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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 72

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

72. Assistance

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

It was clearly an unforeseen situation, but for some reason, after Ji Qingfeng’s words, all the mecha pilots, Area A-26, the control center, and even the Alliance Headquarters monitoring the situation from afar, felt a certain strange relaxation in the intensity of the tension.

Ke Lin broke the silence, “Quite insightful.”

Hu Luobu: “…”

Was it his imagination? Did he just hear Ji Qingfeng gulp?

Huo Yan looked at the situation ahead and said, “The S-level is still crawling out. Could it be that the three S-levels that appeared earlier came out like this?”

Not only Huo Yan had this thought; the Qiu Jin Management Bureau and the Alliance Headquarters that were monitoring remotely also had similar speculations. They initially thought that the sudden appearances were related to the magnetic field, but now it seemed like the medium that appeared could be this strange pollutant.

But what was the situation with the Black Hole? It could consume things and expel pollutants!

A pollutant that could bypass pollutant defense systems, and one that could move freely with low detection reactions…

An expert on-site raised a point, “If we use the terms ‘consume’ and ‘expel,’ um, to describe it… could this thing be digesting something and then expelling it?”

“It’s not digestion. If it were a result of digestion, the expelled pollutants couldn’t possibly be so intact. Have you forgotten about Tianyu Star’s S-level Sand Lizard? That’s a registered pollutant, and its shape is perfectly preserved.”

Another person on-site mentioned, “And what about the Blood-Devouring Crows that Qiu Jin reported as A-level in the S-class report earlier? If it didn’t originate locally from within Qiu Jin and also came from this Black Hole, how did it maintain the exact same appearance after digestion? Is the Black Hole this intelligent? Does it include cosmetic surgery in its digestion process?”

“Wait! The newly emerging pollutant has been detected.”

A staff member reported, “Comparing its appearance and characteristics, it’s an S-level Steel Wing Bird… Registered location is a Frontier Contaminated Zone.”

Another S-level pollutant from a Frontier Contaminated Zone.

The expert’s speculations were overturned, but the Alliance Chairman’s expression remained serious.

Li Jingyan, “Are there any other mecha pilots available for conscription?”

“Many of the Individual Soldier mecha pilots are available, but it will take time for them to arrive.”

A staff member inquired, “Some of the mecha bases are asking if they should send reinforcements from the team mecha pilots, and they’re ready for combat.”

They had already conscripted most of the available mecha pilots in the vicinity, and the others were farther away.

Gathering the mecha pilots from other parts of the Dawn Galaxy would take a minimum of three hours under the current interstellar travel conditions.

“Conscript them,” Li Jingyan ordered immediately. “Also, report the current situation to the Star Alliance and request assistance from the Dawn Galaxy Frontier Army.”

Even though the situation hadn’t reached its most critical point yet, this pollutant was already beyond their known limits. He couldn’t risk the lives of the mecha pilots. “It’s not an ordinary pollutant; it’s a Super S-level pollutant.”

Meanwhile, at Qiu Jin’s Management Bureau:

After recording all the energy and magnetic field data from the recent battle, all the staff worked tirelessly to conduct an urgent analysis. Expert scholars were busy analyzing, and the data flowed rapidly on various workstations.

With the appearance of the S-level Steel Wing Bird, their time became even more pressing.

“Is the analysis ready yet?” the head of the Management Bureau shouted.

At that moment, someone walked in through the door and urgently reported, “Director, ten mecha pilots from Gale have arrived to help!”

The head of the Management Bureau was momentarily surprised. “Gale is here so quickly?”

A staff member replied, “They’ve been preparing for battle recently, and their secondary base isn’t far from here.”

The head of the Management Bureau hadn’t expected Gale to arrive at this time, especially with the upcoming advancement competition. “Where are their people?”

The staff member said, “They’ve already rushed to the Jump Zone!”

Inside the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone, the mecha pilots watched as the pollutants crawled out of the Black Hole and received information from the Contaminated Zone’s Management Bureau.

Ji Qingfeng, looking at the giant bird, couldn’t help but retreat further into the protection shield of the Tank. “Steel Wing Bird. Man, why does this Black Hole keep spitting out winged creatures?”

“There are ones without wings over in the north.” One of the mecha pilots replied. “How about you go there?”

Ji Qingfeng, “Long and difficult treks are too dangerous; people should cherish what’s right in front of them.”

Hu Luobu, “…Is your doctrine over? O Wise Philosopher?”

Ying Chenlin had quickly reviewed the data on this S-level pollutant. “This S-level is fast, and it has an ability called ‘Wind Cannon.'”

“Wind Cannon?”

“Wait, has it spotted us?”

Huo Yan noticed something sharp and immediately said, “Max out the protection shields! Everyone, get inside!”

On StarNet, when the S-level pollutant emerged from the Black Hole, all the online viewers were filled with a different sense of urgency. They could only see the video feed and the announcements from the Mecha Alliance; they remained completely unaware of this new pollutant.

[It can both devour and expel pollutants…] [So terrifying, how did it appear in this Contaminated Zone?] [If it appeared in a Safe Zone, wouldn’t we be in danger?] [Quick, look at that big bird!]

At this moment, the large bird emerging from the Black Hole suddenly locked onto the group of mechas in the sky. Its sharp eyes scanned the area, and its steel wings on both sides flapped wildly. In full view of everyone, it sped towards the mechas at an almost imperceptible speed, resembling a high-speed rotating Wind Cannonball!

The wind-shaped cannonball rammed into Huo Yan’s shield.

The intense energy wave pushed everyone back a few steps.

The giant bird collided with the shield, and the shockwave caused the shield and all the mechas  to retreat several steps within the spherical protective barrier.

Lin Yao, who had rushed there, saw the protective barrier created with 100% output being knocked away, even pushing away the pollutants outside the shield behind them. He braked sharply and widened his eyes. “Impressive! This pollutant can attack from a distance!”

Lu Xi nodded. “It doesn’t distinguish between friends and foes.”

The other YDS mecha pilots who followed them, “…”

Now all the mecha pilots understood what this Wind Cannon ability of the Steel Wing Bird was. This creature turned itself into a cannonball to ram into targets, and it did so ferociously. Even with their protective shields, they still experienced immense pressure. If hit by this pollutant, their mechas would likely end up severely damaged.

Ying Chenlin continued, “The Steel Wing Bird’s Wind Cannon is even faster than a Sniper Cannon, and it moves swiftly. Its steel wings have immense destructive power, and the data describes it as a rare wind-attribute attack ability.”

Wind-attribute attack ability?

In KID’s private team channel, Ji Qingfeng said emphatically, “You Bao, did you hear that?”

Lin Yao nodded vigorously. “80 million!”

Theo began chattering in You Su’s mind, “You Su, You Su! S-level wind-attribute enhancement! One more and we won’t have to worry about our weapons breaking!” It was already envisioning a future with two replaceable weapons.

In the cockpit, You Su’s gaze focused in the distance, and his fingers moved subtly, as if contemplating something.

In the public channel, upon hearing “Wind-attribute attack ability”, several Individual Soldier pilots furrowed their brows. In this situation, having to deal with a wind-attribute attack was the last thing they needed. S-level aerial pollutants were already challenging to combat, and now they had to contend with wind-attribute attacks. This Steel Wing Bird was undoubtedly the ruler of the skies.

One Individual Soldier pilot was contemplating how to deal with this situation when he felt a weight on his shoulder.

It turned out that KID’s Stealth mecha was patting his mecha’s shoulder.

Ji Qingfeng, “Brother, how about changing positions? Let me stand in front a bit.”

The Individual Soldier pilot: “?”

Before they could change positions, the S-level Steel Wing Bird launched another attack against them. A violent collision pushed them back several steps. All the mechas who were within the protective shields of the two Tanks were as if they had become playthings for the S-level Steel Wing Bird.

Another collision followed, and then another. Finally, a series of crashes.

Hu Luobu was getting frustrated. “How can it be so arrogant with so many pollutants around?”

Ke Lin frowned slightly. The way things were going, when the Tank shields’ energy ran out, they would be worn down by this Steel Wing Bird.

Meanwhile, Lin Yao and his team were on the periphery of the pollutants, clearing the area and watching as the other mecha pilots in the middle were toyed with by the giant bird. They had no chance to join in.

In Base Station A-26, Ying Chenlin was analyzing the rapidly changing data of the S-level Steel Wing Bird. He couldn’t help but get distracted, looking at the Black Hole. After the Black Hole ejected the S-level Steel Wing Bird, it ceased its activity, not continuing to devour. The Black Hole’s circumference was slowly shrinking.

Ying Chenlin lowered his head, and as he saw the recent pop up message on the system about mecha reinforcements, a 10-person team was converging towards their location. The leading mechas in the group were marked with Gale insignia.

In the communication channel, Ke Lin said, “The most challenging aspect right now is manpower. We don’t have enough personnel to adopt more advantageous formations. Moreover, we have too few Tank mechas. We’re filling the Tank gaps with the Guardians and Individual Soldier mechas. The more we spread our manpower to resist the pollutants, the fewer mechas we have available. Individual Soldier mechas are all-rounders, but their weakness lies in their attack and defense, which are on par and not as durable as Tanks or as powerful as Artillery.”

If they didn’t have this horde of pollutants to deal with, they could have freely flown in the air, providing more opportunities to tackle this pollutant.

“Yeah, with a few more Tanks, we would have more flexibility.”

At this moment, Ying Chenlin suddenly spoke up, “It’s not like we’re short on manpower.”

The others in the channel, “?”

The next moment, a message popped up, and they noticed a communication request from Gale on their communication channel.

Ke Lin was puzzled, “Gale… Is Qi Sicheng coming?”

Hearing what was said, Jiang Yu and other Individual Soldier pilots looked back.

Gale, the top-ranked team in the Dawn Galaxy Mecha League, had held the position of champions for many years.

They were wealthy, had influential sponsors, abundant resources, extensive equipment, and the most potent combat capabilities. Most notably, their base possessed some of the best Tanks in the entire Dawn Galaxy Alliance, including the number one Tank mecha in the Alliance.

In the communication channel, upon seeing Gale’s arrival, everyone perceived the new reinforcements.

The few mechas from Gale flew through the night sky, and their propulsion trails were like beautiful shooting stars, instantly drawing everyone’s attention.

In Gale’s communication channel, all the mecha pilots were in high spirits, fully prepared to join the battle.

In the distance, Zhao Lejie observed the moving pollutants ahead, and amidst the sea of pollutants, he noticed the shimmering protective shield effects at night. Suddenly, he had a bad premonition.

Ji Qingfeng spotted the gleaming Zhao Lejie and called out, “Hey, Lejie! My brother!”

Zhao Lejie: “?”

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5 months ago

KIDs pilots upon hearing anything S-class or S-class wind attack-based anomalous crystal:


KIDs: Let's go, my brothers! Charge!

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