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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 69

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

69. See You Later

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Ying Chenlin listened to the voice in his mind and noticed that the other voice was gradually weakening, much like the last time.

Inside the somewhat silent cockpit, there were only faint sounds of the mecha pilot’s breathing.

At this moment, the previously dispersed mental power within the cockpit suddenly condensed again. Ying Chenlin increased the output of his mental power and stabilized the rich mental power in the space.

Yuan was taken aback.

Ying Chenlin’s voice resonated in their shared mental frequency, “Mental power. I met a doctor who told me that when bonding with an S-class mecha, you need mental power.”

He no longer possessed S-level mental power. When forcibly awakening an S-class mecha with an A-level mental power, the consumption was doubled.

Ying Chenlin’s mental power was quite lacking, and this paucity had persisted since his surgery. Only recently, he had started to use mental power more frequently, and there was a gradual improvement. Ever since the last accidental awakening with Yuan, he had been contemplating it. The only certainty was that Yuan must have absorbed the S-grade anomalous crystal from his storage, responding to his mental power. 

The problem was that Ying Chenlin wasn’t certain about the required amount of mental power output to successfully awaken Yuan. The gap between A-level mental power and S-level mental power was substantial. 

Suddenly, Theo noticed that more sweat beads were forming on the pilot’s forehead. It seemed to be getting anxious and warned Yuan, “You should tell him, too much mental power output can harm you.”

“Chenlin,” Yuan noticed the presence of another S-class mecha in the cockpit. Its immature voice rang out again, “Your mental power can’t hold for long.”

“You’ll stay a bit longer,” Ying Chenlin said, struggling to open the mental power resonance recording system inside the mecha. He recorded the current state of mental power in the cockpit. “I can’t sustain my mental power for too long, but before that, I’ll record the range where my A-level mental power resonates with you.”

Back at KID’s base, he had tried many times, but he hadn’t found that resonating range.

Once he recorded the range of resonance, he would know how to release his mental power.

The cockpit’s recording system had been opened, and the mecha pilot’s mental power output was gradually fading. The glow of the red mecha necklace around Ying Chenlin’s neck was also diminishing. Finally, before the light completely faded, the cockpit signaled the completion of the recording.

The mental power within the cockpit gradually dissipated, and the glow of the mecha necklace vanished.

Theo noticed that the signal from the S-class mecha, which shared a frequency with him, had disappeared.

The voice in Ying Chenlin’s mind had also disappeared. He was breathing heavily, but his mood was exuberant in its own way.

Silently, he conveyed to his former comrade that they would meet again soon.

The mental power inside the cockpit had completely dissipated, and the mecha lost the mental connection with the mecha pilot, falling straight from a high altitude towards the ground.

Theo: “!!!”

At this moment, an Artillery mecha raced in from another direction and, just before the impact with the ground, grabbed Ying Chenlin’s hand. Ying Chenlin was taken by surprise when he was pulled up and then saw a red mecha in his field of view.

Ying Chenlin looked at him. “Aren’t you out of energy?”

You Su murmured over the communication channel, “Still daydreaming during a battle?”

Ying Chenlin replied honestly, “I’m out of strength.”

You Su almost burst out laughing at this, he had initially been grabbed by Ke Lin, had very little energy left, and only then noticed Ying Chenlin’s abnormality, prompting him to hurry over. Who would have guessed that this kid would consume his mental power to the point where he didn’t even have the energy to maintain the mecha’s flight.

Theo couldn’t help but shout a couple of times, “You Su! You came just in time! You’re amazing!”

Up close, You Su heard Theo’s faint voice and winced in pain. “Hold on, you’re about to fall.”

Theo: “?”

While reducing the impact force, You Su’s energy was completely depleted, and the two mechas fell together in the mountains.

Ke Lin rushed over and saw the two mechas fall next to the S-level pollutant. He was shocked, “Do you guys always push your energy to the limit when you’re in a fight?”

In the distance, the KID and YDS team who were still in battle noticed the commotion.

Lin Yao, who couldn’t divert his attention, couldn’t turn around. “Dafeng, is the pollutant dead?”

Ji Qingfeng: “I don’t see it!”

Lu Xi used a long-range scope and said worriedly, “I think I saw You Ge and Chenlin fall.”

Huo Yan squinted his eyes, immediately applied the brakes, and had his mecha fly toward the location where the smoke was rising. “Hold on, Qingfeng, I’ll go check out the situation.”

Ji Qingfeng stepped up to the plate, and the pollutant that had initially been blocked by Huo Yan surged toward him. He took two steps back in fear and shouted, “Old Huo!?! I’m Stealth, not a Tank!”

Huo Yan was already running far away and encouraged him, “You’ll be fine!”

Ji Qingfeng: “…!”

In the heart of the mountains, the S-level pollutant lay motionless between the creek and the scattered rocks.

The two mechas had fallen nearby, and when You Su got up from the ground, his mecha’s energy had been completely exhausted. Many functions inside the cockpit had gone dark, leaving only a small part of the emergency functions.

You Su protected Ying Chenlin, so when they fell, he didn’t hit the ground directly. Exhaustion overwhelmed Ying Chenlin as he laboriously tossed an energy tube out of the storage compartment next to You Su.

You Su didn’t stand on ceremony and, upon receiving the energy, noticed a pollutant approaching from a distance. “Can you move?”

“I can’t move,” Ying Chenlin said, completely drained.

Theo’s incessant voice started again: “You Su, he’s acting recklessly, I’ve never seen a mecha pilot act this recklessly. Also, he has another S-class mecha, and he’s exhausted his mental power just to activate that mecha.”

An S-class mecha?

Before You Su could extract the keywords from Theo’s noisy voice, the pollutant in the distance had already rushed over.

He reached out and pulled Ying Chenlin behind him. The energy from the just-connected energy tube hadn’t spread through the entire mecha system yet, so the Energy Cannon couldn’t charge. He had no choice but to use the Energy Cannon as a melee weapon, swinging it at the pollutant and sending the pollutant flying.

Ke Lin hurriedly arrived and used the Transmission Chain Ball to assist in controlling the situation. “There are too many pollutants. We need to retreat immediately!”

They didn’t know what was happening to the pollutants in the area. The S-level pollutant was dead, and they should have been weakened due to being influenced by the higher-level pollutant. However, there were still many pollutants converging in this direction. This wasn’t just the pollutant’s influence; the strange magnetic field was likely a larger factor.

Ying Chenlin turned around slightly and looked at the location where the magnetic field anomalies had been detected earlier. “The pollutants are increasing.”

Ke Lin only had one mecha, Ying Chenlin had lost combat capability, and You Su’s mecha was still in the charging phase for its empty energy.

It was challenging for one person to control pollutants coming in from all directions.

At this moment, a shield descended from the sky, and a Tank mecha appeared, blocking the path behind Ke Lin, protecting the two red mechas in the middle.

Ke Lin turned his head and saw KID’s Tank mecha, Huo Yan.

Huo Yan: “Are you guys okay?”

Ke Lin breathed a sigh of relief. “We need to leave as soon as possible.”

At the same time, several mechas appeared in the sky.

Support from the Individual Soldier units had arrived!

The rapidly moving Individual Soldier mechas jumped into the pollutant pile, switching to close combat weapons instantly when they engaged. It was rare for team mecha pilots and Individual Soldier mecha pilots to cooperate directly, but when they did, the remarkable individual combat abilities of the Individual Soldiers immediately shone through.

One of the Individual Soldier mechas landed in front of Huo Yan, glanced down, and noticed the young pilot inside the red mecha nearby. After a brief hesitation, his attention was quickly drawn away by other voices.

He immediately said, “We’ll take the rearguard here. You guys find a place to recharge and resupply.”

In the control room, the personnel from the Qiu Jin Management Bureau established a shared channel between the support mechas and the arena mechas. One of them quickly said, “In the A-14 area, a total of 5 Individual Soldier mecha pilots have arrived for support. The base station in the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone (A-26) has been opened. Mecha pilots can go there for rest and replenishment!”

Seeing that two mechas had joined the front lines to help, the others took a few steps back.

You Su’s mecha had almost fully recharged due to the emergency energy supply. He handed Ying Chenlin over to Huo Yan. “Huo Yan, take him.”

Huo Yan grabbed Ying Chenlin’s mecha with one hand, holding a shield with the other. “Ke Lin, lead the way. We’re going to the base station.”

Ying Chenlin whispered a reminder, “Huo Ge, it’s an S-level.”

Huo Yan had originally flown into the air but immediately reacted upon hearing Ying Chenlin’s words.

Ke Lin turned around in shock, “Huo Yan!”

Outside the arena, seeing the timely arrival of Individual Soldier support, all the personnel in the central control room breathed a sigh of relief.

However, it didn’t take long for them to witness KID’s Tank mecha make a U-turn and charge back into the pollutant pile.

The person-in-charge: “Why is he turning back?”

The Tank mecha swept away the surrounding pollutants, and then, with a thunderous move, hoisted the already lifeless S-level pollutant. With one hand holding the creature and the other holding Ying Chenlin, it took off once again.

The staff: “???”

The anxious viewers watching the battle on StarNet: “???”

The two Individual Soldier mechas who had joined the battle saw the same scene. They were almost at a loss for words as they watched the Tank mecha fly away with the corpse of the S-level pollutant.

Huo Yan, with the mecha and the pollutant in tow, caught up with You Su, who was leading the way. “All right, let’s go.”

Ke Lin, flying in the air, could hardly believe it and stammered, “Are you still carrying that thing?”

“It’s the only option,” Huo Yan explained, “There’s too much stuff in the storage compartment; this creature is too big to fit.”

[???] [The entire thing was taken away???] [Do you KID folks always remember to seize the spoils of war even at this point?] [What amazes me is Yan’s strength; he’s actually dragging a pollutant and a mecha!]

Area A-26 wasn’t far, and the base station in the Contaminated Zone had never been opened during the competition.

The four mechas swirled around, clearing a pile of pollutants, and barged into the protective shield around the base station, keeping the pollutants outside. Everyone’s attention was focused on them, not just the S-level pollutant that was being dragged away but also the unresponsive Artillery mecha.

“Is there something wrong with that mecha, JUKG? Is the mecha pilot okay?”

“There shouldn’t be any issues; I just saw him moving a moment ago. Maybe the mecha had some problems.”

“That mecha pilot is incredible. I saw that he was really on edge with the pollutant during the last few shots.”

“!!! They’ve powered down; they must be checking the mecha for issues.”

The previous battle against the S-level pollutant was too intense, resulting in some wear and tear on both of KID’s Artillery mechas.

Now, parked at the base station, the mecha pilots would assess their mechas. If they couldn’t continue the fight, they might have to return to the Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Management Bureau headquarters from the transit area at the base station.

The StarNet audience watched nervously as the four mechas shut down, and one by one, the cockpit canopies opened.

The mecha pilots successively emerged from their cockpits, and the last one to open was from the KID-JUKG.

[Wait a moment? JUKG’s cockpit is opening!] [Who is the mecha pilot!?]

As the cockpit opened, under everyone’s gaze, a pale hand rested on the edge of the cockpit.

Then, a familiar mechanic suit appeared before everyone’s eyes.

The young mechanic’s face was pale, and there were circular marks around the waist of his maintenance suit from being stained with oil. His right arm’s mechanical limb hung down.

With his left hand resting on the cockpit’s edge, he jumped from high up onto the ground.

[……] [????????] [What?!] [Who is this person…? Why does he look so familiar?] [F*ck! Isn’t that the mechanic from KID ah!]


Yes. Yes he is. That’s motherf*ckin Ying Chenlin! Also my question has been answered! The mecha intelligences can also communicate with each other! I’m even more excited for Yuan to finally wake up ah!

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