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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 78

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

78. Crack

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

As the close-range bombardment of the Sniper Cannon, the bursting fire generated an extreme explosion, and the Giant Wolf’s claws were less than half a meter away from the mecha, but were forcibly knocked down from its high altitude by this powerful impact! Everyone only heard a deafening roar, and when they reacted, the Giant Wolf had been knocked down at an extremely fast speed.

Bang! The Giant Wolf’s body crashed into some aerial pollutants, hitting the defense system with a thud.

Ji Qingfeng kicked away the pollutants beside him, shocked, “Damn! You Su is awesome!”

“This is top-notch awesomeness!” Lin Yao admired the cannon held by the mecha in high regard, saying, “Too cool!”

A strong wind swept in, and the staff couldn’t help but raise their hands to block the wind. They looked at the fallen Giant Wolf in astonishment, “How did he do it?”

Ying Chenlin’s expression was indifferent as he quietly watched the white mecha in the sky. The Giant Wolf was a pollutant that could not fly. It relied on its ability to tear through space to achieve long-distance displacement and instantly appear next to its target to carry out the kill.

But its inability to fly was its weakness. When it came out of the torn space, it had no foothold or leverage at a high altitude. Generally speaking, its attack range was limited, and it couldn’t pursue its targets. However, each time it shuttled to a high place to attack You Su, the distance got closer, indicating that it could perform short bursts of force in the air.

The source of this force was the bouncing power of its footsteps before each tear in space.

Knowing the agility of its prey, the Giant Wolf was smart. It cleverly utilized the bouncing power and the ability to tear through space to increase its attack range in the air, enhancing its chances of capturing prey.

You Su exploited this very point.

Being hit at close range by the 100% Sniper Cannon directly enraged the Giant Wolf. It roared loudly towards the mecha in the sky, tearing through space once again and rushing upward. Inside the cockpit, the man’s scope locked onto it. Seeing its foot movements, the Sniper Cannon powered up again.

The Giant Wolf once again tore through space to attack the white mecha, which was hovering directly above it.

The Sniper Cannon aimed at its head, and at the moment the Giant Wolf’s eyes locked onto the Sniper Cannon, the ruthless gunfire erupted again, violently knocking it down from the sky!

Everyone looked at the white mecha in the sky, witnessing the Giant Wolf being blasted down once again. Most people’s eyes revealed disbelief.

Outside the arena, the other mecha base leaders who were originally worried about Theo were unexpectedly watching this scene.

Once could be called a coincidence, but hitting accurately twice, it was evident that Trace had the upper hand in this game against the pollutant.

“Visual judgment?”

“Impossible, the time from tearing through space to reaching the high ground is not more than two seconds.”

“I’ve recorded it. Visual judgment is too slow. The range at which this pollutant attacks him is in close proximity.”

“It’s not visual judgment.” As a coach who had studied various data on You Su, Jiang Simiao knew the other too well. “If such operations were based on visual judgment, the time wouldn’t be enough. mecha operations require time.”

“It can only be prediction and personal reaction.”

The Giant Wolf came out of the torn space in different directions several times. How could Trace react so quickly and accurately hit the pollutant, in such a short time, it’s entirely impossible to rely on a personal field of view. The only possibility was that You Su knew the pollutant’s attack range before its actions, and when the pollutant moved through the torn space, he was also in motion.

With predictive and personal response capabilities, the Sniper Cannon achieved a 100% hit rate.

Such combat experience didn’t come out of thin air; it could only be the result of a mecha pilot’s extensive battlefield experience. Only someone with such experience could, in such a short time, observe a pollutant and quickly find its weakness to defeat it.

You Su was a person capable of entering a Frontier Contaminated Zone alone.

In a moment, the Giant Wolf had prepared to attack the high-altitude mecha for the third time.

It was very confident in its abilities. For a long time, it had captured numerous prey using its extraordinary powers. No prey had ever escaped its claws. However, today it had faced a creature that seemed as though it could be crushed with a single swipe. Despite this, it had already failed several times. It squinted its increasingly red eyes and locked onto the vulnerable back of its prey.

Taking aim, it disappeared from space with a swish.

In the air, the white mecha suddenly flew upward two steps, and its orientation changed during the flight.

The next second, the Giant Wolf tore through space and struck, facing an empty front.

You Su lowered his gaze slightly, aimed through the scope again at its head, and said, “Foolish.”

The Sniper Cannon resounded once more, and the Giant Wolf’s claws failed to reach the mecha; it was once again struck down from the air!

A powerful burst unfolded once again. Ying Chenlin watched the Giant Wolf and remarked, “Its space-tearing ability is indeed formidable, but it can only teleport once each time, and the distance isn’t too far. If it were to attack from the ground, this ability would be challenging to deal with.”

“But they are facing each other in the sky. As long as it’s within the range of the Sniper Cannon’s scope, it will always be one step behind.”

The staff member watched in astonishment. “What if it attacks from the ground?”

“The range and speed of its shuttling have already been figured out,” Ying Chenlin continued. “We have more than one mecha pilot; it can’t escape.”

With the all-encompassing attacks, the speed of the Giant Wolf’s space-tearing noticeably slowed down.

It roared while crouching on the defense system, but the Artillery’s attacks from above didn’t cease.

The white mecha held sovereignty over the airspace, looking down on the S-level Giant Wolf below that couldn’t fly. The proud instantaneous attacks of the Giant Wolf were completely crushed by the mecha, causing the predator to be all battered. Every time, the Sniper Cannon hit with 100% accuracy, and it felt the threat. Its injured body gave it a dangerous warning.

Theo said, “You Su, it’s trying to escape!”

“Ji Qingfeng,” You Su shouted over the channel.

Ji Qingfeng, who was watching the spectacle of Artillery bombardment on the Giant Wolf, immediately responded, “What do you need, You Ge?”

You Su adjusted his weapons and sent them a few coordinates, “You three, go to the ground and maintain a distance of 100 meters from its current position.”

Lin Yao asked, “Why go to the ground?”

You Su replied, “To block it.”

Ji Qingfeng exclaimed, “Can we really block it? Doesn’t it move around freely?”

“It avoids surrounding obstacles when using its ability.”

You Su casually powered up his weapon and said, “The route is too predictable.”

Several mechas immediately took action, heading to the outskirts of the defense system, effectively encircling the area. The Giant Wolf, bombarded by mecha from above, couldn’t resist. It chose not to move further into the sky.

Once again, the Giant Wolf tore through space, sweeping towards the obstacles around, darting in a certain direction.

When Lin Yao arrived at the area, he noticed the torn space in front of him. Subconsciously, he activated his thrusters and swung his blade. The Giant Wolf, intending to tear open space after running a few steps, was caught off guard and knocked back half a step by the mecha’s blade. It swung its giant claws towards Lin Yao, but the next second, it was hit by the Artillery from the side.

With a shot from You Su, the Sniper Cannon, charged once again, and mercilessly hit the Giant Wolf’s head, sending it tumbling backward.

Unwillingly, the Giant Wolf tore open space once more.

Theo happily exclaimed, “This time, it’s on the right!”

At the moment the Giant Wolf tore open space, the white mecha rapidly retreated. The Sniper Cannon aimed in a certain direction, and at the moment the shot was fired, it directly hit the Giant Wolf emerging from the space. Lin Yao quickly followed, accustomed to close-quarter combat. He attacked with his energy blade, landing several consecutive blows, and pushing the pollutant back several steps.

While the ability to tear open space was powerful, it had its limitations. This ability was an irreversible shuttle ability. Even though the sky was vast, the area around the defense system was crowded with pollutants. For a large-sized pollutant like the Giant Wolf, avoiding certain obstacles to achieve a successful shuttle was limited. In optimal conditions, it might perform multiple shifts in a short time, making it difficult to catch. However, now it was covered in wounds, and the intervals of space tearing were getting longer.

As long as it couldn’t escape the area heavily surrounded by pollutants, repelling it was easy.

During the interval, You Su once again charged the Sniper Cannon and aimed at the position of the Giant Wolf, delivering a powerful shot.

The forceful sniper shot sent it flying a considerable distance, finally crashing into the defense system behind it.

The Qiu Jin Management Bureau, watching the Giant Wolf repeatedly bombarded by Theo’s Artillery, transitioned from initial worries and tension to excited observation. The consecutive bombardments were a satisfying display from everyone’s perspective.


One powerful attack came after another, and suddenly, some staff realized, “Wait, our defense system…”

Before the sentence could be completed, the Giant Wolf tried to leave from the sky again, only to be hit once again by the mecha Theo.

The Giant Wolf, shot down from the sky by the Sniper Cannon, crashed into the defense system protecting the base station. The powerful impact caused intense vibrations inside the base station, making it seem like the entire structure shook for a moment.

This Giant Wolf moved around the defense system, every time it tried to fly out, it was met with another volley from the mecha.

The person in charge was sweating profusely, “Wait, which location did he just bombard?”

A trembling staff member hastily opened the recorder of the base station system, “Because this pollutant always chooses this angle to run, it seems like he’s been bombarding this side.”

The person in charge: “… Quickly, make him stop attacking here!”

The staff member frantically contacted Theo, “Director, the communication requests we sent didn’t get a response.”

The Giant Wolf was hit and remained motionless on the defense system. Theo, in the air, aimed at the Giant Wolf for another fully charged attack.

The bombardment of firepower conveyed through the Giant Wolf’s body to the interior of the base station. The building seemed to sway for a moment, and a high up antenna suddenly snapped off.

Those in the Management Bureau: “…”

In the high altitude, Theo’s excited voice sounded in You Su’s ears, “The last shot! Let’s send it to the western paradise!”

Unable to contact anyone, the staff had to requisition the external loudspeakers of the base station and shout towards the sky, “Stop firing!!!”

At the same time, You Su, with the scope fixed on the immobile Giant Wolf, unleashed a long-charged sniper shot.

Affected by the thunderous roar of the firepower, You Su inquired, “Did someone speak just now?”

Theo, puzzled, replied, “It seems like they told us to stop firing.”

Inside the base station, the staff member, assaulted by the ear-splitting sound of the base station loudspeaker, looked up. Trembling, they pointed toward the sky, “Mr. Ying, can you see if there are a few cracks there?”

At this moment, bearing the burden of multiple 100% energy strikes and the impact from the Giant Wolf, the defense system couldn’t handle it. A crack that had been previously tampered with by the Giant Wolf split open, and components of the defense system fell onto the landing pad.

Ying Chenlin paused, nodded, and added, “Yes, it’s cracked open.”

He casually added, “The crack should be about three meters wide.”

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