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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 77

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

77. Gigantic Wolf

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Seeing the white mecha burst through the entrance, the mechas behind didn’t hesitate for a moment. They immediately activated their thrusters and followed closely. Three mechas stormed through the entrance checkpoint and joined the battle inside the pollutant heap.

The thrusters sprayed residual light into the night sky. The pollutants converged on the white mecha like moths to a flame. The flying pollutants moved fast and aggressively, but as they were about to get close to the mecha, they were swept away by the energy ejected from the mecha’s weapons, creating some distance in no time.

Below, Jiang Yu was momentarily surprised by this scene. However, he quickly remembered his purpose of finding the mechanic. “The auto-repair is not resolved yet, and there are still mechas on the landing pad not in combat.”

Upon hearing this, Ying Chenlin reached for a nearby tool kit. “I’ll go right away.”

Several mecha pilots had gathered by the landing pad. When Jiang Yu brought the mechanic to them, joy spread across their faces.

Ying Chenlin didn’t have time for lengthy discussions; he swiftly climbed into one of the mechas and entered the cockpit, entering a temporary code to deactivate the auto-repair program. “The mechas with only 1 minute left for repair can now self-check their systems and power up for immediate takeoff.”

As soon as they heard this, all the mecha pilots climbed into their mechas. Jiang Yu ensured that his mecha’s systems were functioning correctly, and that the remaining time for repairs inside the mechas had elapsed.

The synchronized thrusters on the landing pad generated a raging wind. Ying Chenlin stepped back a few paces, avoiding the heatwave from the mechas.

As he took a few steps back, he heard a worker nearby exclaiming. He turned his head to see the white mecha in the sky.

The fully powered mecha moved gracefully and nimbly through the night sky, like an agile and lightweight hunter. It navigated smoothly through the multitude of pollutants, its energy weapons changing rapidly, creating a captivating visual display.

“S-Class mecha,” Ying Chenlin muttered, his fingers lightly touching the mecha pendant beneath his clothes. His gaze towards the sky carried a hint of longing.

He didn’t return to the control room but chose to stand at the closest vantage point, watching You Su in the air.

The station had partially turned the situation around when the white mecha burst through the entrance. Mechas heading out were filled with determination, and Individual Soldier mechas voluntarily separated into zones, doing their best to protect all the station’s essential infrastructure.

The defense system could only withstand the invasion of external pollutants. In reality, with so many pollutants and the resulting tremors, even the most earthquake-resistant buildings had their limits. This place was the primary source of all supplies, and if the base station collapsed, the mecha pilots would have nowhere safe even for the most basic resupply. They had to hold onto this base station, the closest place to Area A-14 no matter what.

On StarNet, viewers were anxious as they faced disruptions due to the magnetic field’s influence. Many camera feeds were nothing more than hissing white screens, and they could only observe a few remaining long-range perspectives.

The appearance of the pollutant at the base station had a tremendous impact on them until they saw the white mecha breaking through the encirclement.

[Here it comes!! A bigshot already performed image reconstruction analysis on it. High-resolution image of the white mecha. [Image]] [So powerful ah, this mecha is really powerful. Is it a new reinforcement mecha or something else?] [I just checked the recently updated mecha codes on the Qiu Jin official website… this mecha is S-Class.] [I did a mecha comparison just now and found some information. Trace used this S-Class Artillery during a previous tournament.]

All staff in the Qiu Jin Management Bureau watched the white mecha flying freely in the sky. Its flight was incredibly agile, and the way it seamlessly switched between various Artillery weapons left them in awe. One moment it was using an Energy Cannon to target scattered pollutants, the next it had switched to a Sniper Cannon to strike the distant giant pollutant.

“Is an S-class mecha this formidable…?” The staff members hesitated, gazing at the mecha moving through the pollutants without needing defensive measures. From an obvious perspective, they saw the strength of the S-class mecha.

“It’s not that an S-class mecha is powerful, it’s that the connection between the mecha pilot and the mecha is incredibly strong,” explained an expert in mecha construction from the central control room. “Do you know the difference between an S-class mecha and an S-class embryo-powered mecha?”

In the Dawn Galaxy, many mechas utilized S-class embryos, but the ones that advanced into true sentient S-class mechas were few.

“The difference lies in intelligence, but it’s not the kind of artificial intelligence created by modern technology. Instead, it’s a secondary intelligence that forms in the mecha, a sentient entity created through repeated mental resonance between the mecha pilot and the mecha. It’s akin to another brain for the mecha pilot.”

The expert continued, “First, the mecha pilot must have S-level mental power. Second, the mecha must have an S-class embryo. Finally, it’s the mental resonance.”

The staff member asked, “So, doesn’t that make S-class mechas incredibly formidable? Regular mechas are operated by one person, but S-class mechas are operated by both the mecha and the sentient intelligence.”

The expert smiled, “You still haven’t understood. When a person becomes so skilled in operating a specific piece of equipment that they reach the pinnacle, they can practically operate it with their eyes closed, knowing exactly what to do next. Similarly, the mecha’s intelligence emerges when the mecha pilot operates a single mecha with such a high level of shared consciousness that they become almost one. You can think of it as an extra layer of thought for the mecha pilot.”

“S-class mechas and some A-class mechas don’t differ much in terms of construction; they are both forged using S-class materials. The real difference lies in the mecha pilot. Rather than saying they share the mecha, it’s more like the mecha pilot is multitasking.”

Using a single mecha to reach the pinnacle, knowing all the operational characteristics of that mecha.

S-class embryos were easily accessible to well-funded mecha bases. However, nurturing a high-level shared consciousness between the mecha pilot and the mecha was exceptionally challenging. This was the reason for the scarcity of S-class mechas.

“It’s not the S-class mecha that’s powerful; it’s the mecha pilot who can pilot an S-class mecha who’s powerful.”

The person-in-charge said, “The mecha, Theo, used to be Trace’s mecha.”

Driving an A-class mecha for less than half a year, and driving a mecha with 100% proficiency from many years of experience, the difference in combat capabilities was like night and day.

In the maintenance area, when the white mecha appeared, several mechanics couldn’t help but glance over.

Shen Xingtang leaned against the mecha, her eyes fixed on the large real-time screen.

Compared to what others were focused on, all she noticed were the two uniquely designed weapons on the white mecha.

It’s no wonder they left that mecha in the Contaminated Zone. Probably, when designing it, Ying Chenlin had already prepared multiple options.

She thought fitting weapons onto Theo at this moment would undoubtedly free up a formidable force.

Outside the field, when they saw the appearance of the white mecha, several mecha base leaders threw their glances in that direction. In the crowd were experienced League leaders and coaches, and it didn’t take long for someone to recognize the mecha.

It was Theo, the mecha that had been recorded in the League.

However, Theo had fought in the League for a very short time alongside Trace. His extended suspension followed by a brief professional career five years ago had left a legacy of unparalleled destruction in the League.

Since the beginning of the current League, You Su had never piloted Theo.

Some of the coaches looked to Jiang Simiao beside them, inquiring, “Why didn’t you bring out a weapon like Theo earlier, knowing you had such a killing machine in your arsenal?”

Jiang Simiao: “…”

How could he put it? Say that the mecha brought out to the field was still not fully repaired?

“It’s an S-class mecha. It looks like it can hold on until the Frontier Army arrives,” someone commented.

Jiang Simiao saw the white mecha and recalled Shen Xingtang’s description of You Su and Theo. He couldn’t help but swallow and said, “Not just that…”

Before he could finish his sentence, in the virtual screen, the white mecha swiftly moved through, erupting intense flames wherever it passed, systematically clearing away the pollutants surrounding the defense system.

Pollutants scattered around, and it seemed like the night in Qiu Jin was nearing its end.

The Giant Wolf, crouching on the defense system, squinted slightly. Out of the prey that rushed out, it locked onto the highest point. The energy and aura radiating from the other party had an enormous attraction. Its tongue brushed against sharp teeth, producing faint low growls as it observed, with droplets of saliva on its fangs.

Inside the cockpit, Theo’s excited voice had not stopped since the activation began. “Wow! The precision of the right arm has increased by 5%, thruster speed is up by two points, and weapon switching is more flexible… Chenlin is amazing. I want him to be the only one fixing me from now on; I don’t want other mechanics.”

You Su listened to Theo’s loud chatter. For the first time, he didn’t interrupt.

He tilted his head slightly, looking down from the perspective of his field of vision and saw a tiny figure standing on the platform below the defense system.

As a mecha pilot, he felt the most clarity at the moment of mental resonance and mecha connection. When piloting the Competition-level mecha from before, he sensed an indescribable smoothness. Now, with Theo, who had a highly resonant mental connection with him, it felt like he himself was engaging in the movements of the mecha. There was no feeling of stagnation at all.

The components on the mecha remained the same, and the accuracy hadn’t reached a 100% free resonance with the human body.

But this feeling was real, as if the entire mecha had been finely tuned, and all the operating data, down to the slightest movement, was committed to memory by a certain mechanic.

At this point, the enormous wolf pollutant that had been lying on the defense system ceased its assault on the defense system. Instead, it focused on the white mecha at a higher altitude. Digging its hind claws into the protective shield below, it jumped high into the air. The explosive jump allowed it to ascend directly into the sky, and its claw, like a missile, was launched at the white mecha.

The sudden jump took everyone by surprise. This wingless Giant Wolf could jump so high!

As it was about to collide with the white mecha, the Energy Cannon in the white mecha’s hand detonated, scattering shots in all directions. The energy beams collided with the claws of the Giant Wolf, creating a burst of flames. The close-range attack extended the distance between them.

The Giant Wolf’s attack failed, and it landed with a heavy thud on the defense system.

The intense impact upon landing caused the structures within the defense system to shudder. The white mecha remained aloft, and the man inside the cockpit stared at the sight appearing in his field of vision. The rapidly changing accuracy jumped slightly. Amidst the fluctuating targeting precision, the man reduced the diameter of the Energy Cannon in his hand.

Before the Giant Wolf could react, the mecha at a high vantage point fired a shot.

The surrounding mecha pilots engaged in combat were all astonished. That was an Artillery mecha, yet it was able to gain the upper hand in its first encounter with an S-level pollutant. Several Individual Soldier mechas couldn’t help but be drawn to the opponent.

“On the team battle side, there’s a monster like this?!”

“Who is this Artillery mecha pilot…?”

“He hasn’t entered the public channel, but the weapons he’s wielding look somewhat like the KID Artillery we’ve seen before.”

Jiang Yu blasted away the pollutants around him. In response to discussions among other Individual Soldiers, he stated in affirmation, “He’s really strong.”

The Giant Wolf, utterly infuriated by the white mecha’s actions, roared and jumped back onto the defensive system.

Inside the cockpit, amidst the noise of the mecha, the man remained unfazed by the sudden assault. With the approaching Giant Wolf in his sights, he squinted slightly, and his Energy Cannon locked on. “Want to come up?”

The Giant Wolf was faster than before, and in the blink of an eye, it was right in front of the white mecha.

The man smiled faintly. “Just obediently stay down for me.”

The next moment, a thunderous explosion once again launched the airborne S-level pollutant back to the ground.

The storm during the descent blew in through the defensive system, causing Ying Chenlin’s hair to dishevel. He gazed calmly at the mecha battling high above, his eyes resembling the precision instruments of a data analyst, meticulously dissecting You Su’s every move.

As an Individual Soldier, he was accustomed to dissecting every detail of his opponents’ actions.

From You Su’s maneuvers, he extracted a greater sense of spontaneity.

Ying Chenlin had encountered many Individual Soldiers proficient in Artillery-type weapons. There were even mecha pilots with S-class mechas in the Star Alliance League. Among the many Artillery mecha pilots he had observed, You Su was the boldest he had ever seen.

Even with the prey right in front of him, if he could power up for 7 seconds, You Su wouldn’t move at the 6th second.

Most people might consider this recklessness, even madness, but if you carefully dissected the opponent’s actions, you’d find that it stemmed from the mecha pilot’s inherent self-confidence.

Suddenly, Ying Chenlin noticed a few spots in the distance. “Are those reinforcements coming?”

The explosive fireworks in the sky above the defense system drew everyone’s attention. Ji Qingfeng and others, who had rushed from Area A-14 to assist, were taken aback when they saw the beams in the distance and the enormous pollutant perched on the defense system.

“Fuck, who’s in the white mecha?” Ji Qingfeng exclaimed. “An Artillery’s *PKing an S-level pollutant, this is the bravest Artillery I’ve ever seen.”

*player killer(gaming term)

Lu Xi paused for a moment, noticing something. “I’ve seen that mecha in the mecha base; it seems to be You Ge’s S-Class mecha.”

Ji Qingfeng: “?!”

The group didn’t have time to appreciate the white mecha’s performance. When the artillery fire hit the S-Class Giant Wolf, the shockwaves from the impact once again made the buildings in the base station shake slightly. Pollutants were multiplying around them, and in the distance, some mecha pilots could be seen clearing pollutants.

Ji Qingfeng couldn’t help but speed up, and as he got closer, he saw the colossal pollutant. “It’s huge!”

Lin Yao only noticed the crucial detail. “Da Feng, it doesn’t have wings!”

With no wings, their two *short-armed mechas had finally found their place.

*I think because they’re not long-ranged and engage in close-quarters combat

However, as they approached, the expression in the eyes of the Giant Wolf, which was subdued by You Su, suddenly changed. It bared its fangs, and saliva dripped from its teeth onto the defense system. It stood above the defense system like a human, its hind leg claws firmly gripping the structure, while its front limbs, like human arms, were freely spread out.

Then, everyone saw its claws grab a tear in space as if cutting through the air, and the entire pollutant disappeared in an instant.

When it reappeared, it was high up in the sky, and its massive claw swept towards You Su’s mecha. At the critical moment, the white mecha shifted slightly, narrowly avoiding the powerful claw. However, the force of the claw’s wind sent Theo flying back a few steps.

Ji Qingfeng was astonished. “But it’s not supposed to have wings, right?”

Lin Yao replied, “It’s so powerful, and it has displacement!”

In the Qiu Jin Management Bureau, the person-in-charge was greatly shocked by the pollutant’s extraordinary abilities. “Tearing space and shuttling? Or spatial displacement?”

*shuttling – travel back and forth

A nearby staff member checked the records and then rushed back, saying, “Director, we’ve reviewed all the records of pollution source variations in Qiu Jin. We’re sure there was no information about this Giant Wolf when we first detected the S-Class reports. It’s highly likely that it appeared at the same time as the Steel Wing Bird, which could explain why it was missed in the initial scans.”

However, they were watching the Steel Wing Bird crawl out of the Black Hole during that period. If this Giant Wolf had also emerged at that time, how could they have possibly missed it? Could it have torn space to emerge while still inside the Black Hole? But then, why would it attack the defense system rather than directly tearing space to enter it?

“The reports on it indicate it’s only S-level, and its use of space-tearing has a very short lag,” an adjacent expert explained. “This implies that it can’t destroy our defense system, and it’s highly probable that it’s another pollutant expelled from the Black Hole.”

But they had been closely monitoring the Black Hole, how could this Giant Wolf possibly have escaped their notice?

One staff member, biting his lip, shared a speculative thought, “We just did a simple calculation. If we estimate the time based on the magnetic fields, the distance from Area A-14, where the Black Hole is located, to the northern region is substantial. Those two pollutants over there don’t seem to move that quickly… How did it manage to get from A-14 to the north?”

As this statement emerged, the expressions of everyone changed dramatically.

“…The Black Hole has more than one expulsion point.” 

In space, the Frontier Army star warship was entering the interior region of the Dawn Galaxy, getting closer and closer to Qiu Jin.

Inside the central control room of the starship, Major Guo, the captain of the Frontier Army squad standing at attention, received an urgent report from the Qiu Jin Management Bureau, informing him that an S-level pollutant had appeared and was attacking a base station.

“Some of these pollutants can be found in the Frontier’s data,” one of the soldiers nearby said. “This Black Hole should have originated from a Frontier Contaminated Zone.”

Indeed, only a Frontier’s Contaminated Zone could give birth to such bizarre pollutants.

Major Guo: “What’s the current situation on-site?”

The soldier: “The Alliance’s mecha units have already taken control. An S-Class mecha has appeared at the base station, and they should be able to hold out until we reach there with the reinforcements.”

The impact on-site was synchronized through the StarNet to the starship’s control room. When Major Guo saw the white mecha, he felt a growing sense of familiarity as he watched it fly. “Is KID also on the list of supporting mechas?”

The soldier confirmed, “Yes, they are. They participated in the recent advancement tournament in Qiu Jin.”

Major Guo’s gaze lingered on the mecha, and the familiar feeling became stronger. He recalled the strange Artillery mecha pilot from the Tianyu Star Contaminated Zone. “Is it KID’s Artillery mecha pilot?”

The soldier hurriedly investigated, “The S-Class mecha Theo has records within the Alliance, with the pilot’s ID being Trace, and their real name is You Su.”

He continued, “Just now, while we were looking up this mecha’s code in the database station, we found that it appeared almost two years ago in the riot in a Frontier Contaminated Zone.”

Major Guo’s expression turned serious. “Are you sure?”

“The data doesn’t specify how he got in, and there are no records of that, and my access permissions are insufficient to find out more.”

The soldier: “It’s not in our jurisdiction, but he was documented to have single-handedly killed three S-level pollutants in a Frontier Contaminated Zone during a riot nearly two years ago.”

At the scene, the fight continued. The Giant Wolf’s ability to tear through space and teleport disrupted the battle’s rhythm. It seemed to have completely locked onto the white mecha. When one attack failed, it landed again, then tore through space once more to reach a high position, launching fierce claw strikes one after another at You Su.

The S-Class mecha’s internal alarm rang, and Theo’s systems were rapidly analyzing this pollutant.

On the horizon, the first light of dawn started to break, gradually dissolving the blackness, and assistance arrived from the skies. From afar, the silhouettes of red mechas could be seen.

Theo said, “KID’s mechas have arrived.”

“Keep them from getting closer,” You Su’s full attention was on controlling the mecha, swiftly evading each of the Giant Wolf’s rapid attacks. His eyes carefully observed the S-level Giant Wolf’s movements, as if trying to discern finer details from them.

Ji Qingfeng and the others received an order to retreat as they attempted to approach. They looked up at You Su, puzzled about his intentions.

The Giant Wolf continued its shuttling attacks, getting closer to the white mecha with each strike.

Other mecha pilots engaged in clearing pollutants observed this scene, unsure why they received a request to retreat.

Inside the base station, staff members were moving about. They noticed a mechanic still standing on the tarmac in the distance.

Seeing Ying Chenlin, the engineer rushed over. “Mr. Ying, what are you doing here? It’s dangerous.”

Ying Chenlin nodded slightly and continued to watch the high-altitude battle. “It’s fine.”

The staff member raised his head and saw the battle in the distance. He was alarmed and asked, “Why isn’t anyone else going up to help?”

“Probably because he doesn’t want anyone else to help,” Ying Chenlin said, holding a light tablet in his left hand. The tablet displayed the base station’s live surveillance feed. He zoomed in on the image, focusing on the close-up of the battle. He spoke calmly, “An undisturbed environment provides the purest observational perspective. The ability to teleport through rifts in space is not unbeatable. Did you notice that the creature has a moment of pause every time it teleports?”

The staff member, “A pause? But isn’t he being too reckless? Couldn’t more people help? What if he gets caught…”

Ying Chenlin gestured to his right hand. His oversized coat slid slightly upward as he moved his hand, revealing the mechanical right arm underneath. He described it in a calm and aloof tone, “All intelligent beings have habits. mecha pilots have their operational habits, and pollutants have their habitual movements.”

Ying Chenlin assessed, “He is indeed reckless, but that’s not a flaw.”

The scent of mecha base shower gel mixed with the heavy odor of mecha oil clung to the coat. The classified file with the prominently marked word ‘Mad Dog’ reappeared in Ying Chenlin’s mind. For the first time, he considered ‘Mad Dog’ as a term of admiration.

It was a highly concise summary of You Su’s operation, complete immersion in mecha control, a unique and enviable freedom.

The Giant Wolf landed again, and red bloodshot veins gradually appeared in its eyes.

After multiple shuttles, it developed a basic understanding of the small creature in the sky, knowing how to catch it. As its legs prepared to exert force, the mecha at a high altitude seemed to notice something.

Theo’s weapon switched from its Energy Cannon to the Sniper Cannon, gathering powerful energy in front of the cannon.

The mecha hovered in the air, and the S-level Giant Wolf revealed its fangs. The claws tore through space again, and the entire pollutant disappeared in place.

Other mecha pilots noticed the white mecha’s abrupt pause and quickly voiced their warnings.

Just as the pollutant extended its claws through the rift in space, the Sniper Cannon, already fully charged, moved in an instant. The mecha’s thrusters propelled it two meters upward, aligning perfectly at an optimal high-low angle with the Giant Wolf emerging from the rift in space.

You Su sneered, and the Sniper Cannon unleashed its power at close range!

—”Go on and get lost for me.”

PR/N : You Su is so cool hereeeeee!!!!

TN: Right?! “Go on and get lost for me.” [kneels down dramatically]

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