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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 64

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Competition)

64.  Leveled Hill

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Inside Qiu Jin Grand Canyon, two teams faced each other across a hill that had been blasted apart. Perhaps the situation had unfolded too suddenly; the audience in the livestream room remained silent for a few seconds. Finally, the commentator broke the silence, “It looks like KID seized their opportunity and is facing off against YDS, the team currently ranked the highest.”

[Bottom elimination or advance elimination? I don’t know how to describe this team’s luck.] [..Does KID want this opportunity?] [They seem really eager for it.]

In Gale’s base, Qi Sicheng watched this scene, his gaze deepening. “This is a fight worth having.”

The smoke from the blasted mountain on the hilltop hadn’t completely dissipated yet. Shen Xingtang said, “It seems the mountain is no longer there, but at least we’ve found an opponent.”

Jiang Simiao looked at the fallen mountain with complex emotions and remained silent for a while before saying, “They are really capable.”

They blasted the mountain and, incidentally, forced the most formidable team, YDS, out.

As the rocks fell, the back of the canyon was no longer suitable for hiding. The YDS team members directly avoided the falling boulders and circled around the side of the mountain. As soon as they passed over the hill, they saw five mechas with red stripes in the distance. The lead Stealth mecha immediately spoke, “It’s KID!”

Hu Luobu remained silent for a moment. “Thank you; we can tell just from the sound.”

Ke Lin didn’t let the sudden situation disrupt their formation. He immediately commanded, “Spread out, prepare for battle.”

The battle began suddenly. Hu Luobu took the initiative with a long-range sniper shot, entering combat mode instantly. The long-range Sniper Cannon had tremendous power, and Hu Luobu’s aiming accuracy was quite good in combat. His shot grazed past the Stealth mecha, Ji Qingfeng.

Ji Qingfeng hastily evaded and entered Huo Yan’s protective circle. “Damn, we’ve got YDS!”

“We were eliminated by them last season.”

“Let’s focus on taking out Hu Luobu first; he’s the most annoying.”

Among the YDS mecha team, Hu Luobu heard this and furrowed his brow. “…?”

Unable to help himself, he turned on the loudspeaker and said, “Ji Qingfeng, can you turn off your loudspeaker? Do you really need to conspire so loudly?”

“…! I forgot about that!”

Ji Qingfeng quickly turned off the loudspeaker. “Oops, I spoke too loudly; he heard us.”

Huo Yan, “It’s fine; we targeted him last season too.”

Lin Yao, “It’s not the first time we’ve targeted him; how is this guy still not used to it?”

Lu Xi, “Yeah.”

Before they could finish, YDS launched their next offensive. Their Control mecha’s Wind Vortex Bullet came rushing in.

The disrupted airflow from the explosion affected You Su’s flight.

“Be cautious of their Guardian and Control mechas. These two mechas come with potent control weapons,” Huo Yan’s attention remained on the transformation of the opposing team. Initially, it was true that YDS was thrown off balance by You Su’s sniper shot, but in a short time, they had adapted to the situation and quickly adjusted to a combat formation.

YDS used a control system with Guardian mecha pilot Ke Lin as their core. The most feared weapon was Ke Lin’s “Conduction Hammer” and their Control mecha’s “Wind Vortex Bullet”. The Wind Vortex Bullet was a special weapon crafted from a dual-attribute A-Grade anomalous crystal. This weapon could use air pressure to immobilize enemies upon impact. When it misses, it explodes mid-flight, disrupting enemy formations.

Ke Lin’s Conduction Hammer was a medium to long-range, single or multi-target control weapon. As a chained weapon, it was deadly to close-range mechas. The chains of the Conduction Hammer were covered in numerous electromagnetic spheres, capable of causing electromagnetic paralysis when they struck an enemy. Additionally, these electromagnetic spheres could detach from the chain, dispersing and gathering in a small area. If a mecha made contact with these scattered electromagnetic spheres, it would also experience electromagnetic paralysis.

While KID’s performance last season was lackluster, their front-line mechas were among the best. However, under the consecutive influence of Ke Lin’s Conduction Hammer and the Control mecha’s Wind Vortex Bullet, their front line collapsed beyond recovery.

Lu Xi: “This team knows how to utilize control effectively. Besides the Stealth and Artillery mechas, every member carries a control weapon. Also, trying to catch Hu Luobu is probably futile. He has a Control mecha protecting him, and their Control mecha is equipped with defensive weapons.”

Their lineup consisted of an invincible close-combat control-oriented Guardian mecha with a threatening Conduction Hammer. Another was a Control mecha with Wind Vortex Bullets and a defense shield, serving both as auxiliary control and a babysitter for the Artillery mecha. Then, they had a close-combat, all-out-offense Stealth mecha, a long-range suppressive Artillery mecha with explosive burst damage, and a Tank front-line meatshield.

This kind of team had numerous tactics at their disposal. After close combat suppression, the Stealth mecha could easily infiltrate and reap the rewards, while the long-range Artillery mecha could use their Tracking Cannon to seamlessly break through. Last season, KID was defeated by this style of play, with all members being eliminated, leading to a regrettable exit in the Top 16.

In the live broadcast room, the commentators discussed the ongoing battle.

“I can’t believe that even on the final day of the match, we get to see these two teams facing off head-on. In this match, KID might be at a disadvantage. Facing YDS, one small mistake can lead to their defeat.”

In the current situation, the best-case scenario for KID would have been to face teams ranked second or third. This would ensure that they could improve their rankings during the clash without boosting their opponents’ scores too much. However, this choice did not include the top-ranked YDS team. YDS was the strongest team in terms of overall strength, and their mecha pilots were exceptionally skilled. They were the championship contenders for this year’s League. Facing YDS would only weaken KID’s chances of winning, as evident from the beginning of the match until now. Every time YDS clashed with one of the other teams, they eliminated one or two mechas from the opposing side, showing a clear gap in strength. Moreover, it was now the third day of the competition, giving YDS more freedom and resources.

With less than 15 hours left until the end of the competition, there was a high likelihood that YDS would give it their all. For KID to encounter such a team increased the probability of their mechas being damaged.

[But KID has at least won head-to-head against BZZL1. They shouldn’t have any significant issues facing YDS?] [It’s a big problem. YDS’ strength is at least two levels higher than BZZL1. They are a team capable of facing Gale head-on and coming out unscathed!]

“The strongest aspect of YDS lies in the high overall quality of their mecha pilots. They excel in both control and offense. In addition to their Guardian and Control mechas, they also have their Artillery mecha, Hu Luobu,” the commentator continued, “In regular matches, he usually carries either a Sniper Cannon or an Energy Cannon. However, he always brings the Tracking Cannon. In this match, he’s equipped with an ultra-long-range Sniper Cannon and his signature weapon, the Tracking Cannon.”

The Tracking Cannon had a guaranteed hit characteristic, and Hu Luobu’s Tracking Cannon used an S-grade wind-enhanced anomalous crystal as its core. The speed of this cannon’s projectiles was more than twice that of other Tracking Cannons, and had significantly increased damage upon impact.

Under the influence of the Wind Vortex Bullets, KID’s formation became chaotic.

Huo Yan and Lin Yao had tried to break through several times but were forced back by Ke Lin’s Conduction Hammer. The electromagnetic spheres dispersed by Ke Lin’s Conduction Hammer had too wide a range. As long as they were controlled by Ke Lin, the Stealth mecha on the opposing side would seize the opportunity to move in, leading to their gradual consumption.

“No, we can’t separate,” Lin Yao said, with no room for his blade techniques. “The spheres block our way, and I can’t get around it. Can you charge in?”

Ji Qingfeng, “Do you think I haven’t thought about it? But that youngster Hu Luobu has a Tracking Cannon, and I can’t handle it. Trying to charge in would be too difficult!”

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon had many mountainous areas, which were originally suitable for pushing through and creating front and rear battlefields. However, YDS seemed to have keenly grasped this and avoided the few narrow and complex canyon intersections there, depriving KID of any possibility of dividing the battlefield.

In just a few moments of confrontation, YDS had swiftly transitioned from a passive state to taking control of the offensive.

Their mechas were not spread too far apart, but they maintained a safe distance from each other. They formed a formation in the sky, with mechas arranged in a front-middle-back wing formation. This gave them complete control over both short and long-range combat.

In the preparation zone, Ying Chenlin observed the changes on the battlefield and furrowed his brows slightly.

He opened various records and paid attention to YDS’ formation and tactics.

YDS deliberately controlled the battlefield to maximize the effectiveness of their Wind Vortex Bullets, which could manipulate wind speed. This battle in the sky was the optimal solution for them. Moreover, with Hu Luobu’s long-range Tracking Cannon, they could achieve maximum consumption without getting too close.

However, this long-range consumption strategy was not without countermeasures.

In the next moment, YDS’ Hu Luobu seized the opportunity, and a tracking missile, taking advantage of the chaos, was launched directly at Ji Qingfeng. The tracking missile was incredibly fast and had a guaranteed hit property, making escape impossible. Ji Qingfeng was hit squarely.

Within the YDS team’s communication channel, Ke Lin observed the situation on the battlefield with a calm mind. 

During this time, he had reviewed a lot of KID’s combat data, but mere observation wasn’t enough to confirm KID’s true strength; that had to be determined in actual combat.

Their current track record was stable, but the opportunity for training had come knocking, and Ke Lin naturally wouldn’t let it pass, especially when facing such a unique team.

Seeing that the initiative was gradually tilting in their favor, Ke Lin calmly continued, “Don’t engage their long-range weaponry. They have strong capabilities, and keeping a distance increases the chance of dodging their projectiles. Xiao Hu, focus on their front line, prioritize eliminating Ji Qingfeng, and then Lin Yao. They’ve divided the battlefield; hiding is no longer an option.”

Within the KID channel, Ji Qingfeng was hit by consecutive shots from Hu Luobu and complained, “Seriously? I just mentioned targeting him once, and he’s been chasing me relentlessly!”

Lin Yao chimed in, “If they said they were going to target me, I’d definitely chase after them too.”

Ji Qingfeng, “Yao bao, whose side are you on?”

“This is troublesome; they must know we want to split the battlefield. We can’t separate completely now,” Huo Yan said while looking around. “If we continue like this, Ke Lin will keep us here and wear us down. We need to force them into close-quarters combat. Only then will Hu Luobu’s tracking missiles not be as effective.”

“I’ve been flanked three times already,” Ji Qingfeng complained. “Xi *mei can’t use the Water Flow Projectile to block the tracking every time.”

*younger sister

Two people focusing on blocking tracking missiles was too wasteful. It was essentially allowing Hu Luobu to tie down two people at once and forcing their Control mecha to waste ammunition.

Suddenly, Lu Xi said, “Sanshui and Chenlin mentioned something before… In situations like this, we should look for a special bunker.”

* 淼(miǎo) in Jiang Simiao, is composed of the radical 氵(shuǐ), which represents “water,” and the phonetic component 苗 (miáo). Miao is vast water or flood. 三水 (sān shuǐ) means “three waters”. So Jiang Simiao is referred to as San Shui because his name( 淼miǎo) has three water(水) radicals.

She pointed downwards, “Change direction and fly?”

You Su added, “First, let’s split up. Don’t get caught in their rhythm.”

On the battlefield, KID’s five mechas suddenly flew in different directions. The separation was too random, and even though YDS had control over multiple weapons, they couldn’t prevent such a sudden dispersion.

“Captain Ke Lin, they’ve scattered!”

Ke Lin remained calm and observed, “No rush. They’re behind in rankings, and they won’t miss a chance to engage with us. Their separation is just to divert our attention.”

He immediately organized his forces, “Tank and Stealth stay in your original positions and remain still. Focus on Lin Yao, the Guardian mecha of the opposing side. Xiao Hu, keep an eye on the Stealth and Control mechas. It’s highly likely that both of them will come after you. We’ll stay put and wait for them to come to us. The strategy remains the same. Xiao Hu, use tracking missiles to grind down Ji Qingfeng.”

In KID’s split battlefield, Ji Qingfeng had to be present, as he could control others. Only his Binding Lock Scythe could restrain the others. Once they lost Ji Qingfeng, KID’s strategy to divide the battlefield would completely collapse.

In the live broadcast room, it was initially expected that KID and YDS would engage in a fierce battle, and the commentators were prepared. “KID is making a move, they—”

He paused mid-sentence, “They’ve all flown away in the face of an imminent calamity.”

[??? Shouldn’t KID have charged in for a head-on confrontation?] [This is a rare opportunity! If they don’t fight, they’ll be eliminated! (Covers chest)] [If you can’t win, just run. Facing a new opponent is better than getting beaten up here by YDS, right? You have to understand that output and damage are calculated based on mecha hits. You can’t let KID just stack damage without output, can you?] [But the problem is, splitting up isn’t helping. Look, luobo’s tracking missiles are still homing in on them!]

*his name is Luobu but his game ID is luobo

[Wait a minute?! Could luobo’s mecha be firing multiple tracking missiles in succession?]

While KID was splitting up, YDS had already formulated their next attack plan.

To deal with KID’s Stealth mecha, this separation was the best opportunity.

Hu Luobu’s Tracking Cannon locked onto the Stealth mecha in flight, and he was in the process of a long charge-up. Stealth mechas had weaker defenses, and without the protection of their teammates, being bombarded by Artillery mechas consecutively would lead to a rapid increase in damage. Previously, Hu Luobu’s Tracking Cannon had insufficient charge-up but still hit multiple times.

Hu Luobu was adjusting his speed, accuracy, and even direction to favor the upwind side, anticipating the movements of the Stealth mecha.

Seeing the Stealth mecha getting closer, he thought, “This is the opportunity; this long charge-up will send Ji Qingfeng away.”

In Gale’s base, Qi Sicheng frowned, “Ji Qingfeng is in danger.”

Watching this scene, Jiang Simiao, who was observing from outside the field, became anxious.

In the pre-match briefing, this was the situation he feared the most.

“I had a meeting with them before the match. Our chances of winning against YDS were the lowest, and there was even a possibility that we couldn’t make it out unscathed,” Jiang Simiao frowned as he spoke. “I’ve pulled up a data sheet of the games Ke Lin has commanded before. This person’s talent in commanding far surpasses the renowned Qi Sicheng. His growth rate is also impressive. Can you believe that he brought YDS to this stage in just over two years after entering the League?”

Talented commanders were rare, and usually, Control mecha pilots handled the role of overseeing the big picture.

Ke Lin, as a frontline Guardian mecha pilot, might have a slightly narrower field of view compared to other teams’ commanders, but this limitation had never affected the precision of his commands. He always managed to bring the battle into his own rhythm.

“Our strategy for splitting the battlefield is actually most afraid of encountering a team like YDS. They have too much variability and no clear rhythm points. Yet, they can adjust their attack frequency according to your rhythm. Sometimes, you’ll unwittingly fall into their trap, and this process is very quick,” Jiang Simiao had seen the data. His eyes might be deceived, but the data won’t lie. “If we want to split the battlefield, Ke Lin will firmly control it.”

Shen Xingtang said, “So, against YDS, melee combat is easily controlled, and long-range attacks are easily depleted. Do we have no chance at all? What did you tell them before the match?”

“Hu Luobu’s tracking missiles are fast and highly accurate, and Lu Xi’s Water Flow Projectile can’t catch up to block the tracking missiles. Using projectiles to block projectiles can only be done as a last resort in actual combat. It might not be faster than Hu Luobu, just like the current continuous firing. This is not something projectiles can block.”

“But long-range depletion is not without a solution. We just have to avoid wasting energy when falling into their traps. The tracking criteria for tracking missiles are guaranteed hits…” Jiang Simiao paused when he saw Ji Qingfeng suddenly rush in a certain direction, he froze.

Shen Xingtang, “What about after the guaranteed hits?”

Sweat formed on Jiang Simiao’s forehead. “…Let the tracking missiles hit a cover.”

In the live commentary room, the commentator said, “Wait, something’s not right! KID’s Stealth mecha is flying rapidly! Luobo has locked onto him, can he escape? He’s changing directions!”

At this moment, in the perspective of the tracking missile battle, a series of explosions echoed.

YDS’s Hu Luobu fired a consecutive burst of tracking missiles, bombarding Ji Qingfeng relentlessly, causing the ground to tremble and filling the air with a barrage of explosions.

Jiang Simiao watched the intense barrage, and he fell completely silent.

He said in the pre-match meeting to find cover, but damn it, all cover in this Qiu Jin Grand Canyon are mountains!

Inside the arena, no one expected KID’s Stealth mecha to suddenly change directions at this moment.

The tracking missiles pounded the mountains, and dust and debris scattered everywhere. Ji Qingfeng’s figure instantly disappeared in the layers of smoke and dust. Hu Luobu hastily retreated, saying, “Ke Lin, I’ve lost the target.”

YDS’ Control mecha immediately said, “Retreat, he’s coming.”

In the live broadcast room, no one expected the battle to erupt so suddenly. The commentator exclaimed, “KID didn’t run away; they’re going head-to-head! KID’s Stealth mecha disappeared among the falling rocks, and YDS’ two mechas are retreating! Wait! Ji Qingfeng’s radar signal is back!”

At this moment, the Binding Lock Scythe scythe emerged from the thick gray soil, attacking from directly below towards Hu Luobu’s direction!

Stealth mechas have the ability to conceal themselves when rapidly approaching the enemy.

This kind of concealment wasn’t full invisibility through a magnetic field, but it could catch opponents off guard.

YDS’ Control reacted quickly, using a shield to block the scythe from the outside. At this time, Ji Qingfeng had already arrived.

Ji Qingfeng missed his shot, then hastily retreated, saying, “Damn, he’s not playing fair! How about a 1v1 if you’re so tough!”

Lu Xi arrived in time and used a Water Flow Projectile shot to block the incoming Wind Vortex Shots from the other side. “I’m behind you.”

Hu Luobu saw an opportunity and started charging up for another strike against Ji Qingfeng. Just as his tracking missiles were fired, he saw Ji Qingfeng quickly dodge by using the rocks on the mountain for an extreme evade. “Control, can you blow him away from the mountain!”

The Control mecha hesitated, “It’s difficult to control the wind near the mountain, and their Control mecha is also there.”

Ke Lin said, “Fly up, don’t fight them near the mountain.”

Hu Luobu heard the command and was about to fly upward when a new warning popped up on his radar system. He quickly retreated as an Energy Cannon shot from a distance.

“Their Artillery!” Hu Luobu shouted.

The next moment, the Water Flow Projectile from below shot upwards, forming a front-and-back control with KID’s Energy Cannon from a distance. They used the Artillery and Control’s shots to block Hu Luobu’s upward flight direction, taking advantage of the surrounding mountain environment.

The KID team members, who had previously scattered, had somehow dispersed to all sides of the battlefield. Huo Yan and Lin Yao were together, Ji Qingfeng and Lu Xi were together, but the Artillery mecha, You Su, was located farthest away. He found an advantageous position, facing the upwind, and his Wind-Enhanced Energy Cannon was proving extremely useful.

You Su, “Don’t let him escape.”

Ji Qingfeng, “Here he comes!”

He quickly threw out the Binding Lock Scythe.

YDS’ Control mecha urgently blocked it, saying, “These people’s arms are too long!”

Hu Luobu pairing up with a nanny-style Control combination was effective, but it had a significant weakness: their output was solely reliant on Hu Luobu. KID’s combination of Artillery and Control suppressed them, and YDS’ Control’s Wind Vortex Bullets couldn’t affect the long-range You Su. Their battle against Lu Xi was also handicapped, and there was the ever-watchful Ji Qingfeng nearby.

Against mechas with long-reaching arms, sending Tank and Stealth mechas was ineffective. They lacked control and couldn’t handle the situation.

Ke Lin frowned, “Damn I’m going to support you.”

Just as he was about to fly upward, an Energy Cannon shot from a distance.

Trace from KID was coordinating simultaneously in two directions from a remote position.

You Su paid attention to the surrounding terrain and adjusted his direction. “Huo Yan, he might be coming for you.”

Huo Yan, “I know, Xiao Yao and I will do our best to hold out.”

You Su watched as the two YDS mechas  headed into the mountains, knowing they were trying to evade him by going inside. He asked, “Lu Xi, can you fire?”

Lu Xi hesitated for a moment but firmly replied, “They’re far enough, I can.”

You Su called out to Ji Qingfeng, “Ji Qingfeng, it’s your turn.”

“Strange! YDS’ Guardian didn’t go to support luobo; he changed directions to assist their Stealth and Tank!” In the live broadcast room, the commentator observed, “It seems like they want to deal with KID’s Yao and Yan first!”

At Gale’s base, Zhao Lejie commented, “KID and YDS are strong; they found a way to counter each other so quickly.”

However, Qi Sicheng was focused on KID’s Control mecha, Lu Xi. As a fellow Control mecha pilot, he paid close attention to Lu Xi’s positioning. “KID’s female Control mecha pilot has been adjusting her position, as if she’s looking for an opportunity.”

“You two, withstand the pressure as much as possible. We’ll go deal with Huo Yan and Lin Yao first,” Ke Lin said after noticing Trace’s strategy. He didn’t rush to save the situation, believing in his teammates’ abilities. The best way to go about it now was to target Huo Yan and Lin Yao, and Trace at long range would hesitate to use high-damage weapons in close combat with teammates around. “These two are melee-focused; they lack control. Let’s eliminate Lin Yao first.”

As long as they gained a time advantage, they wouldn’t let KID dictate the pace.

Ke Lin warned, “Their cannons have a long range, and you need to watch out for Lu Xi’s Water Flow Projectile and incendiary rounds.”

YDS’s Control mecha said, “Captain Ke, I’ve only noticed Lu Xi’s Water Flow Projectile… She hasn’t used incendiary rounds until now.”

Ke Lin was surprised, “Then what’s her secondary weapon!?”

In the preparation zone, Ying Chenlin locked onto You Su’s perspective and noticed that he had chosen a high point on a mountain with strong winds. He had equipped You Su’s mecha with a wind-enhanced weapon, and in a strong tailwind environment, the Energy Cannon’s flight speed would be maximized, compensating for the time lost in charging.

At long range, unless YDS sent someone to 1v1 and control You Su, there was no one who could suppress a completely free Artillery mecha.

But once YDS sent someone, they would be forced into KID’s rhythm, thereby successfully splitting the battlefield.

So, most likely, YDS’ commander, Ke Lin, wouldn’t release their Stealth mecha.

The most probable strategy was to let the Artillery and Control mechas endure the pressure and attrition.

Once they entered this attrition environment, the remaining two YDS members would choose a more secluded location, using the mountain terrain to evade You Su’s attacks, and thus staying within that mountainous environment.

That would enter Lu Xi’s domain—

In the live broadcast room, the commentator noticed several things and spoke with confusion, “Strange, in this pressuring environment, KID’s Control could easily use incendiary rounds to assist the Stealth mecha in breaking the shields. However, she seems to have been using the Water Flow Projectile the whole time.”

[I noticed that too. In all the previous battles, I haven’t seen her use her secondary weapon.] [I remember she’s a mecha pilot highly skilled in using incendiary rounds. It’s strange she hasn’t used them.] [Yeah, now that I look closely, her secondary weapon’s style seems a bit different from an Incendiary Cannon.]

In the rest area, Jiang Simiao suddenly realized something. He looked at the surrounding mountainous terrain and muttered, “No way…?”

In the arena, it was currently impossible to determine the weapons on KID’s Control mecha. The Control mecha was just too agile.

After receiving the command to resist the pressure, Hu Luobu began rapidly locking onto Ji Qingfeng with tracking missiles. He couldn’t lock onto the Control mecha pilot, who was too far away, so he focused on Ji Qingfeng. At the same time, he noticed that the Control mecha’s movements were deviating from Ji Qingfeng’s position. This would only slow down her support.

“Ji Qingfeng and Lu Xi have separated. I’ll lock onto him with the Sniper Cannon, and you use the Wind Vortex Rounds to control his movements,” Hu Luobu quickly communicated.

YDS’ Control mecha immediately acted.

In the live broadcast room, the commentator noticed something else and exclaimed, “Trace is aiming at a teammate!”

The Sniper Cannon completed its energy gathering. The moment when Ji Qingfeng was held in place by the Wind Vortex Rounds, he flicked his Binding Lock Scythe towards a higher point, creating some distance.

YDS’ control pilot exclaimed, “He’s trying to escape!”

Without hesitation, Hu Luobu fired the Sniper Cannon. Simultaneously, at an ultra-long-range position, another Sniper Cannon was aimed in Ji Qingfeng’s direction.

The two sniper shots were fired simultaneously. Ji Qingfeng narrowly escaped, he flung his Binding Lock Scythe again towards Lu Xi’s position in the nick of time, maximizing the capabilities of his Stealth’s thrusters at this critical moment.

All of these actions took place in a mere two seconds.

Lu Xi grasped the Binding Lock Scythe with her teammate. Her weapon was fully charged, and a golden-rayed Energy Cannon shot flew out, colliding head-on with the two sniper shots in the air.

At the moment of impact between the three shots, the mountains collapsed, and a powerful cyclone, driven by Lu Xi’s strong control, swept through. 

Qi Sicheng sat up instantly. “An attack weapon!?”

The powerful cyclone swept out, creating a massive sand-like tornado between the mountains and the falling rocks. It was as if a gigantic tornado had formed in the mountains, as though achieving the full explosive effect of a 100% powered Sniper Cannon.

Hu Luobu raised his head: !!!

The commentator was dumbstruck, and the live broadcast room fell into stunned silence.

When the smoke cleared, the mountains on both sides of the canyon had completely collapsed.

Jiang Simiao said, “…The mountains are leveled.”

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Here it comes!!

Next chapter will conclude the match~

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