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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 66

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

66. Entry

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

“Qiu Jin, this is the Alliance headquarters. A support team of ten Individual Soldier mecha pilots has been dispatched to the Qiu Jin region,” Li Jingyan went straight to the central command station, and the large virtual screen was connected to the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone Management Bureau. “How many mecha pilots are currently in Qiu Jin? Are there any casualties?”

The Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone Management Bureau responded, “The advancement match has been halted. There are 21 mecha pilots in the arena, and all of them are unharmed. We currently have a support squad of ten personnel inside the Contaminated Zone.”

Li Jingyan thought carefully; with the addition of the Individual Soldier team, there were a total of 41 personnel being deployed. “Very well, please ensure that the communication channels remain open and provide the best support to the mecha pilots.”

He thought about the incident on Tianyu Star and was about to instruct them to pay attention to environmental screenings—

The response from the Qiu Jin side came swiftly, “We have already formed a team here to investigate the environment and the magnetic field. We have detected abnormal magnetic field fluctuations.”

Li Jingyan didn’t expect Qiu Jin’s response to be this prompt and listened to what they had to say next.

“There was a mechanic in the arena who noticed the abnormal magnetic field, and shortly after that, the S-level reports appeared.” The Qiu Jin team responded quickly, “With the reminder from this mechanic, we are now tracking this abnormal magnetic field. It’s difficult to capture, and it has been moving continuously.”

Li Jingyan was surprised, “Which mechanic? Is he at the scene?”

“It’s KID’s mechanic , Ying Chenlin.”

“—He’s not here right now.”

In the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone, Alliance support hadn’t arrived yet. The support team that had entered first had rapidly distributed aid to various areas within the arena.

In the noisy meeting room, the management personnel of the mecha teams were having a discussion, and voices were rising and falling.

In the corner, Shen Xingtang sat there, maintaining communication with Jiang Simiao.

After searching the entire backstage area, Jiang Simiao couldn’t find Ying Chenlin. In fact, he even came across staff members who were searching for him, and while he was searching, he found out that some staff in the maintenance area had also noticed Ying Chenlin’s absence. He replied to Shen Xingtang as he headed back to the rest area, “I didn’t find Chenlin, but the staff in the maintenance area said he seemed to have gone to the central control room.”

Shen Xingtang replied, “Good, if you have any news, let me know.”

“There’s something else I need to tell you.” Jiang Simiao fell silent for a moment, looking at the empty mecha storage, and then he cleared his throat, “He took the spare mechas.”

Shen Xingtang asked, “What?”

The large screen at the top of the venue continued to broadcast the situation in the arena, and Jiang Simiao had just looked up when he suddenly stopped.

“This is great!” At this moment, a staff member hurried over from a distance. “Coach Jiang, do you know where your team’s mechanic, Mr. Ying, is? Our director is currently looking for him, but he hasn’t been found anywhere.”

Jiang Simiao pointed to a high point, “Over there.”

“Hmm?” The staff member followed the direction he pointed in, and he saw several mechas darting about on the virtual screen. At the ends of those mechas, there was a familiar KID-colored figure. “Huh!?”

The sudden incident led to everything that happened inside the Contaminated Zone being broadcast live to StarNet through various camera angles. Numerous viewers were deeply concerned about the situation in Qiu Jin Grand Canyon. Faced with attention and questions from all directions, the Management Bureau could only allow the in-game video system to continue broadcasting the events within the Contaminated Zone

[I’m so anxious right now. What’s the current situation?] [It’s been three days for the mechas inside. Isn’t there any support for resupply?] [This is the first time I’ve watched a live broadcast in such an emergency situation. I’m both nervous and excited right now.]

When all the support mechas entered the Contaminated Zone through the Jump Zone, it was also broadcast on StarNet by the tournament system. Countless people were glued to the situation in the Contaminated Zone, and the speed of these support mechas sparked a discussion online. The support mechas from the League hadn’t arrived yet, so only the mecha pilots belonging to the bases of the teams present at the scene could enter the Contaminated Zone. These mechas wore the outer color schemes of their respective teams, and at a glance, they were all mechas from teams like YDS and BZZL1.

[The on-site mecha pilots left for the mission so quickly!] [They’re probably mecha pilots from the teams who didn’t make it into the main lineup.] [Wait a minute? Why is there a red-colored one? Is that a KID mecha?] [KID’s mecha pilot? Does KID have substitutes?]

When Ying Chenlin entered the Contaminated Zone, he dismissed the system’s alert. The communication signal in the Qiu Jin region was far superior to that of Tianyu Star, so although the mecha’s internal systems were affected by the magnetic field, its basic functions were still operational.

Theo, when extracted by Ying Chenlin, was utterly bewildered. It was his first time sitting in someone else’s cockpit, with another person beside him. He felt a subtle discomfort, and when he powered up the mecha, it was much steadier compared to when he was piloted by You Su!

Accustomed to You Su’s fluctuating flight pace, he now experienced Ying Chenlin’s style of smooth acceleration. While it took some getting used to, it also had a strangely comfortable feeling.

Just as he was getting immersed in enjoying Ying Chenlin’s flight rhythm, several anomalous reactions suddenly appeared in the mecha’s field of view.

He was about to speak up to alert him, but suddenly, he felt the cockpit spin wildly, followed by the powerful launch of a charged projectile!

Theo stopped abruptly, an Energy Cannon?

After blasting one pollutant, another one seized the opportunity to charge rapidly towards Ying Chenlin.

Ying Chenlin activated his thrusters in reverse, swiftly retreating. With calm and swift movements, he rapidly charged his weapon. Just as the pollutant was about to reach him, the Energy Cannon fired at close range, sending the whole pollutant flying.

Theo noticed the two weapons mounted on this mecha.

One was an Energy Cannon, and the other was a Rapid-Fire Cannon…Ying Chenlin was piloting an Artillery mecha, not the Guardian mecha he had always piloted before.

Ying Chenlin wasn’t aware of the thoughts of the other intelligence inside the cockpit. He had the mecha quickly load the data and information from the Bureau, quickly pinpointing the location of KID’s mechas.

The A-14 area wasn’t far away, and during the flight, pollutants continuously emerged. Ying Chenlin handled them with precision, not allowing a single one to get close.

Three S-level pollutants appeared simultaneously, along with strange magnetic field fluctuations. This situation was strikingly similar to the investigation data he had seen about the Black Hole incidents in his previous life. The only difference was that this time, there were only three S-level pollutants in the Qiu Jin area, whereas in his past life, there had been over seven pollutants attacking the FS Contaminated Zone.

Information about Black Holes was scarce for him. What he knew was mostly summarized information released after investigations in later years. The only clue he had about Black Holes was that they only appeared in Contaminated Zones with pollution levels exceeding 6000, and there had been reports of Black Hole incidents only twice in the past ten years in his previous life.

However, the changes in the Contaminated Zone were far beyond Ying Chenlin’s expectations, and this greatly contradicted the information he had learned about Black Holes.

In the arena, a fierce battle was taking place in Area A-14, where KID and YDS were located. Ji Qingfeng had just managed to rescue Hu Luobu from under a pile of rubble when he looked into the distance and saw the Artillery mecha engaged in combat with that strange pollutant. “That guy’s speed is too fast!”

Ke Lin’s Conduction Hammer could hold off the pollutant for a short while, but the pollutant was too fast, not giving You Su a chance to charge up his attack.

Lu Xi noticed that more pollutants were approaching from all around. “It seems like a lot of pollutants are coming.”

“These are speed variant pollutants; we need long-range support.” Hu Luobu quickly aimed his Tracking Cannon. “Hold on; I’m about to target it.”

Just as he aimed at the pollutant, a burst of gunfire illuminated the sky.

On the other side, their teammates raised their heads. “Awesome, Vice Captain! One shot kill!”

Hu Luobu, “Thanks, but that wasn’t me!”

The others looked in the direction of the battlefield and saw another figure.

A red Artillery mecha held an Energy Cannon and appeared in everyone’s field of vision. Two Artillery mechas?!

Ji Qingfeng, “I think my eyes are playing tricks on me.”

Lin Yao, “Me too. I just saw You Ge turn into two people.”

The Energy Cannon in the red Artillery mecha’s hand charged up once more, and during its flight, the concentrated energy projectile struck with a tremendous blast!


A beam of light shot through the air.


Damn, is Chenlin like an all rounder? He can pilot any mecha?!! Isn’t this too OP? Genius mechanic x Genius pilot!!

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