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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 74

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

74. Encirclement

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Ten minutes ago, in order to resolve the S-level Steel Wing bird as quickly as possible, the current mecha pilots adopted the bait plan proposed by the command post.

While it was called a bait plan, in reality, it was quite challenging to make the S-level Steel Wing bird completely take the bait. This creature was indeed sensitive, targeting and eliminating the most threatening objects. The visible and energy-emitting Tanks had already drawn away all the smaller threats.

“Since we’re using bait, wouldn’t it be better to leave one or two Tanks behind?”

“Yes, we don’t have as conspicuous shields, nor do we have strong energy leakage.”

Ying Chenlin replied briefly, “But you are faster. If we let the Tanks lure the S-level bird, it will easily catch up to them, defeating the purpose entirely.”

No one argued with this statement. Tanks were indeed the slowest when moving among the mechas. While it was fine to use them with shields to draw away smaller threats, luring an S-level Steel Wing bird with a Tank would be like kicking a ball.

Ke Lin asked, “Are you planning to use close combat to bait it and pull it into our attack range?”

“Yes.” Ying Chenlin had no time for lengthy explanations and got straight to the point. “I’m sending all the flight trajectories to your mechas. Other Control mechas and Artillery mechas should spread out. Don’t gather. Control mechas go in front, and Artillery mechas stay behind. Make sure to keep a line of sight for targeting.”

The chosen bait included Guardian, Stealth, and Individual Soldier mechas; their only common trait was high mobility. As for the other Control and Artillery mechas, they were all dispersed in the middle positions, minimizing their own threat levels.

“Single targets won’t be enough; you three will act as a group. Each group consists of one Individual Soldier with a long-range cannon-like weapon. The Individual Soldier will be responsible for firing to attract its attention. Increase your energy output to 60% in advance. Once it locks onto you, start charging your weapon and raise it, providing a light source. Pollutants have sharp vision; they’ll follow the light and energy source.”

The baits: “???”

What does it mean to charge and raise the weapon?

“Do we need to raise the weapon if it doesn’t have a light source?”

Ying Chenlin: “You can turn on the mecha’s searchlight.”

One of the Individual Soldiers trembled, “Searchlight?”

Ying Chenlin continued, “But you still need to raise the weapon. It makes you a bigger target, and the energy leaks during flight; it will track it.”

“Are you all ready?”

Ji Qingfeng said, “We are ready to start.”

Lin Yao: “I’m good!”

The others: “…”

Inside the Dawn Mecha Alliance, everyone was doing their job in their respective positions. Messages sent to the Frontier Army had received responses, and an elite team was dispatched to provide assistance.

Everyone kept their eyes on the Black Hole, watching it gradually shrink after releasing a pollutant, and the environmental monitoring systems continued to operate without rest.

There were still some debates among experts and scholars about the Black Hole problem. Li Jingyan’s expression remained serious. He left the noisy discussion area and headed towards a quieter space.

“How is the current situation with Qiu Jin?” Li Jingyan inquired.

“A 10-member squad from the Gale has been sent to support them, but…” the staff hesitated, “Chairman, perhaps you should take a look?”

As the words left his mouth, the staff displayed the scaled-down real-time scene of the current situation in Qiu Jin.

Upon seeing the scene, Li Jingyan’s previously stern face cracked with frustration, “What are they doing?!”

In the dark night, the boundless black sky was dotted with several blue-shimmering shields at the periphery. Behind them, there was a massive swarm of pollutants, circling like a flock of birds. However, the horrifying sight didn’t end there. The chaotic part was the middle zone, where several mechas were crammed together, flying forward. Some held single-edged swords, some held double-edged swords, and there were even mechas with built-in searchlights. Behind this mess of mechas was an S-level Steel Wing Bird in high-speed pursuit.

The airwaves were filled with all sorts of jumbled voices.

“Who bumped into me?!”

“Weren’t we supposed to fly separately in groups of three?!”

“Hey, your light is dimming.”

“Look at Captain Ke, his posture is perfect.”

Hu Luobu gave an appreciative nod to his team leader, feeling grateful that he was piloting an Artillery mecha.

Among the mechas, a three-member squad was being closely pursued by the massive bird.

Leading the way were the two mechas piloted by KID. Ji Qingfeng, with his remarkably fast speed, was leaving a luminous trail with his Binding Lock, occasionally brushing against the face of the Individual Soldier behind him. Next to Ji Qingfeng, another mecha was flown by Lin Yao.

“Brothers, charge!” Lin Yao raised his blade extremely high, making the best use of the Long Blade’s advantage at this moment.

Moreover, he carried a shield weapon, switching between the blade and the shield. The brilliance brought by the three mechas exceeded countless others on the field, and even a few pollutants were running along with them.

Both the Alliance and the Management Bureau’s sides fell silent.

On StarNet, the audience following the battle was left dumbfounded.

[???] [I thought that Tank with the huge lights was stupid enough…] [Am I watching a battle? What is this?] [Raising a blade seems so silly!]

Because they attracted too much attention, some of the Tank teammates who had already run far away turned to look.

Huo Yan looked back from a distance, “Xiao Yao’s doing well with that shield. Seems like he’s gotten skilled at it.”

Zhao Lejie shifted his gaze away, with no comparison, there’s no harm, “…Suddenly, I feel like pulling pollutants isn’t so bad.”

Other Tank pilots nodded, and the feeling of disequilibrium in their hearts disappeared.

Under everyone’s attention, the three-person team led by Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng turned smoothly into a fixed orbit at the corner.

In the chaotic communication channels, Ying Chenlin paid attention to the movements of the Steel Wing Bird and reminded, “The Steel Wing Bird’s behavior has changed; it’s preparing for a Wind Cannon.”

Qi Sicheng shouted, “Everyone, get ready!”

Control mechas throughout the area raised their control weapons and aimed at the Steel Wing Bird entering their range. Most of the mecha pilots in the area were seasoned arena fighters, and predicting hits under these conditions wasn’t difficult for them. As the Steel Wing Bird transformed into its Wind Cannon mode and shot out, all the control effects struck it.

Although these control effects couldn’t completely stop the Steel Wing Bird’s flight, they slowed it down.

Once its speed slowed down, that was their opportunity.

“Artillery!” reminded Ying Chenlin.

At the same time, when the Control mechas hit, all the Artillery and Sniper Cannon individuals fired off 100% of their ammunition.

Ying Chenlin reminded, “Artillery and Control, monitor energy levels and mental power.”

The Steel Wing Bird let out a cry, its defense not as formidable as the previous S-level pollutant, and it was suddenly bombarded by numerous projectiles. It roared, attempting to lock onto a target, but discovered that all the targets around were dispersed. Just as it was about to rush forward, several points of energy appeared in its field of vision.

Lin Yao reappeared with his blade held high, “Brothers, charge!”

The bait team re-emerged in front of it.

There were too many targets, and it couldn’t lock onto a specific one.

“This is actually working?”

“I didn’t expect it to enter our range.”

“Control is effective; we might just kill it.”

You Su lowered his head slightly, casting a glance at the time on the side.

Theo asked, “Why have you been looking at the time?”

You Su replied lazily, “Just checking when I can sleep.”

Theo said sternly, “You Su! You’re thinking about sleeping during a fight!”

You Su ignored him and recharged his Sniper Cannon.

The attack entered its fifth round, and everyone became more proficient.

As it had now entered the central control zone and was being attacked by numerous mechas, the frenzied Steel Wing Bird’s speed increased. It began to indiscriminately lock onto the mechas around it, but all the mecha pilots had become proficient, and they quickly responded to achieve kills.

Suddenly, Ying Chenlin’s light brain issued a reminder.

He glanced at it and said, “Captain Qi, I’ll be back in a moment.”

Qi Sicheng took over command, “Alright.”

A nearby staff member asked, “What’s going on?”

Ying Chenlin turned off the reminder and asked, “Do you have disinfectant and anti-contamination medical agents?”

“We have them!”

Inside the base station, medical robots had been waiting. Ying Chenlin obtained disinfectant and anti-contamination medical agents from them. He took out his own syringe from his personal medical kit. When he reached for the medical kit, he suddenly noticed a small vial of disinfectant water in the pocket of his coat.

The vial was tiny, about the size of an adult’s little finger.

He hadn’t noticed this before when he took the isolation suit.

The disinfectant water belonged to You Su.

As the robot approached, Ying Chenlin took the anti-contamination medical agent from its hand. He rolled up his coat sleeve and, after revealing a bruised area on his upper arm, he injected himself with an emergency dose from the syringe.

With a single injection done, he hesitated for a second, then proceeded to prepare and administer another shot. Nearby staff members observed him, finishing his tasks quickly before rejoining their work.

“Mr. Ying, the rest can be handled by others,” a staff member said. “Why don’t you take a break?”

“No problem, standing here doesn’t tire me,” Ying Chenlin replied, gazing into the night filled with explosions. An image of the sniper scope flashed across his mind. “They are the ones who must be tired.”

When Jiang Yu precisely hit the target once again with the Sniper Cannon, the speed of the Steel Wing Bird slowed, as if struggling in its death throes.

The chaotic situation had surprisingly become orderly, just as the A-26 Commander had predicted. Those responsible for close combat adjusted the flight path of the large bird, the Control mechas focused on reducing the Wind Cannon’s impact, and they provided the primary firepower. Ying Chenlin listened to the calm and concise commands over the communication channel, yet he couldn’t shake the feeling of being completely calculated.

Due to the large number of scattered targets, with the bait team being the only exception, the Steel Wing Bird, no matter how intelligent, was susceptible to misjudgment under these circumstances. If it stopped, it would be pummeled by the bait team’s Individual Soldiers. If it kept up with one of the teams, it would fall into their trap.

In the Individual Soldier arena, individual combat always brought a strong sense of self-interest. Each Individual Soldier had their own style, and among them were those who excelled at strategy, utilizing the environment and opponents. They were capable of calculating all the conditions, distinguishing the opponent’s weaknesses within a short time, and using their existing advantages to defeat their adversary.

Jiang Yu couldn’t comprehend the thinking in team battles, but he understood Individual Soldiers. When you broke down the steps, it was essentially about luring the enemy into a trap and then countering them, and he was just one element in the calculation.

What Ying Chenlin excelled at was the counter-kill.

In the game where he won the championship for the Star Alliance, in a state of near-maximal damage, he lured the enemy deep and achieved a brilliant counter-kill !

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