an Artillery mecha was often like using eggs to hit a rock.

But Lin Yao was unafraid. He charged forward courageously and, with his Long Blade, lifted Xu Yaojun’s entire mecha off the ground.

In the livestream chat, the audience was momentarily stunned by the scene.

【Wait, Yao’s blade is so fast!】

【Don’t you know Lin Yao? He earned a title last season ‘Seven Strikes Real Man’.】

【Why is he called ‘Seven Strikes Real Man’?】

【Because he uses a set of seven strikes, each one incredibly swift and powerful. But after those seven strikes, he usually retreats.】

When Lin Yao struck Xu Yaojun, the latter was taken aback, seemingly realizing something. Having worked together with Lin Yao, he was familiar with some of Lin Yao’s operational habits. Lin Yao had a strong tendency to charge forward, often leading to the team’s failure due to his aggressive approach.

Sometimes Xu Yaojun even thought that Lin Yao was more suited for Stealth mechas because of his precise control. Particularly with Long Bladed weaponry, like the Long Blade he was using, Lin Yao could manage to achieve high attack speeds.

And now, Lin Yao’s blade was faster than before, not just in terms of attack speed, but each strike possessed the impact of the first strike!

【Wait a second! Isn’t this more than seven strikes?】

【F*ck, Lin Yao executed a ten-strike combo!】

The battle on the field continued, and as Lin Yao closed in on Xu Yaojun, his blade showed no signs of slowing down.

The battle on the field continued, and as Lin Yao got close to Xu Yaojun, his blade didn’t stop moving.

Each strike was swift and fierce, with every cut proving lethal.

In a 1v1 close-quarters fight, with no chance to fire artillery shots, the outcome was being determined.

Xu Yaojun was unable to retaliate against this relentless onslaught. He had absolutely no opportunity to raise his cannon. How was this even possible!?

Inside the preparation area, DE’s mechanic was taken aback by this scene. No alerts had popped up on the diagnostics console, indicating that there was nothing wrong with Lin Yao’s weapon. Yet, Xu Yaojun hadn’t managed to fire a single shot in retaliation.

This was Xu Yaojun, the exceptional Artillery mecha pilot from the previous season.

DE’s mechanic looked toward Ying Chenlin and noticed that he was still observing him.

“The diagnostics console wouldn’t trigger an alert. Lin Yao’s weapon meets all the League regulations,” Ying Chenlin explained in a calm tone. “What’s the matter? Haven’t you heard of standard attack flow with a Long Blade?”


And I oop_ Yeah, cheating sh*thead. Haven’t you heard of it? I love how snarky Chenlin is. He won’t let these idiots get away with preventing his teammates from teaching a certain buffoon a lesson.

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