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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 75

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

75. Close In

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

While Jiang Yu piloted his mecha, his attention remained focused on the voice coming from the channel, and he was extremely curious about this commander.

But the next moment, his attention was drawn to someone else. The Sniper Cannon beside him produced another resonant boom in his ears, even prompting his friends to comment.

“KID’s Artillery is faster now too.”

Jiang Yu cast a sideways glance. He wielded a Sniper Cannon, and within the realm of Individual Soldiers, his proficiency with the Sniper Cannon ranked among the top three in the Dawn Galaxy. However, even so, his speed was still a second slower than KID’s Artillery mecha. Under similar conditions when charging energy and speed, when Trace fired three shots, most of the Artillery mecha pilots in the arena only managed two.

“His target acquisition and aiming speed are both very fast,” Jiang Yu remarked.

The existing time gap indicated that Trace was quicker than the others in handling the Sniper Cannon.

As the attack time stretched out, the gap between him and the other mecha pilots would become more pronounced.

But it wasn’t just Trace. 

Jiang Yu tilted his head slightly to see the KID mechas shining in the distance.

In the central control room outside the Contaminated Zone, the person in charge observed these individuals effectively combating the Steel Wing Bird amid the chaos. He turned to the constantly flashing voice signal on the screen. He didn’t know how to describe the situation on the scene, but even in such chaos, their once-greatest threat, the Steel Wing Bird, was gradually losing its ability to resist.

“They’re all so strong,” one of the staff members commented.

The person in charge responded, “Yes, they are all working hard to ensure the security of the Dawn Galaxy.”

The situation with Qiu Jun couldn’t be allowed to escalate further. They needed to contain the Black Hole within the Contaminated Zone. Allowing this highly unpredictable pollutant to reach other Contaminated Zones or Safe Zones would pose an immeasurable danger. At present, all the mecha pilots were working hard, with some rushing to join the effort, some who had just entered the fray, and many more continuing the three-day battle in the advanced rounds of the tournament.

“Director, the S-level in the BZZL1 area has been cleared! They’ve headed to the location of another S-level along with other mecha pilots,” an excited staff member reported. “Now, we’re left with just two S-levels and the Black Hole.”

The person in charge showed a pleased expression. “Good!”

Just then, another staff member rushed over. “Director, the magnetic field analysis results for the Black Hole are ready!”

Inside the tournament arena, the Steel Wing Bird had already been attracted by the KID illumination team many times. Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng were putting in a great effort, reaching the giant bird just in time almost every time and giving it their all to shine and emit energy in its face, never missing a provocation.

In comparison to them, the *The KPI of the other illumination team was far below standard.

*key performance indicators

Hu Luobu was growing numb to it all. It was, after all, quite a foolish act, but for some reason, when it was KID doing it, he couldn’t find any discomfort. He couldn’t help but comment, “This is the first time I’ve seen someone be so dedicated when acting as bait.”

Ke Lin nodded, noticing the change in the direction of the Steel Wing Bird after being bombarded, he cautioned, “It wants to escape!”

Ying Chenlin responded, “Stop it!”

The S-level Steel Wing Bird adjusted its wings and changed directions. After being bombarded by so many mechas, it had deeply sensed the danger. Knowing that staying in this place, it wouldn’t catch its prey, and it would likely be killed by these human-driven mechas, it made a laborious speed adjustment, aimed in another direction, and prepared to charge and leave this place.

Lin Yao glanced at the rearview and abruptly braked. “Is this guy running because it can’t win against us?”

“Of course, if it didn’t run, I’d doubt its IQ as an S-level,” Ji Qingfeng replied, also stopping and immediately indicating the direction it was escaping.

All the mecha pilots around promptly discerned its intentions. The close-quarters combatants serving as bait turned around and charged toward it, while those in the formation, Control, and Artillery mechas followed suit. However, the Steel Wing Bird, known for its speed, astonishingly increased its pace in the face of danger, creating a considerable gap between it and the Control and Artillery mechas behind.

Ying Chenlin noticed the widening gap. “Lin Yao!”

Lin Yao reacted quickly, releasing the energy-charged blade from his hand. “Da Feng!”

Ji Qingfeng, hand and mind in sync, sent his Binding Lock out like a lightning bolt, which struck the Steel Wing Bird’s hind leg. “It’s locked—”

Hu Luobu shouted excitedly, “Well done!”

Luo Xi exclaimed, “Wait! It’s speed.”

In the next moment, Ji Qingfeng, along with his mecha, was pulled out by the Steel Wing Bird. With a rapid movement that outpaced Lin Yao at the front.

Lin Yao, with sharp eyes and quick hands, grabbed Ji Qingfeng, but the result was that they were both taken along.

Others had yet to catch up, but from afar, they could see two mechas hanging behind the Steel Wing Bird, a sequence of glowing objects trailing behind. Both mechas had their searchlights on, creating a beautiful sightline behind the Steel Wing Bird’s flight.

In the distance, You Su squinted slightly, gazing at the glowing and swaying location in front of them. During the flight, he opened his scope and locked onto the high-speed Steel Wing Bird ahead of the shining spots. Beside him, Jiang Yu, who was flying together, noticed the situation and turned his head slightly. In the next second, one of the Sniper Cannons by his side was fired during the flight, its tail drawing a line in the night sky. When it hit the Steel Wing Bird, it emitted a fierce blaze of light. This, in turn, caused Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng behind to tumble and be swept around, creating several oscillations in their wake.

Jiang Yu was momentarily stunned; wasn’t he afraid of damaging his teammates’ mechas at such close range?

You Su continued to recharge and quickly said, “Ji Qingfeng, turn on the light source point for your Binding Lock.”

Ji Qingfeng’s voice was intermittent amid the turbulence, “Wait…wait, it’s on!”

Ying Chenlin followed up, saying, “Reverse your thrusters!”

Ji Qingfeng responded amidst the turbulent winds, “No, I can’t do that. Its mass is too large; my Binding Lock won’t withstand the reverse thrusters; it’ll break!”

“It can hold for a minute,” Ying Chenlin adjusted Ji Qingfeng’s mecha data, “Turn it on simultaneously with Lin Yao.”

Lin Yao replied, “Alright!”

Ji Qingfeng, sounding uncertain, said, “…”

When the light source point and the reverse thrusters were both activated, every mecha saw that the flying Steel Wing Bird had its speed significantly reduced. Furthermore, because Ji Qingfeng’s reserve mecha carried a Binding Lock, the chain that restrained the Steel Wing Bird was particularly noticeable in the night sky, effectively fixing the Steel Wing Bird’s position.

Ke Lin immediately grasped the situation. “All Stealth mechas with Binding Locks, go and help them!”

Two Stealth mechas carrying Binding Locks were dispatched and quickly connected with Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao, directly restraining the Steel Wing Bird.

Ying Chenlin continued, “All firepower, aim at their front!”

All the mecha pilots acted promptly, and the fire output swiftly connected.

For a moment, the Control mechas’ projectiles and the Artillery mechas’ sniper shots filled the sky, booming like a grand display of fireworks.

Ji Qingfeng, “??? Whose sniper shot just passed over my head?”

Hu Luobu, “Can you control yourself? Stop swaying around erratically.”

The Steel Wing Bird emitted a mournful cry, and its flight speed slowed as it attempted to shake off the restraints. However, it was entirely helpless. It could only drag its entourage like a “ball and chain” as it plowed through the outer ring of the Contaminated Zone.

On the periphery, the Tanks immersed in the world of pulling pollutant aggro witnessed an unusual sight in the middle.

One Tank remarked, “Is it my imagination, or do they seem to be coming toward us?”

Huo Yan turned around and said, “Yes, their speed appears to have increased.”

Zhao Lejie, surprised, watched the glowing object coming rapidly in his direction, “Hold on, what is that thing!?”

As it approached at an accelerating pace, he urgently stopped his mecha and saw the rapidly approaching Steel Wing Bird.

Inside the communication channel, the voices of the mecha pilots were filled with ups and downs.

“I can’t stop!”

“Second team, run quickly!”

“Zhao Lejie, run!”

“Don’t just stand there.”

Not only the Steel Wing Bird but also an onslaught of artillery fire was headed their way.


“F*ck me!”

Zhao Lejie immediately pushed his thrusters to the maximum and sprinted away.

Ji Qingfeng, behind the Steel Wing Bird, saw Zhao Lejie in the distance and shouted, “Old Zhao, run!”

Zhao Lejie barely managed to stabilize his flight, seeing the Steel Wing Bird pursuing him closely, “Why are you flying in my direction? Can’t you go elsewhere!?”

Lin Yao explained, “It’s not us who want to come here; the big bird brought itself here.”

The other Stealth mechas nodded in agreement.

However, the surrounding environment didn’t allow Zhao Lejie to run fast. A wave of pollutants, pulled along by the Steel Wing Bird, rushed towards him from in front. Meanwhile, the Steel Wing Bird and relentless enemy firepower chased him from behind. He had barely flown a few steps when, in the next moment, both the person and the mecha were sent flying by the Steel Wing Bird.

“It hit the pollutant flock,” Ying Chenlin said in a cold tone. “Full firepower, steer clear of Zhao Lejie.”

In the thick night, there were only a few flickering lights in the sky.

The most unfortunate was the blue energy shield at the very front. Under the relentless assault from friend and foe alike, it faintly displayed a few minor cracks. Finally, just before all the Stealth mechas’ Binding Locks broke free, the Steel Wing Bird, unable to withstand the attacks any longer, let out one final cry and fell from the high sky, plummeting straight toward the depths of the abyss.

The prolonged battle temporarily ceased at this moment, and all the mecha pilots breathed a sigh of relief.

YDS and KID’s group, who had been fighting for days, all had a hint of exhaustion in their expressions.

Qi Sicheng asked, “Can you all still hold on?”

Ke Lin, “It’s manageable, not at the breaking point.”

Qi Sicheng was about to ask KID when he noticed two mechas heading toward the direction where the Steel Wing Bird had fallen.

Ji Qingfeng shouted, “Me and Yao Bao will go and confirm if it’s dead or not.”

Lin Yao echoed, “Don’t worry, we’ll bring it back.”

Qi Sicheng, “…”

It seemed like he didn’t need to worry about KID; they still had plenty of energy.

“Don’t let your guard down. There are still other pollutants around. Just because the Black Hole isn’t active now doesn’t mean it’s absolutely safe,” Ke Lin continued to clear the pollutants in the vicinity, casting a sidelong glance at the strange Black Hole, “…What’s the deal with this thing?”

Suddenly, there was a flash on the communication channel, and a voice abruptly joined in.

“It’s a Super S-level pollutant,” the leader’s voice sounded somewhat heavy. “Just a moment ago, the Alliance Headquarters and Qiu Jin have analyzed the magnetic field of this Super S-level pollutant and have put forward the most reliable guess so far.”

As he spoke, the person-in-charge shared the simplified magnetic field chart generated from the Black Hole’s analysis with all the mechas. He also sent a more detailed magnetic field report to the Base Station A-26 where Ying Chenlin was.

The simplified magnetic field chart clearly displayed three intervals of change. The analysis covered the time from before the League’s start to when the Black Hole released pollutants, which showed two identical change amplitudes. The magnetic field was simply divided into three ranges: high, medium, and low. The two curves followed a regular pattern with subtle timing differences.

“We’ve managed to identify the movement patterns of this pollutant based on the magnetic field. It moves according to the magnetic field and was attracted here by Qiu Jin’s strong magnetic field. It has an absorption phase, dormant phase, and expulsion phase. The magnetic field’s response is strongest during the expulsion phase, moderate during the absorption phase, and weakest during the dormant phase.”

“When Qiu Jin’s magnetic field reached a certain frequency range in resonance with it, the Black Hole was awakened from its dormant phase and appeared in Qiu Jin. It entered a high magnetic field expulsion phase, which corresponded to the initial release of the three pollutants. After the expulsion phase, its magnetic field which was originally fast became weaker and was about to enter the dormant phase. However, due to the operation involving the destruction of Area A-14, the high-intensity energy release, and the influence of surrounding pollutants, it entered an absorption phase before going dormant.”

All this was the result of an analysis based on reports from Qiu Jin and Tianyu Star. Thanks to the ability to capture the characteristics of magnetic field energy here, experts and scholars managed to propose corresponding templates from the environmental data of Tianyu Star.

Ying Chenlin quickly examined the data and said in a deep voice, “So it was attracted based on the magnetic field’s strength, after reaching a certain threshold, it gets drawn in?”

The person-in-charge confirmed, “Yes, this level of magnetic field strength typically wouldn’t appear in ordinary Contaminated Zones. Unless there’s an impact from meteors, it would require a high-risk Contaminated Zone with a strength upwards of 6,000 to generate such a high magnetic field. This time, both Tianyu Star and Qiu Jin experienced this high magnetic field due to meteor impacts.”

Ke Lin added, “So, it consumes during its absorption phase and releases pollutants during its expulsion phase?”

The person-in-charge continued, “Moreover, it should have originally been a product of a Frontier Contaminated Zone. We contacted the Frontier Army, and they mentioned that there’s a period every year when pollutant activity decreases. We speculate that it can devour everything, including S-level pollutants, but it can’t digest all pollutants into its own power. The ones it can’t digest are expelled during the expulsion phase… like S-level pollutants or some A-level pollutants.”

The initial Tianyu Star Sand Lizard and all the pollutants now were the ones it couldn’t digest and expelled.

In the channel, some mecha pilots listened to the discussions of various leaders and the person-in-charge on killing the pollutants. They looked at the distant Black Hole, which was shrinking continuously, and the more they listened, the more confused they became. Magnetic field? Threshold? Expulsion phase…?

They could grasp some of what was said, but it sounded increasingly perplexing.

Hu Luobu said, “Can we put the magnetic field stuff aside for now? Can you briefly explain when this thing devours and when it expels? Also, what’s its current status?”

The person-in-charge sighed, “In simple terms, we’ve divided the strength into three major threshold ranges: A, B, and C. Reaching point A can awaken it from dormancy and put it into the expulsion phase. When the expulsion phase ends, its magnetic field will gradually weaken with the changing magnetic fields around it. If it weakens too fast, it will reach point C, where the magnetic field is weakest, and enter dormancy. However, if it weakens too slowly, when it’s at point B in the middle, another situation starts, leading to the absorption phase.”

Lin Yao listened but still didn’t understand. He asked, “Da Feng, did you get it?”

Ji Qingfeng replied, “I barely got it. It’s like eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom, roughly?”

“It got woken up from sleep, then on our Qiu Jin, it went to the bathroom, excreting a bunch of pollutants it couldn’t digest from before. It originally wanted to go back to sleep, but due to our fighting making too much noise and the influence of pollutants, the magnetic field became stronger, so it couldn’t sleep anymore, and it started eating.”

The others who understood what was said,”…”

Zhao Lejie asked, “Excreting pollutants… Why don’t you say eating, sleeping, and shitting?”

Ji Qingfeng, “Saying ‘shit’ is too vulgar!”

Ji Qingfeng noticed the silence in the channel and asked, “Did I say something wrong?”

The person-in-charge was taken aback by this astonishingly worldly perspective but admitted, “You’re not wrong… It’s very insightful. And the point affecting it is indeed the strength of the magnetic field.”

Lin Yao now fully understood and said, “So it’s like a giant baby! It still needs someone to call it to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom? Its intelligence isn’t that high ah! Just happy to partake but not do any work.”

Everyone, “…”

Describing a Super S-level pollutant like this, as a lazy giant baby.

In the central control room, when the staff received the magnetic field chart, they were all in a highly tense state. Controlling the magnetic field was unpredictable, and the Black Hole’s destructive power was overwhelming. Such a threatening opponent had everyone on edge. But thanks to Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao’s impromptu conversation, they suddenly realized that while the Black Hole was indeed powerful, understanding that it was constrained by the magnetic field made it seem not quite as terrifying.

A staff member commented, “Actually, calling it a giant baby kind of makes sense.”

The person-in-charge, “…”

After reviewing all the data, Ying Chenlin brought up another point, “According to this explanation, when it shrinks further, it will go to sleep.”

This remark reminded everyone that once the Black Hole entered the dormant phase, it would completely disappear from Qiu Jin. Catching it again would be extremely challenging.

Qi Sicheng quickly asked, “Do we know at what range it will enter the dormant phase?”

The other mecha pilots hesitated. Killing an S-level pollutant was doable for them, but they had no idea how to kill this Black Hole. Furthermore, their guesses were just that – guesses. The eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom points in these three ranges were only approximate. Were they supposed to watch it enter dormancy and disappear?

“We have too few samples. Currently, we can only determine this data,” the person-in-charge stated. “But we can’t allow it to enter the dormant phase.”

At that moment, a sniper shot streaked through the air.

During the discussion, a shot hit the Black Hole. This loud noise immediately got everyone’s attention. As the Black Hole was nearing its dormant phase, there was no swallowing response. The shot from You Suo barely grazed the Black Hole, creating a burst of flames, and eventually passed through its black halo to hit a distant mountain. “It can’t be hit.”

Ying Chenlin commented, “The magnetic field is fluctuating slightly but still weakening.”

“Since we lack sufficient samples, let’s continue trying,” You Suo prepared for another shot, “It might be a matter of insufficient firepower. Two more people.”

Jiang Yu immediately joined in, saying, “I’m in.”

Hu Luobu and other Artillery also followed suit.

All the mecha pilots immediately sprang into action. They might not fully understand the theory, but they were experts in combat.

After all, continuing to influence the magnetic field would lead to two possibilities: either it would keep swallowing or it would release another pollutant.

One of the mecha pilots asked, “Is the energy sufficient?”

The person-in-charge responded enthusiastically, “Don’t worry, the Alliance will provide you with ample logistics.”

Seeing all the mecha pilots actively engaged in the battle, the staff in the Qiu Jin Management Bureau looked at the sounds of ongoing combat. Some of them had tears welling up, saying, “They truly…”

Just then, a voice came over the communication channel, “Aiya, when you’re blasting mountains, don’t forget to shoot at the pollutants too. No harm in shooting them – you can make some money from the materials.”

*this is definitely a KID pauper💀

The staff on the verge of tears, “..”

The outcome of the intense battle was that the area around the Black Hole was almost flattened, and the aerial pollutants in the sky were visibly decreasing.

Inside the Qiu Jin Management Bureau’s conference room, the heads of various major bases watched the screen filled with fireworks, observing the once-famous interstellar Qiu Jin Grand Canyon turn into an unrecognizable landscape, with no sign of the towering peaks that were once present.

The scene not only featured the destructive Black Hole but also a group of mecha pilots firing relentlessly.

Someone asked, “After dealing with the Black Hole, will the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone still be there?”

This question had no clear answer, and the person-in-charge of the YDS base looked beside him at Jiang Simiao.

Jiang Simiao’s face remained expressionless. Noticing the gaze, he calmly replied, “It’s not the first time the mountains got flattened.”

This time, it wasn’t just KID’s Trace involved in the bombardment; everyone was joining in.

The Black Hole, which was initially shrinking in preparation for dormancy, stopped shrinking and started expanding, actively consuming its surroundings. Perhaps influenced by the earlier conversation, the mecha pilots no longer felt the same trepidation when looking at this Black Hole. Instead, they couldn’t help but think of it as a “giant baby.”

The on-site command was becoming more organized. Ying Chenlin handed over command to the on-site leader, Qi Sicheng. With insufficient samples, they had no choice but to determine the range through practical testing.

When they saw the Black Hole entering the swallowing phase, all the mecha pilots immediately distanced themselves from it, avoiding any further combat that might trigger an ascent reaction.

As the battle continued, some mecha pilots needed to refuel and returned to Base Station A-26. Jiang Yu and his friend also reached the base. Upon arriving, Jiang Yu immediately left his mecha and headed toward the building.

His friend hastily asked, “Hey, Jiang Yu, where are you going?”

Jiang Yu had something he needed to check, “I’m going to the control room.”

His friend sighed, “Of course…”

He hurriedly headed to the side to find a staff member to request an energy supply, also grabbing one for Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu had just taken a few steps when he noticed a red Artillery mecha parked by the landing pad. A man jumped down from a high point. He immediately recognized the pilot of the mecha – it was KID’s Trace.

When You Su returned to the base station, he noticed that other mecha pilots were also coming back to recharge their energy. In the distance, he could see Ying Chenlin standing outside the landing pad, helping to inspect some mechas that had encountered minor issues.

Ying Chenlin was slightly shorter than the tall mecha pilots around him, but no one questioned his abilities in the line of duty.

It seemed that he noticed You Su’s gaze. Ying Chenlin turned to look in his direction and then spoke to the mecha pilot next to him, “Your left leg is fine now. I’ve cleared the malfunction for you.”

The mecha pilot expressed his gratitude, took his energy supply, and prepared to leave.

Ying Chenlin walked in You Su’s direction. Just as he took a few steps, the entire base suddenly blared with an explosive alarm!

[Warning! An S-level pollutant is approaching!]

From above, a gigantic pollutant tore through space and landed with a thud on the outermost protective shield of the base. A massive shadow loomed over the landing pad. Ying Chenlin was taken aback, turned towards the staff, and urgently said, “Hurry, maximize the base’s defense system!”

Author’s Notes:

S-level: Unexpected, right? I’ve come to raid your home.

#Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone Series# AKA the Giant Baby Black Hole and its Strange Discharges

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