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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 61

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Competition)

61. Skill

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Two mechanics had already prepared to board the mecha. The gaze of the nearby staff was fixed on the two of them, more precisely, on KID’s mechanic. 

“The matter with the Blood-Devouring Crows…?” the staff member reporting cautiously inquired.

The person-in-charge took a few seconds to ponder before responding, “We can only keep an eye on it and send KID a warning reminder.”

What on earth was happening at this base!? They bombarded two mountains just yesterday in their clash against BZZL1, and today, they’re facing Blood-Devouring Crows without looking back?

The staff member hurried off to attend to their duties.

The mecha parked in the maintenance area exhibited significant wear and tear. The cockpit was dented, and almost all of the external armor plating surrounding the cockpit was shattered, resulting in the mecha having a convex body and a concave abdomen when parked. According to the Alliance’s 80% attrition elimination rule, the remaining 20% of damage provided enough room for the mecha pilot and the mechanics to conduct repairs and ensure the pilot’s safe exit from the cockpit.

However, clearly, this mecha had suffered additional attacks after reaching 80% damage. Its damage level was now close to 95%.

The maintenance area’s defensive barrier had been activated to ensure that in the event of an unexpected incident, the explosion wouldn’t affect other areas.

Ying Chenlin didn’t go to the cockpit immediately. He circled around the mecha, examining the sequence of various pop-up reports in the connection system. Once he had determined all the points of damage on the mecha, he prepared to get on the mecha.

The YDS mechanic had studied the blueprints, but when he actually came into contact with the mecha, he realized that the situation was much worse than he had imagined. The greatest difficulty now was rescuing the mecha pilot without triggering an explosion at the energy storage point located in the mecha’s abdomen.

However, the cockpit and the energy source were distinct locations, interconnected in a complex manner. While he could control the position of the energy source, he couldn’t guarantee the safety of the mecha pilot in the cockpit.

Seeing KID’s mechanic skillfully climb to the cockpit, the YDS mechanic paused briefly, agreeing to the assistance of KID’s mechanic. This was because during this period, he had been paying close attention to KID’s performance, from their League matches to their responses to various situations. The mechanic before him might be young, but he had never made a mistake.

Shen Xingtang was a retired battlefield mechanic. If she could trust this mechanic to go onto the field, he should be able to trust him as well.

The YDS mechanic released his mental power and cautiously probed into the mecha’s interior for inspection. “Next, I’ll control the connection reaction between the energy source and the cockpit. During this time, you’ll need to handle the metal nerves near the cockpit. You need to pry open a corner of the cockpit first to ascertain the situation of the mecha pilot inside.”

Ying Chenlin nodded, “You may begin.”

Around them, there were numerous on-site staff members, including members of the official repair team and League executives who had come in response to the situation. None of them dared to speak up; they could only stand on the sidelines, observing the mechanics’ movements. This was an exceptionally unique situation, and they weren’t confident in fully managing the scene. Therefore, they enlisted mechanics with more experience.

As the mechanics began their work, everyone present suppressed their mental power. However, even in this suppressed state, a certain peculiarity became all the more obvious. The YDS mechanic’s mental power was strikingly apparent; he was experienced and was an A + mental power user. His mental power caught the attention of the others the moment he released it. However, KID’s mechanic exhibited no fluctuations in mental power.

Rather than saying there were no fluctuations, it must be said that his mental power was barely detectable.

The staff member next to them looked worriedly at the leader, “Director, I remember that KID’s mechanic was recorded as having A-level mental power and a B-level physique. But now…?”

The mental power of KID’s mechanic within the arena showed no signs of reaching A-level fluctuations.

The person in charge, however, said, “Take another look.”

The YDS mechanic was renowned in the Dawn Galaxy, while KID’s mechanic was relatively unknown.

There was a significant difference in their mental power. When the mechanic of the damaged mecha’s team saw this scene, their heart raced. The current situation seemed to be due to their maintenance error. But could KID’s mechanic really be relied upon?

He looked worriedly at the mechanical prosthetic limb attached to Ying Chenlin.

Within the mechanical prosthetic was an imitation of the human neural system that mimicked the human meridian pathways to the fullest extent possible. However, it couldn’t entirely replace the intricate neural networks of the human body. For ordinary citizens, prosthetics yielded results similar to real limbs, but for mechanics engaged in intricate work for prolonged periods, this imitation neural system operated much slower than real human nerves when utilizing mental power.

Inside a mecha, from the large mecha components to the delicate neural connections where there were no mechanical parts, the more intricate the area, the more the mechanic had to use mental power for exploration and repair.

A slower speed meant less responsiveness.

Precision, wear detection, and real-time reaction abilities were all impacted, subsequently affecting the maintenance results of the entire mecha.

Suddenly, a clicking sound immediately captured everyone’s attention.

A piece of armor plating fell from the sky and landed on the ground with a resounding thud.

“No, how did he pry it open directly?”

“He didn’t use mental power. There’s a significant amount of metal neural wiring behind the armor plating that can explode—”

“Wait! Look at the metal neural wiring.”

Everyone raised their heads, and in front of the cockpit, KID’s mechanic used a huge mechanical clamp in his hand to effortlessly pry off a piece of armor plating from the exterior of the cockpit before anyone could react.

There were no signs of an explosion within the area. The young mechanic pried open the armor plating, and with the movement of virtual cameras in the air, everyone saw a more intricate scene.

Behind the pried-open armor plating, the complex network of metal neural wiring remained, but it hadn’t been triggered by the mechanic’s actions to connect to the energy sources.

YDS’ mechanic controlled the energy sources, his mental power tightly enveloping the entire perimeter of the energy sources. They had anticipated Ying Chenlin’s manipulation of the metal neural wiring. However, even after the two armor plates were removed, not a single strand of the metal neural wiring was pulled.

As per his original plan, he was to control the energy sources to prevent an explosion while Ying Chenlin pried open a small portion of the metal plating to ensure he could access the cockpit and rescue the person inside. This method carried some risk and could potentially damage the core of the cockpit, but it was the quickest way to achieve the rescue objective.

He looked at Ying Chenlin. What was this young mecha pilot about to do?

Ying Chenlin’s gaze remained calm as he observed the intricate network of metal nerves before him. Seeing the situation, he realized it was even more severe than he had imagined.

He wasn’t sure how the original mechanic had managed to bring the situation to this level, but judging by the chaotic tangle of metal nerves, it was highly likely that the mental tendrils inside the cockpit, which were meant for empathic connection with the mecha pilot, had become entangled due to the cockpit’s impact.

In this situation, their original plan couldn’t be applied. Once the empathic tendrils exhibited any anomalies, there was a risk of energy backflow from the energy sources, which could directly attack the mecha pilot’s brain in an uncontrollable scenario.

Ying Chenlin paused for a moment, briefly contemplated the situation, and then opted for an alternative approach.

Wearing specialized repair gloves, he used a lever to pry open a certain latch. With one hand, he delved deep into the backside of the remaining armor plates, pressing himself against the damaged cockpit. He pressed his ear against the armor plates, listening to the faint sounds from within.

Behind the armor plates were various interlocked moving parts and interconnected metal nerves.

Ying Chenlin released a faint amount of mental power. Despite lacking direct vision, he relied on mental power exploration and the sensitivity of his ears to meticulously avoid severely damaged areas, finally reaching a latch at the rear of the armor plates.

He pressed his left hand against the latch and used mechanical pliers held in his right hand to grip an external fracture point, exerting force downwards.

With a crisp sound, another armor plate dismantled by him and fell to the ground.

YDS’ mechanic watched the actions above. KID’s mechanic was quickly disassembling the damaged armor plates of the mecha. The dismantling process was swift and efficient, and there was no hesitation when using the pliers.

All the workers in the maintenance area remained silent, observing the scene within the miniature camera and the unaffected metal nerves. KID’s mechanic was incredibly skilled in his operations.

After a short while, Ying Chenlin removed another piece of external armor.

His mechanical right hand didn’t hinder his movements. He seemed to be familiar with the construction outside the mecha’s cockpit. Each disassembly was precise and quick, with minimal mental power expenditure.

Just as he had removed seven or eight external armor plates, his actions suddenly halted.

Everyone’s gaze fixated on him.

Ying Chenlin lowered his head slightly and looked at YDS’ mechanic below him. “Can you hold on? I need you to tightly control the energy sources.”

The YDS mechanic replied, “No problem. What do you want me to do?”

Ying Chenlin looked at the tangled metal nerves in front of him and said calmly, “We might have to detach this cockpit.”

Within the Qiu Jin Grand Canyon, the match continued.

Less than an hour had passed since the other teams encountered the Blood-Devouring Crow incident. the League’s perspective captured the Blood-Devouring Crow flock still flying rapidly, seemingly searching for their next target for an attack.

“The Blood-Devouring Crow flock’s actions seem purposeful. To gather so many of the same species at once, there’s probably a leader among them,” Shen Xingtang frowned slightly as she observed the situation, “When a leader appears, their mobility and intelligence will follow suit.”

Jiang Simiao looked at the speed of the Blood-Devouring Crows’ flight and the other perspective that showed KID’s mecha group, who had initially been out shopping during their break. This geographical coordinate… Could it be?

[It’s only the second day, and there’s already a pollutant swarm attacking mechas everywhere.] [One or two Blood-Devouring Crows would be a minor issue, but with so many, they’ll have to avoid them during combat.] [Of course. They’re experts at finding energy sources, and they like attacking mecha energy sources.] [Wait a minute? KID’s mechas???]

The Alliance sent a preemptive warning to all mechas about the Blood-Devouring Crow flock. While some mecha pilots could handle Blood-Devouring Crow flock, it wasn’t necessary to waste time and energy dealing with a large amount of pollutants within the arena. In order to avoid conflict, most teams chose to steer clear of the flight path of the Blood-Devouring Crow flock.

Among all the teams, one stood out.

While others swerved away from the flight path, they charged straight at the Blood-Devouring Crows’ trajectory.

Whispers circulated among the members at Gale’s base.

“What’s KID’s team doing!?”

“The Blood-Devouring Crow flock must have a leader. Aren’t they just asking for trouble by colliding with them?”

“They’ve already achieved results today and have a good ranking. They should find a safe spot to rest and wait for tomorrow’s conclusion.”

Qi Sicheng analyzed, “Approaching the Blood-Devouring Crows’ trajectory isn’t a problem. It’s a different strategic approach.”

By choosing to approach the Blood-Devouring Crows’ trajectory, they ensured that the swarm’s path wouldn’t intersect with those of other teams.

Zhang Ge’s voice was hoarse as he took a sip of tea, “That’s right! They’ve already achieved results today and have a good ranking. Dangerous places can also be safe havens.”

Zhao Lejie watched the scene unfold and a sense of familiarity surged within him, “No, is there a possibility… that they actually want to face off against the Blood-Devouring Crow flock?”

Within the Contaminated Zone, KID’s team was speeding ahead and they could already see a multitude of red dots appearing on their radars. The red dots were densely packed, and the contamination level warning system sounded simultaneously. Instead of slowing down near the flight path, they accelerated towards the direction of the Blood-Devouring Crow flock.

In the livestream chat, the commentator barely held back their exclamation, “Fu… my god, KID isn’t slowing down. They’re heading straight in the Blood-Devouring Crows’ direction.”

The KID team members were flying while quickly brushing up on their database about the Blood-Devouring Crow flock.

What was the Blood-Devouring Crow? It’s an airborne pollutant, one of the rare types found in ordinary Contaminated Zones.

The flesh of these Blood-Devouring Crows was extremely thick, their offensive capabilities were moderate, and their beaks were sharp.

Typically, they were tough and bothersome monsters. Dealing with one or two was relatively simple, but if you encountered a group, it was not only tough to fight against them, but they may also ambush you as a group.

But that wasn’t the main point; the focus was on the mutated Blood-Devouring Crow.

It’s said that the mutated Blood-Devouring Crows have enhanced beaks, making them capable of pecking through the exterior armor of standard mechas, and then tearing into the metal nerves carrying energy, etc.

Moreover, the mutation enabled them to control a group of crows, the leader could make the flock perform tasks. This leader bird sounded quite valuable.

Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao had recently gone on a “shopping spree” at the auction house. How could they possibly turn back in the face of this kind of challenge? They had a clear plan: target the leader bird of the Blood-Devouring Crow flock, deal with it, and then retreat.

Lin Yao gazed at the distant scene and exclaimed, “Da Feng, there are so many of them!”

Ji Qingfeng followed him closely. “Where’s the leader bird? Find the leader bird first; it’s the most valuable one. Is it the one flying at the very front!?”

Lin Yao was puzzled. “There are several in the front row.”

The Blood-Devouring Crows were gathered together, and the mechas’ pollution detection systems could only lock onto an approximate area but couldn’t accurately pinpoint precise targets.

Using the vision of her Control mecha, Lu Xi looked outside and swiftly scanned through the identical-looking Blood-Devouring Crows. “… It’s hard to tell.”

Huo Yan asked, “Shouldn’t it stand out? Isn’t there one that looks richer?”

Lu Xi paused for a moment, understanding Huo Yan’s intention. She made an effort to search. “They all seem to look quite rich.”

In just a short while, the rapidly flying Blood-Devouring Crows were getting closer.

There were too many of them, numbering over a hundred. These birds weren’t small in size, and when they charged, it was like a spectacular cavalry charge. You Su’s focus was on the flock. Swiftly controlling his mecha, he stepped back a few paces and began to replenish energy. “Since it’s evading, let’s lure it out.”

In the Qiu Jin Grand Canyon, other teams had already avoided the flight path, avoiding any conflicts.

All perspectives from the audience and the livestream were intently focused on KID’s team, which was in an incredibly baffling situation. KID was hovering in place, and the Blood-Devouring Crow flock in the distance was charging towards them at an astonishing speed.

In order to prevent the livestream from going quiet, the commentator had to come up with a new approach, preparing to provide commentary on the KID team’s confrontation with the Blood-Devouring Crow flock: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve switched to KID’s perspective now. KID is about to face an attack from the Blood-Devouring Crow flock in the Qiu Jin Grand Canyon… We can see them hovering in place, and the Blood-Devouring Crow flock is getting closer. 1000 meters, 500 meters—the distance between them is getting smaller, but KID hasn’t taken any action yet. What are they planning to do—”

The commentator suddenly caught something, stumbling over their words for a moment. “KID is moving now, they—”

He hesitated, then continued, “They’re charging towards the Blood-Devouring Crow flock!”

High above the vast canyon, it was as if both sides were entering a prelude to battle. Just at that moment, KID’s front-line Tank and Guardian mechas suddenly activated their boosters and charged towards the Blood-Devouring Crow flock. In the rapid flight, the front-line KID Tank and Guardian mechas opened their shields, creating a bright, luminous glow in the blue sky.

[Ah?] [Wait, they’re charging at the Blood-Devouring Crow flock with their shields up?]

At Gale’s base, Zhao Lejie suddenly shivered. Upon seeing the shields, certain suppressed memories in his mind seemed to be attempting to attack him. “This can’t be, right?”

The next second, the two shield-like structures, resembling giant light bulbs, suddenly flashed.

Inside the arena, when KID’s two mechas were on the verge of colliding with the Blood-Devouring Crow flock, they abruptly applied their brakes and swiftly ascended, their thrusters drawing a long skyline in the air. The Blood-Devouring Crow flock noticed the flickering energy ahead of them, instinctively attracted by the innate allure within their blood, and all their attention was directed towards the two closest targets.

Outside the arena, the audience could only see the two mechas, emitting radiant energy, flying upwards while the Blood-Devouring Crows, like moths drawn to a flame, charged towards them. Surprisingly, the two mechas managed to pull them away!

The commentator was speechless.

The audience: “???”

The visual data from Tianyu Star, nowadays, was only preserved in a few mecha bases. Among the active mecha pilots at Gale, the part of the visual data concerning KID had been reviewed at least ten times. The image of several Tank mechas flying while flashing through the darkness that night before Tianyu Star’s dawn was still vivid in their memories.

Zhao Lejie: “F*ck!”

Qi Sicheng was dumbstruck.

Zhang Ge’s hand, poised to drink tea, froze.

The Blood-Devouring Crows were sensitive to energy and pulling aggro using energy was a skill KID was highly proficient in.

Huo Yan was skilled at deploying his shield to trap pollutants; he had perfected this during their time on Tianyu Star. Lin Yao was doing this for the first time, and the flickering speed of his shield wasn’t anywhere close to Huo Yan’s dazzling one.

Lin Yao: “Old Huo, I’m not as fast as you in this flickering, am I?”

Ji Qingfeng: “How old are you, and how old is Old Huo? Don’t underestimate a 30-year-old man!!!”

Lu Xi corrected in a low voice, “Huo-ge is only 27.”

In just a short moment, hundreds of Blood-Devouring Crows were chasing after Huo Yan and Lin Yao, completely altering their flight path. You Su flew to a nearby mountaintop and stopped there, intentionally seeking an environment with favorable winds. At this moment, his  weapon’s wind-enhancing ability proved its importance. When Lu Xi’s Water Flow Projectiles were launched, his Energy Cannon’s shot also struck the Blood-Devouring Crow flock that had been immobilized by the Water Flow Projectiles.

After firing one shot, he quickly readied the next.

Outside the field, the audience’s perspective had been following the Tank and Guardian mechas. But in the next second, the precise energy shots that were consecutively fired from a certain mountaintop hit the Blood-Devouring Crows mid-flight. One shot hit around ten to twenty of them, and with KID’s Control mecha providing assistance, the hit rate of the Artillery’s three shots was practically 100%!

Even though the Blood-Devouring Crows were tough, facing this kind of control and Energy Cannon bombardment in succession, they couldn’t withstand the relentless assault. Some of them were severely injured and fell from the sky. As they descended, KID’s Stealth mecha that was lurking directly below, dismantled them one by one and then skillfully stored them away.

The audience: ???

KID’s ‘slaughtering and pillaging’ routine worked like an assembly line. Two people pulled, two people fought, and one person was at the back collecting the loot. The evidently troublesome and threatening group of Blood-Devouring Crows had successfully become the sacrifices in this assembly line process. In just 10 minutes, this group of Blood-Devouring Crows, which had initially been numbering in the hundreds, had suffered a devastating blow and their numbers sharply diminished.

The artillery fire in the air boomed, and the explosions within the flock of crows resembled the grand fireworks of daylight.

The drastic reduction of the Blood-Devouring Crow flock made the leading bird hidden among them aware of the danger. Driven by its survival instinct, it instinctively broke free from the flock, suppressing its energy-influenced nature. It swiftly attempted to escape from the area.

As it departed from the flock, the Artillery mecha pilot who had been waiting in the distance immediately pinpointed its location.

“Here it comes,” You Su said.

Inside the monitoring station, real-time data from the Blood-Devouring Crow flock was being observed. When the data from an A-level mutated specimen separated from the flock, the staff immediately noticed. The next second, a blast of artillery fire erupted from the mountaintop, accurately hitting the mutated Blood-Devouring Crow.

At that moment, KID’s Stealth mecha sprang into action, charging forward with a slash.

It’s hard to hit when it’s within the flock, but the moment it ran out, it was practically offering itself!

Outside the field, the audience watched the ‘successfully isolated’ leading bird and the tragic scene of the Blood-Devouring Crow flock. Their initial concern for KID’s team turned into sympathy for the crows.

[So tragic.] [That’s how KID operates; they killed even more on Fiarge.] [Why pick a fight with these bandits?]

On the chairman’s platform, the leaders who were also observing the situation within the arena fell silent. One of them said, “I’ve seen this tactic before, but I don’t know who came up with it. Back when there was a special incident on Tianyu Star, the mecha pilots used this method to draw away the pollutants in front of the tower.”

The outside world might not know, but as one of the managers of a Dawn Galaxy Contaminated Zone, they naturally heard about the events on Tianyu Star.

Initially, Tianyu Star had been designated as a Competition-level Contaminated Zone. However, after a specific emergency incident, due to a sharp reduction in pollutants and the destruction of its facilities, they had to ‘close shop’. It was removed from the list of Competition-level Contaminated Zones.

Now, this tactic wasn’t just about drawing away pollutants; it incorporated its next steps—luring, killing, and then collecting.

The leaders fell silent.

In the rest area within the arena, Shen Xingtang said, “…Looking at it positively, their shields aren’t using a large energy source, and You Su’s artillery weapons are operating in favorable wind conditions, so energy consumption isn’t significant.”

Jiang Simiao had put on a hat he got from an unknown source. He stared numbly at the blazing fires within the arena and looked at the mountain peak nearby, which remained unscathed in the midst of the chaos. “…The mountain is still there.”

TN: KID single-handedly causing extinction of pollutants haha. I’m on my knees.

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