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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 63

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Competition)

63. Luck

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

The maintenance area’s issues were successfully resolved. The injured mecha pilots were taken to the medical bay for treatment and rest, while the Alliance’s mechanics proceeded with the necessary follow-up procedures. The mechanics who had initially gone to assist in the maintenance area returned to the preparation zone, diligently working on the upcoming matches.

After Shen Xingtang got a handle on the situation and returned, she breathed a sigh of relief, ensuring that there weren’t any major problems. She briefly updated Jiang Simiao on the situation.

Upon hearing that even the cockpit had been removed, Jiang Simiao’s anxiety surged, “Thank goodness everything’s okay.”

Shen Xingtang glanced at the preparation zone and noticed Ying Chenlin on the monitor, “But perhaps we should prepare a couple of extra sets of maintenance suits for Chenlin?”

This change in the preparation zone was caught by the external broadcast. The audience, who had been concerned about the on-site situation, saw the return of the mechanics, which eased their worries about the damaged mechas and pilots. Soon, they noticed another detail—KID’s mechanic.

The KID mechanic’s red and white work overalls were stained with mecha energy oil. The black stains on their clothes were particularly conspicuous. The zipper on their outer jacket was left undone, revealing a more fitted undersuit with even more evident oil stains. There were faint marks around the waist, as though caused by some form of constriction.

Such obvious evidence strongly suggested that the mechanic had been performing repairs during the period he was missing.

[KID’s mechanic, did he just finish repairing a mecha???] [What does that mean? Did he help with the emergency repairs?] [Huh? But in terms of seniority, he’s not due to be on the field.] [He must have participated; those oil stains on him, did he roll in mud and come back?]

Although there were many experienced mechanics on the field, none had marks as noticeable as those on the KID mechanic. The audience’s gaze shifted towards Ying Chenlin. Many had been skeptical of him until the cheating incident involving DE was uncovered. This shift in perception only slightly alleviated their doubts. After all, his youth and disabled physique made him seem like a flower vase with little ability. However, now that they saw the marks on him and his interaction with the staff, a certain established fact reshaped their view of him.

His involvement in the maintenance activities during the qualifiers demonstrated that his capability was recognized.

As the emergency repairs concluded, when the mechanics on the field looked at Ying Chenlin, their expressions took on a different quality.

Not far away, YDS’ mechanic returned to his position, glancing at the young man opposite him.

Recalling the discussions about the KID team in the base not long ago, he wasn’t aware of the circumstances of other mecha pilots, but this rookie from KID gave him a unique impression. Normally, each mechanic had their own habits and styles. Today, however long Ying Chenlin spent on the mecha, he observed him for an equal amount of time. Through his operational style, he saw numerous unexpected and pleasantly surprising aspects.

YDS’ mechanic struggled to describe the feeling. Despite being a mechanic himself, he sensed restraint and explosive potential hidden within the young man’s physique.

At that moment, the young man on the other side suddenly looked over.

The YDS mechanic held a favorable impression of him and smiled when he saw him.

The broadcast’s focus remained on the KID mechanic. He was seemingly aware of the camera’s presence. The mechanic lifted his gaze slightly, then lowered his head to zip his jacket up to the collar.

During this action, viewers noticed a few new black fingerprints on his white cap, as if they had been added not long ago.

[Is he straightening out his clothes?] [Hahaha, he noticed the camera was filming and adjusted himself.] [I suddenly feel like this new KID mechanic is quite unique.]

The mechanic stood upright, ensuring his clothes were impeccable. After straightening his attire, he immediately immersed himself in his work. The viewers outside the field suddenly took an interest in KID’s mechanic. After all, they had recently seen KID’s bandit-like behavior in the Contaminated Zone. Seeing this restrained and honest newcomer was a bit unusual for them.

“KID’s new mechanic is very meticulous in his work. It’s said that he just participated in the emergency repairs in the maintenance area and now he’s back at his post in the preparation zone,” the commentator observed, looking at Ying Chenlin. Having been accustomed to a group of older mechanics in the maintenance area, the sight of this young man brought a pleasant feeling, especially given his poised posture and handsome appearance.

Seeing the enthusiastic discussions in the live chat, the commentator also briefly explained the preparation zone, “We still have some time left until the end of the match. As the Contaminated Zone enters the night, mechanics need to frequently monitor the status of their team’s mechas to ensure their safety while the mecha pilots are engaged in combat.”

While in the middle of his explanation, he noticed that a few observation screens seemed to light up in front of the KID mechanic.

“We can take a look at the mechanic’s diagnostic station. The position at the top left corner shows environmental data—” the commentator was about to continue, but the perspective switched to another observation screen, capturing the adjacent smaller windows as well. “It seems there’s a smaller observation data screen over here. Let’s see what the KID mechanic is recording.”

The window was quite small and was obstructed by most of the environmental observation data.

The livestream had the privilege to zoom in, and as the camera suddenly zoomed in, they saw the real-time footage of KID bombarding the Blood-Devouring Crows flock during the daytime.

The commentator: “?”

The KID mechanic slowed down the playback speed and observed while taking notes with a pen. The image displayed the Blood-Devouring Crows flock being bombarded repeatedly.

The audience: “…!”

In the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone, the second day of battle was coming to an end. After nightfall, all teams became more cautious and refrained from risky actions during the late hours.

At the midnight refresh, the team ranked last was eliminated from the competition, leaving only five teams on the field.

As the competition reached its third day, the tension escalated as it entered its final stages. With five teams remaining on the field, only four of them would advance to the top eight. The team ranked fifth would be at a disadvantage.

When the time reached the last 20 hours, a new wave of results swept across the arena.

Among them, pairs of the four teams clashed one after another, and consecutive conflicts erupted. YDS still maintained its dominant position, and BZZL1, with only four members remaining, wasn’t lagging behind. After the latest wave of assaults, they jumped to second place.

At Gale, Qi Sicheng had just finished watching YDS’ operation and couldn’t help but focus his gaze. “Ke Lin’s maneuvers are even smoother than last season, and YDS’ combat style has clearly undergone significant changes. They must have undergone special training during this time.”

YDS was a team with relatively evenly distributed skills. Their captain, Ke Lin, piloted a Guardian mecha. He signed with YDS’ base a few years ago and led YDS to its current third place in the League standings. Moreover, they had been consistently climbing the rankings without any downturn. The core mecha pilot of their team was Ke Lin. He was a Guardian mecha pilot, but a rare control-oriented Guardian pilot.

Typically, Guardian mecha pilots assumed roles like vice-frontliners, either serving as deputy Tanks at the very front of the team or front-row combatants with powerful output. This configuration would usually lock the Guardian’s functional role to the front lines. However, Ke Lin was different. He was the commander of YDS, and on the battlefield, all his attacks were coordinated with his Control teammate, establishing a dual-control system. This, combined with the powerful Artillery mecha pilot Hu Luobu, exhibited a strong battlefield dominance.

Zhang Ge also finished watching the recent match. “This season, they seem even more formidable than Black Crow. They’re likely to secure first place in Group A.”

Qi Sicheng thought so, but he also considered the current situation of another team on the battlefield. “Lejie, how’s it going on your end? What’s the situation with KID?”

Zhao Lejie and a few other mecha pilots were stationed in a different virtual viewpoint, they spoke excitedly.

“Are they blind or what? They could have just taken that route and reached there! BZZL1 is just a few kilometers away from them!”

“F*ck, the guy got away again!”

“I’m getting anxious. If they just move a little further, they’d be able to spot them!”

Qi Sicheng frowned and suddenly looked at the standings.

KID, which had been in fourth place not long ago, suddenly dropped to fifth. He looked at the others in puzzlement. “What’s happening with KID?”

“They’re unbelievable. The other four teams are having conflicts and boosting their scores. But these KID folks are flying all over the place and can’t find anyone,” Zhao Lejie rolled up his sleeves, determined.

Qi Sicheng: “…”

In the resting area of the venue, Jiang Simiao watched the screen, almost wishing he could teleport into the Contaminated Zone to guide them with a flashlight. “Just charge forward a bit more, and you’ll be within radar detection range!”

The third day was always the most critical, as survival mode rankings relied on the results. Any combat could potentially result in new rankings, whether for output or damage received. This meant that whenever a team engaged in battle, their results had a good chance of improving. 

KID, who had been in third place, kept falling. While the others were engaged in exciting battles, they were unable to locate their opponents.

[Is their luck really that bad?] [Luck might be just one reason…] [Could it be that they won’t be able to find anyone until the end of this match and get eliminated?] [If that happens, it’ll be the most pitiful elimination I’ve ever seen.]

While others were fervently battling, KID was wandering aimlessly in the Contaminated Zone.

Huo Yan looked at the map and frowned. “Didn’t we just pass by this place about an hour ago?”

“Seems like it,” Lu Xi said cautiously. “But we don’t know if the other teams have passed by.”

Lin Yao: “So are we going to wait for something to happen?”

Ji Qingfeng: “How about we fly around again, and I’ll shout at the top of my lungs.”

Lin Yao asked in confusion, “But they’re all in the top four. Can they really hear us shouting?”

The members of KID fell silent. Indeed, everyone else was already in the top four. Why would they bother coming out to fight with them?

“Regardless of whether they come out or not, let’s shout first. We can’t just sit here and wait to be eliminated, right?” Ji Qingfeng cleared his throat and, reluctantly, activated the external channel’s loudspeaker, “What should we shout?”

Huo Yan: “Shouting alone might not be enough, right? The range of the external communication channel’s sound waves is limited.”

You Su glanced around and raised his weapon slightly, “Then let’s make some noise.”

Outside the field, as they watched KID struggle to find opponents, even the commentators pitied them a bit. Observing the red dots on the radar screen that were growing more distant with each passing wave, one of the commentators had to say, “Unfortunately, KID has once again missed the chance to encounter another team.”

Just as he finished speaking, he suddenly noticed another wave of red dots near KID’s location. “Here they come, a new opportunity has emerged!”

[F*ck, which wave is this now!] [I’m getting anxious. This wave seems closer. Do they have a chance?] [I’m getting ready! Seems like they’re getting closer! KID seems to have noticed too!] [I immediately sat up! Which team is sending this wave signal!?]

The commentator quickly zoomed in on the detailed mecha information and everyone suddenly froze. “Wait a minute?! It’s YDS!”


On the battlefield, not long after their battle ended, YDS’ team stopped at the back of a certain canyon to rest.

Commander Ke Lin said, “Rest here for now. Conceal yourselves and scout the situation outside. We’re currently in first place in the rankings, so we don’t need to—”

At that moment, a ray of light suddenly erupted in the silent Contaminated Zone. An ultra-long-range Sniper Cannon fired over the mountain ridge, the shot hit a distant peak, and the impact caused boulders to come tumbling down.

YDS’ team looked up as rocks fell from above.

Ji Qingfeng’s cheerful voice echoed with the expanding soundwaves, resonating through the sky, “Awesome! Ge, you just stirred up a group!!!”


NO….someone take that cannon from You Su! He’s become a one-man demolition derby😭

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