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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 73

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

73. Bait

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Zhao Lejie felt slightly uncomfortable with this sudden closeness and asked, “Are we that familiar?”

Ji Qingfeng continued, “*First comes birth, second comes maturity. It’s not like it’s the first time, right?”

*一來生二來熟(yī lái shēng èr lái shú) – not sure if I translated this correctly. Because there’s different meanings to the terms used. It could also be, Firstly raw, secondly cooked. There’s a similar idiom(一回生,二回熟 – yī huí shēng,èr huí shú). The basic meaning is, First time strangers, second time friends.

Zhao Lejie: “…”

What this person was saying sounded reasonable, but he didn’t quite understand.

Gale’s arrival significantly alleviated the external pressure in Area A-14. Lin Yao and others, who were initially unable to penetrate the outer ring of pollutants, quickly found a new path out of the dense mass of pollutants with Gale’s team led by Qi Sicheng. This path directly led to the location where the trapped team was.

However, this didn’t completely solve the problem because the greatest threat, the S-level Steel Wing Bird, still eyed them menacingly. The pressure brought by the flying-type pollutant multiplied with the increasing number of personnel.

Ke Lin saw Qi Sicheng’s arrival and inquired, “How many people have you brought, and what’s your configuration?”

Qi Sicheng answered, “Ten, one full squad. In addition, two Tanks, two Control mechas, and one Artillery mecha. I’ve observed the situation here, and it’s all aerial terrain. Plus, the Black Hole can’t approach. Close combat mechas like Guardians and Control mechas aren’t as effective as the ranged mechas here, so bringing Tanks and ranged mechas is the most suitable choice.”

On the communication channel, Ying Chenlin glanced at the mecha information and said, “So, we have a total of six Tank mechas .”

Zhao Lejie suddenly had a bad premonition.

Upon hearing this, You Su chuckled lightly and said, “It’s the perfect time at night. Let’s seize the moment.”

Ji Qingfeng nodded and said, “It’s time to rekindle the revolutionary friendship from Tianyu Star!”

Tank, nighttime… Some things don’t need to be said too explicitly. As team leaders who had studied KID’s footage, they understood the implications behind these keywords.

Huo Yan looked at Ke Lin and Qi Sicheng and asked, “Right, everyone here knows each other. Captain Ke Lin, Captain Qi, what do you think?”

Ke Lin pursed his lips slightly and looked at Qi Sicheng beside him. “…it’s a solution.”

Qi Sicheng glanced at the flying-type pollutants around them and then instructed, “I got it. Team 2’s two Tanks get ready. Follow the instructions of the deputy captain.”

He added, “Lejie, I’ll leave it to you.”

Zhao Lejie whispered, “…It’s not safe to have all the Tanks leave. I can stay here temporarily to protect you.”

Lin Yao exclaimed, “But aren’t you the number one Tank mecha?”

Ji Qingfeng chimed in, “Yeah, the number one Tank should set an example.”

“…” Zhao Lejie was left speechless

Huo Yan got straight to the point, “So, in this situation, how much energy output does the shield require?”

There was no time for a lengthy explanation. Ying Chenlin had the six Tank mechas each find their positions. With this number of mechas, they could rival the previous situation on Tianyu Star. “Tanks, prepare. Start with 40% energy.”

The Individual Soldier mecha pilots were baffled. What was the plan? These people suddenly started speaking in riddles in front of them.

The use of Tanks was too limited in its applications; at most, they could withstand damage. In their Individual Soldier combat mindset, they believed it was better to bring weapons with more firepower rather than two additional Tanks. A strong offense was the best way to break through.

Listening to the familiar voice on the channel, Jiang Yu noticed that the voice of the A-24 commander seemed more mature than he remembered. This made him somewhat uncertain about the person’s identity. Mechas could replenish energy and had backup mechas in case of damage. If this person was Sink, why weren’t they actively participating on the field but instead commanding from behind in the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone…?

His friend asked, “What are you thinking?”

Jiang Yu, “I haven’t seen Sink’s mecha, the mecha Yuan.”

“At a time like this, you’re still thinking about Sink?” the friend said with exasperation. “Instead of worrying about that, we should focus on dealing with this Steel Wing Bird. These people from team battles are playing some kind of mystery game…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the Tank that was previously in front of him suddenly rushed forward.

The Individual Soldier mecha pilot: “?”

Ying Chenlin said, “Other mechas, reduce your energy output and disperse immediately!”

Gale’s arrival relieved the pressure on the A-14 Area. The staff at the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone Management Bureau breathed a sigh of relief as they saw these mechas coordinating and moving into the inner circle of pollutants, clearing the path. “Great, they’re gathering together.”

Just when they thought they could leave the situation to these mecha pilots, they noticed the mechas gathered together making some rapid adjustments. Then, all the Tanks activated their shield weapons.

The director asked, “Why are they activating so many shields? What are they planning?”

A staff member said, “It looks like they’re reinforcing their defense. The shield output values seem to be over 30%. Perhaps they are spreading the pressure evenly…”

The next moment, all the Tanks charged forward, and their bright protective shields were especially dazzling in the night sky. They rushed out with their shields on, creating a gap for the Steel Wing Bird’s attack. The previous defense was withdrawn, and all the mecha pilots’ protective barriers disappeared without a trace. The assembled team scattered in this instant, and when the Steel Wing Bird charged, it only hit the scattered pollutants.

The Tanks that had rushed out activated their shields with remarkable coordination. The two mechas flying at the front were particularly outstanding, with their shield frequencies flashing to the extreme. Overflowing energy and mental power spread around, and the surrounding pollutants sensed the scent of food, closely biting towards the Tanks.

The person-in-charge, “…This scene looks somewhat familiar.”

A staff member whispered, “Director, have you forgotten? KID used this trick when they lured the Blood-Devouring Crows previously!”

On StarNet, the spectators who were nervously watching the Qiu Jin battle were dumbfounded, especially when they saw the Tanks with their shields rushing forward. The sight of the large crowd of pollutants trailing behind left them speechless.

In the dark night, the “rookie” Tanks, pushing forward with their shields, hadn’t expected a massive circle of pollutants to follow behind them. In that instant when they scattered in different directions, they had inadvertently taken away two-thirds of the pollutants that had surrounded the mechas .

It was only a moment of chaos. After the Tank mechas had moved apart, the pressure on the mechas left behind was greatly reduced.

Before the Individual Soldier mecha pilots could fully grasp the fact that Tanks could be used like this, the A-26 commander issued the next set of instructions, “Let the Tanks handle the pollutant issue. For now, we focus on dealing with the Steel Wing Bird.”

The problem was shifted back to the Steel Wing Bird. This bird’s speed was extremely fast, even faster than the Sniper Cannons.

It was impossible to catch up with it, and the moment it charged towards them, people might not have time to react.

“The main issues are its speed and attacks,” Ke Lin had remembered the Steel Wing Bird’s attack patterns during their previous encounter. “Once it enters the Wind Cannon mode, its attack speed and power increase significantly. Its attack orientation also changes very rapidly. In its fast phase, it might unleash the Wind Cannon three times in a row.”

Ying Chenlin, “Then let’s figure out how to slow down its speed.”

“We have many Control mechas on site, right?”

Qi Sicheng asked, “You want to try group control?”

“I’m not sure if this S-level pollutant has the same intelligence level as the previous high-level one, but it targets our gathering area rather than flying away or attacking other pollutants. That shows it clearly identifies who poses the most significant threat to it,” Ying Chenlin said seriously. “If we can make it follow our lead and intercept the Wind Cannon, it’s not impossible.”

Intercept the Wind Cannon…?

Wasn’t this solution a bit too hardcore?!

A mecha pilot expressed his confusion, “But all the Tanks have been redeployed. Do we have enough defense?”

“We have enough Control mechas, and the firepower of the Artillery is sufficient,” Ying Chenlin said as he looked at the Steel Wing Bird’s data just recorded on the main screen. His peripheral vision glanced at the diminishing magnetic field response. “We don’t need defense; we just need bait.”

Bait…? The other mecha pilots looked at the huge bird, especially after witnessing its destructive power firsthand. They were well aware of the damage this bird could inflict.

What did he mean by not needing defense and just needing bait? Wasn’t bait something vulnerable to attacks?

Ji Qingfeng asked, “Bait? Who’s going to be the bait?”

Ying Chenlin, “You.”

Ji Qingfeng chuckled, “Chenlin, are you joking?”

Zhao Lejie, who was already far away, heard this, “Why can’t Stealth be the bait? Aren’t you the fastest Stealth mecha?”

Ji Qingfeng, “If I had a physique like yours, I’d willingly sacrifice myself for the organization.”

The channel fell silent, and Ji Qingfeng felt like he was in deep trouble, “Is this for real?”

Ying Chenlin was analyzing data on the screen, “For real”

“But besides you, there are also the Guardians and the Individual Soldier pilots.”

Ji Qingfeng breathed a sigh of relief, “Ah, so I’m not the only one volunteering.”

The Guardian and the Individual Soldier pilots: “?”

On the Qiu Jin battlefield, the situation had become chaotic and was no longer comprehensible. The separated mecha pilots had effectively divided Area A-14 into two separate battlefields. The exterior featured most of the pollutants pulled away by the Tanks, while the interior was where the S-level Steel Wing Bird and the remaining light-armored mechas were located.

Just as they were puzzled, they saw the remaining light-armored mechas scattering.

The staff watched in bewilderment. Even though they were monitoring the communication channels, they couldn’t comprehend the strategy behind the scattered movements. “What are they trying to do…?”

The person-in-charge, “Why are they spreading out like this? Have the Individual Soldier pilots and the melee fighters all left?”

In the virtual screen, the Tanks had already pulled pollutants away, and only a small portion of pollutants remained near the Black Hole.

After enduring two waves of attacks from the Steel Wing Bird, the remaining mechas on-site had been split into two groups. Those left in place were mostly Control and Artillery mechas, while a small group of Individual Soldiers and other melee mechas were gathering and moving closer to the Steel Wing Bird’s location.

“We’re not sure; they haven’t discussed the strategy,” a staff member said. “It seems like they’ve handed full authority to Mr. Ying.”

He suddenly saw something and exclaimed, “Director, they’re charging!”

At various major bases, the leaders of the base station teams gathered. The coaches from the various mecha team bases were analyzing the area distribution in Qiu Jin and the sequence of mecha replacements. With years of researching mecha data, they were highly sensitive to various statistics and well aware of their mecha pilots’ fatigue levels. They discussed fervently, and anxiety was evident on each person’s face.

During the discussions, Zhang Ge, noticing Jiang Simiao standing alone, couldn’t help but speak up, “Coach Jiang, your base has fewer people. If you need any help, just let us know.”

Other leaders from mecha bases also inquired, “Yes, do you have enough mechanics? Have you received all the Competition-level mechas?”

It was well known that KID’s mechanic had entered the Contaminated Zone, while other base maintenance teams had three or more people. Only KID had just one mechanic, who had gone directly to the battlefield. How would they handle the damaged mechas?

Jiang Simiao, looking at the data with lowered glasses, replied, “Thank you. Our boss has already gone there; she’s an excellent battlefield mechanic.”

He noticed Zhang Ge and remarked unexpectedly, “It’s been a while. Your dark circles seem to have worsened a lot.”

Zhang Ge, “…”

In the maintenance area, the damaged Competition-level mechas from the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone had been transported to the Management Bureau. Mechanics from various mecha bases were starting to mobilize. There was a significant difference between the backup mechas and Competition-level mechas, so they needed to repair the wear and tear on the Competition-level mechas as quickly as possible and deliver them to the Contaminated Zone for the mecha pilots to replace.

In the bustling maintenance area, KID’s maintenance zone stood empty with only one person. Shen Xingtang sat alone on a mecha, her actions for repairing the mecha were swift, seemingly a skill she had honed over the years. The speed at which she checked the mecha’s wear and tear far surpassed the other team mechanics.

Mechanics from other areas looked over one by one, only seeing the figure moving on the mecha.

The concerned mechanics saw this scene and couldn’t help but recall that Shen Xingtang was a retired battlefield maintenance mechanic. The battlefield meant the Frontier, where she had traveled extensively between the maintenance and rescue zones, encountering countless damaged mechas .

A YDS mechanic said, “She has probably repaired more mechas than all of us combined. Don’t forget, in last year’s KID competition, she single-handedly repaired all the mechas.”

Shen Xingtang repaired the fractured surface of the mecha. She raised her head slightly and looked at the virtual screen high above, which was displaying the intense battle in Qiu Jin.

She glanced to the side, and in her toolkit’s pocket, there were four more mechas  – three Competition-level mechas and one mecha driven by Ying Chenlin. The only one missing was the damaged Competition-level mecha that belonged to You Su. She wondered why Chenlin chose to leave that particular mecha behind. 

Not taking it with him could mean that it was so damaged that it wasn’t worth repairing, or it had a special purpose, being left inside.

She pondered, puzzled about what Ying Chenlin intended to do by leaving that mecha behind.

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