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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 60

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Competition)

60. A Murder of Crows(flock of crows not literal murder)

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

In the KID channel, as the smoke cleared, Ji Qingfeng gazed into the distance, “No way? Did BZZL1 get scared and run away?”

Lin Yao chimed in, “They sure ran fast, vanished in a blink of an eye.”

“Their retreat is normal. Facing us in a head-on clash with one mecha down wouldn’t yield good results for them,” Huo Yan glanced at his weapon’s energy consumption and added, “But we’re not at a loss either. We’re currently leading in the standings.”

Lu Xi suggested, “How about finding a place to rest?”

Huo Yan nodded, checked the nearby map, and replied, “Sounds good. We need to conserve some energy.”

After a brief silence, the commentator in the livestream cleared their throat, “The battle between KID and BZZL1 has concluded, and the situation was quite intense. Currently, BZZL1 has suffered, losing one mecha, and has successfully retreated from the battlefield.”

[“Intense” is an understatement, isn’t it?] [I compared the screenshots [Image][Image], and it seems like they got shaved down.] [The key point is they took a hit, but didn’t knock anyone out!] […Upon closer thought, it doesn’t matter; at least BZZL1 managed to escape.] [It’s been a while since I watched matches. Was KID this strong last season?]

After the battle ended, the KID team didn’t linger in their original position for too long. Most viewers thought KID would pursue BZZL1 in the same direction, but unexpectedly, they turned around and circled to the other side of the Qiu Jin Grand Canyon, finding a slightly wooded spot for cover and stopped there.

They remained still.

The audience: ???

The commentator was at a loss for words, “Let’s switch to other perspectives and follow the matches of other teams.”

[Switch perspectives for what? Just livestream KID; I want to see what else this group can do!]

Inside the battlefield, YDS’ team members were in another area of the Qiu Jin Grand Canyon, with access only to the real-time updated match results list. Upon seeing that BZZL1 had lost a mecha, Ke Lin’s expression grew serious, “We need to be cautious in this match.”

KID was currently in the lead, and they had analyzed this team before. Their tactics were unconventional and they often didn’t follow common strategies. They enjoyed dividing the battlefield and engaging in chaotic combat. While splitting the battlefield wasn’t inherently flawed, their disorganized approach often pulled opponents into their rhythm, causing their strategies to crumble.

“BZZL1 was likely dragged into their rhythm. Once their covert tactics are discovered and they’re surrounded, they can be easily separated with KID’s skill in breaking-up the battlefield,” Ke Lin quickly analyzed the on-field information, “But being eliminated so swiftly is beyond my expectations. If we face KID, don’t fall into their rhythm, and stay cautious of their weaponry.”

Teams currently in the match naturally noticed the updated scoreboard, clearly showing that the matchup was between KID and BZZL1. However, most teams didn’t anticipate these two teams clashing. BZZL1, ranked fourth last season, unexpectedly seemed to be on the back foot, having even lost a mecha.

“Was KID this strong originally?”

“Something doesn’t feel right; be careful of KID.”

Outside the arena, Jiang Simiao looked at this with mixed feelings, “YDS is mainly acting on the other side of the battlefield. It might take a while before they come over there.”

After a pause, he continued, “They’ve got match results, and since they’re short on energy, they know to rest and wait for an opportunity… They’ve grown.”

The limited survival period is three days. All the teams had become wary of KID. However, KID found a safe place to recuperate and didn’t participate in the battles.

But the mountain peak that was blasted bare was just too conspicuous. Consequently, any team that passed by that area had to be extremely cautious to avoid any unforeseen situations.

On the first day, multiple battles erupted in different areas. The clash between KID and BZZL1 was just one of them. To avoid being at the bottom of the standings and facing elimination, all participating teams opportunistically engaged in battles. After KID recuperated, they clashed with two other teams, resulting in the elimination of two mechas. By the end of the first 24 hours, their performance was second only to YDS.

With all eight teams present in the arena, as the first day’s calculations were concluded, the team at the bottom of the rankings was forcibly eliminated according to the rules, and compelled to withdraw from the scene.

On the second day, the competition became even more intense.

“In reality, this rule presents significant difficulty. It’s better to accumulate strong records in the first two days. After the teams at the bottom of the rankings are eliminated, only five teams will remain at most on the third day,” Jiang Simiao analyzed, “This is more challenging than the Score Rush mode where you only need to eliminate mechas and acquire headshots. To secure a spot in the playoffs, the teams in the top four will play cautiously, while the fifth-ranked team will be more anxious. As time goes on, the probability of friction appearing between strong teams will increase.”

Shen Xingtang added, “With this rule, accumulating records early would definitely hold an advantage.”

Jiang Simiao contemplated the rules, “The playoffs are all using this rule. If we make it to the top eight, the rules for the top-eight ranking matches might be even tougher.”

Suddenly, another voice echoed in the venue. Both Shen Xingtang and Jiang Simiao, who were engaged in conversation, were taken aback. Following the sound, they saw another battlefield’s situation displayed on the central main screen. The teams ranked sixth and seventh on the scoreboard were under attack by pollutants during an intense battle!

Shen Xingtang exclaimed, “They were eliminated by pollutants?”

Since it was a Contaminated Zone, environmental threats were inherent. Pollutants were the primary danger within the Contaminated Zone. Previous Leagues had also seen instances of mechas being attacked by pollutants. This was a default environmental hazard in the League. Mecha pilots had to deal with this threat from the Contaminated Zone while facing hostile teams, although mechas being eliminated by pollutants was quite rare.

Jiang Simiao stood up, and team leaders from other resting areas also stood up. “I’ll go and ask.”

Soon after, Jiang Simiao returned with a serious expression. “It’s the Blood-Devouring Crows. They attacked the mechas engaged in combat, causing problems during the confrontation between the two teams. Two mechas were affected and eliminated. The League has initiated rescue operations.”

In a fast-paced combat environment, any discrepancy in one’s field of vision could lead to problems for a mecha.

Shen Xingtang was puzzled, “Blood-Devouring Crows…? That doesn’t make sense. While they are social monsters, they rarely attack mechas in groups. At most, two or three act together. A group of Blood-Devouring Crows?”

Jiang Simiao concurred, “Yes, a group of Blood-Devouring Crows. But there’s nothing we can do. This sudden situation is an internal situation within the Contaminated Zone, and it’s part of the match circumstances. If you’re eliminated, you’re eliminated. It can only be said that they weren’t sensitive enough to the environment.”

[These Blood-Devouring Crows are fierce.] [It’s been a while since mechas were eliminated due to pollutants. This time, a group of Blood-Devouring Crows brought disaster from the sky.] [Nothing can be done; it was their carelessness.]

The Alliance’s rescue response was swift. They arrived at the scene within two minutes through targeted warp jumps and brought back the two damaged mechas.

The damaged mechas were promptly taken to the designated parking area in the preparation zone. The mechanics from both teams sprang into action, rushing to the makeshift repair stations nearby to mend the mechas. The rescue team had only brought the mechas back; due to the classified nature of the mechas, some teams chose to have their own mechanics inspect and troubleshoot the remaining mecha issues.

When an accident occurs, finding the cause becomes a priority.

The Alliance’s backend monitoring team quickly got to work and discovered a mutated Blood-Devouring Crow within the Blood-Devouring Crow flock. It had become the leader of the flock, which explained why the entire swarm had acted in unison.

Environmental hazards posed a danger. Although it was the responsibility of the mecha pilots to address the problem, the fact that they had only now identified this particular Blood-Devouring Crow was concerning.

The appearance of a leader within the Blood-Devouring Crow flock elevated their threat level. They should have raised the alert for the danger posed by the swarm.

The discovery of this lead crow was based on the warning reports from the KID mechanic and the information on the Blood-Devouring Crow’s movements. However, both teams happened to be close to the Blood-Devouring Crow flock, leaving no time for them to escape.

The head of the rescue team stated, “The Blood-Devouring Crow flock now has a leader, which increases their threat level. They’re still active, so other teams should be notified.”

However, another situation arose. One of the rescued mechas had suffered severe damage, and the pilot was trapped in the cockpit.

“What’s going on!?” The person-in-charge of the preparation zone was taken aback by this unexpected development. “Can’t their mechanics do something? Let our staff assist them.”

A staff member quickly responded, “There’s not much they can do. The collision with the Blood-Devouring Crow flock happened right near the cockpit. If they forcibly break open the cockpit to rescue the pilot, it might cause an explosion in the energy storage point below it. Their mechanics lack experience, and they made a mistake in their handling.”

“We can’t move the mecha now; on-site repairs are the only option.”

“The damaged metal nerves are tangled together. In this unique situation, our backend team’s mechanics aren’t confident in resolving it either.”

The team to which the mecha belonged was a new team that had advanced through the elimination rounds. They lacked experience, and their mechanics were reportedly only intermediate level. Faced with such a situation, panic set in, leading to poor handling, and completely sealing off the cockpit.

Such a problem was disastrous. The person-in-charge furrowed their brow. The top priority now was rescuing the pilot. “Request assistance from the mechanics of other teams.”

News of the mecha cockpit being stuck spread quickly, and it happened to reach the preparation zone.

Upon hearing the news, the preparation zone’s mechanics displayed uneasy expressions. This kind of situation was rare and required on-site repairs, which posed the risk of explosion if not handled carefully. Most were not confident.

Ying Chenlin’s brows furrowed slightly when he noticed the situation. The Blood-Devouring Crow flock had indeed attacked?

When he noticed a lone Blood-Devouring Crow earlier, he had sensed something was amiss. Blood-Devouring Crows usually hunted in pairs or groups of three. If a single one was present, it indicated an anomaly within the swarm.

While Blood-Devouring Crows weren’t very dangerous individually, they could be problematic in a large group. Typically, such a situation could be resolved without trouble. However, it was unexpected that a team had been affected.

“What could be happening?”

The speaker was a mechanic from YDS.

The person-in-charge immediately explained the situation regarding the mecha.

The YDS mechanic, who appeared to be around fifty, listened with a furrowed brow.

“I can take action, but there’s an issue.” The YDS mechanic said, “The metal nerves inside are severely damaged. I can manage one side of the situation, but the other side would require someone skilled in handling metal nerves to assist me.”

His voice carried a hint of concern, “Moreover, this situation is a bit complicated, and the oxygen reserve has been compromised.”

If the oxygen reserve was compromised, it would spell trouble for the pilot. Rescuing them quickly was crucial.

The adjacent mechanics exchanged looks. Most of them were unsure about handling such complex metal nerve issues.

At that moment, a young voice spoke up, “I can help.”

Seeing that the other mechanics hesitated, Ying Chenlin cast a glance at the monitoring console. KID’s members currently weren’t facing any problems. “Hello, can you watch over the monitoring console for me? I can assist with the repairs.”

The nearby staff member paused for a moment and then promptly responded, “Sure, no problem.”

Ying Chenlin followed the other staff members to the maintenance area.

The mechanics from the damaged mecha team felt a bit relieved upon seeing this but remained on edge, nervously watching the two assisting mechanics.

The YDS mechanic gave him a serious look, then laid out the mecha schematics and spoke with a hint of seriousness, “Let’s get straight to the point and determine the repair plan.”

Ying Chenlin nodded in agreement.

The person-in-charge stood outside, refraining from interrupting the discussion between the two mechanics about the plan. However, it wasn’t long before an anxious staff member rushed over to the maintenance area, holding a diagnostic panel. They urgently said, “We have a problem. The Blood-Devouring Crow flock hasn’t stopped; they’re moving rapidly. We’ve detected a potential mutation in the leader of the Blood-Devouring Crows. With this movement speed, they’ll soon collide with other teams.”

“What!?” The person-in-charge paused, “Have the other teams been alerted?”

Upon hearing this, Ying Chenlin’s thoughts turned to mutation.

He considered the possible direction of the Blood-Devouring Crows’ mutation, which was likely to involve enhancing their energy absorption capabilities.

Strengthening energy absorption meant an enhancing-type anomalous crystal, which were excellent materials.

The staff member stated, “We’ve issued a warning, and that team accelerated their speed upon receiving news of the mutation.”

The person-in-charge breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank goodness. Accelerating to evade is a wise decision.”

“No…” the staff member said urgently, “They’re accelerating in the direction of the Blood-Devouring Crows.”

The expression of the person-in-charge turned puzzled, “…?”

Taking a deep breath, he asked, “Which team!?”

The staff member glanced at the KID mechanic next to them, “KID.”

The YDS mechanic also heard this and looked towards the young mechanic.

The entire maintenance area fell quiet as everyone’s attention turned to the young mechanic.

Ying Chenlin fastened his repair tools to his waist and raised his gaze to the YDS mechanic, calmly stating, “I’m ready.”

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5 months ago

You can just picture the excitement and twinkle in their eyes when they discovered that there's a mutation and possible excellent material drops.😂

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8 months ago

Chasing the bag since day one!

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