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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 49

Fiarge Contaminated Zone

49. Violation

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

Standard attack flow with a Long Blade…? How is that possible!?

DE’s mechanic peered into the virtual screen, and saw that Lin Yao was still in a continuous combo!

Using a Long Blade for standard attacks? Can a mecha pilot handle that level of operation?

At YDS’ base, Ke Lin, a Guardian mecha pilot, had a keen eye for Guardian mecha operations. He noticed that Lin Yao’s movements hadn’t stopped. It was as if he was an endless dynamo; as long as he held the blade, the relentless combo could continue.

Hu Luobu watched with a prickling sensation on his scalp. As an Artillery mecha pilot, he understood the pain of being engaged at close range, especially to the extent of not having a moment to react to melee combos. “Is this guy’s stamina for real? He can keep up the combo? And with a Long Blade, not a Stealth mecha’s Light Blade!”

“Lin Yao’s weapon isn’t equipped with a high damage enhancement anomalous crystal.”

Ke Lin looked at Lin Yao’s peculiar weapon, clearly a blade with an oddly disproportionate hilt arrangement. Yet, in Lin Yao’s hands, this weapon seemed to produce an effect he had never seen before. He said, “Qi Sicheng told me before. He mentioned that KID’s front-line is strong. At one point, Gale even considered buying them to form a second team.”

The faster the attack speed, the better suited it was for a standard attack flow.

In close-range melee battles, the damage from weapons wasn’t as high. However, this style of play focused on speed—how much damage you could accumulate in a short period of time. The goal was to achieve the same damage output as a high-damage weapon with a single slash through the accumulation of regular attacks.

Stealth mechas could manage this style due to their inherent speed, but Lin Yao was wielding a Long Blade. Employing a Long Blade in a standard attack flow required precise timing and endless stamina.

Hu Luobu exclaimed, “But this is just too powerful. Even if his single attack doesn’t deal much damage, how long can he keep up such a relentless combo?”

“I remember from the data that Lin Yao is a mecha pilot with a S-level physique.” Ke Lin frowned, observing the situation on the field. “Previously, Lin Yao could execute a seven-hit combo while maintaining a high level of combat effectiveness. This kind of consistency is quite terrifying for a seven-hit combo. But did you notice? His current damage output isn’t as high as before, and his blade’s speed is slightly slower compared to the data I reviewed. However, he’s maintaining a steady pace. For a Guardian mecha pilot engaging in combos, no matter how good their constitution is, the speed of their strikes tends to slow down over time.”

No freak of constitution could maintain a high level for every single strike all the time.

There’s only one exception—speed-based standard attack flow weaponry. This type of weapon might not be the fastest, but it was the most stable, maintaining a terrifyingly uniform rate of attack accumulation.

Hu Luobu protested, “Using a Long Blade for standard attack flow??? A Long Blade is different from a Short Blade!”

“But that’s exactly what he’s doing. Moreover, this type of blade is generally unsuitable for Guardian mecha pilots. Even if it were me, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the same effect as Lin Yao,” Ke Lin looked at the agile Guardian mecha on the virtual screen, “This is a blade that only Lin Yao can wield at such a high level.”

To have tailored such a blade for Lin Yao, what kind of weapon designer did KID find!?

“The rhythm of a Long Blade is even more difficult to master than a Short Blade. Factors such as the swing, environment, stamina, and more must be considered. It’s impossible to craft it to fit so perfectly, it’s as if Lin Yao’s every breath was factored in.”

【Damn! That’s a 20-hit combo!】

【It’s still going! Who’s this real man with a seven-strike combo! He’s piloting a mecha like he’s playing a combo game!】

Outside the battle, Shen Xingtang watched Xu Yaojun, who was constantly being struck, with a knowing smile. “I never thought that the A-grade Regeneration enhancement anomalous crystal would match Lin Yao so well.”

“But who would’ve thought of using a Long Blade for standard attacks?” Jiang Simiao said helplessly.

Standard attack flow weapons weren’t unheard of. It’s said that in other Galaxies, there are Stealth mecha pilots who specialize in standard attacks.

This kind of standard attack can also be seen as a form of speed-based flow. Short weapons are flexible and are put to their best use in the hands of Stealth mecha pilots. So when faced with Stealth mecha pilots using standard attack flow, the best option is to escape quickly. If they’re drawn into the rhythm of the combo, they’ll be defenseless against the strikes.

In general, long weapons in close combat aren’t as nimble as shorter ones. The length of the weapon often leads to unnecessary swinging in maneuvers. Hence, although a long-bladed weapon has a wider attack range, it’s challenging to maintain a high attack speed.

The Long Blade crafted by Ying Chenlin for Lin Yao is equipped with an A-grade Nine Dragon Rattan’s Regeneration enhancement anomalous crystal.

‘Regeneration’ refers to an uninterrupted and continuous supply in the field of pollutants. Applied to mechas, it accelerates the energy supply within a short time.

Usually, close-range mechas are equipped with offensive anomalous crystals to maximize the damage output within a few strikes. However, fitting a ‘Regeneration’ anomalous crystal doesn’t enhance the Long Blade’s attack power; it enhances the blade’s energy accumulation.

Lin Yao enjoys unleashing combos and dashing around.

Ying Chenlin increased his combo flexibility and provided him with combo support. By using ‘Regeneration’ to provide fast and lightweight energy accumulation to the Long Blade, Lin Yao’s stamina consumption in wielding the blade was reduced. This enhanced his blade’s agility and energy accumulation. In other words, a seven-strike combo effect achieved by Lin Yao using this Long Blade might only be equivalent to his previous four-strike combo.

It’s due to this intricate adjustment that perfectly aligned with Lin Yao’s stamina fluctuations, enabling him to continuously wield the blade with the weapon’s assistance.

Lin Yao isn’t very tall, and he’s liked playing with Long Blades since childhood. He can wield a weapon of similar height to his small body with extreme agility. After becoming a mecha pilot, the Long Blade also became one of his favorite weapons.

However, a Long Blade’s speed was slower, even by a few milliseconds, compared to other styles of Energy Blades. Even without the need for charging, its operational demands were extremely high.

In the past, Lin Yao’s limit was being able to execute a set of seven strikes with his Long Blade. These seven strikes, combined with the weapon core’s burst, could inflict around 10% damage on opponents. However, once the set was completed, the energy concentration of his Long Blade would fade, causing a significant decrease in both his striking speed and the effectiveness of subsequent strikes. This often led to Lin Yao’s inability to hold onto enemies after the seven strikes, making him a frequent target of criticism within KID’s front line.

Most mecha pilots believed that with Lin Yao’s aptitude, if he were to switch to a control artillery weapon, whether paired with Huo Yan or Ji Qingfeng, he could become an impenetrable barrier for KID’s front line that’s hard to overcome.

KID’s front line lacked control the most, and the Guardian mecha, which was most suitable for carrying control weapons, did not have it.

However, he always carried his shield and Long Blade. His impulsive behavior and lack of caution with his shield left much to be desired, and his Long Blade couldn’t produce effective results.

Until today, KID’s former frontline Artillery mecha pilot was now a DE Artillery mecha pilot.

Under Lin Yao’s Long Blade, no one could escape, he was continuously pummeled by his rapid strikes.

In the livestream chat, everyone was still watching the continuous onslaught by KID’s Guardian mecha.

The commentator’s voice was filled with excitement, “Still going!!! Yao is continuing this combo, it’s going to reach 50 hits!”

【Aside from Artillery mechas, I’ve never seen a Guardian mecha deliver a combo like this.】

【50 hits!? My goodness! Is he a monster!?】

【Wait a minute? Is DE’s Artillery mecha really that weak? I remember last season when he was with KID, his performance was quite impressive.】

【I’m thinking the same thing. Xu Yaojun frequently secured the MVP for KID last season, often eliminating multiple mechas in team fights, making us believe that Xu Yaojun was the core of KID.】

Until today, Xu Yaojun, a single Artillery mecha pilot, couldn’t even escape from under a Guardian mecha’s blade.

This was a Guardian mecha without control weaponry. If it were replaced with KID’s Artillery mecha, wouldn’t Xu Yaojun be in for a defeat?

【So, Xu Yaojun is actually this weak?】

【In my opinion, didn’t KID practically hand him all those headshots last season? He ambushed Trace and fired two shots, but not a single one hit.】

In the audience area, DE’s boss turned red in the face, and no one next to him dared to speak.

DE’s boss hadn’t anticipated that Xu Yaojun would perform like this. He had spent a hefty sum to acquire him, and last season he had achieved such remarkable results. But now, under his ownership, Xu Yaojun’s performance had deteriorated to the point where he couldn’t even defeat a Guardian mecha.

Shen Xingtang caught sight of the DE resting area from the corner of her eye. “That’s why amateurs shouldn’t be guiding the experts.”

Jiang Simiao was engrossed in watching the match and didn’t turn his head upon hearing this. “Hmm?”

Shen Xingtang shifted her gaze back to the screen and looked at Xu Yaojun’s weapon. Her gaze darkened slightly. “They brought back a waste and treated it like a precious pet.”

Inside the arena, the other DE mechas wanted to support Xu Yaojun, but they were all kept at bay by KID’s incoming reinforcements. Ji Qingfeng had taken the Control mecha away, and the remaining three mechas were under Lu Xi’s control harassment. Meanwhile, You Su, unrestrained by any opponents, continued to launch attacks from a distance.

Xu Yaojun was completely defenseless. Lin Yao’s relentless combos left him no time to charge. Every time he tried to raise his weapon, Lin Yao swiftly interrupted his actions. These combos didn’t come with any controlling effects, but Xu Yaojun felt utterly powerless under this onslaught.

Wasn’t this guy tired? How many hits had he landed? Can he still keep going?!

“Go help Xu Ge.”

“I can’t. I can’t get through.”

“Xu Ge, try to break free from the Guardian and come to my location!”

Xu Yaojun had never been in such a wretched state. On the communication channel, his teammates’ voices resonated, but he felt his face burning, as if he had returned to the Banute Contaminated Zone, where he lost his right arm due to an ambush. Now, he was being bullied by just Lin Yao.

At this moment, Xu Yaojun forgot the advice DE’s mechanic had given him before entering the arena. While suppressed, he immediately fired without charging. The uncharged shot struck Lin Yao, sending him flying.

Lin Yao was taken aback and stepped back, noticing the damage, “What’s going on?! Why is the damage done by interrupting me so high?”

Within the Star League, there were no uncharged energy weapons. Firing an uncharged shot was like firing blanks. However, Xu Yaojun’s uncharged shot had the same effect as a 10% charged sniper shot, which was entirely impossible. Even a 10% charge would require nearly 1.5 seconds.

Lin Yao’s combo was fixed at 1 second. There was no way Xu Yaojun could deal that much damage with an uncharged shot.

Ji Qingfeng realized, “There’s something wrong with this guy’s Sniper Cannon; he’s cheating!”

Huo Yan shouted, “Xiao Yao, fall back!”

“Wanna run!?” Xu Yaojun’s face turned grim, and without hesitation, he fired another shot towards Lin Yao, “You were so capable just now! Why run now?”

Over the communication channel, the other DE mecha pilots saw the situation and hurried to intervene.

“Xu Ge! You can’t use it like this!”

“The weapon will be detected!”

Xu Yaojun didn’t listen anymore. He broke free from Lin Yao’s grip and immediately aimed and fired his cannon. The significant amount of energy stored within the Varicolored Giant Rodent weapon core proved its utility now. Previously, with only 10% energy, he could achieve a 30% effect with his sniper shots, requiring only 1.5 seconds of charging. He could unleash a barrage of shots and eliminate all of KID’s mechas.

Ji Qingfeng exclaimed, “Lin Yao!”

With a swift stride, Lin Yao rushed forward, confronting Xu Yaojun’s aimed cannon, and provocatively aimed at Xu Yaojun’s Sniper Cannon.

The high-energy sniper shot detonated between them, blasting into the sky!

“You want to shoot!? I won’t let you aim properly!” Lin Yao gripped his Long Blade tightly, turned around, and provocatively gestured towards Xu Yaojun’s Sniper Cannon, “You aim once, I’ll strike back once!”

Xu Yaojun exclaimed, “What the hell!?”

In the livestream booth, the commentator’s voice was exhilarated, “KID’s Guardian! He actually dared to attack while the Artillery mecha was aiming!”

When an Artillery mecha was aiming its weapons, it was already charging. Attacking in such a situation exposed them to a potential direct hit from the front. Moreover, there’s no time to evade such an attack. As soon as Xu Yaojun released his grip, Lin Yao could be hit on the spot. Yet, Lin Yao went in, catching everyone off guard.

【So KID looks this cool during matches? I never noticed before.】

【Holy crap! Lin Yao is so brave. I’m tearing up. This is a real man!】

【What Seven Strikes Real Man? This is the number one real man of the Dawn Galaxy! He’s confronting an aiming Artillery mecha!】

The sniper shot was launched into the air. Xu Yaojun gritted his teeth, forcing Lin Yao back with close-range fire. He handled the Sniper Cannon like a fast-paced control weapon, firing one shot after another, toppling the surrounding trees in the forest.

Amateurs enjoy the spectacle, experts analyze the situation.

A single shot might be attributed to the weapon core’s effect, but with multiple successive shots, a peculiar feeling immediately arose.

At Gale’s base, Zhao Lejie immediately commented, “I said something didn’t seem right. I thought it was due to his weapon’s anomalous crystal, but look at this damage. Can he achieve such a high damage output with such a short charging time?”

At YDS’ base, Hu Luobu furrowed his brow and immediately asked Ke Lin beside him, “Xu Yaojun’s weapon’s damage doesn’t seem right. I observed it. His fastest charging speed hasn’t exceeded 2 seconds. He’s not saving time by minimizing scope aiming; this weapon isn’t right.”

In the stands, Li Jingyan signaled for the staff to approach him, “Retrieve the weapon data for DE’s Artillery mecha pilot and have someone inspect their battle data in the preparation area. Make sure to copy and back up everything.”

The match continued at a rapid pace—

[KID-Qg eliminates DE-bvnn]

The commentators in the livestream continued excitedly, “KID’s Stealth mecha took down DE’s Control mecha in a one-on-one showdown! DE is completely at a disadvantage now. They’ve fallen into KID’s rhythm.”

Xu Yaojun charged up again, only to be forcefully knocked back by Lin Yao. As he was halfway through charging the sniper shot, he swept the cannon around the surrounding area, flattening the nearby forest.

Smoke billowed, and with the cleared forest, KID’s mecha pilots had a broader view.

Xu Yaojun, seething with anger over the elimination of the Control mecha, once again fired recklessly in Lin Yao’s direction.

Ji Qingfeng exclaimed, “I can’t believe Xu Yaojun is losing his cool!”

Huo Yan added, “It looks like he’s genuinely violating the rules. Remember, this is the advancement round, and there are plenty of virtual cameras both inside and outside.”

Unable to engage in close combat, Lin Yao had to step back a few paces to avoid Xu Yaojun’s artillery fire, “I have no choice, I can’t get close.”

“No need to get close. Leave them to me,” You Su quickly said, “We’ll handle it over here.”

In the preparation area, the mechanics who were monitoring the data noticed the continuous alarm on DE’s side and exchanged glances. Some anomalies might not be apparent under normal circumstances, but if they kept recurring, the unusual would become abnormal. The surrounding mechanics frowned, and murmurs of discussion echoed around.

DE’s mechanic, witnessing Xu Yaojun’s frantic firing, cursed, “What an idiot!”

The weapon made from the Varicolored Giant Rodent could evade the Alliance’s inspections, but that didn’t mean they could remain completely hidden. It was still necessary to conceal its use during the match, coordinating with the ‘normal’ rhythm of the mecha pilot to activate the energy inside. Otherwise, knowledgeable observers could easily spot the difference.

He had clearly reminded Xu Yaojun before entering the arena to be cautious when using the weapon’s core.

At this moment, staff members rushed in from outside, “Pause the operation of the DE testing station!”

Ying Chenlin stepped back slightly, making space for others.

He glanced sideways at the virtual live stream of the ongoing match. KID had completely taken the advantage.

DE’s mechanic stared anxiously at the incoming staff members from outside and was forced to leave the testing station. The Division D staff members took over his work.

Real-time monitoring and live streaming were both available in the preparation area. The scene of the staff members entering was broadcast live as well.

【It seems like something’s happening in the preparation area.】

【Some staff members have intervened on the DE side.】

【Intervening midway in the match—could DE have violated something!?】

【Come to think of it, have you guys noticed something odd about DE’s Artillery mecha pilot’s weapon?】

Jiang Simiao looked at Shen Xingtang, “Something’s going on in the preparation area—”

“Xu Yaojun’s weapons are off, and the Alliance has probably noticed,” Shen Xingtang said calmly, “As relevant personnel, we can’t enter the preparation area right now. We have to leave it to Chenlin.”

The voice of the staff member continued,

“Excessive energy levels!”

“Environmental anomaly.”

“Investigate the cause.”

“The energy anomaly is coming from the Artillery mecha.”

The unusual activity in the preparation area drew the attention of many. DE’s mechanic stood behind the diagnostics console, watching the console’s continuous alerts while feeling lost. He glanced around, realizing that everything was falling apart.

The Varicolored Giant Rodent’s core was bound to be discovered.

DE’s mechanic nervously surveyed his surroundings and suddenly noticed KID’s young mechanic still standing in his original spot. The young mechanic’s gaze was no longer in his direction but calmly fixed on the live feed of the arena. It was as if the chaos in the preparation area was less interesting to him than watching his teammates’ match.

Before long, he heard a commotion from outside.

Turning his head slightly, he saw a middle-aged man being led in by others.

The DE mechanic’s legs weakened as he saw the man and had to support himself against something nearby. The chairman of the Dawn Alliance?!

Li Jingyan had actually come in person!

Li Jingyan entered the preparation area, and the staff nearby promptly handed him a data tablet.

One of the staff members said, “We detected abnormal energy fluctuations from DE’s Artillery mecha. The final phase of the investigation is currently underway. If DE is found to have engaged in any rule violations, we’ll immediately halt the match.”

Li Jingyan observed the various information on the data tablet as it was displayed. “How long will the investigation take?”

The staff member replied, “We’ll do our best to provide you with a definitive answer within 10 minutes.”

Li Jingyan nodded slightly, listening to the reports from those around him.

After he finished reviewing the data on the tablet and looked around, he suddenly caught sight of a young man standing not far away with his back turned to him.

Upon closer inspection, Li Jingyan realized that Ying Chenlin had become thinner. It was as if illness had weakened his body, and his face lacked the healthy flush it used to have.

Li Jingyan had seen Ying Chenlin numerous times in the mecha competition’s preparation area. He had been watching Ying Chenlin’s matches since he was competing in the Galactic matches. He had seen this young man with extraordinary talent step onto the Star League stage, achieve a Grand Slam win, and finally bring the first Individual Soldier champion trophy back to the Dawn Galaxy.

Back when the preparation area was deserted and he passed by, he would often see Ying Chenlin standing beside his mecha, as if having a conversation with it.

Ying Chenlin seemed to be unaware of his arrival and unconcerned about the staff’s inspection results. He stood by KID’s diagnostic station, his focus more on the ongoing match.

At that moment, Li Jingyan noticed a slight upward curve of the other’s lips.

Li Jingyan looked up at the live feed he was watching, fixing his gaze on a certain mecha.

In the livestream chat, some discussions arose about the peculiar scene in the preparation area, but most peoples’ attention was drawn to the Contaminated Zone.

With the assistance of his teammates, KID’s Artillery mecha successfully eliminated DE’s Guardian mecha. Currently, only three DE mechas remained in the arena.

The commentator noticed the change on the battlefield and quickly remarked, “Hold on! KID’s Trace is changing positions; he’s moving toward Yao’s location.”

Within the forest, the smoke caused by Xu Yaojun’s artillery fire had covered a wide area. Amidst the fallen trees and overturned earth, KID’s Tank and Artillery mechas were swiftly maneuvering. Not far away, KID’s Lin Yao, holding a Long Blade, single-handedly held up his Energy Shield, absorbing Xu Yaojun’s artillery fire without retreating.

The fast-moving KID Tank and Artillery mechas came to a halt at a certain point. Then, the Artillery raised its weapon, aimed, and the view through the scope revealed Lin Yao and Xu Yaojun’s mechas.

The commentator hesitated as he observed, “Trace is aiming. He’s targeting DE’s Artillery!”

【This distance! Isn’t the smoke affecting his visibility too much?】

【Wow, he’s raising his Sniper Cannon! He’s charging it up!】

In front of the Sniper Cannon, concentrated energy was slowly accumulating. The shockwaves of energy rippled through the surrounding smoke like water.

【Still charging!】

【My goodness! How long has he been charging?】

Second by second, the charging time passed, and the energy fluctuations grew stronger.

As the smoke cleared, the fully charged Sniper Cannon revealed its perfect attack form.

Seeing this, Lin Yao suddenly pulled back, his rapid thrusters propelling him several hundred meters away.

Xu Yaojun suddenly noticed something, swiftly turned around, and saw a beam of light darting through the smoke.

“Mr. Chairman, we’ve confirmed that the DE Artillery mecha pilot has illegally modified their mecha weapon core, carrying a large amount of energy into the Contaminated Zone arena, which violates the rules of the Mecha League competition.” A staff member hurriedly approached, “We’re sending someone to halt the match.”

Simultaneously, trees snapped in half, soil flew, and KID’s Trace, piloting his Artillery mecha, fired the fully charged 100% sniper shot, piercing through the smoke and forest.

[KID-Trace eliminates DE-Xuyj]


That ladies and gentlemen is what I like to call “DIVINE JUSTICE!”

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